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What is new in nature-connected health, stress, psychology, environment, education and parenting for our new age


New: August 1, 2004, 



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A new step by step exploration and application procedures page answers most questions. Be sure to check it out.



New: November 1, 2005 Empower Yourself to Walk Your Talk: join a subculture that brings the benefits of natural systems into the consciousness and thinking of industrial society


New: October 25 1, 2005 All PNC core courses become accredited for CEU and Academic transfer or licensing requirements: You may design your own interdisciplinary, independent study, or self-organized accredited degree progam using PNC courses of interest to you.

New: September 1, 2005 Pay only what you can afford certificate and degree financial assistance program commences operation.


New: June 16, 2005  DAILY BLOG of Nine-Leg Reports from NSTP Activities. 


New: June 15, 2005 On All Nine Legs-Teaching Outdoor Love to an Indoor World by Janet Thomas. Published in Taproot, Journal of Education in the Outdoors. (suggested for applicants)


New: April 14, 2005  Equivalency of WCU-Degrees.  The degrees of West Coast University in affiliation with Project NatureConnect, have been evaluated as a grounded, new age equivalent to US regionally accredited degrees and degrees that are accredited in United Kingdom by the Academic Credential Assessment Corporation (ACAC)


New: March 25, 2005 Special Organic Psychology Program Training for a certificate or degree based on previous equivalent life experience and nature-connected education for our new age.


New: February 2, 2005

An invitation and affiliation has been completed with West Coast University a global education graduate and undergraduate program located in the Republic of Panama and Internationally Accredited by the International Council for Open & Distance Education (ICDE) an agency recognized by UNESCO & UNO.


New: January 10, 2005 Grant Program for Certification and Degrees


New: December 3, 2004 A Unique Free Online Course

A free course identifies and addresses the thirteen most significant problems we face in this new age and provides a tool that helps us solve them.


New: August 28, 2004, A key tool for increasing inner and outer peace

A nature-reconnecting tool gives us the nine-leg ability to use the remarkable Einstein-Thoreau Equation and benefit from tapping into the unifying, regenerative aspects of nature that produce its balance and beauty. A immediate use of the tool for the new age we are in is available at


New: August 1, 2004, Quadruple the power of your vote.

Simultaneous Policy, an organization the uses political persuasion to boost cooperation and consensus relationships intenationally in the new age, has partnered with Project NatureConnect to give the natural systems within and around us a voice in consensus decisions and in building cooperative relationships


New: JULY !, 2004, Reconnecting With Nature Personal Balance and Healing Course

This ten-week stress-management and mood improvement course uses nature as a teacher, a counselor and a friend. It encourages us to slow down and re-orient ourselves to the grace and wisdom of nature's creative and nurturing healing process. Course members read assigned material, do NatureConnect activities and share their experiences with others in their group through email exchanges.


New: JULY 1, 2004, Simplified Certificate and Degree Program Application Established

The application process now includes engaging in some sample activities and readings that demonstrate a candidate's compatibility and readiness for coursework and programs.


New: APRIL 2, 2004, Inspiring Nature-Connection Quotations.

Since the dawn of civilization, thoughtful people have benefited from profound connections with nature. In essays, books and articles they have shared the discoveries and inspiration they found in genuine sensory contact with natural systems. A free collection of these writings for our new age are available to you from Project NatureConnect. You may receive a small group of them for your education and spirit by email every few days. Simply select here. An addressed email will appear. Without writing on or in it, simply send it. Just post this already addressed email on your screen and be pleasantly rewarded. Or you can at any time send a blank email to <>

The first set of the 5-month collection will be in your email box within a few minutes.

You may easily disconnect from the collection at any time.

A short, 1-credit online course is available using these quotations.


New: APRIL 12, 2004

EARTH DAY, MOTHER'S DAY, VALENTINE'S DAY and CHRISTMAS. Links to free, sensitizing personal and environmental natural system wellness methods and materials gifts online. Includes an Earth Proclamation to the American Psychological Association, the Environmental Protection Agency and similar organizations, activities, inspirational nature-connecting quotes gifts by email (above), online nature trails, experience sharing and significant but rare articles, books and a release you may use to help improve our relationships with natural systems within and around us.



 "We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."

-Albert Gore

"Project NatureConnect provides new alternative, holistic, sensory tools that help our psyche genuinely connect with natural systems within and around us. Our personal and environmental well-being improves through sustainable education and counseling techniques that enable us in this new age to thoughtfully tap into nature's ancient balance, grace and restorative powers."

-Michael J. Cohen





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New, online, natural science tools
for the health of person, planet and spirit

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.



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