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From illusion to reality: the fundamental unity key that prevents and reverses corruption

How and Why Do Sensory Connections With Nature Stop the Destructive Impacts of Dualism and Duality?

- Michael J. Cohen

If scientific exploration can produce nuclear power, moon landings, computers and heart valves, it obviously has the ability to provide good, non-corrupted information when we ask the right question. Finding the right question, however, is crucial. It is usually impossible when we are sure we already know the correct answer and a major challenge when we are addicted to that answer.

Most individuals have strong beliefs that answer the question "What is the best way to help personal, social and environmental well being increase our happiness?"  However, the more important question is "Does the answer work? Does it identify and address the point source of our greatest problems."
With respect to how nature works to produce its perfection, scientific evidence suggests that the Universe including Planet Earth and us, result from the growth of a unifying integrity, the dance of a single attractive resonating essence. When our thinking makes conscious sensory contact with the this stand-alone essence it helps us produce responsible happiness and relationships.

The prime essence we seek is an attraction energy that manifested itself as the Big Bang. Like
an independent, fully energized seed, it sprouted and attraction by attraction, grew/evolved/transformed itself into being our unpolluted Universe, including Earth and humanity.  

No matter its source, the Big Bang is/was a natural attraction "seed" of our universe that, like the integrity of any seed, had the natural ability to attractively interconnect, organize, sustain and evolve/grow/transform itself into being the next moment in time. The "now" of this very moment is the result of that original seed's dance manifesting the integrity of its attractiveness (NNIAAL) for the past 14 billion years. This explains why, when we look sensitively, we find 
NNIAAL  everywhere, including your attraction to these words as you read them (12).  

"NNIAAL" is a reminder of the prime attributes of Big Bang energy that we observe or sense: Now, Nameless, Intelligent, Aliveness, Attraction, Love. In spiritual terms the acronym conveys that the Big Bang energy seed was of, or contained, God's will.  For others NNIAAL brings to mind the prime attributes of nature's balanced perfection.  

From sub-atomics to galaxies we can see that all things are held together by a resonating original natural attraction energy that continually organizes itself to grow in balanced and fulfilling "pure and naturally happy" ways (11). Laws of Physics report that this energy is neither increased or destroyed, it transforms. Think about your own experience in nature and trusting it. Isn't it true that spending a short period of quiet time in the dance of an attractive natural area has intelligently transformed corrupting stress and confusion into peace, stress-reduction, mental clarity and increased belonging for you, as it has for others (5)?

Nobody has come forth and substantially refuted that the core of anything we can identify, be it a noun, verb or sensation, is either natural attraction holding that thing together, or some form of natural attraction energy in action, or both (11).  

Today, moment by moment, the original natural attraction
dance of the Big Bang energy seed enables Earth and all its participants, including us, to enjoy attractive optimums of life, diversity, balance and purity.  In addition, as it grows more attractive and diverse this fundamental energy does not create garbage, excessiveness, stress, corruption and the many other disorders that we produce and suffer in Industrial Society. This phenomenon is very important to recognize because information is best measured and valued by its effects.

There is no problem in accepting that our universal
essence is singular unifying attraction. Even the Dualism of ying-yang thinking can validate the attractive ying existence of our universe, as well as predict the yang existence of a different based universe, one that we can imagine but have yet to discover.  This further substantiates that Monism and the natural attraction essence of our universe are synonymous.

We may correctly observe that we along with everything else in our universe originate from the oneness of natural attraction manifesting itself and growing as the Big Bang energy seed and the eons that followed it.

We suffer from destructive duality and the corruption it produces because finding a singular unifying natural attraction essence as the heart of nature, no less applying it in a useful way, is all but absent in our industrialized thoughts, feelings and relationships. Our belief in a type of god, or other mythical origin of natural attraction, is an unscientific duality that throughout history has caused continual disagreements along with the death of nearly one billion people. Enough already!  

"I believe in general in a dualism between facts and the ideas of those facts in human heads."

- George Santayana  

For clarity: Dualism (dualistic, duality) can be recognized as the state, quality or character of being two or in two parts; a dichotomy.  This as is well illustrated by nine leg thinking (10)

In Industrial Society, most things we identify or think about are dualistic because
- they are an integrity of their own but also part of something bigger or smaller or different
- our label or story about something can be either micro-macro, good-evil, right-wrong, positive-negative, sin-blessing, light-dark etc
- our ideas about how we feel about or remember something is different than it was, or from the views of others.
- a label is a word representation, it is a duality-producing abstract from the full integrity of the real thing that it labels.  For example, we can beneficially eat a real apple but we can't eat the word/symbo/label "apple."
-a thing is disconnected from the integrity of nature or planetary wholeness (2).

We produce and suffer the turmoil of our problems when we relate to disassociated things.  This is because, disassociated, they are corrupt as they omit the values and support from the remainder of their dissected whole and its integrity.

The dualistic separation from wholeness in a relationship produces runaway discords such as physical or mental pollution, garbage, impurities, disorders, imbalances, troubles, mental illness, lies, stress and the like. We don't find these blemishes in unadulterated nature. We suffer them because, on average, in Industrial Society over 95 percent of our time is spent indoors and 99 percent of how we learn to think and feel is disconnected from the wholeness of nature and the always-available powers of NNIAAL, its unifying natural attraction essence.

Industrial Society's excessive "indoorness" conditions us to register the world through the warp of nature-disconnecting glasses.  This produces evil results. It short-circuits our psyche to the point that do not think we have a warp to deal with, that we are not educated and socialized to wear warped glasses. Without correcting the warp, our excessive exploitation of nature and its spirit injures and corrupts us. 

Duality causes our psyche to be unbalanced because it cannot obtain all the facts it needs to make good decisions and build balanced relationships.

It makes sense to find ways to deal with duality and avoid producing our runaway dilemmas. To accomplish this we must identify and then anchor ourselves in our singular universal attraction root. It is not dualistic and it can heal detrimental dualism.

We applaud and fund the process of constantly finding new information to help us join together what our mentality has divided.  Each new fact, however, is dualistic so our arguments and problems increase as we discover and embrace further dichotomies. Meanwhile, the sanity and integrity of life as we know it is deteriorating from a lack of unifying answers and actions.

The effects of Industrial Society's duality on people and places demonstrates that the more we increase "technological strength," the more the sin of our social problems intensifies. Objective science holds no answer for this  phenomenon
since it excludes "subjective" facts. Our objectivity is dualistic in that it produces nature-isolated technologies that usually have detrimental side effects.

The dualism in the way we learn to think and feel is the underlying cause of our troubling turmoil. It continually seeks what it ceaselessly omits as it rejects nature's
unifying, ever present natural attraction wisdom.

Dealing With Duality

A major exception to dualism is when we correctly label and identify natural felt senses that we register.  For example,
even if we can't spell, read or write "thirst" the sensation of thirst and its integrity provides us with vital, unadulterated information about our immediate relationship and needs regarding water and the water cycle. And, by labeling this natural attraction to water as "thirst" we further register its sensory wisdom as a literacy and we become more conscious of its felt sense intelligence about when we need to drink water, or stop drinking it.  

Labeling thirst strengthens how we register its calling for liquid, rather than weakening it. This is not only the opposite of duality, it helps us reverse the negative effects of dualism.

In contrast to dualism, nature is a self-organizing and self-perpetuating, homeostatic process whose energies and power create optimums of life, diversity, balance, cooperation and purity. Nature does not produce the garbage, pollution and other destructive excesses of dualism because its web-of-life is fully connected to all parts of itself by the natural attraction powers in the Big Bang Seed. That essence is nature's integrity and it includes each of us.

"I fell down while skiing when my skis slid out from under me in different directions.  A snowboarder passed by and I thought, "He avoids my trouble because, unlike skis, his snowboard is a single and indivisible unit that he can trust not to subdivide him."

- Charley Weiss

In the natural world every particle and energy is attracted and connected to dance and flow in equilibrium in and through everything else, from sub-atomics to the universe, including us (9).  This attribute of nature has the ability to unite what the story in our nature-separated mind renders into dualistic conflict and disorders (5). Again, simply spending quiet time in an attractive natural area demonstrates the power of NNIAAL essence.

The crucial paradox that challenges us is that humans are part of nature. As such, we are born with the ability to sustain and grow from the non-dualistic way that nature works. Our momentous problem is that in Industrial Society we are trained/addicted to think and act in ways that omit the ways of nature in and around us.  Rather than embrace nature, we learn to conquer, demean or exploit its unifying attraction abilities to prevent or repair our dualism and its effects.

We suffer because, on average, less that twelve hours total of our thinking and feeling throughout our lifetime is helpfully connected to the way nature operates to produce its balanced perfection. This excessive separation from nature's powers produces and sustains the madness and disorders of Industrial Society.

With respect to living in harmony with nature around and in us, our industrialized thinking is 24 cents short of a quarter, a victim rather than master of the machines that we make and idolize.

The Remedy for Detrimental Duality

Applying the accredited art and sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) gives our psyche the missing process that we need to nullify harmful duality and restore balance at every level of endeavor (1).  The ability of NAE to help us produce beneficial educating, counseling and healing with nature opportunities enables us to think, feel and act while in the light and power of irrefutable scientific truths and experiences that our dualist socialization trains us to reject (4).

NAE has been described as, "Having Mary Poppins give you a Rorschach test by bringing you into
a natural area to discover your hidden needs and injured senses while you benefit from their natural fulfillment and healing through contact with nature and NNIAAL." (3).

NAE works because it helps us relate to and with five fundamental facts of nature that are not dualistic. No conclusive examples or evidence presently exists that refutes these fundamentals.  They go far beyond reasonable doubt.

1. Since the beginning of time, the Big Bang energy seed, the essence of everything in nature in and around us, be it material, energy or sensory, is natural attraction. This attraction is a singular, unifying, non-dualistic, self-organizing, purifying and resonating power that is found everywhere. It consists of the elements and potentials for NNIAAL (12).  What we mistakenly call repulsion in nature is actually the most attractive means or motive to produce more supportive NNIAAL relationships in the moments that follow. Since all of nature is attraction-connected, repulsion is not a duality or opposite of attraction rather it is a part of the natural attaction life process. It motivates us to find more sensible and stronger attractions including our attraction to survive intact i.e. to run for our life because we are attracted to life, not repulsed by it (11).

2. Nature is non-literate. It produces its self-correcting, NNIAAL balance and purity without articulating, understanding or being directed by the abstracts of words, stories, books, videos, telephones and the like. The difference between our abstract-literate "story" way of thinking and feeling and nature's non-story NNIAAL way of being and growing is a major duality that produces and sustains dualism.

3. Planet Earth acts exactly like any other living organism and can be considered and related to as being alive (Gaia)(7). All members of Gaia's plant, animal, mineral and energy kingdoms are NNIAAL connected, are non-literate, are harmonic and are not in dualistic conflict.

4. Only nature itself with its fundamental natural attraction process is the fountainhead of authority about how and why nature works in and around us. Information about nature from nature-disconnected or abstract sources is usually warped and contains or produces duality. Making direct, conscious, sensory contact with the unifying powers of authentic nature helps us counteract this corrupting warp.

5. We only fully know facts and truths when they register and make sense through our 53 or more inherent natural attraction senses (6). In every new moment, each of these sensitivities is not a duality from each other. Rather they are an interconnected contribution in our psyche to us being a seamless continuum of the "oneness essence" of natural attraction in the Big Bang and its diverse expression through the eons.
When we connect with and consciously register any of these 53 felt senses or sensitivities in our thinking while in a natural area, we almost immediately blend into the congress of their wholeness and enjoy enlightenment when otherwise this can take years of meditation to achieve (9).

Additional fundamental axioms may be found on the NAE homepage They provide the facts we need to help us to think in the way nature's balanced perfection works.

"Dualism underlies the western world’s philosophy, theology and psychology and dualism’s approach to opposites assumes conflict/competition and wars, enemies and inequality. Hardly in keeping with Einstein’s universe of “harmony in all that exists.”

- Michele Toomey, Ph.D.

"Climb upon a mountain where the blueberries grow,

Flaxen grasses waving where the South Winds Blow,
And you will know that there is no other way

In the turning cycle now and then, are the same,
And when you are safely home again, you lose your name,
And you will know that there is no other way"

- David Bennet Laing

NAE empowers us to reverse dualism because, in natural areas, NAE methods and materials help our "industrialized" psyche rationally, safely and consciously connect
and transform childhood-corrupted and destructive, attractions within us.  They become constructive and holistic relationships through the safe, unifying recycling powers of unadulterated natural attraction in and around us (8).


The science of Natural Attraction Ecology demonstrates that n
either a creator nor a creation process gave birth the universe or us. What they did instead is create, or will the creation of, a big bang energy seed whose dance contained all the NNIAAL powers it needed to self-organize, grow and develop. Over the eons, the seed has become the beauty of Earth, nature and the universe that we know, love and consist of today (9).

Our society's excessive sensory disconnection from the seed and NNIAAL generates our dualistic thinking and the disorders it produces. The
educating, counseling and healing methods and materials of Natural Attraction Ecology helps us remedy this dilemma by enabling our senses to consciously reconnect with NNIAAL (4).

"A surgeon can reattach an amputated arm to the alive body it came from but the arm doesn't function until the NNIAAL powers of nature's healing flow, molecule by molecule, reconnect the arm with the NNIAAL essence of the body."

- Michael J. Cohen

"Many of us came to tears as we walked around outdoors in an ellipse that had all of us face each other one-on-one for five seconds and say 'I love you as of old.' "

- Helen Waite

Your Choice

The core of nature in and around us (NNIAAL) bases its operation on B, below. What do you choose for your life and community?

A. 2 + 2 = 4   (base 10)
B. 2 + 2 = 1   (base 4)
C. 2 + 2 = 2   (base 2)
D. 2 + 2 = 11  (base 3)

A-D are each true depending upon the base number we choose to apply to the question of 2 + 2 =?  However, (omitting fractions) the number 1 at "B"  is the only base outcome of A-D that is not dualistic. That makes "B"  our best choice if we want to avoid the confusion and detrimental contradictions of dualism.

To choose B is not as simple as it might seem for, because we have ten fingers (digits), our socialized thinking addicts us to A and
therefore it feels most familiar and correct.   

Similarly, NAE helps us scientifically avoid dualism by recognizing the original Big Bang as the single seed of the Universe. When we shift our mentality into thinking and feeling with nature's unifying singularity and perfections we avoid the problems and disorders caused by duality.
We are each citizens of our living planet and its ways as well as citizens of Industrial Society and the dogma of its story illusions.  If you love nature you are probably one of the rare and gifted individuals whose psyche has had the strength to survive as well as care about the dualistic and corrupt, separation from nature and earth indoctrination we undergo in Industrial Society, (as described, above, by George Santayana). If you have this gift, it makes sense to strengthen it and add its value to your interests. Its contribution makes our society fully conscious of nature in and around us as well as gives us the means/process to help us think, feel and act in harmony with it. This is crucial for personal and global sanity.

Now is the time for our senses of reason and well-being to come into full play and consider the outcomes of our choices:

1. Is it most reasonable to choose to focus our lives and energies on the theoretical outcomes regarding the possible duality of the creation of an attraction based and/or other non-attraction based other universes being created some 14 billion years ago? 


2. Does it make more sense to choose to reap the beneficial NAE acts, outcomes and values in our attraction-based (NNIAAL)Universe and Planet and help others do the same (5)?

I invite you to discover or explore your natural attraction powers through the natural attraction activity at 
Online Natural Attraction Trail at

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About the Author:

Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Applied Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.(audio interview), is a Program Director of the Institute of Global Education where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect.  He also serves on the faculty of Portland State University and the Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology whose program he initiated and has directed since 1990.  In 1965, Dr. Cohen discovered that Planet Earth acted like a living organism and based on this observation he founded sensory, Gaia based, degree granting Environmental and Expedition Education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University.  He conceived the 1985 National Audubon Society International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism," at the University of Massachusetts and established the science of Natural Attraction Ecology.  He is the Editor of the Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology and an award winning author of ten books dealing with Applied Ecopsychology including "Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature," "The Web Of Life Imperative" and "Reconnecting With Nature."  Dr. Cohen is also an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents, on San Juan Island, Washington, traditional music programs using guitar, banjo and accordion for the U.S. National Park Service, the Cask and Schooner Public House and the Skagit Valley College Road Scholar program.

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