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Our Radical Problems Demand Radical Solutions.

Rad-i-cal: the pioneer, growing tip of a root 


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Stop the madness!   Learn how to think and feel with nature's balance, beauty and restorative ways. Benefit from tapping your senses and sensibilities into Earth's organic healing powers, in and around you.

Warranty: An Earth Avatar is a trained individual who declares and teaches with the singularity of scientific and spiritual accuracy that Earth is their other, non-literate body.

Project NatureConnect
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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

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Project NatureConnect testimonials and validations from witnesses and primary resources confirm the value of our fundamental distant learning programs. The enable you to add the art of nature-connected science to your skills and interests. Our living proof ecopsychology testimonials demonstrate that we honor your prior training and life experiences by providing grants and equivalence credit for it.

You may take accredited Applied Ecopsychology coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines and professions, or to nourish personal interests (see the bottom of this page).

    * Help people remedy their disturbances, thoughts and feelings with the grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
    * Increase income through Ecotherapy effects for stress-relief management and imagination.
    * Strengthen personal health assistance, social and environmental self-esteem/well being and global warming reduction
    * Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your God beliefs and community.

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Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN):

Radical Problems Demand Radical Solutions.

[ Rad-i-cal: the pioneer, growing tip of a root ]



What's This?

Although humanity is part of nature and its self-correcting intelligence, we cause and suffer great personal, social and environmental disorders and at this late date we don't know how to solve them. PNC offers a potent solution.  Our problems result from the nature-conquering way that Industrial Society teaches us to think and feel. PNC enables us to come into balance with nature.

We can't heal what we are abusing until we stop abusing it.

Abusiveness is contrary to the balanced and supportive way that nature works
, in and around us, to produce its beauty, purity and mutually supportive relationships.  Think about this allegory:

The core of our runaway problems is that, very early on, we learn to excessively disconnect our body mind and spirit from Mother Nature, the biological and spiritual source of our survival. This insanity is equivalent to removing a baby from its mother's breast and replacing the mother with a plastic nipple attached to a bottle of whiskey. The child's inborn love of its natural mother is detached and wanting.  It soon bonds or addicts to the deadening fulfillment from the whiskey along with its harmful side effects. The child learns to love and depend on this crazy relationship for immediate, satisfactions. Then, our economy and its growth reinforces this madness as it applauds and pays us to make and distribute the whiskey.

PNC reconnects our body, mind and spirit back to fulfillment from and by Mother Nature.

As long as we remain attached to our "whiskey bottle," our thinking is distorted, far too much of our life sucks, and we are helpless to remedy the situation. As Lester Roloff and many others have noted, Industrial Society is an insane asylum run by the inmates.

Our greatest challenge is that we refuse to admit that our destructive addiction to the bottle is the point source of our detrimental interactions, in and around us.  This denial prevents us from applying an antidote, Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN), the established science of sensory, nature-connected relationship building.

The art of applying ECHN enables anybody to enlist the assistance of nature's phenomenal healing, balancing and restorative powers. These individuals become resilient education agents of the natural world. They are Earth Avatars to Industrial Society, they help us cure our whiskey bottle insanity, moment by moment, because they guarantee think, feel and sense that Earth is their other body

In contemporary society, when we are at risk and need expert protection or assistance it is customary to hire, train and support individuals to provide us with help: for example, soldiers, security guards, firefighters, medical personnel,  counselors, policemen, leaders etc.

Similarly, to reverse our runaway personal, social and environmental "whiskey bottle" madness, Project NatureConnect offers a special training program
for an individual to become a protective and preventative Earth Avatar

An Earth Avatar is a person who chooses to painstakingly embody, represent and speak for the integrity of the ways of our living planet and nature. These individuals recognize that they are, or they want their life to be, in part, an empowered, conscious incarnation of Earth's plant, animal, mineral and energy community including its homeostatic intelligence.  In this sense, they desire to be an effective, real-life Lorax to the best of their ability.

We, like all things of nature, are born as Earth Avatars for that is nature's way.  However most of us have had this gift to support life in pure and peaceful balance socialized out of our thoughts and relationships. We are, instead, indoctrinated to excessively conquer our "inner avatar" so that we may easily be programmed into compliant citizen-consumers who support and sustain our society's insanity and its harmful effects. 

The Earth Avatar program pays qualified individuals to learn how to personify nature's integrity and teach it to others. It gifts candidates on how to help themselves and others master the skills of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) methods and materials. These skills enhance and nourish mental and environmental health to the benefit of all of life.

The art of ECHN gives people the science to create restorative sensory moments in authentic nature, backyard or backcountry. In repeatable and lasting ways, these contacts enable Earth's eons of balanced, unpolluted relationship building to revitalize its regenerative energies and intelligence that is inherent in our body, mind and spirit.

ECHN works because the life of our planet has a natural wisdom that we personify at birth but that we are educated to exploit and repress.  The Avatar program brings our rendered-subconscious senses and their beneficial sensibilities back into our awareness so that their powers may embrace, revitalize and bring into balance our mentally ill thoughts, feelings and spirituality.

ECHN has long established that our natural senses in contact with authentic nature help us restore our natural sanity to the benefit of all of life.  This is no secret.  Most of us have experienced this phenomenal change during even short visits in natural areas. Pure, free contact with nature, without the aid of books or guides, increases our joy and spirit, clears our mind and produces stress-reducing stability, wholeness and belonging.  

The availability of Earth Avatars is crucial if we are to increase well-being and trust in Industrial Society.  These individuals are and will continue to be sought with passion for they have activated their innate ability to help people think and feel with nature's fairness and integrity. 

Earth Avatars enable us, now and tomorrow, to compost and recycle the pollution of our presently nature-estranged body, mind and spirit into constructive, organic relationships.

Earth Avatars obtain donated funds from supportive sources that recognize and want to eliminate our "whiskey bottle madness."  Donors help pay Earth Avatars for their training and future services on behalf of our at-risk society and the lunacy of its destructive ways.  Avatar-support funds can be gifts, loans, grants or tax exempt donations to individuals or to the program on their behalf. 

A potential Earth Avatar is usually an individual who has a strong artistic, spiritual or scientific love of nature that they desire to strengthen and share.  They become Avatars by achieving Level One training, certification and/or a degree in the funded ECHN online or on-site training program so that they
guarantee think, feel and sense that Earth is their other body. The program starts with a free course and subsidized, 2-credit Orientation Course that can be used for CEU credits or transferred into any academic program

If and when you decide to help take the place of the departed Lorax by becoming an Earth Avatar, the first step is to learn how to explain to yourself and to your acquaintances that "Earth is your other body".   When you apply for the ECHN program, be sure to mention if one of your goals is to become more effective as an Earth Avatar.

Now, permit me to introduce myself to you:

Hello, My name is Mike. I warranty that Earth is my other body and that I'm in recovery from "whiskey-sucking."
Are you?
If not, why not?
Why not get to the heart of our radical problems. Get radical!
If you and I are not going to be the difference that we desperately need to make, who is going to make it? Rich and powerful whiskey-suckers? 

Learn more about being an Earth Avatar to Industrial Society and our petition to the United Nations. It contains additional radical and artistic material to reverse our lunacy through avatar incarnation. It asks for help to revitalize and nourish natural purity and well-being globally. Try doing some activities.

We also invite you to visit www.SaneEarth.com

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