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We invite you to use this cash payment form to pay for the alternative programs that help you tap your thinking and feeling into the restorative and purifying powers of nature's flow and spirit, in and around us.

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NOTE: The quoted information, below, consists of sections of field study samples from anonymous participants in our sensory green-your-profession program.  Other examples and findings are available through links on our survey page.

Above The Storm

One of my dear friends shared these four words with me years ago.  Steady, focused, persistant, calm and he then told me to re-arrange and re-arrange and play with those words. In a natural area, they seem to fit as a way to help nature help me. Try it yourself. 

Ironically in these times, I am one who most of my adult life had it all-from building my dream home and paying cash for it, to getting to stay home and raise my children, to doing what I want for a nature-connected career--teaching children, to being able to buy whatever I wanted--I didn't know what a budget was, to being able to have an abundance of friends and be surrounded by beauty in my environment.  

So now "the shore I find myself tossed upon" is renting out both of my homes to be able to keep them, to being in debt more than I ever have been and having to finally turn it all over to someone to help me settle it, to almost dying, to almost losing my son, to having my husband leave me, to my mom beginning her journey home, cashing in my 401 K to survive

I share this not as a victim but because they are my teacher---and the most beautiful thing is that through all of these years and now through an even more heightened awareness I see the jewels of heaven on earth more each day.  I revel in the now moments of the sunrise, the birds praying morning and night as they sit on rooftops, the glory of a resilient desert--reminding me that some of the greatest beauty is born of drought and tough times. 

It is my prayer that PNC and its teachings can not only be our anchor but that we then can be part of the "change we wish to see in the world" through remaining above the storm in our heads, knowing as we watch all of nature--that is well.

Wonder Around Me

It is lovely that everyone is seeking out the steady opportunities to engage in these activities.  I am glad to be part of a community of individuals such as yourselves!
While I will spare you the details of why... for this weeks activity i found myself exploring the nature of my 6 week old persistant daughter (who is still right next to me as I type this).
a) Repeating the words "natural attraction" was very helpful to calm and minimize all the speediness and pinball type bouncing of my thoughts as i gazed at my little one.
b) I sensed how we all came into the world so small and true to nature.  even the villains of history and present, all started as harmless beings.  presumably sweet and precious to someone.  we are all shaped by our environment, but it is so seldom the true environment!
I experienced warmth and sensed brightness.  I noticed the unfettered trust present.
Something more than just love prompts me to focus and give of myself to this little one, it is true that the earth gives to me the same: a place to rest, food, drink, an uplifting unconditional love that expects nothing in return. 
c)  i felt the way i do because i am fortunate enough to be in this time and place, and to have my faculties intact enough to process the wonders of nature in and around me, and growing before me! 

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