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HELP-WANTED. Nature-Connected Learning and Healing: online Massage Therapy adjunct degrees, jobs and accredited training courses enhance personal and professional goals. Our grant-funded methods and materials help you safely tap into the beneficial grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems, backyard or backcountry.

Use the hands-on application of ecopsychology to strengthen your effectiveness and reduce stress and disorders. Add the supportive sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your relationships.

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Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Organic Psychology
Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Council
Practical distance learning that increases energy, expertise and spirit.



Massage Therapy Continuing Education Units and Training
- Massage Therapy CEU alternatives for holistic career education and training, health and wellness, counseling and spirituality jobs.
- Accredited self-help, hands-on distance learning college courses and online degrees.
- Nature-connected support for human services, healing and natural sustainability in people and environments.























































Funded learning, counseling and healing with nature online for Massage Therapy CEU

Learn to use and teach Organic Psychology through practical, hands-on, accredited career education and CEU training adjunct for massage therapy.

Welcome to the massage therapy CEU introduction to educating, counseling and healing with nature, an online, self-help tool for improving personal, social and environmental well being.

We invite you to learn and teach Organic Psychology as an exceptionally rewarding and responsible alternative and holistic part of your life and livelihood.

Our congratulations to you for having the advanced awareness to vist this distance learning page. Your interest speaks highly of your human service desire to help yourself and others improve the quality and sustainability of our lives, jobs, and all of life.

We suggest you first completely read through this short page and then return to links of interest to you.

Organic Psychology is a powerful nature-connected, hands-on tool, a form of distance learning and self-help ecopsychology that you can beneficially use and teach as you learn it. In addition, you may add its accredited college courses and its graduate and undergraduate degrees to your every endeavor.

Natural system qualities
Normally, natural systems are purifying, healing and self-correcting as they bring nature's grace, balance and restorative powers to all of life, including the life of our body mind and spirit.

Contacts with natural systems transform and regenerate relationship flaws. This is how nature in its perfection produces neither garbage nor pollution nor the abusiveness, stress, isolation and disorders that our society suffers.

Natural system estrangement
Today, most people and natural places are hurtfully stressed and at risk because the nature-disconnected way we learn to think exploits, rather than connects with, the supportive wisdom available in natural systems as they flow through and around us. We learn to estrange our thinking from nature and its healing perfection rather than embrace it.

To our loss, less than .01 percent of our thinking is in tune with natural systems in natural areas. We spend over 95% of our time and formative education indoors, disconnected from nature's intelligent and purifying ways.

Our excessive disconnection from nature produces a disorder known as Natural System Dysfunction (NSD). NSD deprives us of the sustainability, recuperative powers and happiness ordinarily available to us from natural systems. This produces our greatest troubles.

Act now. Learn about Organic Psychology by doing it


Holistic and alternative remedies

Organic Psychology is a holistic and alternative human service remedy for destructive habits that arise from Natural System Dysfunction. It can help you reverse NSD disorders and their detrimental effects.

When we don't engage in Organic Psychology distance learning career education or training to overcome NSD we feel incomplete; our spirituality and thinking becomes aware that something very important is missing in our lives.

Act now. Learn about Organic Psychology by doing it.

Without intending to do it or knowing how to stop, most Massage Therapy jobs, professions and relationships unknowingly produce Natural System Dysfunction because they make our psyche and spirit lose contact with holistic natural system functions that we and our psyche biologically inherit.


Our inherent abilities

Natural System Dysfunction subdues our spirituality and our inborn ability to create and sustain rewarding relationships that nurture every aspect of life. Nature ordinarily thrives because it overflows with this ability. As part of nature, we are born with it. Learn to access it through accredited distance learning college courses as well as B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the nurturing science of Organic Psychology.

Your choice to visit this environmentally and socially responsible Organic Psychology web page you are reading, is rare. It demonstrates that you are a caring person. Part of you wants to help yourself and others obtain career education and training that reduces our destructive tendencies and disorders. Organic Psychology helps you strengthen that part of yourself to help improve your life and livelihood.

Act now. Learn about Organic Psychology by doing it.

Most of us suffer the stress and troubles of our society because we have no self-help process or scientific remedy to help us eliminate the dysfunctions that underlie our disorders.

You can empower yourself to reduce the deterioration of natural systems and increase the health and quality of life by mastering at least one, short, online, accredited course in Organic Psychology. This course, Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship gives you an alternative CEU sustainability process for improving health and wellness wherever the opportunity arises.

Completing Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship enables you to continue online to funded training and career education for certification, degrees and jobs in Organic Psychology, Integrated Ecology or Applied Ecopsychology.

Act now. Learn about Organic Psychology by doing it.


"Learn to strengthen your attraction to nature and the natural. Integrate it into your life and livelihood. Natural attraction is the intelligent unifying voice of creation, the guiding root of our deepest thoughts feelings and relationships. The wholeness , grace and spirit of natural attraction underlies the balanced perfection of natural systems and their restorative powers within and around us. To ignore our sensory attractions to nature results in personal, social and environmental disorders."

- Michael J. Cohen, Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship

Act now. Learn about Organic Psychology by
doing it.























Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council

ccredited holistic Massage Therapy courses and alternative degrees for
sustainable career education, training and distance learning jobs.


P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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"It is quite clear to me after several years in the environmental movement that all physical problems of man's impact on the environment - pollution of the air and waters, the desecration of the land, the contamination of the food chain - all start within the environment of man's mind."
  -Maurice Strong
Founder: the United Nations Environment Program
Co-Chair: U.N. Commission on Global Governance