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Project NatureConnect



The Project NatureConnect scholarship program and accredited and non-accredited degrees


Select Here to view present accreditation for Project NatureConnect,

accredited and non-accredited degrees are available, the former being far more expensive even though it is exactly the same training

(January 2009-2011 )

Select Here for streamlined, more compact and specific information via the PNC Organization and Application website at www.ProjectNatureConnect.org

NOTE: We recognize that the major disadvantage in investing in a degree is the financial burden, often lifelong, that a degree incurs. The degree programs from PNC-cooperating Universities remove this burden. To successfully meet our mission to help you increase personal, social and environmental well-being, our tuition fees are, on average, 80-90 percent less than most degree programs with USA regional accreditation. We are grateful to the cooperative efforts of our students and contributors for making this possible.

Our programs are accredited and equivalent to all similar courses and degrees internationally. In addition, they are functional, experiential and practical.


The purpose of a obtaining an accredited or non-accredited USA university degree is identical. It is to legally gain the knowledge, credentials and recognition from contemporary society that command its well deserved respect and support. A degree identifies a person with far above average expertise and ability to contribute in their field. Thus it rightfully opens doors to many opportunities and relationships not otherwise available.

Our experience has been with our non-accredited degree graduates that, because of their unique Organic Psychology training, they attained "accredited degree only" positions in both academic and state licensed occupations.

The accredited degree sometimes makes available professional opportunities in established institutions that are members of a restrictive, powerful block of Accrediting Associations in the U.S.A. U.S. accredited education includes exclusive eligibility for students and schools to receive taxpayer funded grant and loan opportunities emanating from the U. S. Federal Government.

Consequences of default are that your loans may be turned over to a collection agency. You'll be liable for the costs associated with collecting your loan, sued for the entire amount of your loan, have wages garnished, income tax refunds intercepted, Social Security benefit payments withheld, appear on your credit record, making preventing auto loan, mortgage, owning credit cards, or renewal of a professional license, enlisting in the Armed Forces. 

Professional NSTP opportunities and excellent careers exist in many fields, including those listed below where certification or a degree, accredited or non-accredited, provides important advantages

- Self-Help or Personal growth
Life Coach or Personal Coach
- Teacher, Healer, Mentor, Therapist or Facilitator
- Pastoral Counselor
- Marriage, Therapy or Recovery Counselor
- Course Instructor
- Outdoor Leader or Naturalist
- Independent Contractor
- Independent Program Founder or Director
- Courses for Training or Degree Programs


Project NatureConnect Status

The quality, content and process of the core courses in our program are fully accredited in the United States and internationally as a part of Project NatureConnect's regionally accredited cooperative university programs that review the courses and offer credit for them. Appropriate degree programs for PNC students are legal schools in the states and countries in which they exist. They accept and transfer PNC courses and degree preparation at full value; the adjunct faculty in their degree programs include the expertise of our staff members from.

Since accredited degrees are required in settings under the influence and regulations of accreditation agencies, these degrees have a greater potential and economic value and are marketed accordingly in the academic world. Thus, when a program attains accreditation it often quadruples its tuition fees even though the education it offers may improve little if at all.

Students who want to attain regionally accredited degrees may self-design an organic psychology degree progam for themselves at one of the many accredited off-campus independent study or interdisciplinary degree progams that are available from Universities in the United States and abroad. Students accomplish this by including Applied Ecopsychology Certification with PNC as the heart of the program they design for themselves at these other Universities. Tuition at these programs usually covers part or all of the tuition at PNC for Certification. It also usually requires higher tuitions than do non-accredited programs although the training is exactly the same.

Select Here to view present accreditation for Project NatureConnectdegree training programs.
(January 2009-2011 )


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for the health of person, planet and spirit
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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.