The Solution for Suffering: a Therapeutic Process and Healing Agenda for Responsible Progress.


To benefit from our ideals we must have a process that enables us to implement them.

- Michael J. Cohen





From his window, an insane asylum inmate saw a farmer with a wheelbarrow and called. "What's in the wheelbarrow"

"Horse manure," came the response.

"What ya gonna do with it?"

"Put it on my strawberries"

"Doggone!" said the inmate, "I put cream on mine and they tell me I'm crazy."


The problem

Until recent times, out of ignorance contemporary society has produced the destructive personal, social and environmental problems we increasingly suffer.

Today, however, we have gone crazy. Today we consciously ignore an effective solution for our suffering, one that is readily available. That is a form of madness.


How people naturally function

As does all of Nature, people survive by building mutually attractive attachments to our surroundings including other people, technologies and Nature. Like thirst attracts water, we legitimately know, sense and feel these attachments as forms and means of survival.

Our biological and psychological origins are in Nature. When we suffer from our destructive relationships that suffering is an instinctive natural signal. It tells us that our attachments are contaminated and unhealthy. It also says that we must recycle, purify and transform these destructive attachments into constructive relationships, for that is Nature's way to survive.

This transformation is a challenge.

Our mentality by itself can not change our contaminated relationships for our relationships consist of thinking and feeling attachments, not just ideas.

Instinctively, in support of our original survival in Nature, for us to detach our attachments feels threatening. For survival, it inherently triggers us to sense, think and feel that when we become detached we will lose valuable rewards and important support; we will be outcasts, anxious or at risk.

Against our better judgment, but controlled by these sometimes unconscious feelings, we often remain sentiently attached to our destructive relationships with people, places and things. Without disconnecting from them our suffering continues.


How the solution works:

There is a solution for our suffering. It provides us with powerful sensory activities. They enable us to safely and responsibly reattach our contaminated attachment bonds to things in Nature that are inherently more attractive and non-destructive, as is Nature's way. This reconnects our psyche with the purifying powers of our natural origins

Through the activities, when we reattach our thinking to safer, more wholesome, attractions, our problems de-energize and dissolve. This is how Nature sustains its purity and balance. It recycles its contaminated attachments into new, constructive, attachments with Nature. As part of Nature we inherit the ability do this. Our greatest problems persist because we teach ourselves to ignore this ability.


What is the solution?

The solution is a process that enables us to recycle in Nature, backyard or back country, the contaminated ways that we presently think and relate. The Process empowers us to think like Nature works. Its benefits clearly speak for themselves.


Your challenge:

It is sad but common that when I tell people about the Process, a part of them tends to think that I put horse manure on my strawberries. Part of them also concludes that the Process itself is horse manure.

Fortunately, another part of each of us knows better. That part is our deeper ideals and hopes. They neither want us to continue suffering nor to promote suffering. I offer you Process programs and seek the Presidential nomination to support that part of you.


Mike Cohen





A Nominee for Presidential Candidate Offers a Trustable Antidote for our Untrustable Leadership Dilemmas.

Michael J. Cohen, Candidate for Presidential Nomination in 2004

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Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. is an award winning Environmental Education and Psychology author who directs several university programs in Applied Ecopsychology as well as the Integrated Ecology Division of the Institute of Global Education and Project NatureConnect. He conceived the 1985 International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism" and is the recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award. For further information, visit his personal website


CONTACT: Miike Cohen,
Nominee Candidate for the Office of President of the United States.

P.O. Box 1605
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