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A best buy, free, unique, gift idea. Learning With Nature psychology, mental health, art and education courses enable you to improve health, relationships and job opportunities.


Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to United Nations Economic and Social Council



A free gift, online, Learning With Nature course helps you enjoy important knowledge and energies that improve intelligence, health and relationships.


To: Mardi Jones, Ph.D.
Skagit Valley Counseling Center
Mt. Vernon, Washington

Dear Dr. Jones,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the secret behind the success of my free learning with nature classes that help people enjoy better health and responsible relationships. Please permit me to respond to you with the following example:

I often ask my classes to go outside and find the most attractive, nearby natural area or thing where they can be relatively alone. The group of 35 people I describe on this page did just that. They spent seven thoughtful minutes enjoying an attractive natural place next to their school, and the additional attractions they discovered while they visited this natural area

When the class returned I asked them to share their experiences with a few people and then find single words or phrases that conveyed what things of value they had discovered. Here is what they reported:

strength community
belonging friendship
wisdom equilibrium,
mental health
sense of place
humility appreciation difference in time
relaxation aliveness

In our discussion the class strongly agreed that these qualities were very important to know or learn. For the betterment of our lives, they felt these attributes had to be an integral part of each citizen's education.

I then asked these questions of the class; you might try to answer them for yourself:

If you were to teach these values and topics in a classroom how long would it take to accomplish this goal?

What would the curriculum be, do and look like?

What methods and materials would you use in a classroom?

If these values can be found this easily in a natural area, why do you think in the name of "excellence in education" we support laws that insist we spend 24,000 hours of our developmental years in K-16, classroom-confined, indoor learning to be eligible for a college diploma? Why do we ignore that we obviously can discover and learn about these qualities in nature?

Why do you think this type of educating with nature is often demeaned as "recreation" rather that applauded as re-creation?

Do you think there is a relationship between our excessive indoor education and the exploitive stress, abuse and violence we suffer in our society on personal, social and environmental levels?

After some discussion, the class concluded that it would be very difficult or impossible to design or establish an indoor class that could teach what they had just discovered outside. So we made going outside part of our learning process.

For People and Earth in Balance,

Michael J. Cohen

Institute of Global Education



Two surprises for you:

1. There are free, accredited, Learning With Nature, online courses on the internet that enable you to master how to successfully take, complete, and teach the class described above using your local natural areas. No matter your background, you can make the courses part of your learning, transcript, resume or career.*

(NOTE: These courses explore an essence of the Orientation Course Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship. The latter enhances personal and community sanity and satisfies requirements for formal degree, certification and personal growth programs. To save time and duplication, applicants here should be familiar with the scope of the Orientation Course before applying for any of these courses.)


One course starts on this page below.



ECO 400GREEN: Green Explorations of the Benefits of Nature-Connected Thinking



ECO 100: Achieving Personal and Global Sanity: Explore the Power of Nature-Connected Thinking and Relationships

ECO 400: Exploring the Benefits of Nature-Connected Thinking

INTEGRITY 101 Learning With Nature course on this page below.


(NOTE: This course explores an essence of the Orientation Course Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship. The latter enhances personal and community sanity and/or satisfies requirements for formal degree, certification and personal growth programs. To save time and duplication, applicants here should be familiar with the scope of the Orientation Course before applying for this course.)


2. The class where Dr. Cohen presented the lesson, above, in 1961 did the nature attraction activity on cold, wet, windy day in Central Park, Borough of Manhattan, New York City. Since then, Cohen has repeated that lesson hundreds of times with similar results.


Important questions:

What does our educational system actually teach us about the value of conscious contact with natural systems within and around us? (Hint: recently, to improve 'excellence in education,' we have been building schools without windows).

Do you, I and society unnecessarily suffer and cause many problems because we are not learning from nature important things for excellent living that we deserve to know? If so, who is responsible and liable for this destructive omission?

A free sample Learning With Nature course enables you as part of nature, to connect with attractions in natural systems and expand your thinking and intelligence. The course empowers you to improve your personal and professional relationships and teach others to do the same.

FREE COURSE DESCRIPTION: We suffer our greatest troubles because the contamination of our thinking prevents us from finding solutions for our problems even when the solutions sit right before our eyes. Learn about an enabling, nature connecting process that transforms our contaminated thinking and its destructive effects into improved health and constructive relationships. Discover your 53 inborn intelligences and how you can restore them. Advance your reasoning, psyche and spirit. Increase your contribution to the wellness of yourself, society and the environment.





NOTE: The course contents are also available in a new book the Web of Life Imperative


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