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Symbols (in red) addressed on this page:
"NNIAAL + V2B = The Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54"

10. ECHN Ultimate Intelligence: The Einstein-Cohen Unified Greenwave Field Equation:

. ..Thales of Miletus..  ..   

Like putting on a pair of NNIAAL colored ECHN glasses, in any given moment we can personally tap into Einstein's unified field of the Universe via the ECHN GreenWave. This enables us to experience in words, senses, feelings and deeds that Bio/SUNNEH-54 is exactly the same attraction based life that we are. For this reason we are inherently attracted to it. When we relate to the world through our whole life NNIAAL love of it we dramatically come into balance and increase personal, social and environmental well-being because NNIAAL love is its essence.  It  is inexcusable for anyone not to do this today considering the destructive effects of omitting it. 

ECHN helps us learn to habitually bring NNIAAL to mind and include it in our thinking and relationships through a self-empowering acronym equation and what its letters stand for:

NNIAAL + V2B = the Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54

+ GreenWaved with the
Valdation of 2 Bodies
= seamlessly GreenWaves as the
Unified Field Higgs Boson
Conscious Reason Language triad
and the natural attraction strong-weak-strong-weak wisdom
ance of

Bio (life)/Scientific Universe, NNIAAL Nature, Earth, Humanity
54 natural attractions' sensory diversity and strength.

"A human being is part of the whole, called by us 'Universe'; a part limited in time and space. Each individual experiences themselves, their thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest--a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely but striving for such achievement is, in itself, a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security."

-Albert Einstein

The NNIAAL equation helps us enjoy advanced standing in the Orientation Training Course as well as appropriately send a NNIAAL year-round Bio Love Valentine activity whenever possible and for all occasions. The equation's contribution is that we are often successful simply because we seek and depend upon the reliability and easy access of an equation to help our reasoning become more powerful and effective instantly. For example

0 + 1 = 1

1 + 1 = 2

A2 + B2 = C2

E = MC2

H2 + O plus energy = H2O

I = E/R

Circumfrence = 2(pi)r

The Unified Field NNIAAL
GreenWave equation becomes stronger as it is extended by additional, already established or new, ECHN connectors such as "nine leg thinking," "GO to GG," "old brain-new brain" and "GreenWave" or other phenomena continually updated at nineleg.html.  It also includes additions to the Warranty as they are established via self-evidence and included in the books, courses and web pages of Project NatureConnect at and

The strength and expertise of each individual's
GreenWave percentage is conveyed by their training, transcript, coursework, certifications and degrees conferred upon them at Project NatureConnect.

Just like within the number series of 0-9,  each part of the Einstein-Cohen equation is a whole life unto itself and each contribututes to the eternity of natural attraction whole life. When translated into mathematics it reads:

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1  =  1 = all things including the Universe and our 54 natural senses are alive, fair, equal, trustable, attractive, loved, transformed, recycled, balanced, pure, essential, unified, self-organizing, self-correcting and belong. Nothing is abandoned and no garbage or pollution is produced. The exception is things caused by flawed information, nature-disconnected stories and our CRL bonds to them. They are like thinking that 5 is an unlucky number and omitting it.

This NNIAAL equation is more accurate and real than mathematics in that math works through objective stable number symbols. They apply to the NNIAAL moment only, not to the life of the Universe wave over time because all parts of it are always changing, nothing is ever the same as the space-time GreenWave creates its next moment. That was not the same space-time moment the mathematics was applied and all GreenWave parts are dancers in motion and change in the moment.

In addition 0 does not exist in the
GreenWave because attraction exists everywhere in each moment of Bio/SUNNEH-54. Nowhere in it is their nothing. It has been a thing since its Big Bang attraction to manifest itself.

In the GreenWave model the only stable and lasting "1" is the Unified Field itself as both its essence and its wholeness exist in the moment..

The GreenWave equation describes our true self that has too often been buried alive by NNIAAL-disconnected CRL stories and acts that are based on them.

One contribution of the equation is that as it is applied, injuries we sustain from our "burial" process identify themselves as natural things that we fear, shun or distort. In this way the equation acts like a NNIAAL form of the Rorschach or Thematic Apperception Test and it helps us focus our recovery energies when appropriate.

The heart of the NNIAAL equation is that it actively enables our body, mind and spirit to make conscious sensory contact with Albert Einstein's Grand Unified Field at will, especially in conjunction with ECHN
GreenWave activities in a natural area that bring our 54 senses into play so we can be conscious of them. These Equation contact moments are the missing element or "higher power" that we need to help us reverse Earth Overshoot and its destructive effects personally and globally. They make 54 natural attraction felt senses that we register be included as factual parts of whole-life science.

Imagine the wonderful results of social media helping the world learn to guide itself with the NNIAAL equation so that the entire remaining web-of-life, including humanity, may in time think and act in peaceful balance, like the NNIAAL GreenWave works.  To believe this cannot occur is a major thing that prevents it from possibly happening. This is because the ECHN tools to help us make it happen are readily available.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

- Albert Einstein

CONGRATULATIONS WITH HONORS for those who have the rare confidence to think and act with the GreenWave NNIAAL equation, to relate to Planet Earth's web of life as the living being that it is (Gaia) and help others do the same. The benefits of this grand unified field phenomenon have already been demonstrated in small, nature-connected groups and nature-centered societies or cultures that do not produce our detrimental effects.  As with these groups, our natural fulfillments might globally replace our present imbalance, dependencies and excessiveness and help us reverse our great dilemma.  With this kind of support from all of us, why wouldn't Organism Earth get back on its track of attractively increasing its pure and in-balance, well-being as of old?

"You see, Bob Dylan, you were prophetic; the answer is blowing in the wind. Now you need to help us help others embrace NNIAAL on the GreenWave and implement the answer."

- Mike Cohen

“I believe that the universe is one being, all its parts are different expressions of the same unifying energy, and they are all in communication with each other, therefore parts of one organic whole. The whole is in all its parts is so beautiful, and is felt by me so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine.”

- Robinson Jeffers, 1935 The Scientist's Visionary

The Earth Overshoot disaster shows that to increase well-being we must habitually build relationships and act in balance with and as part of Bio/SUNNEH as best we can. The Equation helps us do this when we elect to apply it as our personal surfboard on the Wave and let its rewards make doing this become habitual.

"At a workshop I asked folks to put on their glasses if they were not already wearing them, then find an attraction in nature, spend some time viewing what they saw while there and then share the scene with the group.  Their reports were beautiful but none of them included that they saw their glasses as part of the picture, or saw their nose, for those who did not wear glasses.  Later on, with emphasis placed on including what was omitted, they did include them habitually, when appropriate."



In any given moment we can come into balance and increase personal, social and environmental well-being by learning to empower our thinking and relationships by using the ECHN NNIAAL equation, or any of its parts, while on the Wave. This is because it genuinely connects us to ultimate intelligence life support from "Nature."

"NNIAAL + V2B = the Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54"

" 1 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 every moment."


Select what you think is the most intelligent response, A or B:

A. I know that this statement is true for me and I will proceed, below, to the next station.
Percentage-wise, the strength of my attraction/agreement with this statement is ______ percent (insert number 0% to 100%). Keep a record of your percentage for this statement for use later on.

Spend time with a nearby attractive natural area and see what happens. Does the visit affect your percentage number?
Go to B, below if you want more information on this topic

Proceed further

Reminder: this test is valid and/or educational only if you proceed after recording your agreement percent for this section. Too challenging? Try this path instead.

Your 54 Natural Attraction Sense Discovery Picture:
Self Meet Yourself!

From sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond, all things in SUNEH, including yourself, are bonded together and to each other by strong or weak attraction. Find attractions you can see in the full Self Meet Yourself practice area picture below (It's an image, not the real thing).

(Scroll down until the full picture, from top to bottom, appears on your screen. Widen the picture by widening the browser screen.)

Use the 54 Natural Attraction Sense list as a reference.
What attractions in this picture can you identify that are operating in real life, in and around you? You can sense them in the picture because 54 senses in your body, mind and spirit recognize their representations in the picture.
- What do you think you could see, smell, taste, hear, or touch that's in the picture?
- Can you sense, community, place, trust, temperature, thirst, motion, color, love, play or rhythm occuring in it in reality? 
Later, go to an authentic natural area to genuinely sense, feel and discover further who you are through your attraction senses in contact with their natural origins there, moment by moment.

Validate Your Experience:

Whenever you find an attraction in a natural area or the nature of another person engage and validate your senses of Consciousness, Reason and Language to powerfully blend and express themselves in an informed way to others who might appreciate and grow from them.

The procedure is:
1) Gain consent to visit a natural area, including a person's inner nature,
2) Find an attraction(s) there or give it time to find you.
3) From the 54 sense list say or write the name of the self-evident senses, sensations or sensibilities that register.  Do this as well for other attractions that show up in this experience.   This produces "genius level"  CRL labels and stories that you and others can use to replace the excessively nature-disconnected things that our senses have been hurtfully attached or addicted to. 
4) have your CRL make space in the GreenWave to speak and share this experience with the CRL in others who appreciate it and whom it might help.

Understanding and using this core activity helps you become a genius fiduciary ambassador of Nature's universal homeostasis because what our senses find attractive in nature is what is doing the finding. Reasonably speaking and sharing this experience contributes its self-evident truth to our stories and relationships.

Action: Doing the Equation:

Activities to Strengthen your "Self Meeting Yourself" in a Natural Area. Note the section number you are on here now so you can return here via "back" "history" or this page's address

Select Here for Activities

View Picture below,

Self Meet Yourself

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