Outcomes 6

HELP-WANTED. Nature-Connected Learning and Healing: online Alternative Wellness degrees, jobs and accredited training courses enhance personal and professional goals. Our grant-funded methods and materials help you safely tap into the beneficial grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems, backyard or backcountry.

Use the hands-on application of ecopsychology to strengthen your effectiveness and reduce stress and disorders. Add the supportive sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your relationships.

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Outcomes 6

Effects of webstring activities

A Survey of Participants continued


Research Questionaire Validates the Webstring Natural Systems Thinking Process for Personal and Global Balance

The health and wellness effects of natural attraction activities in grant-funded, alternative and holistic courses, training and degree programs online; the evaluation of a sensory science for sustainable personal and environmental well-being.


"We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."

-Albert Gore

Dear Vice President Gore,

Please be informed that Project NatureConnect provides an alternative, holistic, sensory science that helps our psyche genuinely connect with nature. Because this sustainable tool enables our mind to thoughtfully tap into nature's balance, grace and restorative powers our dysfunctions wane and our personal and environmental well-being improves.

For Peace,

Michael J. Cohen, Ed. D.



Results of education based on reconnecting with nature.

In 1959, Dr. Michael J. Cohen founded a program and school based on reconnecting with nature. The National Audubon Society and many others called it the most revolutionary school in America saying, 'It is on the side of the angels.' School participants traveled and thrived in 83 different natural habitats by keeping their commitments to having open, honest relationships with the natural environment, each other and with indigenous people(s), researchers, ecologists, the Amish, organic farmers, anthropologists, folk musicians, naturalists, shamans, administrators, historians and many others. The health and wellness experience deeply reconnected their inner nature to the whole of nature.

As a result of the participants' romance with educating themselves this personal or self-planetary transformation way, in the school community:

Chemical dependencies, including alcohol and tobacco, disappeared as did destructive social relationships.

Personality and eating disorders subsided

Violence, crime and prejudice were unknown in the group.

Academics improved because they were applicable, hands-on and fun.

Loneliness, hostility and depression subsided. Group interactions allowed for stress release and management; each day was fulfilling and relatively peaceful.

Students using meditation found they no longer needed to use it. They had learned how to sustain a nature-connected community that helped them improve their resiliency.

Participants knew each other better than they knew their families or best friends.

Participants felt safe. They risked expressing and acting from their deeper thoughts and feelings. A profound sense of social and environmental responsibility guided their decisions.

When vacation periods arrived, neither staff nor student wanted to go home. Each person enjoyably worked to build this supportive, balanced living and learning utopia. They were home.

Students sought and entered right livelihood professions upon graduation.

All this occurred simply because every community member met their commitment to make sense of their lives by establishing and sustaining health and wellness sensory relationships that supported and helped restore the natural world within and around them. Students and staff hunted, gathered and practiced such relationships; they organized and preserved group living processes that reawakened their natural wisdoms. They learned how to let self or personal-planetary transformation in nature regenerate responsible relationships when they decayed.

The secret to the group's success was to learn how to learn directly from the natural world, the living Earth within and about them. Through natural sensations and feelings that arose through their newly grown sensory roots in Earth, the global life community taught them how to trust it, how to validate and incorporate its wisdom in their thinking.

From 30 years of all-season travel and study in over 260 national parks, forests and subcultures, Dr. Cohen developed a repeatable learning process and psychology that unleashes our natural attraction to grow and survive responsibly. By documenting that the self and planetary transformation process works and can be taught, he earned his doctoral degree and the school became a small graduate and underegraduate degree program sponsored by a leading conservation organization and several university degree programs.

From1985-92, Cohen translated the school's operants into a publically available Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP). Today, backyard or backcountry, people gain health and wellness from its personal or self -planetary transformation readings and activities at home, work or school via the internet.


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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

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