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SYNOPSIS: Revolutionary holistic programs Benefit from natural, hands-on, funded, alternative psychology courses and career education training jobs and degrees online. Increase your personal and environmental well-being.

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HELP-WANTED. Nature-Connected Learning and Healing: online alternative Psychology degrees, jobs and accredited training courses enhance personal and professional goals. Our grant-funded methods and materials help you safely tap into the beneficial grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems, backyard or backcountry.

Use the hands-on application of ecopsychology to strengthen your effectiveness and reduce stress and disorders. Add the supportive sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your relationships.

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Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Organic Psychology
Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Council
Practical distance learning that increases energy, expertise and spirit.

Organic Psychology Opportunities

Increase your skill and income by promoting the wellness of people and ecosystems through conscious sensory contact with natural areas.


The Organic Psychology of the Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature program is a hands-on nature reconnecting ecopsychology science. It is used by:
  • counselors, educators, and students.
  • physicians, ministers and families
  • naturalists and non-professionals interested in the improvement of self, spirit and the environment.

The Process consists of mastering and teaching psychologically based, nature reconnecting activities and techniques. To this end, self-guiding books, study groups and online courses are offered individually or as part of degree training programs. You learn the Process through an online Orientation Course.


Although the statement below may sound controversial, we have 40 years worth of research that substantiate it. There is now an opportunity for a forward thinking individuals, organizations or businesses to learn, market or promote the webstring process.

The Statement: "If contemporary life is not meeting a person's deeper values and ideals, that individual wants to build their relationships around natural attractions through Organic Psychology and they don't know it."

NSTP can be a livelihood that does good things for people and the environment.

When used by an HMO or health care agencies, NSTP reduces medical costs thereby increasing profits along with the agency's environmental image and impact.

When used by a life insurance company, NSTP helps reduce claims because people would live longer and pay premiums longer while the environment improved.

When used in government, it helps reduce crime, welfare, environmental and health costs and, thereby, taxes.

When used by a religious organization a stronger, a more attractive and participatory spirituality results from contact with devine nature.

When used in conflict resolution on a local or international basis, the chances for peace and environmental responsibility increase.

When used by an environmental organization, the health of local and global ecosystems improves along with the wellness of organization members and the public.

When used in education, many troubles that plague young people and the educational system wane while environmental knowledge rises.

When used by the medical profession, stress and environmentally related disorders diminish and they are major causes of ill health.

When used in counseling and mental health treatment, powerful new solutions for personal and social problems become available along with greater ecological literacy

When used in industry, greater productivity and balance results and environmental impacts decrease.

When used with young or old in recovery from substance abuse or personal abuse, restoration of the person and the environment is quicker and more lasting.

When used by people seeking more out of life, their outlooks, energy and ability to participate improve along with their environmental attitudes.

When used by corporations NSTP it helps them learn to know the world and each other more deeply and relate with greater diversity. They obtain a better environmental image and stress-management for their personnel. This produces increased moral, and greater sense of community. It reduces illness hours, health insurance costs and environmental conflicts.

Although seemingly unknown, NSTP is neither new nor miraculous. With respect to natural attractions it helps people discover them. Most people are like the man who forgot he placed his eyeglasses on his forehead. He searched his house for them and concluded he could not find his glasses because he could not see them while not wearing them.

Natural attractions are discovered through a sensory ecology science that parallels "scientifically feeling around for the glasses." They are a psychological process that brings the valuable life relationship knowledge buried in our subconscious safely into our awareness. NSTP enables people to critically think in unified ways that build responsible relationships.

NSTP is successfully being used in counseling, medicine, education, conflict resolution, alternative therapies, environmental and outdoor education and nature interpretation. It proliferates itself because as people learn to use it, they also learn to teach others how to use them.

What are natural attractions? As you will discover through the link below, they are an intelligent, natural balancing, substance of life. (They may be familiar to you as the thing contemporary society purposely irritates in order to sell people something to stop the irritation.)

NOTE: These links http://www.ecopsych.com/iupsdegreevalue.html brings you to a short description of careers and occupations that involve NSTP.

http://www.ecopsych.com/2005organjobs.html describes specific job and career openings and how to apply for them

If you are a step above the average, you will recognize that not only are our missing natural attraction glasses within our grasp, they are also extremely valuable financially and in helping people and the environment enjoy life in balance.


After you obtain information about the Project NatureConnect program from this web site by using the Navigation guide (left column), a free, helpful 15 minute discussion by phone with a faculty member is the most effecient way to customize the program to your goals.






Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council

Readily available, online, natural science tools
for the health of person, planet and spirit
P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
360-378-6313 <email> www.ecopsych.com

The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.


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