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Symbols (in red) addressed on this page:

"NNIAAL + V2B = The Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54"

Intelligence Statement 9: NNIAAL, V2B  and Self-Confidence

Congratulations. If you love nature and have reached this station by honestly completing stations 1-8 as best you can, you are one of the estimated .034 percent of Industrial Society who at least somewhat think, feel, relate and teach while consciously engaged with the purifying and restorative aliveness powers of Bio/SUNEH-54 whole life intelligence, in and around you and others on the GreenWave. 

Your good energies are much needed in most efforts, especially parenting, education, counseling, healing,
stress management, recovery, economics, mental health, science and peace. (NOTE: similar to producing political, police and fire protection, to this end Project NatureConnect (PNC) is making qualified, paid ECHN Guides available to every town, educational system and industry).

Are you as confident about Sci-Tech validating Bio/SUNEH-54's aliveness as you are confident about Sci-Tech validating and producing the valuable electricity, medicines and technologies that our lives depend on?

You can be even more confident about Bio/SUNEH-54's aliveness than the confidence Sci-Tech provides for electricity, etc. This is because its truth results from self-evidence that registers directly on your Bio/SUNEH-54 senses. This is the strongest form of unadulterated knowledge, a truth that you inherit and own as H in Bio/SUNEH-54.

Be confident that: you can easily bring this truth to mind on the Wave by reminding yourself of it as NNIAAL.  This would add an N (NNIAAL) to Bio/SUNEH-54 making SUNEH into "SUNNEH" to help bring it all to mind.


Nameless/non-literate, no story
Attraction, the fundamental essence of
since the beginning of time as we scientifically know it.

Our story world consists mostly of descriptive information from and about the past. It is seldom real or true in the present unless it connects us to NNIAAL on the GreenWave.

To our loss, our stories usually are abstract fantasy shortcuts and labels or media. They usually have two or more meanings (duality) because they exclude the unifying singular truth of NNIAAL. This produces instant life disconnection from NNIAAL and its adverse effects.  This is because NNIAAL and life only exist in the present-moment space and time of the Bio/SUNNEH
GreenWave. The latter is our immediate 54 felt-sense being and emotions experiencing feelings, attractions, thoughts, reasoning, relationships and self-evident facts of our Bio/SUNNEH-54 body, mind and life spirit. These can be tranformed into accurate, whole life stories that connect our duality to the singular truth of the GreenWave and help us come into balance with Bio/SUNNEH-54.

Our dualistic way of thinking and feeling is a troublesome,
Bio/SUNNEH-54 disconnected socialization that needs confident and habitual GreenWave Bio/SUNNEH-54 reconnection if we are to remedy our disorders and their source.

To achieve this we must be confident that we can use and trust the ECHN process of connecting ourselves to the Unified Field powers of the
GreenWave as follows:

Be confident that:
the essence of the ancient Big Bang seed contained or was an original, conscious NNIAAL aliveness, a moment by moment appetite to dance, grow and strengthen, an attraction to unify (Uni: whole) moment by moment as the Wave, and as Albert Einstein sensed and predicted. 

If you havn't done this already, discover if you can learn from experience, or reinforce it in this new time and place.

A. Go to the most natural area or thing that is convenient

B. identify an object there, a tree, a stone, a car etc

C. concentrate on keeping this object in mind as you already know it by repeating its name: tree, stone or car for a few seconds.

D. Then call this same scene "nameless attraction" or "greenwave love" or "unity sensations" for as long as you like and see where this new name for the moment brings you.

Did your senses strengthen, things brighten, softer sounds  register, new things appear, euphoria or enchantment occur?

E. Note what happened. Compare what you felt sensed when you started to when you ended. What value it had.

"The multisensory bonding activities in this course makes me feel comfortable, relaxed, refreshed and more focused to life. I used to be improve confidence, reduce anger and think more positive and productive. This course also helped me to recover from social and medical problems and live more happily. It increased my sense of holding life, sensuous relationships and survival in common with nature and humanity. 'Educating others on the importance of nature is the best way to spread awareness.' "


1. Be reasonable, learn from experience. Go to the most natural area or thing that is convenient and find something there that attracts you or is attractive to you in that moment. That attraction is an "A" in NNIAAL

2. Ask this attraction "Who are you without your name or labels?" and for a minute or more pay attention to what responses you get. Then:

3. Ask yourself "Who am I without my name or labels?" and for a minute or more pay attention to what responses you get from yourself and the attraction you are visiting.

Repeat 2 and 3 as long as it is attractive to do so

4. Each moment that you discover any attractive things that 2 and 3 have in common is a ECHN-NNIAAL space/time GreenWave instant that is the essence of BioSUNNEH-54.  It's when and where you are consciously meeting and connecting with your whole self becomes the only story of the moment, one that consciously brings you into being the balance of your natural BioSUNNEH-54 integrity and its perfection.

5. Now check and see how much you are attracted the whole life totality of NNIAAL:

Nameless/non-literate, no story
Attraction, the fundamental essence of
since the beginning of time as we scientifically know it.

  • Note how this unification is safe, pure and intelligent, and that it triggers happiness rewards from good, unconflicted feelings. 
  • Note that it is an instantly available, reasonable, natural high that is free. 
  • It is constructive in building good relationships because it is pure GreenWave love-life-unity-attraction-connection- Bio/SUNNEH-54. 
  • In this moment everything and everybody is perfect, wanted, alive, belongs and can change or transform, nothing is abandoned or garbage.

Validate Your Two Bodies (V2B)

As the above activity demonstrates, the key to ECHN GreenWave success is knowing that we have or consist of two kinds of bodies:

A) Our personal  literate body organism can felt-sense think and build relationships with abstract words, labels and stories and

B) Organism Earth is our other body and it is non-literate. It is how we felt-sense think, feel and relate whether we have the ability to say or understand it in words, or not. (Like a slime mold you can sense thirst and be attracted to water without knowing how to read, write or spell "thirst", as does the rest of the Web of Life, including minerals)

1) Scientifically, Natural Attraction is the origin and essence of our Big Bang Universe GreenWave, of life, of love, of unity and of your two bodies.

2) Because any given moment consists of us being the story and non-story way of knowing in unison as us, we can use ECHN to discover the true whole of life and love story by 

Validating that we each have 2 Bodies' in any Bio/SUNNEH-54 GreenWave connection moment (V2B): 

1) our story literate body and

2) Planet Earth is our other body.  Being aware of this enables the Bio/SUNNEH-54 GreenWave, in the next moment, help us do what's best for all things and energies, in and around us."

You can make time and space to achieve this
BioSUNNEH-54 GreenWave moment at any time by knowing how to use ECHN activities to genuinely connect V2B with NNIAAL: 

It is attractive on genetic levels for in the moment all is one.

The growth of Crystals demonstrates that minerals are alive. They are simultaneously riding the Wave as is all of the mineral and energy kingdom.

Destructive, nature-disconnected stories disappear and you can make thinking this way habitual.

On the crest of the GreenWave the essence of all things in BioSUNNEH-54 have the opportunity to posture, transform and unify into the attractively balanced well being and biodiversity of the next moment

Is your Ego happy about you having the inherent intelligence to do the Meet Authentic NNIAAL activity, above?

You can repeat it at any time with many different natural attractions, including the sky.

You can intensify it by asking the thing that attracts you in the natural area, and then yourself: "What is attractive to you without its labels? Do this in conjunction with the list of 54 natural attraction senses. For example: "Tree would you consent to share with me what is attractive to you and vice versa?" "What do you thirst, trust, reason, see, love etc.

5. If you think this activity is an intelligent way to get to know or love N-N-I-A-A-L, then you have experienced and own each of its six letters that help you unify V2B.

6. Each ECHN-NNIAAL moment on the Wave can sometimes bring uncomfortable memories and questionable information into the present moment of Bio/SUNNEH-54. Be confident that you can then use ECHN and our ever present 54 felt sense attraction powers in congress to help us correct and balance these discontents, moment after moment by continuing in additional moments to strengthen our balancing, CRL connections with the self-correcting life ways of the GreenWave. .

7. Be confident that Bio/SUNNEH-54 is attracted to self-correct itself as it enables us to correct ourselves as part of it. This helps the biodiversity of every plant, animal, mineral and attraction in the web of life to more attractively enter and relate to the next moment after moment of Bio/SUNNEH-54, to hold in-common their support of life and each other together. In humanity this NNIAAL-balanced amalgamation and purification moment includes race, creed, religion and color, status, nationality, economics, therapies and personality as part of  BioSUNNEH-54 and its unifying powers.

Similar to mathematical numerals (0-9), every separate thing is also one attractive GreenWave unity of previous things so each thing can easily transform into being greater, more reasonable and attractive things while consciously connected by attraction to past things. This is homeostasis in action.

The whole life of the present moment "Now" supportively moves into the whole future, not just any one thing singly. This is our presently missing "GreenWave higher power" sequence key for making reasonable change, for increasing personal social and environmental well being in balance.

8. Become confident that you can do another year-round Bio Love Valentine activity to help yourself and others benefit from additional ECHN-NNIAAL moments.  It is appropriate for most occasions. For example: on July 4 use it to share your Bio/SUNNEH-54 love for freedom and independence.

9. Be confident that you can continue this process via 160 additional ECHN activities to make it break and correct bad habits over time. Otherwise, we may celebrate a single NNIAAL moment but then soon habitually return to our destructive indoctrination and its "normal" results.

10. Be confident that you can add these ECHN process activities to your livelihood and personhood relationships. You can learn how to be paid to teach others the ECHN process, too.

Do you sense that NNIAAL would like you to share this unifying experience, with someone else and benefit accordingly?   NOTE: Our online Orientation Course gives you this opportunity plus another 15 essential NNIAAL-connecting activities that you then own.

Gain confidence: remember that by including NNIAAL, our reminder Acronym becomes Bio/SUNNEH-54 and adds V2B as well.

Via coursework and training be confident that: we know and are Bio/SUNNEH-54 when we have, and we intelligently know full well why we have, consent from a natural area to visit it. That's when we can make time and space to ride the crest of the GreenWave and feel attracted to unadulterated Nature while sensing that all things there are attracted to us.  That mutual "love" is NNIAAL, Bio/SUNNEH-54 as it knows itself as us via our 2-body, 54 senses. It is the all-unifying aliveness of its moment-by-moment love dance that conceived us, that we were born and that we each uniquely personify.

The ECHN KEY for confidence is knowing that ECHN activities logically bring us into unadulterated sane and balanced biodiversity of Bio/SUNNEH-54 GreenWave wholeness.  Then the GreenWave helps us "stop the madness."

With the permission of an authentic natural area during a Bio/SUNNEH-54 moment, the activities add a crucial new dimension to our lives. They enable our 54 natural attraction senses to find, re-connect and blend the non-story, attraction/love energies and relationships of SUNNEH around us to the seamless continuum of these same SUNNEH energies within us, and vice versa.

Doing this attracts our consciousness to register, speak and act the truth of SUNNEH from this recovery experience in our body, mind and spirit. It restores and gives our personal CRL the self-organizing, self-correcting and regenerative powers of Bio/SUNNEH-accurate "Literate" information to our body, mind and spirit.

Be confident that the unifying love unearthed through ECHN's 160 sensory contact activities empowers us to reasonably and purely register, think, feel and continue our lives in mutually supportive concert with Bio/SUNNEH-54 instead of disastrously deteriorating our Living Planet, each other and ourselves. 

The activities inject our personhood with the perfection of SUNNEH so we can think and feel as part of Bio/SUNNEH-54, not disconnected from it. In these GreenWave moments we can sense and act like Bio/SUNNEH-54 works. The rewards of doing this urge us make ECHN a habitual way of building and improving our every relationship.

As is the way of Bio/SUNNEH-54, we can share its attractions that we discover in activity moments with the same attractions of other individuals to them as we ride the GreenWave together. We can also teach interested individuals the rules and guidelines of each activity so they may benefit from them as they then own and use them.

Be confident that Bio/SUNNEH-54, not humanity alone, has the power to reverse Earth Overshoot and its miseries because Bio/SUNNEH-54 is its own self-organzing and restorative perfection. Its natural attraction dance can correct, organize, unify, renew, regenerate, recycle, transform, compost, perpetuate, purify, balance and preserve itself, as, in and around us.  Its peaceful way of converting conflicts into constructive Bio/SUNNEH-54 relationships reduces (rather than produces) the excessiveness, abusiveness, garbage, stress, war, pollution, destruction and isolation generated by too many places and people in Industrial Society.

Be confident that we humanize the Bio/SUNNEH-54 dance by accurately speaking and sharing sensory attraction facts that we register while we are in genuine sensory ECHN contact with the Wave dance in natural areas. These moments bring two-body us into sane and balanced wholeness because they are given the safe and reasonable time and space to re-connect what has been injuriously disconnected.

We can't continue to excessively separate our 54 natural sensory intelligences from nature and let this loss short circuit our sense of reason to then believe that some questionable story or authority will  fix the harmful situation for us that it made us produce in the first place. It is not reasonable to think we can, with our scant remaining "5 senses," recover and repair our "missing in action" 49 other natural senses and without help from ECHN come into balance.   

I symbolize the ECHN process with an American Southwest Mimbres pottery image (1000 AD) along with Thales of Miletus (580 BC). He founded Science by omitting mythical stories from information (as well as invented Geometry). Today, self-evidence shows that in concert our 54 natural attraction felt senses are reasonable Thales of Miletus

Bio/SUNNEH-54 sensory attraction/love facts. When riding the ECHN Wave these 54 unifying natural senses are applied to mystical, spirituality, conjecture or fantasies. These facts help us reasonably integrate the latter into Bio/SUNNEH-54 and reverse the dire effects of our excessive disconnection from Bio/SUNNEH-54 and our Earth Misery dilemma. 

By attractively unifying through our 54 senses, all things in Bio/SUNNEH can be gateways to re-connecting Humanity with Bio/SUNNEH because they are already natural attraction/love parts of Bio/SUNNEH

We suffer our troubles because, early on, we learn to emotionally attach our nature-disconnected stories to the destructive power of non-organic, Nature-disconnected Sci-Tech and stories. We then build detrimental relationships with these stories and can't stop due to our short term rewarding attachments to them. Be confident that making Sci-Tech organic, via ECHN, by having it include 54 natural attraction facts, empowers us eliminate this dilemma.  Sci-Tech then becomes Whole Life.

For example, the positive sustainability and ethical effects of a meatless diet have long been common knowledge and scientifically supported but without ECHN the addiction to our traditional diets has ruled and a major change has not occurred. It was in 1954, sixty-one years ago, that Albert Einstein said:

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

Be confident that this same inablity to change applies to reducing carbon di-oxide production to prevent climate change, to changing to low energy light bulbs in 1986, to organic ways of implementing Sci-Tech and to hundreds of other crucial alternatives that increase the health of BioSUNNEH-54. Be confident that we suffer this dilemma because our leaders and us are addicted to outdated and inaccurate stories that create our problems and we are also addicted to education, counseling and healing stories that do not include the ECHN means and power of the Bio/SUNNEH-54 GreenWave  to help us transform our addictions into reasonable relationships.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of consciousness we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

Synopsis: Our attachment bonds hurtfully sever us from Bio/SUNNEH-54. They replace it with as well as bury it under our artificial stories, logos and technologies. This makes us fear being hurt again when we try to use our natural senses to build more reasonable relationships, so we don't build them. We can remedy this by using ECHN to add our 54 natural attraction senses to our Sci-Tech processes. This helps us let the GreenWave itself support and free them from the dominance of unreasonable stories. It makes them organic and enables us to use Sci-Tech to increase well-being in a balanced way.

Become confident that no matter your background or interests, if you are Bio/SUNNEH-54 intelligent and, to the benefit of all, want to develop your unique power to stop humanity from violating our Earth Mother, each other and ourselves as well as increase personal, social and environmental well-being, ECHN certification, grants and degrees are available to you.  They are an antidote to SHADY activities and increase your attractiveness.
(NOTE: to this end PNC offers global and local coordinators, mentors, training, grants and other financial assistance.)

Additional Confidence Information

The information that follows helps you answer questions and increase your confidence in applying your Bio/SUNNEH-54 intelligence and some of its challenges
.  Think of it as SUNNE speaking to H because H is marching to an Earth-foreign,
flawed story process.  This story disconnects us from the balanced way Bio/SUNNEH-54's non-articulate aliveness produces its and our perfection.

Do you recognize "karma?" In Bio/SUNNEH-54 when you relate to important things irresponsibly you deteriorate or destroy them and yourself because you as the H in Bio/SUNEH-54 you also suffer the loss.

Can you comfortably affirm that Bio/SUNNEH-54 being alive is as accurate as knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow,
or if you throw a stone in the air it will return to earth,
or if you push the right switch the electric light will go on,
or that an airplane can take you to where you want to travel?

Balancing Sci-Tech

To enjoy the wellness of being confident, honest and balanced, we can't fully benefit from society's
Sci-Tech excellent process while at the same time reject the self-evident, unifying "Bio/SUNNEH GreenWave is alive" discovery by this same process. To do so alienates the powers of Sci-Tech from Bio/SUNNEH, making the latter a "dead" foreigner to be enslaved or conquered in Sci-Tec advanced ways rather than be cherished as kin.

Bio/SUNNEH-54 disconnection triggers stresses and warps our sensibilities. We feel abandoned. Our thoughts, feelings and acts are misguided, our senses and emotions are violated and the harmful results speak for themselves everywhere including the NNIAAL-estranged thoughts and feelings of the mentally ill, bullies, criminals, molesters and assaulters as well as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Ben Ladin and Hitler ad nauseum. Our excessive Bio/SUNNEH-54 separation is the hurful reason that "people are crazy."

"If the balancing wisdom of the ancient prophets had included our advanced science, today Father-God-Eternal would be Mother Nature love, and well-being would be King."

Sci-Tech's rejection of Bio/SUNNEH-54 disengages the powers of Sci-Tech from protecting the life of Bio/SUNNEH because we don't recognize or value Bio/SUNNEH aliveness no less its rights to its life in a meaningful way. Lip service is not enough.

- This results in Bio/SUNNEH-54, in and around us, being hysterically conquered, eviscerated, exploited and destroyed, moment by moment by unabated Objective Science.

- We see the results, feel the pain and we have no
protective Sci-Tech tools in our Bio/SUNNEH-diminished society to help us. This loss leaves us off-center, wanting and feeling that we never have enough to be secure or satisfied. For example, no matter how rich or poor they are most folks feel they need 15 percent more money.

-The result of our continual wanting is the excessive
SHADY aspects of contemporary society. (NOTE: to reverse this PNC supports individuals as Guides to offer the ECHN remedy internationally).

Be confident that if we are not as secure about the aliveness of Bio/SUNNEH-54 as we are secure in our Sci-Tech advantages, then our body, mind and spirit are overrun, stressed and polluted by outdated SHADY information whose GreenWave disconnection warp unleashes Sci-Tech power without restrictions or balance and this deteriorates the life of Bio/SUNNEH-54. This is real, not a dream.

This warp makes us unreasonable. As we powerfully, but irresponsibly, use the dominance of Sci-Tech to abusively use the aliveness of Bio/SUNNEH-54 as a resource in excessive ways, we threaten its life, along with ours. 

It helps to think of it this way:  "I am the H in Bio/SUNNEH and I am positive I am alive in this moment." This makes it impossible for Bio/SUNNEH not to be alive because in any given space-time moment we are identical except for unreasonable stories that disconnect us. It makes the Golden Rule applicable to Bio/SUNNEH: don't do to the web-of-life what you don't want done to you. (NOTE: PNC trains Guides to help people respect Bio/SUNNEH's aliveness that includes themselves). 

It helps to think of it this way: "I was attracted to become a deflated green balloon that had no blow-in hole. As the balloon, I was attracted to become more attractive by expanding my attractiveness in diverse GreenWave ways.  As I did this, I as the balloon grew and my original attraction was connected to and part of every aspect of the now giant, growing balloon that I had become GG, except one.  The one was a story written and spoken in orange. It brought my consciousness into an orange reality.  It said that I was not, and could not be the green balloon and its history, that this was fantasy. It said this even though I was the green balloon at that moment.  I became GO. The doubt produced by this conflicting double fantasy brought me back to reality. It included that I could learn from orange fantasies, but be hurtful if I imposed them in reality on the rest of the Bio/SUNNEH-54 balloon.

It helps to think of it this way: When the powerful and established warp of our addiction to disconnected, outdated or inaccurate stories about Bio/SUNNEH-54 gets hold of Sci-Tech truths, the warp uses the truths as weapons and drugs that more powerfully injure Bio/SUNNEH-54.  Without using the ECHN GreenWave, objective science runs amok.

"You can't say that civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way."

- Will Rogers

Be confident that it is our attachments
to false or prejudiced against 
Bio/SUNNEH-54 aliveness stories that are the source of our troubles. It is not our organic, self-evident, Sci-Tech facts that are the culprit including our 54 natural senses when they are in balance. For this reason, the lifetime warranty about the validity of major aspects of Bio/SUNNEH helps you increase your confidence because you can lean on it. It helps you explain why it is crucial that we add Bio/SUNNEH-54 to our Sci-Tech expertise via ECHN (NOTE: all PNC programs operate under this warranty)

At birth and before, some or all of our 54 natural attraction senses are genetically empowered to begin registering self-evident information about the world. When they register flawed information about Nature accompanied by instant but misguided love or survival gratifications, our senses can addict to that short circuit and its harmful consequences.

It is worth repeating that ECHN
enables us to beneficially plug our misled sense(s), including our sense of reason, into the authentic BioSUNNEH-54 GreenWave at any moment of our lives and interactively transform our old short circuits into reasonable reality.

Be confident that establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with your pet is Bio/SUNNEH-54 in action:

If we treat our pet, or similarly Bio/SUNNEH-54, like it is dead we slowly kill it, including it in us. This is similar to being a fish that removes itself from water because its inaccurate story tell it things are better on land.

We feel the anxiety from this love-deprivation relationship; 25 percent of us are mentally ill,  most of us need emotional support or therapy, and a single "wrong word or attitude" can push our buttons set our hurt and frustrations off emotionally. At the same time our economics thrive by selling us Bio/SUNNEH-disconnected products and fulfillments that further injure Bio/SUNNEH-54 as they temporarily relieve our discontents. They then sell us more nature-disconnected relief products as our unease returns and Bio/SUNNEH-54 additionally deteriorates in and around us. This short circuit is a form of madness, the deadening ways of an ecozombie. (NOTE: PNC is dedicated to stop this public demand and instead desire only organic products and relationships). 

Being excessively high-tech as well as being unsure about the loving aliveness of Bio/SUNNEH-54, or yourself, is little different than sinking oil tankers in the sea, destroying forests with bulldozers and using high powered weapons against human communities.   It destroys these places and their inhabitants because they are not scientifically, passionately or politically defended or supported by their unrecognized right to their life as Bio/SUNNEH-54 equals. Again, this is not conjecture or theory. It is happening.

Be aware that in the USA every ecosystem has been damaged. Not only does
Earth Overshoot Day statistically substantiate our planetary evisceration we also know it from the discomforting absence-of-love hole we feel in ourselves along with our flood of hurtful personal experiences, news reports and corruption. Our personal, inherent, Elk-Glacier-Slime Mold intelligence knows and feels this as sick or insane. That's our 54 natural senses reasonably registering their/our "common sense."

Like any other form of life, the life of Bio/SUNNEH-54 has its own integrity and limits. Once it is in overshoot deficit, any thought or relationship that does not physically replenish Bio/SUNNEH-54, trespasses, injures or kills some other person, place or thing in the present or future. To knowledgeably relate this way is neither moral, ethical nor responsible, especially since an organic ECHN way of responding is available and can be added to any experience. To not add it is like kicking an already injured person rather than helping them. 
(NOTE: Like Town Managers, Police or Fire Fighters, PNC provides funded training and salaried professionals to stop our Bio/SUNNEH trespasses and recover from them.)   

Be confident that if
our advanced intelligence is not involved in correcting our disturbance of Bio/SUNNEH-54, we are probably in some denial (de-NNIAAL) of the situation, somewhat disturbed ourselves and therefore part of the problem. This is because, like any organism, Bio/SUNNEH-54 cannot tolerate our threat to its life in and around us, yet we continue to hurt it by disconnecting from it and/or exploiting it excessively.

We are conceived and born in and as the joy of the 54 natural attraction sense wellness of Bio/SUNNEH/54. Our nature-disconnecting separation from it wounds us and we spend much of our lives, in vain, trying to cover up or heal our injuries with nature-disconnected, pain-relieving tools and stories rather than ECHN reconnecting with NNIAAL to heal them constructively through satisfying and safe transformation.

Our mislead leader's stories have molded us into cultural objects that act like weapons of mass destruction against
Bio/SUNNEH-54. They have also convinced us not to be alarmed about our socialization into this state, especially since they consider Bio/SUNNEH-54 be dead or a resource from some spirit so what could possibly be hurt or wrong? They teach us to think, instead, that our situation is a political or spiritual test of our worthiness, or it is normal and patriotic; "It is economic growth, we must be brave and tolerate or eat our anxious concerns and bury them in our subconscious," in order not to feel their discomfort, (until, of course, when they are hooked back into our awareness as similar experiences or stories are encountered and the latter "push our buttons." This awakens our painful memories so we feel react to them in the moment and deteriorate potentially attractive and responsible relationships.) This is a major source of our troubles because it stressfully disfigures and restricts our intelligent responses to Bio/SUNNEH-54 trespasses in and around us. (NOTE: PNC pays trained individuals to apply the ECHN antidote for this aberation.)

Be confident
that the aliveness of Bio/SUNNEH-54 is attracted to show us how and why we produce and suffer most of our disorders due to our excessive disconnection from and conquest of Bio/SUNNEH-54, along with how to correct this.  Learning how to create moments that let Bio/SUNNH-54 teach is essential to our recovery because the Bio/SUNNEH-54 GreenWave is the fountainhead of authority in how it/we naturally work in attractive ways to the benefit of all. Because the GreenWave self-balances and self-purifies it does not lie about itself; it is a joy, not a discomfort. At least 160 nature-reconnecting activities are available to help us achieve this end.

Over 80 percent of the public is in therapy or support groups to help us deal with the effects of our trespasses against Bio/SUNNEH-54's life. Be alarmed. Most of these groups are SHADY because they, too, are unaware of Bio/SUNNEH-54 GreenWave aliveness. For example, many leaders think they originated "Getting into the moment" or "Taking a deep breath" as a therapy because they deny that it is the aliveness of Bio/SUNNEH-54 that is doing this and that makes it possible to do it.  (PNC funds leaders to strengthen Bio/SUNNEH aliveness.)

"To live in the peace of integrity means either:

I give up my use of electricity, Sci-Tech and medical advantages so I can think in balance with the old Bio/SUNNEH-54 destructive stories I believe.


I update my stories to include my 54 natural attraction GreenWave senses in them so that they become organic, whole-life facts that scientifically support how Bio/SUNNEH-54 works its perfection in and around me, moment by moment."

"The unifying dance of the Universe (Bio/SUNNEH-54) is the instant essence of our body, mind and spirit. I call the dance "Bio" meaning life and I spell it NNIAAL to help me accurately sense it. This helps me see that on macro or micro levels, life is survival, the love to live."

"What I do is apply the ECHN whole life art and science of Bio/SUNNEH-54 while in contact with the balancing love and intelligence of Organism Earth in a natural area instead of within the confining, authorative, runaway, nature-separating walls of a school building, office or house."

View the "Bio Is You" video to better understand ECHN.



We can:
  • Confidently have the self-evident balancing and healing powers of nature's GreenWave wholeness come into play in any moment by bringing them to mind via the united dance of any one or all five powerful acronym reminders: NNIAAL, CRL, Bio/SUNNEH-54, V2B and ECHN. 
  • Consciously choose to improve our relationships by using ECHN activities in natural areas to help us make space for NNIAAL to safely dance in and around others and ourselves on the GreenWave.
  • Experience NNIAAL moments on the GreenWave crest that enable us to think, feel and relate better and increase well-being because in every Wave moment we are each unique, conscious personifications of V2B, NNIAAL, the United CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54
  • Ignore the lie that single focused thinking and acts are wrong when it comes to remedying Earth Overshoot with the ECHN Bio/SUNNEH-54 Wave. This because the wave is and has been a singular attraction essence since its ancient first moment Big Bang attraction beginning to this instant.

Select what you think is the most intelligent response, A or B:

A. I know that this statement is true for me and I will proceed, below, to the next station.
Percentage-wise, the strength of my attraction/agreement with this statement is ______ percent (insert number 0% to 100%). Keep a record of your percentage for this statement for use later on. 

Spend time with a nearby attractive natural area and see what happens. Does the visit affect your percentage number?
Go to B, below if you want more information on this topic

Proceed further

Reminder: this test is valid and/or educational only if you proceed after recording your agreement percent for this section. Too challenging? Try this path instead.

Your 54 Natural Attraction Sense Discovery Picture: Self Meet Yourself Riding the Wave Crest.

From sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond, all things in SUNEH, including yourself, are bonded together and to each other by strong or weak attraction. Find attractions you can see in the full Self Meet Yourself practice area picture below (It's an image, not the real thing).

(Scroll down until the full picture, from top to bottom, appears on your screen. Widen the picture by widening the browser screen.)

Use the 54 Natural Attraction Sense list as a reference.
What attractions in this picture can you identify that are operating in real life, in and around you? You can sense them in the picture because 54 senses in your body, mind and spirit recognize their representations in the picture.
- What do you think you could see, smell, taste, hear, or touch that's in the picture?
- Can you sense, community, place, trust, temperature, thirst, motion, color, love, play or rhythm occuring in it in reality? 
Later, go to an authentic natural area to genuinely sense, feel and discover further who you are through your attraction senses in contact with their natural origins there, moment by moment.

Validate Your Experience:

Whenever you find an attraction in a natural area or the nature of another person engage and validate your senses of Consciousness, Reason and Language to powerfully blend and express themselves in an informed way to others who might appreciate and grow from them.

The procedure is:
1) Gain consent to visit a natural area, including a person's inner nature,
2) Find an attraction(s) there or give it time to find you.
3) From the 54 sense list say or write the name of the self-evident senses, sensations or sensibilities that register.  Do this as well for other attractions that show up in this experience.   This produces "genius level"  CRL labels and stories that you and others can use to replace the excessively nature-disconnected things that our senses have been hurtfully attached or addicted to. 
4) have your CRL make space in the GreenWave to speak and share this experience with the CRL in others who appreciate it and whom it might help.

Understanding and using this core activity helps you become a genius fiduciary ambassador of Nature's universal homeostasis because what our senses find attractive in nature is what is doing the finding. Reasonably speaking and sharing this experience contributes its self-evident truth to our stories and relationships.

Action: Doing the Equation:

Activities to Strengthen your "Self Meeting Yourself" in a Natural Area. Note the section number you are on here now so you can return here via "back" "history" or this page's address

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Visit Picture below

Self, meet a picture of your nature-connected story self.

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