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A special Ecopsychology, sensory community, holistic degree and course program, that includes life experience and prior training, exchanges helpful messages and observations. Its problem solving purpose is to heighten natural individual and community contact and connection with authentic nature and its powers for completing coursework. This strengthens personal, social and environmental well being and awareness.

The program's hands-on whole earth and whole life activities provide unadulterated contact with the flow of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers, in and around us, backyard or back country. Its problem solving professional and remedies address destructive emotional bonds and attachments . It helps us know and benefit from additionally attaining Applied Ecopsychology degrees or
nature-connected Organic Psychology certification. 



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Do you know that Project NatureConnect offers a nature-centered distant learning security opportunity that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting research, methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies?

Are you aware that we honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests in solving problems. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Improve your income and satisfaction through new independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology security activities.
  • Help people connect their heart, thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing powers of nature to remedy addiction and destructive attachments.
  • Increase personal social and environmental community well being.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the Organism Earth's natural world and  to your life, job and community.
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This page has been updated and moved. Please visit it at


SUGGESTION: Save time and be complete. Call us. Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for or seek to accomplish. We will help you find the quickest and least expensive means to achieve your goals. 360-378-6313
You can email us and we'll call you (USA): nature@interisland.net

Act now. Master Organic Psychology by doing it.
Explore it from our

Contact us at 360-378-6313  Email: nature@interisland.net

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Description of the Participation Process:

"After reading the homepage and links of interest there, I called Dr. Cohen. By phone we designed a program plan that met my special goal. To more powerfully help people, I wanted to add Organic Psychology to my skills as a registered nurse.  It was great to find that my life experience and training made me eligible to get an MS equivalency so I could consider doing either an MS or a PhD program, or I could just take courses and offer Organic Psychology to my clients.

I knew the program was right for me as I read through and responded to the survey of participants pages and the many links to them where the participants describe their experiences on the courses 

I received equivalency ratings for several courses whose requirements I had already completed at work and in other training  programs. It felt right that this program recognized the important things that I learned elsewhere were worthwhile education that deserved credit.

Because Organic Psychology acknowledges that natural systems in us are trustable and honest in their own way, the program roots itself in natural trust and honesty. Walking its talk, it subsidized me financially because I recognized that nature, in and around us, needs our help. We must learn how to support, rather than injure, natural systems as part of everything we do if we are to increase personal, social and environmental well being.  I enrolled because I discovered that my friend was meeting this goal as a Personal Life Coach using this Applied Ecopsychology online program.  From my homepage and phone call visits, I was very sure this course would make sense to to me because I looked into the details of its history and results by obtaining and read the trade published version of its e-book Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature.

I only paid $150 total for the online Orientation Course and that included the books for it ($70), the Application Fee ($100), and eligibility for additional financial assistance and participation through the programs "learn now, pay later" plan. Financial assistance was based solely on trust and a contract I made to keep a payment schedule I designed that fit my needs. I've only payed what I can when I can. I was priviledged to do this because people who encourage the program's goals have subsidized the remainder of my tuition and, although I've obtained my degree, I still voluntarily contribute to helping pay for it. This makes additional grant money available to other students and keeps the program going, too. I also still participate in the optional work/study program; I help facilitate the courses online and have run some for outpatients at the hospital, too.

While on the Orientation Course I joined the student cooperative. That put me on a mailing list with all the rest of the 200 or more students and the faculty, too. Then I just asked the co-op by email what questions I had or what course(s) I was ready to take next and others joined me in taking them. They provided answers to questions and let me know they would take a course with me or help facilitate it. I just took one course after another and later used them to attain my degree. After I completed a course, as part of the program I was given the opportunity to co-faciltate another section of the course so I had experience of teaching courses on my own as part of the program.

Half the reading on the courses was the email from other students, on the courses with me, about what they were discovering while doing the nature-connecting activities. Our information came from direct sensory contact with natural areas, backyard or backcountry, all over the world, not from the bias of our nature-estranged society. We learned from natural systems how to think and speak with and for them. Although profound, this was simple and enjoyable because we were/are natural systems, we were simply making contact with parts of ourselves and the world that were missing in our nature-disconnected socialization. And we were assured that we knew and could communicate this because we did it, even by email! I used the experiences of my classmates in this regard, as well as my own, to document some of the ideas I made in my final project and its defense for my degree.

The essential thing we learned was how to use simple nature-connecting sensory activities to create moments that let Earth teach us what we wanted to know

Being accepted to the Orientation Course or the Program is easy once you decide that's what you want to do. Simply read the homepage, optionally read or do the ECHN book then call the office, (360-378-6313) and get your questions answered. They'll email you an easy-to-use copy of the application. Complete it, keeping in mind that once you are on the Orientation Course you can go as far as you want in the program and honestly pay what you can afford when you can afford it.

- PNC Participant (edited)



As noted on our homepage, this web site provides a great deal of information about human ecology and the organic application of ecopsychology and ecotherapy. The purpose is to help visitors custom design for themselves online training, accredited coursework, certification or degree programs that add Organic Psychology skills to their interests, previous training and/or life experience.


1. Because Organic Psychology is useful to a wide range of interests and situations, to use these pages effectively, collect information from them, including below, that pertains to your personal or professional interests.

2. Reminder: Customize the information you find to best fit your goal: call Dr. Cohen at 360-378-6313. (Pacific Time Zone, USA.) email. Otherwise, you may become mired in information overload about this unique program.  If it's of interest to you, it's definately for you.


NOTE: A Program Guide Checklist of the information on this page is located below. You can use it as a handy map for applying to as well as for completing the program. After you familiarize yourself with this page,

START your program with our Application and Orientation Course


Project NatureConnect offers accredited career training education, financial assistance and degrees in the organic application of ecopsychology. We welcome candidates who are mid-career professionals or students with strong interests in improving personal, social and environmental relationships.

We subsidize, strengthen and support people who want to help increase individual and global well being by learning or teaching how to tap into the grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems, within and about us.

THE PROGRAM CORE: Project NatureConnect insists on understanding, trust and honesty between all beings. It strengthens trust by practicing it.

After visiting our homepage, make email and phone contact with Dr. Cohen (360-378-6313). Custom design your program with him by blending your previous experiences and schooling with our online training courses and your time schedule, budget and goals.

- Complete our Application and the Orientation Course  then join our Graduate Student Cooperative mailing list. 

- Most of our applicants are eligible for, and follow the Organic Psychology Track. On it, you take and facilitate only our online core courses and degree research, you mentor other students, and you make tuition payments based on how much you can totally afford now and/or later. Payments are made on a schedule you create and maintain and include optional "learn now-pay later" agreements that you create and fulfill.

- Course by course,  climb the staircase to the level of competency of your choice. a course, certificate or degree.

REMINDER: Save time and be complete. Call us. Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for or seek to accomplish. We will immediately determine if you qualify for the Organic Psychology Track and help you find the quickest and least expensive means to achieve your goals. 360-378-6313
Email us and we'll call you (USA): nature@interisland.net

You might want to read again the red paragraphs, above. They are all you basically need to know to successfully meet your goals in the Project NatureConnect organic applied ecopsychology training program. 

Course Description by a Participant:

A detailed description of the program is below.


Greetings and Welcome, Prospective Participant:

Thank you for your interest in the benefits of nature-connected alternative courses in learning, healing and relating.

This page details the most expedient and inexpensive path that takes you from being interested in Project NatureConnect's Organic Psychology and the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) to obtaining expertise at Level Three Certification in the Process and/or completing an undergraduate or advanced, globally accredited (including USA), Interdisciplinary Studies Environmental Degree in Organic Psychology, Applied Ecopsychology or Integrated Ecology.


Depending upon your goals, financial needs and ability to sustain trustful relationships, this alternative education and counseling program, through its financial aid and cooperatively administered accredited courses, can be completed for as little as $55 or as much as $75,000. Its completion and cost entirely depend upon your goals, your honesty and your time commitments.

No matter how much or little you pay, the procedures and curriculum for this cutting edge learning and healing program are the same. You may choose to take it on an accredited basis or not. You may optionally have alternative sustainable courses and Achievement Certificates from this program be included in or added to your formal training, transcript or credentials.

Think of this training path to be like climbing a ladder, one rung (course) at a time. You can pay as you go, level by level and can safely pause or quit any time except while you are in an interactive course where your departure may place the course at risk and/or adversely affect other course members. Usually, when you reach where you want to be on the ladder, you will be well trained, debt free and have saved or "earned" up to $65,000 or more. And, you may have a Certificate or Degree that will help you find and open new professional doors if you have the appropriate credentials, skills, contacts and attitude.

The IGE program is very inexpensive because you can cooperatively help drive and administer it as a mentor through trust in yourself, NSTP and the people attracted to its process.

Your immediate responsibility is always to convey your goals to the program staff and students along with what you want or need. Following this, in good faith you make and fulfill contracts with the program that help you meet your expectations through the program's online courses and community.

The key to success in any aspect of this program is to be sure you help develop trust by painstakingly making your words accurately convey what you think, feel, do and need.

The key to this web site it to read pages and articles of interest completely, and then read them again and follow their links.

Again, the key to meeting your goals here is to call Dr. Cohen, design your path, take the Orientation Course, obtain assistance for your financial needs, then join, and appropriately support and seek support from the Student Cooperative participants and faculty for additional courses towards you goal, certificate or degree.

Customize the information you find to best fit your goals and situation, call Dr. Cohen at 360-378-6313.



Step 1. Application

Become acquainted with the purpose, objectives and contributions of NSTP. You may accomplish this through its inter-linked web pages at http://www.ecopsych.com and the Checklist, below.  A lengthy, but complete article about the program and its history is available online.
Most of the web site training information, and lots more, is also found in the NSTP Organic Psychology book The Web of life Imperative ($35). You may purchase this book at any time. It contains the Orientation Course. and comes with the course, as does the book Reconnecting With Nature and the DVD. This course is your first and only entrance into the course work and program. All else is helpful but the course provides you with the full information and experience you will want and need. You can get on the Orientation Course simply by phoning 360-378-6313 when you are ready, then sending an email for, or containing, the application.

Our Special Application Program

Please note: if you have the interest and readiness in applying to our course or program now, experience shows that you will need less help and be more contributing and cooperative in the Orientation Course. This reduces our costs for your participation and allows us to make the following arrangement:


Tuition Special: A special starting tuition, $150, is available for students who want to immediately begin the Certificate or Degree program with the Orientation Course but need time to make their tuition funds available.

Part or all of this fee can be covered by the Distance Learning Grants Program, when an applicant is qualified. Partial payment by the applicant helps sustain the program and thereby strengthen support for the applicants participation and training. A Public Education option for work/study is available to all students.

The special tuition includes the Application Fee ($100), funding eligibility, a reduced First Level Tuition, the Orientation Course and its two books the Web of life Imperative and Reconnecting With Nature, used in other First Level courses (Total saved: $140) By the end of the Orientation Course payment is required or arranged for, through financial assistance, the remaining $520 of First Level Certification.

ATTENTION: The application fee becomes an extra $100 expense if you submit your application after buying the books or starting the Orientation Course. Call 360-378-6313 for further information.



A. Follow the directions on the Application Form to the depth you need to understand the contribution of the program to meet your personal and professional goals.

Another good self-exploration way to do this is to carefully follow the directions and links on the Checklist, far below


B. Carefully read the overview, and insight articles and do the natural attractions online trail.
C. Be sure to call 360-378-6313; There, speak with Dr. Cohen to get your questions answered and to explore your possibilities and potentials in this program.

D. Apply to the program before taking the Orientation Course.

NOTE: You are not a participant in the program until you have completed the Student Cooperative Contract and participation form as part of your application or before Part 6 of the Orientation Course.

Funding for the Certificate or Degree Program and or individual courses is available through the application and conversation with Dr. Cohen.


REMINDER: The purpose of our courses and programs is to help you design and build a personal or professional Organic Psychology niche for yourself that you may move into and benefit from upon course or program completion.

To customize the information you find to best fit your goals and situation, call Dr. Cohen at 360-378-6313.



The Applied Ecopsychology Degree tuition is

$8100 Ph.D, and $6000 MS at Akamai University,

$5800 Ph.D. and $3500 MS and $2900 BS at West Coast University

A UNESCO approved degree, whose cost varies, is also available. It is accepted as an equivalent degree in the USA.

$??? depending upon the University you
 select.,,,................................ 12-10-7/20-17-15

20-17--15.. .

Ph.D. tuitions, including scholarship assistance are averaging $3900-$5300 at the present time and $2500 for the MS.

Tuitions are based entirely upon what you can reasonably and honestly afford. Our Distance Learning Grants and Scholarships usually cover the remainder.

Tuitions/costs in accredited USA degree programs using our courses run from $30,000-$70,000 U.S. 


The Certificate Program tuition

If you are not interested in a degree, simply apply for Certification using the General Application. Tuition for the certification package is $740 for each of the three levels of Certification. Grants are available for financial assistance in this regard.  This fee varies depending upon the amount of appropriate prior experience and training you bring to the program.

Page 2 of Certification lists the courses and links them to their descriptions. They are also listed in Part 5 of the Checklist, below

The first level of Certification tuition includes the Orientation Course, all books for this level and the $100 program Application Fee. Keep in mind the special application program (above)

Upon Certification Level Three completion you may elect to enter the Degree Program but scholarship funds may not be available then. It's best to enter the Degree Program now and then, with pride, not complete it later because you may have at that point met your training goals without a degree.

The applications for the Degree or Certification contain helpful links to sources of information and thereby act as an index to parts of this website.


To start your participation:

Call Dr. Cohen and then complete your General Application form that he will conveniently send you by email. Take advantage of the special application program if you can.


E. on the application you will find an application to the Orientation Course. Complete it.

NOTE: You can use the statements you create for the application interchangeably, or modify them, for requests for the same information on additional  courses, application and financial assistance forms.

Step 2. Cooperative Participation

After starting the Orientation Course at your earliest convenience, and before Part 6 of the course, submit the Student Cooperative contract and admission form to the IGE Graduate Webstring Support Cooperative (GWSC). You will receive this form by email when you take the Orientation Course.  This is Key to your program participation and success now and later. GWSC consists of all present, and many past students, mentors and faculty members. All of them are in supportive contact with each other via online group mailing lists to which you will be added. To accomplish this, all applicants and participants are enrolled in the course ECO 751A Cooperative Administration of an NSTP Online Training and Degree Program

Most of our students are mid-career experts in their field of interest. In the Cooperative, you will find a  small, informal support/guide group of students and mentors in GWSC who are in contact via email. Whenever questions, comments, petitions, evaluations, grades or contracts to take or modify courses or procedures arise, you first address them to your support group. In addition, once you obtain a response to your inquiry, you share what you learned with this group. As you learn answers to your inquiries, you further empower yourself to help others with their questions when they arise. In this way, to your advantage, you help administrate and mentor this and similar programs. Via ECO 751A, you received academic credit for learning this skill.

If your question/need goes beyond the information available in the support group, you then submit it to all members of the program via email to the total student body and faculty mailing list. You will receive email responses from those who can and will help you. Most of the student body and faculty, being mid-career professionals, have expertise and experience in some areas of the program as well as experience on guiding parts of the program. Again, as part of the learning and skill sharing in GWSC, as you gain experience, you help guide/mentor others.

If you need further assistance, call or email the central office at 360-378-6313 nature@interisland.net

You usually work with two online forms: one accompanies payments for semesters, alternative courses or certification levels. The other is a petition/contract for consent to change something or to take a course.

To customize the information you find to best fit your goals and situation, call Dr. Cohen at 360-378-6313.


Step 3. Course Sequence and Certification

As part of ECO751A, using the people and process described in Step 2, above, complete the Orientation Course and proceed to take the online Certificate courses listed for the 1, 2 and 3 levels in the sequence of the certification levels. Whenever it is practical complete Level 1 courses before doing Level 2.

Be sure to have completed a course's prerequisite courses before starting a course.

Be sure you are aware of these options:

A. The Certified Master Practioner track for certification or a Degree.

B. The Organic Psychology track for certification or a degree based on previous life experience and training. You take only  six, or less, core courses online, total.

REMINDER: Save time and be complete. Call us. Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for or seek to accomplish. We will immediately determine if you qualify for the Organic Psychology Track and help you find the quickest and least expensive means to achieve your goals. 360-378-6313
Email us and we'll call you (USA): nature@interisland.net
You are always enrolled and working in EC0 751A and can informally work on any other courses once you have successfully completed the Orientation Course ECO 500 and the Introduction Course ECO 501.

When you need classmates with whom to do a course, or questions answered, announce this to the  Student Cooperative via its mailing list You will get responses helping you for that course others in the program and/or which mentors and students who will do it with you.

You may always petition for variances in the program guidelines using the procedures outlined in Step 2, above.

To complete Certification Level 3 you simply pass a comprehensive ECO 800 course and comprehensive examination that you will well be prepared for. This matriculates you to a semester or more to complete your Degree Thesis, Dissertation or Post Doctoral research at cooperating online universities as exemplified by Akamai University or West Coast University (Panama).

You may use the Certified Master Practioner track or the Organic Psychology track for a degree or certification.

Although many pages and articles are available on this website that help interested learners better understand the Project NatureConnect program, a free, 15 minute discussion by phone with a faculty member has proven most effecient and helpful in discovering how to customize the program to your goals.

Reminder: To customize the information you find to best fit your goals and situation, call Dr. Cohen at 360-378-6313.




A suggested path to follow from your inquiry in the alternative program to a holistic environmental degree or to reach any stopping place in between.


Part 1.

Make a "collection page" somewhere. On it, from the web pages suggested below, you can paste in statements, concepts or program agreements that are attractive to you. Also write down questions that come to mind from the pages suggested below.

As soon as you reach the point where you know this program is attractive to you for personal, professional or other reasons, Call 360-378-6313 with your questions then submit the email copy of the program Application will be sent to you. The application includes applying for the Orientation Course, new options, and requests for scholarship and/or distance learning grants financial assistance and work/study options

NOTE: doing the checklist, below, you may come across some pages or their subjects more than once because they serve as links from many other pages. Skip or review material you find familiar.




Achieve a Degree or Certificate to strengthen your professional interests, or your hobbies or pastimes, by connecting them with nature. Implement your strongest hopes as you increase personal and global well being.

Topics, subjects or leisure pursuits can include those listed below or other areas of interest




"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


Benefit from learning to enhance the natural psychic pulse within and around us. Add the sensory ecoscience of Organic Psychology to your life and livelihood.




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Project NatureConnect offers accredited CEU Courses, Certification, Grants and Degree Programs online to sustain the well-being of person, planet and spirit. Prior training and life experience is incorporated into all programs.

Successful completion of a CEU course makes you automatically eligible for the Project NatureConnect program.

Visit us at www.ecopsych.com

P.O. Box 1605,
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.


Act now: degrees, courses, self-help, online sustainable jobs, grants, books,