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Practical online distance learning to increase person/planet wellness.


ARTICLE: A UN Avatar/Pandora Petition to Increase Well-Being Generates Testimonials About Learning How to Think, Feel and Build Relationships Like Nature's Perfection Works.

ABSTRACT: A Professor of Natural Attraction Ecology accuses most personnel in education, science and the media of withholding a key tool for increasing personal, social and environmental well-being.  The secret omission of this tool is exemplified in the film "Avatar" where the restorative connections made between the Na'vi and nature take place on another planet, Pandora. This development is misleading news. The crucial, free connection process is actually alive in real life on Earth and available through hero activist training program work, jobs and online degrees. Each helps to establish mutually supportive, earth-connected relationships and moments of clarity.



The article on this page describes a funded Mother Earth sensory science in action. It is an established holistic, organic psychology tool whose activities produce a real life Pandora Na'vi braid nature connection on Planet Earth, not just the fictional connection depicted in James Cameron's AVATAR film. Real nature connection news and abilities give us the opportunity to improve health wellness and counseling. By enabling our thinking and feeling to contact and safely tap into the real life training progrm to develop hero activists.  Throughnature's grace, balance and restorative powers we benefit from and strengthen our original inborn love of nature, in and around us, and its benefits. This development enables participants to master crucial, yet free, alternative therapist coaching, stress release management and holistic spiritual psychology for work and new jobs.


Project NatureConnect
offers a nature-centered distant learning opportunity that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting research, methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Improve your income and satisfaction through new independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology activities.
  • Help people connect their heart, thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Increase personal social and environmental well being.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the natural world to your life, job and community.
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The UN Avatar/Pandora Nature-Connection Petition:

Why the media is withholding a key tool for increasing personal, social and environmental well-being.

- Michael J. Cohen

It is the year 2010 and a new signature alert is appearing on emails and in Facebook:

Empower Yourself. Sign our "Earth Avatar" United Nations Petition to Increase Well Being.
Think about how much better you will feel if you take advantage of Project NatureConnect's opportunity to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. We invite you to sign our petition to the United Nations. It urges the UN to promote the process of educating, counseling and healing with nature. This transformative, sensory science helps us, like the Na'vi on Pandora, plug our psyche into the restorative wisdom and joy of nature on this planet.  This is real, not Hollywood fantasy. The connection enables us to walk together in the real-life beauty, cooperation and peace of nature's amazing grace.

By January 14, 2010 a petition to the UN has generated 203 signature and many testimonials.  It reports to the Secretary General the fact that a readily available
 Nature-connection tool on Planet Earth today is, in real life, the same as the Planet Pandora Na'vi braid connection to nature that is fictionalized in James Cameron's "Avatar" movie film that was released in December. The 200th signature left this message:

"This program is the most sensible thing we have going for us. Everyone on Earth should be in on this. I have traveled this path for years and believe it is the most single and significant way to get to where we must be as partners with the Earth."

The testimonials validate that individuals who learn to use the connection-tool program and teach others to use it, are unheralded Avatar heros on Planet Earth. They empower the people of this world to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

The 55 testimonial quotes that are included, below, are a sampling from the signees on the Petition.  They  represent the good experiences of thousands of others that are engaged in or support the nature-connection tool of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE), the process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN).

The petition was conceived because we live in a society whose initial balanced life relationship with nature has become a conquering and nature-exploitive addiction. We seldom recognize that we have biased our our mentality against nature. 
For excessive profit we place our thoughts and feelings in a "protective," nature-isolated closet and then, with nature's wise input missing, we deteriorate nature and the natural. The dire effects from doing this are painfully obvious. We are deteriorating personal, social and environmental well-being  We don't stop, however, because we are addicted to perceive this unreasonable relationship as progress and economic growth rather than an irrational prejudice.

To be commercially profitable, the news and facts that don't sell well to our nature-biased mind set are often omitted or distorted in the media. Sense-stimulating crime, violence, sex, freaks and the bizarre take their place. Disconnected from the satisfactions derived from contact with nature's grounded-life reality, the latter are sought to satisfy the void and discontent of our nature-separated psyche.  

Our nature-disconnected thinking is limited and distorted.  This often leads us to dismiss folks like the signers of the ECHN petition as nature freaks, fuzzy thinkers, earth muffins, air heads and the like.  We consider ourselves to be smarter than them. We fool ourselves to think that we can discern that what these nature-connected people are doing is strange. It is invalid for us and they are "fuzzy thinking" "hippies," "earth muffins" and the like.  

Meanwhile our suffering, disorders and trespasses continue. With the wisdom of genuine nature-connection missing from our lives and psyche, we invent very few solutions for our problems that don't create additional problems. The contribution of ECHN, and the remedy it offers, although long established, goes unnoticed

By continually suppressing the science of ECHN, our leaders and the media intensify our troubles as they exclude or demean the sustainablity things that what we need to learn from nature  about life-in-balance. We tend to believe that our intelligence will find a solution and to ignore that nature is the fountainhead of authority about how it works to achieve its perfection..  

Without using a real-life nature connection tool, we are like animals locked in a zoo of our own making. We exhibit abnormal behavior and thinking because we are hurtfully disconnected from nature's self-correcting ways. Rendered helpless, we become addictively dependent upon the zookeepers who sell us their services and medicines.  They, in turn, profit from our disorders and suffering.  

The ECHN process is neither fantasy nor flakey. Like the 
Pandora Na'vi utopian connection to nature's paradise that is fictionalized in the Avatar movie film, using ECHN now, on this Planet, genuinely connects our thinking to nature's restorative ways. It is free of charge and free of the zoo. It is real in the same way that Earth and its balanced perfection are real, when unadulterated.  

The rationale, power and value of ECHN
as an antidote for what ails us, is conclusively demonstrated by engaging in the process, online at http://www.ecopsych.com/giftearthday1.html, experiencing its effects, and noting how it has affected others at http://www.ecopsych.com/iloveactivity.html

The thinking and consciousness of a small number of people has escaped the zoo or never been fully captured in it. These individuals understand the value of ECHN; they are bold enough to sign the petition.  Many have gained the expertise to connect their thinking with nature by creating moments in their lives that let Earth teach.  Each of them would be Avatar heros in a society that valued rather than exploited nature.

What the petition brings to the attention of the UN is that Avatar training and beneficial Pandora nature-connected life relationships are not fictional as portrayed in our nature-disconnected films, books and media.  They are authentic human attributes that are from and part of nature. We inherit them. A few of us cherish them as our greatest hope for sanity. It is this few that have signed the petition and may learn how to use ECHN to empower themselves to help others get out of the zoo and its discontents. If you are such a person, you are invited to explore our UN petition site and sign our petition.


Sadly, the media and our education, social and political leaders seldom let us know that a "Pandoran" connective thinking and feeling braid beween ourselves and the natural world is available and that it is neither magic nor imaginary. This information has long been known to these authorities.  ECHN helps those of us who recognize this problem
and who want to help deal with it. ECHN intensifies the benefits of NAE for us and enables us to teach its science from experience, in the same way Avatar learned it from the Pandorans.

To our loss, the media and our leaders, including Steven Speilberg, have also failed to inform us that ET was not ExtraTerrestrial.  ET was a true representation of Earth itself and its powers.  Where can we find the education or information that passionately conveys the truth of ET and Avatar so that we can, without shame or fear, embrace our living planet and its gifts of life in beauty for us.  Has the same prejudice against nature distorted the actualities of the beneficial effects of the wilderness on Jesus when he spent 40 days there.  Has it dismissed the tree that the Buddah sat under as a source of his valuable observations?

Being caught up in mediated information generated by nature-disconnected media personnel seldom makes us recognize that, on average, over 98 percent of our time, thinking and feeling is injuriously separated from contact with authentic nature.

Where, then, can we learn that we destructively closet ourselves and our psyche from nature and its ability to help us recycle the pollution in our thinking that causes our disturbances?

ECHN has been available online for 20 years.  Where is the funding, media or intelligence to make its contributions available to the public?  Where is ECHN a required process to be learned as part of the 24,000 impressionable hours of our formative early years, years that we spend, like zoo inmates, indoors, in nature-separated classrooms, homes, offices and vehicles?

Dr. Phil and our teachers mislead us when they say, "Get real by learning about life from a fake Avatar film that doesn't even help you know that you are born with the powers of Pandora and the Na'vi, a film that does not help you discover, benefit from and strengthen these powers"

If all this makes us feel unsettled, that does not mean there is something wrong with us.  Rather, it means that part of us is smart enough to signal that it is upset because we are shamefully vulnerable to Industrial Society turning our natural Pandoran selves into cultural objects that excessively consume goods to fuel the economy and increase profits.  

For some people, one good experience in nature can help them see and feel that it is nature in and around us, not books, lectures and courses, that is the true, freely accessible source of our abiity to have our good experiences in the mountains, the forests, at the beach or with close friends.  

Most of us have learned to consider our outdoor vacation experiences as escapes from real life, as recreation rather than re-creation. Most of us learn to demean our outdoor experieces rather than honor connections with natural areas for their deep attraction to reestablish mutually supportive relationships with us, as of old.  

Deep within us, most of us trust and honor a sunset more that we respect our cell phone or 2 plus 2 equals four. We need to become Avatars to Industrial Society on and for our planet, Earth. Do it. We must increase personal, social and environmental well being by giving nature time and space to help us achive this crucial goal.  

ECHN is important because it empowers us to create moments that let earth teach.  It enables us to pass this skill on to others.  It helps us grow, think and feel like nature's purity and balanced perfection works.

Many of the petition signees are "Earth Avatars," students and graduates from Project NatureConnect and Akamai University's Institute of Applied Ecopsychology, Portland State University Extended Education courses and the training program of the Institute of Global Education. The signees' statements on the petition are not those of inexperienced amateurs. They are from educated mid-career professionals who are learning how to apply and teach the integral ecology livelihood of ECHN. Their unsollicited quotes testify to the value of this process.  

The omission of ECHN in Industrial Society demonstrates our potent bias to conquer and excessively exploit nature for profit instead of peacefully co-creating in mutually supportive ways with nature's global life community.

Can all these petition signers really be off base, or are they, instead, unrecognized hero Avatars and Pandorans of this planet? Are they folks that we have learned to disregard because they offer us an inconvenient truth? Our good experiences in nature can best help us answer this question for ourselves.

Turning to the dogma of our biased society for solutions is similar to shooting ourselves in the foot.

For Earth Day, 2012, a 250 word statement was made available that helps its readers clearly identify the core of our great problems, its solution, and how to become an Earth Avatar that helps people implement the solution.  

Below are samples of the testimonial statements that accompanied the signatures on the Petition to the UN. Hopefully they will help some of us see the light.

(Visit the Petition Web Page for the sources of these quotes and for additional statements that have been posted after they appeared.  Also visit the Research Page that helps verify these testimonials.

California   "This petition is one of the most important documents concerning personal health and health for our planet that I can imagine."

"We should live WITH the earth, not just on it. Teaching our young people this is vital."

"Nature-connected thinking has made sense to me for the last ten years. I recommend as a principle part of healing ourselves and bringing into being a more harmonious relationship to our environment. Learning to trust what you learn from your good experiences in nature is the first step to establishing a respectful attitude to what really sustains us."

New York  
"I support all Project Nature Connect activities and have every confidence that reconnecting with nature is the best method of increased well being and quality mental health."

"There is no substitute for real contact with real nature, for that's what makes us real people. 'If a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is to connect it with more of itself.' "

"Connecting with nature is an integral part of my life that has immeasurably enhanced my life."

"Using natural attraction ecology techniques has reduced my feelings of anxiety and improved my total feeling of well-being. It has become integral part of how I interact with the planet and the myriad of life forms that compose the biosphere. I know that if more people had access to these techniques and used them regularly that there would be great increases in personal, community, and planetary well-being with decreases in armed conflict and the degradation of life systems."

"Educating through nature has enhanced my entire life . . . it just makes sense to have a healthy well-being. Natural ecology activities invite you to explore what ails you, and natural attractions are trustable and enjoyable . . . a direct natural sensory fulfillment."

"Through my direct sensory experiences in Project Nature Connect's program, I know that earth is a living organism, and that I am intimately connected in myriad ways to everything on earth. Because of my sensory awareness of this fact, I function much more sustainably than I did prior to the development of my awareness. I am now much more aware- on a real, sensory level- of where I am in harmony and where my behavior or choices are out of sync.  These shifts have changed my life forever, and I am forever in debt to this program."

"We live _with_ nature and find harmony and sustainability, or we seek to dominate or control nature and we choose the path of self destruction."

"Reconnecting our way of thinking and living with that of the rest of nature is the most important step we can take to understand and dissolve the many social, psychological and economic problems facing our country, the global economy and the planet."

"My experiences in natural areas helped me learn to think like nature's perfection works and to help others learn this valuable process."

"It makes sense that the more our species remembers how think and act the way Nature works--in mutually supportive relationship with the planet that sustains us--the fewer personal, societal, and environmental problems we will experience."

North Carolina  
"The incidence of mental illness has grown by leaps and bounds, with few therapies that are effective. Natural attraction thinking is a viable and sensible way to promote health and well-being of individuals and the planet."

South Africa  
"As nature always forgives us our mistakes, it is time we make the effort to help Mother Nature heal."

New York  
"Learning to think like Nature works has re-spirited my body, mind and psyche. I feel much more peaceful and connected to the world around me. Just imagine if every human understood their inter-dependence and lived in global Oneness with all beings! By embracing and acting upon truths from the natural world, it's possible!"

"The nature connect thinking make a big difference for myself and for my clients I went in NatureConnecting as a counselor and coach. This is the New World people speak about to give freedom and happiness. Because it is all in us already, just has to be re-discovered again. I am so blessed with a new way of thinking, that making choices in life are more balanced than ever before".

"Nature connected thinking is the only thing I truly trust. Nature does not judge and it does not tell/create stories. I'll take nature as my teacher everyday!"

"Nature-connected thinking and knowing is the living consciousness of our lives. There is no substitute, replacement or shortcuts for a direct natural experience. However through having such an experience a person will discover for themselves their own true nature in harmony with all what is natural."

Virginia   "Catalyzed by this time of climate change, it is critical for us to experience the Oneness that connects all living things. This profound experience then affects and generates each action that we take."

"Considering all the controversy over the Environmental Problems (global warming & climate change) ...we should all consider learning as much as we can about how Nature works and how we may effect our environment. Nature offers so many benefits to us...for healing, rejuvenation, nurturing, medicines, and all that we need for survival."

Arkansas    "We are intimately dependent on the biosphere of Earth to survive and thrive. With studies demonstrating nature-connections improve emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being, it is madness to NOT include a comprehensive infiltration of knowledge of, and direct contact with, the grace and intelligence of nature in all aspects of our lives."

"As a former special education teacher I personally witnessed the healing benefits of contact with nature on the emotionally challenged children I taught. Please give this program your highest priority and consideration for the benefit of our collective survival and continued enjoyment."

"Experiences with and in Nature calm and support me. I always feel valued and part of a whole system that has an intelligence beyond my daily awareness. Knowing that everyone is supported in this way confirms that we are nature."

North Carolina  
"My connection with nature has brought wellness and joy into my life. Whether we choose to acknoweledge it or not, it is the natural world around us that allows us to be whole. It creates and sustains our existence...why would we not want to honor that?"

"This is a very innovative "Discovery Program" that I feel is on the cutting edge of education. The huge additional benefit is that I have been able to incorporate the Project Nature Connect curriculum and have seen dramatic shifts in my students self esteem, self confidence, attitude about learning, behavior, and desire to work as a team. I can not adequately express the dramatic difference the PNC program is making in my work with my students."

"Many of us recognize that all living entities on Earth share one biosphere, and need to protect it. Even in psychology, awareness is growing that true mental health cannot be attained when the degradation of the environment continues at such a rapid pace - with the prospect of destroying the environment comes depression, despair and pathological detachment."

"Earth is a living organism, no doubt!"

Utah   "Nature connection is as vital to me in my daily life as is food. It brings me peace, clear thinking, and a route to the heart of mankind"

"Since I began reconnecting with nature using the techniques taught through Dr. Cohen's course, I have experienced a shift in the way I approach life. I feel more connected to the earth, my community and my family. I now see how the web of life extends to all life and how everything is interconnected and interdependent."

"There are many roads to walk in this life. They all eventually lead back to the same place - a oneness with Mother Earth and the cosmos. We have the choice to deepen our experience of that oneness now, in support of universal evolution, including consciousness itself. This, then, is the meaning of meaning, of a deeper, richer, more satisfying life. ProjectNatureConnect is a straightforward, effective route to this greater journey."

New York  
"This experience has been life altering to me and greatly serves those with whom I work."

"The whole psyche of the planet is dependant on the wonderful and mysterious processes occurring in the natural world at every moment. The more people know, the more healthy humankind will be. There is not much time."

"My entire life has been enriched and I feel a great connection with other people, animals, plants, and all of nature in general. Understanding how we are connected to nature has opened my eyes to the true meaning of "living green". It's an entire lifestyle, not just something you do. If my life can be changed so drastically, imagine the impact we can make if we educate the whole world!"

"I participated in this program, and the improvement in my quality of life has been incredible! We prove to ourselves over and over again how industrial life hurts us, other creatures, and the land we depend on. Instead of spending energy on that, shouldn't we be putting energy into things that will *feed* our minds, bodies, and souls? Shouldn't we be focusing on what we know will heal, rather than harm?"

New Mexico   
"The sense i got after watching the Avatar movie, that it may be too late for humans. we still don't seem to get that we need to change our lives completely and immediately and be one with earth, yet continue to do things like get to the movie driving across town in the big suv, reading about an oil discovery undersea on yahoo news and seeing no mention of concern about global warming in that article."

"I used to be hostile to nature and office locked! When I joined the Nature connect, I started going to enjoy nature and my life is completely changed! There a super natural power of God present in nature and you just need to befriend it to find it. Nature is healing and kind to all creation."

"Nature is one of the most important blessings AND commodities we have. She needs to be cared for and protected NOW and forever. She is one of the most miraculously beautiful and sacred realms of our lives. Her forests, trees, oceans, beaches, parks and much more need to be preserved and conserved. NOW IS THE TIME.  Earth is a living organism that restores, revitalizes and nurtures my nature She needs to be protected and preserved."

"Nature isn't something to be feared about, she is not our adversary, not something that is to be conquered, but rather something that is part of us. She is us. The time to coexist and care for nature, to appreciate her beauty, her efficiency, admire her giving personality, her transcending and ever shining light of equality where every livigin thing matters to her, every rock, pebble, mountain and river adds to her grace."

"We, humans, are living in a world not only of concrete and steel but also in a world filled with air, warmth, fire and a ground we can stand on. We are part of nature...we are nature. We are not robots but sometimes we forget."

"Nature bats last. Get the U.N. outdoors! It's time to smell the roses and get to first base in motivating everyone to take a deep breath of fresh air and connect, connect, connect!!"

"Nature is so important for the soul. We are saturated with the manufactured that very little of every day life come from what is pure and natural. Mother Earth provides all that we need. It is true in life that you learn as you grow and what better way to help children that to share the experience at a young age?"

"When one recognizes, what we do to another ultimately we do to ourselves, we will walk more gently on the Earth and honor everything as one living, breathing whole."

"Everything that i learned in ecopsychology by dr.cohen, is helping me influence my own life as well as my student's life at the.university where i work as a lecturer in physical growth and development, communication skills, child health and nutrition. My students say they find more truth and logic in what i say, than they can find in text books."

"Nature is the guidance that our society has sorely done without, creating monumental opportunities for destruction, abuse, waste, un-fulfillment, and intolerance.  Nature has supports me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually but only when my thinking allows it to. Disturbed and distorted thinking that creates destructive acts towards nature has brought our world to catastrophe and the only way to contribute to cleaning up the mess is by a natural systems thinking process that connects to nature, intelligence, attraction, and love."

North Carolina    
"We need more nature in our lives! WE need to see and be in the sky, earth, plants, trees, to be well and healthy. I have taken Cohen's online course. It was excellent. His work is tremendous."

"Please consider this teaching as a valid and exceptional way to bring peace to people in the world. While simple on its face the changes that can be experienced from utilizing the knowledge here are nothing short of miracles."

"I have learned through course work in Applied Ecopsychology and Natural Attraction Ecology to have hope. Beyond me and my skills as one counsellor working with each family I can help in turn. To being a part of Nations of people each learning, sharing, educating and healing. The psyche of everyone can be nurtured by Earth and Nature. It offers healing to those in need without cost.

Wisconsin     Recognizing that we are nature rather than apart from it has been such an important lesson in my life. Nature nutures me in so many ways - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is when I take the time to be still in the out of doors and pay attention to what is happening around me that I feel at peace and centered.

California     I believe full heartedly that Science will continue to prove even more that we are connected, plants & animals have energy fields that help, connect with and heal us.

South Carolina     Nature connecting has made a huge impact on my life. When I am outdoors, I make sure that nature is allowed to calm me and create peace within each busy day. I do this by taking time to look at the trees and flowers and notice the birds soaring past. This is an active mediation everyone can use and benefit from.

Oregon     Nature connected way of thinking, prioritizing teaching with Nature, re-connecting with Nature, from personal level to cultural level is only way individuals, community, country, and world will be sustainable, enjoyable, and ever able to near ultimate potential of good in the world.
I owe my quality of life and my increasingly healthy, optimistic, wiser adult -well being, to re-connecting with nature and ecopsychology techniques of helping one re-connect with nature. I look forward to pursuing a career along these lines with all my heart.

Oregon     Through this program people learn to recognize themselves as nature and once again connect with the greater nature of the earth and begin to live more balanced and harmonious lives along with the rest of nature as a whole, helping others to learn how to do this in the process.

Michigan     Nature connected thinking makes sense to me in the same way that communicating with my own Mother makes sense to me. As a child, without my Mom, I don't exist. Without Mother Nature, none of us exist here. It is extremely important that our thoughts be connected to the things that we cannot do without.

Pennsylvania     Through the practice of Natural Systems Thinking Process and Project Nature Connect I have increased my awareness of my impact on Nature and in my own human relationships. As a former special education teacher I personally witnessed the healing benefits of contact with nature on the emotionally challenged children I taught. Please give this program your highest priority and consideration for the benefit of our collective survival and continued enjoyment.

Anonymous Quotes from Field Study Journals

Thank you for this course, i am learning things that are liberating my spirit and it is making everything i have always thought about and feel make sense to me. I have always felt differently then other people and all the activities i have been doing just edify that this is exactly what my lifes purpose is. My question is.. i know for sure that this is what i want to do.. i want my PhD in this descipline, i am excited to finish the orientation course but have already decided that i want to continue.


i feel a connection with you, we think in similar terms and you express yourself in such a way that i am attracted to your responses because they mirror my own thoughts and feelings on the subject matter. I was especially attracted to the 99% theory as well, and find it fascinating to the point that i observed my own interaction and discovered that indeed most of my time is spent indoors and it really is relative to the way we feel and react in terms of being 'artifical' yet expecting balance.. I find since this activity i am seeking natural environments as often and frequently as i possibly can. I most enjoy this course!


"I discovered that nature does not care who I am, what I do , or what I call myself. Nature sees us all as equals. It has no pre-conceived judgements. I also reflected on the fact that since nature is not selective of who can enter it is up to us to take care of it. It is like a baby with no prejudice and no immediate protection either."


"Winter's snow feels exceptionally pure, radiant, and clear. Once I when it was snowing very exquisitely, I had a sudden clear, deep feeling that the snow brought peace down with it, changing everything it touched. My sense of it was so profound that I called all of my friends and asked them to sense it with me, in hopes of amplifying the effect and bringing peace to all the earth. This is the ultimate form of safe shelter"

A press release about this article and the Petition is available for your use

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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.

Think about how much better you will feel if you take advantage of Project NatureConnect's opportunity to increase personal, social and environmental well being. We invite you to sign our petition to the United Nations. It urges the UN to promote the process of educating, counseling and healing with nature. This transformative, sensory science helps us benefit by plugging into the restorative wisdom and joy of nature, backyard or backcountry. The connection enables us to walk together in the beauty, cooperation and peace of nature's amazing grace. http://www.ecopsych.com/petition2.html

Project NatureConnect, P. O. Box 1605 Friday Harbor, WA  360-378-6313 http://www.ecopsych.com