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Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Organic Psychology
Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Council
Practical distance learning ecopsychology courses for person/planet well being. Accredited holistic interdisciplinary health and wellness online school grants.

Sudent Co-op Course and Co-op Enrollment Agreement



Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

Supportive Degrees, Career Training Courses and Jobs Online.

Project NatureConnect offers distant learning that enables you to add nature-connecting methods and credentials to your skills and interests. We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent credit for it.

You may take accredited coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most subjects or personal interests. Please vist the subject list below, then return here.

  • Help people connect their thoughts and feelings with the grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
  • Increase income through ecotherapy stress-relief management.
  • Strengthen personal social and environmental self-esteem/well being.
  • Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your life and community.

Visit our Homepage for complete information




Sudent Co-op Course and Co-op Enrollment Contract

To be eligible to enroll in the Cooperative, you must have completed the Degree Program Application or Certificate Application with appropriate payments that your arrange.


COOP CONTRACT http://www.box.com/shared/tchf6x77b4     

AKAMAI ADMISSION http://www.box.com/s/xd1bj46pc57cx9lm2pf9


Special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Graduate Student Cooperative
Michael J.Cohen, PhD. Director
Program Chair, Akamai University
Applied Ecopsychology/Organic Psychology/Integrated Ecology/
Email nature@interisland.net


This application also admits you to the professional group where updates on the public application of Project NatureConnect methods and materials are shared by its members.

Through the contract below, I commit to myself and the Graduate Student Cooperative that I will strive to become fully participatory in its purpose and functions.



Zip/Postal Code   
Which program track are you applying for?  Please understand that you may begin in one track and change to a different track later on. 

(  ) Courses only
(  ) Certification Level ( )1 ( )2 ( )3
(  ) Bachelors Degree or equivalent via equivalence determinations
(  ) Master's Degree with Bachelor's waived via equivalence determinations.
(  ) Master's Degree.
(  ) Doctoral degree with Master's waived via equivalence determinations.
(  ) Doctoral degree
(  ) Post Master's Doctoral degree program

Please read the following web page http://ecopsych.com/iupsapplicants.html, and enter your personal statement of interest in continuing on in the Project NatureConnect program below:


The Graduate Webstring Student Cooperative, through the natural attractions of its participants and faculty, self-administers the steps, courses and evaluations needed for a student to complete their program. 

The Graduate Webstring Student Cooperative helps to administer much of the program by self-organizing courses, sharing administrative duties and mentoring each other.  Students receive academic credit for participating in these administrative and mutually supportive roles.  The student cooperative activities are a required course, a 3-part, 3 credit, (135 hours) Field Study program, Cooperative Administration of NSTP, Online, Training and Degree Programs. Through the activities of the Student Cooperative, students practice applying the fundamentals of  Natural Attraction Ecology and the Natural Systems Thinking Process to the processes and procedures of the academic program. 

The student is automatically enrolled in the ECO 751 Course beginning with their agreement with the understandings in this contract.  A student may opt out of participation in the activities and responsibilities of the student cooperative by paying an additional tuition amount of $4,500; financial assistance is not available for this tuition. 

Students participate in the Cooperative for the duration of their program and may continue to be active afterward, so long as it is attractive to them, in the roles of guides, facilitators and mentors.  The community communicates via two Yahoo groups, a student group and a professional discussion group, which will be described in more detail below.

The contract sets forth the conditions for participating in the Graduate Webstring Student Cooperative (GWSC) and asks you to signify (by initialing) that you understand and intend to honor and manifest these conditions.


I am interested in obtaining certification and/or a degree in Applied Ecopsychology (or specialized degree) as part of the Graduate Student Cooperative and its Graduate Webstring Support Group (GWSG Yahoo Group). 

_________ (initial)

I agree to participate in the cooperative administration of the program by participating according to my attractions in one or more of the roles outlined here: http://www.ecopsych.com/iupscoop.html.  I will volunteer for these roles by offering my services to the GWSG Yahoo group and to the program coordinator   (nature@interisland.net).  If I wish, I may include one or more of these offers with submission of this contract, or may make offers during my orientation phone call with program coordinator .

_________ (initial)

I have read and understand my opportunities and responsibilities as a member of the Project NatureConnect Student Cooperative as outlined in the course description for ECO 751 at http://www.ecopsych.com/eco751.html

_________ (initial)



After you submit this Coop Contract, you will be invited to join our two community Yahoo groups:

1. The Graduate Webstring Support Group (email <pnc-gwsg@yahoogroups.com>)

  This group is a place for:
-    asking and answering program questions
-    discussing course material in the larger group
-    mentoring and being mutually supportive through the program process
-    sharing, communicating and organizing as a community and a school
-    discussing matters of administrative processes in which students, faculty and alumni share roles and responsibilities
-    participation in discussions on this group is optional; however key communications from program administration (such as notices of community conference calls) occur through this group.  Opting out of this group entirely may result in missing opportunities and information.  Detailed information on possible levels of participation is provided in the Yahoo group orientation materials.  Personal guidance and orientation for those who are unfamiliar with Yahoo groups is also available upon request.
2. The Professional Group (email natureconnect-professional@egroups.com)
  This group is a place for:
-    discussing the application of NAE/NSTP on the job in professional activities
-    discussing career development and business-building using your Project NatureConnect education.

When I have a question, I will direct them (in this order) to:

1. My course interact group(s)

2. The PNC community Yahoo Groups:
-    The Graduate Webstring Support Group (students, faculty, and alumni)
-    The Professional group natureconnect-professional@egroups.com

3. Program  Director Mike Cohen  (nature@interisland.net)

4.  I understand that as part of the cooperative I am expected, in consent, to mentor other students and help answer administrative questions from my experience with the program and from my familiarity with the material above.  This may happen through interactions in my course interact groups, through interactions and discussions via the community Yahoo groups, or through individual interactions with fellow community members via email, in person, or by phone. 

_________ (initial)


After you submit this Coop Contract, you will be invited to schedule a one-hour orientation phone conversation with program coordinator 360-378-6313to review your background, interests and goals, to review the program process and track options, and to answer your questions.

There are five basic program tracks:

1.    The Certification Program contains all the courses necessary to certify participants to teach NSTP at each of 3 levels and to optionally matriculate into the graduate programs
2.    The BS equivalency degree program, or the BS
3.    MS degree program with thesis or extra course/project
4.    PhD degree program with dissertation
5.    Post Doctoral Fellowship

The courses are arranged like stair-steps proceeding from the certification track through the doctoral level. 

1.  I have completed to Section/Chapter Six and will complete the Orientation Course ECO500: Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship.

_________ (initial)

2.  I understand that in order to apply to the Cooperative, my Orientation Course interact group and/or course facilitator(s) must agree that I am participating adequately.  This is required because the Student Cooperative functions by a process of mutual support and consensus. 

_________ (initial)

2.  I have read and will become increasingly familiar with the course curriculum and community procedures detailed at http://www.ecopsych.com/communityprocesscalendar.html and www.ecopsych.com/communityprocess.html, will cooperate with them, and will help others understand them to the best of my ability.

_______________ (initial)

3.  I understand that group courses are self-organizing and begin whenever a group of 3-5 students and a Co-Facilitator are ready to begin, and that generally one or more groups for each of the three group courses begins each month.  I will request to begin each group class (ECO 500, 501, 502) by emailing http.//www.ecopsych.com/contacts.html

_______________ (initial)

4.  I understand that I may proceed through the program at whatever pace works best for me.  I may take courses one at a time or more than one at once; I may take a break between courses for a period of time and return when I am ready.  I agree to notify the community through the GWSG Yahoo group of my intentions and any major changes in my participation.  I agree to fulfill my commitments, to plan carefully and interact responsibly to protect the integrity and cohesion of the community.

_______________ (initial)

5.  I understand that course interact groups are made up of students who may be different program tracks.  For example, a group may consist of a doctoral student, a certificate track student, a professional taking the course for continuing education credit, and a person taking the course for self-improvement purposes.  For this reason, I may notice a range of rigor in assignment postings and final papers.  For example, one student may opt out of submitting a final paper, while another student may submit a highly technical paper in APA style. 

_______________ (initial)

I recognize that if I have special needs that make sense in the program or courses, and fellow participants and faculty members agree that they are valid, I may request that these needs be met by contacting my course Co-Fac, the GWSG Yahoo group, or the program coordinator or director.

_______________ (initial)

In order to help people learn more about the program and its benefits to people and nature, I agree to let my written course work and application paragraphs be quoted anonymously in Project NatureConnect publications.  My name will not be included unless I give permission for it to be used.

_________ (initial)

4. I will introduce myself to my study/support group as soon as I am notified of the group members' email addresses, and I will participate in the operation of my group to the best of my ability. I will ask questions there first and seek answers elsewhere when necessary. I will become proficient in knowing the answers to administrative and academic questions so I may cooperatively help others with them, as well.

_________ (initial)
5. I agree that all Co-op contracts I make, when completed, will go in my student file and be a permanent part of the record of my graduate degree program studies. I will keep a hard-copy record of these contracts as well because my support group and I are solely responsible for documenting my participation in the program.

_________ (initial)

 6. I acknowledge that to be a member in good standing of the PNC Student Co-op, I must continue to be attracted to make mutually consensual contract commitments with the community.  If I am so attracted, I may reshape them as needed in agreement with faculty, committee and support group members.  I will meet the terms of the contracts I make.  As my interests develop, I will convey them to my course interact groups, community Yahoo groups, and the faculty.
_________ (initial)

I will strive to sustain trust and coordination of the program by painstakingly having my words accurately convey my attractions, actions and intentions and by seeking consent from my groups, classmates and support teams.

_________ (initial)


In order for the program to keep costs at a minimum so that tuition remains affordable and financial aid may be made available to anyone who needs it, I agree to maintain my own records of all transactions with the Coop and IGE to document and affirm my progress and completion of the program.  This includes keeping copies of all group course posts, final papers, tuition payments, and any pertinent communications.

_________ (initial)


Please review the tuition amounts for each program track at http://www.ecopsych.com/iupstuition.html

Select your program track/total tuition amount:

___ Bachelor of Science (BA): approximately $740-$3,740
___ Master of Science (MS): 40 credits, approximately $6,000
___ Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 48 credits, approximately $7,800
___ Certification Level One:  12 Credits $740
___ Certification Level Two: 24 Credits $1480
___ Certification Level Three: 36 Credits $2320

Please choose one of the following tuition payment plans:

_____  Full payment:  installments of $740 divided evenly throughout my time in the program with the  first paid at this time.

_____ Full payment with financial assistance in the form of delayed payments/flexible payment plan

I agree to pay my tuition in installments of $ _____ per month for _____ months.

____  I am requesting scholarship (tuition reduction).  I request reduction of total tuition to
$ ________.  I will pay this in installments of $ ______ per months for ______ months.

_____  I am requesting full scholarship.

_____ Other payment plan (please explain):

If you are requesting financial aid or scholarship, please explain why you are unable to pay full tuition:

Please follow instructions at http://www.box.net/shared/7vpdihhee1 and enter your Scholarship Statement below:


I have read and understand the tuition and financial aid information found at http://www.box.net/shared/7vpdihhee1

_________ (initial)

I understand that Project NatureConnect relies on the honesty and integrity of each student.  I agree to pay as close to full tuition as I possibly can in order to protect the program's ability to function financially while offering financial assistance to those who truly need it.  I understand that if I request financial assistance, the tuition I am not paying will be paid by classmates who are paying full tuition in this program. 

_________ (initial)

I am willing to increase the amount of my tuition payments if my financial situation improves in the future.

_________ (initial)

If I accept financial assistance for my degree program, I agree to participate in work-study activities.  http://www.ecopsych.com/iupsscholarship.html  and to volunteer for work-study opportunities which are posted periodically on the PNC-GWSG Student Coop Yahoo message board.  I will contact the Program Coordinator to volunteer to assist using skills and talents which I believe would be helpful to the program. 

_________ (initial)

What skills, talents and interests would you like to offer in exchange for tuition payments?  Please enter these below:

I will also cooperate in reducing administrative expenditures by acting as a mentor for others, participating in social networking and being as helpful as possible in other ways as described at: http://www.ecopsych.com/iupspubliceducation.html

_________ (initial)


Payment options:

1.    Individual check or credit card payments through PayPal  http://www.ecopsych.com/paypal.html
2.    By check via US mail:

Make checks out to PROJECT NATURECONNECT and send to:

Project NatureConnect
P.O. Box 1605
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

3.    Recurring monthly payments: arrange with your bank through your internet banking system, using the mailing address given above.
4.    International Wire Transfer between banks:
Contact your bank to arrange payment.  Give them the following information to transfer a payment directly to Project NatureConnect's bank account:

Please contact Dr. Cohen nature@interisland.net to obtain electronic deposit information or about  any issues you encounter in making international payment arrangements.
Please email a copy of your PayPal receipt to nature@interisland.net for confirmation of course tuition payment or of first monthly payment if you are on a payment plan.

Students are responsible for saving receipts for tuition payments made.  You may be asked to document your payments at the end of the program.  This is one of the ways we are able to reduce tuition costs to you.

_________ (initial)
I am aware and agree that if I do not meet the terms of this or other Co-op contracts that I will not be a member in good standing and I will forfeit all Co-op member rights and privileges described above until the contract is re-negotiated and fulfilled as mutually determined by those who have this responsibility.

______ (initial)

This contract has made me aware that I will receive a grade, transcript and/or degree program credit for what I learn and do in SECTION A of the course EC0 751 entitled Cooperative Administration of an NSTP Online Training and Degree Program. I recognize that all other NSTP courses, costs and programs depend upon the success of GWSG through ECO 751A, in mentoring and supporting all the courses and programs. For this reason, I realize my course grade in ECO 751A will influence my grades in other courses.


Please write a two paragraph statement introducing yourself and your background, interests, and personal goals in this program (below). Save this statement so you may optionally update and share it with your future program partners. It may be the same statement you used on your application form.
My Intro:

___________________Student Signature (typing here is acceptable as a digital signature).

___________________ Date

REMINDER:  Email this contract to nature@interisland.net.

Thank you for considering and following these cooperative guidelines.

REMINDER: Do not email this contract to nature@interisland.net
until sometime after you successfully start Section/Chapter Six of the Orientation Course .

Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to United Nations Economic and Social Council.
P.O. Box 1605 Friday Harbor WA 98250
(360) 378-6313