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"We inherently sense that life is attractive; it, including us, is a natural dance that wants to survive.

The purpose of life is to follow its attraction to support life. To our loss, our story-built world omits that Nature and Earth are as alive as we are, that we hold in common the universal attraction to support the life of each other for we are it.

- Michael J. Cohen

Challenge: The Considerations of a Nature Expert Repair the Destructive Story That Erodes Our Well Being

"Get real. Show me a thing, place or relationship that, since the beginning of our Universe, has not, or does not consist of the unifying power of natural attraction to bind things together, to attach them in ways that become and strengthen the whole-life perfection of nature's purity, balance and beauty...around and in us.  Show me something that, like the Higgs Boson, gravity or nature itself, accomplishes this magnificent feat without producing garbage, pollution and the other disorders that we suffer  

I have yet to find anyone that can produce an example of whole, natural, non-attraction. This is simply because its existence is a complete and unmitigated lie with respect to the totality of nature, including humanity. It doesn't happen on a macro level in nature, with one, well-hidden exception."

Are you the one? Can you identify anything in our Universe that is not composed of natural attraction energy?   How could it be so if the Big Bang was a high energy, unified attraction field that forms the Standard Universe and a thing is part of this Universe? A split second after the universe began it was an ionized plasma where matter and radiation were inseparable due to attraction which was attracted to grow into the Universe of this moment.

I ask this question because when you build relationships, or an automobile, on faulty information including half-truth science, you end up with destructive and disturbing results, like, for example, a car with no brakes, or people with runaway personal and social needs that produce detrimental effects. The Natural Attraction Ecology webstring model is a sensory tool that enables those who use it to prevent and/or remedy this problem by using self-evident information.
  • It helps us stop our "reasonable" thoughts, feelings and relationships from being polluted by incomplete information about nature, and our nature, the information that disturbs us and makes us disturbed. 
  • It empowers us to purify and restore the parts of our body mind and spirit that have been injured by the nature-abusive aspects of Industrial Society.
  • it gives us the means renew our Planet and its natural areas, backyard or backcountry.

Project NatureConnect
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington, USA
Institute of Global Education 

Conservation Psychology in Action  
Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Council
Outdoor adventure learning programs to improve professions, careers and jobs.

"The ability of a relationship to be increasingly friendly and to avoid disorders
upon the health of the unifying power that binds the relationship."

- Michael J. Cohen


This challenge for nature-connected relationships describes a significant breakthrough:
a therapeutic online course and antidote for the excessive disconnection of our psyche from nature's flow and its destructive results. It identifies a remedy that we hold in common with nature, a sensory science challenge from me to you as well as a funded online degree program. The ecopsychology arguments of its educating, counseling and healing with its controversial nature process supports nature's path to Earth and humanity in peaceful balance. 

You may learn how to use this organic psychology tool to improve health wellness and counseling. It is an encounter that helps the people who use it, save you or me from enticing an individual's thinking and feeling to safely tap into the truths of nature's balance and beauty. Participants master alternative therapist, coaching and holistic spirituality that enables their clients to meet special needs and wants.


Individuals who have enjoyed a quiet visit in a natural area often report that their sensory contact with nature's balance and beauty increased their well-being. They say that the connection renewed their psyche, cleared their mind and energized their spirit. To this end, the remarkable process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature empowers anyone, anytime, to increase personal, social and environmental well-being, and to help others do the same.

Our participants learn how to help nature's self-correcting ways interlace with their mind, body and spirt. This enables participants, along with their clients or family, to increase wellness by more adequately thinking, feeling and relating like nature's perfection works.

Project NatureConnect offers you a key to success, nature-centered, distant learning process and strategy.  It enables you to daily add the benefits of nature-connecting methods to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.

Our program honors your critical thinking, prior education and life experience in most areas of interest by providing grants and credit for appropriate life experience.

You may find and take accredited or professional CEU coursework for a certificate or degree in most disciplines or personal interests. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.

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The  Core Truth that Confronts You and Me

Natural Science With Attitude: rational growth urges emanating from nature-connected empirical thinking and feeling instill unity and remedy disorders.


The Natural Attraction Ecology Webstring Model (NAE) defines the Big Bang and the eons that have followed it as a singular natural attraction "energy dance" (NA) growing, expressing and manifesting itself in all moments. On July 4, 2012, a year after this article was written, the discovery of the Higgs Boson validated this fact and has been added to the article.

NA is the fundamental formative and connective life-essence of all things, including our senses, body, mind and spirit.  For this reason, our sensation of thirst (along with our 52 other NA senses) is part of our moment by moment umbilical cord to Mother Earth and the eons.

NA is basic, a "oneness." It is like the color black that "has the power" to make visible these many different words that you now read so you may be conscious of them and think, feel and act from them.

Our disorders stem from our thinking and feeling being excessively disconnected from conscious contact with the unifying oneness power that produced our 53 senses and NA in natural areas. To solve our problems, the use of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) restores our contact with NA and helps us bring its balancing and purifying powers into our psyche. 

This page explains and defends the use of the following Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) guideline activity to improve any relationship or discourse in a good way. (You might first want to become familiar with Natural Attraction Ecology)

Invite nature's  natural attraction (
NA) powers (NNIAL) to help you peacefully increase trust, balance and unity now. Try to become aware of the natural attractions that you sense in this moment. Be sure to include as one of them your natural attraction to achieve this awareness.
- mad...NNIAL has been taken away
glad...NNIAL support is present
- sad...The loss of NNIAL
scared...A need for more NNIAL support

Moment by moment, the unifying pulse of the natural attraction dance in places and people holds things together in balance today, as has been true from the beginning of time. The sensibility of the "turn on and turn off" sense of thirst and our relationship to water and the water cycle exemplifies this. It shows that "thirst" is a homeostatic intelligence that we inherit as part of nature. It knows when we do or don't need water and it lastingly communicates this information in a peaceful and balanced way.

In the minuscule fractions of the first second after their pure single creation from "nothing", the first particles and energies of our universe, including the Higgs Boson and an explosion of "Gravity Attraction," appeared like one seed containing the essence of intelligence, life and energy that it needed to grow and mature attractively, over eons, into the attractive universe of this moment.

The first particles and energy either contained, had an instinct to, or simply were "attractioning" to form, grow, cool and coalesce, to attach to each other in purity and balance. Over the eons, they have grown the seed into the "Now," the present moment, the self-correcting flow of energy and atoms of the universe that are found in all things, including our sensory selves and psyche. 

Restated, from its inception, natural attraction has been an NA seed that consist of its attributes, potentials and growth.  A new Copernican Revolution, including the Higgs Boson, is the unified field essence and spirit of the growing universe and earth-community process.

In my Plant Physiology class we made balls of wet Plaster of Paris that were a little smaller than a tennis ball.  While the plaster was wet we pushed a kernal of corn, a corn seed, into the middle of the ball and sqeezed the ball closed around it.  The ball hardened in an hour and it was completely set as a hard rock ball within three days.  A week later the rock ball cracked open from the growing power of the corn seed.  It seemed impossible but the power of Natural Attraction was clearly demonstrated in a single seed, mind you without the help of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The source of the original natural attraction seed of our universe is unknown and is too often destructively argumentative. Wars are sometimes fought between those who are attached to different origin stories or opinions. Millions have been killed and continue to be put in harms way over the differences in creation stories our psyche becomes  attached to, especially during early childhood. One study offers that throughout history 809 million people have died in religious wars alone.  

For those who believe in the "existence of God story" it is helpful to recognize the source of the natural attraction seed dance and its growth into nature/universe as the will of God expressing itself. In that case, to in any way harm nature's integrity would be against the will of God. That is the definition of a sin: a deliberate disobedience to the known will of God.

Our 53 natural senses can register natural attraction at work at any time in a natural area, backyard or backcountry as well as in our selves.  Natural attraction supports the one, single, whole web-of-life, including all its parts. Again, this includes the growth and well-being of ourselves and our natural attraction sensitivities and sensibilities. 

Our misguided attachments to stories that lead our psyche, thoughts and feelings to omit genuinely connecting with the whole of nature, the real thing, are the dualistic heart of our dilemmas.  Our limited and limiting attachments that result from this duality contain mind-polluting NNIAL toxins that make us loose the wisdom, good energies and balance that promote life in balance and that we seek.

It is as if, from womb to tomb, our nature-disconnected stories indoctrinate or addict our thoughts and feelings to suck from the nipple on a bottle of booze that we have invented, rather than from the NA breast of Mother Earth. Nurturance from our Earth Mother is a readily available, rewarding, procedure that is the prime remedy and preventative for the whiskey nipple.

Since the beginning of time, attraction powers of the Higgs Boson (HB) have held the universe/nature together in its perfection. Personal and environmental disorders arise simultaneously whenever we excessively separate the HB in our senses, thoughts and feelings from HB in nature.


“I believe that the universe is one being, all its parts are different expressions of the same energy, and they are all in communication with each other, therefore parts of one organic whole. … The whole is in all its parts is so beautiful, and is felt by me so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine.”

-Robinson Jeffers

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us -universe-, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us."

- Albert Einstein

"I know that I am part of the essence of nature and its aliveness dance. I love nature's attractive ability to produce the perfection of its self-correcting balance and beauty. My reasonable attractions in natural areas help me register that nature's original natural attraction is the pure origin of my ability to be attracted to reason, to be attracted to nature or to peace, unity, love, trust, community or cooperation."  

- Michael J. Cohen

With few remedies in sight for most of our increasing personal, social and environmental disorders, a powerful confrontation to how most contemporary individuals think and feel has been put forth by Dr. Michael Cohen at Akamai University.

Cohen believes that his argument with our central way of building relationships is an essential encounter. He says that without this quarrel we don't even begin to think about the core dysfunction that we suffer. He finds that core to be a curable disorder that, un-remedied, threatens life as we know it. He has said:

"I first became aware of the importance of Natural Attraction (NA) as a connection to nature when I realized in 1965 that in the Grand Canyon, NA alone had brought my senses and sensibilities to recognize that Planet Earth acted like, or was, a living organism. I felt a natural attraction to that discovery.  I thought was completely original since, until that moment, it was foreign to all I knew and had been taught up to and including my Doctoral studies.

That NA discovery helped me recognize that our Society disconnecting our natural attraction thoughts, feelings and spirit from Mother Nature is similar to removing a baby from its mother's breast and replacing the mother with a nipple attached to a bottle of whiskey. Until the child's physical and emotional bonds to its human mother
are restored, they, along with the child's innate love of life, become, instead, bonded or addicted to the whiskey, the bottle and nipple, along with their harmful effects.

As long as we remain psychologically attached to the 'whiskey nipple' we feel that life sucks, and that we are helpless to make it better.  This underlies our anger, anxiety and self-confidence. We know that, via whiskey, we have neither the ability nor power to make our lives change for the better.  I know from experience, and from my observations of others, that achieving this ability may be accomplished through Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) natural attraction ecology online activities, books and courses. They help our thinking embrace and suckle from our other, and original body, Mother Earth.

ECHN earth-connecting activities, degrees and careers help us  increase our personal, social and environmental well being. They enable our psyche to eliminate the confusion from duality by using the eons' singular, unifying power of natural attraction (NA) to recycle and correct our destructive thoughts and feelings.

The process of ECHN gives our intelligence the ability to reconnect and think with the purifying wellness energy dance of nature's attractions, backyard or back country because it provides the four conditions that attach our story world into congruence with the way nature's intelligence works.
  • It helps our intelligence recognize that NA is the singular seed and essence of nature's purifying balance and beauty dance.
  • In sensory ways, backyard or backcountry, it consciously connects our body, mind and spirit to NA communications from nature around and in us.
  • It provides our psyche with the correct story and structure that it needs to make sense and to register and integrate sensory communication NA contacts with authentic nature.
  • It provides social and economic support from the parts of society that are sane enough to appreciate nature rather than exploit it in excessive and destructive ways.
These four conditions let ECHN procedures help us increase mutually supportive familiarity with nature to overcome our Industrial Society's prejudice against nature and our denial that we have this prejudice."

Although we are drowning in a sea of personal, social and environmental troubles, we instinctively sense that a natural solution for them is readily available. We innately know these troubles are not found in nature's purity, our inner nature senses this. We inherently know that our deep desire, our attraction to survive in peace and happiness is not just an accident. We are conscious at some level that we deserve to live, it is attractive, it is part of our nature and it is all of Nature.

We are born with the feeling that an attractive, nature-built life raft, a singular NA feeling of survival, is always present that supports and saves our lives. We see its organics promoting, transforming and purifying life everywhere, without producing garbage.  Our innermost core senses that we are part of this life raft, that we come from and inherit the ability to live in its balance and beauty. 

"Nothing in all Nature is more certain than the fact that no single thing or event can stand alone. It is attached to all that has gone before it, and it will remain attached to all that will follow it. It was born of some cause, and so it must be followed by some effect in an endless chain." 

- Julian P. Johnson

Our great challenge is that we learn to argue, sometimes to death or murder, about the correct way to get on the life raft, or who invented it, when. 

We suffer because our thinking is conditioned to overlook the fully visible, attractive entrance staircase on to the life raft whose dance welcomes us aboard, free of charge. That entrance is our direct, sensory NA connection with nature.

Our great problem is a duality, that we not only learn to be prejudiced against nature, but we learn to deny that we are prejudiced, as well. This short circuits our ability to think reasonably about our dilemma and destiny. If you don't believe this is true, simply look how we have deteriorated the natural world while we know it does not make sense to do this. 

We must engage in the best solution to remedy our prejudice and its duality. The solution is to feel attracted to engage in a procedure that helps us build conscious, intimate, binding and mutually supportive familiarity with nature, in and around us. Project NatureConnect gives us an ECHN process that helps us meet this goal.

Our conditioning is not going to change until we remove the dualistic blinders that hide nature's attractive life raft staircase entrance from how we think, feel and relate, moment by moment.

The unrecognized NA power of the eons that can help us reverse our troubles is natural attraction energy.  Its self-correcting abilities flow in, around and through us as well as throughout all of nature. However, we are paid for our thinking to refute, conquer and exploit this power rather than engage in its inviting and restorative ways. That's our challenge. Thinking in exploitive and abusive ways is not attractive.  It is why we lose the balancing wisdom natural attraction offers us, free of charge.

,Dealing With Dualism

Dualism (d
ualistic, duality) can be recognized as the state, quality or character of being two or in two parts; a dichotomy, as illustrated by the challenge of nine leg thinking

In Industrial Society, most things we identify or think about are dualistic because
- they are an integrity of their own but also part of something bigger or smaller or different
- our label or story about something can be either micro-macro, good-evil, right-wrong, positive-negative, sin-blessing etc
- our ideas about how we feel about or remember something is different than it was, or from the views of others.
- a label is a word representation, it is an abstract duality from the real thing that it labels.
-a thing is disconnected from the integrity of nature or planetary wholeness

We produce and suffer problems when we relate to disassociated things because they omit the values or support from the remainder of the whole. This produces runaway discords, such as physical or mental 
waste, garbage, impurities, disorders, imbalances, troubles, mental illness and the like. They are seldom found in unadulterated nature.

Duality causes our thinking and psyche to be out of balance because it does not have all the facts it needs to make good decisions and build balanced relationships.

We have to find ways to deal with duality to avoid producing our runaway dilemmas.  

We applaud and fund the process of constantly finding new information to modify what our mentality has divided.  However, each new fact is usually dualistic, so our challenge grows larger as we depend upon non-holistic solutions.

The effects of Industrial Society's duality on people and places demonstrates that the more we strengthen its progress, the more our problems intensify.
Objective science is also runaway and produces isolated facts and things that are accompanied by detrimental side effects. Our nature-disconnected story world thinking is the underlying cause of our troubles.

Dealing With Duality

A major exception to dualism is when we correctly label or identify natural felt senses that we register.  For example, the word thirst identifies our sensation of thirst and its integrity. We can register thirst and its felt sense message to drink liquid correctly even if we can't spell, read or write "thirst".  Labeling thirst strengthens how we register its calling, rather than dis-integrates it. 

In contrast to dualism, nature is a self-organizing and self-perpetuating process whose eons of power creates optimums of life, diversity, balance, cooperation and purity without producing the garbage, pollution and excessive abusiveness of dualism and its elusive remedy.  In the natural world every particle and energy is attracted and connected to dance and flow in balance in and through everything else, from sub-atomics to the universe.  This unifying power of nature has the ability to integrate what our nature-separated mind renders into dualistic conflict and disorders. Spending quiet time in a natural area d
emonstrates this.

The crucial paradox that challenges us is that humanity is part of nature.  As such, we are born with the ability to sustain and grow from how nature works. However, we are trained to think and act in ways that omit the ways of nature in and around us.  Rather than embrace nature's ways, we learn to conquer or exploit their unifying ability to prevent or repair dualism.

We suffer because, on average, over 99 percent of our thinking and feeling is disconnected from the way nature operates to produce its balanced perfection. This produces the madness of Industrial Society.

The Remedy for Duality

Applying the science and art of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) gives us the missing process that we need to nullify duality and restore balance at every level of endeavor.  The ability of NAE to help us produce educating, counseling and healing with nature opportunities enables us to think, feel and act while in the light of irrefutable scientific truths and experiences that our dualist socialization ordinarily trains us to reject. 

NAE works because it helps us relate to and with four fundamental facts of nature that are not dualistic.
No examples or evidence presently exists that conclusively refutes these fundamentals.

1. Since the beginning of time (the Big Bang), the essence of everything in nature, including us, be it material, energy or sensual, is natural attraction. This attraction is a singular, unifying, non-dualistic, self-organizing, purifying and resonating power that is found everywhere and consists of the elements of NNIAAL (12).  What we mistakenly call repulsion in nature is actually the most attractive means or motive to produce more supportive NNIAAL relationships in the moments that follow. Since all of nature is attraction-connected, with respect to survival repulsion is not a duality of attraction rather it is identifies more sensible and stronger attraction including the attraction to survive.

2. Nature is non-literate. It produces its self-correcting, NNIAAL balance and purity without articulating, understanding or being directed by the abstracts of words, stories, books videos and the like. The difference between our abstract-literate "story" way of thinking and feeling and nature's non-story NNIAAL way of being and growing is a major duality that underlies dualism.

3. Planet Earth acts exactly like any other living organism and can be considered and related to as being alive (Gaia). All members of Gaia's plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are NNIAAL connected, are non-literate and are not in conflict emanating from duality.

4. Only nature itself with its fundamental natural attraction process is the fountainhead of authority about how and why nature works in and around us. Information about nature from nature-disconnected sources contains or produces duality.

5. We only fully know facts and truths when they register and make sense through our 53 or more inherent natural attraction senses. In every new moment, each of these sensitivities is not a duality from each other. Rather they are a contribution to our personal unifying and seamless continuum of the "oneness essence" of natural attraction in the Big Bang and its diverse growth through the eons.
When we connect with and consciously register any of these 53 felt senses or sensitivities in our thinking, we are almost immediately "blended into wholeness" and "enlightened" when otherwise this might take years of meditative experience.
Additional fundamental axioms may be found at the NAE homepage

I believe in general in a dualism between facts and the ideas of those facts in human heads.

- George Santayana

"Dualism underlies the western world’s philosophy, theology and psychology and dualism’s approach to opposites assumes conflict and wars, enemies and inequality. Hardly in keeping with Einstein’s universe of “harmony in all that exists.”

- Michele Toomey, Ph.D.

NAE empowers us to reverse dualism because, in natural areas, its methods and materials help our psyche reasonably and consciously connect natural attraction within us to the unifying powers of unadulterated natural attraction around us.

Cohen added to the above.  He says:

"As you read this, your habit may have kicked in of not believing that natural attraction power is something that is real and valuable. If so, this habit is probably coloring your thoughts and feelings in disbelief.  For this reason I present you, or anyone else, with an aggravating but vital challenge:

Get real. Show me a thing, place or relationship that, since the single Big Bang beginning of our Universe, has not, or does not consist of the unifying power of natural attraction to bind things together, to attach them in conscious, non-dualistic ways that become and strengthen the whole-life perfection of nature's purity, balance and beauty dance...around and in us.  Show me something that, like the Higgs Boson, Gravity or nature itself, accomplishes this magnificent feat without producing garbage, pollution and the other disorders that we suffer.   

I have yet to find anyone that can produce an example of whole, natural, non-attraction. This is simply because its existence is a complete and unmitigated distortion with respect to the totality of nature's dance. It doesn't happen on a macro level in nature, with one, well-hidden exception.

In NA thinking and feeling, any unattractive or negative thing is actually a natural symptom or calling for us to connect to the whole with additional natural attractions, for they and the whole support us and the whole 

We fear nature because we ignore or reject natural attraction to be the life-enhancing core of the Universe and life as we know it, including how we think and feel being a form of its consciousness. We continually fear the hurt that we have experienced because our natural senses and their expression are often seen as "uncivilized" and therefore repulsive to the thinking of Industrial Society. Being repulsive, they and we are modified to fit the mold of Western Civilization.

At a very early age we experience and learn that some of our pure nature (instinctive senses) are repulsive so our nature hides them in our subconscious to avoid the pain of their rejection or punishment and the abandonment feelings attached to it. As a result, to seek nature for support or wisdom becomes a somewhat hazardous, unrealistic or illicit affair that may energize our hidden pain into consciousness or cause additional rejection discomfort.  We may be seen and related to as a Pagan, hippy, wild, uncultured, fuzzy thinking, environmentalist, immature, earth muffin flake form of garbage, ie repulsive (unattractive).  

For the above reason, it makes sense to recognize that the universal tension-relaxation pulse of all relationships is formed by a strong-weak-strong-weak attraction pulse, not by attraction-repulsion. To do otherwise exposes us to our indoctrination, we know full well that nature is repulsion/repulsive in and around us and we "rightfully" fear the consequences of getting too close to it. 

The July 4, 2012 confirmation of the identity and role of the Higgs Boson "God particle" was discovered by physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research laboratory in Switzerland.  They identified the Higgs Boson as the fundamental natural attraction "clumping" energy in the Big Bang of 14 billion years ago. Like an invisible net of attraction "stretchable glue," it holds thing together but, in contrast to the cooling that manifested the material world, it can only be seen as a particle when heated to more than ten billion degrees.  Without that "Boson attraction energy net," things can't hold together and be things, from atom to galaxies. Living things can't be alive.  Scientists had already established that from its beginning, some unidentified original attraction existed to cool, transform and grow into our universe today (13). In addition, an explosion of gravity in the big bang is also part of the Standard Universe and gravity is a self-evident, felt sense attraction.

The rest period between contractions of the heart is not repulsion. Neither is the shorter-longer-shorter-longer distance between Planet Earth and the Sun as it orbits around it, nor the night-day, night-day, night-day heartbeat of our living planet.  None of these examples are dualistic when we recognize that the pulsating wholeness of life has its own, attractive, homeostatic, life-giving integrity. On the other hand, to recognize this attraction as being nature's worthwhile essence risks the pain for us being outcasts of our society's central story.

e suffer because we hold a false but deep, unattractive tale that triggers fear,  that says that the whole of nature may hurt, repulse, reject or abandon us. In reality, it is the distorted way we learn to think about nature and natural attraction that damages us.  This distortion injures us; our nature feels rejected. In response, when things that appear they may further reject or injure us, out of our hurt we flee from them or try to control them. For this reason, it is important to recognize that the whole of nature has its own perfection because does not repulse things or find them repulsive. Repulsion is an attractive part of the sway of nature's dance, in and around us. 

NAE is based solely on natural attractions that register in at least 54 natural senses (Gravity being one of them) that we inherit to be in communication with beneficial natural attraction wholeness of the web of life and universe.  When one or more of these senses register discomfort, they are signaling that we must seek and turn to other natural attractions to help us naturally come into balance and wholeness, for life/survival is very attractive.

The mutually supportive relationships of all natural things is intact because natural attraction has maintained the integrity of its non-polluting, unifying, ways since the beginning time of our universe.  In and between atoms, as well as in raw energy, the homeostatic ways of natural attraction are flowing in and around you at this very moment. They have been since the NA of your biological conception. They sustain your life and sanity.

Here is some consistent knowledge that has been consistently ignored. (What do you think we are we waiting for? Note the dates on the quotes, below):

"My favorite part of quantum physics is that it is actually the NA spaces in between our atomic structure that actually makes up something like 70 - 90% of earth's bio mass. And that nutrinos flow through, in and all of this space/atomic structure - without disturbing a thing.  That is just too wacky beautiful for words."

- Leslie Whitcomb (2010 A.D.)

"At our most elemental we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness."

- Lynne McTaggart  (2008 A.D.)

"What nature delivers to us is never stale. Because what nature creates has eternity in it."

- Isaac Bashevis Singer (1972 A.D.)

"This world...lies wide around.  Its attractions are the keys which unlock my thoughts and make me acquainted with myself."

- R.W. Emerson  (1850 A.D.)

The soul is identical with love, with the Cosmos. My desire, your desire, all our experience is shared with each other and the Universe.

- Plotinus (270 A.D.)

"Always think of the universe as one living organism, with a single substance, and a single soul."

- Marcus Aurelius  (180 A.D.)

"The soul of man... is a portion or a copy of the soul of the Universe and is joined together on principles and in proportions corresponding to those which govern the Universe."

- Plutarch circa (75 A.D.)

"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature"

- Zeno (450 B.C.)

The love that produced your biological conception in your mother's human womb is a valid example of natural attraction in action. (see references, below). It is also a dirty "F" word that repulses us. And, of course, we don't want our reputation to be soiled. Reminder: dirt, soil, heathen/heath, uncivilized, wild, are each natural attraction aspects of nature's dance.

The confrontation that I'm presenting here can hopefully save you, me and Earth from further hard times and help us clean up our present act.

If you are not thinking with, and continuously benefiting from, your inherent natural attraction power(s), it is simply because, for profit, Industrial Society has taught your intelligence and IQ  to ignore, disown or conquer them, often for monetary profit. Our society has disconnected our body mind and spirit from the unifying nature paradise that it continues to pave over.

We suffer our madness because we have separated our essence from the beautiful reality of life organizing itself in homeostatic purity and balance on this planet. 

"The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one's mind, is the condition of the normal man. Society highly values its normal man. It educates children to lose themselves and to become absurd, and thus to be normal. Normal men have killed perhaps 100,000,000 of their fellow normal men in the last fifty years."

- R. D. Laing (1989)

Our hurtful disconnection is no accident. Rather, it arises from us learning to attach/bond/addict ourselves to conquer fearful nature for excessive monetary income and power.  The excessiveness stems from us never being satisfied because we have learned to demean at least 53 profound satisfactions that nature's attractions provide from water, air, sunlight, soil, landscapes, weather, balance and beauty.

Industrial Society empowers non-organic thinking, enterprises and spiritualities to sell you and me artificial fulfillments to replace nature in our lives.  You and I suffer because these fulfillments are inadequate substitutes for the balanced grace of nature's attraction powers. Too often these artificialities deteriorate nature in and around us.

With the profound satisfactions of NA power missing from your life, is it any wonder that you may have excessive wants and needs? Do you feel that you never have enough?  For example, no matter if they are rich or poor, most people feel they need 15 percent more money.

Trying to identify the original source of natural attraction power, like the "God Particle" Higgs Boson, is a divisive and often aggravating religious or spiritual side issue. It distracts us from doing things that can help you, me and the environment now. In fact, unlike the unifying ways of natural attraction, this "origins issue" too often turns us against each other.

What is vital is that we acknowledge the unifying power of natural attraction in each moment for the good of all things.  Through the ECHN of applied ecopsychology you can learn how to gain its consent to help you modify your destructive thoughts, feelings and habits, along with the detrimental attitudes of others, too.

If you have ever had a good experience in nature, you already know the momentous ability of a natural area to "purify" you, to reduce your stress, increase your joy and clear your mind without producing destructive dependencies. That's what is naturally normalFrom atomic nuclei to the solar system and beyond, all things, including space, ourselves and "mind" hold, or are, in common, natural attraction in action. In its pristine form on Earth this natural attraction process is known as "wilderness."  Each of us is born as a part of it that is an Earth Avatar to Industrial Society

From living with others in nature for decades, I have learned and taught how to create moments that, via natural attraction (NA), let Nature/Earth teach.  

I evaluate the truth or value of things by considering their empirical evidence and their short and long term effects.  This is especially true of their ability to benefit all of life, for that is how nature works, in NA balance and beauty, to produce its perfections. To this end, the following scientific observations are facts of life that, to our loss, our stories condition us to overlook.      

About 14 billion years ago, before the time, space and matter of our Universe began, as far as it is known there only existed the nothingness of a unique vacuum (and "god," or "mind" or "consciousness" for those of us who are trained to these belief stories.)

In this vacuum of nothingness lay the beginning of our Universe along with the beginning of time as we know it. This beginning was a desire, a verb, a natural attractioning to gain fulfillment, or perhaps an attractioness to gain satisfaction. If, however, it was a specific person, place or thing, it was a noun and should be capitalized: Natural Attraction (NA). There was nothing, then there was NA, nature's original essence. We don't live in nothing nor are we nothing. Until proven otherwise we are, and we are part of, the growth of original NA.

Reasonable evidence from observing the Universe today suggests that its true beginning consisted of its natural attraction to begin, to be, to grow. It makes no difference if it was attracted to some unknown or attracted to self-organize, these are speculations. What is certain is that its essence is attraction, no matter its questionable source.

In order to exist and grow into what it became in its first split second and continue now, this powerful attraction had to contain essences of life, and of consciousness, of a reasonable and intelligent desire to become an ever increasing and greater, homeostatically balanced attractiveness. That is the direction natural attraction took as a self-organizing energy.  

In its original "ylem" moments, to begin, NA was an immense power, a hot, dense and turbulent fundamental attraction force that was attracted to expand and cool. It remains, today, at work as an essence of the universe.

"Driven by the forces of love (NA), the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being."

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"The Natural Attraction Ecology webstring model contributes in that it enables us to successfully address the source of our many dilemmas. The model returns us in reality and imagination to the origins of our Universe. It gives us the choice to believe that we we live either in an imaginary word-world of nothing, or that  we live in the immediate world of things that we can experience.  Once our senses register and validate things, our sense of reason chooses the world of things and the dualistic conflicts of real or imaginary disappear.  This occurs because, by rational choice, we logically give our nature permission to connect our mind, body and spirit to the unifying, purifying and self-correcting NA powers of nature, backyard or backcountry, forces that produce natural things"

- Michael J. Cohen   

"May the force be with you"

- Obi-Wan Kenobi et al (Star Wars)

Elements of NA gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear forces became unified into a single super attraction to dance. As expansion and cooling started, a mix of matter and antimatter appeared and they were attracted to annihilate matter in a burst of radiation, leaving behind randomly scattered pockets of matter that make up the universe today. This can also be seen as the attraction of matter to survive as it has, in balanced ways with the whole of attraction. 

One estimate is that if you eliminated all the attraction space between particles of matter in the universe, a solid "material ball" would be produced of matter whose diameter would be only the size of a football field.

As cooling and growth continued, resonating "strings" developed whose pulsating attractions attached to other pulses to begin to form a wide variety of sub-atomic particles. The Gluon and Higgs Boson particle may have been part of that process.

By the end of three minutes after the Big Bang expansion, the universe was attracted to become cool enough to allow the "strings" to form familiar attraction particles of today's matter, protons and neutrons, to form from their constituents.

  • - The particles, over time, were attracted to come together to form nuclei, the charged cores of atoms.
  • - Further attraction to cooling produced the adhesion of the nuclei of hydrogen and helium, the simplest and most common chemical elements in the universe, including our sun.
  • - The resonating life-pulse of attraction to become all the other elements - including the carbon, oxygen and nitrogen needed for life as we know it on Earth - emerged with the first massive stars many millions of years later.

Then, for 13 billion years that followed, the natural attraction to grow, expand and cool continued through eons, attracting atoms, light and hydrogen-helium fusion stars and gravity to form, as exemplified by our sun as it functions now. (see #6 in the sequence at http://ssscott.tripod.com/BigBang.html)

In modern molecular biology and genetics, the genome is the entirety of an organism's hereditary information. The genome for life has been considered to originate, not on Earth 3.5 billion years ago, rather 10 billion years ago, or more, in the natural attraction of atoms during that period.

The sun is very attractive. It attracts the Solar System to orbit around it while attracting Earth's life community to grow in cooperative balance. Part of this process was the creation of our 53 natural attraction senses so that we could register, think and consciously participate in the Earth's web of life in a good way....to the benefit of all.

Too often we ignore that Natural Attraction's attraction to become something like water also became the sensory homeostatic attraction of thirst to connect life forms with water.  Similarly NA sensory attraction to grow "food" also grew sensory attraction to food that we call our natural sense of hunger occasionally along with taste and smell. This is also the biology for our 50 other natural senses.

Culturally, we label and define the above sensitivities in many ways, depending on our overriding cultural story: non-material, spirit, needs, drives, fairys, instincts, gods, love, angels, wants, energy, light, consciousness, divas etc. Scientifically, however, the totality of NA, its properties and its subdivisions are seen in the Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) webstring model as the singular, alive, prime connection and growing force of the eons, as the uni in universe and Grand Unification. To repeat, as such, the dance of natural attraction is labeled and capitalized here as a proper noun, as Natural Attraction (NA) that has its own wholeness, history, properties and integrity. A proper noun can be a person, place or thing, The dance of Natural Attraction is all three and the eons of time in addition.

The wonderful advantage of the scientific process that has identified the Standard Universe is that it enables our body, mind and spirit to live in and think with a reasonable, defined wholeness, not a misleading story or fantasy about it. We can choose to think in whole life ways because, like one and zero being the basis of mathematics, we have identified the start and unbroken eons of our attraction-based Universe that continues to love itself into being us as part of its next moment. This explains why the Project NatureConnect educational process consists of us learning how to create moments in our social life that let natural areas and Earth teach us what we need to know to live in the peace of personal, social and environmental well-being.

Some individuals or ideologies maintain that the essence of the eons is not NA, rather it is "consciousness." However, when they include NAE ECHN activities in their practices and create sensory moments that let Earth teach, they discover:

      • a strengthening of their meditations or rituals and their effects.
      • the limiting or injurious effects on our psyche that result from being born and raised a society that is extremely disconnected from nature
      • valuable NA contributions that their consciousness is separated from in Industrial Society. 
      • the NA omission warps in their psyche that they need to address in order to come into balance. 
      • the misguided support that their truncated adult consciousness gives to detrimental, nature-disconnected aspects of Industrial Society, in and around them.
      • you can't make conscious contact with nature's NA essence when, in childhood, you have injured the NA senses that enable you to register NA. 
      • some forms of meditation excessively omit contact with nature as being essential for meditation success. It is as if the real world consists only of the closet that Industrial Society has built and is addicted to live in.
      • how Buddha may have obtained his knowledge because he was meditating outdoors for 49 days under, and perhaps occasionally leaning against, a Bodhi tree. 
      • transcendence, enlightenment, nirvana or Einstein's General Field may not be obtained by staying in a closet that separates our NA sensibilities from authentic nature for nature is the fountainhead of authority about how the universe works.
      • time in Nature does not result in similar effects as meditation....it actually far surpasses it. One study showed that a person could achieve an alpha state that lasted for hours after they shifted back to a synthetic environment, after only 48 hours in Nature.  The same thing can be achieved by meditation.....after years of practice.
In the NAE model, NA includes consciousness as an NA attribute, along with aliveness, non-literacy, intelligence and Love (NNIAL or CNNIAAL).

The universe's original NA had the ability to pulsate (resonate), flow and grow into becoming the attractive time, space and matter that we now recognize as the dance of Universe/Nature. The universe, as well as each of its parts, including us and our psyche/mind, is held together/unified by the pulsating power of NNIAAL, NNIAAL is the pulse of its original, non-dualistic, natural attraction fundamental.

With the confirmed evidence/symptoms of the Higgs Boson, NIAL has become more helpful as CNNIAAL

The essence of NNIAL is its living pulse, the conscious aliveness of its constant love to grow more attractive relationships, moment by moment through the eons.  This means that all things are alive, including natural attraction, and some may be to be slower or quicker form of aliveness, including our planet, Earth. This explains why "dead" things like rocks, stars and galaxies have life cycles.  It also explains why individuals continually sensing and seeking natural attractions in natural areas experience healing, as exemplified by quiet or extended time in a park or other natural area. It is because:  

  • 1. The whole-life "macro" attraction pulse of Earth sustains and helps it continuously grow through eons of diversity. 
  • 2. The diversity of "micro" local pulsations and adaptations are vital for nurturing the whole-life macro. 
  • Some micro pulses transform the micro into a necessary contributing part of the macro.  
  • 3. As the micro signals a forthcoming attractive transformation for itself, it sends out life-supportive signals to this effect. 
  • The signals, when appropriate, trigger discomfort-alerts in sensuous beings of the micro.  
  • The discomfort urges sensuous beings to seek other or additional natural attractions that are present. The attractions are the ongoing macro pulse of life and they support the macro of life in sensuous being.
  • IN SUMMARY: when our senses hear, see, smell or feel an oncoming forest fire, (or other uncomfortable signals), they naturally attract us into cooler, wetter, more distant supportive and rewarding attraction relationships that protect or nurture us from uncomfortable relationships including our memories of them.   

Some individuals overlook that the life-dance of NA pulsates as it grows. They believe the "fact" that nature operates by attraction and repulsion. This reminds me of when I was a child taking classes in New York City, I rode the train home for 25 minutes from Manhattan to Long Island.  In Manhattan I'd most conveniently board on the front of the train going EAST to Long Island.  I knew that my best exit was from the back of the train when it reached Long Island, so during the train ride I'd purposely walk back, WESTERLY, 8 cars to get to the rear of the train.  On the walk to the back I would occasionally meet folks I knew and I'd know for a fact that I'd reached the westerly back of the train when there were no further cars back there to walk through. My senses registered this experience. The fact that I could prove, that I knew for sure from experience, was that each week I had successfully met folks I knew and walked towards the WEST to fulfill my reasonable "back door exit" desire/attraction. This was empirical evidence and thinking.

The other fact I knew for sure was that although I walked WEST for 25 minutes (not continuously for the train made several stops along the way), I ended up 20 miles to the EAST, at the train station on Long Island that was my goal.  In addition, as it was carried by Planet Earth's attraction to rotate on its axis, the train and I moved another 380 miles eastward. (and to this would be added all the other motions of our solar system, galaxy, etc.)

I often think of my childhood train ride as I watch the world stay insane because our thinking focuses us on the importance of our micro experiences within our indoor "in the train and its stops" thinking and society. Society pays us to omit appreciating that all the while we are, moment by moment, riding aliveness, the universe's ever present, whole life "singular natural attraction to grow and support the life of, Earth, nature and the universe, including us." 

I may need to revive Horace Greeley(1872) and, in full view of the media, have him tell us "Go EAST, young man, think EAST."

Individuals who fail to meet the natural attraction challenge I present, above, almost always give examples of "repulsion" based on observations or experiences with some parts or isolated behaviors of or in nature.  These are the micro, not the macro, whole earth or whole life or total unified field of the nature/universe/time dance, that is constantly present and sensed, but buried in our nature-disconnected awareness. (senses 52, 37)  

We inherit the NA ability to consciously register the pulse and powers as at least 53 natural senses and sensations.  Each brings our conscious awareness to the essence and totality of NNIAL.

This page can't bring us to NNIAL because the page consists of words and images. Each is a duality. Each brings our consciousness to the meaning we have learned to attach to the word or image. Each of them is a representation of, not the reality of, what they convey as a felt senses.  They are imaginary. For example the word "tree" and the felt senses of a real tree are two different realities; the word thirst and the felt sense/sensation of thirst are two different ways of knowing that register through two or more different natural senses.  Each is a "truth" of its own, so how do we, discover, think and relate to reality, the real truth?

The experience of being treeness, a real tree, and the label for it "tree" are completely different.  Treeness is NNIAL, attraction-based experience. "Tree" is simply a word, an imaginary abstract symbol literacy of the treeness NA experience. This duality prevents our thoughts and feelings from relating to treeness, how the intelligent integrity of the tree knows itself to be.  It is like comfortably standing in a boat and then attempting to walk onto another boat.  When you have one foot in each boat and the boats spread apart, you lose your underpinnings and end up in the water. This is similar when we may be on skiis or roller skates, but not on a skateboard for the latter is one "indivisible" thing.  

We are in hot water because most of our thinking and feeling is dualistic, rooted in two boats.  One boat is the word/story/symbol and the other registering the real thing via our senses and sensibilities. Different parts of our brain register either our senses or our word abstractions. 

The secret cure is that when we relate to the singular pulse of NA dance the duality is gone.  Then the word "thirst" and the NA sense and feeling of thirstare identical by definition and experience.  The sensatiion of thirst is not imaginary, it is self-evident. Trusting and validating our senses "skateboard" aligns our story world indivisibly with our sensory knowing.

The distortions from duality can be seen in believing that repulsion exists in nature by observing a magnet. It is magnetic because all its molecules lie in a unifying attraction to each other.  Folks try to prove repulsion is part of nature by separating two magnets that hold each other together and then placing the like poles near each other so they repel. (Does this disturbing act disturb the magnets?).  This, folks believe, demonstrates that repulsion is also part of nature. (Does the magnet somehow register this as a repulsive act?  If not, why does it always try to re-align itself as it originally was?) What a person's thinking overlooks in this example is their duality.  It is their "disturbing" story to distort nature, to turn the magnetic poles around, that produces the repulsion.  Nature does not make the story, our NA disconnected abstract "scientific" thinking  imagines, creates and imposes the disturbance on the life of the magnets. If the magnet(s) could speak they might say "Leave us alone, we are now, and for eons, been happily attracted to each other through NA; we are contributing to balance in this happy alliance and we are causing no harm"   In this example, we project our repulsion story to be a repulsion property of nature, and the latter is not true. Without the disturbing interference of our story world, the magnet is only attracted to its non-polluting original NA status, not to repulsion or to being "repulsive" to itself and its environment.

The above paragraph holds equally true with capturing "wild and free"  natural electrons whose position can only be postulated, not ascertained, caging them in machine that "domesticates" them with powers that shoot them in a predetermined direction (unnatural) with an introduced energy in an imaginary "creative" experiment that arranges electrons et al in our mentality to motivate us to build and power the shooting machine along with predetermined forms, directions and targets. We then interpret the results as "objective fact" and come to voodoo conclusions about the nature of the Universe that omit 50 or more of our natural senses signaling to us that this is nonsense, that the sensory intelligence of NNIAL has been omitted.

Since NNIAAL is alive, "things" that seems like repulsion in nature's dance are actually the "things" being attracted to run for their life, run towards their whole life NNIAL attraction to support life, survival.  Allow the magnets to be mobile and watch them again line up in north-south attraction. (Do you realize that we "harness" this NA power in magnets to make electricity. How has NNIAL been harnessed in you that so you sometimes feel like a cultural object?  Is being "sentenced" as a child to 18,000 hours of indoor literacy and education a way of excessively harnessing us?  When and where is the wisdom of NNIAL taught in the classroom?).

Most of the teachings of contemporary society and spirituality celebrate love (read "attraction") as an essence of goodness, morality and spirit.  They preach that the world operates on and out of love, but, disconnected from nature, they assign or worship that love as a story or image, not as or from the essence of nature and contact with it. This reduces essential support for nature, in and around us, and produces the destructive outcomes that we suffer.

Our nature-conquering thoughts and feelings disturb the world. This is because being excessively disconnected from NNIAL, we are disturbed personally, socially and environmentally. What is really disturbing is that our story world calls this disturbance "normal," "progress" and "economic growth." It pays us greater amounts of money as we learn to do it better and increase our disturbing effects on nature and each other.

"America is an insane asylum run by the inmates."

- Lester Roloff 

Different things experience or relate to NA in different ways. The classic ability of natural attraction to bind, resonate and unify a universal, wide range of diversity where all things contribute and belong, identifies NA as a prime essence, an essence we sometimes call unconditional love in that everything is naturally attracted to everything.

Natural Attraction-love has the energy to bring together and feed unique molecular attachments. So energized, these attachments grow into attractive adult forms of life, including mineral crystals increasing in size.

As through the eons, today, the universe's original natural attraction "spirit" is a growing, alive, aware, reasonable, moment by moment resonating act that sustainably continues to weave the totality of NNIAL, the web-of-life of the universe, including our living planet and each of us. (see references, below).  For this reason, all things, including the life of Earth and how we sense, think and feel, are part of nature's pulsating attraction for this universe to survive and grow in attraction relationship. Some believe the Aquarius time, when we will organize ourselves in harmony with the web-of-life, begins now.  Can that really happen if we are not using NAE?


1. In some attractive moment in the life of some person, a conscious, attractive thought motivation is attracted to heat water until it boils. The attraction-thought is a form of life, a unified conscious communication with itself. It motivates the individual to boil the water into steam, a singular hot, invisible gas, and observe what happens.
The essence of motivating attractive consciousness plus steam now exist but neither one are visible.

2. The steam is attracted to cool and becomes visible as a steam-vapor cloud of water molecules. 
The essence of  motivating attractive consciousness plus visible water/steam cloud particles now exist and become visible.

3. The steam cloud is attracted to further cool and become water. 
The essence of  motivating attractive consciousness plus visible liquid water now exist.

4. The water is attracted to further cool and become ice.
 The essence of motivating attractive consciousness plus visible solid ice now exist.

The essence of motivating attractive consciousness of water and ice are attracted to enter many diverse relationships, from glaciers to clouds to hydrated molecules.

6. In 1-5 above,
the essence of motivating attractive consciousness always exists.  It may not be seen but it can be registered in our sense of consciousness,  empirically experienced as felt sense attraction, including our sense of "Thirst" for water as well as attractive motivation for enjoying its ways in clouds, streams, rainbows and waterfalls.

7. The examples in 1-6 above also apply to going back in time and recognizing that
the essence of motivating attractive consciousness has been operating since the beginning of time and throughout the cooling process of the Universe since the Big Bang start of time. It has been identified as the Higgs Boson.

The essence of motivating attractive consciousness of who, what, why and how we are and the way we are compelled to act is completely different when our 53 natural senses are immersed in a deep pool of water instead of just sitting on the land simply observing or meditating about the pool.  The immersion is what is missing from our consciousness with respect to staying afloat in the universal sea of natural attraction...and this is more true now than a century ago.

"Most people are on the world, not in it; have no conscious sympathy or relationship to anything about them."

"If the creator were to bestow a new set of senses upon us . . . we would never doubt that we were in another world."

- John Muir -1902     ..........................................................................

Although much of information about the past of the universe is speculative, as the universe ages and we research it we are able to become increasingly confident in our knowledge of its history.

By studying the way in which the universe exists today it is possible to learn a great deal about its past.

Too often we overlook that the natural attraction energy dance of the universe is the essence of nature's remarkable powers on our planet. NA on Earth is the seed that knows how to grow wilderness, an organic form of love that is, has, and gives nature on earth, the ability to create and sustain its optimums of:


Each moment unfolds from the previous moment. Each moment today contains the original moment and its attributes we. The original NA had or was the essence of each of these values, it contained the potential for them to manifest themselves in concert. For this reason, via NA, nature produces its sanity without producing garbage. Nothing is wasted or discarded, everything belongs, is purified and continues this process into the next moment.  Excessive abusiveness, isolation and destruction, including war, are virtually unknown in nature.

As part of the whole of life, our inborn attraction to, and love of, life (survival), along with our 
53 natural senses, enable our sense of consciousness to register nature's attractive ways and participate with them cooperatively.  This is accomplished by thinking and feeling with them.  

No surprise, the results of not thinking and feeling with all our 53 natural senses are sooner or later unbalanced, unattractive and destructive. The way to avoid this is simply choose to wear NA colored glasses so you can see the balance you are searching for. In the process you will discover that the violation of that balance in you is what is motivating you to search.

The glasses consist of choosing to think, feel and relate through this simple adjustment of Industrial Society's foundation story: "Creation created our universe by planting a natural attraction big bang seed that knew how to organize and perpetuate itself in attractive ways, moment by moment."  This adjusted story explains why we can't find anything that is not held together by natural attraction and why quiet time in a natural area momentarily recycles our misguided stories and promotes healing.

Adjusting and balancing to a variety of environmental attractions, NA strengthens and weakens as it grows.  This pulse can affect our thinking, feeling and spirit, along with everything else.  However, we can produce and support beneficial long-term effects and well-being by, at any time, seeking how the whole of NA is operating successfully in any given moment.  We can then connect with successful attraction to help our thinking do the same.  Making this connection puts us in tune with the whole life power of the Earth and universe attraction-growth process.  It is the heart of the science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) and sustainability.  We have all experienced samples of it when we have had a good experience in nature. NAE gives us the ability to have it available continuously as we learn how to experience and register the seamless flow of NA in and around us.

In this day and age, it is unreasonable, arrogant and destructive for us to think that our attraction-fed psyche and mentality is so intelligent that it can separate from nature, and on its own create superior nature-disconnected stories and techniques for building wholesome relationships.

"Years ago, it meant something to be crazy. Now everyone's crazy."

- Charles Manson

We have yet to demonstrate that we can replace and substitute for the attraction-perfect way that nature continually works in balanced sustainablity and purity. 

“All the green in the planted world consists of these whole, rounded chloroplasts wending their ways in water. If you analyze a molecule of chlorophyll itself, what you get is one hundred thirty six atoms of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen arranged in an exact and complex relationship around a central ring. At the ring's center is a single atom of magnesium. Now: If you (or NA) remove the atom of magnesium and in its exact place put an atom of iron, you get a molecule of hemoglobin. The iron combines with all the other atoms to make red blood ... “

~ Annie Dillard, from her Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek”.

SUMMARY: Moment by moment, the singular life-pulse of NA holds things together in balance today, as has been from the beginning of time. In minuscule fractions of the first second after their creation from "nothing", the first particles of our universe were attracted to self-organize, to coalesce, to be attached to each other to become the seed of the universe, including ourselves and our psyche. 

From its inception, 
NA has been an essence of the growing universe and earth-community process. By gaining consent, our natural senses can register NA at any time in a natural area, backyard or backcounty and in our natural selves.  It includes, as part of its efforts, the growth and well-being of ourselves and our natural attraction senses. (see references, below)

Our misguided attachments to stories that motivate our psyche, thoughts and feelings to omit genuinely connecting with nature, the real thing, are the heart of our dilemmas.  These limited and limiting attachments make us loose the wisdom and good NA energies that we seek.

"We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals.  Remote from universal nature and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion.  We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate for having taken form so far below ourselves.   And therein do we err.  For the animal shall not be measured by man.  In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.  They are not brethren, they are not underlings: they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time."

- Henry Beston, "The Outermost House" 1928

We often learn to think that we deserve to have good feelings because we have thought or acted in a socially acceptable way. We seldom learn that we inherently deserve to have good feelings. They are naturally attractive, hormonally produced (endorphin-dopamine) rewards from Mother Earth and the universe for fulfilling one or more our NA senses, including our senses of consciousness, literacy and reason. For example, when we drink water to fulfill our NA sense of thirst, we not only feel satisfied, quenched and happier, in addition we can consciously articulate that we feel this and that it makes sense. 

"Webstrings are like little smiles waiting to be noticed." 

- Einstein's World

Humans have spent 99.9 percent of their evolutionary history in natural environments that weave themselves into being themselves through pulsating natural attraction relationships. In this respect, getting back to nature is a psychological and physiological homecoming.  It is similar to having Christmas all year round

What is abnormal is that today, on average, we learn to spend less than 12 hours of our total lifetime connected to, and in tune with natural attractions in natural areas. Over 95 percent of our time is spent indoors. Another word for this foolishness is either "misguided" or 'stupid'

As casualties of our society's excessive disconnection from nature, is it any wonder that we are often disturbed, ailing, ungrounded and out of balance? We are bewildered (wilderness separated). We have trouble identifying who or what we are.  We are like billiard balls being bounced around by the pool stick of Industrial Society.

"My client had been in a motor vehicle accident and had multiple injuries that prevented her from getting out and about.  She was in chronic pain and was having severe anxiety attacks. 

There was a nice potted plant in her living room (I think it was a Dieffenbachia, but I'm not sure).  I described how we are in a mutually-supportive role with plants -- they provide us with oxygen and we provide them with CO2.  I suggested that when she was feeling anxious she should breathe with the plant, exchanging gases and and recognize that they were being mutually supportive.  As she did so, I could see her visibly relaxing.  Within a few minutes she reported that her anxiety was gone and her pain was somewhat reduced. 

Over the next few weeks she successfully used this technique whenever she was anxious.  As her physical abilities improved she began spending time in the garden and then began gardening from her wheelchair.  Her anxiety was completely controlled without medication.

I don't know what she bonded to, but she developed a sense that the plant (and later her garden) was her friend and that they were in a mutually supportive relationship.  This feeling was able to help her overcome her anxiety."

John Scull, Ph.D. Neuropsychologist

You were probably never taught that we inherit 53 natural attraction senses that are a continuum of natural attraction through the eons. As are water and air and minerals, our natural senses are a shared part of us as part of nature.

"Sensory experience, we might say, is the way our body binds its life to the other lives that surround it, the way the earth couples itself to our thoughts and our dreams. Sensory perception is the glue that binds our separate nervous systems into the larger, encompassing ecosystem. For the senses are our most immediate access to the more-than-human natural world."

...- David Abram
...Author, Spell of the Sensuous

Attraction intelligently unifies and balances. Again, for example, our NA sense of thirst appropriately turns on and off to bring water into, through and out of us as our life needs it. Thirst is a balanced and nurturing sensory power, a homeostatic intelligence that supports all of life. It unifies us with water.  It makes our life part of the life of the global water cycle, and vice versa. It does this in a good way, meaning that it benefits all and it purifies all. That is nature's intelligence.

Connecting to water is a common attraction/sensitivity in the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. So are each of our other natural attraction senses.

We inherit 52 additional NA senses that organically operate in other homeostatic natural cycles just like the sense of thirst does in conjunction with the water cycle. Each of them are an intelligence, a great truth about life in balance. While we are in natural areas, they have the ability to register natural attraction directly and purely in our mind, often unaffected by the bias of our dogmas, hurt and culture. This is a magnificent homeostatic intelligence yet Mother Earth could not take, no less pass, a standard IQ test.

Connecting our natural senses to nature calms our psyche and brings it into a happy balance.  This universal, organic, consciousness makes natural attraction a monumental, therapeutic, NAE tool for person/planet unity, community and communication.  It enables us to create moments that let Earth teach.

Considering the wars and disagreements that flourish over "God," natural attraction senses give us a potent "environmental spirituality that unifies." This is neither fictional or accidental.  In order to be part of a system, one has to be in communication with the system, otherwise trespasses, conflict, stress and disorders result. NA not only communicates attraction, it is a communicating intelligence that everything holds in common.

When we experiment with mimicking how life works by building a completely sealed balanced aquarium with plant and animal life, we fail.  Because the aquarium is disconnected from the totality of nature and its fluctuations, unlike a pond, sooner or later it goes out of balance and loses its ability to sustain pond life.  

Our 53 natural attraction senses are NA in us playing a vital communication role in our relationship with the global life system of Planet Earth, if not the universe. They register the ways of the natural world in our NA sense of consciousness.

The truth is that our society trains you and me to think with less than eight of our 53 natural senses. This results in our isolation, disorders and disunity from Earth and each other. Is it any wonder that we are stressed-out and anxious? Have you noticed that, as exemplified by our relationship with wolves,  we seldom make sense, or act sensibly in a good way, a way that benefits all?  

When our 53 attraction senses work together we are able to think and act in conjunction with the wisdom of their eons and balancing powers. They help us make clear decisions that are sensible and sustainable. They enable us to build relationships that ground us, that are supported by natural attraction sensibility, a wisdom that pervades the web of life.  

Each of us has experienced the above-described phenomena beginning to occur during our quiet time in a natural area. Too often we learn to demean this experience as an escape from reality, as recreation rather than re-creation. 

You and I suffer because we have been programmed to deny that NA is a vital essence of nature and life. Our denial produces a major problem. When we deny the existence of our natural attractions and their powers, we can't even become conscious of the central issue, our disconnection from them, that we must address, no less resolve.

Our dilemmas result from our society rewarding us for being "objective," for not validating our "subjective" NA sensations as facts when they appear in our thoughts, feelings and relationships.

Again, NA power is what we deeply hold in common with the world and each other.

To our loss, we learn to pride ourselves in creating stories that attach us to things that are destructive or seldom agree with each other....rather than to the unity, unifying and healing ways of nature and its NA process.  We are attracted to these stories. The pain they give us is a signal for us to find additional and/or more attractive stories.  

When we "Run for our life" the thing we are running from energizes in us nature's attraction to have us act from our natural attraction to live/survive (attraction senses 25-27).

Natural attraction can be seen as the metaphorical elephant that the classic blind wise men tried to describe from their many different points of view. They may have argued about or fought over their findings but at least their senses registered that an elephant was present. We have placed misguiding labels over NA. Although we are born with it, we are socialized to be blind to it and its value.

The blind men on the elephant are similar to how we usually perceive nature.  As a demonstration we might hang a rope from a tree limb with a weight tied to its free end. We'd push the weight hard so it swings like a rope pendulum from the limb. This could be used as a model of how nature works in balance, by "attracting and repulsing" back and forth. What this observation omits, however, is that the energy that keeps the pendulum swinging is the universal NA of gravity along with our attraction to make the original push.  After fulfilling our reasonable attraction to push the weight, it is the constant natural attraction of Gravity that keeps the pendulum swinging up and down both ways from the middle. This rhythm is similar to our heart beat contracting and relaxing as part of our attraction to survive and grow attractively.

If we had the power to turn off "gravity" the pendulum would stop. However, we have the power and do disconnect our thoughts, feelings and relationships from nature's attraction energies. The troubling results speak for themselves.

Omitted in the above interpretation is the natural attraction of "reason" and its story to of how and why to set up the pendulum demonstration. Other pulsing natural attraction senses come into play, too, senses like motion and consciousness to climb the tree. It addition are the natural attractions that cycle and hold together all the atoms and energies that make the total scene possible, including those of our body, mind and spirit.  All these natural attractions diversely evolved from, and are seamless continuums of the pulsating life of the NA original attraction/desire to grow attractively since the beginning the universe.

You and I have, readily available, a natural attraction tool that can help us genuinely reconnect our psyche to nature's attractive balance, beauty and healing powers.

The tool is a science whose process is an art that supports attractive, sensible attitude while we are in natural areas, backyard to backcountry. You may be interested in reading an overview of its process and its effects.

The tool is a procedure that enables our thinking to reduce our troubles and increase our love of the natural in and around us. This is significant because we protect and save what we love.

Get real. We can't solve our problems because we don't acknowledge the NA omission that causes them and we don't use the NAE natural attraction NNIAL antidote we have to help us solve them.

BOTTOM LINE: The means by which Industrial Society leadership is producing economic profits and power is just like selling the public cars that they know have no brakes. As people drive them they injure the well-being of environment and themselves.  The same science that has the know how to convert the NA material world into an automobile also knows how nature's "brakes" unify and balance the natural world via NAE. However, for profits and power it omits or demeans this NA information. Instead, our personal and collective intelligence is indoctrinated to mediate and map our lives using a "Disney World blueprint" that is as detached a distortion of nature as are Mickey Mouse, Magic Mountain or a Disney film that conveys the nature-lie that lemmings are suicidal:  

"The 1958 Disney film White Wilderness that won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature, included staged footage showing lemmings jumping into certain death after faked scenes of mass migration.  A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary, Cruel Camera, found that the lemmings used for White Wilderness were flown from Hudson Bay to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where they did not jump off the cliff, but were in fact launched off the cliff using a turntable."  

- Wickipedia

The inconvenient truth is that what we call our "normal" or "civilized" daily thinking and relating is really like, at times, being treated like a lemming, in living in the fantasy of Disneyworld with respect to nature and its intelligence.  In fact, Disneyworld is more honest because it at least admits that it is a fantasy.  We call the Industrial Society we have designed, live in, and train our children to adapt to, the "real world."

Before it's too late, to remove ourselves from Industrial Society's turntable of suicidal social and environmental madness we may empower our psyche to become SANE simply by incorporating NAE in every aspect of our thinking and feeling.  You and I can help folks benefit from the NAE antidote by helping them become involved with its procedure.  

We must refrain from supporting individuals who refuse to use a valid ECHN "love-invigorating" NA tool to help create peace on earth through peace with earth.

"Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better everyday. And you will come to love the whole world with an all-embracing love (NA)."

- Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1880

In the final analysis, no matter what they be, the needs, goals and wants that we experience or construct are a means to satisfy one or more of our inherent natural senses. Fulfilling these senses directly through sensory connections to natural attractions located in people and natural places produces our most balanced, organic and inexpensive fulfillments. Fulfilling them with artificialities usually produces questionable side effects and additional problems.

The whole truth is that if our basic connection or foundational understanding is not a singular essence or truth, all things that spring from it will be dualistic, confusing and deceiving.

Whenever we sense an unadulterated natural attraction in nature, (in ourselves, others or a natural area), in that moment we become, as well as register, the unifying NA seed that started the eons. To help that seed to grow, we simply use NAE to help others find their natural attractions in nature.

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin"

- William Shakespeare

What is critical is that a preponderance of evidence presently indicates that we are inherently aware of the singular pulsating life and eons of NA to grow the Universe and us in attractive balance and purity.  For survival, our senses are attracted to find it, register it, enjoy it and be happily satisfied by doing this.

It is crucial for us to recognize that every moment we spend with our NA energies attached to nature-substitute stories, spiritualities or technologies, instead of NNIAL in natural areas, is a destructive moment for us and nature because it

  • repeats and reinforces our disconnectedness, 
  • prevents nature from helping us heal our disorders,
  • separates our psyche from nature's self-correcting ways, 
  • has adverse "side effects" on natural systems in and around us,
  •  strengthens our nature-exploitive economy, 
  • increases our stress, anxiety and anger, 
  • increases our need for tranquilizers and substance rewards, 
  • makes us feel that we don't have enough 
  • makes us feel that we are not enough since we can't solve our problems or maintain good feelings and relationships  
  • makes us dependent on polluting and non-sustainable industries 
  • makes questionable industries profitable.
  • increases our shame for the things, above, and brings us further into denial that all this is happening. 
  • decreases our sensitivity to the insane fact that we are using 150 percent more "resources" than our planet is producing, and that the ways of Earth, not the Constitution, is our life support system and therefore the "supreme law of the land."
  • makes us so demented that we seek predictions and solutions from our indoor world when we have already experienced the antidote we seek when we spend quiet time in natural areas.  

Because there is no credible evidence that humanity as Homo sapians existed as such at the original NA Big Bang, we must conclude that the beginning was not the result or pawn of any human term, story, thought or act. When we reasonably register the Big Bang's attractiveness or raw balancing and unifying powers, we must learn to call and relate to it as NA. It is no surprise that the distorted stories and thinking that suppress this practice produce the disturbing results that we suffer.

It might just be that when we experience a strong attraction to something in nature, we are sensing or being the NA of 14 billion years ago as it is operating today, and maybe even then, too.

Our attraction to smash atomic nuclei to find the NA Higgs Boson may not work if Higgs Boson is what attracts the universe into being and growing. We may just smash what we are looking for if it is the essence of attraction including our sensory attractions. Do we really need to smash that seed, is it reasonable behavior?  

Is smashing a seed or spore a natural attraction or NA attached to atom smashing rather than attached to other ways of knowing?

"What we are looking for is what is doing the looking."

- Saint Francis

"An eye can see the world but not itself."

- Zen

"I thank God's will to begin this world with the big bang energy seed of NNIAAL and the desire of its essence to grow attractive relationships."  

- Project NatureConnect Student (edited)

The good effects of us choosing to connect our thoughts and feelings to nature's wise, whole-life, NA essence speak for themselves. When we choose to do otherwise we choose to produce the
dualities, arguments and disorders that we suffer.  This is exemplified by a 1998 article that includes familiarity of my 1993 published identification of NA as a non-dualistic essence of all relationships, and then does not advocate applying NA to help stop the destructiveness of duality.  Sadly, Industrial Society has prejudicially indoctrinated most of us not to apply "the action of attraction." 


Invite nature's powers (
NNIAAL) to help you peacefully increase trust, balance and unity now. Try to become aware of the natural attractions that you sense in this moment. Be sure to include as one of them your natural attraction to achieve this awareness.
- mad...NNIAL has been excessively removed
glad...NNIAL support is present
- sad...The loss of NNIAL
scared...A need for more NNIAL support

I'm not insane. Are you?  It is reasonable for me to be attracted to using and teaching this NAE process and supporting others who are similarly attracted.
Let me know if I can help you do the same for yourself.

Information alone does not change behavior. Now is time to stop wearing ourselves out in abuse, conflicts and arguments, to, instead, become what we are looking for by engaging in the unifying educating, counseling and healing with nature process.

"Love is the life force that holds the universe together."

- Ed Boardman

"Nature is the unseen intelligence that loved us into being."

- Elbert Hubbard

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about language, ideas, even the phrase each other doesn't make any sense."

- Rumi  (circa 1260 A.D.)

"The ability of a relationship to be increasingly friendly and to avoid disorders depends upon the health of the unifying power that binds the relationship."

- Michael J. Cohen

Our "educated" and established thinking is unable to help us live in the optimums of life, diversity, cooperation, peace, purity, balance and beauty that the undisturbed natural attraction world enjoys. This suggests that we are indoctrinated to wear blinders to nature's extraordinary NA information and intelligence that we inherit and that is available in and around us.  This information is identified in 20 fundamental axioms that are the foundation of Natural Attraction Ecology. They identify ten major NA observations, below, that we indoctrinate ourselves to omit in our everyday thoughts and feelings. For this reason we suffer our many disorders:

  • Planet Earth along with its spirit is a naturally intelligent and conscious living organism. 
  • We deny that we are deeply prejudiced against nature.
  • The essence of materials and energies is natural attraction, including our 53 natural senses.
  • Life is attractive. The purpose of life is to support life.
  • The natural world does not repulse things as garbage, all natural things are equally attractive and important and they continually transform into this balanced state of being.
  • To be part of a system a thing must be in communication with the system and vice versa.
  • Things in natural settings are non-literate yet conscious, intelligent and mutually supportive at the level they need to survive in balance.
  • Nature is a self-organizing perfection of its own whose natural attraction sensitivities we inherit but learn to painfully conquer. We bury these senses in our subconscious in fear of feeling their pain again.
  • The process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature enables our thoughts and feelings to make reasonable and supportive sensory contacts with nature's attraction essence, backyard or backcountry.

We often overlook that part of being reasonable is to consider information based on the effects it will produce.  This is often as or more sensible than waiting for the evidence to prove that information will produce good outcomes. We can never be sure that evidence will ever be discovered. However some decisions to act based on what we want to happen empower us to help make it happen. That is how NAE came into being in our prejudiced against nature society and how it is being sustained, moment by moment. It enables the outcomes from NA connections to demonstrate their attractive value, person by person.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

- Robert Frost

There has always been a "great mystery" about how the universe and life came into being and maintain themselves.  It's not quite as mysterious when we recognize that we are attracted to maintain our lives and survive and we are therefore attracted to find attractions that help us accomplish this.  We have have done this successfully since NA was attracted to become us. This suggests that NA has and is this self-organizing ability.  If so, the great mystery focuses more on the origins of NA essence and its pulse, not how it operates. We already know the latter from our NA experiences and research.  

As big a question as is the "great mystery" is why we deal with our addictive shortcoming to substitute for nature's way with less adequate replacements for nature?  Why don't we make efforts to validate the intelligence we inherently have? Why don't we learn from the sensibilities of our natural senses in conscious contact with NNIAL?

Do/did nature-centered societies produce our runaway disorders?  If not, was this because they found "the creator" in the immediate environment, in nature around and within them, rather than from in a story that placed creation in a far away "heaven," where "it" would be called to bless anything we did, including killing foreign things or competing for an award or opening a casino?

One can choose to experience NNIAL thinking, feeling or relating as a legitimate form of spirituality because any doctrine, philosophy, or religious practice that holds universe/cosmos as the totality of forces and/or matter, is synonymous with the theological principle of God.

"I believe in God but I spell it Nature"

- Frank Lloyd Wright

“When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

– Albert Einstein.

As I re-read this diatribe I have written it becomes clear to me that as true as are the essence and qualities of natural attraction, equally true is that, as far as we know, the pre-humanity wholeness of nature and its eons is and has been non-literate. Nature neither registers or understands these words.  Their value is what they may contribute to individuals in helping them learn and teach NAE activities.  NAE empowers them to help themselves and others create moments that let nature teach us what we need to know, individually and collectively. If nature-connecting medicine is readily available and we refuse to take it, can we expect what results to be better than our present continuation of our non-sense?

Although a shoelace has its own cultural integrity, it is held together by natural attractions on molecular levels that Industrial Society's thinking has molded into serving as a shoelace. I mention this because a boot recently came on the market whose top lace hook has a technological improvement. It is a ratchet that only lets the lace come through the top lace hole of the boot in one direction. This prevents the lace from slipping backward and loosening the boot. However, the "improvement" has proved to interrupt the integrity of the lace and be dangerous:  
  • It removes the shoelace tie knot from the back pressure of the shoe and foot trying to expand. This lack of pressure prevents the knot from remaining tight so it unties itself easily.
  • Once it unties, the wearer of the boot cannot notice it has untied because the ratchet holds the lacing tight without the knot.
  • Meanwhile, the laces flop around and sooner or later trip the unsuspecting hiker. 
  • The spikes of the ratchet in time weaken and tear the shoelace so it needs to be repaired or replaced.
If you don't believe this destructive interruption by a ratchet of the seamless continuum of a shoelace happens, just ask me and I'll show you my bruises. It's a good example of what results from disconnecting the wholeness of any worthwhile integrity. It simulates how the nature-disconnected way we learn to think hurtfully separates us from how nature's balanced perfection works. It also conveys the destructive results of our nature-isolated thoughts and feelings separating nature from itself.

Your Choice

The core of nature in and around us (NNIAAL) bases its operation on B, below. What is your choice for your life and community?

A. 2 + 2 = 4   (base 10)
B. 2 + 2 = 1   (base 4)
C. 2 + 2 = 2   (base 2)
D. 2 + 2 = 11  (base 3)

A-D are each true depending upon the base number we choose to apply to the question of 2 + 2 =?  However, (omitting fractions) the number 1 at "B"  is the only base outcome of A-D that is the oneness of singularity, not dualistic. "B" is our best choice if we want to avoid the confusion and detrimental contradictions of dualism. This is not as simple as it might seem for, because we have ten fingers (digits), our established thinking addicts us to A and therefore it feels most familiar and correct.  (This could be a rationale for Orwell's "Four legs good, two legs bad.")  

Similarly, when we view the original Big Bang Attraction Energy Dance as the one, single seed of the Universe, through NAE our thoughts and feelings can shift into natures unifying singularity and perfections.  This enables us to think like nature works and avoid many problems and disorders caused by duality.

The Law of Singularity: Nature is its attraction to more diversely enjoy the dance of its attractiveness

- Michael J. Cohen

There is great power for good in selecting the correct base or idea to help us live  in mutually supportive ways with the web of life.. One example is based on recognizing that what we call recreation consists of fulfilling our natural senses one way or another and producing joy as an outcome.  However, there is seldom such a thing as recreation in nature. There, fulfilling attraction is also the joy of surviving in harmony.  For us to choose to enjoy recreation by only obtaining it through NAE re-creation, as does our living planet, huge strides would occur that increased personal, social and environmental well being      


The purpose of ecopsychology is to help humanity learn how to survive in balance. The universe accomplishes this by doing a unifying, non-dualistic dance that does not produce garbage and includes humanity.  Moment by moment this dance produces survival in balance in the next moment and achieving this is attractive.  The webstring NA model is all attraction because it enables interested folks to be part of the attraction dance in the moment so they are in contact, synch and support of the universe in producing the next attraction moment and its balanced values.  That is the science, goal and effect  of the webstring model. It would appear to be part of ecopsychology.

Repulsion in any form to the process of the unity/universe attraction dance moment removes folks from  its power and unity.  Such removal from the moment of the dance I think would be the opposite of the goals of ecopsychology.

Based on the beneficial and reasonable effects one sensibly desires along with the way the model works, my choice is to, for accuracy, remove repulsion from the picture. Repulsion/repulse makes no sense or contribution for the universe or for an individual with respect producing the next survival moment of the dance and its perfection.

Removing repulsion is simply and reasonably accomplished by recognizing that dancers sway back and forth to the rhythm of the dance and that this is an attractive essence of the dance. The sway is neither repulsion nor repulsive to the the universe nor the individual engaged in the dance-connection process of the NA webstring model. The sway of the dance is attractive, part of nature's beauty.

Getting sidetracked into defining part of the sway as being repulsion produces duality. It detrimentally diverts attraction energy in the moment, and has negative effects, so I reject it as part of the model and the enabling practicality if offers

In the "duality is wonderful" model/philosophy, repulsion is fine....as long as you are satisfied with the effects of including it which presently include using up 50 percent more of the planet's ability to dance than it produces.  As we are part of the planet, repulsion erodes our ability to dance as well. This is the underlying source of most of our disorders and dysfunctions.

Non-acceptance of the Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) webstring model is understandable in the dominant paradigm of Industrial Society for it is an inconvenient truth to its message.  However, I neither understand nor see the value of "ecopsychology" or "ecotherapy" omitting or disputing the webstring model and its contribution rather than incorporating it as a practical way and means to personal, social and environmental well-being.  To me, the omission makes these disciplines in need of improvement, not the model.

Until proven otherwise, since the beginning of time, all things, sub-atomics to the universe, including humanity's body, mind and spirit, have been held together and unified in pure, balanced integrity by nature's natural attraction dance. This means:
  • Everything is a dancer.
  • Whenever we excessively separate our thoughts, feelings or actions from the dance, we disrupt it and ourselves. This corruptive disconnection produces problems that the dance and we can't solve.

  • NAE is the art and science of creating point source moments that let the authentic dance reconnect us to itself.

  • No surprise, solutions that don't do what NAE helps us do produce additional personal, social and environmental problems.

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Telephone 360-378-6313
Read the Ecopsychology Journal interview with Dr. Cohen: http://www.ecopsych.com/ecopsychologyjournal.html

Email: nature@interisland.net.
Website: www.ecopsych.com 
Personal page: http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html



Although these Big Bang references, below, do not directly use the word "attraction," or "grow," they do identify the attributes of attraction and growth with similar attraction words including "creation," "growing (expanding)," "unifying collision,"  "in favor of"  "particle formation" "join," "kin," "unify," "union,"  "form"  "attach," "mixture," "clump," "singularity," "combine," "coalesce," "gluon" "quarks held together" "binding forces, (the force)" "Higgs Boson," "bond," "light," "spontaneous appearance (attraction to appear in ways that can be registered by the senses)"

What is often omitted in hard science is that the attraction of scientists to discover the essence of the big bang, or any other phenomenon, is a manifestation and continuum of NA as our natural sense of "reason" being attractive.  This is true of most of our motives and motivations.  They are attractions to grow in a good way via building relationships that strengthen the multifacted life of natural attractiveness.

It should be noted that until the Big Bang cooled sufficiently, clumping via attraction could not occur nor could light shine through the original proton and electron soup.  Similarly, it can be argued the the original "vacuum" or "void" that preceded the Big Bang, was so hot that its attraction to begin to form the universe had not yet come into play until some cooling occurred....or maybe it was first attracted to cool.








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Journal quotes from students who are doing natural attraction activities:  (additional quotes are available on our outcome pages)

"In this natural area, when I connected non-verbally, I really “clicked” into nature, with no words in sight, just the heavenly experience of an unending stream of sensory sensations in the most sensational sense of the wordless word.  I stood there drinking it in, and then merging with it all, swaying with the breeze, soaking it up and sharing it, being part of it, being an attraction in a sea of attractions.  It was ecstatic."


"It was snowing very lightly and things were covered in a tiny mist of glitter. The street lights caught all the sparkle and made it so magical. Everything was hushed and quiet.

As I entered the area I stopped and asked permission to engage with ALL that was there. The dry little leaves on the branches of a nearby tree seemed to dance and sparkle in the reflected light, beckoning me to join in. I felt very pleased with myself at having to remembered to ask permission!!! I liked that the response was so immediate and happy.

After walking for a moment and
as the activity instructed, I started to repeat the word UNITY over and over. At first I felt a little silly..the word was like a drum beat and I seemed to be marching to the three beats of it..I reminded myself to be ‘still’ within..and feel my connections, I did belong, ..I was not outside looking in..I was united with ALL I was surrounded by..Then an amazing thing happened, The word UNITY moved itself into the background and everything before me seemed to click into place..I noticed how the branches of one tree touched the branches of another, the leaves that remained on the trees did not dance randomly but rather they were all moving to the same song. My cheeks felt the little breeze, that breeze connected me to the dance…the glistening snow on the branches and grass spoke to me of attraction and senses..The branches attracting the moisture, then water, then thirst, I thought about how all the roots, ( trees, grass, bushes) were holding hands and were united under the blanket of ground..I thought about the ground and nourishment. I thought how NIAL nourished me daily now, how one day I would nourish it...Unity, Union, United…I realized I was connecting to many of nature's senses and these senses were activating many of my own senses like the sense of form and the sense of play, the sense of my mobility. What a unifying experience…I liked that I was a part of this Union..we could commune together so easily..each a part of the other..each united in a common goal for love, life and continuity. I enjoyed the conversation that was going on in my head.

As always, I came away from this experience feeling so full of love and happiness. It may be the way to enter the age of


"I did this activity behind my job where there is a small herb garden and tree canopy patio. I was attracted to the rosemary and mint plants. I cupped my hands over my face and slowly opened them. When my hands completely covered my face, I noted that my other senses were heightened and a sense of connection with the plant remained strong. I became instantly aware of, and had a felt/sense of connection to, the whole of nature and myself as one. As I slowly opened my hands, I felt the connection stay with me. It seemed to slowly be altered into a less intense version, but still very strong and I saw the rosemary in a new way. It was no longer just an herb. I could now sense its connections to the web of life and they lead me to the feeling of being connected to the it. I saw the mint intermingling with the rosemary and sense the intermingling of roots that could not be seen including the tree and grass that were near by. All the while all of them sharing the soil on this planet that is connected to this solar system, which is connected to the universe. It’s so amazing and I feel so good (safe, connected, have purpose) when I have this career and awareness!

 I learned that my dominant sense of sight can limit my ability to connect with nature and my other senses and that my other senses are less habituated to “seeing” things in a particular way and can lead to deeper connections and awareness. Awakening these senses led me to a felt experience of connection with the web of life and the universe and to trusting that my other senses are valid.  

This activity enhanced my self-worth by showing me that when my sense of sight is not being used that other senses will heighten and keep me connected to nature.

My experience in nature shows me that I am a person who gets good feelings by using my senses to become aware of senses that I do not use as much. Authorities within my head were yelling at me during this activity, saying that people would think I was crazy if they saw me doing this. (I was in a very public place when I did the activity). I was reeducated when I realized that what they thought doesn’t matter to me. Gaining from the activity was more important.
'My senses lead me to feeling the universe flowing in and out of me. When I close my eyes, my other senses see.' I think this makes me sound like Alan Watts"

"Oh precious 'Bears' study group, thanks to you all for recent posts and responses, as usual so beneficial and empowering for me.

Thank you all for being wonderful hugable bears whose love has entered into my life to strengthen planetary connection. A fabulous sensory supportive feature of our interaction was that your experiences and understanding compliment and complete me, I will revisit them many times, for strength and guidance. As such we have created an ever present support system and I focus now and always to manifest your wisdom and insights as they have become my spiritual family- comforting, reaffirming- that nature has provided exactly when needed.
One infinitely trustable love"


"Big news...we bought a house in Nevada in the Carson Valley 20 minutes down the mountain from Lake Tahoe. All the magnificence without the high real estate price tag. This will signal the end of straight full-time RV living for the past 8 years. I'm looking forward to a garden, an office where my compupter remains on a desk with all my books surrounding me ready for the next spontaneous attraction and room to offer private and group ecopsychology course activities and integration/translation/debriefing sessions. I am feeling  the excitement of an expanded imagination into the realm of infinite possibilities...it feels really good and right because it all happened organically through this program."


"This natural attraction reminds me of something I practiced sometimes when my son was a toddler. My husband was working very long hours, and I was sometimes exhausted by being "on" 24 hours a day taking care of both all of the household chores and an active, inquisitive child who was immersed and captivated by exploring his world. Sometimes when I was at the breaking point trying to get all of the daily chores of the household done while also affirming and supporting my son's need to explore, play and investigate, I would intentionally let go of my own chores and spend 30 minutes doing nothing but following David's lead into explorations. I discovered (lo and behold) that when I joined him (rather than trying to corral him into an activity which allowed me to get the dishes done), we had the most marvelous time and that I was refreshed and inspired and renewed by following his toddler trail with curiosity and mutual enjoyment. After doing so, I invariably discovered that the dishes did indeed eventually get done- sometimes with the cheerful assistance of my son. In giving to him, my own needs were fulfilled- and his. Because I did so, he was eager to try this too, coming along on my adventures with washing clothes, dusting the furniture, and watering the garden."


"I stood on my deck....looked at my amazing view and noting that I rarely stop to ask if I can 'join' with it. In time, the embrace came. Light filled my inner forehead and the expanse drew me in.  I was astounded to see that when we consciously approach nature, she truly shows herself to us. This is like life I suppose.  We become so 'entoweled' in our own views sometimes it is hard for the inner vision to authentically greet the true beauty and grandeur of what awaits us moment to moment.  As I stood, I said to myself and to her "I like your vastness.  I like your deep stillness yet changeability."

Then, as the activity directed, I said to myself, "I like my vastness and my deep stillness yet I also appreciate my changeability."  In a fun way this dropped me into a relatedness with my immediate surroundings and an affinity that I was not aware that I had with the view I see every morning.  I discovered the value of my own inner landscape and for this, I am pleased.  I rested in this nurturing appreciation and let it feed me."


"Through the process of letting earth teach and writing about it, I have discovered that I am capable of spending a lot of time indoors separated from nature, that many of my choices are motivated by finances, and that I am guilty of adhering to misrepresentative labels produced by our society. After completing the exercises in nature repetitively, I feel a greater magnetic force that pulls me outside than I did before. A significant reward for me has been an increased curiosity in areas I probably would not have visited if it weren’t for the instructions in this assignment. I have a better awareness that nature exists not just in big wilderness areas but as equally in small pockets such as my patio or sidewalk, and in me, too."


"The paved pathway through the park was mainly bare but one section was blanketed in fallen leaves. It stunned me actually as I was running and it took me some time to catch on. The colors were dark yellow and brown. Some of the leaves were curled. The patch reminded me of lily pads that congregate in lakes. The crunching sound below my feet urged me to slow down and be delicate in my stride. The word ‘change’ popped in my head. Fallen leaves are a sign of change and adaptation. I sensed that I was changing too as a result of this nature-connection course. The fallen leaves were an extension of my progress thus far and I felt parallel to the seasonal cycle. The trees and I are similar in that if we are through changing we are through


"When I noticed each nature connecting attraction, it was like saying “hello” to each one, like shaking hands, or hugging, or grinning and waving.  I noticed that doing connections of any kind, some were more attractive than others…and that led me into adding the “connection attraction”, which produced a truly astounding ecstatic feeling, a wild rush of full-out love throughout my body.  Everything became beautiful, I was beautiful, we were altogether beautiful.  It seemed as if the tree above me was moving with the breeze and with me in a sentient manner.  Then, when I added the conscious experience of the good feelings, expressed my thanks, and said aloud,  “natural attractions make me feel good”, my full-body joy continued to build. I felt this unified love with all around me and as I noticed attractions and consciously felt the good feelings and expressed thanks for them, the intensity of the joy and pleasure continued to build, as did my awareness of unity in a broadening circle around me.  The maple tree above me seemed to be relating to me in its entirety, and as I drew in a sudden breath in awe and let it out, a gust of wind puffed into the top of the tree’s canopy in direct alignment with my position, as if a gust of love from heaven itself puffed in to me, and then filtering down through the branches of the tree, wafted beautifully into me…and as I became fully aware of the canopy of the tree, so did I become aware of the roots below, so that I experienced being hugged and cradled by this tree from every direction, above and below, in a rush of love."


"So many times during the activity, there was a sight that was so delightful and beautiful that I wanted to take a picture of it; but I finally laughed and stopped thinking about cameras because I realized that the photo could never catch the attraction itself, and it was the attraction between us and the love I was receiving from the interaction that made it so beautiful.  It reminded me of the recommendation in the book to always interact directly with living nature and to avoid the trap of using “nature media” because it can make a person forget what they are missing and think that pictures are as good as real interaction."


"This was the most ecstatic experience of merger that I’ve had during the course.  I am thanking the bamboo, the sun, the tree and other neighboring trees, the bees, wasps, other little flying ones, the breeze, the earth…there is no way that I can properly express my thanks or name everyone who was involved in that experience.  So, I just say Thank You, Nature!  Thank you."


 “A mother goes to extreme ends to protect and guide her children.  Mother Nature does this by creating special senses that greatly increase our motivation to discover and participate in the intelligence of our natural attractions when we don’t hear their signals.”


“As we reconnect with nature and validate our experiences, new stories and images appear on our screen of consciousness.  Our sense of consciousness begins to know nature as nature knows itself- as many forms of attractions.  This allows the new brain to describe nature in loving sensory attraction terms rather than as mechanical cause and effect relationships or as hurtful, repulsive or dangerous.”


"These activities identifiy the ancient form of Nature within me. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.  I just can’t express my gratitude in words.  This is a wonderful service to humanity."


"And then I said good morning to the baby trees and asked for their support for the new baby being born any day now, that my daughter and her partner will adopt.  It was moving to feel the innocence  and softness of these trees and also feel the approach of this new baby into our family.  I have had a hesitation I think to the new baby, as adoption feels very unpredictable and it's even been hard to remember that there is a baby out there, since it is not my daughter or her partner who is pregnant.  This morning I felt a holiness out there in the baby tree nursery that connected me and baby Benny and the baby trees.  It was amazing and beautiful. I am so grateful to be able to feel this connection."


"RWN activities help us learn that whenever we sense discomfort in nature that discomfort is a natural sense, a natural attraction in action.  Discomfort indicates that the natural world is supporting us….In nature, pain is nature’s love trying to helps us by telling us to find other natural attractions and their rewards."

"I am attracted to this idea and the many examples and ways of explaining it throughout the chapter.  It is easier of course to apply this message at a physical level for many: the pain of thirst etc.  The pain of inner anguish is harder to detach from for most people but the principle is still true."

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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


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