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A thoughtful nature-connecting sensitivity process helps us improve how we think, feel and relate.

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This page describes Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) and its Natural System's Thinking Process (NSTP) a funded Mother Earth sensory science in action. It samples an organic psychology tool that helps us improve health wellness and counseling by enabling our thinking and feeling to safely tap into the nature's grace, balance and restorative powers. Participants benefit from and strengthen their inborn love of nature as they master alternative therapist coaching, stress release management and holistic spiritual psychology. 


Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

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The Organic Psychology of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature.

The Webstring Model helps us enlist assistance from appropriate fountainheads of authority. They, in turn, help us recycle and transform our disorders into mutually supportive relationships.

"Webstrings are the threads that build and hold together the web of life. These natural attractions have operated since the beginning of time and are found in every person, place and thing.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe. "

John Muir (1869)

Throughout human history, socially and environmentally sound societies have survived successfully by using a form of the Webstring model to help them balance their thinking and socialization with the natural world and its powers.

Today, we suffer our outrageous dilemmas simply because we don't use and teach the Webstring model. It is a Natural System Thinking Process (NSTP).

Be reasonable. Increase person and planet well being. Benefit from learning and teaching the sensory art and science of connecting our thinking and feeling to nature's self-correcting regenerative ways." 

- Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.




If Mother Earth was literate she would, in no uncertain terms, tell us that we suffer our unsolvable troubles because industrial society has prejudiced us against nature. The "objective" model that we train/socialize our thinking to use is designed to fight an undelared war against nature and the natural. The deteriorating state of the world shows that in winning that war we are losing well-being. Our anti-nature thinking denigrates natural sensory information, process and experience that we desperately need to reduce our dilemmas.

Mother Earth might say, "With respect, nay, disrespect to me, the way you learn to think shoots you in the foot as it conquers me. Your misguided thinking has made us sick, we both suffer from natural system dysfunctions and a fever that you call global warming."

The Webstring Model helps us increase well being because it is an organic working tool that strengthens our ability to make sense and reverses our prejudice against nature. The discoveries from its true-to-life way of thinking enable us to create moments that let Earth and Nature teach. This helps us override the ingrained misleading, words, bonds and stories in our power and profit driven culture. We become conscious of the life wisdom that we naturally inherit from nature and that we are programmed to omit in our thinking. We gain sight of important things that we need to know to help sustain life in a peaceful balance.

Being organic, the Webstring Model empowers us to thoughtfully tap into Earth's whole of life in and around us and become conscious of it. We then use the flow of its self-corrective powers in us to help us/it address our troubles at every level.



To benefit from reasonable solutions for the personal, social and environmental dilemmas that plague us today, we need a practical, easily applicable model to assist us. It's process must help us discover and get on a path to a whole life way of relating personally and globally . The science and spirit of the model must be accurate and trustable. Its art must provide the missing tools we need to improve our relationships in all sectors of life.

The deteriorating state of the world indicates that the models and processes we presently use to guide our lives omit a critical component for health, wellness and peace. We and the environment suffer because our thinking and relationships are taught to dismiss this component. The NSTP  of the Websting Model, presented here, not only contains the missing component, it supports our use of it.

Anyone can increase personal and global well being by simply adding the webstring model to the way they presently think, feel and relate.

Until you are positive that you have a better working model that helps you responsibly improve your personal and professional life, it makes sense to gain the knowledge, rewards and hope available at the Webstring Model Homepage.


"Most of our troubles result from webstrings being injured or subdued during our nature-disconnected socialization. This underlies our dysfunctions, excessive stress disorders and sensory deprivation. It coerces our thinking to gratify us in excessive, abusive and exploitive ways that have detrimental effects.

Organic Psychology, a sensory NSTP art and science, enables us to help webstrings restore their and our well being.

Are you familiar with the Webstring Model and its tools for gaining constructive rewards through nature's wise perfection?"

-Theresa Sweeney, Ph.D.


















































































































Connecting With the Grace, Balance and Restorative Powers of the Web of Life

The Wisdom We Forget To Remember

Michael J. Cohen 2000

The information in this article is edited from the author's:

- reviewed and published 2008 doctoral dissertation at Akamai University, Hawaii

- reviewed and published article "Nature Connected Psychology: Creating Moments that Let Earth Teach" in the GREENWICH JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Voi 1 No 1, JUNE 2000

- reviewed and published article "Counseling and Nature: a Greening of Psychotherapy" in INTERPSYCH: THE MENTAL HEALTH NEWSLETTER VOL 2, ISSUE 4, MARCH, 1995

- reviewed and published article "Leave it to Beavers" in THE TRUMPETER, Vol 7, No 4, 1990.

- reviewed and published article "Integrated Ecology: The Process of Counseling With Nature" THE HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGIST. Vol. 21. No 3. 1994, American Psychological Association.

- reviewed and accredited methods and materials of "Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship" and "Educating and Counseling with Nature" at PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY

- reviewed and published article "Integrating Nature's Balance." THE JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION, v.22 #4, Washington, DC. 1991.

- reviewed and published article "Earth Kinship: The Fabric of Personal and Global Balance." JOURNAL OF EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION Volume 12, Number 1. Spring, 1989

- reviewed and published article "Counseling With Nature: Catalyzing Sensory Moments that Let Earth Nurture." COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY QUARTERLY, Vol. 6, No. 1, Carfax Publishing, Abingdon Oxfordshire, England:1993

- reviewed and published article "The Secrets of Nature Trail and Game": THE TRUMPETER, BC Canada, 1995

- Fifty-four additional reviewed and published articles.

"There are some truths, even fundamental ones, that are apt to elude us. The most basic truth regarding our Earth-home is that all living things, in some manner, are related to each other. This fact carries implications even of a spiritual nature."

-Fairfield Osborne, 1953 A.D. (10)


"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find that it is bound fast by invisible cords that cannot be broken to everything else in the universe."

- John Muir, 1869 A.D.


"We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers our actions run as causes and return to us as results."

- Herman Melville 1860 A.D.


"All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

- Chief Seattle/Ted Perry 1854 A.D.



Humanity is part of nature, the balanced, ancient, pre-human web of life on Earth that communicates within itself through non-literate attraction sensitivities.

Due to our culture's irrational prejudice against nature, our nature separated society socializes/trains/programs us to live, on average, less than .000022% of our lives in conscious sensory contact with nature's dance of streaming natural attraction filaments (webstrings) that support, nurture and hold the web of life together .

It is reasonable to recognize that we seldom improve personal or global peace and well being because our prejudice secretly conditions us to fight an undeclared war against nature and its webstrings within and about us.

Webstrings dance through and rewardingly register in our consciousness as 53 natural motivating attraction senses. These include our well known five senses plus 48 additional senses including the senses of thirst, place and color, trust community and reason, pain, motion, consciousness, gravity and temperature.

The socialized excessive separation of our psyche from nature tears it from its nurturing origins in the web of life. This injures and wounds our webstring attractions. It stops their sensory flow through our awareness. To dispel the pain, our psyche removes from our awareness our hurt, inherent 53 natural sense webstring way of knowing. We lose contact with global life's balanced guidelines and rewards. Many of our injured natural senses hide in our subconscious where their pain may be hooked into consciousness so we suffer it.

To reduce the sensory void, pain and sadness that our webstring injury and disconnection creates, we crave and psychologically bond to destructive replacement gratifications and to tranquilizers for our separation discomforts. We feel loss and abandonment. We want beyond reason. We become greedy, excessive, insensitive and abusive, for when we want there is never enough. We feel excessive stress and a lack of support that we incorrectly identify as symptoms of life's madness.

Life is not mad, it's the prejudice of the nature-disconnected way we learn to think that is crazy.

Through researched sensory nature activities, the Webstring Model natural attraction tool (the AVATAR Pandora Na'vi braid connection to nature) of Organic Psychology and NSTP helps us thoughtfully, consciously, reconnect our psyche with the web of life and pleasantly register its webstrings. This enables the grace, balance and restorative powers of webstrings to help us transform the destructive socialization of our thoughts that creates our disconnected reasoning. We recycle the garbage in our thinking into constructive thinking and feeling. Responsible personal, social and environmental relationships result that increase well being and feel good.



 "Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling. This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars. Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table."

- D. H. Lawrence 1963 A.D.

"By thoughtfully learning how to become conscious of 48 hidden motivating webstring senses, we reattach our ability to love to its renewing roots in nature. This restores love to its fullness; it helps us heal our bleeding."

- Michael J. Cohen


The unbalanced way we learn to think in our nature- conquering culture produces personal, social and environmental abusiveness that includes the insanity of war. Although we despise these evils, they don't readily change for, subconsciously, by the age of seven, our socialization bonds or addicts us to some ideas and values that produce our evils. Without appropriately transforming these destructive bonds we and Earth remain dangerously troubled and unbalanced.

Biologically and psychologically we are part of nature and vice versa. However, due to our seldom recognized prejudice against nature we learn to live in physical and mental separation from nature and its balanced ways. Our prejudice consists of unreasonable attitudes that are unusually resistant to rational influence. Due to it, on average over 98 percent of our time and thinking is disconnected from motivation by nature's grace balance and restorative powers. This severe severance from the web of life's beneficial natural fulfillments produces a void in our psyche. It triggers the discomforts of sensory deprivation and excessive cravings that we must gratify artificially, no matter the ruinous side effects.

Our artificial fulfillments often color or distort our thinking while they provide emotional and monetary rewards that fuel our economy. Unthoughtful development, consumerism and disorders result. Despite excellent reasoning and evidence to the contrary, very few of us think that we can satisfy our cravings by thoughtfully reconnecting our thinking and feeling to nature. Such denial of a truth or fact is typical of addiction or bigotry.

We have become so bewildered (wilderness separated) that we try to resolve our problems using the same nature disconnected stories, thinking and processes that produce them. The good news is that a new social technology, the Webstring Natural Attraction Ecology Model, enables us to break this habitual vicious circle. Its NSTP helps us recognize ourselves as part of the life of Planet Earth. Scientifically, we can see it and us act like a single living organism.


The Webstring Model

Based on Vladimir Vernadsky's 1929 identification of the biosphere, Eugene Odum's Fundamentals of Ecology (1951) and John H. Stoer's 1953 ecology classic, The Web of Life, experts in many disciplines have accurately portrayed nature and the web of life by gathering a group of people in a circle. Each person is asked to represent some part of nature, a bird, soil, water, a tree, etc. A large ball of string then demonstrates the interconnecting relationships between things in nature. For example the bird eats insects so the string is passed from the "bird person" to the "insect person." That is their connection. The insect lives in a flower, so the string is further unrolled across the circle to the "flower person." Soon a web of string is formed interconnecting all members of the group, including two people who represent humanity.

In the string model an additional, singular red ribbon connects the two people in the circle. The ribbon represents that in the web of life people alone can connect with each other using the written or spoken abstractions of literacy, of our words and stories.

Every part of the global life community, from sub-atomic particles to weather systems, is part of, and included in, this lifeweb model. Their webstring interconnectedness produces nature's balanced integrity and prevents runaway disorders.

In the above-described activity, dramatically, people pull back, sense, and enjoy how the fragile string that they share peacefully unites, supports and interconnects them and all of life (Pandora). Then one strand of the web is cut signifying the loss of a species, habitat or relationship due to pollution or excessive exploitation. Sadly, the weakening effect on all is noted. Another and another string is cut. Soon the web strings' integrity, support and power disintegrates along with its spirit. Because this reflects the reality of our lives, it triggers feelings of hurt, despair and sadness in many activity participants. We have long observed and objected to Earth and its people increasingly suffering from "cut string" disintegration, yet we continue to cut the strings.

Natural beings relate while in contact with the whole of the web of life through its webstrings. As part of nature, we are conceived with and by this ability. Along with many others (13), Pulitzer-Prize winning sociobiologist Dr. Edward O. Wilson, of Harvard, affirms that people have an inherent biological need to be in contact with nature. He shows that Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction.

In 1988, I asked some web of life activity adult participants if they ever went into a natural area and actually saw strings interconnecting things there. They said no, that would be a crazy hallucination. I responded, "If there are no strings there, what then are the actual strands that hold the natural community together in balance and diversity?"
It became very, very quiet.
Too quiet.
Are you quiet, too?
Pay close attention to this silence.
It flags a critical missing component whose absence troubles our thinking, perceptions and relationships. Webstrings are a vital part of survival, just as real and important as the plants, animals and minerals that they interconnect, including ourselves. The strings are as true as 2 + 2 = 4, facts as genuine as thirst or motion, water or sight.

As part of nature we are born with the natural ability to sense and know webstrings but we seldom learn to habitually acknowledge or exercise this ability. Without seeing, sensing or respecting the the flow of the strings in nature and our inner nature, we break, injure and ignore them (1). Their disappearance produces a sensory void, an uncomfortable emptiness in our psyche and lives that we constantly try to fill. We want, and when we want there is never enough. We become greedy, stressed and reckless while trying to artificially replace our lost webstring fulfillments. We place ourselves, others and Earth at risk for with respect to the supportive, non-polluting genius of the web of life and its reycling ways, no substitute has yet been invented that replaces the real thing (2). The replacements we invent often have detrimental side effects.

With the exception of humanity, as its special red ribbon in the model signifies, no other member of the lifeweb relates, interacts or thinks through the webstring sense of verbal or written literacy and prejudices it may convey. Nature's web is a non-verbal, non-literate experience consisting of natural system webstring natural attraction sensitivities, of loves, not of words that abstract (meaning pull apart) relationships and reality (4).

A bird's attraction/love for food (hunger) is a webstring. So is the tree's attraction to grow away from gravity and its root's attraction toward it. The fawn's desire for its mother and vice-versa are webstrings. Every atom and its nucleus consists of, expresses and relates through webstring attractions as does every kind of material or thing. All of nature, including us, consists of these attractions (14). They are webstrings, basic natural loves we hold in common with the natural environment and each other.

We inherently experience the webstrings we need for our survival, such as thirst, temperature and belonging. They register in us as 53 or more natural motivating senses. As we learn to ignore or subdue them, they end up hurt and frustrated in our subconscious mind. Stored there, we don't feel their pain until something triggers it into our awareness. We often guide and limit our lives around our fear of being "hurtfully triggered" or hooked (11).

We seldom learn that webstrings of fear, pain or discomfort are also natural attraction senses. They attract and motivate us to seek, benefit from and enjoy our other natural sense attractions and they help us think and feel more sensibly, to enjoy our attraction to "surviving"

Similar to a spider web, each webstring is connected to the whole of the web and is attracted and sensitive to it. And, as with the spider and its web, when you touch one string, all the strings become aware of your touch and lend support to the touched string, giving it resilience. The spider also registers an awareness that the web has been touched for its sensitivities and consciousness are also webstring connections that support the web and vice versa.

Today, newly researched nature-reconnecting activities (the AVATAR Pandora Na'vi braid connection to nature) enable us to safely and beautifully bring webstrings back into our lives and thinking through NSTP (3). The presence of their self-correcting ways helps reinstate the organics of naturally balanced personal and environmental relationships (10). Genuine webstring contacts in natural areas enable us to sentiently and consciously reattach the webstrings within us to their nurturing origins, their continuum in the web of life (6). We feel, enjoy and trust this thoughtful connection and its wisdom. It is rewarding.

Webstring connection activities also help people translate webstring attraction feelings into verbal language and share them (through the red ribbon) (9). In this unifying way, our sensory connections with the web feelingly express and validate themselves in conscious thoughts and words that strengthen our human reasoning and relationships (12). These communications enable us to think in unity, like nature works. We enjoy nature's grace, balance and restorative wisdom as it continually flows into our mind and relationships. It recycles the contamination of our thinking and feeling into supportive attractions and relationships, like nature works.

As the power of Webstring support, unity and nurturing replaces destructive exploitation, competition and greed, recovery occurs (7). The natural world, backyard or backcountry, becomes a remarkable classroom, library and therapist that we treasure (8). It helps us peacefully co-create a future in unity with ourselves, each other and the global life community (12).


"Most of our troubles result from deadened webstrings in our psyche. Project NatureConnect activities help us help webstrings restore themselves and us. (15)"

- Course Participant



Our thinking is our destiny. We unnecessarily suffer many problems because our nature-prejudiced and nature-separated motivations and socialization prevents our thinking from acknowledging the following:

A. Our body and 90 percent of our mentality are of by and from the perfection of nature's webstring eons.

B. Ten percent of our mentality knows and manages the web of life through words and stories. Through the nature-conquering bias of contemporary society the latter are excessively disconnected from and exploitive of the grace, balance and restorative ways of webstrings, nature and the natural.

C. Learning how to make conscious sensory contact with webstrings in a natural area, backyard or backcountry, enables us to help the strings reestablish their regenerative dance through our psyche.  This helps us improve how we think and feel.

D. Injured or broken webstrings are major part of each personal, social or environmental trouble we suffer. To be reasonable and effective in solving problems and increasing well-being, we must engage in nature-reconnecting NSTP activities (the Pandora Na'vi braid connection to nature) that motivate us help webstrings restore their flow and renewing ways in and about us.

NOTE: A full Ph.D. discourse about the contents of this article is located at http://www.ecopsych.com/ksanity.html

An extended summary of the web-of-life (Pandora) model and NSTP is locted at

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Additional references are available at our homepage


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About the Author:

Applied Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. founded and coordinates Project NatureConnect and the Natural Systems Thinking Process. They are continuing education workshops, distance learning courses and degree programs of Akamai and West Coast Universities, Portland State University and the Institute of Global Education. Dr. Cohen chairs the Department of Applied Ecopsychology/Integrated Ecology on San Juan Island, Washington and initiated the 1985 National Audubon conference "Is the Earth A Living Organism?" For 33 years, he has founded and directed degree granting environmental outdoor education programs for the Trailside Country School, Lesley College, and the National Audubon Society. His many books and articles include the award winning "Connecting With Nature: Creating Moments that let Earth Teach" which is included in his 1997 self-guiding book "Reconnecting With Nature" (Ecopress) and "Well Mind, Well Earth: 97 Environmentally Sensitive Activities for Stress Management, Spirit and Self-esteem." Dr. Cohen is the recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award.



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You may take accredited or professional CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most subjects or personal interests. A partial subject list is located below.

  • Improve your income and satisfaction through independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study or Ecopsychology.
  • Help people connect their thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Increase personal social and environmental well being.
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