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Project NatureConnect offers a nature-centered distant learning mentoring opportunity that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting research, methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests in solving problems. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.

    * Improve your income and satisfaction through new independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology security activities.
    * Help people connect their heart, thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing powers of nature to remedy addiction and other destructive attachments.
    * Increase personal social and environmental community well being.
    * Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the Organism Earth's natural world and  to your life, job and community.

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Introduction to Organic and Applied Ecopsychology Training, Degrees and Jobs

Welcome to the hands-on Project NatureConnect degree program training courses and jobs.

While Earth and its people are increasingly at risk, far too many of us can't stop gaining fulfillment by dancing on the deck of our sinking ship. This always affordable distance learning training program and its courses enable students to introduce a new, more satisfying dance step: Organic and Applied Ecopsychology, a step that repairs and restores the integrity of the ship and its passengers.

Organic and Applied Ecopsychology offers nature connected educational, counseling and healing techniques and jobs along with certification, degrees and individual loans and grants. It is designed for those who are thoughtful enough to recognize that many destructive aspects of our society don't stop because we are psychologically bonded to them; that to promote change we must invoke a process that addresses these bonds.

This program of Organic and Applied Ecopsychology promotes responsible change by helping us make conscious sensory contact with natural areas. There, through nature's grace, balance and regenerative powers, we responsibly reconnect with sensory and spiritual origins. They help us reignite our joy and heal our nature-disconnected cravings, stress and hurt .

Students learn how to use nature sensitive activities, teach them to others and build them into their jobs, careers and relationships. They become experts in producing worthwhile ways of relating that create and sustain personal and global integrity.

The framework of this program is a proven Organic and Applied Ecopsychology Natural Systems Thinking Process. Natural systems intelligently sustain balance. They cooperatively create life, diversity and beauty without producing garbage, pollution or our other challenging problems. As part of nature natural systems in our mind, body and spirit inherently know how to do this. Organic and Applied Ecopsychology helps our consciousness tap into this wisdom. The Natural Systems Thinking Process enables us to think and relate using this natural part of us. It is activated by genuinely reconnecting it to the perfection of our restorative origins and support in nature.

The Learning Process:

Our degree programs and jobs in Organic and Applied Ecopsychology offer hands-on courses, internships and research. They blend wellness, psychology and ecology with sustainability. The natural world is our classroom and teacher, the internet our vehicle for instruction, communication and shared learning.

Students master activities in educating and counseling with nature that incorporate personal and team learning as well as research, internships and teacher training. They learn how to create moments that let Earth teach. .

Course participation, contract learning and research is done independently at home, utilizing e-mail, at the student's contracted pace and with on-site study options. Participants learn on-the-job pratical methods and materials to promote personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Each student's applicable credits and life experiences are transferred into their programs. This reduces the time necessary to complete the program.

Our accredited courses may be transferred into other degree programs and jobs that accept them.


NOTE: The best way to learn the Process is to engage in it through our short, online Orientation Course. You may then intern and later teach the course if you choose. The Orientation Course (ECO 500) is an accredited one credit course that becomes part of your program.


SUGGESTION: Save time and be complete. Call us. Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for or seek to accomplish. We'll help you find the quickest and least expensive means to achieve your goals along with funding that is available.
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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.



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