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SUMMARY: Does This Feel Familiar?

As a child, instinctively, like most children, I felt more alive, free and happier in a natural area than indoors. More intelligent, too.

As my friends and I grew up we were surrounded by and educated into the indoor world of contemporary society. It secretly detached our psyche from its biological and psychological origins in nature's joy, intelligence and balance.

To fill this void we psychologically attached to thinking in society's ways. These included the destructive trespasses of nature and people by our scientific, economic and spiritual dogma.

The indoor world assured me that people only felt and related better in nature because in nature they escaped from reality. Reality was the challenges of home, work, and school. Escaping to nature was "recreation," a vacation.

Thirty-five years of counseling and educational research in natural areas taught me a different story, one of re-creation. I learned how to think and relate in ways that free our psyche from the grip of the indoor world's invasiveness and discontents.

I have discovered and packaged a readily accessable, nature-connected, psychological science. It restores people to their fullness, natural integrity and deeper ideals. My internationally recognized Natural Systems Thinking Process enables people and the environment to co-create and grow into balance. It lets the unifying strands of the web of life help us rejuvenate the sensory truths, honesty and loves we are born with as part of the global life community. (continued)

- Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.

Chair, Applied Ecopsychology/Integrated Ecology, Greenwich University
Adjunct Faculty, Portland State University, Extended Studies
Director, Department of Integrated Ecology, Institute of Global Education

Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award

This site is the home of:

ORIENTATION COURSE ONLINE: Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship. The Art and Science of thinking like nature works (select here)

Nature-Connected Psychology Degree Program: Ph.D or M.S. degrees online include your prior experience: inexpensive, dedicated, accredited. (select here)

RECONNECTING WITH NATURE: finding wellness through restoring your bond with the Earth. A self-guiding training book by Dr. Michael J.Cohen, Ecopress (select here)

Interactive Self-Discovery NatureTrails
Learn about this site through fun online experiences

The Natural Systems Thinking Process
Environmentally sound personal growth and social justice

Education as if Planet Earth mattered

The Millennium/Earthday Wellness and Unity Activity: "In Balance with Earth"

EARTHDAY ACTIVITY: LET EARTH SPEAK A hands-on, interactive, self-discovery highlight

The Globally Balanced Thinking Study (GBT): measure and score your ability to think with nature's wisdom.

WEBSTRINGS: The nature sensitivity path to safely reconnecting with the web of life through its attraction strands within and around us.


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