Mike Cohen, Candidate for Presidential Nomination in 2004



Questions asked about my candidacy that are not answered in these suggested readings.

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Michael J. Cohen, Candidate for Presidential Nomination in 2004

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Why are you not forming a political party to support your candidacy?

A major purpose of a political party is to organize and demonstrate public support for a platform and candidate and thereby gain further support for them. My platform consists of learning to use and teach the Process to meet our challenges, including the challenge to get people to use the Process. Using the Process any individual can do this within the present political and social structure, including existing political parties.

A vast majority of Americans full well know that we can not continue exploiting natural systems in the environment and each other without increasing our troubles. We have to add a component to our thinking that deals with this issue. The opportunity my candidacy presents is to use the Process to demonstrate that it enables people to "walk their talk."

Since there are already a wide range of parties operating, it is a waste of energy to repeat what they have already established. If my platform and Process makes sense, people's natural attractions to it will bring it into existing parties.

I encourage you to introduce the Process and me to the party or institution that best represents your viewpoint. Their experience with it will demonstrate that the Process deserves their support.

The Process is known and respected because it helps us thoughtfully makes a valuable contribution to contemporary life, not because it is "sold" via the repetitive conditioning of advertising and other media. Although such electioneering is effective, it is not based on reason. Rather it is a form of subconscious programming via repetition and glitz. It is costly and thereby usually only available through and subject to the influence of those who have money and power . Such leadership is one of our problems, not their solution.

What is the core outcome of your candidacy?

To give every American the opportunity to live a more rewarding life by using and teaching the Process. No matter a person's interests or endeavors, involvement in the Process enables them to paint every aspect of their life with the presently missing, profound, rewards obtained by authentically fulfilling their natural attractions. They thereby daily come further into the joy and sustainable balance of social


Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.


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Michael J. Cohen is an award winning Environmental Education author who directs several university programs in Applied Ecopsychology as well as the Integrated Ecology Division of the Institute of Global Education and Project NatureConnect. He conceived the 1985 International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism" and is the recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award. For further information, visit his personal website http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html




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