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TOPIC: A free, unique gift idea you can enjoy as well as give to teachers, friends, family and pet lovers.


A Significant Gift for You: A gift you can give for free.

Because you respect nature and life, somebody has made it possible for you to enjoy a unique present that you can also give to teachers, family and friends.

The idea of this nature course gift may seem unbelievable yet it is more real than a rock.

Unbelievably, your gift enables you to register in your awareness the intelligence of our unpolluted biological origins, relationships and spirit in nature. It enables you to think with them, too.

This free gift will help you increase your ability to build safe, enjoyable and responsible relationships with yourself, others and the environment. In addition, you can give this unique free tool to teachers, family and friends so they may benefit from it as well. Teachers can use it for CEU credits. Pet lovers will appreciate how it increases what they learn about life from their pets.

You can enjoy a part or full time career using this nature course as an added component to your relationships, profession or interests.


This free, online nature course gift enables you to become less stressful, to enjoy peace of mind by letting the grace, balance and renewing powers of nature help you produce it.

Your gift is a remarkable set of web pages that empower you to scientifically restore for yourself and others a missing link in contemporary life. This presently absent link ordinarily prevents the stressful way we think from continuing to unreasonably produce our destructive relationships. It provides a link to the wisdom of eons past.

You will discover how through the eons the family tree of nature has sustained its perfection and life on Earth without producing our stress, garbage, pollution, abusiveness, war, divorce, isolation and insanity.

You will learn how, as part of Nature, to teach yourself and others to tap into Nature's integrity within and around you, support it, and enjoy the personal satisfaction of your deeper hopes and ideals.

This online, learning-with-nature gift for yourself, teachers, family and friends helps you begin to restore 53 natural senses and sensitivities you biologically inherit. Because you are part of nature they help you, as all of nature, to be more supportive of your life and all of life.

The course process provides a source of advice from nature's grace and restorative powers that helps you strengthen your thinking and relationships with the environment and people.

A further explanation of the how and why of this unique gift is found below and at fully at the Project NatureConnect homepage.

The course is located at .http://www.projectnatureconnect.org/eco_800nhp/

NOTE: The course contents are also available in a new book the Nature as Higher Power




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SUBJECT: The free, unique gift idea you can enjoy as well as give to a teacher, friend, family and pet lovers..


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A Free Learning-With-Nature Course Online is a Gift Idea that Enables People to Further Support their Personal Life and Nature


TOPIC: A Walk in the Park: Snake Oil or Advanced Medicine for What Ails Us?

TITLE: U.S. Presidential Candidate's Platform Offers A Free Learning With Nature Course

An accidental scientific discovery in 1953 by Michael J. Cohen, has become a much needed social restoration tool, a free online course and U.S.A. Presidential Platform for 2008. His organization is now offering specialized jobs, courses, internships and career positions in this regard along with a free, online, training course.

Dr. Cohen, an integrated ecology Director at the Institute of Global Education, observed that when visiting an attractive natural area people, over time, experienced stress reduction along with greater support, peace and wellness. This moved him to investigate what caused this beneficial phenomenon and how it might be made readily available to relieve human and environmental suffering.

Author of several books on learning with nature Cohen says "People are part of nature's family tree. Our excessively nature separated lives isolate, stress and contaminate our psyche and thinking. Against our better judgment and advice, the discontents generated by our separation trigger us to inflict and suffer many damaging personal, social and environmental relationships."

To reverse this destructive trend Cohen has made a free, unique natural systems, course available, "Integrity 101," that any person can take online and optionally add to their transcript or resume. It is a unique idea as a gift, especially for teachers and pet lovers. The course is located at http://projectnatureconnect.org/eco_800nhp/

Cohen explained further: "A contemporary person's nature-separated thinking is trained not to believe that this course can be effective. Never-the-less, it has proven to work well. To help us deal with our contaminated psyche, the course process enables us to genuinely interlace our senses and sensibilities with the organic recycling powers of nature. Because we are part of nature, when we thoughtfully reconnect, nature's ability to compost begins to reverse our mental contamination, just as it does any other form of contamination. You can feel it happening. Hundreds of irrefutable studies document what even a short walk in the park demonstrates: our thinking benefits from this restorative, purifying, support. Insurmountable problems along with apathy fade as we transform our discontents into more sensible, constructive participation."

Dr. Cohen may be reached at 360-378-6313, email: <nature@interisland.net >
web site www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html
The course is located at

NOTE: The online nature course contents are also available in a new book the Web of Life Imperative


Thank you for considering this free, unique, gift idea for teachers, pet lovers, friends and family. Additional information about Dr. Cohen is available on his personal web page at http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html


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..Faculty: Portland State University Extended Studies
..Faculty: West Coast University
..Founder: Natural Systems Thinking Process copyright 1986

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Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council



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