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New Nature-Connected Professional Cooperative and Grants Remedy the Controversy Over Technology's Excessive Deterioration of Natural Systems 

Parts of Industrial Society appear to be an undeclared war against nature in and around us that Counselors, Therapists
and Teachers can stop

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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

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Project NatureConnect offers core distant learning that enables you to add fulfilling nature-connected natural attraction methods and credentials to your skills and interests. We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent credit for it.

You may take accredited coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most subjects or devoted personal interests. (see bottom of this page)

  • Help people remedy their disturbances, thoughts and feelings with the grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
  • Increase income through natural attraction ecotherapy stress-relief management
  • Strengthen missing personal social and environmental self-esteem/well being.
  • Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your needs and community.

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The Project NatureConnect Practitioner Cooperative (PNC/PC)

- Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

As the founder and director of Project NatureConnect, I have formed a Practitioner Cooperative (PNC/PC) for those who care to join it. It is an empowering new business-cooperative opportunity that consists of individuals who acknowledge that they are born as part of the Big Bang universe of nature with the desire to contribute to its welfare.   

PNC/PC participants recognize that in conjunction with authentic nature humanity's sense of reason has the conscious ability to make sense of our excessive technological world. They recognize that this ability must be functioning properly if we are to experience the mental health and happiness of peace.  

PNC Practitioners make holistic sense by injecting into their livelihood/practice a blend of empirical facts and activities from both subjective and objective evidence about our connection with nature. Doing this reduces the stress and controversy about how nature works in and around us.

Be you a therapist, counselor, teacher, coach, mentor or medical doctor, I invite you to consider the value to yourself and the world of PNC/PC.  Its
goal is make practical, beneficial livelihood and hobby use of my 47 years of research while I was living and learning in natural areas. 

Far beyond reasonable doubt, my observations confirm that the attractive joy and peaceful, mind-clearing, enchantment that one can experience while spending quiet time in nature is a seamless continuum of the original natural attraction energy "seed" of the Big Bang. 

With the identity  of the Higgs Boson, there is no controversy over the standard theory that the seed of the universe that we call the Big Bang came into being 14 billion years ago (NNIAL) or that its transformation-diversity-attraction dance has continued to grow ever since. 

Over the eons, the seed has become nature's interconnected  and diversifying universe that we know. We are as it flows through us and replaces each atom in us every 5-7 years. It is us.

PNC/PC is a mutually supportive social technology opportunity and art, one that acts in many ways like a non-profit, eleemosynary corporation. It is for those of us who acknowledge that our universe, including our living planet Earth and our body mind and spirit, continue to grow in unified purity and transformation connection, moment by moment. We have learned the science of how to consciously think, feel and relate with it and enlist its balancing and healing powers to increase personal social and environmental well being

“I believe that the universe is one being, all its parts are different expressions of the same energy, and they are all in communication with each other, therefore parts of one organic whole. … The whole is in all its parts is so beautiful, and is felt by me so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine.”

-Robinson Jeffers


All too many aspects of Industrial Society are fighting an undeclared war on nature in and around us.  As a result, we suffer many destructive medical and psychological results from the nature-desensitized mental and spiritual processes that Industrial Society teaches us.  

We seldom live in the mental health of peaceful balance and sanity with nature and each other. This clearly demonstrates that our information and society are corrupt with respect to living in peace, rather than being at war, with nature.

To remedy the hurt and disorders our war and corruption create and at the same time eliminate its point source, Project NatureConnect's accredited art and science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) makes available accurate medical type information to enhance the health our consciousness, thinking and senses. 

The PNC process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) is like a mental health medicine practice that enables us to beneficially plug our psyche into the purifying and restorative ways that unadulterated nature works to sustain its healthy balanced perfection, in and around us.

The recent discovery of the Higgs Boson "God particle" substantiates the rationale, value and effectiveness of the NAE process. It makes NAE complete and beyond reasonable doubt. For this reason, there is no longer controversy that it is sensible for ECHN to be added to most practices, disciplines and technologies in order to increase the peace of personal, social and environmental well being.  To this end, a self-sustaining cooperative of certified ECHN practitioners has been formed that welcomes and trains new members.  

PNC/PC practitioners make the accredited ways and means of ECHN, a social technology, available to any of their clients who express interest in it and have had at least one worthwhile experience in nature.

Draft of PNC/PC

A. Mission: to have the value of learning and teaching Project NatureConnect's NNIAL-rooted, NAE-ECHN process be the balancing core and rationale for supporting Project NatureConnect and the livelihood of its practitioners. This will help them implement and enjoy the sound economic, social and environmental contributions that PNC makes in a good way to enhance happiness.  Nature-connected Massage Therapy or Art or Parenting are examples of this combination.

B. Objective: The goal of the Practitioner's Cooperative is to sustain a profit-based educational community that consists of trained loyal and dedicated ECHN practitioners, supporters and program administrators that are in good standing with PNC. The object is for the wellness, occupation and economics of each practitioner to increasingly benefit from their commitment to perpetuate mutually-supportive relationships with the operation of PNC. the cooperative and each other.

C. Process: Practitioners are invited to identify themselves with respect to the specialties, attributes or competencies that they are blending with the ways and means of NAE.  This blend supports them as they support it.  Practitioners commit to make NAE-ECHN training with transferable credit available to any interested client that has had at least one good experience in nature..

The coop uses endowments, financial contributions, authorities, expertise, work-study and program income to support the PNC courses, instruction and instructors that a practitioner's client needs to master NAE and reduce disorders regardless of the clients financial challenges. This is accomplished through PNC/PC members pages at  These pages include:

1. up to 30 words about myself and my work for a PNC Facilitator's Group Page plus 5 prime keywords that best describe my work and website. (This information will be on a Word.doc page so inquirers can locate the information they want by using a finder.
2. descriptive information for an page about myself and my work (600 words)
3. a link to the my website target page and/or email
4. inclusion of the PNC Mimbres insignia on my website.
5.material for a press release to be distributed about my work and coop membership.
6. an article by or about me to be published in the Journal of Organic Psychology with links to them.
7. participate in an interactive list to help pnc/pc members help each other and become aware of updates
8. a PNC/PC certificate will be sent to me and my coop membership
9. I will, in turn, create, links back to 1-7, above, and to
10. I will strive to help PNC students master ECHN training as per
11. I will annually make a financial contribution within my budget to help sustain and administrate the coop via

12. I recognize that 1-11 above may be extended or modified to help meet PNC/PC goals.

In an example test case of Eco-Art Therapy, 1-8 above have dramatically increased the visibility and credibility of the Practitioner and PNC on most search engines.  For example, do a Google search for "eco-art therapy"  or "eco-art therapy nature" alone or add a single word like: training, degree, course, learn, become, healing, livelihood, career, biology, Theresa etc.  See what happens. In three days this process has already brought in new PNC applications. Strengthening it in each practioner's area of interest will sensibly take NNIAL, PNC and each of us to where we are increasingly able to recover from and stop the undeclared war against nature in and around us. 

Operation: Although PNC is operated and mastered by volunteers who learn by doing, the costs and subsidies for PNC administration, courses and certifications will be set at a tuition that enables the cooperative to meet its goals as stated in A-C above.

Surplus funds from the Co-op's operation will be distributed as dividends to coop practitioner members based on their financial need and their potential to help in a good way, as well as the amount of income they bring into the cooperative through their client's full payment of established course tuitions and program fees. Reminder: these fees, when appropriate, will be met, in part or fully, by work study, subsidies, endowment funds, grants and other forms of financial assistance to the client, and thereby the practitioner.

Ideas about Coop Memberships and Requirements (what do you suggest be added, below?)

As with the web of life, all transactions and relationships in the cooperative are made and modified/transformed into mutually beneficial relationships that help the coop "foxhole" survive in the conquer-nature battlefield and enable it and its members to grow and strengthen.

There are three kinds of memberships: Practitioner, Ambassador and Contributor as well as combinations of them.

Practitioner Membership:

A cooperative practitioner page will be placed the PNC website listing practitioners with a phone number and a short description of their work plus links to a landing page that they designate.  They will be marketed and described as certified to teach the practioner's nature connected  ____________ (practice) along with elements of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology

Each practitioner will list PNC affiliation on their site including the Mimbres graphic and links to or

Each practitioner must minimally have Level One PNC certification plus complete a PNC/PC application form that includes a description of how Orientation Course material will be taught or integrated into their practice.  This assures that their clients are literate in applying ECHN and meeting the course requirements if they want credit for it, or want to continue on in the program.  Practitioner's will also have the opportunity to create special agreements that interconnect them with PNC/PC in a good way.

What else might be helpful on the application?

A yearly contribution is made to help cover operating costs and make the coop more self-suffecient?

A comprehensive exam about the Orientation Course and ECHN to be required to obtain credit for the course by practitioner clients?

Additional suggestions will be added, above, as they arise

Ambassador Membership:

Completion of the Orientation Course plus ECO 800.  Ambassadors can represent PNC to obtain donations and/or candidates for ECO 500 and receive a commission accordingly.

Contributor Membership:

Statement of understanding and support for the operation and purpose of the coop and PNC along with how they will contribute to it in a good way including donations to the endowment.

A release about the article, above, is available

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