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VOLUME  2  NUMBER  2012-2013                                                               Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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This organic, guaranteed  Applied Ecopsychology key is a Rosetta Stone that prevents and reverses corrupt information. See a demonstration of its pioneering Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature value in a new book and free course The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power (2013).

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This is an update of the original article published in the Pantheist Vision, a periodical of the Universal Pantheist Society, Vol 30 No. 2, Summer Solstice 2013. Contact the author for permission to republish it elsewhere

The Magic of Something From Nothing: Are Our  Nature-Disconnected Thoughts and Feelings a Higgs/Einstein Unified Field Short Circuit?

“The unifying truths from my five decades of felt sense attraction contacts with natural areas and humanity are indisputable because they registered directly on my senses. Each contact is like 2 + 2 = 4 or the sky is blue; they are self-evident, immediate and do not need further proof.  These multi-sensory aliveness connections are a restorative, ordinarily missing, whole life unification and way of knowing for those who choose to experience it. Our leaders seldom teach us that, scientifically, Natural Attraction is the conscious essence of our Big Bang Universe, unity, life and love."

- Michael J. Cohen


NATURE: Nature is the immediate Big Bang, Standard Universe and its alive, unified (Einstein), Higgs Field conscious attraction Dance at any given moment since the beginning of time, including this instant. From sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond the beauty of Nature's balanced, purifying and restorative ways is held together by the vibrance of it's attractive Dance. The unity produced by its attraction power is the "Uni" in Universe in words and its absence of garbage in deeds.

DIVERSITY: Nature’s sublime perfection manifests itself through its conscious natural attraction to become more securely attractive via the strength of attractive growth, nurturing and diversification, moment by moment.

THE ZOO: Thinking and feeling in the excessive nature-disconnected confines of Industrial Society acts like a restrictive and addictive Zoo. Our indoor mentality learns to build and place us in imaginary cages of our mind. They deaden our body and spirit as they disconnect us from the dance of nature and its values in story and reality.

The Zoo consists of its citizens’ and leaders’ misguided attraction to excessively make money or succeed by socializing themselves to conquer and exploit "repulsive and dangerous" nature, in and around us. Since Society pays us to establish and enlarge our mental/physical Zoo and become detrimentally dependent on its nature-estranged ways, how will we stop our addictive attachments to doing this?

PREJUDICE AGAINST NATURE (PAN) consists of the economically and emotionally attached Triad of our senses of Conscious Reason and Literacy (CRL) to attach and addict itself to inaccurate, Zoo-Literacy stories about how "scary," "dirty," "dangerous" nature works and how our Zoo protects us from it. Our sensory/addictive bonding to our prejudicial, Nature estranged Zoo stories is the corrupt point source of what ails our living Planet Earth and our personhood and leads us eviscerate nature in and around us.

We indoctrinate ourselves to spend
, on average, more than 98 percent of our time disconnected from and out of tune with Nature's sensory attraction dance, in and around us. We lose what its GreenWave wisdom and guidance can teach us.

Our PAN hurtfully sub-divides Earth into humanity being the only member of the Web of Life that has the natural advantage to think, feel and communicate through its natural attraction sense of Literacy. This includes its abstract stories, maps, words, images and articulations. The remainder of Earth's web of life consists of unified, non-literate, attraction energy relationships that we treat as sub-human and enslave as part of the Zoo.

Our addiction to applying incorrect literate-story information to our relationships with non-literate Nature, in and around us, is the repulsion that produces our disorders and their detrimental effects that we/Earth suffer. This process is foreign to the non-literate, attraction conscious way Nature works on Earth.

TRUTH: Information is most accurate and trustable when it is founded on “a preponderance of empirical self-evidence beyond reasonable doubt” that registers on our 54 natural attraction senses such as “I see that the sun rose this morning” as well as ”It is reasonable to believe that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.” This information is obtained via the methods and materials of Project NatureConnect (PNC) that help us do restorative nature-connecting activities, backyard or backcountry. They enable our body, mind and spirit to emulate early Northern Paiute bands, A. N. Whitehead, J. A. Gibson, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, John Muir, Martin Buber and H. D. Thoreau during consensual sensory visits with natural attractions that we discover and explore in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. Through this unifying process PNC serves as a peaceful, cross-cultural "Natural talking stick" internationally. Its special process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) is the Rosetta Stone of Universe in that it enables us to register the same information in different languages, sensations and senses, a key to modern understanding.

RECOVERY: To reverse our disastrous personal and global disorders we must apply their sensory addiction ECHN antidote, not information alone, to their corrupt CRL point source.

ANTIDOTE: To increase sustainability and well being, we may compost and transform our addictive PAN stories and their destructive effects into dancing in and with Nature’s perfection.  We accomplish this by simply adding the “purifying truth” methods and materials (above) of PNC activities to our relationships and disciplines. 

EDUCATION WITH ATTITUDE: Applying the PNC educating counseling and healing tool to our CRL Triad and its warped story attachment relationships enables an individual, at will, to create moments in natural areas that let the natural, 54 "common sense" perfection of authentic Earth/Nature and its self-correcting powers teach us what we need to know to come into balance. It enables us to increase the well-being of our person/planet integrity by transforming the "repulsive" stories and workings of the Zoo into mutually attractive, in common benefits for all. Education with this attitude is unification and wellness in action. Free: Discover its hidden intelligence in you.


When I was a child a magician visited our elementary school and explained that he was going to perform a miracle: "Miraculously, I am going to make something from nothing," he said.  He first rolled up his sleeves, then opened wide both his hands and twisted them so we could see them, back and front.  He asked us if we recognized that that they were bare and empty.  We agreed. They were. No doubt about it.  The others and I, including our teacher, saw this with our own eyes.

Then came the miracle.  Out of nothing, there came something.  The magician made a loose fist with one hand and with the other hand he pulled from his fist many scarves of different colors.  While he was doing this he repeated, "You see, I have the power to make the impossible happen."

We all believed his story. Why not? We experienced it, we saw it.  The magician said he could perform magic, why should we not believe him? He certainly didn't lie, he did what he said he would and could do. This built and established our trust in him.

Sight, sound and understanding stories are just a few of the 53 natural senses that our body and spirit inherit in order to register the world around and in us (6).   If the magician's label or story had been honest, or had his integrity invited us to come closer or touch and feel his hands, we would have known what we needed to know about his miracle.  Our senses would have been able to register that he was deceiving us. He would not have corrupted our thinking into trusting him.

“Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency"

- Author Unknown

About sixty years later I became aware of the magician's secret. He had an imitation, hollow plastic thumb placed over his real thumb and he knew we didn't know this. Inside the hollow plastic thumb there was space enough to hide the scarves.  So, while his fake-thumb was buried in his fist he pulled his real thumb out from its plastic cover. With his other hand he took the scarves out of the plastic thumb shell while telling us corrupt stories about his miraculous powers and empty hands.

Why did the Magician mislead us innocent youngsters?  Because he was paid to do it or he liked to do it, it gave him notoriety or power as a professional magician.  Somehow it was attractive and rewarding (2).

Fooling people is how magicians make money and gain prestige.  It is entertainment as well as a way the economy works to satisfy our need for entertainment, be we magicians or their audience.

As long as I trusted the magician's label or story I did not get all the facts that I needed. He did nothing to help me think
as a child that he was a fabricator or help me figure out his use of a fake thumb. He did not encourage me to "impolitely" not trust his word or demonstration, to demand that he let me fully experience his hands through my many inherent sensory ways of knowing.

As a consequence of the Magician withholding information and misleading me, I ended up believing in magic.

Sensory Experience

I don't believe in magic any more, not even Magic Johnson.  What I believe is that whole life, self-evident experience is the best teacher and that scientific research supports my multi-sensory experiences with nature (1,
16).  For example:

1. In 1938 I became aware that I felt and related better when I was in contact with a natural area. Fifty years later many studies substantiated the restorative effects of nature (18).

2. Multiple sensory experience
s in natural areas convinced me in 1965 that our planet is alive or acts exactly like a living organism. Thirteen years later this was scientifically confirmed and identified as Gaia (7). 

3. In 1975 I sensed that the fundamental core that wove the web-of-life and its perfection was nature/creation's original natural attraction energy/desire/love to Big Bang manifest itself by growing space and time to consciously exist in mutually supportive unified attraction relationships that we call the Standard Universe and its whole life relationships on Earth. Similar to Copernicus with respect to anchoring the sun's central position in the solar system, in 2012, scientific inquiry demonstrated my "Higgs Field and Boson" natural attraction truth  (13, 11).

4. During 31 years living and learning on short and year-long accredited educational expeditions in natural areas with groups, I learned to sense and trust that all things on Earth, including humanity and unity, are diverse, organic expressions of the unified spirit and dance of natural attraction energy around, in and through us and everything else (15). This means that I have two bodies, my literate body that is writing and reading this article, and my non-literate body, Planet Earth. The latter is my speechless other body, as alive and intelligent as I am with greater wisdom and experience.

I discovered that natural attraction is conscious that it expresses itself in us as 54 natural sense "loves"
so that we can be in conscious sensory literate contact with our living planet body and interact with it in balance (6). This was further substantiated in 2002 by finding electromagnetic resonances of the human heart and mind (sense #32) being an attraction way that our planet works (19) and, (2009), that gases from soil bacteria have anti-depressant effects.

5. I identified 20 axioms and many solid facts that validate an Ecology based on genuinely experiencing natural attraction and its unifying transformative powers in natural areas (4, 16). From them I created a validating warranty, process, book, equation and free course that empowers an individual to be a "Rosetta Stone," to take charge of unifying their literate body, mind and spirit through conscious sensory contact with non-literate Earth as their "Other Body" (20, 21). As a step that parallels Albert Einstein's equations, Natural Attraction Ecology recognizes that the Universe is unified because it is consciously attraction based and alive, not equations, ideas or formulas that omit this reality.

6. I recognized that non-organic parts of Industrial Society are fighting and winning an undeclared war against nature, in and around us, and that we are, early on, socialized (indoctrinated) to be soldiers in this war against our natural will. The corruption in our nature-disconnected thinking and feeling has corrupted us. Against our inherent natural attractions and sensibilities, we excessively conquer and exploit the pure unification dance of natural systems, in and around us. Our troubles result (1, 17).

7. I developed a USA and International accredited "natural attraction peace foxhole" in Industrial Society's conquer-nature battlefield. Uniquely, individuals in this nature-connecting foxhole help it grow and replace the battlefield with the ever growing foxhole while it protects us from the war. This procedure enables us to urge and support each other to learn how to let nature's unifying attraction powers/loves help us establish attractive personal, social and environmental peace. Peace on Earth through peace with Earth (1).

From my decades of exploring natural areas while on educational expeditions that activated most of my 54 natural senses, I identified and removed the "fake plastic thumb" in my life and the lives of other participants. What I uncovered was Natural Attraction Ecology, an organic psychology blueprint model of how nature works through natural attraction
/love sensitivity. It is the Rosetta Stone of the Universe, natural attraction/love that enables us to register the same information in different languages, sensations and senses, a key to modern understanding. 

By implementing the model I consistently created "Revolutionary utopian expedition education communities" whose members did not want to leave them when vacation periods were scheduled.  Although seldom recognized as such, my discovery is today's Copernican Revolution, the model and frontier for living in balance within and around us.

In Industrial Society we learn to omit from our consciousness the attractive growth process of 54-sense natural life and its unifying energy. The web-of-life dancers in nature's dance of the eons are seldom included as an "other" when we say "Do not do onto others what you don't want them do onto you." The results of this loss is the corruption and disorders that plague us (2).

Scientific Sensing, Thinking and Feeling

If scientific exploration can produce nuclear power, moon landings, computers, advanced electronics and heart valves along with this web page, it obviously has the ability to provide good, non-corrupted information when we ask the right question. Finding the right question, however, is crucial. It is usually impossible when we are corrupted to think that we already know the correct answer to something, and we don't. It is a major challenge when, in addition, we are addicted to that false answer and it comes from an illusion or imaginary source. Scientific truths are only subject to empirical scientific evidence, not fantastic fiction.

If we don't use whole-life scientific thinking and feeling to solve the problems caused by outdated and non-scientific processes we are like a person with a cross-bow trying to stop a hostile army tank and change the thinking of its indoctrinated crew.

We may be crazy but we are not stupid.
History and research show us that day by day the tank is taking over and we are losing ground with respect to our freedom, integrity and misery. In addition, we know that none of the parties involved will be motivated to build a good relationship with something like nature that is repulsive or fearful to them.

Most individuals have strong beliefs that answer the question "What is the best way to help increased personal, social and environmental well being increase our happiness?"  However, the equally important question is "Does the answer work, is it scientific?

Does it identify and provide us with a practical tool, a remedy to help us address the point source of our greatest problems in a balanced and sustainable way?"

Does our tool give us the ability to scientifically include the Standard Universe truth of the organic dance of nature's attraction essence and its regenerative powers?

Does the tool have destructive side effects?

What are observed outcomes from using the tool?
For example, my curser cannot delete the extra period that appeared in the previous sentence because the period was actually a spot of dirt on the screen. My curser is not an adequate tool for this task.

What Universe do you live in?  Does it live harmoniously in you as well as around you?  Do you consciously connect and relate to its authenticity through your senses, thoughts and feelings?

Is your universe real as determined by self-evident scientific information that registers directly on our senses, or is it based on the questionable facts, fables, beliefs and "magic" illusions that mislead us to create our disorders and crazy making?

Is your's the universe that began with the strength of nature's pure, unifying attraction energy dance, the seed we call the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago?

No matter its controversial "creation" origin, scientific studies indicate to our sense of Reason that our Standard Universe is the one whose self-contained attraction and unification energy Big Bang aliveness seed was consciously attracted to transform and grow, as it cooled over the eons, into its present state of continuing to grow its attractive time, space and diversity, moment by moment. The dance of this organic transforming process includes the properties of planet Earth and humanity along with our ability to think and feel organically using 54 natural attraction senses. Omitting these abilities from our literacy are the part of most moments of our existence that, to our loss, we have been socialized to conquer or learned to ignore and we suffer accordingly.
The Natural Attraction Origin and Essence

I warranty that with respect to how nature works to produce its peace and perfection, scientific evidence is over 99.4 percent certain that the Standard Universe (Bio-SUNEH,) including Planet Earth and us, results from the cooling growth of a unifying integrity, of creation's organic dance of a single resonating, original attraction essence, a unified spore or seed sometimes known as a singularity that moment by moment is conscious of what it is attracted to (20). Moment by moment it is linked by attraction consciousness to all things that came before it and that will follow it.

In the beginning there was nothing and then there was something. In the Big Bang Universe, this singular something was the conscious, pre-Big Bang attraction instant of creation when space and time did not exist as we know them scientifically. It was the extremely hot, energetic moment of the beginning that, faster than the speed of light, manifested itself and, like an inflating balloon, was attracted to cool and grow the dance of our Standard universe, then and seamlessly continued into this moment.

The original seed was not a repulsion essence unless we unhappily learn to register the Universe, Earth, all of life and our personhood as being repulsive. It is this repulsive, bloody tooth and claw, nature-disconnected and disturbed figment of our imagination that drives us to conquer and exploit nature and give it no rights. That's our problem, not the solution to it.

Like all things that make up our universe in this moment, our reasonable thoughts and feelings make conscious sensory contact with the potent, stand-alone, attraction essence of the Universe/Earth at its temperature and transformation today in natural areas. In this moment the unifying attraction power organically helps us produce reasonable, restorative, multisensory happiness and relationships for we are part of Nature's Dance, part of the web of life (2).

The self-evident attraction-relationship sensory process of the Dance enables us to unify, to see and think with both the forest and the trees. It is your felt-sense attraction to read the next paragraph, or your attraction, instead, to do something else (not a repulsion). It is your motivation and perception now.

The prime essence we often overlook is the original unifying attraction energy aliveness dance (Bio) that manifested itself as the Big Bang including the Higgs Boson and Gravity Wave explosion is what I call NNIAAL. No matter its "creator," this
independent, fully energized seed, "sprouted." Attraction by attraction, like a crystal in this moment, it loved itself into being and growing. Its aliveness cooled/grew/evolved/transformed into the diversity of our unpolluted Universe, yesterday, today and forever, including our personal mind-body-spirit, atoms and energies. This includes black holes and Earth and, later, humanity and how our personhood senses, thinks and feels.

Unifying: By not incorporating central Natural Attraction in his deliberations, Albert Einstein was limited and unable to "prove" or demonstrate his Grand Unified Field Theory with Physics and mathematical equations. He seemed unaware that his motivating, heroic desire, self-defense and attempts to do this was "Unified Field attraction" expressing itself in and through him, moment by moment.

Our challenge, as was Einstein's is to let ECHN help us act based on the self-evident, unifying properties of natural attraction and its consciousness. (NNIAAL).

Individuals trained in ECHN enable the world to build peaceful, green, relationships and economies because Higgs Boson attraction energy is us. If you want to best register and know what it is and what you are attracted to continue reading to the end of this sentence, your attraction is NNIAAL in action as your personhood.

The Seed continues to do this, moment by moment.  We are troubled because we have trained our mentality to ignore it even though we are not only part of these same moments on our planet, we are them as us.

The wonderful advantage of the scientific process that has identified the Standard Universe is that it enables our body, mind and spirit to live in and think and feel with an anchored, reasonable, alive, defined wholeness from its Big Bang beginning to this moment, rather than from a misleading story or fantasy about the beginning.

We can choose to think in whole life ways because, like one and zero being the self-evident, factual anchor and basis of mathematics, scientists have identified the start and unbroken eons of our attraction-based Universe that continues to love itself into being Earth, including us as part of it, now and and future moments in time. This explains why the Project NatureConnect educational process consists of us learning how to create recovery moments in our social life that let the natural areas of Earth teach us what we need to know to live in the peace of personal, social and environmental well-being. We do it on its alive sensory attraction terms, in authentic nature and the universe in the moment that it actually exists, not with past or future stories about it alone.

Physicists say they have affirmed the organic essence of that original Big Bang seed, a unifying
natural attraction fundamental "God particle" called the Higgs Boson field along with Gravity Wave explosions that both support Einstein's unified field theory.  From moment one that unifying field has acted like an alive universal net of glue strings that, instant by instant, attract together, clump and grow as part of every energy, particle and relationship that made and makes up the ongoing GreenWave dance of our universe. This attraction glue net is what gives all things in this Universe their mass and unity.  That attraction is personified on Earth as each of us. It is our life-dance as well as our environment, moment by moment. It is the same macro "love" to be the Universe that "micro" binds entangled atomic particles together.

In summary: No matter its creative, pre-existing source, scientists find the Big Bang was similar to the sprouting of a natural attraction energy "seed" of the Standard Universe. Like the integrity and properties of any seed, its life dance had the natural conscious ability to attractively and fairly interconnect, organize, sustain and evolve/grow/transform itself into being the next moment in time. The "now" of this very moment, along with our ability to think, sense and feel is the attractive result of that original seed's dance cooling and becoming the integrity of its attractiveness (NNIAAL) unification net for the past 13.7 billion years until this moment on Earth. This explains why, when we look sensitively, we find
NNIAAL everywhere, including
-your attraction to these words as you read them (12),
-and/or your attraction to going on to the next paragraph,
-or your attraction to something else and therefore not go on.
-your attraction to breathe, eat, drink, sleep along with 50 other natural sensory attractions including trust, community and self-help.
-your attraction to survive as you.

Our universe and us in this moment are the organic Big Bang seed, the Earth dance of natural attraction consciously and justifiably transforming to make time and space be its attractive whole self in more diverse ways, moment by moment.  

Properties of the Seed

Being able to apply
"NNIAAL" to any conflict, global or personal, is like taking a cure-all pill.  The acronym is a reminder that brings into play the prime attributes or properties of each moment's Big Bang unified energy dance on Earth today that we can sense, think and feel with: Now/Immediate, Nameless/Non-literate, Intelligent, Aliveness, Attraction, Love via our 54 natural senses that can collectively be identified as Bio (life).

For spiritual/religious folks NNIAAL conveys that the Big Bang independent energy seed was, was of, or contained God's aliveness, love and will.  For others, NNIAAL brings into play the essence of nature's balanced fairness and perfection that exists in every moment and place of the Standard Universe.

Our major problem is that society has indoctrinated us to
, on average, live over 98 percent of our lives disconnected from conscious sensory contact with NNIAAL on our Planet, out of tune with how Nature works to our benefit.

NOTE: In order to excessively conquer and exploit Nature for profit and for control over us, our socialization into Industrial Society separates our thinking and feeling from no-cost NNIAAL. It then sells us artificial substitutes for it, along with their adverse side-effects, as remedies for the discontents we suffer from our loss of NNIAAL. The process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) stops this destructive practice by enabling us to genuinely reconnect our body, mind and spirit to authentic NNIAAL in natural areas, backyard or backcountry, a cost free, mutually beneficial process that strengthens Nature as it strengthens us.

From sub-atomics to galaxies we can see that all things are held together and unified by an original natural attraction energy that is aware that it is continually attracted to dance, transition and grow in balanced and fulfilling "pure and naturally happy" ways (11). Laws of Physics report that this "seed" energy is neither increased or destroyed, what it does is diversely transform into other forms.

Think about your own experience in nature and trusting it. Isn't it true that spending a short period of quiet time in the dance of an attractive natural area has intelligently transformed your corrupting stress and confusion into peace, stress-reduction, mental clarity, joy and increased feelings of belonging for you, as it has for others. This is NNIAAL in action (5).

Note that nobody has come forth and substantially refuted that the core of anything we can identify, be it a noun, verb, sensation or relationship, is either natural attraction holding that thing together and to everything else, or some form of natural attraction energy in action, or both (11). Most religions and spiritualities identify natural attraction as love and incorporate it in story and principle, but fail to build relationships with it based on the art of whole-life, sensory nature- connecting science-based activities in natural areas.

Attributes of the Attraction Dance

Today, moment by moment, the original unifying natural attraction
dance of the Big Bang seed enables Earth and all its members, including us, to enjoy attractive optimums of life, diversity, balance, fairness and purity.  In addition, as it grows more attractive and diverse this fundamental energy on Earth does not create garbage, excessiveness, stress, corruption, abusiveness, conflict and the many other disorders that we produce and suffer in our Industrial Society "zoo."  This natural attraction phenomenon and its attributes are very important to recognize because information is best measured and valued by its effects.

There is no problem in accepting that our living universal
essence is singular unifying attraction that is conscious of itself since it knows what it is attracted to. Even the Dualism of yin-yang thinking can validate the attractive yin existence of our universe, as well as predict the yang existence of a different based universe, one that we may be able to fantasize but have yet to scientifically discover no less live in. This further substantiates that for now, Monism, singularity and the natural attraction essence of our universe dance are synonymous with each other and with holism, whole life and whole Earth science, thoughts and feelings. It suggests that the Higgs Boson is and has always been a key singular living conscious attraction essence of our Universe. It is not a duality illusion until one looks at it while wearing "duality-producing glasses." 

Until proven otherwise, our best thinking as "Earthlings" may correctly observe that we along with everything else in our universe originate from the oneness of natural attraction consciously manifesting itself and growing as the living Big Bang energy seed and the seamless continuum dance of the eons that followed it.

The Law of Singularity: Nature is its attraction, moment by moment, to more diversely grow, enjoy, and support the life dance of its attractiveness.

- Michael J. Cohen

From 50 years of discovery and exploratory sensory contact moments while living and teaching in natural areas I warranty that we suffer from destructive duality and the corruption it produces because finding and connecting with NNIAAL, the singular, non-repulsive, unifying natural attraction essence as the heart of nature, is all but absent in our industrialized thoughts, feelings and relationships

The living dance of natural attraction is naturally homeostatic; it self-corrects, purifies and balances itself in and around us continually because it is fair, attractive and intelligent to do so for the good of the whole. It is the natural source of our sense of justice.  These are all attributes of the Standard Universe. To invent and enjoy their benefits one would have to first invent the Universe.

Our nature-disconnected story world does not incorporate nature as the root of homeostasis because our story is not organic. Being literacy, it is abstract and separate from non-literate Nature. It disconnects us from how non-literate nature works on Earth and makes the latter unbelievable at times.

Just like a switch can turn off all the electricity in a city, to our loss, our literacy turns off the whole life attraction energy of the universe and replaces it in our mentality with attachments to abstract stories (fantasies).
Because it is non-literate, this leaves nature/earth vulnerable to the ignorance of our dominant society's nature-disconnected stories.

For example, in Quantum Physics our "Zoo" stories cage, separate and disengage the love between entangled particles and produces "spooky" energy. It is actually Zoo-type, caged behavior and ways of knowing from the disconnection. It also distorts our thinking to proclaim the latter as properties of the Universe, rather than abnormal behavior produced by having to relate in a socialized zoo cage experiment on sub-atomic levels.

Separation, Repulsion and Duality

"Until demonstrated otherwise, the Standard Universe/Nature/Earth is a connected, unifying, alive, moment-by-moment, non-literate, conscious, attraction dance that does not create garbage or war and includes humanity.  Every moment the aliveness of this dance is attracted to create time and space for attractive survival in balance and purity in the next moment.

Participating in and contributing to the dance is attractive to person and planet.

Repulsion in any form to the beauty of nature's attraction dance moments removes our thoughts and feelings from being attracted to the whole living Dance in these moments. This removal undermines the Dance especially when repulsion attracts social reinforcements for itself (such as "Nature is dirty, buy our soap").  Repulsion is not how nature works. It is the opposite of unity and attraction. It makes no sense with respect to all things participating in and producing the next attractive moment of the dance and its unifying perfection while not producing garbage. What we call repulsions are simply stronger or weaker forms of attraction in an attractive Dance.

An essence of discomforts and disorders that we suffer are our "self-repulsive" feelings from abandonment, rejection, self-hate, self-loathing, inadequacy, failure or being pathetic, stupid or unworthy. Each can be a hallmark of depression, shame, low self-esteem, stress, fear and anger. We can't risk turning to "evil Nature" for comfort or healing for these phenomena because we have ingrained in us that as our enemy Nature is or can be repulsive or hurtful and it displays repulsive acts. For this reason, we think we must learn to separate from or overcome Nature if we are to heal. This makes our healing turn to supportive attachments to our story world. However, its stories create and maintain the culture of our society, one that conquers Nature and teaches us to applaud this as progress and economic growth.

We neglect to recognize that nature is self-correcting, it does not abandon things and discard them as garbage. Nature does not produce garbage. Its living Dance is attractive, not repulsive, it composts, recycles, restores, recovers, balances, purifies, unifies and heals.  To the benefit of all, its life tries to survive in balance in the next moment. In conjunction with and as part of it, we are naturally empowered do the same unless we are addicted to stories that deny this phenomenon.

Because the resonating sway of Nature's Living Dance is stronger or weaker attractions in play at any given moment, to obtain support from nature we simply sense the stronger attraction that is touching us in any given moment and dance with it, while it brings us into the unifying strength of the whole, as is Nature's organic  way.  With trust, we can safely and dependently do this because the Dance of our "Other Body, Earth" is all-attractive ("paradise," "heaven on Earth," "Love," "God in all things").  When we don't do this and instead attach to the nature-disconnected artifact parts of our nature-destructive society, we become partially destroyed, hurt and, in turn, needy and detrimentally excessive. We want and when we want there is never enough. This makes us create our excessiveness and environmental problems, problems not found in unadulterated Nature. 

The power of positive nature-disconnected thinking in our nature-conquering society is similar to that same power being used to become successful and loved as a member of the KKK.

We cause and suffer our runaway problems when our literate body and non-literate Other Body support the story that our personhood is repulsive. The impact of this imbalance produces personality disorders and natural resource shortages along with their destructive effects.

The absence of repulsion in nature is explained by recognizing that dancing has an attractive rhythm and that dancers sway back and forth to that rhythm. The homeostatic sway of the dance back and forth is a beautiful resonance. It is the attractive organic process of the wholeness of survival creating time and space to be more attractive.  It is part of nature's perfection, of paradise on Earth in action.

Artificially separating the conscious natural attraction loves of the eons for each other (particle entanglements) might be experienced by Nature's Dance as repulsive. In response, we could expect the Dance to act "spooky," and it does.

- Michael J. Cohen (20)

Getting sidetracked into defining part of the sway of the Dance as being repulsion, produces duality. Like a plastic thumb, it detrimentally diverts attraction energy in the moment into being what it isn't, and this loss has corrupting negative effects.  It is not part of the NNIAAL genuine- connection model and the practical enabling that the model and its singularity offers. Nature is the living macro wholeness of the Dance, not the limited micro story from a specific time, place or idea. The latter are just part of the attractive whole.

The Universe can be seen as the attraction dance of an expanding green globe (GreenWave) that consists of attractive green (NNIAAL) dancers. No matter how differently  the whole globe or its dancers dance, all are green at any given moment and thus instantaneously green-unified-connected. This kind of greenness is like walking backward on a fast train going forward. You are still going forward, just a bit slower. Now, substitute the word love for green, visit a natural area and join your words with its attractions.

"For me walking outside is an invaluable way to restore oneness. Just reading your story (words), Jordan, "I remember that day on the seashore.........." activates memory bringing back a physical feeling almost, as well as usually, enjoyable stories and sensations. Other beach related stories quickly join the story-telling. Every time I go outside the story becomes more real and In My Life doing this curricula with others has been affirming and strengthening, like a shower of reality connections strengthening my experiences- both beautiful and wounded, wary and weary, connecting the solitary to solidity."

- Project NatureConnect Participant

In the "duality is wonderful" model/philosophy, repulsion is long as you are satisfied with the effects of traditionally including it. These presently include repulsively using up 50 percent more of our living planet's ability to dance than it produces.  And since we are part of our Other Body, Earth, repulsion erodes the ability of our mind, body and spirit to dance in balance with all. This disconnection is the underlying source of most disorders and dysfunctions, a profound loss of the natural attraction source of unity that we easily regain through ECHN re-connecting our mentality with NNIAAL

Our belief that a god, gods, or other mythical origin creator continuously directs the universe and Earth produces unscientific duality conflicts with scientific "natural attraction seed" findings. A creator may have created the seed, but throughout history attachments to conflicting stories about the creator and the process have caused continual attachment disagreements and conflicts along with the death of nearly one billion people. Enough already! That's not attractive nor are the folks that bully others with it, especially since natural attraction is free and easy to personally experience and validate.

"I believe in general in a dualism between facts and the ideas of those facts in human heads."

- George Santayana  

For clarity: Dualism (dualistic, duality) can be recognized as the unsteady state, quality or character of being two or in two parts; a dichotomy.  This  is well illustrated by five and four leg thinking where the old brain operates from sensitivity-experience but it is not abstract-literate. The new brain is both, but the two often clash with each other because our literacy contains many conflicting and inaccurate stories that our sense of reason rejects (10).

In Industrial Society, most things we identify or think about are dualistic because in a given moment:
  • they are an integrity of their own but also part of something bigger or smaller or different
  • our label or story about something can be either micro-macro, good-evil, right-wrong, positive-negative, sin-blessing, light-dark, articulated-nameless etc
  • our idea about how we feel about or remember something is different than the thing actually was, or from the views of others.
  • a label is a word representation, a duality-producing abstract from the full unified integrity of the real thing that it labels. For example, we can beneficially eat a real apple but we can't eat the literate word/symbol/label "apple." We can buy food with a dollar bill but we can't beneficially digest the bill.
  • a named thing or label is excessively disconnected from the singular integrity and balanced dance of nature and planetary wholeness because the latter is nameless. (2).

Effects of Dualism

We produce and suffer the turmoil of our problems when we attach ourselves to disassociated things.  This is because, disassociated, they are corrupt as they omit the values and support from the remainder of their dissected NNIAAL whole and its unifying integrity in the moment.

The dualistic separation from wholeness in a relationship produces runaway discords such as physical or mental pollution, garbage, impurities, disorders, imbalances, troubles, mental illness, lies, stress and the like. We don't find these blemishes in unadulterated nature. We suffer them because, on average, in Industrial Society over 95 percent of our time is spent indoors and 99 percent of the literate way we learn to think and feel is disconnected from the non-literate wholeness of nature and the purifying, whole life powers of NNIAAL, nature's unifying natural attraction essence.

We are socialized to become disturbed fish, hurtfully out of the water, gasping to return to nature's balanced aquarium and its benefits. Even our short quiet reentries into nature demonstrate this.

The Dance of the Standard Universe (Dance) is the peaceful natural attractiveness of the eons. By excessively disconnecting itself from the Dance on Earth, Industrial  Society socializes us to dance its jitterbug and give most things, including ourselves, the jitters.

The Dance has the integrity of its own tune, we program ourselves with foolish pride to dance as a different and often dissonant melody.


In contemporary society we live as if we have two bodies, our literate self personhood and Planet Earth. We are only one-body whole when our sense of Literacy and its abstract stories connect with, affirm and support the reality and wisdom of our non-literate Earth body's homeostatic NNIAAL dance and its dancers. When this is not happening, as is unfortunately "normal" in our indoor world, our best literate thinking correctly sees Earth as being our other body because we are disconnected from it at that moment, not at sensory one with it. The disconnection is uncomfortable as well as destructive.

Knowing this makes the solution to many problems very simple.

Take a moment to recognize and re-connect with Earth as your other body. Use the process of nature-connecting ECHN activities to genuinely join your felt senses with authentic nature/earth, backyard or backcountry or the sky, take a few deep breaths and Validate the reconnection as being true for yourself because you experienced it.

Disconnect from nature by holding your breath. Notice that, moment-by-moment, pain and stress build from thwarting your natural attraction hunger for air.  You can take OxiContin or Barbituates to subdue this, or for other discomforts and disorders. The chemicals or medicine are, however, often toxic, addictive, expensive and short-term. 

Instead of using drugs, you can re-connect with Nature by inhaling air.  This is an organic, more sensible, safe and natural response. Note how it helps to remove pain and increases happiness, well-being and thankfulness to and for the air (spirit) and the environment. In addition, reconnecting restores the Earth by feeding food and water to plants when we exhale.

To remedy the disorders we suffer due to our addiction to nature-disconnected information, we and Earth improve by genuinely reconnecting our 54 natural attraction senses with their restorative origins in authentic nature. The ECHN activities are beneficial to all because it is the deterioration of our sensibilities and sensitivities that underlies most disorders.


Industrial Society's excessive "indoorness" conditions us to register the world through the warp of nature-disconnecting, duality glasses that create "indoor us" and "outdoor it."  This produces "evil" results. It short-circuits our psyche to the point that do not think we have a warp to deal with, that we are not educated and socialized to wear warped glasses, when, in fact, we are.  Without correcting this "fake thumb" warp, our excessive exploitation of nature's dance injures and corrupts us along with the natural environment for we are both.

Duality causes our psyche to be unbalanced because it cannot obtain all the unified facts it needs to make good decisions and build balanced relationships.

When you subdivide a singularity, like slicing up ball, each slice is a duality from each other as well as from the singularity of the original ball and the integrity of its "wholeness contribution" to be able to roll. Neither the slices or the ball can roll properly. We always have and suffer from duality if we do not incorporate the integrity of the ball's singularity in our body mind and spirit.  This is critically true when the ball is our living planet and we live in it as part of its dance.

The scientific contribution of the Natural Attraction Ecology Model and its art of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature is that it is a whole life conscious sensory contact process that identifies and includes the self-evident singularity of the whole of life in the Standard Universe Dance. Self-evidence establishes that singularity to be the moment by moment natural attraction NNIAAL Dance of the Standard Universe as a seamless continuum of its conception/inception in the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

NNIAAL is the singular natural attraction essence of the Macro attraction that interconnects the wholeness of the Universe, moment by moment.

The Effects of Duality

It makes sense to find ways to deal with duality and avoid producing our runaway dilemmas. To accomplish this we must identify and then anchor ourselves in our singular universal attraction NNIAAL root, the non-articulating, non-conflicting essence of unadulterated nature's living dance, in and around us. Then we can speak from and for it. As we discover in nature, the root is not dualistic. It only exists in the time and space of each singular moment after moment that it creates. As part of each moment, this singularity gives us the ability to avoid or heal detrimental dualism.

The above explains why so many therapies and healing techniques ask us to take a deep breath to get into the moment and its unifying
NNIAAL powers. However, they usually omit nature's Big Bang source, history and powers to achieve this and this disconnection reinforces our excessive nature-separation problems.

With the affirmation of the Higgs Boson and Gravity Wave explosion, the paragraphs above are no longer the conjecture or misguided idealism as it once was seen. Rather, it is a practical validation of the application and long standing, but inconvenient, science of Natural Attraction Ecology and its webstring ECHN model that reflects Einstein's unification field. 
It is troubling to Industrial Society because it makes the dominating magician reveal his hand, along with his corruption. It enables our natural senses and feelings to speak as loud as our stories and update the stories that need correction.

Project NatureConnect applauds and funds the process of constantly finding new information to help us join together what our mentality has divided. Each new fact, however, is usually dualistic and more technologically enabled so our arguments and problems increase as we discover and depend on further dichotomies. Meanwhile, the sanity, safety and integrity of life as we know it is deteriorating from our lack of reasonable, unifying, answers, powers and actions.

The effects of Industrial Society's duality on people and places demonstrates that the more we increase "technological strength," the more powerfully the "sin" of our social problems intensifies. Objective science holds no answer for this phenomenon since in its dualism it excludes "subjective" facts obtained from and through our 54 natural attraction NNIAAL senses. Their exclusion from our industrialized consciousness hides them from objective science and thinking as were the magician's silk scarves; it is a corruption of truth, not whole life science. This disruption of nature's sensory dance in and around us produces destructive consequences.

When we look at Industrial Society with this phenomenon in mind, we see that our society functions exceedingly well with respect to its "objective science and technology" ability to produce goods, services and profits. However, it is destructive and dysfunctional with respect to objective science and technology supporting the "subjective background" well-being of life on Earth in balance including our body mind and spirit..

Our objectivity is dualistic in that it produces nature-isolated technologies that, not balanced by NNIAAL, usually have detrimental side effects.  Our objectivity objects to NNIAAL sensation and feeling being scientific because it is "subjective."

The dualism in the information/stories that we use and way we learn to think and feel is the underlying cause of our troubling turmoils. It continually seeks what it ceaselessly omits as it omits making genuine sensory contact with nature's unifying, ever present, natural attraction, NNIAAL wisdom.

Dualism makes people confused and mistrustful when I say to them the singular statement of my wholeness: "My name is Mike and Earth is my other body." Literate me recognizes non-literate me as being our singular Planet Earth body.

Disconnection Confronts Us

With respect to Nature, or our lack of respect for it, in Industrial Society we live excessively boxed-in, closeted lives.
  • Our 54 self-evident, felt senses and sensibilities are severely disconnected from how the powers of Nature and its aliveness dance ordinarily produce and sustain Nature’s unified perfection, in and around us.
  • Re-creation has become recreation as we play games that don't help us consciously connect with, respond to and support authentic nature's dance.  Similarly, most other aspects of our excessively nature-disconnected lives bond or addict our senses to contact with and support for and from nature-disconnected things such as: auditoriums, schools, arenas, churches, houses, offices, music, dance, cars, energy sources, casinos and government along with our stories and prayers that create or bless these things and their nature-disconnected ways, including us. Each story omits or violates their source in the essence of nature's balancing and purifying NNIAAL dance, backyard or backcountry.  The end result is obvious, just look around. We have gone mad. We are addicted to the ways of Megalopolis, to dangerously injuring Nature's dance, in and around us, while we know full well there is no replacement for it.
  • We will do well to remember that the Declaration of Independence gave us rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet 3 years later,

    - in the Constitution this changed to become rights to life, liberty and the protection of property...omitting happiness, which is one of the outcomes of our 54 natural NNIAAL senses and their responsible fulfillment in nature. The word happiness does not appear once in the Constitution.

    - In addition the Constitution declared itself as the supreme law of the land. It omitted nature's ecological attraction life-dance as a supreme law. This is because the dance is a non-literate and inconvenient balancing agent for the excessiveness and greed of our NNIAAL-absent thinking.

    - The Constitution separated church and state yet every piece of money, the economic blood of our our society, has printed on it "In God We Trust." 

    For these reasons, still today, nature's pure and naked dance has no legal rights.

“I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.”

     - Henry David Thoreau

Dealing With Duality

"If you only can or want to do one thing to stop conflicts by healing yourself and the world, simply be sure that you are thinking and feeling with nine legs."

- Michael J. Cohen

A major exception to dualism is when we correctly label and identify natural felt senses that we register.  For example,
even if we can't spell, read or write "thirst" the NNIAAL sensation of thirst and its integrity provides us with vital, unadulterated information about our immediate connection relationship and needs regarding nature's water and water cycle. And, by labeling this conscious natural attraction to water as "thirst" we further register its sensory wisdom as a literacy and we become more conscious of its felt sense intelligence about when we need to drink water, or stop drinking it.  

Correctly labeling thirst strengthens how we register its calling for liquid, rather than weakening it. This is not only the opposite of duality, it helps us reverse the negative effects of dualism. Continuing the process connects our thoughts and feelings, moment by moment, to nature's singular wholeness, in and around us. It helps us unify ourselves, our two bodies. We become NNIAAL literate to the point that we would then always include the sensation of thirst as part of the local and global water cycle. Right now it is omitted in the way we describe the cycle.

"The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their right name."

- Confusius

As a reminder, in contrast to dualism, nature is a singular, self-organizing and self-perpetuating, homeostatic NNIAAL process whose energies and power create optimums of life, diversity, balance, cooperation and purity. Remember, too, that Nature does not produce the garbage, pollution, abusiveness and other destructive excesses of dualism because its web-of-life is fully connected to all parts of itself by the homeostatic natural attraction powers and its consciousness in the Big Bang Seed. No duality there, its an all NNIAAL connected, unified oneness of the eons. That natural attraction essence is the Big Bang dance of nature's integrity today and it includes each of us.

"I fell down while skiing when my skis slid out from under me in different directions.  A snowboarder passed by and I thought, "He avoids my dividing skis trouble because, unlike skis, his snowboard is a single and indivisible unit that he can trust not to subdivide him while he is meeting other challenges."

- Charley Weiss

In the natural world every particle and energy is consciously attracted and connected to dance and flow, in equilibrium, in and through everything else, from sub-atomics to the universe, including us (9).  This attribute of nature has the ability to unite what the story in our nature-separated mind tears into dualistic conflict and disorders (5). Again, simply spending quiet time in an attractive natural area demonstrates the unifying power of NNIAAL essence being given safe time and space to come into play.

If NNIAAL, or reading about it, attracts you, that attraction sensation is like your eye seeing itself.  It is the unification Higgs Field and Boson seed in action at the temperature, time and place of this moment that it creates. The attraction stays in balance by blending with an additional 53
diverse natural sensitivities.

The crucial paradox that challenges us is that humans are part of nature. As such, we are born with the ability to sustain and grow from the unifying, non-dualistic NNIAAL way that nature works. Our momentous problem is that in Industrial Society its story trains/addicts to think and act in ways that omit the ways of nature's NNIAAL unifying dance, in and around us.  It is as if our mentality is taught to think and feel within a literate planet or universe while we know full well that Earth is not literate. 

Nature-disconnected literacy closets us from the planet we live in. Rather than embrace nature and learn to communicate with its 54 attraction sense language stories, in order to
live our excessively indoor lives our story world teaches us to excessively conquer, demean or exploit the unifying attraction abilities of NNIAAL in nature. This prevents us from repairing our dualism and its adverse effects, in and around us. This separates us from Earth, Earth becomes our Other Body rather than our whole life planetary body.

We suffer because, on average, less that twelve hours total of our thinking and feeling throughout our lifetime is helpfully connected to the non-literate, NNIAAL way nature operates to produce its balanced perfection. This unbalanced and addictive separation from nature's restorative powers produces and sustains the madness and disorders of Industrial Society. Although we are born as a dancer in nature's non-literate dance, our story-world rewards us for becoming two differing bodies, the dance of our literate-story body and the dance of our non-literate Earth Other Body.

With respect to living in harmony with nature around and in us, our industrialized thinking is 24 cents short of a quarter, a victim or slave, rather than master, of the addictive machines that our nature-disconnected stories make, fund and idolize so we become cultural objects.


The profound loss of the purifying and healing ways of nature's dance to our body, mind and spirit causes us to want, and when we want there is never enough. Be afraid! Today, for fulfillment, we want and take 150 percent more than our living planet can give. The destructive effects of our greed are heart-wrenching, and this number is steadily increasing along with its detrimental outcomes.

What To Do

Mathematics is a perfect science in that it is never wrong onto itself. This is because its numbers and process are always based on the singular foundation of one and zero that our reasoning assigns it. This structure never changes by design and by following its rules. For this reason, 4 + 4 = 8 today as it did 3,000 years ago. However math only works if we stick to the inherent perfection that our reasoning gives it. It gets us into trouble if we modify it. For example,"Five is my unlucky number, so I leave it out when I do math," produces chaos, not a correct mathematical answer. At that point our sense of reason must correct the modification, take it into account in its calculations or suffer the consequences.

Like everything else except incorrect stories, Mathematics is part of the Standard Universe. For this reason we can expect to find its workings in nature and we do. This occurs as soon as we remove its lasting fundamental literary abstracts of "1" and "0" and substitute nature's fundamental, NNIAAL, authentic "Natural Attraction" for them. Then many questionable things add up: life and death become the same, then and now are both the immediate moment, nature-disconnected stories can be modified, I and it become "thou" and what we can imagine registers throughout the macro wholeness of the Universe immediately, far faster than the speed of light. 

We accomplish this by making unadulterated sensory NNIAAL contact with the natural world and Earth, our Other Body, via nature-connecting activities, backyard or backcountry. In the attractive moments we choose to do this we remove duality and produce "thou" by creating moments that let Earth teach. We enable our whole selves to think, feel and relate like nature works via our 54 natural attraction senses reconnection with the purity, sanity and self-correcting energies of their origins. 

Applying the accredited art and sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) and its
Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) NNIAAL process gives our psyche the practical missing tool that we need to nullify harmful duality and restore balance at every level of endeavor (1).  The ability of NAE to help us produce beneficial ECHN opportunities enables us to think, feel and act while in the light and power of irrefutable scientific NNIAAL self-evident truths and sensory experiences that our dualistic socialization trains us to reject (4).

NAE is an organic psychology. It has been described as, "Having Mary Poppins give you a Rorschach test by bringing you into
a natural area to discover your hidden whole-life needs and injured senses. In this ECHN process you benefit from the natural fulfillment and healing of your sensibilities through body, mind and spirit contacts with the authentic dance of nature and NNIAAL." (3).

NAE works because it helps us relate to and with six fundamental facts of nature that are not dualistic. No conclusive examples or preponderance of evidence presently exists that refutes these fundamentals.  They are
truths beyond reasonable doubt, truths of the standard universe that far exceed critiques of them. They are more true than the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

Encapsulated and in review:

1. Since the beginning of time, the Big Bang energy seed including its Higgs Boson is the alive natural attraction essence of everything in nature's Dance in and around us, be it material, energy or sensory. This moment by moment attraction is a singular, unifying, non-dualistic, self-organizing, purifying and resonating power that is found everywhere on Earth and elsewhere. It consists of the dancing elements and unifying potentials for NNIAAL (12).  What we mistakenly call repulsion in nature is actually the most attractive means or motive to produce more supportive/survival NNIAAL relationships in the moments that follow. This whole life process can correctly be called "Bio," the life of science-based Universe.

Since all of nature is the attraction-connection only found in each immediate moment, repulsion is not a duality or opposite of attraction.  Rather it is a part of the natural attraction life process, the sway and undulations of nature's Dance that make it attractive. "Repulsion" is an attraction that motivates us to find more sensible and stronger attractions including our attraction to survive intact, to continue dancing, i.e. to run for our life because we are attracted to the dance of life, towards survival, not repulsed by it (11).

2. Nature is non-literate. It produces its self-correcting, NNIAAL balance and purity without articulating, understanding or being directed by the abstracts of words, stories, books, videos, telephones and the like. The difference between our abstract-literate "story" way of nature-disconnected thinking and feeling and nature's non-story, interconnected, NNIAAL way of being and growing is a major duality that produces and sustains detrimental conflict (7).

3. Planet Earth acts exactly like any other living organism and can be considered and related to as being an alive dancer (Gaia) in the macro Dance of nature (Bio) (7). That dance and aliveness only exist in the present moment and each moment that follows it because Natural Attraction exists by continually creating new attractive moments and space for its existence.

All members of Gaia's plant, animal, mineral and energy kingdoms are NNIAAL connected dancers, are non-literate, are harmonic, and only exist in the "Now" of cooperative, attraction-built, NNIAAL energy, "heart" relationships, not in dualistic conflict. Every aspect of Earth belongs and each supports its belonging in attractive,
organic, mutually beneficial ways. Nothing is garbage, everything is alive and transforms to attractively dance and support things on a macro level.

4. Only nature itself with its fundamental, in the moment, natural attraction process is the fountainhead of authority in how and why its NNIAAL dance works in and around us. Information about nature from nature-disconnected or abstract sources is usually warped culturally and literate-wise so that it contains or produces duality. Making direct, conscious, sensory, unadulterated contact with the unifying attraction powers of authentic nature's NNIAAL dance, backyard or backcountry, helps us counteract this corrupting warp. Organically, nature unifies our literate and non-literate bodies and being and their destructive effects subside.

At birth, some or all of our 54 natural attraction senses begin registering self-evident information about the world. When they register flawed information about Nature accompanied by rewarding love/survival they can addict to that short circuit and its harmful consequences for life. ECHN enables us to beneficially reconnect our misled sense(s), including our sense of reason, with Nature at any point in our lives and transform the old short circuit into reasonable reality.

5. We only fully know whole life facts and truths when they register and make sense through our 54 or more inherent natural attraction senses including our senses of Consciousness, Reason and Literacy (CRL 6). In every new NNIAAL moment in time, each of these sensitivities is not a duality from each other or nature. Rather they are an immediate interconnected contribution in our psyche to us being a seamless continuum of the "oneness essence" of natural attraction in the Big Bang and the diverse expression of its life dance moment after moment across the eons to become the Now of this instant. No duality, your body mind and spirit are either in the dance moment or not. If they are, each attraction you register is how the whole of Nature is registering in you in that moment since Nature's attraction dance creates each time and space instant that is the crest of the dance wave we are surfing. When you are not, you may be living in another Universe.

When we connect with and consciously register any of our 54 felt senses or sensitivities in our thinking while in a natural area, we immediately blend into the congress of their wholeness, in and around us, and begin to enjoy enlightenment. Otherwise this can take years of meditation to achieve, if ever, especially if breath awareness omits that air is a function and product of our Other Body/Earth. (9).

6. The core of our greatest problems is that Industrial Society addicts our natural senses of Consciousness, Reason and Literacy to inaccurate, nature-disconnected stories and we neither address nor treat this relationship as an addiction. Instead, our addicted leaders and experts seek and offer additional information about the problem and information seldom changes behavior or cures addiction. The rehabilitation of our natural senses in and by ECHN in natural areas has this ability but it is ignored as inconvenient or controversial.

Our addicted leaders and experts seldom can implement their necessary change expertise because they are addicted to outdated or incorrect information and belief systems. They are not given, nor do the offer, the nature-connection tools that they need to stop their addictions and recover what was lost. A global warming expert who unnecessarily lives an excessively carbon-producing lifestyle is a personification of this hypocrisy.

Additional fundamental axioms may be found in our Warranty and on the NAE homepage They provide the facts we need to help us to think in the way nature's balanced perfection works. You are invited to engage in a single activity that helps NNIAAL speak to our nature-disconnection

"Dualism underlies the western world’s philosophy, theology and psychology and dualism’s approach to opposites assumes conflict/competition and wars, enemies and inequality. Hardly in keeping with Einstein’s universe of “harmony in all that exists.”

- Michele Toomey, Ph.D.

"Climb upon a mountain where the blueberries grow,

Flaxen grasses waving where the South Winds Blow,

And you will know that there is no other way.

In the turning cycle now and then, are the same,

And when you are safely home again, you lose your name,

And you will know that there is no other way"

- David Bennet Laing

A Summary Key to Reality

Whenever I am aware of nature's dance as a raindrop, a weed or a galaxy, I know them and myself to be identical with one exception. It is that I have the additional ability to register and relate to them, along with that natural attraction dance moment, as a story. They don't have that ability they simply are the dance in that moment, as am I but as a reasonable literate being due to the workings of the prefrontal cortex of my forebrain (2, 10). It benefits us to strip away the distortions that prevent us from knowing and enjoying our planet, Mother Earth, our real body.

NAE empowers us to reverse destructive dualism because, in natural areas, the empirical science in NAE methods and materials help our "industrialized" psyche rationally, safely and consciously connect
and transform destructive childhood-corrupted and addicted attractions within us, including its industrialized self.  We organically compost them into constructive and holistic relationships by embracing the safe, unifying recycling powers of unadulterated natural attraction in and around us in natural areas (8).

Synopsis of the Remedy

Indisputably, when they are not adulterated by false stories, our 54 natural senses are how our lives dance as part of Nature's balanced dance in and around us. In each immediate moment these senses attract nature to help us know our true natural selves and enjoy attractiveness, purity, balance,  wholeness, recycling, aliveness and deathness. However, this only occurs when our senses of  Consciousness, Reason and Literacy (CRL) in our Prefrontal Lobe Brain are connected with and validate the ongoing attraction dance of nature, within and about us.

The point source of our runaway disorders is that Industrial Society pays, applauds and corrupts us to bind and addict our senses of Consciousness, Reason and Literacy to each other as a nature-disconnected, ruling triumvirate that I call the CRL Triad. It is a toxic triad when its literacy is addicted to inaccurate stories

The Toxic Triad is a closeted, deluded and authoritarian short circuit about how nature works. Its ability to create itself and know through its hard to change stories has created a false story. This egotistical tale tells the Triad that its literate ability to create and articulate stories makes it the most intelligent thing on Earth.

Crazy as it seems, due to bonding to corrupt and/or unreasonable information, the story claims that any number of "God or Creation" story/spirits that the Triad has invented, is attached to and believes in, has willed the Toxic Triad to disconnect from and subdue nature's non-literate dance.  The Triad tells itself and lives out a delusion that "It," a last second, literate addition to Earth, can manage the Dance better than the eons of the Dance can and have managed itself in balance, purity and peace, including cultures that have survived in balance for 50,000 years.

The triumvirate of our
CRL Toxic Triad ego has short-circuited itself to think it is an invincible king and that our survival depends upon it being able to conquer and socialize our 54-senses to build our nature-isolated, indoor world "zoo" in place of contact with nature's balanced dance and dancers. The adverse results speak for themselves.

"Truth is rarely writ in ink; it lives in nature."

- Martin H. Fischer

“From the moment of birth or before, when the stone-age baby first meets its twentieth-century mother, the baby is subjected to our outrageous, long existing disconnections, distortions and violence to natural life including the baby's life. By the time the new human being is fifteen or so, we are left with a being like ourselves, a half-crazed creature, more or less adjusted to a mad world. This is normality in our present age.”

    - R. D. Laing (extended)

The ability of NAE, via the organic NNIAAL psychology of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN), to help our sense of reason reconnect the Toxic Triad with nature's dance is a powerful remedy for our addictive corruption and disorders. It makes the magician reveal his hidden plastic thumb and scarves through three indisputable facts:
A. The unifying, purifying and balancing natural attraction/Einstein/Higgs Boson unifiying field, macro and micro of NNIAAL, is continually available in every part and moment of the dance of nature's standard universe including our ability to think, sense, feel and relate.

B. Other than things like humanity, nothing in nature is literate. Nature's dance only occurs in the immediate moment and it does not produce misleading stories, rather it is natural attraction wisdom of the eons in sensory action.

C. Whatever an individual experiences in authentic nature is empirically true for them in that moment because, unadulterated, it has consciously registered directly on their natural NNIAAL senses and can resonate with their 54 sensibilities, their sense of reason being one of them.
In short, to remedy our runaway problems, it is rational for our our sense of reason to use NAE and ECHN as a scientific tool to connect the stupidity of the CRL Toxic Triad with the restorative and balancing powers of NNIAAL

Albert Einstein and his Grand Unified Field Theory has proven to be correct. In sensory ecology its equation can be stated as:

CR/L bonded to distortion + ECHN/NNIAAL(antidote) = CRL/NNIAAL(wellness)

(Consciousness and Reasoning attached to "Literacy bonded to flawed information")  +

ECHN/NNIAAL 54 sense unifying dance contact (antidote) =

personal, social and environmental well-being.

Translation: to our loss, our nature-disconnected socialization in Industrial Society unreasonably addicts the wellness of our natural senses to inaccurate stories and their disastrous effects.  We restore the well-being we have lost by using ECHN to create moments that scientifically let Nature help us bind our literate personhood to our other body, Earth. 

Any given moment consists of NNIAAL and disconnected, NNIAAL-negative stories that reasonable sensory contact with NNIAAL can correct 

When the Universe is recognized as being a unifying intelligence, it can be identified by a Project NatureConnect multi-sensory version of Einstein's long sought radical but right equation that helps people who want to "get out of the box" identify the grand unified ways of the Universe as an ultimate form of intelligence and love:

The Equation:

NNIAAL= the Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54


The science of Natural Attraction Ecology demonstrates that n
either a creator nor a creation process gave birth to the universe or us. What either did instead is create, or will the creation of, or plant a natural big bang energy seed whose attraction dance contained all the NNIAAL powers it needed to self-organize, transform and develop into today. Moment by moment over the eons, that seed we sometimes call "Nature" has transitioned into the beauty of time, space, Earth, nature and the universe, a pure organic dance that we genetically know, love and consist of right now (9).

Our society's excessive sensory disconnection from the seed and NNIAAL generates our dualistic thinking and the disorders it produces. The
educating, counseling and healing methods and materials of Natural Attraction Ecology help us remedy this dilemma by enabling our senses to consciously reconnect with NNIAAL and its restorative powers (4).

One can choose to experience NNIAAL thinking, feeling or relating as a Pantheistic form of spirituality. This is because a doctrine, philosophy or religious practice that holds the universe/cosmos as the totality of forces and/or matter, is synonymous with wholeness/holyness and the theological principle of God.

"I believe in God but I spell it Nature"

- Frank Lloyd Wright

"A surgeon can reattach an amputated arm to the alive body it came from but the arm doesn't function until the NNIAAL powers of nature's healing attraction energy flow, molecule by molecule, reconnect the arm with the NNIAAL essence of the body."

- Michael J. Cohen

"Many of us came to tears when we as strangers walked around outdoors in a tight ellipse that had all of us face each other one-on-one, hold hands for five seconds and say 'I love you as of old.' "

- Helen Waite

Your Choice

The core of nature in and around us (NNIAAL) bases its operation on B, below. What do you choose for your life and community?

A. 2 + 2 = 4   (base 10)
B. 2 + 2 = 1   (base 4)
C. 2 + 2 = 2   (base 2)
D. 2 + 2 = 12 (base 3)

A through D are each true depending upon the base number we choose to apply to the question of 2 + 2 = .  However, the singularity of the number "1" at "B"  is the only base outcome of A-D that is not dualistic. That makes "B"  our best base choice if we want to avoid the confusion and detrimental contradictions of dualism. Isn't doing that unification attractive to our natural attraction sense of reason? Does it not symbolize how the dance of nature works in unity?

To choose B is not as simple as it might seem for, because we have ten fingers (digits), our socialized thinking habituates or addicts us to A and
therefore A feels most familiar and correct. However, when we identify B. as a correct statement, we flunk math and feel wrong or stupid. NAE connection rewards help us help ourselves and others reduce our dualistic bonding and include the benefits of choice B, "one unified dance in balance," in our lives, moment by moment.

The madness of our present way of thinking makes the equation for the total relationship between how we think and how nature works be:
1/2 + 1/2 = minus 1/2. This is because the half-witted way we are socialized to think and temporarily feel satisfied/happy uses half again as many (150 percent more) "resources" than Planet Earth produces each year so we are trashing it and our psyche as our Other Body.  

As above, NAE enables us to scientifically avoid dualism by recognizing the original Big Bang as the single dancing attraction, NNIAAL energy unification seed of the Universe that expresses/manifests itself as what we find throughout time and space.

When we shift our mentality into thinking and feeling with nature's unifying singularity and perfections in the moment we avoid as well as remedy problems and disorders caused by duality. As of July 4, 2012, doing this is no longer controversial. The scientific affirmation of the Higgs Boson natural attraction "God particle"  makes NAE a new NNIAAL paradigm perception, a Natural Attraction Copernican Revolution of great power and significance for those who recognize and involve themselves in its authenticity.

We are each citizens of our living planet and its balancing and purifying ways of the cosmos as well as citizens of Industrial Society and the dogma of its limited Toxic Triad CRL story illusions.

If you love nature with pride, you are probably one of the rare and gifted individuals whose psyche has had the strength to survive the dominant and hurtful will of the Toxic Triad CRL triumvirate, as well as be concerned about the negative results of our corrupt separation from nature and earth indoctrination that it brainwashes us to undergo 
in Industrial Society. If you are aware that you have or want this sensory gift, it makes sense to scientifically strengthen and empower it to help yourself, others and nature benefit from it. Your  contribution can make our society fully conscious of nature in and around us as well as give humanity the NAE ways and means to help us think, feel and act in harmony with nature (14). This is crucial for the sanity of personal and global wellness.

NAE gives well-being practitioners the ability to stop the foolishness of us helping our clients bond to being good citizens of a corrupt society.

Now is the time for our senses of reason and well-being to come into full play and consider the outcomes of our choices in any moment:

1. Is it most reasonable to choose to focus our lives and energies on the theoretical stories, arguments and outcomes regarding the possible duality of the creation of an attraction based and/or other non-attraction based universes being created some 14 billion years ago? 


2. Does it make more sense to choose to reap the restorative benefits of NAE whole life (holy) acts, outcomes and values via our immediate, 54 attraction-based (NNIAAL) Universe and Planet sensibilities, to help others do the same and start an NAE Copernican Revolution that is sorely needed (5)?

NNIAAL is free and as part of it, so is Project NatureConnect's means of access to it. I invite you to discover or explore your natural attraction powers free of charge via

The Hidden Organic Remedy, Nature As Higher Power workbook and free course


the Nature As Higher Power workbook natural attraction activity at 


Online Natural Attraction Trail at


Sense #54 at

  • Do the The Hidden Organic Remedy, Nature As Higher Power workbook as a free accredited course.
  • Learn how to benefit from and strengthen the NAE Copernican Revolution. Make a potent contribution by building mutually beneficial relationships through conscious sensory contact with authentic nature's attraction singularity rather than via relationships to dualistic stories, images and rituals about nature.
  • Social Network this page and/or quotes from it: Facebook, Twitter etc via a press release
  • Sign and strengthen our Natural Attraction Ecology petition
  • Help yourself and others experience and benefit from NAE by taking our accredited, online Orientation Course. Experience is the best teacher.
  • Learn how to think, feel and act as if nature's attraction dance and all its web-of-life members are "others" in the Golden Rule ("Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you.")


Because we deny that we are attached or habituated to nature-disconnected information, we do not address this prejudiced addiction. Our denial prevents us from using effective nature-connected remedies immediately that have lasting benefits. 

ECHN works because although addiction is an unreasonable, overriding love, the fundamental nature of love is the fundamental love of nature.

We cannot save the world without restoring the emotional sensory attractions between Earth and ourselves. It is sensible, not shameful, to recognize that we do not love to save what we do not love.

No matter what triggered the ancient "growth explosion," it is self-evident that 13.7 billion years ago the Big Bang was the Universe loving itself into being, then, now and tomorrow. Each of us today are born as biologically unique personifications of the singular, unbroken Big Bang process through the eons. However, Industrial Society has trained us to attach our body mind and spirit to false information and destructive technologies that separate us from the beneficial ways that nature's Big Bang and its growth work.

The Project NatureConnect degree program is important because, due to our destructive emotional attachments, without help from ECHN we can't sensibly change for the better even when we want to.

Education that uses NNIAAL as a teacher can lead to an online MS or PhD in as little as 18 months.

Until proven otherwise,
I warranty that since the beginning of time, all things, sub-atomics to the universe, including humanity's body, thoughts, feelings and spirit, have been held together and unified in pure, balanced integrity by nature's natural attraction dance. This means:
  • Everything except false stories are dancers.
  • Whenever we excessively separate our thoughts, feelings or actions from the Dance, we disrupt it and ourselves. This disconnection produces problems that the dance and we seldom solve.

  • Natural Attraction Ecology is the practical art and science of creating point source moments that let the authentic NNIAAL dance in natural areas reconnect our mind to it and our Other Body, Earth. It is a social technology that helps our dance reasonably bring into balance the powerful, but runaway, technologies and challenges of Industrial Society. NAE makes sense because without it neither a real horse nor our horse brain can cope with the juggernauting horsepower of profitable, nature-conquering, CRL technological prowess that corrupts Industrial Society and our body, mind and spirit.

    CR/L(addicted) + ECHN/NNIAAL(antidote) = CRL/NNIAAL(wellness)

  • Any given moment consists of NNIAAL and disconnected, NNIAAL-negative stories that reasonable sensory contact with NNIAAL can correct.

  •   Einstein's long sought equation identifies the grand unified ways of SUNNEH as an Ultimate Form of Intelligence:

  • No surprise, solutions that don't do what Natural Attraction Ecology helps us do produce additional personal, social and environmental problems.

"How you get there is where you're going."

- Lao Tzu

Believe me, you will find more lessons in the woods than it books.  Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters.

- St. Bernard of Clairvaux

A demonstration of this article put into practice is available in a new book The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power

A video claims to show the reality and value of NAE in action with people and animals  

* * *

VENUE:  An earlier form of this article has been published in the Pantheist Vision, a periodical of the Universal Pantheist Society, Vol 30 No. 2, Summer Solstice 2013. Contact the author for permission to republish or to link it elsewhere


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About the Author:

Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Applied Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.(audio interview), is a Program Director of the Institute of Global Education where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect.  He also serves on the faculty of Portland State University and the Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology whose program he initiated and has directed since 1990.  In 1965, Dr. Cohen discovered that Planet Earth acted like a living organism and, based on this observation, he founded sensory, Gaia rooted, degree granting Environmental and Expedition Education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University.  He conceived the 1985 National Audubon Society International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism," at the University of Massachusetts and established the science of Natural Attraction Ecology.  He is the Editor of the Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology and an award winning author of ten books dealing with Applied Ecopsychology including "Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature," "The Web Of Life Imperative" and "Reconnecting With Nature."  Dr. Cohen is also an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents, on San Juan Island, Washington, traditional music programs using guitar, banjo and accordion for the U.S. National Park Service, the Cask and Schooner Public House and the Skagit Valley College Road Scholar program.


As part of nature, the universe and Earth, humanity is identical with their essence and history through the eons.  We personify their perfections and we are continually connected to their Big Bang beginnings. This continuum includes the Higgs Boson and the diverse growth of natural attraction energy through the eons.

The departure from the universal unity of nature's essence (NNIAAL) by our excessively nature-separated thinking results in our great disorders as well as our inability to prevent or cure them.

The sensory art and science of Natural Attraction Ecology and its nature-connected educating, counseling and healing methods and materials gives us the tools to reverse our troubles. They empower us to re-bond our mind and spirit to authentic nature's purifying and balanced ways. NAE can be added to all relationships and disciplines because our attraction to re-bond with our origins is the way nature's essence works. Now is the time to learn and teach its process

Research cited in many peer-reviewed periodicals affirms the special contribution and value of a potent process used for educating counseling and healing with nature. This sensory art is an accredited Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE), a science and whole-life wellness tool that produces sorely needed benefits from conscious sensory contact with the Higgs Boson as it operates today.

From sixty two years of natural system studies outdoors, NAE shows that we and the environment are at risk for the same reason. We don't learn how to think like the essence of nature's non-polluting peace and balance work. We suffer because, on average, our mentality is in mutually beneficial contact with the unifying, cooperation and purifying powers of nature for less than 12 hours of our total lifetime. This profound disconnection is the point source of our ungrounded Dualism and its resulting problems. It is a separation that continues to corrupt and deteriorate our 53 inherent natural senses and sensibilities.

Our disorders flourish because our estrangement from nature socializes our natural mind to be like a "fish out of water" and, excessively stressed and deluded, our “land-locked” thinking registers this anomaly as "normal."  It is as if at birth we are kidnapped by Industrial Society from the love and nurturing breast of Mother Earth and conditioned to suckle the addictive nipple on a bottle of whiskey for the rest of our lives.  As a remedy for this corruption and the madness it produces, NAE enables us to create trustable sensory moments that help us make conscious contact with the purifying dance and flow of nature in and around us.  This Mother Earth reconnection gives us access to the fundamental restorative powers of nature that our excessively nature-isolated lifestyles omit. It works because unique NAE hands-on methods, materials and online degree training help us create safe and nurturing sensory playgrounds in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. In them, our raw contact with nature's self-correcting and renewing ways helps our psyche regenerate back to health our inherent 53 natural senses.  These organic sensitivities are nature's way for us to register and benefit from the seamless flow of nature's power to recycle and reverse Industrial Society's pollution of our body, mind and spirit.

NAE helps our psyche become whole and healthy as it reconnects with the balancing attraction dance of its origins in and through the eons.  The NAE process enables our thoughts and feelings to compost and transform our dysfunctions into constructive relationships that increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

A demonstration of this article put into practice is available in a new book Certified Organic: Nature as Higher Power

Conclusion: (repeated from above)

Because we deny that we are attached or habituated to nature-disconnected information, we do not address this prejudiced addiction. Our denial prevents us from using effective nature-connected remedies immediately that have lasting benefits. 

ECHN works because although addiction is an unreasonable, overriding love, the fundamental nature of love is the fundamental love of nature.

We cannot save the world without restoring the emotional sensory attractions between Earth and ourselves. It is sensible, not shameful, to recognize that we do not love to save what we do not love.

No matter what triggered the ancient "growth explosion," it is self-evident that 13.5 billion years ago the Big Bang was the Universe loving itself into being, then, now and tomorrow. Each of us today are biologically unique personifications of the singular, unbroken Big Bang process through the eons. However, Industrial Society has trained us to attach our body mind and spirit to false information and destructive technologies that separate us from the beneficial ways that nature's Big Bang and its growth work.

The Project NatureConnect degree program is important because, due to our destructive emotional attachments, without help from ECHN we can't sensibly change for the better even when we want to.

Until proven otherwise, I warranty that since the beginning of time, all things, sub-atomics to the universe, including humanity's body, thoughts, feelings and spirit, have been held together and unified in pure, balanced integrity by nature's natural attraction dance. This means:
  • Everything except false stories are dancers.
  • Whenever we excessively separate our thoughts, feelings or actions from the Dance, we disrupt it and ourselves. This disconnection produces problems that the dance and we can't solve.

  • Natural Attraction Ecology is the practical art and science of creating point source moments that let the authentic NNIAAL dance in natural areas reconnect our mind to it and our Other Body, Earth. It is a social technology that helps our dance reasonably bring into balance the powerful runaway technologies and challenges of Industrial Society. NAE makes sense because without it neither a real horse nor our horse brain can cope with the immense juggernauting horsepower of profitable, nature-conquering, CRL technological prowess that corrupts Industrial Society and our body, mind and spirit.

  • No surprise, solutions that don't do what Natural Attraction Ecology helps us do produce additional personal, social and environmental problems.

  • NNIAAL is so powerful that Education that uses it as a teacher can lead to an online MS or PhD degree in as little as 18 months.

"How you get there is where you're going."

- Lao Tzu

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