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SYNOPSIS: Revolutionary alternative online psychology program : Add to your life and livelihood natural, hands-on accredited training courses and jobs. Benefit from grant-funded career education and degrees that increase sustainable personal and environmental well-being.










An Introduction to Organic Psychology

Summarized from How You Can Come to Your Senses
by Michael J. Cohen

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"To help us thoughtfully survive as part of nature, we are born with the ability of our consciousness to register in sensory ways how natural systems and their eons work. We experience this knowledge as natural senses and feelings that our thinking incorporates to produce stories about how the world works, stories that we co-create with nature.

Natural System Dysfunction (NSD) occurs when when our society's unwarranted and hurtful exploitation of nature drives our natural senses and feelings into our subconscious to escape further injury and suffering. Their loss to our consciousness prevents us from including their eons of balanced wisdom in our thinking. Their loss results in us producing and suffering many painful discontents and disorders. Our limited thinking erodes our lives and all of life.

The antidote for NSD is an enabling Organic Psychology tool, the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP). It empowers us to genuinely reconnect our consciousness and thinking to the grace balance and regenerative powers of authentic natural systems in us and the environment. This authentic connection improves our thinking ability. It helps us make better sense of our lives. It enables us to build mutually supportive relationships with the world of people, places and things"

,,,- Michael J. Cohen


"A simple example of Organic Psychology is deciding to take a walk in the park in order to think or feel better. You benefit from the refreshing mind-set that results from choosing to visit a natural area and enjoy nature's grace balance and restorative powers there. Organic Psychology is a nature-connecting science that helps you obtain similar, stronger benefits when you want them, backyard or backcountry.

The discipline of Organic Psychology recognizes that we are part of nature and that, like the rest of nature, our psyche and its ability to think, sense and feel contain and are part of nature's life-supporting perfection.

Organic Psychology also recognizes that in industrial society

  • We live extremely nature-separated lives. On average, over 99 percent of our thinking is not in tune with nature; over 95 percent of our time is spent indoors.
  • Nature is unable to heal our disorders because we have disconnected our consciousness and thinking from it and its healing ways.
  • We receive socioeconomic rewards to applaud this disconnection as progress.
  • The disconnection in our consciousness of the regenerative flow of natural systems within us from their origins in nature results in us suffering our disorders, dysfuctions and discontents.

The process of Organic Psychology gives our consciousness the tools to reconnect our natural systems with their nurturing origins, to genuinely tap into and interlace with natural systems in the environment and think with them. We benefit from nature composting into fertile thoughts the garbage that destructive aspects of society dump into our psyche.

Organic Psychology enables us to recycle how we think and feel. Our renewed psyche and resilience more effectively prevent and repair the damage we unnecessarily inflict on ourselves, society and nature.

Organic Psychology makes it possible for us to transform polluted thinking anywhere into the well-being of people and Earth in balance. Our destiny depends upon us using it to advance our consciousness and our ability to love the whole of life."

- Michael J. Cohen



The regenerative grace, balance and beauty of nature give it, or make it, a wise intelligent perfection of its own for which no match has yet been found. To date, the artificial substitutes or improvements that we invent to replace nature usually generate waste products, our excesses or other destructiveness. This results in our troubles, troubles that are foreign to nature and detrimental to our happiness and nature's perfect ways.

The problems generated by our substitutes for nature suggest that with regard to nature there is no substitute for the real thing. To our benefit, organic products and processes enable us to benefit from this realization. Rather than overcome or supplant nature, organics work with nature's profound ways and wisdom to help us meet our survival goals. (1)

Nature plays a key role in organics and, in turn, organics neither produce nor suffer the problems generated by our surrogates for nature.

Usually the psychologies and learning processes of our nature-separated thinking are prejudicially designed and rewarded for conquering or exploiting nature rather than nurturing, embracing and revering the natural world. In this way, contemporary processes often help produce and continue the problems they are designed to solve. (2)

Organics work with nature rather than against it. However, most contemporary processes are not organic in nature. Rather, they are products of our isolated way of thinking, a limited form of consciousness that arrogantly declares that it is the greatest intelligence on Earth. That consciousness teaches us that, for our survival, it is our duty to relate to nature as a resource for implementing how and what we think. We learn to relate to nature as a commodity rather than respect it as our community.

An essence of our wayward, but normal, thinking process is to provide mechanisms and rewards that habituate us to the destructive non-organic ways of thinking and relating that create our problems. This conditioning of our mentality this way describes insanity; it helps to explain our society's madness.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. "
..........- Benjamin Franklin

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
..........- Albert Einstein


Organic Psychology recognizes that we are part of nature and that, like the rest of nature, our psyche and ability to think contain nature's perfection.

Today's challenge is that our psyche has become painfully disconnected from nature and thereby polluted by hurtful, non-organic aspects of our culture and socialization. This occurs because we separate nature's perfection within us from its continually nurturing origins in the natural world. Like pulling a plant out of the soil, we have lost our grounding and we suffer the effects of non-organic substitutes.

Parts of our society have long recognized and reported this detrimental disconnection. But our social rewards for exploiting nature for a profit, have prejudicially addicted our thinking to ignore our disconnection problem so, to our loss, we remain disconnected.

The excessively stressed, abusive and polluted state of the world produced by the genius of contemporary thinking clearly shows that our mentality is often dysfunctional. It is also clear that nature's restorative powers are not healing this dysfunction as they would normally in nature. This is simply because we live extremely nature-separated lives.

On average, over 99 percent of our thinking is not in tune with nature; over 95 percent of our time is spent indoors. 

How can nature even begin to help us heal our disorders when we are disconnected from its healing ways and receive socioeconomic rewards to applaud this disconnection as progress?


Organic Psychology in Essence

The science of Organic Psychology addresses our disconnection dilemma in the same way organics have successfully addressed other environmental and social problems. Consider, for example, the great benefits we gain when we compost pollution and other waste materials.

Composting works by working with nature, by making space and time for garbage to naturally transform itself into products that support the whole of life. The decomposition process may not glamourous but it supports humanity. It is nature's way of sustaining health and balance, it's free and it's purifing.

We become what we think. Organic Psychology (OP) gives our thinking the rewards and value of "composting," our mind pollution, the mental garbage our society's sickness dumps in our psyche that creates our stress and troubles. To our benefit, OP enables us to safely orchestrate fusions of our thinking with the self-correcting intelligence of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers. This transforms our mental garbage into constructive, more holistic, thoughts and acts.

By joining our psyche with natural systems and their perfection, our belief systems and activities become more organic.

Our thinking increases our well-being when it has the OP ability to guide our disorders into environmentally sound ways of relating on personal and global levels. OP helps us correct the dilemmas caused by our nature-disconnected socialization, education and consciousness.

OP works because it empowers us to create Organic Consciousness Moments (OCM). OCM connect our consciousness, thinking and acts with the regenerative intelligence and love in nature's self-organizing perfection (3)

A key to organic thinking is being able to recognize that a walk in the park refreshes us not just by getting us away from our problems. It, in addition, immerses our psyche in the renewing powers of nature's grace, balance and beauty.

The benefits of OP parallel the great values we already receive from organic food production, organic medicine and organic acts of courage.

By sharing the who, where, when why and how of what is taking place with OCM. We discover what OCM can beneficially add quality to our lives. (4) This is more practical than the usual procedures for social and environmental improvement. Ordinarily we learn to first present an idea to the public and its leaders and get them to accept, fund and then apply that idea. Positive change only occurs if the original idea is holistic enough and it is not compromised. For example, we still don't raise and eat organic foods although the possibility of doing so has long been known. Another example: ancient knowledge written from contact by Moses with the burning bush or from Jesus's forty days in the wilderness has yet to reach its potential in our civilization.

What Organic Psychology does is seek and present information that helps us, at will, go directly to the burning bush or wilderness and beneficially connect our thinking with the consciousness and intelligence found there, backyard or backcountry. This is doable and believable because most of us have already done it. We have enjoyed a good experience with nature, backcountry, backyard or with our pet, or with the wind, sea or stars. On some level we already recognize nature's potential for healing, for increasing our peace of mind and our reverence for all of life. (2)

Therapy and education that includes us learning how to create and enjoy OCM help us further validate and trust what we naturally sense and feel in good nature experiences.


The Journal of Organic Psychology recognizes that we must, in the now of life, deal with the detrimental anti-nature prejudice and addictive conditioning that results from rewarding our nature-disconnected socialization. The Journal also recognizes that these destructive emotional forces seldom respond to ideas and information alone. To nurture ourselves and become healthy the Journal helps us add OCM to every aspect of our life. Moment by moment, it helps us let nature's regenerative "higher power" recycle the erosive bonds and prejudicial ways we habitually think and act. This is vital because, at this late date, our thinking is hurtfully nature-deficient, as is our destiny.



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2. M.J. Cohen Got Nature?

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

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