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TOPIC:  Self-Evident Fact: Planet Earth is a Living Organism.

Mentors Wanted for the GreenWave, Living Earth Organic Psychology of Education Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) Online.

UPDATE: July 1, 2016. Because, since 1986, we have been reducing Chloroflurocarbon particles that we placed in the atmosphere, the Ozone hole is beginning to recover from the damage inflicted by these particles.  They were identified as the point source of the hole and then sensibly reduced so Organism Earth's self-correcting powers could once again operate.

Get real. If a drill makes a hole in the roof your house when you remove the drill the hole does not repair itself. This is simply because the house is not a living organism.

The hole that our insane deterioration of personal and global well-being makes results from our institutions unreasonably socializing us to obtain emotional fulfillment in aggravating, toxic, life-exploitive ways that deny Mother Nature and Earth are alive and prevent her from recovering.

Deep, renewing satisfactions that remedy our bias and discontents are available, free of charge, through sensory nature-connecting activities in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. The Ecopsychology of learning and teaching these activities enables us to benefit from the grace, balance and restorative powers of the life of Earth and its 54 natural attraction sensitivities as their dance flows in and around us and repairs itself.

OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE: Online, grant-funded, courses, career training and degree programs that add the organic application of Ecopsychology to any field, discipline or intelligence. Alternative or holistic education jobs for sustainable personal and environmental health. Homepage

  • Practical distance learning that enhances expertise and spirit in all areas of endeavor.
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  • Reduce stress. Add the sunlight and beauty of nature's intelligent grace and restorative powers to your professional or personal life.

Out of habit, most of us suffer disorders because, from early childhood on, our leaders socialize us to believe a critical lie. Do you, or others you know, suffer from this practice? A remedy for this hurtful distortion is readily available.



This page offers valuable rewards to individuals who recognize four basics of Organic Psychology:

1. We are part of the joy-filled life of nature and it sustains the global life community of Earth without producing our garbage, disorders or abusiveness.

2. The story-absent dance of Nature pervades Earth and its homeostasis is self-correcting. It recycles, purifies and nurtures wherever it flows, in and around us.

3. We excessively suffer our disorders because our Nature-alienated stories don't connect our 54 natural senses with Nature's grace, balance and restorative powers that would otherwise help us remedy our troubles.

4. We spend, on average, 95 percent of our life indoors, separated from Nature. To our loss, over 99 percent of our lifetime our thoughts, feelings and relationships are disconnected from nature's balanced and healing ways.



.....- Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) provides the methods and materials for our body mind and spirit to seamlessly connect with the way the life Nature and Earth works. This page describes the self-evident outcomes of an objective search for Mother Earth.

NOTE: The experience described below occurred 13 years after, in 1952, I began exploring why people were more friendly and relaxed while they were in a natural area.

During this period I lived with others for extended periods in wild areas on, actually in, Mother Earth. I developed from that experience ways of knowing nature that demonstrate Earth knows what it is doing and what to do to maintain its balanced, purifying and self-correcting perfection as a paradise.

Because we are part of the life of Earth, people in natural settings have the ability to sense, think with and embrace nature's ways. This improves their health, sanity and relationships with themselves, each other and their mother planet."

Learn how this is implemented today (2015) via our living earth orientation program and degrees.

"The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge."

-Maria Montessori

August 22, 1965  Thirteen years before the Gaia Hypothesis was published.

Deep in the bowels of Grand Canyon National Park, a spectacle of color and towering cliffs marks the place where Bright Angel Creek joins the Colorado River. There, in 1965, a thunderstorm on a broiling August day cracked my twentieth-century prejudices about life and the land.

To keep cool in this desert country, I hiked shirtless. Occasionally, I munched potato chips to maintain my body's salt level. As I did when I originally passed Phantom Canyon, when I crossed the bridge spanning the muddy Colorado my hand again touched my surprisingly icy stomach while the air temperature was 120 degrees. My years of scientific training went to work: "This is a cooling mechanism. Evaporating sweat molecules carry away excess body heat, leaving this residue of salt on my skin." It never occurred to me that the essence of life, not just molecules, kept my body temperate while the sun scorched the world about me.

Thunderclouds moved in from the southwest. "Now you're going to see something amazing," I told the twenty expedition members who accompanied me. "As the thunderstorm rains, the heat evaporates the raindrops. We'll see the rain fall, but we won't get wet down here." We were a mile below the rim.

I knew this would happen. It had happened almost every year on this outdoor learning trek, which I inaugurated in 1959. The expedition students looked skeptical, but the prospect of a "dry" storm excited them.

The dark clouds rolled in and poured torrents, drenching us while we stood agape."Hey, look everybody, I'm really dry," taunted one soaked girl, while smirking group members scurried for cover, gleefully mumbling, "Oh sure, Mike, it never rains in the Grand Canyon."

How often those words would assail me that summer and in the years to come. Somehow, most students I worked with heard about the incident. Whenever I came close to predicting anything I'd hear "Sure Mike, and it never rains in the Grand Canyon."

But the skies opened up and rain it did. Quickly the canyon cooled. Like soap suds rinsed from shampooed hair, the red sands and clays of the Grand Canyon sloshed over the thousand-foot inner gorge walls that loomed above us. Everywhere, blood-red water cascaded and the roaring river turned from tan to murky maroon. The trembling canyon felt like a vein gathering and carrying blood. For a moment, I sensed we were in a gigantic organism's bloodstream. The flowing landscape seemed alive. And just like my evaporating sweat had cooled me, evaporating rain now cooled the canyon, furthering this sense of aliveness.

As I watched Grand Canyon salts run downriver to the sea, I wondered, "Why does the sea never become too salty, or the land never too hot for life? This is part of the intelligence of life, it is aware of what it's doing." Then it all came together as the self-balancing homeostasis of life that in 1929 Walter Cannon described in Wisdom of the Body, and I had read in 1951.

I put words to what I was feeling. It was self-evident, I could not deny it. I experienced Planet Earth as a living organism that has the will and knows how to help itself survive. There was nothing I found that I did as a living organism that it did not do...except I create, tell and listen to stories, put things into words.

I was dumbfounded. I tried to dismiss the idea but it hung on as if for dear life. I thought I was the only person in the world who had ever entertained this notion and I spent time considering whether I should embrace it and risk credibility or support. I'd be seen as a freak. I would be walking an unnecessary giant step into the beyond. Crazier still, I felt I could take this risk because the life of earth would back me up like a loving mother or family. That was nuts. Just thirty minutes earlier planet Earth, to me, was a dead geologic structure floating around the sun.

I moved onto a crack in the ancient cliff face and it felt like the warm rocks smiled at me. Slowly, I made the decision. I'd live with the idea that Earth acted like, could be or was a living organism. That's the power of self-evidence when you don't deny it. I immediately felt like part of me had walked into a different world and married it. It still does. This was 13 years before James Lovelock published the Gaia Hypothesis.

Today, I recognize the planet and myself as living kin. My personal life is living its life.

To survive, the wilderness and I share the challenge of becoming too hot, cold, salty or toxic. . The living planet's biology, geology and chemistry are its metabolism; night-day, night-day, night-day its heartbeat. Warm evaporating inland seas serve as kidneys; air and water are flowing plasma. In congress, all aspects of the life of Earth compose a planet-size intelligence, a wise gigantic self-regulating plant cell whose life approaches the perfection we sometimes call paradise.

The cell knows how to organize, preserve and regenerate itself, and how to create and sustain its diverse life without pollution, war insanity or loneliness. Perhaps Organism Earth is a fertilized egg of the universe. It is the only life of its kind that we know. As such, it deserves protection under the Endangered Species act.

Self-doubt possessed me. It was 1965, sixteen years before I heard of the Gaia hypothesis, three years before James Lovelock even conceived it. My understanding of Gaia grew as I learned that every eighty million years the salt content of the sea doubles, but the sea never becomes more saline; Mars and Venus, the two planets surrounding Earth, become warmer as the sun gets hotter, but Earth's temperature stays within the limits necessary for life's existence, and our atmosphere maintains oxygen in amounts neither too great nor too small for all life to survive. Earth's life was supporting its web-of-life and vice-versa and both grew stronger in the process. That seemed reasonable because in whole-life science, the purpose of life is to support life. The life of Earth has the same attraction and direction as our life, to survive. So does a new born child. 

Scientific investigations continue to validate what I felt-sensed that day in the Grand Canyon. They show that life will succumb to pollution, chemical and physical forces. To survive, it needs the grace and self-correcting, purifying powers that help it balance restore and recycle itself.

Recent findings indicate that Planet Earth's biology, physiology and geology are tightly linked into a single indivisible attraction process that resonates within and about us and can reasonably register in our thinking through the science of Natural Attraction Ecology. "Organism Earth" not only shows signs of life but, in addition, it registers itself in our natural mind, senses and feelings. For example, its water cycle includes us due to our natural senses of thirst and excretion. This possibility has become more accepted in our society today and it has helped others enjoy experiences similar to mine.

In 1985 a National Audubon Society International Symposium was convened based on my observations that Earth was a living organism. Over 116 presenters concluded Earth displayed all the attributes of a living organism including thoughtful consciousness. Nobody presented any facts that proved beyond reasonable doubt that Earth was dead. Do you have any? If not, do you know who addicted you to this false impression? 

In 2010 The People's Conference on Climate Change defined the rights that our planet should have as a living being. However, contemporary thinking has yet to recognize that Natural Attraction Ecology offers a process that helps us implement giving Mother Earth these rights and relating accordingly.

In the year 2010, James Cameron's Avatar film depiction of the planet Pandora and the relationship of the Na'vi to it are the closest image I've seen to what I discovered in the Grand Canyon with respect to the truth of humanity and Mother Earth that I convey in my Webstring Modelbooks and courses

What Cameron represents in the fantasy of his film, I have demonstrated on nature-connected expeditions to be true and accessible to anybody, now, on Earth, via my whole life scientific process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN). My warranty, books and courses enable an individual's thoughts and feelings to choose to make this therapeutic connection with authentic nature as an organism whose essence is the life of Einsteins unified field.

Today, all the living earth information and energy, above, blends together via the methods and materials in my 2013 workbook The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power. Through it, validating our personal nature-connection experiences as I did in the Grand Canyon helps us Warranty, sense and feel that we each have two bodies, 1) the life of our literate, story telling body that is reading these words and, 2) the life of our non-literate Other Body, the Organism we call Planet Earth.

The petition to the United Nations promotes personal and global well-being to be a function of Mother Earth as an attraction sensitivity living organism. The petition contains links to tools that help you achieve this crucial goal.

ACT. Learn how to walk your talk by creating moments that let Earth teach us things we inherently know that our socialization teaches us to forget. We offer free online courses that help you master this ability. 

Discover how to create moments that let Earth teach. Act now. Master Organic Psychology by doing it.
Explore it from our

If you recognize Planet Earth is a living organism you are not alone. You can strengthen it for yourself and others by creating sensory moments in natural areas that let Earth teach.

ECHN activity moments blend the life of our Planet with our otherwise disconnected 54 natural senses to increase personal, social and and global well-being. This process does not work for individuals or groups that do not recognize that Earth is a living organism.  They build their relationships with information about how to live from a lifeless, mechanical Earth that their nature-disconnected stories have invented. This makes them into subjects of Industrial Society's runaway mechanics and spirituality. The results of this short-circuit speak for themselves.


A Core Fact of Life:
In a natural area the self-correcting life of your planet and your life are identical. The only difference between them is that you can speak.

Strengthen your life. Learn to think and speak in balance with the whole of life. Reconnect with Nature via ECHN.

"The greatest beauty is organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, the divine beauty of the universe."

~ Robinson Jeffers, 1935, The Scientist's Visionary

"The spirits of the material universe and plant world are alive, and also more or less conscious.  The originating principle of nature is a single material substance. (sic: the Higgs Boson, 2012)."
~ Thales of Miletus, 580 BC, Father of  Science

"The Universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it."
~ Plato,  420 BC, Father of Philosophical Idealism

"The globe of this earth is not just a machine but also an (superorganism) organized body as it has a regenerative power."

~ James Hutton, 1788, Father of Geology

"The whole universe in its different spans and wave-lengths, exclusions and developments, is everywhere alive and conscious. There is one fundamental stuff."

~ William James, 1887, Father of American Psychology

"Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia. Dr. Cohen is so right to make the responsibility for living on good terms with Gaia a personal one. It's always from an individual's activities that good and bad things come."
~ James Lovelock, 1985 Father of the Living Earth Gaia Theory

"It is self-evident. Moment-by-moment as our universe builds its
space and time, everything in it is connected it and at-one with it. Any moment that a thing is alive, including yourself, the Universe and Earth must also be alive, connected and in contact, as are our fingers, heart and toes."
~ Michael J. Cohen, 1965, Father of Natural Attraction Ecology Applied Ecopsychology
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

"My natural sensation of thirst (#21) attracts and connects me to the life of Earth's water cycle. It signals me that my life needs water, it motivates me to get it and it intelligently turns itself off when I have enough. This enables me to not drink water excessively and stress its self-purifying life cycle."
~ Your Name, this moment, Owner of your personal life dance in the life dance of Organism Earth.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

"Moore's Law notes that genetic complexity doubles every 376 million years—working backwards, it means that life first came about almost 10 billion years ago.
That predates the creation of Earth itself."
~ Richard Gordon, Alexi Sharov Geneticists

Get real. Earth and you are the same life. Every year 98 percent of the atoms in your body are attracted to become the environment. New atoms from the environment become you. Complete replacement takes place in 4-7 years, about 8 times over a lifespan. (1954)
You consist of ten times more "other species" cells than human cells; 25% of your genetics are plant genes; the salinity of your blood and sea water is identical, Earth intelligently edits its excessive heat from the sun like we intelligently seek shade.
~ Smithsonian  Institute

Read the Science of Organism Earth
- Ecopsychology Earth Alive Interview
Organism Earth in Action
Living Earth Relationships (2 hours Nova)

Exercise your imagination and sensitivity:
Discover what they want you to know about "Organism Earth"


Science produces knowledge from logical, systematic methods whose evidence excludes myths and other questionable information. For this reason the founding story of Industrial Society is scientifically incorrect. It is not based on Planet Earth being a living organism while Gaia evidence shows that Earth is alive. Its life is our life and we are not dead.

          At birth and before, our senses and feelings register Earth as a living organism and that they are its life being them. They register the life of Earth as a planet womb that completely envelopes and supports our childhood and adult life.

          Sadly, our dead Earth foundation stories disconnect us from Nature's balance and beauty and this injures our lives. The stories make us habitually deny our shared life relationship with Organism Earth and reject that we have 54 inborn sensory ways of loving our Planet Mother and receiving love from her. To our loss, our stories detach our senses from Nature and reattach them to our nature estranged ways along with their destructive effects and short-term gratifications. 

          The pain of our disconnection from our Planet Mother's life and love produces discontents that undermine our relationships. We lose whole life satisfaction and this makes us want. We sense and feel that there is never enough.  That sensation is the underlying source of our greed, disorders and unrest. It explains why quiet time in a natural area calms and restores us.

          The whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) empowers us to sensory reconnect with and embrace the self-correcting life of Organism Earth. This helps us recognize Organism Earth as an endangered species, one that deserves the missing love, protection and support that our 54 natural senses can give it as it strengthens them.

          Our faulty foundation's education, healing and politics produce corrupt stories and relationships because they do not create moments the let Organism Earth teach our 54 senses what we need to know to come into balance with it and ourselves.  To be reasonable and happy we must use ECHN to reverse the catastrophic effects of our faulty foundation story.

          How can we win the battle to increase the well-being of our planet/person life without strengthening our inborn ability to know and love our planet home as Organism Earth rather than an exploitable resource? ECHN enables our body, mind, and spirit to accomplish this. It reconnects, recycles and transforms our hurt 54 natural attraction/love senses so they embrace Nature in and around us. This reverses our deterioration of the life of Earth and us. It transforms our miseries into the happiness of whole life well-being.

Avoid being a hypocrite: If you don't put hay in the gas tank of you car to fuel it like you would feed a horse, similarly don't think and relate with the outdated notion the Planet Earth is not alive. Read The Story of ECHN, an article about the process of creating moments that let Earth teach.

Learn the Organic Psychology of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature

If it will help your cause or livelihood, you may obtain a certificate or Ph.D. in what you do simply by learning how to add Applied Ecopsychology to it. You can make Project NatureConnect an income-producing online degree or training program for your livelihood, school or company.

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