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SYNOPSIS: Revolutionary alternative holistic programs Benefit from natural, hands-on, funded, courses and career education training jobs and degrees online. Increase your personal and environmental well-being.

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HELP-WANTED. Nature-Connected Learning and Healing: Online Massage Therapy adjunct degrees, jobs and accredited training courses enhance personal and professional goals. Our grant-funded methods and materials help you safely tap into the beneficial grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems, backyard or backcountry.

Use the hands-on application of ecopsychology to strengthen your effectiveness and reduce stress and disorders. Add the supportive sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your relationships.

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Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Organic Psychology
Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Council
Practical distance learning that increases energy, expertise and spirit.

Process and Tools: Learning, Counseling and Healing with Nature


Thoughtful Leadership

Maurice Strong, the Canadian multimillionaire who founded the United Nations Environment Program and is co-chair of the Commission on Global Governance, the blueprint for world government says, "It is quite clear to me after several years in the environmental movement that all physical problems of man's impact on the environment - pollution of the air and waters, the desecration of the land, the contamination of the food chain - all start within the environment of man's mind."

Mr. Strong echo's the assertion of Vice President Albert Gore that we are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural.

Pulitzer Prize recipient, E. O. Wilson, of Harvard, agrees with Strong and Gore, noting that nature's absence erodes many essential parts of our lives. Similarly, Nobel prize recipients Albert Einstein and Albert Schweitzer insist that for better tomorrows we must embrace nature.

Today, medical research by Dr. Howard Frumkin and many others indicates that exposure to nature can help restore health and wellness.*



The Missing Link

What is significant is that the conclusions of our distinguished leaders have had little effect in improving how our society operates. Most people are helpless to implement these important discoveries. We are paid to stay in the nature-disconnected rut of our daily lives and that, scientists say, deepens the rut. The way we learn to think not only prevents us from solving personal and social troubles, it produces environmental problems like pollution and global warming; it is giving our living planet a fever.

What these and other experts seldom offer is an easily accessible process, a tool that enables us to transform our addictive dysfunctions into recuperative relationships with nature, relationships that increase the wellness of ourselves and the land. Project NatureConnect guarantees you this: the tool we need is readily available to you through this web site.


A Major Problem

In our society we train our consciousness, thinking and spirit to build healthy relationships with the human environment yet rarely with the natural environment. We have been trained to forget that the biology and psychology of human life is a continuum of nature. To our loss, although we are part of nature, we excessively separate our thinking from nature and its restorative ways. Our consciousness has become bonded to the idea that the way we think, not the way nature works, is the key to human survival and dignity. This disconnection from nature not only causes, but, in addition, prevents us from reversing many destructive relationship and health problems.

A Powerful Solution

This Project NatureConnect web site empowers you to engage in the art and science of educating, counseling and healing with nature. Through online training, books and activities and cooperating Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. courses and degree programs, it gives you simple, organic, sensory tools to help you connect your thinking with nature, make more sense and reduce our troubles. Each tool empowers you to help build a saner world, remedy detrimental estrangements from nature and help others do the same. The tools provide you with the expertise to contribute to
nature-connected consciousness and learning in all walks of life, but especially in:

   - Self-help or Personal growth
Life or Personal Coaching
- Teaching, Healing, Mentoring, Counseling, Leadership or
- Counseling: Pastoral, Marriage, Therapy, Recovery or
.Spiritual Counseling
- Course Instruction, Workshop Presentations
- Meditation, Alternative Medicine, Mental Health
- Outdoor Leadership, Environmental Education, Interning
- Independent Organic Psychology Contracting
- Founding or Directing Independent Programs
- Courses for Training or Degree Programs
- Training or Administering in your special field of



The Organic Psychology presented here is

  • A science of transforming personal and environmental disorders into constructive relationships through conscious sensory contact with natural systems and their renewing powers.
  • the means to restore Earth's purifying, regenerative intelligence within us.
  • the art of thinking and relating in balance by connecting our mentality and spirit with nature's peace and wellness.
  • an enabling tool that helps people thoughtfully discover and enjoy 53 sensory rewards that support natural systems in themselves and the environment.
  • a recognition that with respect to nature and its perfection, there is no substitute for connecting to and thinking with the real thing. The substitutes often produce stress, garbage and pollution; nature doesn't.

The best way to access the tools of Organic Psychology is through our distance learning Orientation Course found in the book The Web of Life Imperative.


Your Great Challenge

Using empirical evidence and thinking, Project NatureConnect has established that people are naturally born with the mental ability to consciously make sense of the world and ourselves using 53 natural senses that we genetically inherit. People(s) that sustain these senses in consciousness by staying sentiently connected to nature seldom produce or suffer our great troubles.

Contemporary society conditions most of us to excessively separate from nature; this conditions us to think using less than ten natural senses. Thus our intelligence works with only 20% of its inherent capacity to relate sensibly to the world. This is the root of many unsolveable personal, social and environmental problems.

Good evidence shows that genuinely reconnecting our thinking to authentic natural systems helps us rejuvenate and restore many of our now dormant natural senses. It increases our sensibility and many problems subside.

No offense intended but here is a fair question: if you don't believe that the organic psychology facts and testimony presented on this web site are valid, is it because they are invalid? Or is it because as a nature-disconnected person you are thinking with only 20% or your capacity to make sense in this regard? If you are normal, the latter is true as reflected by the state of the world.

Try spending 15 minutes quietly alone in an attractive natural area. See what additional attractions you can find there. Does doing this give you additional information or sensibility?


"This program offers an environmentally sound, educational process that reduces apathy, catalyzes peace and promotes mental health. It fulfills our personal and economic needs, deeper ideals and spirit; it deserves the attention of every person who seeks to reverse our troubles."

Dr. Robert Muller
Assistant Secretary General Emeritus of the United Nations.
Recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Peace Prize and UNESCO prize for peace.
Chancellor of the University for Peace, United Nations.




* Unfortunately, the idea that exposure to nature can be restorative is almost invisible or nonexistent in health care," says Dr. Howard Frumkin, professor and chairman of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health in Emory's Rollins School of Public Health. "Our standard clinical paradigm involves medications more than non-medical approaches, treatment more than prevention. But many people are intuitively drawn to this idea. They feel restored and healthier in a beautiful landscape, for example. And on the other side, many environmentalists work to preserve nature for a range of very good environmental reasons, but forget that one of the major benefits may be human health."


After you obtain information about the Project NatureConnect program from the web site by using the Navigation guide (left column), a free, helpful 15-minute discussion by phone with a faculty member is the most efficient way to customize the program to your goals..






Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council

Strengthening holistic natural wellness medicines
and complementary naturopathic home remedies

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.

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