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Purpose and intent of the IGE financial aid scholarship and grant help planning services for

Educating Counseling and Healing with Nature Training Programs and Degrees

at the Institite of Global Education, Akmai and West Coast Universities.

Also see Application for alternative and holistic Grants and Loans

  • Scholarships are available for the nature career education and healing Degree Program
  • Grants and Loans are available toward the self-help Certificate Program and Individual Courses

 "We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."

-Albert Gore

"Project NatureConnect provides alternative, holistic, sensory tools that help our psyche genuinely connect with natural systems within and around us. Our personal and environmental well-being improves through holistic nature career education and natural love self-help planning techniques that enable us to thoughtfully tap into nature's balance, grace and restorative powers."

-Michael J. Cohen



MAY 2005

In conjunction with the financial aid planning statement (see below) that appears on PART ELEVEN of the program application form, an applicant for the certification or degree program need only to honestly state what they can afford to budget towards the payment of their tuitions and, if approved, all additional tution fees are payed for them through the PNC Scholarship and Grant Program.


We who contribute to planning the scholarship/grant program are a group of individuals and not-for-profit organizations that have come together because we deeply care about our integrity and that of humanity and ecosystems.

We realize that we must do all we can do to reverse our destructive ways with each other and the environment. Over time we have recognized the important contribution that Organic Applied Ecopsychology and the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) make to this cause.

Through the planning of this scholarship and grant subsidy program we help make NSTP readily available to interested, qualified members of the public and private sector.

In some minds the scholarship/grant program makes the IGE program a low-cost degree and therefore not a first-rate program. This is not the case. The program is equal to the quality and design of programs costing $40,000 or more and the latter often do not offer Organic EcoPsychology education. Their students come to IGE for that training and, at extra cost, then transfer it into their programs.

The purpose of the scholarship/grant program is to make NSTP online training, education and degrees available, affordable and practical. Contemporary society sorely needs to encourage and support people who recognize the cooperative nature of natural systems and humanity's participation in them.

The scholarship/grant program is designed to help students graduate without a high debt that forces them to take jobs that do not utilize their NSTP skills. The program includes the IGE student body planning how to implement cost effective cooperative education. Scholarships are also generated by donations in funds and kind by IGE alumni and other interested individuals.

ELIGIBILITY: Partial and Full Scholarships are available to individuals seeking courses, degrees or training. Grants are available to individuals who have the interest, and/or the support and consent of an organization or setting that is cooperatively supportive of the candidate receiving training and/or Certification in Organic Psychology.

Entrance to the program is based on the candidate's previous work and interests as well as their completion of the Orientation Course.

Below are the eight major components that make the scholarship/grant program possible:



The IGE program is cooperatively operated by its student participants and staff. It is only open to students who have the ability to fill commitments, to be open to learning, and to cooperatively donate their skills, knowledge and energies to all aspects of the program's educational and administrative functions. This eliminates many costs that are normally incurred in a degree program as well as educates the student to be more competent in these skill areas. This contribution helps to subsidize tuitions when it is appropriate.



A growing number of individuals and programs recognize the critical need for education that addresses contemporary society's destructive bonding to relationships that adversely effect natural systems within and around us. These individuals make donations to the IGE program that helps to subsidize its normal operating costs and tuitions when it is appropriate.

Many private foundations and scholarship organizations give grants for green programs like ours.  By taking our Orientation Course ( and signing our Petition (,) you become literate in the Organic Psychology ECHN process, you can show its signifance and you may qualify and apply for this private funding.  Use the search engines (Google etc) and search for "scholarship grants green sustainable foundations sources."  Also search under catagories you may fit into such as "single woman " or  "Male Catholic social worker over 27 years old living in Michigan" etc. 


Portions of some student tuitions are used to supplement the tuitions of other students. This cooperative subsidizing makes the program affordable to more qualified students and thereby makes NSTP more available to help more people and natural environments. That is as much a goal of the program as is any other goal.



A commitment to public relations efforts within the student's sphere of influence and energies reduces advertising expenditures and provides training for the student in public relations skills. This reduces advertising expenditures and thereby helps to subsidize tuitions when it is appropriate.



Much of the knowledge and teaching in the program is provided by free, conscious, sensory contact with Earth and its natural systems within and around us. Facilitating this process is provided and learned as part of the degree program course work thereby making it more self-supporting. Mid-career professional students from many disciplines learn to mentor each other as part of the planning program. This in turn helps to subsidize tuitions.



The Institute of Global Education is an educational, not for profit organization, eligible for funding from foundations and individuals that helps to subsidize tuitions when it is appropriate.



IGE does not assign additional fees for course transfers, prior learning evaluations, MS equivalency determinations nor various stages of thesis and dissertation evaluation. This all become part of the curriculum and helps to subsidize tuitions when it is appropriate. 



The application for scholarship funding is made via the Application to the program under the process and terms above and below (9). It pertains to all IGE degree and training programs although the amount of scholarship funding available varies with different programs.

In the application the Candidate honestly states the greatest amount they can afford to pay for tuition and requests scholarship funding for the remainder of the tuition. Grants apply to the tuition costs of the Certification Program and are designed by the applicant in consultation with the Staff. (call 360-378-6313 for details.)



Once an applicant's submitted paragraph is approved for scholarship funding, that commitment is honored and approximate funds set aside to meet it. However, some students are unable to immediately continue with their application; meanwhile the funds allocated to them are not available to other candidates. This greatly influences the determination of how much funding we can make available to other candidates' scholarship applications.

To prevent this situation from occuring and help the Committee meet its own and student goals if you intend to apply for a scholarship:

Commencing October 1, 2002

Before or after you have submitted your scholarship paragraph we request that you complete your Program Application Form:

A. Read an overview article that describes the progam and its purpose. Optionally explore the article links that are of interest to you. You should also familiarize yourself with the the IGE planning program through our degree homepage and website.

B. Call Dr. Cohen anytime and further explore your goals, the amount of scholarship funding you need and if the program and you are right for each other. 1-888-285-4694 (toll free for scholarship candidates).

C. Email and postal mail the Degree program Application Form It includes a petition for the amount of financial aid assistance you will need based on sections 1-8 above.

Note on the Scholarship Application a request for a short scholarship essay of not more than 300 words that explains why the program and scholarship is attractive to you and your intentions in learning and applying its process. The determining factor in this essay is its honesty. Its purpose is to build trust and support for your interests, intentions and situation.

D. You will be notified within five days as to the amount of funding for which you are eligible.

E. Once you are notified, you proceed with the Orientation Course and then other courses at your earliest convenience. You do not have to wait for the semester to officially start. You commence with coursework by beginning payment to IGE towards that portion of your total Degree Program tuition not covered by your scholarship.

The first payment is $150 U.S.* It includes the program application fee ($100), starting the Orientation Course at your earliest convenience ($80), with no cost to you for it or three books ($75), and entrance into the Student Cooperative Program and support group through its Cooperative Application Contract.

Successful completion of the Orientation course makes you eligible for the Grant Program that helps with Certification fees.

F. Another $520* payment towards that portion of your total tuition not covered by the your scholarship, is required by the time the Orientation Course is completed (5-10 weeks). This payment completes the first semester's (6 month's) or certification level's tuition payments and makes you eligible to start your remaining coursework for the first semester.

You may postpone some of your coursework and do it in semesters that follow if that is more convenient for you timewise.

G, Payments towards your remaining non-scholarship-grant tuition* is made at as stated on the Procedures page.

*NOTE: You may design a fair payment plan and contract to fit your budget and learning program. You may petition for financial aid assistance to help you apply and take the Orientation Course


Semesters are 6-month periods.
Certification Levels are usually semester length, but may be extended as needed. You may start at any time.

1. Application Fee, Scholarship/Grant determination and program acceptance, Orientation Course and books, entrance into Cooperative ....$150.00

2. Completion of Orientation Course and
payment of remaining first semester's/certification level fee ...$520.00

3. Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth semester fee's ...$740.00/certification level.
(Payment plan available. You design and contract to pay monthly what your budget can afford and stop payments when the non-scholarship portion of your tuition is completed.)



Required books for additional courses optional $64 - $89 depening on your program.

Conference Telephone Calls for Oral Exams and Dissertation $150.00





(for degree and certification programs )

( ) I have completed the Application above, and I am interested in obtaining scholarship/grant assistance for the degree program I have indicated. I have read and understand the scholarship and declaration information.

( ) I have enclosed or arranged payments for my first degree program
semester's tuition of $740 of which $640 will be returned to me
if I do not get the scholarship support that I need, or if I am
not accepted in the program.

All requests for financial assistance are made at Section 11 of the Application Form that will be emailed to you



NOTE: because of the continual survival and relationship rewards/gratifications money buys for us, we become bonded or addicted to money and its value. For this reason, the contribution of money usually indicates the extent of a person's value or commitment to a program or course. In addition, the financial help contribution often, to their benefit, strengthens their ability to honor their commitment to themselves and the program.

Our records show that applicants that don't make some financial services contribution to their program seldom complete the program. This wastes the grant funds and energies spent in their behalf and in support of the program's goals.

Financial help contributions to the program also serve to help replenish the grant fund so others may benefit from its purposes. The greater the number people in the program, the more support each individual gains from all in the cooperative towards their own, and the program's goals.

When you receive a grant or scholarship, it means some individual or group has contributed funds and energies to help you further your education as well as to further the benefits of Organic Psychology to you and the public. For this reason, please be sure your financial services application is made with as complete a knowledge of the program as you need to assure you it fits into your thinking and goals.

You may help yourself reach you goals here by letting friends, family and others know why you are involved with this program and asking them if they would help you by making a contribution towards your tuition or the grant fund.

You may use our funding program as a challenge grant which will match by us funds you obtain from another source.

You may make contacts, contributions or whatever else you feel you have the ability to do on behalf of the program as you best see fit. Contact the office if you want some help with ideas as to what you can do.





Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council

Financial Aid Planning Services Help for
Alternative Holistic Nature Career Education

P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
360-378-6313 <email>

The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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