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The whole-life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)

A readily available Natural Attraction Ecology remedy and preventative to heal dualism and Natural System Dysfuction (NSD)

How we come to our senses by learning to trust our human nature and our sensory experiences with natural systems in and around us.

If you are a living watermelon cell living inside a living watermelon and you injure its life, you also injure your own life and vice versa.

It's 2015, A.D. The life of Planet Earth is known to act like a living organism; nobody can prove it is dead.   It is insane to injure Organism Earth yet that's what we are paid to do and to profit by doing it more.

ECHN is an antidote for this madness. Folks get paid for applying this remedy.

- Project NatureConnect


Project NatureConnect
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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

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Project NatureConnect offers nature-centered distant learning that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines including body healing, mind healing, healing therapy and other interests. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.

  • Improve your income and satisfaction through independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology.
  • Help people connect their thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Heal deteriorated personal social and environmental well being.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the natural world to your life and community.
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What they won't teach you at Harvard or Yale:

A readily available remedy and preventative for


How Natural Attraction Ecology helps us come to our senses by learning to trust our human-nature sensory experiences with natural systems within and around us.

A treatise that conveys practical information for personal, environmental and global well being that we are taught to ignore because our society denies that it has NSD and is addicted to its destructive artificial ways and its conquest of natural systems within and about us.

Michael J. Cohen,


This article contains excerpts from the book The Web of Life Imperative, Chapter One and is based on the professionally reviewed Natural Attraction Ecology description in Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature.  It is the most complete way to start the Orientation Course.  

Source: Material that appears on this web page treatise and its links is drawn from articles that have been professionally reviewed and published in The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Journal of Environmental Education, Interpsych Journal of Mental Health, Greenwich University Journal of Science and Technology, Councelling Psychology Quarterly, Proceedings of the North American Association for Environmental Education, Journal of the Oregon Counseling Association, Taproots: Journal of Coalition for Education Outdoors, The Trumpeter, U.S. Department of Education Educational Resources Information Center, Outdoor Communicator, Clearing Magazine, Nature Study, Between the Species, Cooperative Learning, International Journal of Humanities and Peace and others. (see MJCohen personal page)




 "We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."

-Albert Gore and others

"Project NatureConnect provides holistic sensory tools that help our psyche genuinely connect with natural systems within and around us. We overcome Natural System Dysfunction, its destructive effects and our discontents. Our personal, social and environmental well-being improves, by using sustainable organic psychology education and counseling techniques. They work because they enable our 54 natural sense to tap into the wisdom of nature's balance, grace and restorative powers on Earth."

-Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.


This article demonstrates that although most of us suffer to some degree from Natural System Dysfunction (NSD), we are born as part of nature and the intelligence of its perfection, its grace, well being, balance, beauty and restorative powers. Nature is held together, communes and interconnects itself as a global community through many natural system attractions and sensitivity to them. We inherit the ability to consciously experience and register at least 54 of these natural attractions as our senses, such as thirst, hunger, sight, reason, community, temperature, consciousness and place.

Nature vs. Nurture: Our culture/society educates, socializes and adulterates us to live, on average, 95 percent of our lives indoors, separated from nature. Over 99 percent of our thinking is removed from how natural systems work within and around us. With respect to our psyche, this is like removing a fish from water. It produces NSD and its destructive effects in people and places.

Our 53 natural senses are frustrated and injured by their severance from their nurturing natural origins in natural systems. For relief, our indoor thinking attaches them to our less-than-perfect, cultural relationships and technologies. This erosive substitution conditions/bonds us to suffer our stress, troubles and discontents.

To make the human nature adaptations needed to improve personal, social and environmental well-being, we must use tools that are an antidote to NSD, that help us transform our destructive bonding into constructive relationships.

This article helps us benefit from the Organic Psychology tools of educating, counseling and healing with nature. They help us enjoy good experiences we have had or will have in nature, backyard or backcountry, or with our pet, or with the wind, sea or stars. Using numerous quotations it demonstrates that great thinkers throughout history have long recognized the grace, transformation value and restorative powers of good experiences in nature.

Authentic nature is non-literate; unlike us, it does not reason or communicate with words. Natural System Dysfuctions arise because our society's cultural rewards habituate us to register our personal life, and all of life, through abstract language-reason ways of knowing and being that carry the duality of being foreign to the non-literate, attraction sensitivity way nature works. This removes from our consciousness the 53 beneficial, non-verbal sensory callings and balancing ways of natural systems and their rewards. We disconnect our thinking from being sensitive to eons, ways and wisdom of natural systems around us in the environment, and their expression within us, our 53-sense inner nature (our natural born "inner child").

Because the rest of nature does not use our survival ability to think in abstractions, our literate intelligence prejudicially rapes, demeans and conquers nature, thinking it to be "a dirty, illiterate, non-intelligent, bloody tooth and claw savagery." This fear prevents our thinking from consciously connecting with attractions in natural systems within and around us or even believing that this can be done. To our loss, our mind, heart and spirit can't register or benefit from nature's peaceful eons of sensitivity, balance and regenerative relationships because we disconnect our conscious selves from it. This disorder has been identified as NSD.

Our NSD loss of contact with authentic nature makes us feel stressed and lackluster. We are unfulfilled and deficient due to our estrangement from nature's vitality and resilience. This produces depression and low self-worth; it causes us to excessively crave rewarding sensations and goads us to excessively use artificial substitutes for nature, be they responsible or not. With nature's cooperation, beauty and renewing powers missing from our lives, we want, and when we want there is never enough; greed, vulnerability, frustrations, discontents and anger result.

A sensory nature-connecting Organic Psychology tool, the Natural Attraction Ecology Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) helps our human nature reverse the destructive NSD disconnection of our mind from nature and its resulting adverse personal and environmental effects. NSTP enables us to genuinely reconnect our senses and thinking to their balancing, nurturing and renewing origins in natural systems. This nurture of nature provides our consciousness with the lasting wisdom of nature's safe and responsible fulfillments.

When we add NSTP to counseling, education and healing techniques, we reconnect our psyche to nature's perfection and its renewing powers. This body healing and mind healing tool for healing therapy helps us thoughtfully overcome NSD and reduce our personal and environmental disorders.

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"Ishi, (the last hunter-gather Native American) was sure he knew the cause of our discontent. It stemmed from an excessive amount of indoor time. 'It is not a man's nature to be too much indoors."
.....- Theodora Kroeber


"It is quite clear to me after several years in the environmental movement that all physical problems of man's impact on the environment - pollution of the air and waters, the desecration of the land, the contamination of the food chain - all start within the environment of man's mind."
.....- Maurice Strong,
.....Founder or the United Nations Environment ....Program,
.....Co-chair of the Commission on Global ....Governance,


"If you slice off part of a ball, you make both the ball and the slice dysfunctional; neither will roll with the same perfection as when the ball was whole. The same holds true for our extremely indoor lives. They slice our mind, heart and spirit from the nurturing restorative powers of nature, of the 'ball,' our living planet Earth."
.....- Michael J. Cohen

We are born as part of nature. From the beginning of humanity's time on Earth we have embodied nature's ability to produce and enjoy the homeostatic perfection of its organic balance and beauty.

Our society is extremely separated from nature. As our socialization disconnects our human nature and thinking from the whole of nature and re-attaches it to our artificial indoor ways, we produce duality and Natural System Dysfunction (NSD), the many nature vs nurture troubles that neither nature nor nature-centered people display or create. Globally this disconnection has placed people and ecosystems at risk.

To our loss, by rewarding us with its money, power and support, our society's prejudice against nature conditions or addicts us to disconnect our thinking from nature's balancing and restorative ways and the state of the world reflects this. If you question whether or not the NSD thinking that produces our troubles is a prejudicial addiction, just try to change it.  You might then ask yourself "Am I really who I think I am?"



To more fully understand NSD and how and why we remain disconnected, consider the following intelligence test question, a type of question that ordinarily helps society determine our mathematical aptitude to qualify for a better job or higher salary:

If you count a dog's tail as one of its legs, how many legs does a dog have?

"Five," of course, is the correct answer on a math examination if you want to pass and get ahead. Intelligent people say "five" because it is valid in mathematical systems and contemporary thinking. Math is highly regarded and rewarded by our society. It is a core of scientific method.

However, we don't solely live our lives or think in mathematical systems. Our natural sense of reason can consider what we know from our actual contact with a real, normal dog, too. That's when our multitude of 54 natural senses come into play: senses of sight, touch, motion, color, texture, language, sound, smell, consciousness, community, trust, contrast, and love.

Each of these senses provide us with further nature vs. nurture information. Each helps our sense of reason recognize the effects of NSD and make more sense and more informed decisions. They enable our human nature thinking to register that a tail is different than a leg, that a dog has four legs, not five, no matter what is correct in the story of mathematical logic.

Does the fact that we have 53 natural senses, instead of just five, surprise you? Aristotle reasoned in 340 B.C. that we have five senses and we are today born into knowing that "5-leg" story today. However, consider this allegation:

"Aristotle thought there were eight legs on a fly and wrote it down. For centuries scholars were content to quote his authority. Apparently, not one of them was curious enough to impale a fly and count its six legs."
.....- Stuart Chase

It is a grave mistake for us not to take seriously the nature vs. nurture difference between natural sensory (4-leg) and disconnected abstract story (5-leg) ways of knowing and our learned prejudice for the latter. As our book, The Web of Life Imperative, shows, when these ways are not in balance, the NSD schism between their different means of registering the world often produces destructive relationships, stress and conflict within and around us.

Being conscious of the label or name for a color is is a 5-leg  function while the sensory ability to register color itself is an 4-leg function found in many animals and plants.  You may directly experience the powerful influence of our highly trained and literate 5-leg way of knowing.

Human nature and mentality consists of two dualistic phenomena:

Natural sensory (Four-leg ) knowing is a magnificent psychological and physiological phenomenon with deep natural system sensitivity roots into the eons, the heart of Earth and the universe. It registers in the older lymbic brain that makes up 90 percent of our psyche. It brings our widely diverse multiplicity of natural senses and sensory ways of registering the world into our immediate awareness so that we can think with them. We are biologically, psychologically and spiritually built to know and relate to the world through them, as do the rest of nature's sensitivities for members of the web-of-life.

The Old Brain and the whole of nature work through natural attraction energy that was part and parcel of the creation of our universe

Abstract story thinking (Five-leg) knowing produces important awareness through theories, imagination, labels and stories. However, like a movie playing in our mind, it is a shortcut to reality. It, like a movie, is not real, rather it abstracts reality through only three of our 53 natural senses: language, reason and consciousness. They connect and bind with each other via the newer frontal neocortex brain that makes up 10 percent of our psyche.

A trustable 5-leg sentence that makes us conscious of something that is reasonable is considered a story that is "true" or "a fact." However, when we do not also seek and think with 4-leg natural sensory ability, our abstract "truth" is disconnected from the whole of nature. This results not only in personal desensitization but in the separation of our thinking from the balanced grace and restorative powers of Earth's natural systems within and around us. This profound loss produces the many destructive side effects of our artificial world, dysfunctions that we can not readily solve with nature-disconnected abstract thinking alone.

The New Brain is not trustable when it produces or believes stories that are isolated abstractions.

"An actually existing fly is more important than a possibly existing angel."
.....- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
.....- Albert Einstein


Whole thinking (Nine-leg) knowing addresses NSD. It produces a unifying, whole-life, integrated, globally intelligent and balanced re-connection between our connected natural senses and our abstract thinking abilities. It also brings to our consciousness our inherent connections with and our inherent natural attraction love of our Mother Nature and Mother Earth, the beauty grace and restorative ways of natural systems. This, to our benefit, helps us relate and co-create more harmoniously and sustainably with natural systems in ourselves, each other and the environment. It is trustable because is does not mislead us by omitting important "subjective" information.

The Whole Brain consists of natural attractions socialized by abstract stories (socialized attractions) that can be measured as intelligently reasonable or unreasonable by the sense of reason determining their long term effects in support of the global life community (personal and global quality of life).

Our most challenging personal, social and environmental problems from NSD result from us being paid, or otherwise rewarded, to embrace disconnected, abstract 5-leg thinking and suffer its destructive estrangement of our consciousness and thinking from the truths and ways of nature connected 4-leg sensory knowledge. Personally and globally, this habitual nature vs nurture disconnection underlies our troubles, dysfunctions and discontents. It limits our human nature ability to more fully enjoy, respect and make sense of life and creation. Today, 2011 A.D., over 25 percent of the American public is mentally ill, 80 percent suffers from stress and over 85 percent is in some kind of counseling or support process.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
.....- Albert Einstein

"We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."
.....-Albert Gore

Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societys get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are theratened.
...-Stephen Aizenstat

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Our limited abstract thinking is unreasonable and detrimental. We might kill or hurtfully stress a dog if we make it run too fast or far because we think that it has five legs. However, that is exactly what our socialization is doing to us and the environment. The destructive nature vs. nurture results speak for themselves in the deterioration of emotional, psychological and biological systems within and around us.

Beneficial Change

How can our society change for the better if environmentally sound natural system information, like this article, is five-legged?

  • We receive and consider it in the 5-legged 15% of our mentality, the new brain.
  • Due to NSD, it, like a bigot, has prejudiciously been 99.9% disconnected from and is out of tune with the value of nature.
  • It has been financially and socially rewarded to conquer or exploit nature.
  • It has been disconnected from 4-legged sensory information that is obtained through sensory contact with the self-correcting perfection of natural systems, backyard or backcountry.

Our ability to change and be more supportive of natural systems within and about us, is similar to getting the KKK to applaud the value of a person of color. It's like "Talking to a brick wall." Due to NSD, with respect to the environment, we lack "eco-intelligence." "Our whole life thinking is 24 cents short of a quarter."

During the sixty years since the publication of Fairfield Osborne's Our Plundered Planet our mentality and relating has dramatically changed to accommodate new technologies and the behaviors they demand. We have accomplished this because we are not prejudiced against them.

Whole, 9-leg thinking enables us to thoughtfully bring nature's balancing and restorative powers to our mind, reasoning and heart and add them to modern science. Therein lies our salvation.

"Upon arrival, the play of fresh wind, waves and colors on the rocky shoreline filled our senses. A loving feeling of awe and belonging soon unified us when only minutes before we were angrily competing for status and to be winners"

- Project NatureConnect participant



In 1952, in consultation with Dr. Paul F. Brandwein at Columbia University, Michael J. Cohen began to investigate why a more cooperative and friendly attitude prevailed among graduate students while they were together on a field trip to a natural area than when they were in a classroom. At that time the answer seemed to be that "They were getting away from their problems," not that they were being nurtured by natural systems outdoors to be less competitive and more thoughtful sensitive and supportive of each other and the area.

From his personal history and education, in 1959, Dr. Cohen founded a camp and expedition education school program based on whole-life thinking and relating (9-leg). The National Audubon Society and many others called it the most revolutionary school in America. They said it was "utopian" and "on the side of the angels" because it produced cooperation at every level and it did not display or produce the troubles that normally plague human nature and contemporary society.

The abstract reasoning secret to each participant's success, as well as the success of the school, was that it made sense learn how to thoughtfully learn while incorporating 4-leg natural sensations and feelings that arose from their newly regrown sensory roots in natural area ecosystems. These sensations acted as nature's guiding voice. They replaced the NSD voice of "normal," often destructive ways that ordinarily played in their mind even when they visited natural areas.

The value and rewards of "old brain" natural sensory connections freed the participants' senses from their bonds to questionable 5-leg stories. It helped them re-bond their senses to their sense of reason in congress with 52 other rejuvenated natural senses while these senses were connected to their nurturing origins and home in nature.

The above resulted in bonding to consensus-based 9-leg human nature thinking, literacy and relating that included information from, and the regenerative healing powers of, natural systems. Each participant learned to thoughtfully hold nature in awe and reverence as part of their general intelligence. This has recently been shown to increase IQ.l.

The path to full sanity

To many abstract thinkers, this whole-human nature way of thinking sounds ideal or impossible, but year after year the beneficial results of nine-leg knowing speak for themselves. They improve NSD relationships and reduce stress, conflict, dysfunction and a wide range of associated disorders. It is the addictive 5-leg prejudice against nature that we each carry that prevents us from enjoying this process and its rewarding outcomes.

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Can we help our thinking reasonably enable us to come to our senses?

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."
.....- John Burroughs

A responsible society acknowledges its destructive effects and acts to eliminate them. The destructive NSD effects of industrial civilization are undeniable with respect to its impact on the health of the web of life and natural systems in people.

The web is nature itself, a biological, connective, balancing, natural attraction system process that the natural world and people's sensory inner nature (subconscious "inner child") hold in common.

Our basic abstract story relationship with nature has been to conquer nature, exploit it and be rewarded in the name of economics, progress and survival. We have done this so successfully that we are in denial that the rewards we have obtained have psychologically conditioned or addicted us to abusive, unsustainable ways of NSD thinking and relating. For this reason, our personal, social and environmental problems have become runaway. Addicted, our human nature no longer knows how to stop assaulting nature around and within us although we know we should and we desperately want to. Again, if you don't believe this NSD is addictive thinking and behavior, just try and change it.

With respect to our relationship with the web of life, we must go back to basics. We must transform our NSD addictions to nature-substitutes and learn how to be part of the web in a more constructive way. For too long, in spite of great ancient and modern wisdom to the contrary, our undeclared prejudice against nature has led us down our detrimental path.

Knowingly destroying our own life support system is a form of insanity.

"The purpose of life is to live in agreement with nature."
.....- Zeno, circa 520 BC


"Wind over the lake: the image of inner truth."
.....- I Ching circa 1200 B.C.


What is the web of life?

Experts often depict the web of life by gathering a group of people in a circle. Each person is asked to represent some part of nature, such as a bird, soil, water, etc. A large ball of string then helps members of the group see the interconnecting relationships between things in nature. For example the bird eats insects so the string is passed from the "bird person" to the "insect person." That is their connection. The insect lives in a flower, so the string is further unrolled across the circle to the "flower person." Soon a web of string is formed interconnecting all members of the group, including two people representing humanity. An additional red ribbon connects them. It represents that they alone can connect with each other using word and story literacy.

Dramatically, people pull back slightly and sense how the string peacefully unites, supports and interconnects them and of all life. Then one strand of the web is cut signifying the loss of a species, habitat or relationship due to NSD. Sadly, the weakening effect on all is noted. Another and another string is cut. Soon the web's integrity, support and power disintegrates along with its spirit. Because this activity reflects the reality of our lives, this has brought some participants in the activity to tearful feelings of hurt, despair and sadness.

Earth and its people increasingly suffer from "cut string" disconnection, yet we continue to cut the strings.

Something to think about:

1. To my loss, due to NSD, do I unknowingly cut or injure strands of the web of life within or around me?

2. Do I know how to stop myself from doing this?


Every part of the global life community, from sub-atomic particles to weather systems, to sensitivities, thoughts and feelings is part of the web of life. The intelligent natural attraction process by which they interact produces nature's harmonious, supportive ways and prevents our runaway disorders from occurring in nature.

The process nature uses consists of interacting while in contact with the whole of the web through its web attraction strings. As part of the Web, we, along with everything else, are born with this 9-leg ability. Our troubles begin when our abstract thinking doesn't recognize or use it, denies its existence or hurts it. It usually remains alive in us but it becomes subconscious to protect us from constantly feeling its frustration or hurt.


"There is a constant and intimate contact among the things that coexist and co-evolve in the universe - a sharing of bonds and messages that makes reality into a stupendous network of interaction and communication.  It is this 'sharing of messages' in Nature that keeps it in balance."

.....- Ervin Laslo


Something to think about:

3. Am I aware of the strands of the web of life that I was born with and still contain?

4. Do I enjoyably use them and their ways to build responsible relationships with people and places?

5. Due to NSD, have I been taught or forced to make them subconscious?


Dr. Cohen often asks the web of life activity participants if they ever went into a natural area and actually saw strings holding things together there. They say"no, that would be crazy." He responds, "If there are no strings in nature, what then are the actual strands that hold the natural community together in balance?"

It is always very, very quiet.

Pay close attention to this significant silence. It flags the missing link in our thinking, perception and relationships that produces many troubles. Dr. Cohen and others have identified 54 webstring natural attraction senses that people share with nature. For example, a sense of hunger connects the bird to the insect, a sense of place connects the insect to live in the flower.

The web's sensitivity strings are a vital 4-leg, natural sensitivity part of survival, just as real and important as the plants, animal and minerals that they interconnect, including ourselves. The strings are as true as 2 + 2 = 4, sensory facts as genuine as us. As part of nature, our human nature is born with the natural ability to register and know them empirically (through nature-contact thinking and awareness) but we learn to seldom recognize or exercise this ability. Without seeing, sensing or respecting the strings in nature and our inner nature, we break, injure and ignore them rather than nurture them. We omit how we attractively experience them so knowing the web of life becomes complex and mechanical.

The disappearance of the natural attraction strings in our consciousness produces a subconscious void, an uncomfortable NSD psychological emptiness in our human nature thoughts and lives that we constantly try to fill. We want, emotionally and materially, and when we want, there is never enough. We lose inherent feelings of natural wholeness, of self-worth and self esteem. We become greedy, stressed and reckless as we try to gain webstring fulfillment and self-value. This places the Earth, others, and ourselves at risk.

"We have these prejudices and as long as we think that these prejudices are valid we exclude huge subjects of thinking. And that exclusion is what is really blinding."
...........- Dr. Amit Goswami


Today, the NSTP's organic psychlogy nature reconnecting activities enable us to reverse NSD by bringing webstrings ­ natural sensory attraction relationships ­ back into our lives. Their presence in our thinking helps reinstate balanced 9-leg personal and environmental relationships. They help us register that our planet is, or acts like, a living organism, Mother Earth, as Dr. Cohen noted in 1965 and describes in How Nature Works. There he notes that the dance of natural systems operate the same in Organism Earth as they do in a wolf, tree, forest or us. Earth is our other body with one major exception: industrial society thinks differently than Mother Earth works.


"The Earth is a functionally integrated system -as much an organic being as you and I- that exists not for man's benefit but for it's own.
...........- David Laing, The Earth System


"We do indeed belong here. The earth is more than just a home, it's a living system and we are part of it."
...........-James Lovelock


"Speak to the Earth and it will teach thee."
...........- The Bible, Job: 12, 7


Something to think about:

6. Am I aware of the strands of the web that lie within and around me?

7. Is it important to me to stop thinking in nature-disconnected ways of NSD that place Earth and its people at risk?

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Source Of The Strings

The strings are physically and biologically of, by and from nature and creation. At some level of sensitivity-consciousness register as attractions in plants, animals and minerals. Since you are part of nature, the strings are in you. You can learn to nurture them back into your awareness and and relate harmoniously to them through a nature-centered self-improvement process that helps us let the strings consciously teach us their knowledge. Many people disbelieve this because our human nature is 5-leg story (as represented by the red ribbon) taught/programmed to conquer, not respect, nature including the webstrings. We have also often learned that the strings, that manifest themselves as dozens of senses in natural systems within us (our inner nature, inner child, self or being), are taboo, flaky, subjective, spiritual, unscientific, bad, wrong, etc. Thus, many webstring senses can have hurt attached to them, hurt that blocks the webstrings from freely entering our consciousness where they can be felt and enter our values and thinking. Often, out of hurt and frustration, the strings disappear rather than support us when we need them. This removal of our natural power leads to apathy and NSD.

Something to think about:

8. Is my 5-leg thinking prejudiced against the strings and nature's ways to the point that it influences my relationships?

9. Am I apathetic when I'd benefit by being active?


To remedy NSD and connect with nature our thinking must include a sensory 4-leg way of knowing. Our natural senses connect us with the living Earth around us in every moment. If we don't understand our interdependence and relationship to nature, it is because we have 5-leg disconnected our webstring senses from their source. We have dismissed them as irrelevant. We have forgotten their significance. Yet, throughout history, many people have cherished their webstrings and recognized their importance:

"We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers our actions run as causes and return to us as results."
.....- Herman Melville

"All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
.....-Chief Seattle/Ted Perry

"There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy."
.....- Hippocrates circa 450 B.C.


Scientifically, it is clear that the dance of natural systems organizes itself with webstrings. Moment by moment, the dance is attracted to create additional strings and connections that increasingly weave, balance and repair the web of life. This is not done haphazardly; rather it forms a natural attraction intelligence, an ecology that produces nature's optimum of life, diversity, cooperation, balance and beauty. It is worth remembering that the process is inclusive and caring enough to globally produce and sustain the web of life without creating garbage. At the macro level, nothing is left out, unattached or unwanted, ­ a way to describe unconditional love.

"And the true order of going, or being led by another, to the things of love, is to begin from the beauties of earth."
.....- Plato circa 400 B.C.

Something to think about:

10. Can I allow myself to believe that natural relationships contain, or are, a form of unconditional love?

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Attraction Energies

Experts, including Albert Einstein, and Jonas Salk, recognize that from subatomics to solar systems, common sense and all intact relationships, physical or otherwise, must be held together by something. Without this "glue," they would fall apart, and they don't That "something" is an essence of nature, the pulsating natural attraction energies that Cohen calls webstrings.

By definition alone, the statement, above, makes sense. What we call repulsion can just as easily be recognized as attraction to something more immediate and important. For example, when in a dangerous situation do we run away in fear (repulsion) or run for (in attraction to) our life? Both are survival attractions. Was the "big bang" a profound explosion or a profound attraction to growth? Isn't the burning pain from a hot object an attraction to find a cooler environment?

"From atoms and molecules to human beings with developed consciousness, all entities feel attraction for one another. . . . attraction is the law of nature."
.....- P.R. Sarkar


Elements of Regeneration

Pulsating webstring attractions in nature are the heart of its recycling and purification process. These unifying forces are the power in natural systems that reconnect detached natural relationships and thereby eradicate contamination and pollution. This helps the dance of Nature sustain its wellness, balance and beauty. For example, nature purifies the contamination of air and people through attraction energies that beckon air to flow through people and natural areas. In so doing, air nourishes people and nature with each other's "waste" products. In the process, air also recycles its own purity as well as strengthens the diverse integrity of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. This same restoration process is also true in nature's other cycles such as water, carbon and life cycles. Satisfying natural attractions in congress is a source of nature's perfection.

It is most significant that on atomic as well as global levels nature's recycling of air is fueled by attraction energies, a fundamental binding force, a form of love that some might consider highly intelligent or spiritual.

"Nature is the unseen intelligence that loved us into being."

.....- Elbert Hubbard


Something to think about:

11. Can I believe that nature is a perfection of its own, that it nurtures person and planet and does not produce any garbage/pollution because it consists mostly, if not only, of attraction relationships?


Whenever we safely make contact with attractions in nature, they naturally trigger our brain to release Dopamine and Oxytocin, neurotransmitters that produce good feelings that we constantly seek. These good feelings are a vital natural gratification reward. They help our thinking become aware that a beneficial survival connection to natural attraction energies has been made, a connection that contributes to replenishing, regenerating and sustaining all of life. Thus, each attraction sensation, feeling or emotion in nature is a rational, sensory, rewarding way of knowing and relating that we biologically inherit from and hold in common with nature.

Neuroscientists identify attractions as Freud's "drives" that they call "seeking urges." Each encourages and shapes good citizenship and recycling in the global life community. Sensing and appreciating the role these attraction energy webstrings play is abstract thinking at its finest. Reasoning that includes them is whole life thinking.

"This world - the shadow of the soul, or 'other' me - lies wide around. Its attractions are the keys which unlock my thought and make me acquainted with myself."
.....- R. W. Emerson, circa 1860


Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened.
...-Stephen Aizenstat


Something to think about:

12. Do I believe that nature's Oxytocin encouragement of my natural attractions in natural areas is an origin of happiness, of my ability to feel good?


Properly designed nature-connecting activities help us create moments that let genuine contact with natural attraction webstring energies realign and recycle the misguided story attachments in our human nature that draw us into destructive relationships and dependencies.

At night, I open the window and ask the moon to come and press its face against mine, breathe into me.
Close the language door and open the love window.
The moon won't use the door, only the window.
.....- Jedaluddin Rumi, 1207-1273


A major solution to many problems is to genuinely enable our thinking to return, backyard or backcountry, to the "Garden of Eden," and use its natural attraction powers to help us recycle our destructive stories. thoughts It helps us co-create a brighter whole-life future for the Garden and ourselves.

"Life is a finely woven net in which all worlds are joined - ancestors, spirits, humans, animals and the natural universe - bonded by the timeless eternal spirit of that which has always been and is."
.....- T. C. McLuhan

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Our need for connection

If we slice off part of a ball, we make the ball and the slice dysfunctional. Neither will roll with the same perfection as when the ball was whole. Similarly, we are born as part of nature and its globe, Planet Earth, but our story world slices us from genuine sensory natural attraction contact with the balanced, life-enhancing ways of Nature and Earth. Our disconnectedness excludes something very valuable from our human nature and being.

Slicing our mentality from nature distorts our thinking and produces NSD. For example, we learn to think that we "tame" the pets we love, to fit into our way of life. But, in actuality, what we really do is restructure our pets to be trusting enough to invite us into their lives. When we become part of our pet's nature-connected attraction way of knowing and being we enjoy a glimpse of life in nature's love. Sadly, this is a life that we have lost via our disconnection.

The slicing away of our psyche from the rewards and beauty of Mother Nature's grace, perfection and renewing powers leaves us feeling empty due to NSD. Our self-worth declines while our needs for fulfillment entice or bully us into entering relationships that are unreasonable and result in destructive activities, greed and disorders. We are bewildered (wilderness separated) and as such:

We are prejudiced against the dance of nature because we recognize nature is not as "abstract thinking intelligent" as we have become accustomed to define as intelligence. As a disconnected slice of life, we have lost the ability to relate fairly or favorably to the whole of life. Nature-disconnected stories separate our thinking from the life-supportive wisdom of natural systems.

Our womb-to-tomb suppression of our inherent human nature ability to make conscious contact with the rest of nature makes us think that we are unable to make this contact. Good evidence to the contrary, our bigotry disputes sciences and people that make thoughtful sensory connections with nature's dance.

Each time we build relationships without obtaining consent from nature for them (because we have never learned how or why to obtain that consent), we further denigrate nature and reinforce our our separation from our planet mother.

We don't believe that embracing, rather than conquering, nature increases a wholeness that improves the well-being of person and planet.

We deny that the rewards we receive for supporting the destructive thinking and ways of our sliced-off world psychologically addict us to detrimental technologies, stories and relationships. We deny that nature-connected satisfactions can help us overcome these addictions.

By omitting nature's knowledge and restorative powers, the disconnected way we think is polluted and produces NSD behavior that pollutes natural and social systems. Our society has become an unseen war that exploits the dance of nature within and around us. Its violence and competition attracts us because it helps us deny our NSD and explain to ourselves why we hurt.

"A drunk one night lost his watch in the middle of a city block; he never found it because he searched for it at the street corner where the light was much brighter."
In industrial society, isn't the light we see misleading us?  Do we even know what we are really looking for?  

Most of our populace and all of our leaders ARE PARTICIPATING IN A MASS, HALLUCINATORY, ANTI-NATURE FANTASY in which:

        * the megatons of waste we dump in our rivers and bays are not poisoning the water, our body or our spirit.

        * the hydrocarbons we pump into the air are not changing the climate of the world or deteriorating our health.

        * over-fishing is not depleting the oceans, over-consumption does not hurt the environment.

         * living estranged from the perfection of nature's grace and self-correcting powers does not reduce our resilience or result in dysfunctions

        * fossil fuels will never run out and our fossilized thinking about nature's value does not produce our excessiveness, abusiveness and greed.

         * our senses are not part of the way natural systems work and disconnecting them from nature does not make us want so that we feel we never have, or are, enough.

        * wars that kill masses of civilians are an appropriate way to keep our hands on what's left and the economy rolling.

        * we are not desperately overdrawn at the environmental or emotional bank,  we are not prejudiced against nature,

        * sensory activities that connect our thinking to nature's healing ways don't help us increase our well being,

        * and really, although by the age of seven our kids bond to this mass hallucination, addict to technologies and need to be drugged, they are all right.

                - Barbara Kingsolver (extended)

If you have every had a good experience in nature, think about it for a while now, then note, as you read, whether that experience tends to confirm the points that this article brings to attention.  What webstrings in nature's dance (sensations, feelings, attractions, values, reasoning, attachments, loves, enchantment) come into your awareness? 

We seldom recognize that we need our human nature thinking to be genuinely connected with webstrings so our mind can heal, purify and contribute to life's welfare as part of nature's restorative processes. We fail to recognize that we don't own our webstring senses and feelings, rather, as with our material selves, we share them with nature. We are the only dancers in nature's dance that are literate. The omission of webstrings in our reasoning disables our ability to think with attractions, like nature's dance works.

This is why I say love is a flowing, because it's not "My" Love it is God's/Creation's/Nature's and it flows to me and through me. When I hold it and claim it to be mine it stops flowing and suffering happens.

.....- Vincent Brown

As caring people, we deserve the use of a powerful recuperation tool that is readily available, a tool that helps our human nature overcome disorders by reconnecting our polluted thinking with nature's balancing and renewing ways.

"Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well.
.....- Henry David Thoreau

"We are not ourselves when nature, being oppressed, commands the mind to suffer with the body.
.....-William Shakespeare

Something to think about:

13. If the dance of nature is guided to its balanced ways and well being by natural attraction webstrings, am I, while sliced from nature's wholeness, willing to make more sense of my life and let webstrings in nature influence me?

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Because we are so disconnected from nature, our leaders seldom recognize that our sensory appetite for air (our desire/attraction to breathe) is a webstring sensation and wisdom we can respect and learn from. Neither do they recognize that we need webstrings to help us purify faulty thought processes, heal ourselves, and thereby contribute to life's welfare as part of the natural recycling process. Conflict and suffering result from this omission in our leadership.

"The indescribable innocence and beneficence of Nature -of sun and wind and rain, of summer and winter- such health, such cheer, they afford forever!"
.....- Henry David Thoreau


Something to think about:

14. Do some of my problems stem from a hurtful sensory survival omission in my reasoning that has led me to enter destructive relationships?


The attractiveness of God

Reasoning about attraction energies recognizes that many issues and differences between various beliefs regarding God are today, as through the ages, a major source of human conflict, death and suffering as well as joy. Each person or group is so strongly attracted to his or her God that they are at times willing to argue, fight, shed their life or take the lives of others to honor their love-of-God relationship. This, along with the passionate forms of worship people practice, strongly suggests that one of God's major qualities is attractiveness. God is naturally very attractive to human nature. We are even attracted to allow ourselves to fear disobeying God's commandments.

Natural attractions are an observed essence of the materials and energies in the dance of nature of our universe, Earth and ourselves. This suggests that God created this universe from His/Her attractiveness. He/She may have made other universes from His/Her vast knowledge, power or size. If, however, we are to be true to ourselves and trust our senses, rationality and experiences, it becomes reasonable to consider that nature's dance community of our universe has grown from the original Big Bang seed that consisted of God's attraction energies. For us to know God while ignoring his will for the Big Bang to be and grow nature's attraction dance as our universe is devisive; a duality that subconsciously divides our spirit and creates the conflicts and disorders that we suffer.


"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."
.....- Frank Lloyd Wright


"Although each particular thing be conditioned by another particular thing to exist in a given way, yet the force whereby each particular thing perseveres in existing follows from the eternal necessity of God's nature."
.....- Spinoza (1632-1637)

"I thank God for originating the world with natural attraction and the wonderful life gifts that it provides."

- Project NatureConnect Student



Something to think about:

15. Is there room in my thinking to know, or accept that some people know, natural attractions as an expression or essence of the Divine and Creation that we hold in common with the natural world?

16. Do I see a difference between natural attractions and pure love?

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The dance of natural systems and nature-centered people does not display the runaway war, abusiveness, pollution and mental and environmental disorders that plague our lives. These problems arise because our estrangement from nature prejudiciously and additively deprives our thinking from sensory contact with webstrings, their intelligence, nurturance and energies. (If you don't believe this is a psychological addiction, just try to get a group of people to make genuine contact with webstrings part of their daily lives.)

Our human nature spends, on average, less than 12 hours per lifetime in whole-life, conscious, sensory contact with the dance of nature. How well could we read, write or think if we only spent 12 hours of our total life learning to do it? Without ongoing conscious sensory contact with and satisfactions from our sensory origins, for example, our thinking still foolishly lets us sell and smoke cigarettes while fully knowledgeable that they contain poisons. In addition, our "stringless" abstract story solutions for runaway personal and global problems are as ineffective as the warning labels on cigarette packages. Information alone is not enough to change addiction.

"There must be the generating force of love behind every effort that is to be successful."
.....- Henry David Thoreau


An essence of separation:

It is common knowledge that, with the exception of humanity, no member of the web of life relates, interacts or thinks through words. The web is a non-verbal "illiterate" dance experience consisting of in-the-moment direct webstring attraction relationships, not words, stories, videos or images. Few, if indeed any, plant, animal or mineral string of nature's ancient web consists of literary communication or attachments to it.

Language is a great asset to human survival when we use it to help make and sustain sensory contact with the web and its intelligent ways. Language, however, is usually a shortcut consisting of abstractions of real relationships. It becomes a source of our problems when, through nature-disconnecting stories, it excessively removes our thinking from our sensory origins in the web and its balanced wisdom. For example, sensory discontents initiated by our separation from nature's dance psychologically addict us to the story that we must conquer nature in order to to fulfill our natural senses: hunger, thirst, taste, love etc. Since we are dancers in nature's dance, we addict to conquering the webstrings of each other and ourselves thereby producing mental anguish and war. To find more lasting peace, we must heed a new story: "Learn how to reconnect your ruptured sensory webstrings with their brilliant, fulfilling, restorative origins in the lifeweb. Find peace by freeing them from their fear and imprisonment in your subconscious."

Something to think about:

17. Am I a victim of thinking in 5-leg language and stories that isolate me from the unifying web process that peacefully holds the global life community and people in balance?


18. Do I have symptoms of this, such as undue loneliness, sadness, stress, excessive wants, depression, lack of attention, insensitivity, frustration, abusiveness or underlying anger?

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In contemporary society, our feeling and thinking being extremely separated from nature painfully dismembers our psyche from its origins. Our psyche silently suffers a profound loss of contact with its nurturing sensory and sensibility roots in nature's webstring ways and intelligence. We contain this bag of hurt. Any word or incident that reminds us of our psychological dismemberment, of our abandonment, breaks the silence. It releases the emotional pain of dismemberment into consciousness and we feel and react to it. How we feel colors how we perceive and think about our relationships.

As reflected by the state of the world, indoors or outdoors, our mentality is often guarded, stressed, ill, wanting and destructive in response to our disconnection pain. Our human nature suffers from a deficiency of nature's attractive perfection. a deficiency of the liferaft of peace wisdom, and restorative powers inherent in the natural world. We become "ecozombies;" our thinking is deadened to the ways and values of natural systems within and around us.

Something to think about

19. Do I experience hurt due to the natural environment actually not supporting me?

20. Do I experience pain subconsciously triggered by memories of my dismemberment from nature?


Restoration through reconnection

NSTP enables us to reverse many of our nature vs. nurture troubles because it effectively addresses their source. The process starts by having us learn how to consciously make enjoyable, non-verbal, sensory contacts directly with the authentic life web and its members, backyard or backcountry, not with substitutes for them. This makes sense because, with respect to the perfection of nature's eons of experience, there is no known substitute for nature, the real thing. Nature is the fountainhead of authority about how it works to produce its special perfection.  Our sensory contacts in natural areas enable us to thoughtfully obtain nature's consent and assistance to consciously, sentiently reattach the strings within us to their nurturing origins, the strings in the web. We can feel and enjoy the connection; it is an attractive experience in nature.  

NSTP then helps us safely translate our sensory attraction feelings into verbal language and share them. This lets our sensory connections with the web feelingly validate themselves in whole life words and stories that register in the thinking and reasoning part of our psyche. It is important to recognize that without this verbalization and sharing, NSTP is like an engine without gasoline; it can but doesn't produce the results we seek.

"Nothing is more indisputable than our senses."
.....- Jean Le Rond d'Alembert


By using NSTP as a tool, we help nature guide our thinking to work like nature works. We sensuously enjoy nature's harmonious wisdom and support as it enters our relationships. In this nature-reconnecting process, the natural world, be it potted plant or wilderness, becomes our classroom, mentor and library. It helps us peacefully co-create a sustainable future with the global life community.

Something to think about:

21. Does it make sense for me to want to learn through contact with natural systems?

22. Have I prejudicially learned that doing this is "flaky" or "fuzzy thinking" and may make me look foolish like a "hippy" or "Earth Muffin" so I won't do it?


NSTP helps us recognize that the web strings are actually natural attractions. Every space, every atom and its nucleus, every "nothing" consists of, expresses and relates through natural attractions. All of nature, including us, contains these attractions. When we attach them only to people we may form caring, socially healthy relationships and communities. However, these relationships are often excessively exploitive of nature since, without recognizing webstrings, nature is left out of the equation and our awareness. Nature bats last. Sooner or later our omission of supporting nature catches up with us.

As mentioned earlier, webstring attractions feelingly register in our consciousness as sensations we call senses. For example: as natural loves for being conscious, for sight, touch, and sound; as our attractions to water (including thirst); color and community; as attachments for nurturing, belonging and trust; as affinities for reason and contact with nature; for wholeness. Senses of place, gravity, pain, motion, spirit, temperature, fear and trust, are each attractions that, when energized, register and help guide our conscious thoughts. We seldom want to give up our potential to register them.

Something to think about:

23. Would my relationships be more rewarding if I could learn to increase my sensitivity to natural attraction energies in people and places around me?

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People and things think and love through at least 53 different sensory attraction strings, not just five as we are usually taught. Each string is an intelligent way of knowing that inherently attracts to and blends with other strings to build and be guided by the common good.

"The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge."
.....- Maria Montessori


Nature helps create, sustain and balance life through these powerful 53 sensitivities in concert. To our loss, our excessive nature vs. nurture separation from nature addicts us to 5-leg think and relate with only three of our many natural senses, the three senses of reason, language and consciousness. They make up the new-brain and that is about 10 percent of our full capacity to be aware of the world and how it works. The loss to our consciousness of our the world's full sensory wisdom unbalances our thinking.

"The moment my inner attraction string for color touched the color string of this woodland, I experienced a special joy of enlightenment."
.....- Raymond Sierra


A metaphor concerning seven blind wise men touching and arguing about an elephant conveys the dilemmas of our blindness to nature and our natural senses. In the story, each blind man argues his experience story based upon what part of the elephant he is touching. While one calls the elephant a pipe (the tusk), another says the elephant is a snake (trunk) or like a rope (tail).

Such differences often lead to demoralization hate and war because we psychologically bond to, and fight for, stories we know to be "the truth." We seldom reconcile our story differences by making further common contact with the sensory integrity of the whole elephant or whole of the web of life. Satisfying many of their additional natural attraction senses would have led each wise man to further explore the elephant and further discover the diverse integrity of the animal, each other and themselves that they held in common.

"It is difficult to get people to understand something when their salary (or other reward) depends upon them not understanding it."
.....- Upton Sinclair


Something to think about:

24. Has my salary and other rewards during my extensive disconnection from nature unknowingly blinded me to the existence and value of my sensory attraction strings?


Once disconnected from nature, our thinking blindly loses contact with the truths that it needs to recover from the absence of these truths. That is why, in our nature-estranged society, it is best to learn NSTP by doing it. The Process helps us let our 53 natural webstring senses plug directly into their attraction origins in nature and energize. This recharge brings the web's supportive string signals further into our consciousness, thinking and being. This helps us let contact with nature and its restorative powers increase our whole life sensibility, balance and wellness. In addition, we give natural attraction energies a chance to recycle and purify on their own as only they can do. This renewing power in nature helps us feel better and our outlooks and relationships improve. Anybody who has had a good experience in nature has enjoyed this phenomenon, yet they are often unaware of its significance. Through NSTP, these moments and their benefits become available at will.

Too often we forget that we are addicted to being conscious of the limited movies that run in our mind, not conscious of the real world around and within us. Even when immersed in the wild beauty of a natural area, our mind most often is thinking in words about our problems, relationships and rewards elsewhere. As we learn NSTP it enables us to break this nature vs. nurture story world addiction and choose to bring webstrings to our thinking no matter where we are.

"I believe that the universe is the manifestation of its attraction to be and to grow, that all its parts are different growths and expressions of the same original attraction. They are all in attractive communication with each other and, thereby, parts of one organic whole.  The whole has designed itself in humanity to register in at least fifty-four natural attraction senses. All parts of the whole are so beautiful, and are felt by me so intensely, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine."
- Robinson Jeffers edited into NSTP by Michael J. Cohen


Something to think about:

25. Have I taken for granted that it is normal for my awareness to be out of contact with the immediate moments of my life rather than recognize that this phenomenon is a rewarded addiction to limited stories of the past or future?

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Verbal reconnection

"The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name."
.....- Confucius

Through NSTP, each of our natural senses is identified by their whole life right name, "Webstring: A seamless sensory natural attraction string of the global web of life community within and around us." Webstrings feelingly help us bring nature into our human nature awareness and thinking at will. No offense intended, but to call the webstrings anything else, as we are often trained to do, (senses, feelings, God, instincts, needs, drives, spirit, desires, blessings, beliefs, subjective, bias, angels, attractions, energies) tends to keep our thinking disconnected from the wholeness of the web of life and its ability to establish and restore balance. This leads us to trespass ecosystems and produce environmental deterioration.

In our nature-separated society, we are bonded to think and know through 5-leg words that produce separation. That disconnection is the psychological heart of many insurmountable personal and global problems.

"There's nothing either good or bad...but thinking makes it so!"
.....- William Shakespeare


Something to think about:

26. Am I missing contributions that my natural self can make to my relationships?

27. Was I trained to 5-leg deny my natural self?


Guidance from Attractions

The success of NSTP and the webstring model is its accuracy. It helps us recognize a secret aspect of how nature works, a secret we too often learn to ignore or conquer. The secret is that nature is an attractive dance. Webstrings are attractions; nature primarily works by attractions. This means that each webstring we experience as a non-attraction (for example, fear, pain, spiritual distress, or excessive thirst, hunger, temperature, motion etc) is part of nature's living "strong-weak, strong-weak" attraction pulse, the sway and gyration of the dance. It is actually also an attraction, a natural love for the survival of life. It is worth repeating that each of these discomforts attracts us to find more rewarding natural attractions ­when danger lurks, to seek safety. For example: we become aware of attractions to coolness when a fire becomes too hot, or to less painful areas when thorns are sharp. These 4-leg warning messages are attractive. We would not survive without them. It is when we don't, or can't 9-leg heed them that trouble arises.  We don't run away from danger, we run for our lives.

"The laws of the universe are not indifferent, but are forever on the side of the most sensitive."
.....- Henry David Thoreau


Something to think about:

28. Do I negate or demean the contributions that some webstrings make because they interfere with my immediate plans, wishes or enjoyment?

29. Have I been trained to see some webstrings as negative?

30. Do I overcome negative webstrings and thereby upset a natural balance?

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Sensible education

Making space in our lives to do activities that genuinely reconnect us with nature has proven to produce responsible relationships. Once you learn how to do a reconnecting activity, you we own it and can teach it to others.

The web of life only exists today because yesterday, through attraction contacts, every component of the web consensually "educated" its neighbors about how its attractions to them supports them and vice versa. This basic consciousness process occurs moment by moment in nature; it is an essence of all life relationships and survival. People are part of nature, it is true in humans, too. To our loss, our nature-separated lives remove this knowledge from our thinking.

Cultures that exist today only exist because they are successful in educating their members about how the culture works and its value; the members, in turn, carry on the culture. Today, globally, the Internet empowers people to engage in the webstring education process by enjoying and teaching webstring connected consciousness through distance learning activities, courses and communication. In local communities, person-to-person webstring activity education occurs as well.

"One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin."
.....- William Shakespeare

Considering the vital natural and cultural survival value of webstring education, it is no surprise that, genetically, our mind and bodies, our human nature, learns only 15% of what we read but 90% of what we teach. If you want to personally and globally come into balance, teach what you have read here:

"Thoughtful, continuing, consensually shared, sensory reconnecting activity attractions in natural areas bring into our consciousness the webstring connections with Earth that help our heart and mind build balanced relationships within and around us."
.....- The Web of Life Imperative

Our sensory webstring of reason demands that we engage in webstring activities. We shape our destiny by choosing, or not choosing, to do what our sense of reason demands.

Earth and its people are at risk. Isn't it time that we come to our senses by letting 4-leg attraction strings bring us to them through enjoyable nature reconnecting activities? The strings can do this because they are natural sensory loves, an essence of life itself. D. H. Lawrence validated this when he said:

"Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling. This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the Earth and sun and stars. Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table."
.....- D. H. Lawrence

By thoughtfully learning how to become conscious of webstrings and teach this awareness, we reattach our ability to love to its roots in nature. This restores love to its fullness and heals our nature vs. nurture bleeding. It is important because we do not fight to save what we don't love.

Something to think about:

31. Do I want to professionally and personally further my life and all of life by learning to let contact with Earth itself nurture my inner nature's isolation, hurt and fear of additional rejection?

32. Can I really get to know who I am and help people and Mother Earth if the thinking part of me seldom consciously registers, validates or reconnects my inner nature and the web of life?


Confucius might say: "In the web of life model, if you 9-leg call each of your senses and feelings a "webstring attraction" you will help your life and all of life improve because the word webstring signals "a guiding web of life attraction" rather than "an isolated sensation or abstract.' In the web of life model, webstrings are as real and true as 2 + 2 =4, and you learn to think and feel with 53 of them in concert."

"It is absurd to think that because modern people are part of nature, our destructive ways are natural instincts. That is the same as incorrectly thinking that a normal dog has five legs. We differ from nature in that our thinking is addicted to abstract stories that separate us from nature's perfection and create problems, while nature functions via empirical webstring attractions that register, support and restore natural systems, including our senses, within and about us."
.....- Michael J. Cohen


The Web of Life Imperative book identifies natural attractions or webstrings or webloves as NNIAL strings meaning Now, Nameless, Intelligent, Attraction, Loves. People who can't make sense of some situations are often found to be in DeNNIAL (of their addictions to destructive substitutes for webstrings).

Something to think about:

33. Does my 5-leg tendency to simply call my sensuous experiences "senses' and "feelings" deprive me from consciously knowing and enjoying the 9-leg wisdom of respecting them as attraction energy strands of the web of life and thereby beneficially connecting my thinking with the Web and its rewarding wisdom?


As the examples below demonstrate, readably available sensory activities that produce conscious connections with Earth make a nature vs. nurture difference. The sense (webstring) of reason signals that it is rational for us to engage in these activities and reverse NSD. They help us enjoy and promote nineleg thinking.

Something to think about:

34. Nine-leg thinking has demonstrably helped people strengthen economically and environmentally sound personal growth and social justice. Am I tapping into the the benefits and powers of webstrings to help me bring them into my community and nation?

35. Do I want to help our leaders use and promote nine-leg thinking?

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Connecting with nature, 9-leg webstring examples:

(1) RE: Stress:

"This morning I was battling the remnants of some depression I had been feeling about my family and life "stuff". I was doing the sensory attraction activity, looking around enjoying the day, the breeze, the sun, the beautiful trees and the sounds of singing birds. In a flash of good feeling, I realized that these feelings are what is so good about living on earth at this time. It was enough, if for no other reason, to be here, to experience the beauty of this planet. This was a major breakthrough for me, because I battle the reason for being here quite a bit in my recovery work. This happened before noon, and it is now 6 pm, and I still feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to share this because I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


RE: Materialism and environmental deterioration:

Participant A: "As I continued this special forest activity, I found myself attracted to the various songs of the birds and then gradually to the various stones and nuts and shells in the path. I would stop in the path, pick up the stone, admire its beauty and then feel clearly called to return it to its appropriate place. So often other times I have felt I needed to put it in my pocket and carry it home. Now, through the activity, I had a real sense of appreciating each rock, each shell, each leaf in its place for the time I was there. I felt suddenly freed from the need to possess something. I had a growing sense of letting things be and to just be still and glory in the fullness of the moment. As I allowed myself to connect, appreciate, thank and move on with so much of what surrounded me, I felt a letting go into being present. In this transformation, I began to feel I was part of the scene more, not my other self that needed to possess. I learned that I do not need to possess something to have the joy of it."

Participant B: Your earlier questioning of the work place sounds so familiar but we have our cultural story that it needs to maintain in our society. I find daily that I am changing things and getting back to more basic life choices. I think each little one counts. These changes feel so good. I find that I want less material things these days.


RE: Peace and Support

"I was never taught to ask permission to relate to people or the environment. I just take that for granted, as we all do. However, this activity required my senses to learn how to ask an attractive tree covered area for its consent for me to walk through it. The area continued to feel attractive, but something changed. It was the first time in my life that I totally felt safe. It felt like Earth's energies were in charge of my life, not me. It gave me a wonderful feeling of having more power to be myself. I felt in balance with nature and the people here because I could distinctly feel their energies consenting to support me. I never experienced nature and people that way before. It was like a powerful law protected not only my life, but all of life. I felt very secure and nurtured as I walked under those trees, my depression had transformed into an all-encompassing love. I learned that when I seek permission from the environment and people I gain energy and unity, I belong."


RE: Chemical Dependencies

"I want to share with the group that I feel different from when I started this course. I have always struggled with chemical addictions, and these last few weeks, I find I hardly have cravings at all anymore. At times I do, but then I can go into nature, right outside my back door, and feel a connection that is real. I have been through therapy as well as currently working a twelve step program, and I feel these nature activities have really helped me, more than I have words for. This is definitely an attraction, I cannot label it, I do not have words for it, yet I know in my heart something has changed."


RE: Global intelligence

"My how my mind does chatter with words that can mislead me. When I make contact with nature and think with nature's intelligence, it guides me with a wisdom that helps me keep in balance. The contact is non-verbal because nature does not communicate with words. As I worked through the Introductory Course, I began to use the RWN book's methodology to quiet my mind. As I went through the activities I began to sense a subtle, but perceptible, shift in my ability to attain a non-verbal awareness. Then one day, as I was doing one of the activities that asks us to "jam" the verbal mind with a word ("unity" in my case) I suddenly connected, WHAM, there it was - non-verbal awareness. No naming, no concepts, just being. What a relief! It didn't last long but it did change my life. Since then I have extended my abilities to just be. Now my "mind chatter" is only a murmur when I ask it to be. This has opened up experiences so far beyond anything I even dreamed of a few years ago."


RE: Healing and Wellness

"The activity helped me become aware of my attraction to the crescent moon as it hung over two hills near my home. Soon, its mellow glow, framed by peaks and trees, embraced me in a wordless, ancient primordial scene. Timeless power, peace and unity swept me up. I just wanted to stay in that state of awe, I felt in balance with all of reality. I was simply "BEING." No tension, no pressing goal, just truly belonging to the global community. This natural energy captured my stress laden pulse and seduced it to the rhythms of Earth. The sleeping disorder I have battled all my adult life dissolved in this power. For the first time in decades, I gently fell asleep after dark and arose shortly after dawn. I celebrated the breakthrough and I thanked nature. I thanked the activity, too, for it lets me reconnect whenever I choose."


RE: Truth and Nature

"I feel better about myself and my relationships because nine-leg thinking lets nature help me recognize these common falsehoods that formerly lead me astray:

With the exception of 5-leg stories and thinking, people and nature are identical in that both consist of webstring attractions and natural systems. What we do to nature, we do to ourselves and vice versa.

In nature, survival of the fittest only occurs because the fittest establish the greatest number of mutually supportive webstring attraction relationships with their environment. The fittest are the best cooperators, not the best competitors.

There is no such thing as nothing in nature. Places where we think there is nothing are actually filled with webstring attractions that naturally help hold that place and the world together in mutually supportive relationships.

There is no such constant as "one" in nature because what we identify as "one" is something different in the next moment due to new webstring attraction relationships it has made. By the time we register and think "one" in nature, one has changed into something different.

There are no words in nature so statements that I think are true may not accurately connect me with the way the world works in healing balance and beauty.

Facts are not accurate that are established in laboratories under standard conditions of temperature and pressure because webstring attractions in nature are constantly changing; there are few if any standard conditions in natural systems.

I encourage 5-leg stories to hurtfully conquer and exploit natural systems in myself, others and the environment if I don't obtain consent to make time and space in nature to enjoy 4-leg webstring experiences. These experiences with people and places help me think in naturally accurate 9-leg ways.

Everything in nature, including natural systems in me, obtains attraction consent to exist and enjoy relationships so there is no garbage produced in nature, nothing is left out, including me.

As I have enjoyed being rewarded for exploiting nature, I have learned to enjoy exploiting natural parts of myself. This hurts or injures me over time."


Something to think about:

36. Would my health and happiness improve if my resilience, psyche and relationships felt like I feel when I'm having a good experience in nature?


SUGGESTION: If you want to reach this goal, you may start by remembering good experiences you have had in nature. Then thoughtfully apply the information in this essay to each of those experiences. Please remember this: you are reading on this page a 5-leg essay. It needs to be combined with 4-leg webstring attraction connections in authentic nature and shared with other people in order for you to benefit from 9-leg thinking and relating.

If you are not sure the webstring model has value for you, try this nine-leg activity from our Orientation Course


The most practical and powerful way to strengthen your ability to apply and benefit from nine-leg thinking is to call Dr. Cohen and take the online Orientation Course using the books the Web of Life Imperative and Reconnecting With Nature It leads to the many opportunities noted in the side panel

"I am currently into the course and love it. This is the best education I've seen---with great depth to the courses and process of learning---far better than any college course I ever took and the people are very professional and kind. "

-Dan Shelton 


"The Web of Life Imperative. offers more tools, knowledge and personal power for good than most therapies and spiritualities. It enables us to reverse our destructive relationships by empowering us to make thoughtful sensory connections with genuine nature. This connection responsibly satisfies the aching, ever-wanting hole in our psyche that has been produced by our excessive separation from nature, a hole that leads us astray"

- Susan Chernak McElroy,
Award winning, N. Y. Times best selling author of Animals as Teachers and Healers and Heart in the Wild.


"We dramatically increased our program's effectiveness by adding the Natural Systems Thinking Process to it. It enables our participants to connect with their sensory origins in nature and use that peaceful power to improve their disorders and their relationships with self, society and the environment."

- James Rowe, Ph.D.
Director of the Outward Bound School in Costa Rica


"Dr. Cohen's compelling application of ecopsychology connects us with the often ignored source of spirit and wellness found in nature. His deeply felt chapters catalyze conscious sensory contacts with the natural world and bind us to energies that heal our deeper being."

Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.
Researcher and bestselling author of Recovering The Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search Visit the Project NatureConnect.


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The Nature Of Nine Leg Knowing. How Do We Belong and Heal?


"Ishi, (the last hunter-gather Native American) was sure he knew the cause of our discontent. It stemmed from an excessive amount of indoor time. 'It is not a man's nature to be too much indoors.'"

- Theodora Kroeber

"It is quite clear to me after several years in the environmental movement that all physical problems of man's impact on the environment - pollution of the air and waters, the desecration of the land, the contamination of the food chain - all start within the environment of man's mind."

- Maurice Strong,
Founder or the United Nations Environment Program,
Co--chair of the Commission on Global Governance,

Because we live in a nature-separated society, we seldom learn that it is the personal and collective relationship of our mind with nature that determines our sanity, our future and the future of the earth. Much has been written about how we need to help the planet regenerate itself. Too often we overlook that restoring it is the lasting means to improve the environment of our mind, our wellness and our destiny.

How conscious are we about the interactions of our mentality with the natural world? How do we passionately incorporate nature's intrinsic health and recuperative powers into our sense of self, other and livelihood? Do we acknowledge this deep and penetrating partnership in a renewable path to sustainability that serves people, the environment and peace?

These are compelling questions for us as our society is in denial of our mentality's relationship with nature and we face a most precariousfuture.

We Lose What We Most Love
As nature's resources are diminished so is the quality of our lives as part of nature. As the quality of our lives diminish, we become desensitized and fearful. We further lose touch with our natural ability to connect to the web of life within which we are so intricately bound. It becomes a cycle of loss. The nurturing link between our human lives and our earthly home gets broken. We are driven to seek more and more satisfaction in the material world, which means we consume more and more of the resources we need to sustain natural world and our inborn love of it. We get further and further away from our innate sense of meaning and being. We lose what we most love-about ourselves, the world to which we belong and our sense of the sacred in everyday life.

Nature's Saving Grace
In these difficult times, we are virtually on the edge of losing our ability to save both ourselves-and our earthly home. Yet the saving grace is simple: We will save what we love. And when we learn how to stop long enough to genuinely reconnect to the nurturing sustenance of nature, we emotionally reconnect to what is most deeply satisfying in our human experience-belonging. We re-learn to love the very essence of who we are as living breathing perfect beings on a living breathing perfect planet. It is a generative partnership that happens when we reawaken and enliven all our senses with the awareness of nature's grace, intelligence and sustenance. We find and feel that we, too, are part of the very grace and intelligence we celebrate in nature. We belong. Because this reconnecting process is often foreign to contemporary life, an enabling tool has been devised to help us engage in the process.

Restoring Our Sensory Connections To Nature's Renewing Powers.
Project NatureConnect, a pioneering process in environmental psychology and education, has developed an ecopsychology program that is first of all committed to helping us-as individuals-restore our connection to our place in nature's transcending grace. Then, through its sensory nature-connecting, ecotherapy activities, we learn how to genuinely unite our thinking to the web of life that is always around us, always nurturing us, always waiting to help us wake up. We help ourselves bond to living in awareness and equilibrium with nature, in hope and in love. Living in that organic awareness we create a lasting future for our loved ones and for our extended human and ecological family.

The Organic Science of Nature's Regenerative Ways.
Backyard or back country, the idea and goal of Project NatureConnect is special because it is doable by choice. It offers a web of possibilities-for everything from personal growth, stress management and depression recovery to professional gain. It is based on the NatureConnect work developed by Michael J. Cohen over a span of 50 years of studying, teaching, writing about and experiencing the regenerative power of our natural experience in the natural world. His work is a science and an art, the result of decades of practice working with communities of people in natural areas, all culminating in a process that helps us recover what it is we have forgotten, what it is we love, what it is we can save. (

Healing Our Relationships
It is time for us to come out from behind the addictive socializing and economic forces that keep the environment of our mind disconnected from the Earth and each other. It is time to re-learn how to let the wisdom and renewing energies of nature transform our destructive patterns into balanced and loving relationships that can help restore both personal worth and global harmony.

  "The indescribable innocence and beneficence of Nature-of sun and wind and rain, of summer and winter-such health, such cheer, they afford forever!"
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

- from Janet Thomas Author, The Battle in Seattle

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The Essence of the Nine-Leg Equation

This tool offers a powerful process that deals with the problems of inspiration hope and integrity through books degrees and courses online

It is a health improvement formula that strengthens your vote, conflict resolution and nature healing as well as restores balanced relationships free of stress and dysfunction to earth, peace and environment workers.

This power equation contains the genius and support of Albert Einstein and Henry David Thoreau for use in self-help and supporting hope, cooperation, research psychologists, naturalists and good government,

It acts as a health and life experience intelligence that increases resilience, friendships, love wellness ethics education awareness counseling citizenship transformation and constructive bonding.

It rejuvenates anxiety burnout suffering disorder abnormalities that deteriorate mental health social justice peace community trust economics and cooperation.

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery self-help


How does the Nine-Leg Balance of Life Equation help you improve the quality of your life and all life?

-Enjoy 53 sensory parts of nature, like thirst, each a distinct way of knowing and relating that, when intact, helps us sustain the wellness, balance and resilience of natural systems in us and the environment.
-Transform the abnormal, desensitized corporation economics and other omissions in the way our nature-disconnected society teaches us to think.
-Rejuvenate natural life sensitivities and Earth-integrated, whole ways of knowing
-Master how to reconnect your mentality to its nurturing origins, to the regenerative vigor, sustainability and integrity of nature.
-Help yourself, and those close to you, benefit from the renewal that lies in the magnificence of a beautiful day, the wisdom of an ancient tree and the fortitude of a weed.
-Through life experience discover how to let the "higher power" in nature's healing energies help your thinking transform your stress, disorders, suffering and harmful bonds into constructive personal, social and environmental rewards.
Strengthen your inborn natural genius.
-Use powerful tool and process books, degrees and courses to tap into potent self-help healing and conflict resolution powers of nature.
-Research and restore forty-eight inherent sensory intelligences into your awareness that we normally learn to deny and subdue so they deteriorate.
-Enjoy community ways of knowing and relating that, when intact, sustain the wellness, peace, balance. health and resilience of natural systems within and around us.
-Quadruple the power of your vote.
-Realize more completely your hopes and values.
Increase your resilience, support, social justice and friendships.
-Reduce stress, anxiety, burnout, dysfunction and loneliness.
-Improve your ability to think clearly and implement the power of love.
-Strengthen personal, environmental, coaching and government wellness.
-Produce cooperation and responsible professional opportunities and ethics.
-Discover environmentally sound directions goals and satisfactions
-Enjoy nature-connected education, psychology and healing courses and degree programs
-Increase personal and global peace and inspiration while reducing dysfunction.
Add important new self-improvement dimensions to counseling, healing and citizenship relationships.

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Open Articles and Letters

Nature's Grace: A Nine-Leg Equation Provides an Answer to Hopes, Prayers and Dreams.

Dear Editor

The lack of finding inner peace, sustainable economics, trust, social justice and personal and environmental wellness had alarmed me. I sought and finally found a tool that transformed my depressing stress and anxiety into responsible stability. I thought I was stressed because the more I became aware of the destructive things happening to Earth and to people and places I loved, including myself, the greater became my lack of hope and feeling either mad, sad or depression. This divorced me from both my spirit and partner. I felt anger with God and beauty, a fear and disrespect of God for letting so much war, suffering and environmental deterioration occur that I was powerless to change. In time, I became aware that I was in denial. I denied that I, like many others, had an addiction to immediate rewards from my dysfunctions. They robbed me of the resilience to tolerate what I could not change. In fear, I came upon the description, on this page, of an amazing equation that combines the genius of Albert Einstein and Henry David Thoreau. Lost in depression, I only paid attention to it because it received super positive reviews from many conferences, spiritualities and publications that I respected, especially Psychology Today, Humanistic Psychology and the Journal of Environmental Education. In retrospect, it was a love answer from nature's grace and beauty to my hopes, prayers and dreams.

Mr. Editor, Does writing about this make sense to you? Isn't it something your readers can benefit from?

Charles Drew, Acton

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The Equation for Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

A Sensory Education and Counseling Tool Strengthens Holistic Health, Inner Peace and Sustainability

Although we are part of nature, we are normally educated to spend, on average, over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our lives thinking and feeling while separated from nature's grace, beauty, and restorative powers. Our mentality's profound loss of nature divorces us into apathy through denial. We deny that we are rewarded for fearing and exploiting, rather than embracing, the supportive ways of our planetary mother and her kingdoms. We deny that we are psychologically addicted to nature-disconnected thinking that creates our personal, social and environmental dysfunctions.

Contemporary society has taught us to be experts in conquering nature, including the balanced ways of our natural self and its love of nature. The result: because we don't protect what we don't love, nature, our collective sustainability and our personal wellness suffer. To stop this insanity the Einstein-Thoreau Equation makes readily available the means to genuinely connect our thinking and feeling to Mother Nature's recuperative powers, perfection and love of us as her children. Using the Internet as a learning tool, we tap our psyche into nature's beautiful sane and balanced web of life that produces an optimum of diversity and benefits without producing garbage, a web some people call God (

Through easily learned, nature-connected Organic Psychology methods and materials, the Internet makes it possible for any individual, or 600 million people, to think in ways that invigorate resiliency and spirit and that reduce our addictive trespasses, denial and apathy. By genuinely reconnecting our thinking to natural systems we restore and trust more than forty-five natural senses that have been numbed out of our consciousness by our extreme disconnection from nature. The self-improvement renewal of these senses increases our sensitivity, sensibility and love energies. This ecopsychology helps unbalanced parts of our minds and hearts benefit from nature's ability to rejuvenate and balance itself, including us, for we are part of nature. We reduce our stress, depression and abusiveness. We transform our apathy into constructive participation. Backyard to back country,-we strengthen our life, our organizations and global society.

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An Equation Helps Us Meet Our Great Challenge

"Our body, mind, spirit and ability to love come into the world through nature. They are part of nature's beautiful perfection, wisdom and restorative powers. However, the extreme disconnection of our thinking from nature injures these attributes. Like tearing a leg from a live rabbit, we wound and damage our ability to think clearly. Its dysfunction deteriorates our wellness, our inner peace and the environment.

Our bonding and denial present us with great challenges. To replace our lost gratifications from nature, our socialization rewards our disturbed psyche to attach or addict to contemporary ways along with their destructive side effects. Our greatest challenge is that we learn to deny that the self-improvement means is available to reconnect our thinking with nature's regenerative powers and thereby co-create ourselves and the world in a peaceful balance that eliminates these side effects."

- Michael J. Cohen


Mood Disorders: Are You Suffering from Denial of Your Separation from Nature?

  Excessive separation from nature produces the discomforts of fatigue, apathy, stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, anger, mood swings, mistrust, loneliness, broken relationships, destructive dependencies and sleep, eating, learning and attention disorders
1. Contemporary society and its citizens are in denial. We are aware that we are part of nature and that although we are disconnected from nature, we deny that this separation bears ill effects upon our physical or mental health and inner peace. We are also in denial if we know our separation from nature is producing destructive personal, social and environmental disorders but we don't use readily available nature-reconnecting tools to help us treat these disorders.

2. Because we are members of a nature-disconnected society in denial, we are psychologically bonded to our society's ways and we each suffer from and perpetuate the dysfunctions, insanity and discontents of our society.

3. Many people display mood disorder symptoms or other discontents that are not normally found in nature-connected people. These individuals are usually in denial that they suffer because they are, or have been, excessively separated from nature and its regenerative healing and restorative powers. The symptoms these individuals endure include the discomforts of fatigue, apathy, stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, anger, mood swings, mistrust, loneliness, broken relationships, destructive dependencies and sleep, eating, learning and attention disorders.

4. Contemporary society consciously and subconsciously socializes us to believe that nature is an enemy to overcome, conquer or develop.

  - We are in denial that we mistakenly consider it progress and economically sound to subdue natural systems within and around us and thereby lose the resilience and immunity provided by the recuperative powers of these systems.

- We deny that if disconnection from nature produces discontents, that authentic reconnecting with nature enables nature's renewing powers to help us transform our discontents into happier, more reasonable, ways of being and relating.

- We deny that nature-reconnecting tools are readily available to us and that we that can use them to help ourselves reverse our disorders.

5. An individual that only addresses their personal dysfunctions without addressing the nature-disconnected roots of these dysfunctions too often furthers their and our problems as time passes.

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery self-help