May 21. 2001 11:06 AM: Mr. Arnold Sanders wrote:

Ecozombies. Be careful! The ISGER has identified some of us. Please protect yourself from your curiosity. Do not, I repeat, do not read this web page.

I recently received the following letter. I opened it with some trepidation for the envelope was edged in black, like an old-time death notice.


International Society for Globally Ethical Relationships
Rodale, Zombia



  Mr. Arnold Sanders
127 Pumpkin Lane
Pleasantview, Virginia 12746





International Society for Globally Ethical Relationships
Rodale, Zombia


April 1, 2001

Mr. Arnold Sanders
127 Pumpkin Lane
Pleasantview, Virginia 12746

Dear Mr. Sanders,

We hope you are well and happy today for, sadly, we bring you some distressing news.

As part of our biological study on human normalcy, for over 51 years we have been monitoring your thoughts by analyzing your actions.

Please permit me to be blunt. Our research shows that you have mentally become a zombie. For the betterment of all, we suggest at this time that you either rehabilitate your thinking or you publically declare yourself to be a misguided idiot and demand to be institutionalized in order to protect life on Earth. We strongly recommend you choose rehabilitation and offer you the means to accomplish it.

No doubt you think this is a prank or crank letter. Unfortunately, that is a typical zombie reaction. If you believe this is a joke, be assured you are wrong. You are a typical zombie. I know because I am one, too. Let me explain to you what this means and what you may do about it, if this letter is not already in your waste basket.

Like most normally educated individuals, you are a victim of contemporary society's conquest of nature in the name of progress. Our undeclared war against nature has deadened you emotionally, for you and your natural senses are a living part of nature. Along with nature, they have been conquered, too.

No matter what our leaders say to the contrary, since we are part of nature you and I must be victims when we war against nature. How could it be otherwise? We each suffer some emotional shell shock of nature conquest that often makes us into zombies. Zombies suffer from destorted thinking and many leaders are zombies. They wrongly think we should not recognize and honor ourselves as victims of our undeclared war against nature. Why deny this truth? If we don't acknowledge it, how can we learn to deal with it and its destructive effects?

Your sensory deadening explains why, indirectly but knowingly, you continue to senselessly destroy people and other life forms. Why not? Everybody else does it. You see it all around you. It is normal behavior so you deny that it is a personal problem. However, you also know that with respect to living harmoniously with the environment, you and yours have become death that walks. That, Mr. Sanders, is the very definition of an ecozombie. In nature that is very abnormal.

Please consider the facts in the paragraph below. Although every species and all nature-connected people acknowledge them, ecozombies reject and resent them so prepare yourself; this won't be comfortable. I don't mean to insult you, but as a zombie you may have already lost the ability to think rationally about the following:

An essence of Nature on Planet Earth is its self-organizing intelligence. It cooperatively creates and maintains Earth's optimums of life and diversity without producing garbage, pollutants or our forms of abuse, violence and madness, including war. Nature's intelligence sustains ecosystems and their members in cooperative, supportive balance. Its unifying, community-building, knowledge and regeneration powers promote wellness and purity in people and the environment. Nothing in Nature is left out as garbage; everything belongs, a way to describe perfection and unconditional love. People, being part Nature, inherit all these abilities.

As a zombie, you, like me, now may have one of two discomforting reactions to the above statement. You either disagree with it because you are too desensitized to recognize the sense in it, or you agree with it and are somewhat disturbed by the abnormal amount of time and thought you spend disconnected from nature's intelligence, joy and community.

Mr. Sanders, although you were born a natural being, as a member of contemporary society you have learned to live over 95% of your life indoors. You have, in addition, learned to habitually detach your thinking from nature. We note that even when you visit a rewarding natural area your thoughts are usually about something else: a personal problem, the unfairness of your boss, how you can make more money, a new technology, a political topic, how to win a game, or some other nature disconnected activity. Almost never is your mind fully in tune with the wonders that surround you in nature. Worse still, when you are not in nature, this mental disconnectedness of yours increases immensely.

You are 52 years old, Mr. Sanders,. We calculate that in your entire life so far your mentality, like the national average, has spent only nine hours and twenty minutes in tune with nature. That is all. Think about it. If you and I only spent nine hours of our life learning how to read and write, would we be proficient at it now? Of course not. Is it then any wonder that the way you have learned to think has strayed from the unifying, peacefully balanced way that nature usually works for every other thing on Earth?

Like everything else on our planet, Mr. Sanders, people are biologically and psychologically a seamless continuum of nature. Moment by moment we are supported physically and emotionally by the natural world and its ecosystems. They provide fresh, pure, food, water, air, sunshine and landscapes along with the uplifting way and joy that these things make us feel.

As our culture extremely separates us and our thinking from nature it produces very destructive consequences. It is like aborting an infant from its mother's womb; the infant dies. Of course, your deadened mentality remains on Planet Earth in your body. However, being dead with respect to nature, it does not interact with natural systems, including those in people. Instead, idiotically, it trespasses them as would a destructive outlaw, a zombie, a bull in a china shop, a cancer that deteriorates many aspects of the Planet and people.

With regard to Nature, society has carved our psyche to be like that of a person who has been raised in a closet. During 99.9% of our "normal" lives our mentality has been closted from nature, taught not to be in tune with the natural environment. Like a fish removed from water, our psyche gasps to survive.

We psychologically suffer from our sensory and intellectual abortion from Mother Nature. As if an arm has been torn from our body, we hurt. It traumatizes us. That trauma helps make you a zombie.

Our thinking is similar to children who have been kept in closets for most of their formative years. Once discovered, they are hospitalized for decades, full of fear and anger. They constantly must be guarded otherwise they are problems. Many never recover, many die.

Like closeted children, our ability to think clearly disintegrates when we disconnect our psyche from its nurturing, supportive, origins in Mother Earth. Our thinking has deteriorated to the point that we don't believe all this destructiveness has happened to us even though we are fully aware of our extreme separation from and destruction of nature. We have yet even to recognize that our great environmental and social problems are produced because we rip our mentality from Mother Earths embrace. Psychologically, we have become like babies who are not held after being born. They lose weight and eventually waste away. So has part of our mentality.

Unbelieveable? Let me repeat: although overwhelming evidence shows that, with respect to nature, you think like an ecozombie, you also know you are normal. You think like the rest of us. And since the pain of your disconnection is protectively hidden from consciousness, you neither believe or want to believe it is there. Most of us in contemporary society have become ecozombies like you, so you blend in. You do not see yourself as a zombie. Neither do we. However, you being a ecozombie makes perfect sense when you consider your effects, how the way you think produces environmental and social deterioration. Unfortunately zombies can't make sense of themselves or the world.. Our ability to think rationally in this area has been incapacitated by our disconnection. As an ecozombie, you must reject and deny what I am saying here. That too, is normal.

We want from the loss of Mother Nature in our lives. When we want, there is never enough. In replacement, we crave and psychologically addict to things. These things can be unreasonable. They include substance abuse and abusive interpersonal relationships, even when we know they are nonsense, destructive, or greedy. That is typical zombie behavior. It produces death rather than supports life.

Since we ecozombies can produce artificial substitutes for parts of nature we have lost, we forget that there is no known substitute for Nature, the real thing and its eons of intelligent, life supportive, experience. Each substitute we create falls short of nature's perfection, thus producing pollution, garbage and relationship disorders. Wildlife flees our insensitivity as do people. We feel lonely, we sense that we don't belong.

Because we are disconnected from nature, we don't turn to nature to help us recycle our polluted ways. We don't receive the purification, healing and regeneration that supports the rest of the natural world.

Mr. Sanders, you, like me, became an ecozombie because you were born into a ecozombie community. Our society is no different than the Governing Council of an island community that consisted entirely of non-sighted people. Citizens on that island were content and adequate in their ways, but were born totally blind. One day, Gulliver, a shipwrecked castaway, half-dead, washed up on the island. Compassionately many community members nourished and loved him to full recovery. Then he became the bane of their existence. He demanded things unknown to them in their blindness: windows, lights, books, television, painted colors and sunglasses. The Council investigated and discovered the trouble. Gulliver had organs that could see. The council, in their wisdom, solved their and his problem. They surgically removed his eyes. He became a zombie with respect to sight and pained whenever he was reminded of the loss of his eyes.

Similar to Gulliver, you and I have become hurt and desensitized with respect to Nature. Our society has made you into an ecozombie so you will cooperate in its conquest of nature. Our society's intentions are honorable but wrong. It falsely believes it must do this to you and to nature in order to survive. Like many leaders, you probably don't recognize that it is insane to destroy our own life support systems.

Compassionately, our soul hides the pain of our separation from Nature from our awareness. That way we don't constantly suffer by feeling this anguish. However, this does not mean we do not contain the hurt. It is alive in our subconscious where we hide it. Recognizing the horror or how we stupidly destroy ecosystems and each other is very painful.

Anything that even suggests further separation of our self from any kind of support brings our pain to consciousness. Calling you a zombie instead of your name triggers it. Being questioned in some way because of your fashions, lifestyle, technologies, job, education, taste, religion, music, race, speech, ideas, desires, politics, drugs or other attachments triggers the pain. Each possible rejection brings the hurt from disconnection back into consciousness to some extent. For this reason, your ecozombie life mainly consists of trying to be emotionally safe by walking the thin line that keeps you from being rejected and keeps you from rejecting others so that they won't be hurt and therefore won't reject you. That sterile wayt of relating, Mr. Ecozombie, is apathy; emotional death. It restricts freedom and demands pacifiers. It destructively erodes our politics, economics and spirit. When it becomes unbearable, depression, suicide or a shooting spree can result.

Through their advertising and dogmas, business, political, spiritual and academic leaders deliberately aggravate your rejection feelings. They then sell you some product of theirs to pacify your discomfort. Yhis kind of consumerism is a mainstay of our economy. Most of these products do not promote our survival by promoting Earth's wellness. Rather they serve to temporarily satisfy our hurt, fears and wants. This tranquilization furthers our zombie-like apathy to our troubles. It prevents us from getting involved in solutions.

We know that most products we use stupidly make further demands on the environment. That adds to our discord. It makes us further cringe into zombmission. The result is that increasingly our zombified population suffers from stress, mental and environmental disorders. We turn to our leaders for help, but because our intelligence-challenged, sentiently-disadvantaged ecozombie thinking selected them as leaders for their outstanding ecozombie achievements, our situation usually worsens. We feel helpless, so we celebrate what is left of our lives by dancing on the deck of our sinking ship or becoming dependent on tranquilizers.

"Back to back, mon, belly to belly
I don't give a damn 'cause I'm stone dead already;
Oh, back to back, belly to belly
It's a zombie jamboree."

- Conrad Eugene Mauge, Jr.

Mr. Sanders, there is some good news. There is hope. Nothing is perfect. This means, neither you nor I are a perfect ecozombie. Somewhere in your thinking and feeling you recognize that there may be a grain of truth in the observations I have shared here. If this is not true, why in the world would you have read this far? If I was a perfect Ecozombie, how could I have written you this letter? For entertainment? Out of curiosity? Not possible. Perfect zombies are too dead to experience them. For this reason let me offer you an important, short, two-part message. I direct it to that critically thinking, zombie-free, still alive part of you. That part of you is the one that understands why study after study shows that medicine, mental health, therapies and education work better when they are connected to nature. That part of you will find my message completely accurate and very useful. Ready? Test yourself:

1. Since the extreme disconnection of our thinking from nature causes unsolvable personal, social and global problems, genuinely reconnecting our thinking with nature helps us solve these problems.
( ) YES
..( ) NO.

2. Your intact, non-zombie, natural self can learn an accredited Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP). It enables your thinking to genuinely reconnect with nature and thereby promote personal, social and environmental wellness. Are you too far gone to seek help by being helpful? ( ) YES..( ) NO.

NSTP enables you to help yourself and others recover from our ecozombie disorders by learning how to psychologically reconnect with nature, backyard or back country. NSTP is just one link away. It is a missing link in the way you have learned to think.

Mr. Sanders, of what use is it for you or I to have hopes and ideals if we don't have a valid process to implement them? That process is readibly available.

My congratulations to you for reading this far.

Best Wishes

C. King Helpnow

The ISGER Ecozombie Committee to Reverse Ecozombi disorders.

P.S. Do the Results of Ecozombie Thinking prove just how stupid or how smart this letter is?