"This people-empowering political integrity deserves our trust and support."


From parent to president, our leaders don't know how to get us out of the troubles they lead us into. Vote sensibly. Vote for someone who makes readily available to us the tools we need to create the personal, social and environmental well-being that we deserve.


Michael J. Cohen, Candidate for Presidential Nomination in 2008





To benefit from our desires for well-being we must learn, use and teach a process that enables us to implement these desires.

- Michael J. Cohen



October 15, 2005. Friday Harbor, Washington

I, Michael J. Cohen Ed.D., am more qualified than most to be nominated for President of the United States, or for Secretary of the United States Department of Education. I offer the public a singular, key, regenerative process. The Process is nature-connected education counseling and healing in action. It scientifically helps us overcome our Natural System Disorders by introducing the grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems into our thinking and government.

The Process gives us the health and wellness benefits of Organic Psychology. It enables people to happily and responsibly improve their personal, professional and political relationships.

I am a candidate for nomination because I recognize that a wise, sensory part of each of us is seldom represented in our society. It wants representation. It needs it if we are to remedy our greatest troubles. I will represent and promote it.

My candidacy enables us to take a significant step beyond the mistrust and destructiveness of political promises. It empowers us to enlist the assistance of the self-correcting and purifying energies of nature. This helps us immediately participate in building greater personal, social and environmental sanity in our communities and thereby society at large.



My platform allows me to further do what I have proven I do best. I help people add to their lives, and teach others, an easily accessible means to enjoy the integrity of whole, sustainable relationships. This addition is a truly American, including Native American, process that produces additional social and environmental security.

It enables us to increase our wellness by strengthening our natural sense of reason.

It reduces most budgets by reducing our disorders and the costly services they require.

The Process works by enlisting the powers of natural systems to help us purify their pollution within and around us. This includes purifying our contaminated intelligence, thinking and consciousness so we may enjoy greater well being.

The heart of my Platform is to make our government add the Process to how we learn to think and relate thoroughout our lives and nation. This empowers us at every level to restore the well being we desire.

Deep inside, most of us know we are not born to suffer the destructiveness that results from contemporary thinking's conquest of natural systems and life-spirit within and around us. Rather, we come into the world to enjoy supporting life. Sadly, we are educated to disregard this enjoyable reward. Instead we learn to become stressed and isolated subjects of the dementia of those who fund our all too destructive fulfillments and destiny.


About The Process

My candidacy is unique because it adds a responsible, enabling Process to our every relationship and policy. As stated, the Process empowers us to tap into the recuperative energies that pervade and purify natural systems. This includes the natural systems that operate as us. The Process helps us restore our natural perfection and its joy.

By choosing to invoke the Process, our unsolveable problems subside because we let the integrity of our mentality and the environment strengthen each other. This transforms our problem producing mental abberations into constructive relationships.

A child or adult can learn to use and teach the Process in two to ten weeks. This is explained in detail at http://www.ecopsych.com/wholeness2.html. The Process dynamics are described at http://www.ecopsych.com/.

Self-guiding books make the Process easily accessable locally through study groups and internationally via the internet .



I am a candidate for President nomination because we can no longer afford to cope with our great Natural System Dysfuction problems by continuing to use the contaminated thinking and relationship building process that causes these problems. My candidacy repairs this short circuit. It offers leaders and constituents alike, a readily available Organic Psychology tool that helps us think and relate more responsibly. It is a social technology that teaches us how to deal with the formidable issues we face.

I bring to this task a wealth of experience that can be shared. The fact that many people now use and teach this Process attests to my effectiveness in advancing this agenda.

I am motivated, in part, to be a Presidential candidate because in 1946 my Social Studies teachers, along with the American Legion, identified and honored my thinking as worthy of the Presidency. Although they told me this was my destiny I have throughout my life refused to believe them. Now my lifelong experience with the Process tells me they were right. People who learn, use and teach the Process enjoy and promote responsible relationships at every level of endeavor.

A significant part of my candidacy is that as they use the Process people demonstrate its benefits and can share them with others. This greatly reduces election campaign travel and media expenditures as well as the questionable environmental impact of large gatherings. Anybody can effectively master and teach the Process through the internet and guidebooks.



My campaign funds itself from donations made by people in their appreciation for learning the Process and being able to help other help themselves.

I avoid the proven dead end of forming a separate political party by offering my candidacy to any individual, political party or other institution that embraces the Process. They, in turn, benefit from the Process as well as support from people who recognize its value.

Until the time that my candidacy is accepted by a legitimate political party, I remain an educator, not a political candidate. However, I invite anybody attracted to my Presidential Platform to make me their write-in vote so that my candidacy will represent their sentiments.

Out of disallusionment more than 50% of the voting population does not vote. In my candidacy and the Process, they have something worth voting for. That alone will influence those presently in power.



The thrust of my Process platform is: "Peace on Earth through peace with natural systems within and around us"

My campaign gathers support for nationally applying the Process via people who have learned how to use and appreciate it. I suggest that when you hear worthwhile proposals from institutions, parties or leadership, simply ask "What distinct process do you offer that will enable us to effectively implement your proposal." If none is apparant yet the proposal has merit, simply offer my candidacy and the Process for their consideration. It will help because our great problems do not exist in Nature. Like the Process, most worthwhile programs and social sciences simply provide space to let Nature's "magic" work.

The Process makes good things happen because it helps people restore the full potential of their natural consciousness and thinking sensabilities. We have eroded them in our culture's conquest of nature's renewing way within and around us.

As the Process comes into play, the benefits of the following adjustments in the Federal Government will enhance American and International relationships:

1. Pursuit of Happiness If we desire to peacefully increase our happiness at every level, we must give ourselves the Constitutional right to do so. At present our "self-evident, inalienable, right to the pursuit of happiness" is affirmed in our Declaration of Independence. However, aristocratic founding fathers omitted it from the Constitution in favor of the "right for the protection of property." It is vital that we now add our "self-evident right to the responsible pursuit of happiness" to the Constitution of the United States.

2. National Bird The aggressive supremacy of the way we view ourselves often alienates the advantaged from the less advantaged and places power above reason. To help us modify this questionable relationship, it is reasonable to change the national symbol from the Eagle to the Wild Turkey, as was originally suggested by Benjamin Franklin. Although both forms of wildlife equally contribute to the perfection of natural systems, for people the Wild Turkey more visibly survives in supportive harmony with other animals and the plant community. This change in our National Symbol will help us identify our inherent natural ability to develop mutually supportive relationships with people and the environment.

3. National Animal It is reasonable to make the national animal the Pica / Pika / Cony, (the Rock Rabbit or Haymaker,) an alpine independent who, like the Beaver, demonstrates remarkable self-sustaining, non-polluting, agricultural and biological skills and compatibility within the limits of its domain. Identifying with the Pika will help us want to do likewise.

4. National Plant It makes sense to have a plant like the Illinois bundleflower [Desmanthus illinoensis], a native legume, become our National Plant. Like most legumes, it carries easily observed nodules on its roots which house nitrogen fixing bacteria. By supporting these microorganisms, the Bundleflower supports its own life, provides an enriched food for animals and people and, without overpopulating itself, increases soil fertility while preventing erosion . It is an excellent role model.

5. Peace To enjoy the many benefits of peace, we must skillfully work for it. It is vital that the Federal Government to focus its powers to help Americans create and sustain peace at every level or relating. To this end it makes sense for us to use the Process to help us form a unified U. S. Department of Peace. This Department would incorporate and oversee the present Department of the Interior, Department of Education, Department of Health and Welfare, the U. S. Forest Service and Secretary of State. The Department of Peace would insure that these governmental agencies incorporate the Process, and share their resources to help establish personal and environmental peace. Each agency function to be funded would be required to use a teachable peace component that enhanced other peace efforts.

6. Arbitration To promote peace by avoiding disruptive impacts on innocent lives, it is reasonable through the Process to develop binding arbitration and conflict resolution procedures into a scientific, sought-after art as well as a legally required part of all contracts.

7. Consensus Through the Process, consensus based on reasonableness will replace the party powered, money driven process presently used to make decisions in congressional committees. When consensus fails, binding arbitration science will produce final decisions.

8. Marijuana. In general, through the Process the reduction of dependencies on marijuana and other drugs occurs because these dependencies sap off important natural energies and make many benefits of the Process unavailable. This is also true regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and excessive technologies.

For some individuals it is rational to make the use of prescribed medicinal marijuana legal on a Federal level until better substitutes for it are found.

To reduce the increasing impact on our forests, the growth of Industrialized Hemp as a substitute for wood products should be legalized, as it is now in many countries with few adverse effects.

Through the Process these changes can make America a demonstration model that the United Nations and other peoples will want to incorporate due to its benefits and because it therefore makes no sense to do otherwise.

No matter your interests or age, I encourage you to join me on this quest. There's much to learn and do.


Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.


P.O. Box 1605
Friday Harbor WA 98250





A Candidate for Presidential Nomination Offers a Trustable Antidote for our Untrustable Leadership Dilemmas.


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Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. is an award winning Environmental Education and Psychology author who directs several university programs in Applied Ecopsychology as well as the Integrated Ecology Division of the Institute of Global Education and Project NatureConnect. He conceived the 1985 International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism" and is the recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award. For further information, visit his personal website http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html