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 Natural Attraction Ecology (OP/NAE)

Project NatureConnect  Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
VOLUME  2  NUMBER  2012-2013                                                               Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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Project NatureConnect

Funded, sensory, accredited, courses, degrees and career training: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Our.alternative, holistic ecotherapy studies include your life experience and prior education.

This amazing whole-life program
offers.core.distant learning. It to add practical, hands-on, nature connecting methods and diversity to your livelihood and interests.

Ecopsychology in action!

Learn how to create natural moments that let Earth teach.

HomepageRemedy the psychological and spiritual illness that underlies our personal, social and environmental disorders. 







Project NatureConnect Adds a Nature-Love Practioner's Cooperative to its Applied Ecopsychology and Organic Psychology Program

Individuals join an online co-op for added client training and certification value obtained through funding dollars along with good company business laws and marketing firm services.

In a good way, the diversity of a new Ecotherapy community benefits Counselors, Therapists, Coachs, Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Leaders, Artists, Mentors and
others interested.

Hello? Hello?

What Universe do you live in?

Does it operate sensibly? Does it live harmoniously in you as well as around you?

Is your universe real as determined by empirical scientific studies, or is it based on the questionable facts, beliefs and illusions that mislead us to create our disorders and madness?

Is your's the universe that began with the strength of nature's pure, unifying attraction energies of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago?

The above are questions
being answered "yes" by members of the nature-love co-op community at Project NatureConnect (PNC).  We each might benefit by asking them of ourselves.

Scientific and spiritual studies indicate that our standard universe is the one whose attraction energies Big Bang seed transformed/grew into its present self-purifying state that includes planet Earth and humanity along with our 53 natural senses and the way they help us think, feel and act.  

Our great challenge is that we reasonably embrace that materially, we, our living planet and nature are of and in the standard Big Bang universe, but our psyche, our thoughts, feelings, senses and spirit, are in or from some other universe.  This other, universe
is imaginary. It has no scientific basis, information nor respect for the nature of the standard universe. Being nature-disconnected, it incites and applauds our mentality's conquest and exploitation of the perfect dance of nature and the natural, in and around us.  Out of contact and harmony with the standard universe, this imaginary universe in our mind is like a runaway General Sherman tank that produces our disorders as it disrupts and pollutes personal, social and environmental well being. 

Here are some critical questions for you to consider:
  • If the standard universe or cosmos that includes Planet Earth is real, are you sensitively registering and participating in its process as part of it?
  • Do your conscious relationships include the benefits from the scientific answer to the puzzle about the way nature works to sustain the wellness of life in balance, including us?
  • Do you want to learn how to deal with the point source of the destructive difference between how we learn to think and how nature's self-correcting perfection works in our universe, including us?
You can strengthen your livelihood and well being, along with that of your clients and friends, by learning and teaching the art and diversity of PNC while participating in the funded Project NatureConnect Practitioners Cooperative (PNC/PC).

PNC/PC offers us its established social technology, one that provides each of us with organic ways to add nature's great healing, restorative and balancing powers to our excessively nature-disconnected lives and common practices. Your ability to offer this nature-connecting tool as part of your livelihood, business or marketing increases the dollar and healing value of
your services along with interest in them. You can help each of your clients or friends to benefit from a funded, potent, natural remedy for the disorders our polluted thoughts, feelings and intelligence produce.

The PNC/PC is available to benefit
Counselor, Therapist, Coach, Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Leader, Artist, Mentor and many other interests or goals.


Project NatureConnect has pioneered a self-sustaining, social, economic and environmental mental health process that enables us to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.  One simply enters its Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) webstring model and learns to become a supportive and supported citizen of the laws of our living planet's self-sustaining and purifying life community. Each of us is born with this cosmos information however, by the age of seven years it is usually socialized out of our thinking.  Our excessive bonding to the nature-destructive ways of Industrial Society explains why it is so difficult for us to make sensible changes, even when we want to.

The NAE model's 47 year Ecopsychology art of educating, counseling and healing with nature is described in Dr. Michael J. Cohen's peer-reviewed book, Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature along with the benefits, books, courses, degree programs and major web pages of Project NatureConnect (PNC).

The methods and materials of PNC empower its participants to create conscious sensory moments that let the strength of Earth and nature teach us what we need to know for survival in balance, as well as help others do likewise.  This profound art is effective because there is simply no substitute for nature itself being the fountainhead of authority in how its diverse yet balanced, cooperative and restorative life-powers work. Dollars can't build or buy it.

Since its inception in 1972, the NAE webstring model has been controversial because it is based on the universe and our living planet being the unifying energy of natural attraction since its beginning in the Big Bang. The diversity of natural attractions has intelligently and consciously organized, unified and self-corrected to the benefit of all members of the web of life including its minerals, energies and us (NNIAL).

The four-decade natural attraction controversy ended on July 4, 2012 when the identity of the Higgs Boson "God Particle" was announced to be the final missing piece to the standard foundation of the universe puzzle.  As was predicted in the NAE webstring model, scientists confirmed the total Big Bang phenomenon to be a pure, natural attraction, self-energized "seed," the essence and currency of the cosmos whose aliveness was attracted to cool and grow into being "nature" and "the universe" that we experience and are part of today.

"In a good way" means to the mutual benefit of all, including all of nature whose currency is natural attraction. With the scientifically grounded natural attraction-based universe scientifically established and accessible, a PNC Practitioner's Cooperative has been organized to enable, in a good way, the basic powers (social laws) and currency of Industrial Society (dollars) to plug into, strengthen, and perpetuate the contribution of PNC sensory art and science, and vice versa.

The Cooperative helps nature itself popularize, market, accredit and increase the business career and health of Cooperative participants and their clients.

Explore further information about Organic Psychology and the Natural Attraction Ecology Practioner's Cooperative:

Learn More:

Benefit from empowering, online, your livelihood and prior experience to be more resilient, validated, green, holistic, environmental, sustainable, natural, nature-connected, healthy, spiritual, organic and peaceful.

Achieve a degree or certification that strengthens your contributions as a counselor, healer, teacher, environmentalist, coach, therapist, spiritualist, leader or health and wellness mentor.

You may obtain an Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature degree or certificate in conjunction with:

Applied Ecopsychology
Weight Loss
Holistic Leadership
Organic Psychology
Unitarian Universalist
Mental Health
Climate Change
Earth Day Activities
Retreat Centers
Energy Medicine
Natural Systems
Child Development
Dog Cat Pet Care
Healing Touch

Art Therapy
Massage Therapy
Therapist Training
Wilderness Therapy
Human Services
Social Work
Life Coaching
Integral Therapy
Hospice Caregiving
Home Schooling
Creative Writing
Life Experience
Jesus & Wilderness
Herbal Remedy
Life Science
Violence Prevention
Outdoor Education
Continuing Education
Anger Management
Energy Healing

Hope & Life Relationships
Stress Relief Management
Natural Health and Wellness
Parenting & Child Development
Spirit & Spiritual Development
Administrative Services
Continuing Education
Complimentary Medicine
Native American Indian Ways
War On Terrorism
Multiple Intelligences
Environmental Education
Body Mind Spirit
Tai Chi
Climate Change

Recovery from:
Addiction disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Food Disorders
Nature Deficit Disorders
Abuse, Addiction, Loneliness
Midlife Crisis
Global Warming

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Journal of Organic Psychology /
 Natural Attraction Ecology (OP/NAE)

Project NatureConnect  Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
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