"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein































































Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature: Online Holistic Training Courses and Degrees.  A free, hands-on, alternative: environmental sensitivity, accredited, CEU, online, course for psychiatrist-strength learning about how to think outside the box.


Peace on Earth through peace with Earth

The psychology of personal, social and environmental well-being

Eco-therapy to stop the abuse of nature, in and around us.

How to include Nature's purifying powers in the Law of Attraction

Improve mental health: discover how to think outside the dominating closet of Industrial Society

Grow in a good way: create moments that let Earth teach.

Benefit from the "overlooked" remedy for Nature Deficit Disorder.

Learning and Teaching as if the Universe, Earth and Humanity in Balance are Important

"Do not do to others what you don't want them to do to you."

Green the Golden Rule: discover how to make "others" include the plant, animal, mineral and energy participants in Nature's self-correcting dance of the eons, in and around you.


Explore what established thinking is ashamed to let you to know.

Come out of the closet, the "detrimental, nature-isolated box," part of Industrial Society. 

Discover how to think, feel and walk in the sun, as of old.

Become nature's brilliance. Help others do the same.

Reduce time and money spent on counseling and psychiatric care.

  • We are born as part of authentic nature's dance of the eons, genetically, interpersonally and spiritually.
  • Nature is the original purifying and balancing, attraction energy dance that works in beauty, cooperation and peace. Its diverse and self-correcting ways do not produce garbage,  excessiveness or our runaway disorders.
  • We and Nature are one; we are biologically and psychologically dancing partners on Earth and of the eons.

The disconnection challenge for those who care about living responsibly:
  • We deteriorate our planet and ourselves by excessively demanding 150 percent more "resources" than it or we can provide. We are so traumatized by the shock of our situation that we ignore the remedy available for it.

  • In Industrial Society, on average, over 95 percent of our time is spent indoors, separated from nature.

  • Over 99 percent of the way we learn to think, feel and relate is destructively excessive and out of tune with the sanely balanced and renewing ways of nature, in and around us.

  • Hurtfully estranged from nature, our inborn, genetically formed 53 natural senses cannot sensibly make sense of or with nature.  This non-sense stresses us into our disorders.

  • Our relationship to Nature, in and around us, is too often an insensitive, profit-making crazyness.  Psychiatrists like Freud and Jung tried to help us deal with the frustration or wounding of some of our 53 natural sense "drives."
  • Our madness, due to the insanity of our nature-separated desensitization, needs help from education, psychiatry and counseling that is authentically nature-connected, not from more of the boxed-in sources of our troubles.
  • A symptom of our madness is our inability to recognize ourselves as the natural organisms that we are,

    -that nature and our living planet, Earth, are the biological and psychological womb of our childhood and of our adult lives as well.

    -that Earth and we consist of the lives of every member of the plant, mineral, animal and energy kingdoms that we identify as the web of life.

  • The way we learn to think is placing Earth at risk. It is insanity for us to knowledgeably destroy our own life support system.

    We can't excessively isolate the human organism from the perfection of its womb in nature's dance without producing disorders in ourselves or nature, for, subsurface, we and nature's womb are identical. 

    Our disturbed mentality has forced us to excessively create and live in an artificial, indoor "womb" that indoctrinates us to think, feel and addict to dogmas that excessively conquer and exploit nature's dance, in and around us, as if it was our enemy. In this vicious circle, the loss to our psyche of the balanced intelligence and powers of our planetary womb cause our dysfunctions and aggravates our disorders.

    We suffer our troubles in common because we are taught to be "wombmates" in an isolated closet and we don't know how to open the door.  What to do? Learn how to open the door.

  • Since the excessive disconnection of our mentality from nature produces our problems, our reconnection to nature's healing ways is a sensible antidote. We can only apply it when we think clearly enough to recognize our breach with nature and then choose to use reasonable nature-connection tools to help us remedy it and come home to our inherent personal, social and environmental well-being. Our quiet-time nature experiences demonstrate the possibility and sensibility of this solution.

The remedy

  • Learn and share the scientific art and mindfulness of creating sensory, bio-logical connection activity moments, backyard or backcountry. They enable the healing power of authentic nature to restore to our psyche nature's purifying support and healing that we socialize ourselves to omit from our lives.

  • Our past and present good experiences in natural areas affirm nature's balancing powers. These moments of sanity from contact with nature's dance are not an accident, they are the way of nature's dance, in and around us.

  • Master thinking and feeling out of Industrial Society's physical and mental disconnection box (closet). The benefits speak for themselves.


Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Holistic, Sensory, Values and Identity Transformation   
Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Counci

Practical - Organic - Mind Recycling - Out of the Box - Psychiatric


Non-traditional, alternative, out of the box thinking and feeling: Eccentric, revolutionary, person/planet sensory learning techniques


Project NatureConnect offers holistic, natural solutions and remedies that enable you to transform our destructive personal and environmental socialization into constructive relationships.  You benefit from real solutions that produce peace health and wellness  norms. You can teach this skill as well as add it to your degree program and/or your livelihood, interests and hobbies

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing sustainability grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or problem
solving. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.

    * Improve your income and satisfaction through new social cultural sustainability study and Ecopsychology activities.
    * Help people connect their heart, values and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing powers of nature solutions that remedy media addiction.
    * Increase personal social and environmental sub cultural well-being.
    * Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the Organism Earth's natural solutions to your life, job or psychiatry.

NOTE: A free, hands-on, environmental sensitivity, accredited and transferable, CEU ecotherapy course for learning how to think outside the box as self-help psychiatry is readily available online.

Visit our Internet Homepage for complete information

Experience Nature's Grand Unified Field Through Your Felt Senses:

Learn and share as if the Universe, Earth and Humanity in balance
are important in Counseling, Education and Psychiatry

Utilize revolutionary, guaranteed-accurate information, methods and materials that, to our loss, our misguided socialization teaches us to ignore.

Get real.

Trust attractions you sense and feel in a natural area. They are unadulterated, genetic facts from the eons.

Recognize that authentic nature is a dance that has the power to keep life pure, healthy and in balance simply because it is that power.
Let genuine sensory contact with nature help you improve your thinking, life and livelihood. Help others do the same.

Learn the amazing art of re-connecting your senses and feelings to the way nature provides therapy for person and planet.

It's scientific. It's accredited. It's funded. Why wait?

This is the wave of the future if we are to have one.

THE PROBLEM RESTATED: Our natural desire to be, to live, to survive in balance, cooperation and joy, is part of the attraction of the eons to manifest and support its life, a life that includes us.  We are born from, and are part of, this attractive joy. We genetically share it as members our planet's plant-animal-mineral-energy community. We are as connected to the dance of nature as our fingers are to our toes.

We suffer our great troubles because we are socialized/motivated to disconnect our thoughts and feelings from Earth's web-of-life and the happiness of its attraction dance in and around us. We teach ourselves to defile our sensory genetic gifts for survival in balance.

We indoctrinate how we think and feel to exclude the natural world's restorative and renewing attraction powers. They are the biological root of delight, the essence that produces nature's unity, purity and beauty. They give us the ability to register Earth as our other body, our living Mother Earth, and act accordingly.

History shows that no matter who promises us change or techniques that will increase well-being, if their promise omits how to genuinely connect with nature's motivating bliss of life in balance, their promise includes a genetic amputation from nature's dance and causes additional problems.

- Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

the facts, below, are based on sensory experiences, they are as true as the fact that your are both reading these words and seeing the color red in this moment

"Red" is much more accurate and trustable than "Red" because it includes "color" a natural sense experience, the best information and teacher.

Since July 4, 2012, the critical disciplines of applied science and mathematics have verified that the ten billion degree heat and blazing white light of the Big Bang included the long-missing, but predicted, natural attraction powers of the Higgs Boson particle. This Copernican Science discovery validates to our natural sense of reason that natural attraction is the essence of nature in and around us, the fundamental that holds thing together.  It is the core of "love."

Making contact with unadulterated nature is an empirical way for our senses to register the pure expression of nature's attraction dance throughout our universe, including ourselves. Your peaceful or renewing visits in nature have already demonstrated this fact to you.

In nature's dance of the eons, we and nature are identical. A major exception to this is that nature is non-literate, it neither develops, uses or understands words and their meaning, as we do. Instead, it communes via attraction energies rather than articulates a message via paragraphs, videos etc. 

In nature's dance, articulate and artificial are the same thing. Nature is not artificial, it is genuine attraction-energy organic.
The 53 natural senses that we inherit from nature are how its dance around us genetically communicates with its dance within us, and vice versa. Industrial Society mainly honors only five of these senses. This omission disables our personal dance from from thinking and feeling like nature works, in and around us.

When our ability to sense, think and feel are in tune with the energies of nature's dance, it becomes obvious that nature's attraction relationships create nature's perfection, its "instinctive," psychiatric-healthy, pre-humanity, optimums of life, transformation,
diversity, preservation and cooperation in balance.

Indisputably, natural attraction relationships produce the purity, sanity, well-being and peace of the natural world. We seldom learn that the natural world includes us and how we think, feel and act as a continuing participant in nature's dance.

Our greatest challenge is to overcome Industrial Society's many excessive and destructive disconnections of our thoughts and feelings from the restorative ways of nature's dance, in and around us.  This remedy is often a missing element in the efforts of healing, counseling and psychiatry.

The Sensory Representation of "Whole-Truth Light and Whiteness"

To include the beneficial results of the ten billion degree blazing heat and light of the Big Bang, in this revolutionary article I represent them by the white color of the page itself because in real life "the white page" is always present and visible as is nature's dance, in and around us.

I have taken this non-traditional step since too often we learn to forget that all things, including humanity, are part of the dance of our universe/nature. We all hold its sensory light in common and it enables us to think and feel with  "green wisdom" when we consciously give it time and space to do so. 

Remember, you could not read these words if the color of this page was black. The color of the page makes as important a contribution as do the words. The same holds true for nature's dance and everything we think and do.

The Nature-Disconnection Box

Industrial Society's excessive indoor-life stories (articulations) and therapies have socialized, bonded and paid our intelligence to design and build the desensitizing, nature-disconnected box that we, today, are born in, live and grow into for over 95 percent of our time.

The box contains misguided illusions, stories that addict us to thinking and manifesting their unbalanced, nature-disconnected ways.  These stories have yet to be discovered anywhere else in nature. They are  only found in the mind of contemporary humanity. Each moment we forget this, our troubles begin or continue.  

The black box diagram, below, represents the detrimental ways of
Industrial Society's closet, its civilizing process that excessively separates us from the benefits of thinking, feeling and relating as a seamless continuum of nature's "white" dance that we are in this universe.

Similar to being born and raised in a closet, this profound, closeted disconnection often results in psychiatric, psychological and mental health relationship problems. Genuine sensory contact with nature has helped remedy and prevent them.  

In the science of the standard universe, it is not an illusion that "who we are" is born in and as the "white light" of nature's dance.

Many healthy societies demonstrate that most individuals have
the beneficial ability to think and feel in the reality of nature's beautiful, lasting and balanced green circle, one that includes, rather than excludes, nature's perfection. This is far different than, instead, being conditioned to think and feel in the illusionary "black box" of Industrial Society.

Science-based reality suggests that for us to achieve balanced mind, body and spirit there is no other way than for each of us to rebuild and live in the green circle. A free course online can start this process. Our Orientation Course "Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship" helps you learn it in nature from conscious sensory contact with nature's dance, in and about you.

A Diagram of our Nature-Disconnected Socialization
: the illusionary Black Box that we are indoctrinated to grow and live in.


Since authentic nature's dance is always present
in and around us, including during this present moment, the white background color of this page represents that dance in the diagram, below. 

The white is on this screen as well as registering in your mind via your inherent natural sense of color (#3).

Nature's dance around us (white page color)


Nature's dance in us

(white page color)



... ...

The Black Box represents our excessive, nature-replacement, indoor-story world, a legally required, indoctrinated, often false, illusion that 99 percent of our time disconnects and unbalances how we are born to think, feel and relate in rhythm with the wisdom of nature's dance, in and around us.

Nature's dance around us (white page color)

As noted above, we seldom recognize that we normally learn to spend, on average, over 95 percent of our physical time and 99 percent of our thinking, feeling and relating time while in the confines of the nature-disconnection black box that our "advanced intelligence" has built. 

Unlike the other members of the web-of-life, to our loss we live extremely nature-disconnected lives. Note that the web-community seldom displays or causes our dilemmas, rather it helps us reverse them. 

The box indoctrinates us.
 Who we become by age six is often destructively disconnected from, and out of tune with how nature produces and sustains its and our "white background" perfection, in and around us.  We suffer from our moment after moment loss of nature and, bewildered, we consider it normal.

The Effects of Excessive Nature-Disconnection on Body, Mind, Spirit and the Environment

Nature's dance around us (white page color)



Disconnected from their healthy, nurturing sources and genetic fulfillments in nature (bewildered) while imprisoned and stressed in the artificial box of Industrial Society, the reasonable 53 natural senses of our inner nature are too often Desensitized. Wanting. Abused. Anxious. Mistrustful. Thwarted. Angry. Destroyed. Frustrated. Biased. Guilty.  Wounded. Unfulfilled. Depressed. Vulnerable.
Abusive. VictimizedCorrupted. Unreasonable.
Suffering Disorders.
Limited Mindfulness.

The source of irresponsible leaders  and relationships.*

*The words, above, are colored Orange as per GO/GG

Nature's dance around us (white page color)

Quotes about living in the Black Box:

"Nature's dance is cyclic, round and global: our destructive stress results from jamming our square peg story into a round hole/whole."

- Mike Cohen

"Life is like a cesspool, what you get out of it depends upon what you put into it."

- Tom Leher

From the moment of birth or before, when the stone-age baby first meets its twentieth-century mother, the baby is subjected to our long existing forces of outrageous violence to life including its life. By the time the new human being is fifteen or so, we are left with a being like ourselves, a half-crazed creature, more or less adjusted to a mad world. This is normality in our present age.

- R. D. Laing (edited)

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking (or information) we used when we created them.”

- Albert Einstein

"America is an insane asylum run by the inmates."

- Lester Roloff

"All children are born geniuses. 9,999 out of every 10,000 are swiftly, inadvertently, degeniused by grown ups."

-Buckminster Fuller


Below is a 12-concept path to personal and environmental success. It's secret is: "Don't get ahead of yourself. Only go on to the next concept when you are sure you understand the concept you are completing."

Concept One.

Which, if any, of the orange symptoms in the black box do you or your family and friends display/suffer?  Do you think the underlying culprit is how our excessive black box "mental and physical house arrest" affects each of us?

Many of our nature-estranged senses are uncomfortably trapped in the established, nature-separated, authority of Industrial Society's box-story walls.

Our bodies constantly hide our sensory disconnection discomfort that results from our separation from nature's dance in our boxed-in subconscious mind. This helps us not feel their pain. However, avoiding the hidden hurt produces many stresses, problems and mental health or psychiatric disorders.

Sub-Concept 1A

We "dress up" the walls of our personal and social box in attractive garb to make them attractive and protect them from being punctured.  Puncturing lets the discomfort of our hurt and corrupted inner nature become conscious, felt and reacted to. We call this excessive stress or many other disorders.

Excessive stress or excessive responsibility often weakens the box walls and, no surprise, our corrupted and unfulfilled senses/desires push their way into our consciousness. Then we feel and act out their distress.

Critical words or statements bring to mind ("hook" "tear" or "injure") the restrictive box-wall story and its effects. This energizes into our awareness our subconscious hurt and anxious senses, past and present. They disrupt and distort our reasonableness, thinking and relationships.

Sub-Concept 1B

The box excessively estranges our 53 natural senses from their wise, balanced, self-healing support and fulfillment in nature around us. Our contaminated thoughts, feelings and relationships result. These genetically-rooted, sensory connectors of our consciousness and attractions to nature are seen as "junk mail spam" and treated accordingly. They, -like nature, because they are nature- are injured and exploited. 

The box exists within us as nature-disconnected, controlling stories, thoughts and feelings in our psyche. 

The box exists in the environment as nature-disconnecting folkways, mores, laws, institutions and their artificial technologies that excessively separate, restrict, punish or reject us.  We experience the opposite: peace, support, happiness,  wonder and spirit during quiet time in an attractive natural area.  This is no accident, it is the "normal" of how the dance of nature works.

Sub-Concept 1C

MENTAL HEALTH Today, 25 percent of our population suffers from the mental illness that our misguided separation from nature produces. This is not the case in nature-centered people(s) and they seldom display or produce the disturbing troubles that we create.

Concept Two.

Most of us are in supportive therapy of some form to help us deal with our destructive, nature-disconnected stress phenomena. However, the therapy usually takes place within the box. For this reason many problems continue or convert into other problems.

Concept Three.

Severed from nature, we want. We seldom sense that we have enough. We feel empty, unbalanced and ungrounded. We believe that we need more of everything.

The result is that our society now needs an additional half-size Planet Earth to produce enough natural "resources" for us to recycle the pollution and deficits we produce if we are to live in equilibrium with nature's dance, in and around us.  

We are knowledgeably destroying our life support system and we can't stop. This personal and social insanity desperately needs psychiatric treatment.

Concept Four.

What leader, individual or group you can identify that has the ability to build the equivalent value of an additional living 1/2 planet for us so that Earth and we are not excessively stressed, at risk, suffering or dying?

Most of the information we think with originates in our polluted box wall stories, not nature's sensory contact wisdom of the eons.

Our poor self-image results from our natural sensory self being reflected by our distorted box wall stories.  They often blame nature and our inner nature, for our troubles and excessively encourage us to conquer nature. 

Concept Five.

THE BOX CHALLENGE: our lives, thinking and wants being 150 percent out of touch and balance with nature make us deny that our present disconnection from nature is a form of madness. We also deny that this pervasive eco-psychological disorder must be addressed in appropriate eco-therapy or eco-psychiatric ways.

As exemplified by books, bumper stickers and warning labels on cigarette packages, information alone is not enough to solve our nature-disconnection problems.

Concept Six.

The antidote for our madness is to think and feel outside of the box, to be re-joined with nature's fulfilling, restorative and purifying powers. But how can we even agree to, no less do this when our thinking is already fixated to boxed-in answers and, in addition, we and our leaders are being paid/addicted to strengthen our boxed-in process?  

The response to our nature-estrangement woes is to learn to use an effective and practical, sensory Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) eco-therapy tool that includes eco-art therapy. It enables us to create deep, connective, wall-penetrating moments that let nature's recycling and purifying powers in the environment begin to compost destructive parts of the wall, its story and its effects, in and around us. The more we do this, the greater becomes our ability to do it and enjoy its benefits.

Nature knows how to self-correct and renew itself, within and about us, free of charge.  ECHN helps our walled-off thinking give nature the permission and space to accomplish this.

Concept Seven.

ECHN is not a questionable idealism or psychiatry. You already know it works. You have momentarily experienced its phenomenal results if you have ever felt the joy of a nurturing or refreshing experience while quietly visiting a natural area, backyard or backcountry. If you are not aware of this, your natural sense #54 can help you help yourself

Does a change in our national anthem help you discover how much you value nature?

You know -as well as you know that you see these words in red- that genuine nature connections have the "composting" power to renew and clear our mind and spirit and heal our injured senses.  Now, advanced science explains how and why this happens.  It has been validated in professional and peer reviewed studies as well as demonstrated in the field.  Learning how to think with a tool that strengthens this process is an effective remedy and preventative for what ails us.

If you put nature's stress-reducing, personal, environmental and socially responsible healing powers into a pill and sold it, you would become a millionaire. This is because the pill's side effects, rather than being hurtful, would further improve our wellness, relationships and the environment.

Concept Eight.

Using the ECHN process is fun, hands-on, and teachable as well as accredited, online and free. You become a winner, a hero in stopping and helping others stop the detrimental assault on nature, in and around us, an abusiveness that most of us sense, feel and suffer, along with the environment.

The ECHN tool is a special social technology one that you can obtain academic credit and grants for just by exploring how and why it works. (To do this, free, you simply visit our degree program website and gather information that interests you, at your convenience.)  

Results indicate that folks who dedicate their lives and livelihoods to using and teaching ECHN to reduce their disorders, recover from them as they become welcomed nature avatars who help others recover from them.

Escape the box trap:
Are you motivated to start your personal path to thinking outside the box, to take the first step for overcoming our resistance to change and to nature, resistance that is created by the box and its warp?  

That you and many others have never heard about ECHN for the past 25 years simply attests to the overwhelming control that the black box uses to protect its nature-exploitive interests. In various forms, ECHN has been around since 1965.

Concept Nine.

Your first step out of the box is to become aware of what ECHN folks can share with you.  They are successfully engaged in composting and recycling the box walls into responsible thinking and relationships.  That is the focus of their teachable hobby, degree or livelihood. They help folks transform the destructive ways of the box into balanced and sustainable ways of life.

Concept Ten.

Greening the Box: the Applied Art and
Science of ECHN

Backyard or backcountry the environmental science and applied ecopsychology found in sensory nature-reconnection activities help us transform our destructive box walls and articulations into responsible relationships. It is an enjoyable, drug-free yet psychiatry-deep eco-therapy for our nature-disconnection madness.

ECHN empowers us to master the skill
of creating organic moments that reconnect our thoughts and feelings with nature's self-correcting and purifying powers to restore us and the environment.  

The disturbing but unadulterated truth is that today we are simply placing short term band-aids on our continuing environmental, social and personal problems if our efforts to stop them do not include applying the ECHN antidote for the boxed-in madness that is causing them. 

....................... ,,,

Out of the box, green ECHN techniques recycle and transform our contaminated black box walls so we may therapeutically reconnect our inner nature to nature around us, as of old.
............. We and nature

  the same white color
Genuine sensory contact with authentic nature's wisdom helps us think, feel and relate like nature's perfection works.
Consider the evidence below*

*Words are colored Green as per GO/GG  
The arrows depict a hole made by ECHN activities that have recycled wall blocks and transformed them into reconnection space. This helps nature, within and without us, to strengthen and further recycle the wall.  ........................



   ...  <------



"There was a big high wall that tried to stop me;
A sign was painted, it said private property;
But on the back side it didn't say nothing;
That land was made for you and me."

This land is your land, this land is my land
From California, to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf Stream Waters,
This land is part of you and me"

- Woodie Guthrie (1944)

By adding the ECHN antidote wherever possible, we mindfully think outside the box.  We recycle and transform the black box into an organic relationship, green circle dance of our society and nature mutually supporting each other by dancing together.

Well Mind, Well Earth

Sub-Concept 10-1:

Why the Green Circle Dance Works


Scientifically Transform: Think, Feel and Be Happiness.

Obviously, our advanced way of life consists of knowledge derived from the process of scientific investigation.

As has long been predicted in the NAE Webstring Model, scientific
"Higgs Boson" observations now show that the standard universe we belong to began with a singular, "Big Bang" attraction dance.  We also know that throughout the eons, the intelligence of this dance consciously sustained its life by building attractive relationships. 

We know the above because, in concert with everything else,
we are and can experience this desire, moment by moment, as it exists now in the present.

Nature’s conscious attraction dance for the enjoyment and the welfare of all, makes the space and time needed to transform itself into greater balanced and diverse relationships. W
e are a personification of this dance and its Big Bang origins.

Our conscious thoughts and feelings ride the dance like surfing an exploratory wave on the leading edge of an ocean.

As attraction partnerships in the wave establish themselves, its attraction dance transforms them into greater variety and strength. For this reason, no two moments in nature’s wave are ever the same, impure or unattractive.  This explains why nature does not produce garbage.

The attraction dance has neither increased nor destroyed itself over its eons because its matter and energy are simply different forms of each other. Being the dance, we are both, and we often call the energy our “spirit” or “soul.”

Nature consists of the present moment’s attractive transformation dance for the betterment of all things. We consciously dance with its
NA powers (NNIAAL) found in natural areas and each other.

Our ability to create accurate natural attraction stories helps us be mutually supportive attraction- dance partners who don’t deteriorate nature or ourselves.

As are we, all plant, animal and mineral members of Earth consist of attractions in nature's transformation wave.  This includes our ability to create stories. However, it is only our
accurate, whole-earth stories that make us attractive and constructive community members.

Our challenge for balance and sanity in Industrial Society is to be, act out and share our scientifically truthful stories while eliminating our false stories and their destructive effects. The amazing tool that helps us achieve this goal is the sensory science of
Natural Attraction Ecology and its enabling art of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature.

With respect to coming into balance personally, socially and environmentally, stories, mathematics and images are not enough. Like safely riding an airplane to our destination, we must enter an excellent working model and let its wisdom carry us to where it makes sense for us to be.

If you are born in a Country, you are automatically a citizen of it. For good citizenship, you learn to how your Country works, so you may benefit from it while strengthening it.

If you are born on Planet Earth you are automatically a citizen of it.  Have you learned the hidden PeakFacts about how it works so you can benefit from it while strengthening it?  Aren't the facts you have learned to date destructively stressing Earth and you?

Concept Eleven.

Do this fun and easy natural attraction activity.  If it makes sense and is attractive to you, you have a significant, special  consciousness and are eligible to take our Orientation Course towards a degree or certification in adding ECHN skills to your interests. Our program
  • Honors you life experience and prior training. 
  • Saves you the costs and time of 18 credits of graduate work, or two years of undergraduate work.
  • By emulating how nature works, reduces normal higher education tuition fees by 85 percent (non-organic education makes higher education really mean "higher tuition.")

Call or email 
nature@interisland.net to register for the Orientation Course or apply online  Consider its contribution/evidence, below

Take our free, hands-on, environmental sensitivity, accredited, transferable, 1-3 credit CEU course for learning how to think outside the box.

SUGGESTION: Save time and be complete. Call us. Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for or seek to accomplish. We will help you find the quickest and least expensive means to achieve your goals. 360-378-6313  or  831-402-2497

You can email us and we'll call you (USA): nature@interisland.net

Act now. Master Organic Psychology by doing it.
Explore it from our

Concept Twelve.


An Anonymous ECHN Participant's Course Evaluation.

"When we began this course, each of us came to it with different backgrounds, thoughts and expectations.  We were encouraged to explore natural areas and recycle our ways of thinking by letting nature skillfully teach us what we needed to know.  

Through the activities we were guided to safely discover and re-educate ourselves using our natural senses. We were encouraged to consciously participate in our relationship with nature and each other.  We provided each other with emotional support as our journeys led us through the various emotional and spiritual changes that were a natural evolution on our path to experiencing a wholeness that only nature can provide. 

Was this an easy thing to do?  The answer to that question is both yes and no.  It is easy in the fact that all one had to do is go to a natural area, in my case it was as simple as a 1/4 mile walk out my back door to a field and small lake.  For others it was a park bench, potted plant or their back yard garden.  What made the activities difficult, is the realization of how disconnected we are from nature.  The fact that our society teaches us from an early age to separate from nature's intelligence which causes our natural abilities to be significantly reduced.  

Re-connecting with nature through the exercises opens your eyes and lifts the veil of  the "5-legged" nature-disconnected way of thinking.  This is very uncomfortable at first I found this to be true as well...you are being confronted by the pressing of old brain and is the toughest part of the course.  The internal struggle between seeing through the falsehoods we have been taught and the understanding and knowing that comes when you openly accept the wisdom and love that nature provides without prejudice. This renewal of our relationship with our environment and ourselves is uplifting and greatly enhances our appreciation and respect for nature and all that it offers and teaches us.  The growth is evident in the answers to the questions in the survey and the questions that identify important values in NSTP experiences.  In my own responses I see a marked difference in the before and after. 

I found some of the questions odd in the beginning.  For example:  A reduction in personal stress and /or a reductioning mental disturbance with regard to personal or profession problems.  When I first read that question, I wondered how it had anything at all to do with a course on nature.  My mistake was the fact that at that point I wasn't connecting the course to nature.  It was "on" nature .  Do you see the difference here?  if not, rest assured once you take this course you will understand fully.  Several of the questions were puzzling in the beginning, but that was simply due to the fact that I was indeed disconnected and unaware of the special webstring attraction connections of the global natural community.  I thought I was very nature oriented, more so than most.  What I learned is that although I knew a lot about herbs and natural "things" I had studied, I was still unaware of the true connection between us and nature.  

The restoration of my natural intelligence began to surface as I went through the exercises and let nature teach me through the wisdom, love, intelligence and webstring attractions that are so abundant. I began to realize just how little I truly knew, yes I may know the names "labels" we have given to the plants but I did not "know" them.  It was only after taking the time to sit and discover their essence through the attraction and mutual consent to explore and discover each other in a safe and loving multi-sensory communication that I began to know them.  

This new-found connection with nature challenges my personal problems and through the thoughtful, shared, sensory connections with the attractions I have made and continue making, I have noticed an improvement in my thinking, relationships and spirit.  I have gained a greater wellness, self-esteem and positive energy. This course has offset the excessive disconnection from nature that I was living.  It is the catalyst in my re-awakening.  My personal relationship with life.  The change in my daily behavior and my faith in the process of life.  For the first time in my 50 plus years I am feeling connected to the true flow of life and love.   

The awakening of my inner-child was a gift from nature that although always available to me, had been hidden by the veil of my 5-legged ways and thinking.  With the guidance and intelligence of this course my life has been greatly enriched and my ability to interact with nature on a personal level has changed immensely. 

I have found that doing the courses activities has increased in attraction as I go through each one.  I am more intensely attracted to doing it and look forward to the next activity with great anticipation.  I learn something with every activity and the lessons are invaluable.  I value the lessons that nature teaches and find my "want" of the material world lessons while my "want" of the natural world increases.  Luckily the "want" of the natural world doesn't cause any type of destruction or abuse as does the "wanting" in the material world.  It makes one consider how pointless and destructive our "wanting" in the material world is and that in turn pushes the momentum of the spiral away from that path.  

The loss of "wanting" is empowering.  The acquiring of trustable feeling, sensory support and attractions in the natural world are even more empowering.  I am on my way to recovery and I am so thankful.  Nature has opened her arms and shown me her loving intelligence, this course has provided me the support and guidance to accept and recognize her non-verbal awareness, attraction and sensory webstrings.   

One of the members in my group said; Nature is a perfect example of unconditional love in action.  I hold that statement in my "trusted space"  along with the other trustable feelings I experienced during the course.  We have all added valuable truths to our trusted spaces and I am sure that we all feel the same when I say that these truths are more valuable to us than any material item could ever be.  I would not have believed that statement prior to taking the course, but the natural attractions are strong and true.  They are trustable.  They are sensory truths. They are part of all of us.  And that my friends is the point.  There is no substitute for the real thing, once you learn what the real thing is.  Allowing your consciousness to grow and awaken your own sensory truths through the gifts that nature will send you in the form of attraction and webstrings will profoundly affect the rest of your life and greatly enhance your life experiences.  This will bring your life into balance by having a conscious connection with your webstring attractions in nature.  Troubles of the social kind will disintegrate and you will laugh at the ridiculous...so silly are we. And let go of the absurd.  This is freedom and it can only be found in true connection with nature.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, I have never enjoyed a course as I have this one.  I have also never changed so much from taking a course. It has brought about changes in both my perception and thinking, changes that have brought me closer to nature and to the feelings of trust and peace in natural areas.  I see evidence that this is a common occurrence among those who take this course, and that just adds another level of trust in the activities to lift the veil of 5 leg thinking."

"The ECHN Natural Systems Thinking Process provides a readily accessible ....and.wonderfully effective means for students to acquire, understand, and act upon the transforming experience of being connected to nature; of being in respectful relationship with the natural world of which they are a part."

J.Marc McGinnes, J.D.
Senate Lecturer
University of California at Santa Barbara
Environmental Studies

"We dramatically increased our program's effectiveness by adding ECHN to it. It enables our participants to connect with their sensory origins in nature and use that peaceful power to improve their relationships with self, society and the environment."

James Rowe, Ph.D,
Director of the Outward Bound School in Costa Rica

Additional evidence is available in our survey and its links.

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