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SANE EARTH PARADOX: The Validation of a Hidden, Yet Critical, Self-Evident Truth

The article: "Wake Up Ecozombie, Become an Avatar for Nature's Dance" reduces corruption.

An investigative reporter identifies the crucial key to creating peaceful and balanced relationships, a key that is missing from the way Industrial Society works.

If while on a trip to the South you looked in the sky you might see something irrefutable because it was self-evident. You might see that the full moon hanging in space was round.

As you traveled southerly it would also become undeniable that mountains to the north were sinking below the horizon and new mountains were arising in the south. From these experiences you could have a surefire thought that this was happening because the Earth was a globe and you were traveling its circumference. In addition, empirical evidence from ships you might see sailing away from you that were disappearing below the horizon would further this arguably round-earth conclusion.

Noting the incontrovertible curved shadow of the Earth on the moon during an eclipse would provide more corroborated evidence. So would the indisputable fact that the stars were setting in the north and rising in the south as you traveled south.

If you additionally learned that combined astronomy and incontestable mathematics formulated an incontrovertible understanding
through triangulation that Earth was round and then, to further prove this seemingly unquestionable point, an individual left his home continually traveling East and arrived back at his home from the West, you would probably wager a good sum of money on the patent certainty that the Earth was round.

You would find few takers for the bet for most other folks would have the same unarguable information; it is indubitable. 

Certainly verbal and written testimony by astronauts while in orbit, accompanied by unadulterated photographs taken from outer space showing the Earth to be a globe would affirm that a round, global Earth is a factual truism.   Personally seeing the curve of the horizon from a beach or mountain top would reinforce this

Much of the evidence, above, is information that registers directly on our natural senses, It is self-evident, as in "We hold these truths to be self-evident"

What seems unbelievable is that, at this late date, there remain, today, non-evidence based individuals and groups who believe and argue that the Earth is flat, even while their “round earth” lives and lifestyles would not exist if this was true.  These people are "zombies," in that their senses are deadened with respect to reasoning sensibly from round-earth information.  The Earth being flat can be seen as a corrupt prejudice, a fixated, unreasonable, pre-judging attitude that, due to emotional bonding, is unusually resistant to rational influence. If they excessively acted out their belief their fraud would be considered criminal or insane and be treated accordingly for committing the sin of omission.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

- John Muir (1869)

Be amazed. There is something even more astonishing than the “flat earth” still being seen by some as an accurate fact in this day and age.  What is amazing is that most of us don’t accept or act off an even greater preponderance of authenticated evidence. It shows that natural attraction is self-evident as the unifying essence of every aspect of nature’s dance since the beginning of time in the standard universe. 
  • A proven factual model to this end was designed in 1974.
  • No scientific evidence, including self-evidence, has been discovered that disputes it.
  • Empirical findings that support it have been uncovered and confirmed.
Few persons, if any, have been able to satisfactorily disprove this fact with valid evidence.  It is now  identified as Natural Sense #54, the self-evident, unifying sense of natural attraction and its aliveness dance, a singular essence and source of all our other senses and relationships.

All these facts have been collected and identified as the indisputable sensory and applicable science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE). However, being an incontrovertible, but inconvenient, self-evident truth that offsets the adverse side effects of “objective” science, only the few that understand NAE and put it to work gain its unarguable unifying benefits and help others do the same.  Its process of evidence-based thinking and relationship building produces
unquestionable findings that are not corrupt and are applicable to any science, religion, psychiatry or spirituality including Atheist or Agnostic.

NAE is available via and published pages about its history.  significance and singularity.  The unadulterated truths it presents reduce fraud and are described with explanatory links at You can do activities that help you test and explore it for yourself via Natural Attraction as sense #54.

If all the above about natural attraction seems unreasonable,
the reader is invited to take the natural
attraction challenge presented by exploratory thinking. You may be the first to find an inescapable example to the contrary of it, something whose essence is not held together by, or an expression of natural attraction.  

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

- Albert Einstein

If all the above seems impractical, think about all the wasted energy energy that was generated by the yet to be found Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Y2K bug or Mayan Calendar prophecy. That vitality can best go to supporting personal and global well-being. Individuals trained in Natural Attraction Ecology and the use of evidence-based thinking dedicate themselves to help put that critically important energy to work in a good way

The interview, below, focuses on the self-evident truth
and values of Natural Attraction Ecology and its sensory process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature and
Eco Art Therapy. Its intention is to update individuals whose awareness includes the veracity of the natural attraction essence of nature’s universal dance and how to support its special contribution to themselves and others.  (The interview may also be seen in its original publication at Ecozombies.pdf. That copy does not contain helpful reference links and updates, as in this OP/NAE presentation)

"I discovered that I wasn’t born a sinner, I was born into sin, there’s a difference."

-Project NatureConnect Student NJL

Those who want to actively support the availability to all of NAE please call Mike Cohen, Ph.D. at 360-378-313

A synopsis of this article is available below


Wake Up Eco Zombie

by Karen Rider

 “We are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the Earth and the sun and stars.”

-- D.H. Lawrence, author, essayist, poet, visionary 1885-1930

Do you ever wonder why we contemporary humans, who are part of Nature, engage in practices that deteriorate the natural environment and ourselves? The question passes through my mind often, especially after a natural disaster strikes, such as Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 that demonstrated our possible future. Only then, I wonder what is wrong with us that we do not recognize that we are the crux of our problems and the heart of their solutions? After all, nature-centered societies seldom display or produce our disorders.

Dr. Michael Cohen, a recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award, eco-psychologist and environmental scientist, has dedicated his sixty-year career to researching and teaching Natural Attraction Ecology. Lauded as a maverick genius and nature hero, he formulated a Web of Life Model that identifies exactly “what is wrong with us,” as well as empowers us to correct what ails us.

“Industrialized Society socializes us from childhood into a nature-disconnected story that excessively exploits nature’s balanced essence, even as that ancient energy dances in, through and around us,” he explains. “The root of the problem is that we deny we have been indoctrinated into this story; this keeps us tied to exploitative patterns of thought and behavior that perpetuate the industrial myth.”

The result of living the Industrial Myth is obvious to many of us—but not enough of us: We are out of touch with our natural way of knowing, with our biological genetics, our inherent sensitivity to the natural process and order of nature’s dance in and around us. It’s not just the environment that is deteriorating; as a part of nature, our personal and social well-being degrades along with it. When human beings live nature-disconnected lifestyles, they impose limits on our reasoning and creative thinking. We become a herd of eco-zombies that are numb to the problems we are responsible for creating in the environment and in our body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Cohen spoke with Om Times about the powerful sensory and nature reconnecting processes that enables us to restore wellness to our nature-disconnected psyches. More than just rewriting the myth, his research and teaching Natural Attraction Ecology and the Natural Systems Thinking Process enables us to once again dance in balance with nature and increase personal and global well-being.    

Karen: Share with our readers how Webstring Natural Attraction works.

Dr. Cohen:  The Webstring Natural Attraction Model recognizes people as being part of the eons-old dance of the web of life, no better or worse with respect to the planet as a totality. Each member of the web, whether it be an amoeba or cloud or human, has the identity of its own dance step, its special contributions, and its unique relationship to the whole.

The web of life is the attraction between everything that’s a part of it. For example, we’ve been in an attraction relationship with the sun for billions of years. That same natural attraction holds the particles and nuclei of atoms together.

Research in particle physics and cosmology now show the web of life can accurately be seen as an attraction dance between everything on Earth and all things beyond. For example, the human body’s sensation or sense of thirst is a genetic-atoms rooted natural attraction (NA) for water; water is the NA of hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms. Oxygen atoms are subatomic particles attracted to dance together as an oxygen atom and that atom is attracted to dance with other atoms, ad-infinitum.

Karen: How do people benefit from this knowledge?

By applying it. Individuals at any given moment learn what they need to know when they choose to go into a natural area and gain consent for their ingrained Industrial Society way of life to dance to the rhythm and tune of authentic nature, as of old.  We discover how make conscious, uncontaminated, sensory attraction connections with authentic nature through our 54 inherent natural senses and sensations.....similar to thirst, for example our senses of hunger, place, community, trust and gravity.  I call this self-evident process the sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) or the art of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN).

  What do these processes do?

Dr Cohen: Using NAE methods and materials, our body, mind and spirit helps themselves intimately dance with the natural world’s power to maintain nature’s balance and purity in and around us. ECHN enables us to strengthen that power within ourselves as we are born with it, but Industrial Society buries it in our subconscious.  It’s like learning how to use the expertise and tools of a mechanic to fix your own car.  Once you learn it, you can continually do it when needed and, with respect to how nature works, you strengthen the car’s (nature's) "magic" ability to fix itself that it once had.

In short, the web of life is an interconnecting system, a dance that allows the whole to communicate with its parts through attraction and vice versa. Everything remains in equal attraction and balance; nothing is repulsive. This is how and why nature doesn't produce any garbage and can teach us to do the same.

The Webstring Model demonstrates that individuals at any given moment learn what they need to know when they make uncontaminated conscious, sensory attraction connections with authentic nature.

Karen:  How so?

Dr. Cohen:  Most folks know the Webstring Model works because they have experienced its effects. Right now, recall an experience you have had in nature, one you would be attracted to repeat again because of what value that experience brought into your life in that moment and the moments since. This is factual. This is personal empirical evidence you can trust because the experience registered, unadulterated, directly on your senses: the colors that surrounded you, the motions and sounds of nature, the aromas, textures or flavors that were part of the experience touched and reconnected themselves in you.

Karen:  I’m thinking of a trip to Grand Canyon. I am eager to camp there again, once my daughters are old enough to carry a backpack a few miles! How do NA experiences heal the disconnect created by the Industrial Myth?

Dr. Cohen:    The Myth is so ingrained in the personal and global psyche that we’ve become eco-zombies wearing desensitization glasses so we are unable to see what is right in front of our eyes and act to correct it: Excessive separation from the web of life, the natural order, is the root of the disorder and dis-ease. Go back in your memory to that NA experience. What do you recall?

Karen:  Immense peace. Awesome appreciation for the beauty of the planet. I remember seeing so many stars in the night sky; it was as if God had sprinkled diamond dust on black velvet.

Dr. Cohen:    In my years of field study and practical application of this model in education and psychology, people have reported observations like yours. Their direct contact with the web of life helped them escape their “industrial story thinking.” On a genetic sensory level they were able to feel and register the true natural being they were born as. They become aware how their natural self has been hurtfully isolated and misguided by our society’s exploitation of nature within and around them.

Karen:  What does Earth have to teach us about the wellness of personal and global balance?

Dr. Cohen:    Perhaps the greatest discovery nature has to offer is the opportunity for each of us to find answers to questions such as “Who am I?” “What is going on?” “What is my purpose?” “How can I build relationships and heal?” Such discovery and its remedy lies in trusting our natural feelings and sensations, recognizing they are legitimate facts about how nature works in and around us.

Natural Attraction moments empower us to become conscious, to wake-up to the Industrial Myth. They help us recognize that you, me, others are not in conscious thought or sensory awareness when we live out our “indoor stories” and lives. Ironically, people reading this are probably indoors, bathed in electronic lighting and reading fluorescent screens monitors.

Then you have people, as I have observed, who go out to the trails and waste their moments talking about the features of their SUV, mortgage payments and lousy bosses. Their consciousness does not register the whole of nature in the moment yet the unadulterated power of nature’s wholeness in our psyche is what needs to happen. We have to encourage nature to fully register in our consciousness so we can think, feel and relate as part of the dance for that dance is us when we don’t deny it.

Karen:  You’re saying we fail to “see or feel” the world as we have reshaped it and the effect we have upon it. People don’t allow nature into their lives; they stay blind to the denial myth. What did you think of the film, Avatar? It seemed to illustrate the perpetuation of the Industrial Myth, which humans tried to impose upon the Na’vi.

Dr. Cohen:     At the same time that it demonstrated what is hidden in our lives, James Cameron’s Avatar also perpetuated the Industrial Myth. It portrayed the restorative connections between the Na'vi and nature as occurring on another planet, Pandora. The film created an illusion that made folks think their true relationship with nature was an unobtainable fantasy rather than a reality. It further disconnected viewers from nature and made them more dependent on a film crutch, rather than helping them learn how to enjoy first hand contact with authentic nature's benefits and support. In reality, what happened to the Na’vi is happening on our planet Earth. Our re-connect with nature antidote exists here, now, in “plugging our sensory braids” into natural areas.

Natural Attraction Ecology and Project NatureConnect offer ways to help us genuinely connect our psyche with the grace of nature's self-correcting and restorative powers. Our loss of these powers due to the nature-separated way we learn to think and feel causes us to create our most challenging problems, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and environmentally.

Karen:  What can we do about it?

Dr. Cohen:     We can let nature help us stop denying the Industrial Myth we learned during childhood. Engage in mindful thought and feeling relationships, backyard or backcountry that gain and contribute to the sensible joy of nature and natural attraction ecology. Its curriculum in Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) adds activities to any way of teaching, living and working. It is an effective step in the right direction.  

When we are mindful enough to integrate the sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology into any other medical, educational or developmental discipline or practice, we are able to consciously interlace our thoughts, feelings and relationships with the restorative and self-correcting powers of nature. Through this purifying connection, we reap the benefits of reversing our disorders and increasing well-being personally and globally.  

Fast Fact File:
  Dr. Michael Cohen

For sixty years, Michael J. Cohen’s tireless efforts as a naturalist, environmental educator, counselor and eco-psychologist have made him an unsung environmental hero. In 1965, Dr. Cohen discovered that Planet Earth acted like a living organism. From this he founded sensory, Gaia based, degree granting Environmental and Expedition Education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and American universities.

•    Dr. Cohen has lived almost continuously in natural areas and to this day sleeps outdoors year round. He has lived among many human communities including the Amish, indigenous people, outdoorsmen and ecologists.
•    Director of the Institute of Global Education, Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect
•    Faculty, Portland State University, Akamai University
•    Author of 50 publications, including the books:  Reconnecting with Nature, Einstein’s World, Web of Life Imperative, Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature.
•    Hobbies: Writing, folk music, contra dance and traditional music performer

Those who want to actively support the availability to all of NAE please call Mike Cohen, Ph.D. at 360-378-313

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Until proven otherwise, since the beginning of time, all things, sub-atomics to the universe, including humanity's body, mind and spirit, have been held together and unified in pure, balanced integrity by nature's natural attraction dance. This means:
  • Everything in the universe is a dancer.
  • Whenever we excessively separate our thoughts, feelings or actions from the dance, we disrupt it and ourselves. This corruption produces problems that the dance and we can't solve.

  • NAE is the art and science of creating moments that let the dance reconnect us to itself.

  • No surprise, solutions that don't do what Natural Attraction Ecology helps us do produce additional personal, social and environmental problems.


Long term science puzzles that have simple Natural Attraction Ecology self-evident answers:

When the solution is simple, God is answering.

- Albert Einstein

  • You are part of nature. Where does nature end and you begin?
  • Is natural attraction self-evident?
  • What is Life? What is Death? What is the difference between them?
  • How does nature not create garbage or pollution?
  • How and why do nature's purity, composting and recycling abilities work?
  • How does nature peacefully produce optimums of diversity, unity and balance simultaneously? 
  • How does nature work via cooperation, not competition?
  • What is the essence of our Big Bang Universe and its sanity?
  • Is Nature a self-evident, organic dance?
  • Since we are part of nature, what is the difference between the way we think and relate and the way nature works?
  • How did the psyche of Aboriginals sustain, for millenia, their balanced personal, social and environmental integrity?
  • How does nature strengthen conflict resolution internally and externally?
  • How can NAE help individuals and societies connect with the unifying and restorative powers of nature's dance, in and around us?
  • How does disconnection from nature corrupt education or psychology and support fraud?

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?

- John Maynard Keynes


No matter your walk in life, age or expertise, you are a personification of natural attraction and therefore can easily learn how to use and teach it via ECHN and NAE self-evidence. The best way to accomplish this is to walk the talk
via our online Orientation Course

If you have special inclinations or talents that you want to support in a good way you are invited to become an Applied Ecopsychology Practioner.  An overview free course online is also available.

If you are interested in the above, you deserve the voluntary community and mentoring support, work study and financial assistance we offer.


The Science of Transformation: Think, Feel and Be Happiness.

It is well known that our advanced way of life consists of knowledge derived from the art of scientific investigation.

As has long been predicted in the NAE Webstring Model, scientific "Higgs Boson" observations now show that the standard universe we belong to began with a singular, "Big Bang" attraction dance.  We also know that throughout the eons, the intelligence of this dance consciously sustained the life of the dance by building attractive relationships.  

We know the above because, in concert with everything else, we are the dance. We can experience this desire, moment by moment, in the present 

Nature’s conscious attraction dance is for the enjoyment and welfare of all natural things and it makes the space and time needed to transform itself into greater balanced and diverse relationships. We are a personification of this dance and its Big Bang origins. Our conscious thoughts and feelings ride it like they are surfing a leading wave on the edge of the ocean.

As new attraction partnerships in the wave establish themselves, its dance transforms them into greater variety and strength. For this reason, no two moments in nature’s wave are ever the same, impure or unattractive.  This is why nature does not produce garbage.

The attraction dance has neither increased nor destroyed itself over its eons. Its matter and energy are simply different forms of each other that transform. Being the dance, we are both and we often call the energy our “spirit” or “soul.”

Nature consists of each present moment’s transformation attraction  dance for the betterment of all things. In nature our consciousness dances with its NA powers (NNIAAL) found in natural areas and each other.

Our ability to create accurate natural attraction stories helps us be mutually supportive attraction dancers who deteriorate neither nature nor ourselves.

As does humanity, all plant, animal and mineral members of Earth consist of attractions in nature's transformation wave.  This includes our ability to create stories. However, it is only our accurate whole-earth stories that make us attractive and constructive planet community members.

Our challenge for balance and sanity in Industrial Society is to be, act out and share our scientifically truthful stories while eliminating our false stories and their destructive effects. The amazing tool that helps us achieve this goal is the readily available sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology and its art of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature.

Those who want to actively support the availability to all of NAE please call Mike Cohen, Ph.D. at 360-378-313


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