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Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology (OP/NAE)

Project NatureConnect  Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
VOLUME 1,  NUMBER 2011-2013                                                      Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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ECHN:  Educating Counseling and Healing with the Life of Nature and Planet Earth.

The arguments for injecting the GreenWave Unified Field Equation into Contemporary Society

How self-evident sensory facts discovered in natural areas strengthen your balance and integrity as they help you organically
  • Increase Health
  • Reverse climate change
  • Resolve issues and conflicts
  • Manage stress
  • Reduce mental anguish
  • Transform disorders into well-being. 

and teach ECHN, a key, whole life art and  science.

Genuinely connect with the self-correcting life of Nature's unifying dance in and around you, backyard or backcountry

UPDATE: July 1, 2016. Because, since 1986, we have been reducing Chloroflurocarbon particles that we placed in the atmosphere, the Ozone hole is beginning to recover from the damage inflicted by these particles. 

The particles were identified as the point source of the Ozone hole and then sensibly reduced so Organism Earth's self-correcting powers could once again operate.

Get real: If you shoot a hole in the roof of your house, the hole does not repair itself. This is because the house is not a living organism.

Get sensible: If you shoot a hole in the bottom of your boat
water gushes in. If you shoot another hole in the bottom to let the water out, you are bewildered. Bewildered here means "separated from wilderness and its wisdom."

Get connected: Our Nature-separated lifestyles are increasingly deteriorating personal, social and environmental well being. They are bewildered because they omit the whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature/Wilderness (ECHN).


We seldom learn that we suffer our bewilderment because
  • We are born with 54 natural senses that inherently love to keep us connected to the natural world. This enables us to survive in happy balance with the life and purity of our planet.
  • We are educated to disconnect our 54 senses from Nature's supportive ways and attach them to our inferior substitutes for Nature's balance and beauty.
  • Our severance from Nature's love hurts us. In compensation we pacify ourselves with rewarding satisfactions from artifacts whose shortcomings make us produce our disorders. Too often we attach or addict to these rewards.

In our bewilderment we ignore that scientifically since its birth as the
Unified Field of the Big Bang the life of the Universe and Planet Earth has been fully united. Every moment the Field naturally attracts all things to each other without using stories. The maverick genius in us recognizes that this unification has produced Earth's Web of Life. We are the only part of the Web that has a sense of literacy (#39) ability relate to the world through stories.
The time and space of the Universe only exists and grows in the present moment, the Now of life. It is a Unified Field that includes contemporary humanity and our geologically-new "story" way of knowing along with our 53 additional natural senses and sensations.

Learning the art and science to felt-sense think, speak and relate from our 54 senses in a natural area unifies our bewildered nature-disconnected stories with the Unified Field. This transforms the stories and us into being a united part of, rather than disconnected from, the Web of Life on Earth.

Like a numerical sequence, or like a plant growing from its seed, in the Unified Field no single thing or event stands alone. Everything is attracted and attached to all that has gone before it and remains atttached to all that follows it. In a natural area these attachments enable our 54 senses to connect and dance in any moment with the dance of all past leaders, deities, stories, mystics, prophets and relationships. This gives us the ability to update the past with the contemporary ways and means of our art, science and technology.



To stop our bewilderment, sensory connections that we make with the Web of Life in natural areas empower each of us to rejoin our 54 sensibilities with the balancing wisdom of the Unified Field to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

  • Learning to think and speak while connected to the Dance of the GreenWave Unified Field in any given moment helps us communicate with the non-storied whole of life and its eons of history. They are attractions/loves of our personal life in that moment.
  • The Dance attaches us to all past and present leaders, deities, stories, senses, facts, prophecies and relationships in the present and past life of Planet Earth.
  • As we dance as 54-sense equals with the past in the Unified Field present, we unite and update the past with our advanced science and technology.
  • Dancing the Dance this way enables our stories and senses to increase well-being as our disorders transform into responsible  new Unified Field moments in peaceful balance with the whole of life. Our bewilderment becomes whole-life integrity.

    "Traditional thinking sees the wilderness as being inept and stupid so in it "bewildered" means "confused dazed or perplexed" rather than "the sanity of whole life wisdom.

    Today's results
    demonstrate that traditional thinking is bewildered."

INTRODUCTION: The Power of Self-Evidence

In today's scientific world it is common knowledge among educated people that the Big Bang was the birth of the life of our Universe and that it creates its own time and space moment-by-moment.

As part of the life of the Universe, the life of Earth, the third planet from our Sun, is real. We often overlook that our Planet's Web of Life is also our aliveness. No part of Earth can be dead because moment by moment our passion to survive is also the passion of the Universe/Earth for its life and our passion continues to live.

The attraction or love to live its life is the core of the Universe's and Earth’s life-dance. Through the eons it has been attracted to create pure, self-correcting love relationships everywhere, sub-atomics to galaxies. These attachments are caring and reasonable enough to diversify themselves and support additional attractive relationships. For this reason, all things organically love, blend and enhance each other’s existence as part of the whole of life as they support it by their increasingly diverse ways.

Everything is attractive and belongs. Uniquely, nothing except humanity speaks stories or labels things or produces garbage.

When it is not being adulterated by our misleading stories about how it works, the Web of Life does not produce pollution or disorders on Earth. It's life was pure before humanity's nature-disconnecting stories disturbed the organic relationships that support our ability to live and to tell stories as part of our life.
  • Our 54 natural senses normally attract our life to Earth’s unconditional love of all things.
  • We suffer our challenging problems because we learn to detach our senses from Nature's self-correcting ways and attach them instead to our artificial, Nature-disconnected stories and technologies.
  • This detachment emotionally tears our body, mind and spirit from Earth’s unifying 54 sense embrace.
  • The pain and abandonment caused by this severance deteriorates our collective and personal outlooks.
  • The destructive separation makes us want so we feel that there is never enough of anything, especially love.
  • We fill our lack of love gap with satisfactions from material possesions and artificial relationships. We can't stop doing this even though we are aware that in the process our excessivness is disintegrating planet/person life.


It is 2015 A.D.
Do you know where your whole-life intelligence is?

Are you aware that even with our advanced technology it is not possible to prove that our Planet is dead, spiritual or simply mechanical?

It is time to realize that nobody been able to identify the basic difference between life and death. That difference is imaginary. Both are manifestations of the Unified Field and its aliveness.

The life of the Universe only exists in the "now" as it makes its own time and space, moment after moment.  What then can be dead in the Universe or Earth's Web of Life?
The "loss of our ability to communicate through stories" is what our death might be. Until that ability dies, acting out our dominant and established fictional stories and their distortions eviscerates the life of our planet and of us as part of it.

To not correct this catastrophe is as unreasonable as expecting things to go well while paying for today's advanced way of life with biblical Shekels or money from a
Monopoly game.

ECHN, the sensory Whole-Life Art and Science of Educating Counseling and Healing with the life of Nature and Planet Earth (ECHN) helps us transform our "dead Earth" stories into updated life supportive relationships and happiness in each living moment of the Web of Life.
  This is similar to giving us the ability to protect “Organism Earth” and ourselves under an Endangered Species Act.

Whenever ECHN includes the recent Higgs Boson attraction field updates in the Big Bang birth of our Universe it produces a GreenWave Unified Field Equation. When applied to the Web of Life the Equation unites the Objective and Subjective by including our unifying 54 felt natural senses as facts that are as true, real and powerful as any material fact. Water and the sensation of thirst become equally true facts of life.

I know that water attracts electricity because every time I take a shower the telephone rings.  Then, yesterday it happened in a different way. I switched on the electric for my TV and the screen showed a surfer entering the ocean who said "Once I get on this surfboard all my disorders disappear." Curious, I looked further on the Internet and found articles that stated: "To many surfers, surfing is a cure-all." 

What, I thought, is the "all disorders" in light of our unstoppable over-exploitation of "all" the life of our Planet and "all" the hurt that it causes? Why doesn't she use the
GreenWave Unified Field Equation to surf the life of the Unified Field time/space wave that is attracted to create our planet and us, moment after moment. The self-correcting and unifying powers that the ECHN surfboard enjoys on that wave are a cure-all that we desperately need. 

Most folks think that surfing in connection with the life of the time/space wave is a "Star Trek" fantasy or delusion. Meanwhile, part of them is actually doing it as they say it. How else do they think our advanced science lifestyles along with them survive in each time/space moment of the Universe?

The reason folks benefit from surfing the life of the unified time/space wave via ECHN, is that we have indoctrinated our lives to ordinarily ignore 54 natural senses of the Wave that we inherit. Surfing them dramatically brings them to our attention.

In a natural area, when the Wave registers in our awareness
the energies of our senses enable us to think and relate in valid ways because we are 54-sense connected to the Wave and each other. In that immediate space thrives the aliveness and unifying power of how Nature works as our living Planet and as part of the space/time wave of the Universe.

For a thing to be part of a system it must be in communication with the system to stay abrest of it and avoid destructive trespasses. Via natural attraction, our 54 natural senses are our
communication vehicle with the life system of the Earth. We share them with it.

When we surf the
GreenWave unified field Wave we do what every other member of the Web of Life does consistently. Note that none of the Web members produce or exhibit our troubles until our nature-disconnected stories influence or destroy them. Fortunately  riding the GreenWave enables us to remedy this catastrophe.

We've wiped out 49 percent of the species that were alive in 1970, the year of the first Earth Day, and that number increases moment-by-moment. This equals a similar percentage of resources we have ripped out of the life of our planet since that day. At the same time and percentage, the polar ice sheet has diminished in size while mental illness mistrust and corruption, along with many other problems, have increased. Sadly, we are indoctrinated to deny that all these things are related.

We are increasing in "resource deficit" and Earth misery. We now need another planet half the size of Earth to hook up with us and resupply us with what we have used up and we have yet to even start replenishing it each year. In the USA we need four full additional planets for our present way of life to be balanced instead of miserably bankrupt.

Nobody has the slightest idea of how to add the life of additional Planet Earth's to ours or where we would even find them. We say that we do not know how we can stop this madness as it continues to increase year after year and produce a bleak future.

Using the GreenWave Equation as a 54-sense intelligent surfing tool to help us correct our planetary stupidity is the antidote we must apply once we recognize its benefits by experiencing the sanity of its stupidity-reducing results.

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* * *
Three Allegories About the Life of Nature, Earth and Intelligence

The Frog
A scientist put a frog on the ground and said "Jump frog jump". The frog jumped four feet. The scientist wrote in his notebook, "Frog with four feet jumps four feet."

The scientist cut off one of one of the frog's legs and said "Jump frog jump". The Frog jumped three feet. The scientist wrote in his note book, "Frog with three feet, jumps three feet."

So the scientist cut of another leg and said "Jump frog jump". The scientist wrote in his notebook "Frog with two feet, jumps two feet."

The scientist cut off one more leg and said "Jump frog jump". The Frog jumped one foot. The scientist wrote in his notebook, "Frog with one foot, jumps one foot."

The scientist cut off the frog's last leg and said "Jump frog jump". The frog did not jump so the scientist said "Frog jump. Frog jump. FROG JUMP!"  Nothing happened. The scientist wrote in his notebook, "A frog with no feet, goes deaf."
This story is no laughing matter when you recognize that we are born with 54 natural senses and our scientific objectivity cuts us off from the natural world so our intelligence habitually thinks and relates with only five of them.

Planet Earth is alive. It and we are in trouble because our 54 sensitivities to the whole of its life in and around us have been removed from our awareness by ECH without Nature. 

Fortunately, the whole-life art and science of the
GreenWave Equation makes time and space for sensory contact with natural areas to regenerate our deadened senses back into our thoughts, feelings and relationships. The ancient aliveness and value of whole life intelligence is revived as exemplified by the ways of a Slime Mold:

Slime Mold Intelligence

"Compared with most organisms, slime molds have been on the planet for a very long time—they first evolved at least 600 million years ago and perhaps as long as one billion years ago. At the time, no organisms had yet evolved brains or even simple nervous systems. Yet slime molds do not blindly ooze from one place to another—they carefully explore their environments, seeking the most efficient routes between resources. They can solve mazes. They do not accept whatever circumstances they find themselves in, but rather choose conditions most amenable to their survival. They remember, anticipate and decide. By doing so much with so little, slime molds represent a successful and admirable alternative to convoluted brain-based intelligence."

Our dilemmas will increase as long as the biased objectivity of our nature-disconnected stories see the self-correcting, non-literate slime mold ways of ECHN and Earth as being "so little" or dead. The solution to this prejudice is to be reasonable, to use the ECHN GreenWave to in a natural area connect our 54 natural senses with the intelligent restorative powers of the
life of our Planet and learn and grow from those organic experiences.

Nature-disconnecting injuries to our body, mind and spirit have blinded us to the fact that the life of the Universe and Planet Earth is neither a machine nor dead. As adults or children, we live in and are a 54-sense seamless continuum of the life of Organism Earth as is the life of an embryo in its mother's womb.

The Boss

Our culturally-biased, nature-separated thinking is a predicament that is similar to the factory manager who was losing money and sought professional advice: "Only hire adequate people," a business analyst told the manager, "Ask prospective employees, 'How much is 2 + 2 and hire the person who gives the best answer."

The first candidate that the manager interviewed for a new job said, "2 + 2 = 22."

The second candidate said "2 + 2 = 5."
The third said, "The answer to 2 + 2 could be 4 or 22 depending upon your base and meaning," He then added, "I love gathering complete information and considering long term effects to come up with the best possible solution for a problem"

The manager selected the second candidate who said 2 + 2 = 5.

"But, why?" asked the astounded analyst.

"She's the boss's wife," came the reply.

The GreenWave Equation enables you to identify and in any moment of your life deal with, “Who is the boss of you and how wise is he/she/it?”

As part of nature, we are in trouble because we deny that the boss we listen to is the unseen owner and rulebook enforcer of the excessively nature-destructive blueprint that our society is attached to and that we are born into.

“Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency"

- Author Unknown

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Dan Shelton, Ph.D.

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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The Web of Life Imperative.


We are born as part of the total life of Nature and our Planet. We inherit as part of it our unique 54-sense ability to relate to its perfection through stories that the life of Nature as Earth neither use nor understand. 

Because life is a moment-by-moment attraction to be, every moment of it is attached to all that has gone before it, and it remains attached to all that follows it.

Our stories are not real-life wholeness. They are blueprint abstracts for relating to global life.
Accurate ECHN 54-sense stories help us gain life support from the whole of life in the moment in mutually beneficial ways.

Inaccurate or nature-disconnected stories corrupt the life of our planet including us as part of it. They hurt because they separate us from the trustable support available to us in whole life moments and their eons of self-correcting and balanced attachments.
In Industrial Society our story teaches us to spend, on average, over 99 percent of our time living in "objective" stories.  They are disconnected from and out of tune with the "subjective" whole life of our Planet. 

Our excessive planetary separation corrupts the wholeness of our relationships throughout or lives. We increasingly hurt as our story driven, 54-sense evisceration from the totality of life increases. This disassociation makes us continually want and when we want there is never enough.  It makes us produce our life of Earth misery and overuse, in and around us .

Although our objectivity can see that global life, including us, is depleted, miserable and sick with a fever we can't stop causing it and suffering the dysfunctions it produces in our lives.  This is because, out of sensory desperation, we become attached or addicted to our excessive nature-separation stories as "Normal." For this reason, we applaud those who are most powerfully disconnected simply because they have the money to continually buy technological substitutes for their emptiness.

Being severed from the whole of life we are insecure. We 54-sense that we need more of everything. This includes the excessive profits our disconnection produces as we buy artificial satisfactions to feed our everwanting sensory deprivation from the whole of life.

Our objectivity is aware of the problems our break from the whole life produces. However it omits getting and applying self-evident, ECHN "subjective" relationship information. That is only available from 54-sense contact with the whole of life in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.

Without applying our missing sensory information our life can't change or stop the unbalance we produce simply because our life is unbalanced. A broken computer can't mend itself.

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