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The EcoSensory Intelligence Test

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Many people are attracted to visit this webpage because they have a hidden but high ecological IQ. Often they neither know how to validate this intelligence nor how to fully put it to work for themselves and society. Many have been slighted for sharing their intelligent thoughts and feelings about nature. Deep inside they sometimes consider themselves different or strange because of how they intuitively think and feel. The preface to this IQ test explores this phenomenon. It will help you grow as you go through the IQ test. Visit the preface now then return here.

To discover how much of your ecological intelligence is intact, take the Eco-Sensory IQ Test. It consists of 70 questions but you can optionally get a general reading after the first 20 questions. You will, however, learn a great deal from each of the questions as each comes from a different perspective.

The Test will help you support and put your natural genius to work for the benefit of yourself and the global life community. A special feature of this IQ test is that as you take it you will automatically increase your intelligence.

This IQ Test results from the observation that the anti-nature programming and prejudice we receive from our nature disconnected society produces our greatest troubles.
The heart of our unsolvable problems is psychological.
We are in denial.

We deny that we are addicted to living out a destructive story.
We seldom understand that our society rewards us for learning: "To survive we must conquer, exploit and subdue nature within and around us"

"It is difficult to get people to understand something when their salary depends upon them not understanding it."

- Upton Sinclair

Later you may take your instant, free, Ultimate Intelligence Test because you want to improve hidden aspects of how you think and relate



Nature is intelligent. People are part of nature and vice versa. We inherit nature's intelligence; it is biologically and psychologically in us. Our civilization conditions us to abusively conquer nature in the environment and people. However, throughout history, in some people our natural intelligence has survived this abuse and expressed itself.

Question: What number represents your agreement with the Summary statement ?

1 .........2.........3.........4.........5.........6..........7.........8..........9.........10.
..........................so partially agree.........................fully agree


If you find yourself in agreement with the statement, you are an excellent candidate for successfully completing the ECO IQ TEST and increasing your intelligence, too. Please continue


NOTE: Statements whose source is identified as "Project NatureConnect come from the materials in the Project NatureConnect online Orientation Course Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship and the book Reconnecting With Nature by Michael J. Cohen




Purpose: Discover how much of your natural intelligence has survived the deadening impact of Western Culture's conquest of nature.

Object: Learn if you are intelligent enough to recognize the psychological and spiritual importance of emotionality, passion, and sensitivity in sustaining responsible personal and environmental relationships.

This test is offered solely as an educational tool. The word ed-u-ca-tion comes from educare meaning "to draw out from within.'



1. Prepare an answer sheet of paper with the numbers 0-9, 10-19, 20-29 etc. written in 7 columns covering 69 questions.

2. Read, in order, the 70 quotes and statements on the following linked pages.

3. Note the length of time the message of some statements has been known to our society.

4. Recognize that the message of each statement that you understand exists somewhere within your cultural or natural heritage, otherwise you would not be able to understand it.

5, Signify on the indicator that accompanies each statement, the extent of agreement you think/feel/have for the statement. Place this number next to the question number on your answer sheet.


Here is a sample question and responder:

It is a fact of life that our senses, feelings and emotions are facts of life. They are as much a part of nature and our nature as is the land, sea and air. For example: the fact that we experience the sensation of thirst is as real and true as water itself or 2 + 2 = 4.
...........-Project NatureConnect

What number represents your agreement with this statement?

..........................so partially agree....................fully agree

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