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: the life of nature and our planet is your life.

Accredited Nature-Connecting Degrees and Courses On Line: Natural Science Career Education; Personal and Professional Whole Life System Training Grants and Jobs in Applied Ecopsychology.
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Includes the PSU Course Explore Nature's Wisdom EC0 500A
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Project NatureConnect
Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology

Practical distance learning to increase person/planet well-being.
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ECHN: The Whole Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature

Create moments that let Earth teach its wisdom. Add this skill to you life and livelihood. Learn to master and apply the missing truths of Industrial Society whose absence produces our personal and environmental miseries. 

Practical distance learning to increase person/planet well-being.

Are you one of the gifted few that treasures your natural capacity to love the life and intelligence of Nature and our Planet?  If so, you can strengthen this gift and help others find it in themselves.

Validate yourself. Become certified in who you naturally are and your special qualities including your love of nature. 

ECHN online certification or degree training enables you to create moments in natural areas that let the authentic life of Earth teach you and yours how to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. We support you and give you the tools to make your love of Nature a powerful part of your relationships and livelihood.

The Degree or Certificate training courses all start with the Orientation Program, below. For information about the total program select here.

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Certified Organic

Suggested pre-course reading:
  Maverick Genius at Work
  The GreenWave Path
  The ECHN Story
  Earth Overuse Misery

Research references:
  Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature
  The Hidden Organic Remedy

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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)

Nature lover, learn how to support the balanced and beautiful life of our Planet as it supports your life and helps you meet your challenges.

To remedy our personal and global disorders we must have an enabling process that lets us:
1) Learn from Earth its story of how its self-correcting ways work so as storytellers we can enjoy its balance, purity and beauty.

2) Protect the life of "Organism Earth" under endangered species legislation. This would legally make us learn from Earth through ECHN, as follows:

The ECHN Orientation Program Courses:

ECO 500A: Explore Nature's Wisdom. Four weeks at 4 hours/week: suggested donation $50. Select here for tuition details

ECO 500B:  Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship Eleven weeks at 4 hours/week: suggested donation $285.00. Select here for tuition details

This program is already subsidized. In addition, work study, financial assistance and grants are available based on economic need.

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The whole-life art and science of ECHN helps any nature lover or enthusiast create unique sensory contact moments in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.  There your 54 natural senses reasonably invite the transformative life powers of our Planet to give your story life what you need to come into equilibrium with the Planet's life and yourself. 

The Course Process:
  • You and the four others in your world-wide online study group read the rationale and objective of a sensory nature-connecting activity you will do in a natural area, backyard or backcountry.

  • You do the activity and journal what your 54 natural senses enjoyed from their safe contact with the natural area and their origins there.

  • You sleep on the activity for at least one night. This lets the attractions of your 54 senses that you experienced (self-evidence) become a conscious part of your mind, body and spirit that matches the same part of other course members world-wide.

  • By email or in person, you share with others what you journaled and was attractive and of value to you in the activity. The other group members share the same with you.

  • This course process lets our story way of knowing make balancing sensory contact with the life of Earth's unified attraction field, in and around us, to increase personal, community and environmental well-being.
Your community support, confidence and functions improve while disorders subside because in a natural area you genuinely gain and share the unifying strength of Earth's self-correcting life as your life.

Contact with authentic Nature's Unified Field becomes a trustable whole life guide. It is a science-based therapist or higher power that you can turn to at will and help others do the same.

The Degree or Certification program mainly consists of learning how to do, and help others do, up to 170 activities over an 18-36 month period at 4 hours/week.

Use the "Navigator" at the bottom of this page for complete course information.

"This course is an oasis in the middle of our dessert of disconnection. Our story relationships with our self, others, and the entire web of nature shape and define us. Through the “moments that let Earth teach” I felt each of us find our way back to the beautiful truth of who we naturally are. And from that space we experienced those connections that let us know that we are seen, we are acknowledged, we are valued, we are loved. Whenever that happens we are free to feel and act from the joy we are embedded in."

- Orientation Course Participant

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At will and forever, you can learn how to participate in the purifying ways and integrity of the web-of-life that lives in natural areas, others and yourself.
This orientation program is your first step to help increase personal, social and environmental well-being for all of life.

Just like firemen, nurses and others are paid to protect, save and improve lives, ECHN pays folks who 54-sense faithfully represent and support the life of their planet in and around them.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

ECHN instantly brings peaceful life in balance to the lives of those who already love, or who want to learn to love more, the well-being and happiness they have found in the real life of natural areas and our planet, not just stories about it, accurate or not.
"My thanks to each and everyone of you on this course. You have given me support and unconditional love during a traumatic time in my life and I cannot express to you what it truly means in my heart."
- Betsy W. Orientation Program Participant
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ECHN helps interested people make the healing love and caring powers of the natural world's life a safe and lasting home and/or livelihood for their body mind and spirit. The real life moments of our planet in and around these individuals becomes a reasonable sensory playground and school that they personally support as it supports them. They have the ability to prevent trespassers from entering this personal space while they delight in building trustable, friendly relationships in it with other members of the plant, animal, mineral, energy and human community.
You are not alone. The passion of millions of warm and caring people is strengthening the life of the natural world due to their wonderful early memories of it, or their new found love of living things including Gaia.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

UPDATE: July 1, 2016. Because, since 1986, we have been reducing Chloroflurocarbon particles that we placed in the atmosphere, the Ozone hole is beginning to recover from the damage inflicted by these particles.  They were identified as the point source of the hole and then sensibly reduced so Organism Earth's self-correcting powers could once again operate.

Get real. If a drill makes a hole in the roof your house when you remove the drill the hole does not repair itself. This is simply because the house is not a living organism.

The ECHN Orientation Program lets the grounded security of the life of the natural world be a powerful home for nature lovers that they can choose to live in or visit
at will.
Organics, sustainability, and ecologically sound professions are steadily growing. However, most folks in them increasingly subdue the life of our Planet. 

Our unbalanced impact occurs because we have never learned how to let ECHN 54-sense contact moments with the authentic life of Earth teach and support us. Our stories don't know how cooperatively think and relate like nature's transformative perfection works, even though its in our genetic makeup.

This course is like letting Mary Poppins help you understand an up-to-date picture of how the life of Earth's perfection works around and in you. You experience it firsthand in a natural area, you are there, it's your life and it's real.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

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If in this moment, your life is reading these words, it is self-evident that your life is part of the same life of our Planet, Universe, Nature, Science and Technology that contains these words right now.  However, for you to live in balanced sanity it is essential to learn ECHN.  It helps you consciously felt-sense connect, think and build mutually supportive relationships directly from experience, from tapping you head and heart into the attractive aliveness of Nature's wisdom that lies in and around you in a natural area. You become in-synch with the beauty and self-correcting ways of Organism Earth.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."
- Albert Einstein

ECHN reality check:
Ask Organism Earth to show you that it loves you. Disconnect from it. Exhale and hold your breath. Disconnect from the life of its Air. Note the appearance and intensification of Earth's attraction sensation to reconnect you with the life of its air (#21). 

Earth loves you to inhale its oxygen and live while you exhale and gift Earth with your carbon dioxide and water vapor. Earth's aliveness loves you so much it usually won't let you stop breathing even if you independently decide to stop forever.

Be aware that you and others can learn and teach ECHN via the Internet. It can spread quickly. There is hope.

"This is the course that every civilized person will be required to take if we are to reverse our runaway disorders."

- Raymond Sierra, .Counselor

Think and feel brilliantly:
  • Until it is scientifically proven otherwise it is commonly known that the Universe sequentially makes it own time and space, now, moment-by-moment and through the eons ever since its beginning.

  • In any moment, all things in the Universe are identical in, and at one with, the Universe and each other. Moment-by-moment they make their own time and space with it, as it and as part of it.

  • Are you alive now?

  • If you are experiencing and registering your life it is self-evident that you are alive. It is registering directly on the aliveness of your senses and this is an indisputable form of evidence.

  • If you know you are alive in this moment, scientifically everything in this moment is also alive. Even rocks. This must be so because the essence of all things in the Universe are identical as we grow with it, into its, our and life's next moment of being.

  • If you are not sure you are alive, check it out. Hold your breath. Sense and feel what your life itself has to say about your and its aliveness.

  • Since you are alive and all things in the moment are alive, and Planet Earth is in the moment, Planet Earth is alive. So is the Universe; it has been since its birth.
    When humanity’s stories don’t adulterate it, the life of our Planet organizes itself to be an attractive optimum of self-correcting diversity, cooperation and peace. It does not produce garbage. Everything is in balance and belongs because all things are attracted to transform and recycle into more attractive relationships for the good of the whole of the planet's life.

    Earth's organic paradise is ethical and moral. It seldom exhibits our stories and the excessiveness, disorders, issues, assaults, illness, unfairness, toxic waste, corruption, crime and wars that our stories create. As part of the life of Earth, death as we know it is simply another form of Earth's life, a form without stories.

You have just completed, above, a small, objective search for Mother Earth. Hopefully you discovered that she is a real living Mother.
Since she is the only one of her kind that we know of, do you think she should be protected under an Endangered Species act?  That law along with listening to the wisdom our 54 natural senses in congress would help us solve most of our runaway problems.

The only time the facts, above are not true for you is when you don't trust your own 54 natural senses and feelings, when you do not do what they reasonably attract you to do. For example, when a story tells your you hold your breath, the discomfort of suffocation that your senses register ever increasingly attracts you to breathe again. This is reasonable and intelligent.

When you do breathe, you re-connect your life with Earth's life in and around you. When you don't breathe because of the disconnection story's instructions, if the life of Earth does not save you with "natural respiration" you begin to transform into another attractive part of Earth's life, a process we call "death."

A Core Fact of Life:
In a natural area the self-correcting life of your planet and your life are identical.  

Strengthen your life. Reconnect with Nature via ECHN.

"The greatest beauty is organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, the divine beauty of the universe."

~ Robinson Jeffers, 1935, The Scientist's Visionary

"The spirits of the material universe and plant world are alive, and also more or less conscious.  The originating principle of nature is a single material substance. (sic: the Higgs Boson, 2012 AD)."
~ Thales of Miletus, 580 BC, Father of  Science

"The Universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it."
~ Plato,  420 BC, Father of Philosophical Idealism

"The globe of this earth is not just a machine but also an (superorganism) organized body as it has a regenerative power."

~ James Hutton, 1788, Father of Geology

"The whole universe in its different spans and wave-lengths, exclusions and developments, is everywhere alive and conscious. There is one fundamental stuff."

~ William James, 1887, Father of American Psychology

"Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia. Dr. Cohen is so right to make the responsibility for living on good terms with Gaia a personal one. It's always from an individual's activities that good and bad things come."
~ James Lovelock, 1985 Father of the Living Earth Gaia Hypothesis

"It is self-evident. Moment-by-moment as our universe is attracted to build its
space and time, everything in it is connected to it and at-one with it. Any moment that a thing is alive, including yourself, the Universe and Earth must also be alive, connected and in contact, as are our fingers, heart and toes."
~ Michael J. Cohen, 1965, Father of Natural Attraction Ecology (Organic Applied Ecopsychology)
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

"My natural sensation of thirst (#21) attracts and connects me to the life of Earth's water cycle. It signals me that my life needs water, it motivates me to get it and it intelligently turns itself off when I have enough. This enables me to not drink water excessively and stress its self-purifying life cycle."
~ Your Name, this moment, Owner of your personal life dance in the life dance of Organism Earth.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

"Moore's Law notes that genetic complexity doubles every 376 million years—working backwards, it means that life first came about almost 10 billion years ago.
That predates the creation of Earth itself."
~ Richard Gordon, Alexi Sharov Geneticists

Get real. "Earth and you are the same life. Every year 98 percent of the atoms in your body are attracted to become the environment. New atoms from the environment become you. Complete replacement takes place in 4-7 years, about 8 times over a lifespan."
(You consist of ten times more "other species" cells than human cells; 25% of your genetics are plant genes; the salinity of your blood is the same salinity as the sea.)
~ Smithsonian  Institute  1954

Read the Science of Organism Earth
Organism Earth in Action
Living Earth Relationships (2 hours Nova)

As demonstrated by its increasing material deficits and sickening miseries, the life of Planet Earth is bankrupt due to our excessiveness and neglect of it. Most Education, Counseling, Healing, Sustainability and Psychology practices add to this condition rather than reduce its destructiveness. In this regard their authorities and processes are corrupt, unethical and immoral. Their formal and informal education has indoctrinated them, along with the rest of us, to fight an insane, idotic and undeclared war against the love and fairness of Earth's whole life relationships.

We learn to feel it is beneath our "I am intelligence" Ego to ask the life of Nature and Earth to teach us what its fountainhead of authority knows is accurate. It's life wants to help us come into cooperative balance and sanity with it because that reasonably sustains it and produces its peace. This ECHN Orientation Program will help you personally make this vital re-connection with the life of Nature, Earth and you.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Emancipate yourself from the absurd.
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The attractive life of Earth can help us transform the insanity of our excessiveness and discontents into rational and happy relationships with the web-of-life and each other.
Deep within our limited objectivity our intelligence is ashamed of its prejudice against the natural along with its lethal effects, including its inability to stop the destruction that it started.  This is the root of most stress and disorders.

The feeling of shame puts our objectivity in denial. It denies what our high-tech expertise has long identified to be evident: we are increasingly deteriorating the life of our Planet and ourselves.  Fortunately, the intelligence of our deeper 54-sense nature is attracted to stop this.

Our shame makes us disregard that the nature-disconnected way we have learned to think and relate is causing a sixth mass extinction. 
Our 54-sense deeper nature is attracted to halt the stupidity of this madness and ECHN is the tool to accomplish this.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313
Emancipate yourself from the absurd. Application Your class is forming now

ECHN reality check:
Ask the life of Earth to demonstrate that it wants to support your well-being. Pinch yourself harder and harder. Doesn't Earth's felt-sense of Pain (#25) urge you to instead seek a more satisfying attraction?

“In the context of this course, a quote from Rumi, has become wonderfully multi-layered for me: Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

- Orientation Program Participant
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The underlying cause of our runaway destructiveness is our non-stop wanting due to our deprivation of the 54-sense natural satisfactions from the attractive aliveness of our planet that our life requires. Our wanting is a signal from them that we have disconnected from Earth and that it is more attractive to be connected. The pain from the loss of these enjoyments due to our disconnection from Nature makes us feel that we always need more love and happiness. That produces our feelings of abandonment, insecurity, greed and excessiveness.  When we want there is never enough.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

The correct label for our excessive substitutes for life in balance is neither "Normal" "Growth" nor "Progress". The correct label is "Dis-ease".
ECHN works because it uses only self-evidence, an undeniable form of fact. We guarantee this. It also works because the purity of natural attractions motivate reasonable change so resistance to reasonable relationships fades.

Get Smart. More effectively deal with all issues. Let the 54-sense power of your Planet's life support your life in gratitude for your support of its life, a life that is both of you.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

ECHN enables you to create moments that let Earth's wisdom teach you what is missing in your life and how to regain it to the benefit of all life, in and around you.
Ask yourself:
  • Am I reasonably happy at home or with my career?
  • What crazy band may I be marching to?
  • Who is the boss of me?
  • Are my authorities reasonable or are they mad? How can I possibly get an unbiased second opinion when they surround me?
  • Isn't it healthy and sensible for me to become whole earth wise and strong?
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Opportunity knocks

ECHN empowers the life of lovers of Nature and Earth's life to do what can be done to achieve reasonable balance and to offer ECHN to others. It becomes part of one's life-affirming interests, livelihood and hobbies.

Get free Advanced Standing credits. Become a member online of our ECHN Grand Jury. Read it and Email us how and why you would vote on the case presented there and what important things you learned.

A new course starts next week. Apply now:  Application Form
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313
All things only exist in the present moment of our Universe, in the Organic Psychology of the GreenWave ECHN that includes our stories, senses and sensations.  On this Orientation Course learning to felt-sense think and speak via GreenWave ECHN enables us communicate with the whole of life and its history that lies in each present moment's Unified Field core attraction power of the eons. The "Now" aliveness of the GreenWave feelingly attaches our lives to all past leaders, prophets and deities along with their stories, senses and relationships. In natural areas this gives us the ability to lovingly dance as equals with them and update them with today's scientific knowledge, then unknown. The GreenWave ECHN process is creation's glue. Using it empowers us to resolve our destructive differences by unifying their origins. It helps us reduce our disorders and peacefully increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

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NOTE: The Orientation Program described on this page is the starting point for all certification and degree programs.

You may obtain an Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature degree or certificate in conjunction with:
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Recovery from:
Addiction disorders
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Abuse, Addiction, Loneliness
Midlife Crisis
Global Warming



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