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A special Ecopsychology, sensory community, holisitic degree and course program, that includes life experience and prior training, exchanges helpful messages and observations on its Facebook social network Gaia communication page.  From experience, I know that its problem solving purpose is to heighten natural individual and community contact and connection with authentic nature and its powers. This helps us solve problems by strengthening personal, social and environmental well being and awareness.

The program's hands-on whole earth and whole life activities provide the therapeutic opportunity to improve health and wellness through online love-in and life-love contacts.  Its education and training through Gaia enables our thinking and feeling to consciously be aware and connect with the unadulterated flow of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers, in and around us, backyard or back country. Its problem solving professional health goods and remedies address destructive emotional bonds and attachments that lead to or sustain addiction. It helps you know and benefit from additionally attaining Applied Ecopsychology degrees or
nature-connected Organic Psychology certification. 


Do you know that Project NatureConnect offers a nature-centered distant learning security opportunity that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting research, methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies?

Are you aware that we honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests in solving problems. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Improve your income and satisfaction through new independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology security activities.
  • Help people connect their heart, thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing powers of nature to remedy addiction and destructive attachments.
  • Increase personal social and environmental community well being.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the Organism Earth's natural world and  to your life, job and community.
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Facebook Project NatureConnect Page Helps Celebrate and Strengthen Our Connectedness as Part of Organism Earth (Gaia)

When we recognize that Planet Earth acts like, or is a living organism, we become aware that we are as connected to all of nature and each other as part of Organism Earth. This is exactly like our fingers are connected to our toes.

We are each a natural organism. As part of ourselves, our fingers and limbs naturally communicate. For example, We are usually attracted to scratch our leg when it itches. In addition, we often don't think about doing it. Sometimes we don't even realize that we did it. 

Do you know that we usually feel isolation and seek "security" because, without realizing it, on average, we spend over 98 percent of our life out of communication with and disconnected from the natural life community of Gaia? 

We lose self-esteem and produce and suffer disorders because we have detached our awareness from the flow of nature's nurturing and restorative powers, in and around us.

The Project NatureConnect page on 
Facebook is dedicated to help all of us celebrate and strengthen our connectedness and ability to communicate as part of Organism Earth.  The page can help you enjoy and benefit from online "natural love-in's for life" as well as courses and degree programs based on them.

The immense separation of our psyche from the love and intelligence of our biological origins in Gaia produces problems.  The disconnection creates our excessive worry, depression and stress. It also creates excessive requirements for money to buy the necessary health goods for the sensory bonds that we wound as we painfully sever our connections with our planet home. 

This separation from the flow of nature, within and about us, helps to explain why we can't stop being destructive or excessive, even when we know that it is reasonable to stop.

Our disconnection from Mother Nature is similar to removing a baby from its mother's breast and replacing it with a nipple attached to a bottle of beer. Until they are restored, the child's physical and emotional bonds to its human mother, along with its love of life, become, instead, bonded or addicted to the beer and the bottle, along with their harmful effects.

Via our Project NatureConnect page on Facebook, Gaia-connecting activities, degrees and careers in educating, counseling and healing with nature help us increase our personal, social and environmental well being. They enable our psyche to recycle and correct our destructive thoughts and feelings. They give us the ability to reconnect and think with the health and wellness powers of the flow of nature, backyard or back country.

As long as we remain psychologically attached to the "beer nipple," we feel that life sucks, and that we are helpless to make it better.  This produces our anger and anxiety because we know that we don't have the ability to make our lives change.  I know from experience, and from my observations of others, that achieving this ability may be accomplished through Project NatureConnect's online activities, books and courses.

Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) provides the tools we need to create moments that let Earth teach and that help nature recycle contaminates in and around us. 

Are you attracted to what you have read here? Do you sense that learning ECHN could help you to tap into a pure source of nature's wisdom, beauty and love to increase personal, social and environmental well being.  If your answer is "Yes", the first step is to enroll in our online, accredited 
Orientation Course. After completing this 10-week online course (4 hours/week), you may then continue on in one of the subsidized training, certification or degree program which will further strengthen, deepen and broaden your ability to apply the ECHN fundamentals to your practice of the healing arts.

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Field Experiences:

Results from engaging in Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) Activities.

Below, are some field report examples and results of sensory attractions to nature as they embrace people, places and things. The quotes come from students who are learning how to apply and teach the integral ecology of educating, counseling and healing with nature.

Each field report is an experience and a testimonial, a fact and a cause for hope. Each makes a sensible
community contribution to ECHN and most professions. 

ECHN is important because it empowers us to create moments that let earth teach and nature heal.  It enables us to teach this skill to others, too. It helps us grow, think and feel like nature's purifying and balanced perfection works.

The quotes, below, are taken from the field study journals of participants in Project NatureConnect's online courses and degree programs.  The latter are sponsored in part by Akamai University's Institute of Applied Ecopsychology, Portland State University Extended Education courses, and the Institute of Global Education.


"Today I went to an old haunt as a teenager. We would go to this park and hang out in the woods. I asked permission to be with nature and I opened my trust in nature to be their for me. The woods did not hold happy memories for me and it was hard to enter. I walked slowly I could see old ghosts flying through the trees. I pondered the thought, how can this natural area harbor such pain?

As I was thinking this, I felt the wind gently blow. With each gentle wind the ghosts flew away and I could feel nature's healing.
Nature gave me courage to face wrangles of the past. The harm of low self esteem created by cruelty of others was removed.

What prevents me from trusting nature love is fear of speaking up. I need to learn to speak out in nature’s voice.  I must use nature-words, to speak out in love, even if society or certain belief systems are not ready to hear the words. Nature’s voice needs to be heard and I need to speak up. Nature's essence will offer me the words, I need to listen and pass on nature’s words of wisdom. That spirit offers positive change.

The purity of nature’s love is the core of our inner child. This is our sub conscious mind trying to surface. Society and beliefs have put us at war with our inner child. Once we make a conscious choice to acknowledge our inner child’s core as part of who we are, then and only then will we find inner peace.  Living at peace with ourselves within nature will provide us with ways for a peaceful world.

Reconnecting with nature is never untrustable to me. I think the only time nature is untrustable is when I do not trust myself to really listen to nature's essence.

I find my trust is weakened by where I work and the wranglers that surround me. I know if I allow the total me to surface I would be shunned and unemployed.

Each time my trust is weaker I have embraced my family. They have been on this natural journey with me. I also have my students do a natural activities and the natural inner resurfaces in them. I have found that the course group offers me strength when I am weak. Affirmation of NIAL as a truth. My trust and comfort increases because I am not alone in this thought process.

My self worth was increased through nature's healing.  It helped me discover that what I have to say holds importance.  To trust nature I have to trust in my inner self.

The hidden authority that this activity brought up to surface was the message that taught me not to speak up for what is right. I have learned that I do have a worthwhile voice."


"Clouds were congregating in the sky and the meeting was becoming very vocal.  I headed towards a grove of extremely tall trees ˆ Eucalyptus, Fir and Poplar.  A busy day spent working on figures and answering emails had left me feeling exhausted, scratchy eyed and irritated.  Approaching the trees and watching them flow with the wind I knew that was where I needed to be.  Thankfully gaining their consent to be there I just allowed myself to meander from tree to tree.

What relief! What comfort! What stillness! What soothing peace! All this was washed over and through me.  I know, without a shadow of doubt, that I trust Nature.  Time and time again it has proved itself to me.  When I am tired, stressed, and needing restoration the soothing balm of Nature wraps around my soul and spirit.  Nature is so finely tuned to everything, that when we come to her out of balance and out of sorts, she responds to the imbalance with equilibrium; to the stress with wellness; and all with love."

I discovered that trust, innocence, wisdom and assurance are evident everywhere in Nature.Having experienced countless positive, enriching and enlightening encounters in Nature my trust has been absolutely authenticated. Nature is an elixir and an essential whole in every life.

Knowing that I can trust Nature gives me immense confidence and joy in living. Everything that brings honesty, truth, realness, love and wisdom to life is expressing the powers of nature's flowing essence. I discovered that trusting nature activates love and that I am empowered and nourished by this discovery.


"This past September I did the PNC Orientation course and knew that this was a place for me. My growth and depth of clarity was/is tremendous due to my involvement with this moving and wholly life-saving work.

I am also currently doing some coursework for Teacher Certification in Middle School Language Arts, and hope to combine the amazingness of PNC, my love of music and healing arts, and the potency of Language and take the whole shebang to Youngsters - sounds like fun, right?"


"I did this activity in a park area. I know I had gained consent from this area when a pair of chipmunks on a large desert rock stood up on their back feet clasping their front paws together in a praying position while facing the sun. I gave them space as I watched them. Then one dashed away hiding under a small desert plant while the other entertained me. I thanked chipmunk, this area and all my relations.

The rodent in this natural area that I like is chipmunk; I like it because when I am involved with it I feel love, it is cute, enjoys life, happy, playful, spunky, funny, entertaining, and spontaneous.

I applied the above to myself and could honestly say "I like myself because when I am involved with me I feel love; I am cute, enjoy life, happy, playful, spunky, funny, entertaining, and spontaneous."  

I found that reconnecting with nature recycles your opinion of yourself and that living in harmony with all our relations begins with feeling love in and for our inner nature. Like nature my inner nature is constantly changing.

When reconnected with nature unconditional love is anyone's for the asking and fulfillments in nature fill a void in our inner nature. I learned how to accept my inner nature and I recognized and felt a deeper sense of respect for self, others, and nature. I re-educated a voice inside me who convinces me I'm not cute.


I went again to the Snowbells in my garden, I love to enjoy them, because they are not there for a long time.
The little flowers were dancing in the wind, I almost could hear the sound of little bells. I start singing with them.
I like the Snowbells at this moment, because they invited me to sing with them and even though the soil is hard, they came through it, even they looks so vulnerable, shows me how strong they really are. I realized how powerfull sunlight is, compared with the power in the wrong way it is used by people.
Applying this to myself, I like myself, because when I show my vulnerablity, I show also my strength of myself and hope I can inspire others with that. So we can sing together on the hard parts in our lives and in the communities. We are all come from the same direction; natural birth!
I learned to enjoy the moment, even those that seem to be short and that my vulnerability is my strength in the same moment.  I began to see the difference between power in nature and power what people use against people to get what they want. (more power!)
I learned that being vulnerable doesn't has to mean weak, as was taught me.

 Surviving in this community is not only physical, but being strong and connected with your natural senses.To show my vulnerability is not what people are used to, or I was used to. But to show it with the strength of my natural self can inspire people to be themselves. To sing and dance together will bring more joy in our lives; it is a sharing of joy what make live valuable.
To show who I am and also in the moments of being vulnerable is the strength to be who I am. This activity re-educated my view on the  temporary presence of nature and to enjoy them in the moment.
Inside I re-educated my view on what I was taught: when not showing your vulnerability, you miss a lot of strength!


"This past year, I had been under so much stress I came down with Epstein Barr which has since morphed into Chronic Fatigue so trying to keep everything on an even keel has taken it's toll on me. The only thing that has helped me reduce the stress is this program. My daughter is Bipolar and Obsessive Compulsive with a germ phobia, so I feel like I am walking on eggshells at times. Doing this activity, while I was sitting on a bench and watching the ducks perform their antics and the trees gently waving in the breeze, I looked around and it was as if all worries melted away. Suddenly, it was as if the water, trees, and even the ducks were in communion with me. One of the ducks came beside me and just sat there staring out at the water as if to say, " watch the water just carry it all away". I have felt more energy since connecting with nature more and it has helped me not feel so torn between everyone as much. I just want to gather all of nature and just spread it around so more people can feel such a connection. Oh, wait, it is spread all around, so I guess we just need to wake some people up to the connection. :)"


     "I am attracted to the sentence and to the reality behind these words: "I learned that sensory fulfillment could catalyze recovery. I had created space that allowed NIAL, my inner desire to be more complete, to express itself. Once I learned and applied that secret, good things began to happen for me." I have embraced NIAL and can not imagine my world without this connection and my awareness of it.
     The cohesion activity was great and it demonstrated just how all things are connected with myself as the hub or center of the web. I learned and really appreciate how I feed off of my environment and how vital that energetic connection truly is.


"I went to one of my favorite places to do this activity. As I was walking the shore of this uninhabited island, I kept thinking what a magical place it was. I told it I loved it because it was magical. I wondered what about it made me feel it was magical and if I shared any of those qualities with it. I thought about this for a long time. Everything seemed so seemless and easy: the trees, rocks, seaweed, shells, ocean water, sky, wind- I marveled at how they all shared this space(without having to talk or plan it out) to create such a beautiful scene. It is always a different scene when I go. Depending on where the tide is, a different landscape is exposed. I love how it is always changing and in the most natural and easy way. How does the tide know when to ebb and flow or the moss know to grow on the fallen log or the waves and rocks to transform the shells into sand? It knows just what to do all the time. The place is magical because of it's natural intelligence. It knows how to just be and without effort willingly take part in the global dance. I thought of the idea of working smarter instead of harder. I appreciated how nature works with such ease by following natural intelligences, where we seem to try so hard to make things work, being willful instead of willing. I wonder if we think we are smarter than nature? As ridiculous as it sounds, why else would we distrust our sensory intelligences for "higher reasoning"?
I appreciate myself for my natural intelligence. This was interesting for me to say and hear as I do not feel confident in my ability to think and reason. I don't often feel smart and often feel inferior to others who have a stronger sense of logical reasoning. I have an extremely difficult time making decisions. If I could better appreciate my emotional/sensory intelligences, I would be able to trust myself more. I need to remember not to try so hard to think my way through it, but to drop the analysis and listen to my natural attraction.This leads me back to the concept that there is a place and a purpose for me just being in the world and increases my feelings of self worth.
I discovered that if I want to increase my feelings of self worth, I need to get myself outside and that I have a natural sensory intelligence inside of me ready to inform me, whenever I am ready to listen. Natural intelligences don't need to be fought for, only allowed to be."


"I walked outside tonight and asked for permission to connect and learn. Within seconds I heard the honking of geese flying overhead.  I looked up and was immediately attracted by the deep inky sky displaying a multitude of bright, twinkling stars. There was an orange one that I was particularly attracted to and I realized it was probably a planet. I gazed at the planet and the stars and was taken by their mystery and beauty.  I felt my being expanding; my head opening to the welcoming and magical connection extended by the cosmos and my feet opening to the healing and harmonic rhythms of the Earth.  I felt vibrant and alive; a conduit between Earth and sky. I breathed in the cool night air immersed in nature, enchanted by the beauty, feeling part of the whole.  
I was reminded that nature supports me in trusting myself and that  nature nurtures and supports holistic relationship. Nature does not fail us, it is we who fail nature.
I feel support and greater connection to my inner nature when trusting the sensory experiences created by gazing at the night sky. I trust in sensory experiences catalyzed by my connection with nature.
and experience enchantment with life when connecting with the stars and planets. If I lost this, I would not feel nurtured, as if torn away from my home. I feel greater trust in nature because nature is always there for me. It has never failed to support me."  


"for this activity i took my children and husband to the beach. my separated husband and i have been working very hard to reconnect and mother earth has been a great nurturing piece. ever since he has done the wrapped hand activity with me, he has done many more and has had many discussions with me and i have used all i have learned here with you all, it has been an amazing growth period for us both and we are discussing him returning home, yea!

we all stopped at the edge of the the pavement where the sandy piece of the beach began and we asked permission to step on the sand and we received the most welcoming warm salty breeze, it was fantastic.  we walked looking at shells and rocks.  there were many we held and talked about the different textures on the shells and rocks.  we let mother earth guide us and she took us to a barrier of large rocks just as we got there we felt a pull. My son saw a smashed shell and said "oh my mom what's this?"  i saw that this shell was a clam shell and was smashed and still had the muscle with in it. i felt sad. i felt its suffering. My husband said to all of us a seagull must have been dropping it to eat and must have not been able to find it after he dropped it.

we all stayed with this clam for a little in silence and gave him love then the feeling of suffering left us all we placed him down and my son said "he's not in pain mom now i hope he feeds the birds." my oldest daughter said "it is the circle of life and how nature works," and my youngest said to the clam 'i love you, by."

we had the most amazing experiences through out the entire day.  before we left we said thank you to the beach and all the critters birds rocks and shells on it for guiding us for the day. i had this incredible feeling being so connected, feeling so intensely the unspoken overwhelming love.
i note that my self worth and confidence is increasing and i am filed with more love than i ever thought possible. Thank you everyone for sharing in this adventure with me."


"Though I have always had a strong sense of communion with nature, the simple beauty of Mike Cohen's brilliant guidance into both the Natural System Thinking Process, and the appealing and effective reconnection with the 53 Natural Senses has heightened that communion for me. I easily recognize and acknowledge in a daily conscious way the myriad of communications that happen when we are so intricately and intimately engaged with trees, and birds, and wind and water, with growing, breathing, planet earth; with the understanding that the flowers don't struggle to have their needs met comes also an abiding understanding that there is a unifying, underlying intelligence inherent within nature's restorative balance and beauty."

Explore your naturally attractive self.
Benefit from your natural attractions, strengthen your personal and professional well-being and save time and money.

1. Read some of the student reports,
above, and discover if you find them attractive. If so:

2. Do this fun and easy natural attraction activity.  
If it makes sense and is attractive
to you, you are eligible to take our Organic Psychology Track for a degree or certification in the organic application of ecopsychology to the healing arts.  This track honors you life experience and prior training.  It saves you the costs and time of 16 credits of graduate work, or two years of undergraduate work. By emulating how nature works, it reduces normal tuition fees by 85 percent.

3. Call or email 
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The Spin of a Turning Woman

A. When you think her extended leg goes behind her standing leg, she turns the opposite way.

B. When you think her extended leg goes in front of her standing leg, she turns the opposite.

C. Think the word "behind" as her legs cross and she turns the opposite way.

Our thinking is so powerful, yet so misled.  Whatever we learn, are conditioned to think, or choose to think makes the woman, along with the rest of the world, turn one way or another. This includes nature-disconnected fashions, money, power, degrees, politics, literacy, government.

When we learn to think Mother Earth is dead, we treat the world with a "we really can't hurt it" spin and act accordingly.

When we learn that  Earth is alive, we may relate to it in sensitive ways that help sustain its life, and therefore our own.  

Do you think that the truth we learn when we discover that Earth is alive changes how we perceive and relate to the the world ?

How accurate is the nature-disconnected way we think? We assign qualities and react to the figure as it spins when it's really just a flat image that doesn't turn at all.

Do you think the ECHN process and its quoted effects connect us to the true nature of our living planet and ourselves? Does this help us turn our head around and increase personal, social and environmental well-being?


Achieve a Degree or Certificate to strengthen your professional interests, or your hobbies or pastimes, by connecting them with nature. Implement your strongest hopes as you increase personal and global well being.

Topics, subjects or leisure pursuits can include those listed below or other areas of interest.




"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


Benefit from learning to enhance the natural psychic pulse within and around us. Add the sensory ecoscience of Organic Psychology to your life and livelihood.





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"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein

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Project NatureConnect offers accredited CEU Courses, Certification, Grants and Degree Programs online to sustain the well-being of person, planet and spirit. Prior training and life experience is incorporated into all programs.

Successful completion of a CEU course makes you automatically eligible for the Project NatureConnect program.

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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The Spin of a Turning Woman

A. When you think her extended leg goes behind her standing leg, she turns counterclockwise.

B. When you think her extended leg goes in front of her standing leg, she turns clockwise.

When your thinking sticks with either A or B she goes back and forth.

Our thinking is so powerful, yet so misled.  Whatever we learn or choose  to think makes the woman,
along with the rest of the world, turn one way or another through nature-disconnected fashions, money,
power, degrees, politics, literacy, government.

When we learn to think Mother Earth is dead, we treat the world with a "how can we hurt it" spin.

When we learn that  Earth is alive, we may relate to it in sensitive ways that help sustain its life,
and therefore our own.  

Do you think that the truth we learn when we discover that Earth is alive changes how we perceive
and relate to the the world ?

How accurate is the nature-disconnected way we think? We assign qualities and react to the figure as it spins
when it's really just a flat image that doesn't turn at all.

Do you think the ECHN process and its effects connect us to the true nature of our living planet and ourselves?
Does this help us turn our head around and increase personal, social and environmental well-being?