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SYNOPSIS: Revolutionary alternative holistic programs Benefit from natural, hands-on, funded, therapist courses and continuing education unit (CEU) career education training jobs and degrees online. Increase your personal and environmental well-being.


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HELP-WANTED: Nature-Connected Therapy Learning and Healing Online. Grant-funded degrees, jobs and accredited training courses enhance your personal and professional goals.

Our organic continuing education and therapist methods and materials help you safely tap into and benefit from the grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems, backyard or backcountry.

Use the hands-on application of ecopsychology to strengthen your effectiveness and friendships. Help reduce stress and increase well-being in people and the environment. Add the supportive sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your relationships and teacher.

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Project NatureConnect
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Practical distance learning that increases energy, expertise and spirit.





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During the next ten minutes on this page
new professional and personal understandings will enable you to further your deeper hopes, ideals and dreams.

First, complete this inventory regarding valid experiences in Nature.


Have you ever:

-had a good experience in nature that made you feel happier to be alive?

-longed for a livelihood that further contributed to personal and global balance rather than exploited Earth and people?

-noticed that disorders subside and stress fades in Nature?

-loved a pet, plant or place that made life more worthwhile?

- treasured a rock, or totem that helped you through troubled times?

- felt greater love for a person or people while in a natural area? Noticed that it is easier to build and sustain relationships there?

- felt as drawn to Mother Earth as you would a caring human parent that you loved?

- noticed that in nature you can think more clearly?

- had strong sensations about connections between yourself and nature or earth that you know are real but you can't easily explain?

- felt angry or sad about how we injure or destroy the natural environment and/or its people and diversity?

- noticed that counseling, education and healing are more effective when they include quality time in natural areas?

- read the scientific studies that document how reconnecting ourselves to our psychological and biological origins in Nature has beneficial learning, healing, and environmental effects?

Can you remember a good experience you had in Nature? What was it? How did it feel?  Did it have a special value?



Below are statements regarding the Nature experiences listed above. Simply note the statements that seem right to you:

( ..) A. Some of the experiences, above, could have been enjoyed by children or adults no matter their backgrounds .

( ..) B. People are part of Nature and vice versa; natural systems flow within, around and through us .

( ..) C. Special training, books, or courses were not necessarily needed in order for people to enjoy many of the experiences above. For the most part, something within themselves and Nature connected and produced the experience and its value .

( ..) D. Most of the experiences make good sense and therefore reflect the presence of an intelligence or wisdom .

( ..) E. Origins of humanity's biology, psychology and spirit along with inherent support for them, can be found in Nature within and around us.

( ..) F. On average, contemporary people learn to spend less than one one thousandth of one percent (.001%) of their life in tune with (in full conscious sensory contact with) natural areas. We spend over 95% of our time indoors. .

( ..) G. The most destructive, lasting problems that face us (including war, environmental degradation, mental health, loneliness and excessive stress/violence/conflict,) are seldom caused or suffered by intact natural systems or nature connected people(s) .

( ..) H. If disconnecting ourselves from our inherent sensory nurturance in Nature destructively stresses our 53 natural senses, then genuinely reconnecting these senses with nature helps us constructively restore our inner peace and integrity .

( ..) I. If disconnected, frustrated natural senses cannot find responsible fulfillment they will be be open and vulnerable to irresponsible fulfillment .

( ..) J. A readily available, backyard or back country, nature-reconnecting process can improve most professions and relationships by becoming a component of them .

( ..) K. People who master, use and teach a sensory nature reconnecting process have improved their happiness, income, occupation, marriage, family, business, credibility, and global citizenship .

( ..) L. Due to industrial society's runaway desire to economically and socially "progress" by exploiting Nature, people who attempt to protect natural systems around and within them are sometimes prejudicially demeaned as "fuzzy thinkers, tree huggers, earth muffins, immature, flakes, environmentalists, hippies, obstructionists, etc. "

( ..) M. SUMMARY: Nurture your felt love for Nature. Never deny it. That love is the eons, the purifying intelligence, beauty and diversity of Nature sustaining us in its perfection. Our excessive disconnection from this love produces our hurt, greed and destructiveness to ourselves and Nature. To regain our integrity we must learn how to engage in an easily accessible process, one that scientifically reconnects us to that love and restores its peaceful voice in our thoughts and soul, for we don't fight to save what we don't love .



Five of your teh minutes are up.

Did any statements above open a vista for you?

Forty years of research and experience in 86 different natural systems shows each of the statements above is usually true and can be true for you. Although our disconnection from Nature often suppresses this truth from our thinking, a unique ecopsychology process that enables us to genuinely reconnect with Nature frees that truth back into our consciousness, relationships and spirit. This process can provide a rewarding part or full time career, job or avocation.

By far the best way to master, live and teach each statement's truth, is to experience it by taking our online Orientation Course (1)


Now, For your last five minutes:

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Alternative holistic jobs and learning tools online to sustain
the well-being of person, planet and spirit
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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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