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 Natural Attraction Ecology (OP/NAE)

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VOLUME  2  NUMBER  2012-2013                                                               Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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Self-Evidence in Action: A new theraputic unification model stops the corruption of Nature's life dance in and around our body, mind and spirit.

This section of  OP/NAE Journal has been published to further the evidence-based information in the OM TIMES article "Wake Up Eco Zombie"  You are invited to read it first, then return here.

Organic thinking, feeling and relating stops fraud.

A Peak Fact: Natural Attraction is alive truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

- John Muir (1869)

Learn and grow from a universal reality. Think with the trustable, self-evident fact that natural attraction is the "hitching" essence of all things including our body, mind and spirit. This peak fact truth is undeniable. It has never been proven false, with one exception.

  • Become the organic balance that you seek. Help the life of Nature's universal dance satisfy your senses and nurture you to the benefit of all.
  • Use unique relationship re-building tools that stop us from being hooked on the educational fraud that produces our personal social and environmental destructiveness.
  • Discover "Healthy planet, happy person" and the self-evident facts available to make it so.
  • Use this website and its links as a free, accredited, online CEU course.
  • Learn how to create unifying moments that let genuine alignment with Earth give you the deeper, whole-life happiness that you deserve.

NOTE: This section of  OP/NAE Journal has been published to further the evidence-based information in the OM TIMES article "Wake Up Eco Zombie"   Its source is the science of  Natural Attraction Ecology


Empirical evidence validates that, until proven otherwise, from the Big Bang beginning of time in the standard (scientifically established) universe, what we call "nature" is an ever diversifying, self-balancing and self-purifying dance of aliveness that is non-literate.  The essence of Nature, in and around us, is natural attraction, the shared hitching of all things to dance in unity. The dancers are sub-atomic particles to galaxies and they include energies, including humanity's thoughts, feelings and relationships.

This means:
  • Everything in the standard universe is a dancer.
  • Whenever we excessively separate our thoughts, feelings or actions from nature's attraction dance, we disrupt it and therefore ourselves. This produces problems that the dance and we seldom solve because we are disconnected. This is our primary problem.

  • Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) is the unique art and science of creating moments that let the authentic dance of nature in natural areas reconnect us to itself, as of old.

  • No surprise, solutions that omit NAE produce additional personal, social and environmental problems.

Alarmed?  Prepared?

Those of us who care about living in the peaceful balance of well-being are distressed.  It has become painfully obvious that to achieve this peace, most of us in Industrial Society must make greater sense of our lives than we are normally trained to do.

Our problem in Industrial Society is that we refuse to acknowledge the corrupt point source of why our lives are so stressed and wounded, no less what to do about it.

The Sin of Omission: Moment-by-moment, Earth, you and I are increasingly at risk simply because we have been indoctrinated not to apply a readily available, self-evident, PEAK-fact remedy for what ails us.  We are subconsciously attached to relationships that don’t include unifying PEAK organics so the latter don't help us accomplish what desperately needs to be done.

Seventy-seven years of learning how to live in balance with the nature's aliveness dance, in and around us, tells me that PEAK (described below) is alive truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  If you haven’t spent the time that many individuals have on exploratory peak expedition education programs, this is an opportunity to learn from them, through your 54 natural senses,  the truths you need to know to help increase the happiness of personal, social and environmental well-being. We hold these truths to be self-evident.

PEAK will enable you to create moments that let Earth itself reveal an "organic law of attraction" secret, a presently missing sensory component that makes us produce our increasing dilemmas. Consider these two PEAK facts:

"The dance of nature's aliveness is the pure, unseen intelligence that loved us into being, and is disposing of us by the same token"

- Elbert Hubbard (edited)

"The peak fact is that no matter our goals or needs, our final fulfillment of them results from the satisfaction of two or more of our 53 natural senses.  Our excessive, profit-motivated, socialization indoctrinates us to ignore these organic, self-evident facts of life. The world unnecessarily suffers because, free of charge and with beneficial side effects for all, our senses can be fulfilled by making intelligent, sensory contact with authentic Nature.

- Michael J. Cohen

Moment-by-moment our constantly diversifying Universe is whole and connected as it grows more complex. For this reason,

  • When we think like Nature's universal dance works, its life supportive powers increase to the benefit of all.
  • When we think about killing a weed without its consent, we trouble a star.
  • When our sensibilities are polluted, so is Earth's web-of-life, and vice versa.

Our Major Challenge

The Golden Rule says:

"Do not do to others what you don’t want them to do to you."

In Industrial Society we have conditioned our thinking to believe that "others" means people.

Our conditioning tells us that we don't have to include the plant, animal, mineral and energy members of the web-of-life community as "others."   Instead, we identify them as "resources" to be conquered and managed by us for excessive monetary profit and for far more than we need to sustain ourselves in the happiness of balance and health.

The self-evident fact that nature does not produce any garbage demonstrates that "others" belong, that they are not garbage. 

In nature "others" refers to all things.

The heart of our problem is that if we made the Golden Rule say
"Do not do to any thing what you don’t want it to do to you," very little would change. This is because we have bonded/addicted/socialized the dance of our inner nature to our established cultural stories about how the world works, no matter that these stories are often misleading half-truths or entirely wrong.

New information alone does not change our bonding. PEAK does.

Our Constitution does not give non-human, web-of-life members, in and around us, legal rights. PEAK is their best defense.

PEAK helps us recognize that the "other" members and you and I are identical. It enables us to sense and feel their plight as the origin of our discontents and disorders. It becomes self-evident.

When, to support our aliveness, we bond and unite with "others" against the fraud in our unreasonable exploitation stories, change takes place.  The dance of the interspecies global majority rules.

The PEAK wholeness of "others" is an unstoppable organic force and we are its likeness. PEAK is a unifying step beyond relating to life as independent but related "systems."

Without PEAK, our society loses nature’s intelligence by omitting
the self-evident attraction love of life in all members of Nature's dance.  This sentences us to produce and suffer our destructive problems. To make matters worse,
  • we deny that this is a major prejudice, fraud or problem.
  • we deny that the means to remedy our prejudice is readily available.
  • most of us deny being in denial,
  • we deny that we need ecologically sound, PEAK psychiatric treatment.

"Stupid is as stupid does."

-  Forrest Gump

PEAK Defined

When they are not distorted, our natural senses provide us with self-evidence, a unifying
Attraction way of
nowing the world

PEAK is repeatable evidence that indicates something has happened and that there is little evidence that anything else could have happened. It is truth beyond reasonable doubt when our sense of reason is functional. It is far more reliable than miracles, prophesies or our corrupt leaders and media.

"Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear."

- Mahatma Gandhi  

The greatest truth in your life that you can trust is that you are involved with these words right now. It is an undeniable, self-evident fact because they are registering directly on and in two or more of your 54 natural senses in this moment. This self-evidence is the only truth that we can fully trust. It
it makes sense and is sensible because its purity is not adulterated by unreasonable cultural forces.

We achieve PEAK ways of knowing and relating by trusting our first-hand sensory experiences with Nature's dance in and around us.  We avoid fraud and corruption by consciously making genuine sensory contact with the Dance in the authenticity of the natural world, backyard or backcountry, the wilder the better to reduce bewilderment (separation from wilderness values).

An essence of PEAK is to identify things by their right name. In this regard, the word “dance” is the best description of the alive but nameless attraction process by which every aspect of Nature, our standard universe and our planet, functions, until proven otherwise. 

It is PEAK to recognize that all the Web members of “others,” -sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond- are attractive aliveness dancers, including each of us.

We can translate our PEAK sensory Nature experiences into our sense of literacy (#39) and bind them to create a trustable map or narrative that we can read, a PEAK Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE). It is an organic wisdom story and process, a tale or description that takes into account the inaccurate influence of questionable backgrounds, beliefs or perceptual filters that often come to mind from our established “socialization” (read indoctrination or brainwashed dogma). 

The art of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) uses NAE sensory science to enable our sense of consciousness (#43) reasonably think and feel. We accomplish this by engaging in activities that help us genuinely connect our literate story world with authentic Nature via ECHN attraction PEAK contacts in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. This process empowers us to address a prejudicial disconnection from Nature that we hold, a potent psychological addiction that goes back 4,000 years to the origins of the Golden Rule where "others" has mostly meant people alone.

To increase personal, social and environmental well-being we must learn how to let Nature’s unifying powers help us use our sense of reason (#42) to think, feel and act with and as part of Nature's dance. PEAK empowers each of its web-of-life members to legitimately be recognized and treated as "others" in the Golden Rule.  Their presence as such in our evidence-based thinking provides PEAK organic performance and experiences: responsible, motivating, aliveness-survival rewards that replace our unyielding addictions and their adverse effects.

“I believe that the universe is one being, all its parts are different expressions of the same energy, and they are all in communication with each other, therefore parts of one organic whole. … The whole is in all its parts is so beautiful, and is felt by me so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine.”

-Robinson Jeffers


If you are born in a Country, you are a political citizen of it. For good citizenship, you learn to how your Country works, so you may benefit from it while strengthening it.

If you are born in, on and of Planet Earth it is self-evident that you are a citizen of it.  Have you learned the Peak Facts about how it works so you can benefit from it while strengthening it? 

Information is best measured by its short and long term effects.
Aren't the facts you have learned to date destructively stressing Earth and you?

Project NatureConnect invites individuals who recognize the growing problems we face, to add the PEAK Education, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) remedy for them to the contributions you are already making.  This will feel foreign and inconvenient at first, however it will strengthen your efforts in a good way.

Please note that the PEAK information here helps you recognize what needs to be done. It explains why it is important for us to learn, in metaphor, "How to swim responsibly in, and as part of, the dance of nature's
aliveness pond."  However, to accomplish this, what we need to do is get our feet wet. We need to enter the aliveness pond and get in over our heads. We must master how to swim there in balance by doing it, by letting Nature's self-evident dance of the pond help us re-learn its eco-intelligent gifts and ways, things that we inherit but have been taught to forget.

Patient: My Grandmother told me that to heal my sprained ankle I should soak it in hot water, so I did.

Doctor: Oh no, that is incorrect. My Grandmother emphatically told me cold water.

Learning how to support the health of the pond is an important part of pond-swimming education, for the pond supports us, it provides us with water, it is vital for the survival of our, and all, aliveness.

The key to meeting our goal for well-being is that ECHN consists of PEAK "in the pond" swimming activities that enable us to meet this goal.

Many "holistic," "alternative,"  "energy"  "whole life"  "body-mind"  "transpersonal"  "shaman"  "spiritual" "ecopsychology" therapies and practices do not include teaching us how to swim in the pond and learn its balanced ways from direct sensory contact with the expertise of its integrity.  These practices
too often are more feel-good than long-term therapeutic. Fortunately, practitioners who add ECHN to them, increase their personal and livelihood wholeness, vitality and value.

The past centuries of discussion and lip service about “swimming sustainably,” without actually "getting in Nature's pond and swimming sustainably, have brought us to today's wide range of craziness and crazymaking.  We don't know what to do, even though we know many stories about what needs to be done. The truth is that we actually inherit the PEAK ability of aliveness to do it, but we are taught to overlook this inheritance.

"All children are born geniuses. 9,999 out of every 10,000 are swiftly, inadvertently, degeniused by grown ups."

- Buckminster Fuller

NOTE: The underlined links throughout this page repeatedly offer you further information, experience and support for the linked topics.  You may return to this page from the links by using the "back" or "history" parts of your browser's menu.

Disconnection Confronts Us

With respect to Nature, or our lack of respect for it, in Industrial Society we live excessively boxed-in, closeted lives.
  • On average, how we think, feel and build relationships is separated from, and out of tune with, Nature's PEAK dance for over 99.9 percent of our lifetime.
  • Over 95 percent of our lives are spent indoors.
  • Our self-evident, felt senses and sensibilities are severely disconnected from how the powers of Nature and its aliveness dance ordinarily produce and sustain Nature’s perfection, in and around us.
  • Re-creation has become recreation as we play games that don't help us consciously connect with, respond to and support authentic nature's dance.  Similarly, most other aspects of our excessively nature-disconnected lives bond our senses to contact with and support for and from nature-disconnected things such as: auditoriums, schools, arenas, churches, houses, offices, music, dance, cars, government along with the our stories and prayers that create or bless them and their nature-disconnected ways. Each omits or violates their source in the essence of nature's dance, backyard or backcountry.  The end result is obvious. Nature's dance is being dangerously injured while we know full well there is no replacement for it.
  • We will do well to remember that the Declaration of Independence gave us rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet 3 years later, in the Constitution this  became rights to life, liberty and the protection of property...omitting happiness, one of our 54 natural senses and their outcomes.  In addition the Constitution declared itself as the supreme law of the land and omitted nature's ecological dance because it was non-literate and an inconvenient balancing agent.  For these reasons, still today, nature's dance has no rights.
“I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.”

     — Henry David Thoreau

The profound loss of the purifying and healing ways of nature's dance to our body, mind and spirit causes us to continually want, and when we want there is never enough. Be afraid! Today we want and take 150 percent more than our planet can give. The destructive effects are heart-wrenching, and this number is steadily increasing, along with its detrimental outcomes

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?

- John Maynard Keynes


What To Do

The PEAK facts, below, individually and in concert, provide an often overlooked tool, Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN). It is an art that helps us apply the sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE). 

ECHN enables us to increase the happiness and rationale of personal, social and environmental well-being.  Applying the tool's process is critical for those of us who recognize that too many parts of the path that Industrial Society programs us to walk, misguide us. These misleading sections have placed our planet’s life and us at-risk. Their falsehoods demand that we change, and that we change them, before it is too late.

The heart of ECHN is the unifying natural attraction singularity of a PEAK organic way of knowing and relating that helps us remedy many destructive conflicts that we suffer.

ECHN works because it helps us blend two major truths that are flawless until scientifically proven otherwise.

1: The most accurate way of knowing is through self-evidence, by experiencing the world as it registers directly on two or more of our 54 natural senses, one of the two being our sense of consciousness (sense #43).

2: In addition to 1, our sense of literacy (sense#39) may register stories about the world that we know are true after they are scientifically scrutinized by our sense of reason (sense #42) in concert with many of the other 53 senses.  This process enables us to become conscious of which stories are PEAK reasonable and that the rest of our 53 senses can trust their message. We help ourselves become sensible and sensitive. For example, writing the story "We know what Red is," is not as strong as writing "We know what Red is." In the latter statement the color sensation "Red" itself is self-evident. It registers purely on our biological, genetic sense/sensibility of color (#3).  That registration is a PEAK, unadulterated, truth of Nature, in and around us as is the statement: "This is the color red." is a green in green G/G statement (2)

Our natural senses are raw, inherent and indisputable ways of knowing and relating to the world of Nature's dance and aliveness. This is especially true when we experience many of them in support of each other and they are not adulterated by a fictional or inaccurate story.  This bypasses us being sidetracked by misguiding stories. It lets Nature itself help us know our true natural selves. By consciously living its ways, we better understand the workings of purity, balance, death, wholeness, recycling and life. This only occurs when our senses of reason, consciousness and literacy are connected with and validate the standard universe dance of nature, in and around us.

"Truth is rarely writ in ink; it lives in nature."

- Martin H. Fischer

Key PEAK Phenomena:

PEAK : A-B-C, below, are indisputable and offer a remedy for the nature-disconnected corruption of reason, consciousness and literacy. This is because:

A. The unifying, purifying and balancing natural attraction/Higgs Boson is continually operant in every part of the dance of nature's standard universe including our ability to think, sense, feel and relate.

B. Other than humanity, nothing in nature is literate. Nature's dance does not produce misguiding stories rather it is natural attraction wisdom in action.

C. Whatever an individual experiences in authentic nature is empirically true for them because, unadulterated, it has consciously registered directly on their natural senses and can resonate with their 54 sensibilities, their sense of reason being one of them.

atural Attraction is the self-evident essence of Nature's Life Dance in and around us. Attraction unifies its attractive powers. As described through self-evidence and proofs,  we inherit the ability to consciously register and relate to its ways via 54 natural senses, many of which Industrial Society teaches us to ignore. 

Planet Earth acts like, or is, a living organism. Our senses and feelings about various attraction connections between ourselves and our planet can make us aware that there is nothing that we do with respect to being alive, that the totality of Earth does not also do. PEAK research that identifies "Gaia" in story form supports our sensory, attraction-connection experiences.

By matching PEAK facts about ourselves as living organisms with facts about how Planet Earth operates, it becomes self-evident that Earth and we function identically. We are both living organisms that share mutually beneficial attraction relationships in Nature’s aliveness dance. It is our other body and mother throughout our lives.

: The most reasonably researched scientific story of the universe explains it as Nature's Dance explosively originating like an immense, non-literate, energy “seed.”

That seed was and remains the aliveness and conscious desire of the Big Bang dance to exist and grow as well as for Nature to create time and space for it to do so, moment-by-moment.  Each moment attracts all the energy of the Dance to transform into more diverse and supportive attraction relationships in the next moment.  Each attraction relationship strengthens and enhances the pure and balanced aliveness of the Dance and its attractiveness, in and around us.

One can choose to experience peak fact thinking, feeling or relating as a legitimate form of spirituality because any doctrine, philosophy, or religious practice that holds universe/cosmos as the totality of forces and/or matter, is synonymous with the theological principle of God.

"I believe in God but I spell it Nature"

- Frank Lloyd Wright

: There are several fundamental PEAK stories about Nature and the world that our experiences tell us we can trust. They replace dualism as well as believing false stories and suffering their detrimental results. It is very helpful to become fully aware of these PEAK facts by selecting here, then returning to this page

: Pollution and garbage are unknown in Nature because they undermine Nature's dance and doing that is neither reasonable nor attractive.  Our PEAK experiences in Nature demonstrate that Nature removes pollution in our thinking and feeling when, while visiting a natural area, we quietly and respectfully "invite" Nature to interlace with how we mindfully sense and feel.

: From macro to micro, everything in Nature's Dance fundamentally consists of unifying attraction energy or attraction relationships, with one exception.  PEAK includes each of our inherent 53 senses and feelings as unadulterated, happiness attractions to Nature's Dance and dancers. The essence of this addiction-reversing Dance is Natural attraction (3).  Explore this PEAK in detail by selecting here.

As our good experiences in natural areas demonstrate,  our natural senses when connected to nature, produce  fulfillments, sensory satisfactions that reduce stress and its related disorders. In addition, the connection's "side effects" increase social and environmental well-being rather than deteriorating it.  Any individual who invented a pill that produced these results would be a billionaire. However, the pill can't be created as there is no known substitute for Nature's Dance of the eons, in and around us.

:  Nature's dance, including our 53 natural senses, only exists in the present, in the "now" of life.  Our natural senses are not stories about the past or future for real nature is not a story. It is an ongoing, immediate, attraction relationship process. Our natural senses are PEAK nameless, intelligent, motivating attractions that we experience in the moment as varieties of love or spirit.

: In Nature's Dance, nothing has a name. All things are unlabeled forms of attraction energy and relationships. As part of Nature, this includes each of us.

PEAK: It is scientifically reasonable to recognize that the history of a "thing" today, contains the origins and potentials for that thing's existence today. For this reason we inherently can discover the non-story origins of who we are and our unadulterated relationship to the world in any moment. While in genuine contact with a natural area our senses simply register and validate Nature's Dance, in and around us as a unifying, conscious, nameless, now, intelligent, attraction, alive, essence of love (NNIAAL).

:  To be part of a system anything, or anyone, must somehow be in communication with it, so that the system and an individual, or thing, can supportively relate to each other without trespassing each other’s integrity. Nature's dance and dancers accomplish this PEAK communication via sensory natural attraction consciousness and sensitivities in natural areas.

: Nature's Dance knows and relates to the world through attraction sensitivities, not words and stories. Nature is non-literate. No sane person has heard nature talk or seen it read, write or articulate words, videos or Internet.

Most words and labels are a synopsis or abstract of reality, not the real thing and its alive balancing powers. Most words are a form of dualism in that every "thing" is both its pure attraction energy dance and/or its name/label   However, labels or words alone (5-leg) do not have the beneficial PEAK unifying powers of Nature's dance because they are foreign to it. Nature's Dance is non-literate. This explains why the warning labels on cigarette packages seldom change our behavior with regard to our addictive "smoke a cigarette" misguided aliveness bonds.

: Undoing the destructive effects of dualism is key to discovering vital hidden truths about nature and ourselves and increasing well being. We desperately need to do this if we are to remedy the problems that false information makes our thinking and feeling create as they misinform our mind.

To be accurate, each thing or fact that we accept must be nine-leg with respect to its background because, for example, the same color orange can appear darker-redder against a yellow background and lighter-yellower against a red background.

: Unlike humanity, and until evidence beyond reasonable doubt proves otherwise, Nature, from its Big Bang beginning of the time and space it creates, is a unifying dance that has grown into being this very moment of the universe.  As previously noted, Nature's Dance has accomplished this feat without using literacy or stories to communicate or guide it.  Rather, as the geologic and fossil record indicates, Nature danced itself into being the perfection of our planet before it biologically created humanity and our story way of knowing and relating.

- Nobody has yet accurately reported observing nature to be literate.

- Nobody has yet accurately reported observing anything in the universe to not either be attraction energy or be in attraction relationship, with one exception.

: Before humanity existed, our living Earth was nature's paradise, an attraction-based, non-articulate global life community that knew how to create and sustain in unity its balanced optimums of life, diversity and cooperation. Its recycling, self-purifying and self-correcting, NNIAAL ways seldom produced the garbage, abusiveness and disorders that we suffer today.

Together, nature and humanity are the pulsating aliveness dance of natural attraction as it diversely grows more attractive and mutually supportive.

:  Nature has a perfection of its own. It makes PEAK sense to recognize that nature's perfection consists of the ability of its natural attraction dance to: correct, organize, unify, renew, regenerate, recycle, transform, compost, perpetuate, purify, balance and preserve nature, in and around us.  Its dance reduces, not produces, the excessiveness, abusiveness, garbage, stress and isolation generated by Industrial Society

:  As with all things in nature, our basic relationship with nature and each other is an attractive and cooperative dance, not a competitive one. Survival of the fittest occurs because the "fittest" are the most cooperative; they best form consensual, mutually supportive attraction relationships with their environment. What we sense, feel or label as negatives or repulsions are actually PEAK signals from nature's dance to move towards natural attractions.

:  Good evidence shows that each of us are part of, and as one with Nature.  We inherit its abilities to live in unified balance as part of its paradise. Biologically we would able to have offspring with an aboriginal mate from fifty thousand years ago because our genetic molecules would naturally attract and bind with each other. 

We are each a personification of Nature's abilities. We inherit their potentials but have learned how to bury them under our nature-disconnected thinking stories.  This has introduced our half-truth stories, artificialities and problems to the planet on personal, local and global levels.

Our artificial ways consist of nature-separated, non organic, atomic relationships that our thinking and feeling stories build, relationships Earth has never before seen. These stories disconnect us from nature's unification powers. Reminder: Industrial Society's limited, abstract-story way of thinking that produces misleading stories did not exist before nature-disconnected humanity produced its artificiality.

: When our psyche is not engaged in PEAK thinking and relationships, irritating encounters may unleash/hook our otherwise safely buried hurt from past invasive relationships, the pain that resides in our subconscious. We become conscious of that hurt, act accordingly, and reap the additional repercussions of reacting inappropriately in the present. This is sometimes seen as a mental health disorder.

: Humanity lives in the Earth, not on the Earth.
In a natural area, our multitude of natural senses register clouds, birds, weather conditions and the air many miles above our head. This helps our sense of reason recognize and validate that we live in, not on, Planet Earth. We live deep within its atmosphere and biosphere. They dance through and around us.

It conflicts and stresses us when our story-world tells us that we live on the Earth while our natural senses signal that we live in it.  Every other distortion that we believe about nature has the same detrimental effect.

Is it any wonder that over 80 percent of our medical disorders are stress induced and over 80 percent of us are in support groups or therapy of some kind to help us deal with our "normal," but excessive stress and its detrimental effects?

PEAK: It is no wonder that conscious sensory contact with authentic nature, backyard or backcountry, beneficially reverses our excessive stress and its associated disorders. As its results demonstrate, engaging in the dance of Nature NAE-ECHN process makes these benefits available at will, because Nature is the fountainhead of authority in how it works.

PEAK: With respect to coming into balance personally, socially and environmentally, our stories, mathematics and images can't convey the whole truth of a dance. Like the experience of safely riding an airplane to a reasonable destination, we must enter an excellent working model and let its wisdom teach our thinking how to connect with Nature's dance, in and around us, and consciously register its ways.

Unification: By not incorporating NNIAAL in his deliberations, Albert Einstein was limited and unable to "prove" or demonstrate his Grand Unification Theory with Physics and mathematical equations. He seemed unaware that his heroic desire, self-defense and attempts to do this was "Grand Unification" expressing itself in and through him, moment by moment.

Our challenge, as was Einstein's, is to let ECHN help us act based on the self-evident, unifying properties of NNIAAL rather than attach our NNIAAL to contradicting and limited stories along with their detrimental results (6)."

If you want to best register and know what Grand Unification is and you are attracted to reading to the end of this sentence, this attraction is NNIAAL in action as your personhood in this moment.

: Death does not exist in Nature's dance. There is only the transformation of alive natural attraction relationships and their effects, into a diversity of other alive natural attraction relationships and their effects and the genome of life goes back over 10 billion years.  This wide range of differing relationships strengthens the integrity of Nature’s dance.

PEAK: When included in our thinking the powers of  Nature's dance increases values, profits and benefits of livelihoods and businesses.   For example, when promoted by an HMO, health care or insurance agencies, ECHN reduces medical costs and the death rate thereby increasing profits along with the agency's environmental image and impact.

: Apply PEAK to the aliveness of your personal life. Bring into you mind now at least one good, attractive experience that you have had in nature:
- backyard or backcountry
- mountain, forest or field
- brook, ocean or sky
- pet, garden or aquarium.
  • What colors, sounds, aromas, textures or flavors do you sense in while having this experience.
  • Search. Does this nature-connection experience contain comforting motions or attractive feelings of community, trust or place?
  • Do you feel this natural area visit is enchanting, self-enhancing or spiritually pleasing?
  • Is it supportive, peaceful or both? Are you more balanced?
  • Do you feel renewed or purified, or that you are part of a greater whole or being. Did you feel you belong?
  • Do you need a book, teacher or administrator to have this experience or is it more a natural connection?
  • Describe other attractions you sense or feel in this nature experience.  Would you like to repeat having it in the future?

What may come to your mind in the above are results that many individuals have reported from remembering true, valuable experiences in Nature, experiences they would welcome repeating.  Many have also conveyed that they did not need a teacher, class or book to teach them to have an attractive nature experience; its qualities seemed to be innate, some could remember wonderful true experiences from early childhood.  In the ECHN sensory process of Natural Attraction Ecology, we hold these truths to be self-evident. Students continually share and learn from each other's "true for me" experiences as part of the course.

Try this: quietly visit a natural area for 20 minutes with your eyes closed for part of the time and/or write out your responses to the activity, above.  Can you find PEAK, as described above, in your experience?

PEAK: Even though I don't know you and we have probably never met, through this web page I can tell you the greatest truth in your life that you can trust. It is that you are reading these words right now and you are registering the color black that they are written in. You may also be registering the seat you may be sitting on as well as the glasses you may be wearing.  The reason these are absolute, trustable facts is because they are registering directly on and in two or more of your 53 natural senses in this immediate moment. Because they are immediate, you can validate them by continuing to experience them and be sure they are happening.  They are not adulterated or misinforming because they are being experienced unswervingly by your senses. You are integrating them; they are becoming part of you. This makes them empirical evidence, PEAK, the strongest way to accurately be in touch with reality of who you really are. This also makes PEAK this paragraph that you are now reading .

: The reason the ECHN model works is because it is designed from 26 years of direct sensory PEAK experiences in authentic nature, the real thing as its aliveness continues to dance today in over 80 different habitats and us.  ECHN consists of 160 different nature-reconnection activities. Each helps us use self-evidence to remedy the falsehood of a nature-disconnected corruption or fraud that otherwise keeps us on our wayward path

PEAK: I invite you to discover or explore your natural attraction powers through the natural attraction activity at 
Online Natural Attraction Trail at



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About the Author:

Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Applied Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.(audio interview), is a Program Director of the Institute of Global Education where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect.  He also serves on Ecotherapy faculties, the faculty of Portland State University and the Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology whose program he initiated and has directed since 1990.  In 1965, Dr. Cohen discovered that Planet Earth acted like a living organism and, based on this observation, he founded sensory, Gaia rooted, degree granting Environmental and Expedition Education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University.  He conceived the 1985 National Audubon Society International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism," at the University of Massachusetts and established the science of Natural Attraction Ecology.  He is the Editor of the Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology and an award winning author of ten books dealing with Applied Ecopsychology including "Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature," "The Web Of Life Imperative" and "Reconnecting With Nature."  Dr. Cohen is also an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents, on San Juan Island, Washington, traditional music programs using guitar, banjo and accordion for the U.S. National Park Service, the Cask and Schooner Public House and the Skagit Valley College Road Scholar program.


As part of nature, the universe and Earth, humanity is identical with their essence and history through the eons.  We personify their perfections and we are continually connected to their Big Bang beginnings. This continuum includes the Higgs Boson and the diverse growth of natural attraction energy through the eons.

The departure from the universal unity of nature's essence (NNIAAL) by our excessively nature-separated thinking results in our great disorders as well as our inability to prevent or cure them.

The sensory art and science of Natural Attraction Ecology and its nature-connected educating, counseling and healing methods and materials gives us the tools to reverse our troubles. They empower us to re-bond our mind and spirit to authentic nature's purifying and balanced ways. NAE can be added to all relationships and disciplines because our attraction to re-bond with our origins is the way nature's essence works. Now is the time to learn and teach its process

Research cited in many peer-reviewed periodicals affirms the special contribution and value of a potent process used for educating counseling and healing with nature. This sensory art is an accredited Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE), a science and whole-life wellness tool that produces sorely needed benefits from conscious sensory contact with the Higgs Boson as it operates today.

From sixty two years of natural system studies outdoors, NAE shows that we and the environment are at risk for the same reason. We don't learn how to think like the essence of nature's non-polluting peace and balance work. We suffer because, on average, our mentality is in mutually beneficial contact with the unifying, cooperation and purifying powers of nature for less than 12 hours of our total lifetime. This profound disconnection is the point source of our ungrounded Dualism and its resulting problems. It is a separation that continues to corrupt and deteriorate our 53 inherent natural senses and sensibilities.

Our disorders flourish because our estrangement from nature socializes our natural mind to be like a "fish out of water" and, excessively stressed and deluded, our “land-locked” thinking registers this anomaly as "normal."  It is as if at birth we are kidnapped by Industrial Society from the love and nurturing breast of Mother Earth and conditioned to suckle the addictive nipple on a bottle of whiskey for the rest of our lives.  As a remedy for this corruption and the madness it produces, NAE enables us to create trustable sensory moments that help us make conscious contact with the purifying dance and flow of nature in and around us.  This Mother Earth reconnection gives us access to the fundamental restorative powers of nature that our excessively nature-isolated lifestyles omit. It works because unique NAE hands-on methods, materials and online degree training help us create safe and nurturing sensory playgrounds in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. In them, our raw contact with nature's self-correcting and renewing ways helps our psyche regenerate back to health our inherent 53 natural senses.  These organic sensitivities are nature's way for us to register and benefit from the seamless flow of nature's power to recycle and reverse Industrial Society's pollution of our body, mind and spirit.

NAE helps our psyche become whole and healthy as it reconnects with the balancing attraction dance of its origins in and through the eons.  The NAE process enables our thoughts and feelings to compost and transform our dysfunctions into constructive relationships that increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

― Albert Einstein

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