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Michael J. Cohen, Candidate for Presidential Nomination in 2008



October 23, 2006
For Immediate Release
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Presidential Candidate: A Trustable Antidote for Untrustable Leadership

Less than 50%of the American public has enough faith in governmental leadership to cast their vote in elections. An even greater number mistrust most media, social and business leaders. For this reason, Dr. Michael J. Cohen, an environmental psychologist, today became a candidate for the USA Presidential nomination. Cohen claims that our lack of trust in our leaders and each other destroys the heart of the great American dream of well being for all of life. He shows that his platform has a readily available antidote for this significant problem.

Cohen says, "Without a distinct means to build trust, and well being our social and environmental relationships continue to deteriorate. My candidacy offers the public an easily accessible process, one that helps us reconnect our thinking and relationships with our inherent roots of trust in people and the environment. "

To reverse our destructive ways, Cohen claims the forthcoming President must help people learn to use and teach a powerful social technology, one that enables them to improve relationships. He says, "This tool has already proven effective. It reduces most budgets by reducing our disorders and the costly services they require."

The heart of Cohen's platform is for the federal government to educate the public to add his trust building process to how we daily think and relate. He notes, "My candidacy empowers every citizen to help restore the confidence and peaceful integrity we cherish but are rapidly losing."

Cohen says "We can no longer afford to cope with our great problems by continuing to use the contaminated thinking and relationship building process that causes these problems. My platform enables people to repair this short circuit."

To avoid the typical dead end of forming a separate political party, Cohen instead offers his candidacy and process to any individual, political party or other institution that appreciates it. In turn, they and America benefit from its use as well as from the additional support it brings them.

The platform Cohen offers helps Americans establish a truly American, including Native American, way of building trust and responsible relationships. He says it works because its science authentically enlists Nature's healing and recycling powers to help us purify our pollution of natural systems within and around us. This includes purifying the contamination of our intelligence, thinking and consciousness. He says our present contamination erodes trust and hope.

To minimize the adverse environmental impact of a typical political campaign, Cohen mainly uses the internet, books and telephone to attract and educate supporters. His platform establishes a powerful, reliable, Department of Peace along with a modification of our national value symbols in order to increase well being for all through peace with Earth.

Dr. Cohen is available at 360-378-6313 or through his website at http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html


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Michael J. Cohen, Candidate for Presidential Nomination



Michael J. Cohen
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Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. is an award winning Environmental Education and Psychology author who directs several university programs in Applied Ecopsychology as well as the Integrated Ecology Division of the Institute of Global Education and Project NatureConnect. He conceived the 1985 International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism" and is the recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award. For further information, visit his personal website http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html



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