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FULLY IDENTIFIED: Natural Sense #54

Self-Evidence and Physics Validate Natural Attraction to be the Unifying, Organic, Balancing Essence of the Eons, Sensitivities and Relationships.

SPECIAL NOTE: You may do the activities on this page on-site with Dr. Cohen and other guides on San Juan Island, Washington by appointment


This learning-with-nature article will only be helpful to you if you believe you live in the present Standard Universe, Solar System and Planet Earth. If you recognize this to be true, the article enables you to safely embrace the essence/spirit of organics and come into balance personally, socially and environmentally.

Organics are the way the dance of nature works, in and around us.

This article will help you
begin, as a dancer in nature's dance of the eons, to consciously connect your thoughts and feelings with 54 beneficial sensory attractions in the natural world that you have biologically inherited and largely been taught to ignore. 

The process described here empowers you to strengthen personal, social and environmental well being at every level of endeavor for yourself and others. Its object is to let you first-hand think with the universal Peak Fact, natural attraction essence, of nature's dance. Unless you are from another universe, right now you consist of this essence and are "swimming" in it, too. However, due to significant omissions in your socialization you are probably unaware of most of it. For example, you were born with naturally being attracted to places,  people, food, to having thoughts, sensations and feelings, to gaining information and maybe attracted to learn more in the next paragraph, so you'll read it.

The goal here is to discover how to make sensory contact with nature's attraction essence so its organic balancing and purifying  powers will help you improve your personal and professional relationships, and enable you to teach others how to do the same.

“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection to a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

- Albert Einstein


As you will soon learn, if you don't already know it, we individually and collectively suffer our greatest problems due to the contamination of our psyche by unbalanced economics and/or stories, illusions and fantasies in Industrial Society. This contamination prejudices us from finding reasonable and rewarding organic solutions in nature for our problems. This occurs even when these undeniable solutions sit, free, right before our eyes.  Without applying them we continue to produce problems that we can't solve.

Most of us have learned or addicted to be excessively separated from nature. Like living in a closet, this disconnection has made our inherent, full, natural wholeness and wellness as part of the natural world, disappear from our conscious thoughts and feelings. The result is that we sense emptiness and dissatisfaction.

"It  seems to be too simple and free to be trusted, yet it has to be the most credible truth of all. Fifteen minutes ago I was tired, my mind stressed and hazy. Without a word, I quietly walked in the natural area outside for just a few minutes. I returned rested and refreshed with the happy feeling that I belonged. Just what is the power of a natural area to accomplish this miracle? How can we organize ourselves to live in balance with its organic ways rather than destroying its dance, in and around us?"

Until you or others can prove differently, nature non-verbally practices and offers its special perfection that we biologically inherit, for its dance has sustained itself in purity and balance by wordless attraction relationships since the beginning of time. These relationships were defended and portrayed as 53 sensory webstring attractions in the 1974 Natural Attraction Ecology Webstring Model. They have been further confirmed as the heart of sensory eco-art and science.

In the Webstring Model, from the ancient seed of the Universe that we call the "Big Bang", all things, from sub-atomics to galaxies, unquestionably consist of a unique singularity. It is an all-encompassing unified dance of natural attraction that holds things together and gives them mass and energy.   Nobody has yet produced valid evidence that contradicts this peak fact. It is a "rare something" that you can depend on, an essence of nature's eons that includes human senses, feelings and relationships.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched (naturally attracted) to everything else in the Universe."

- John Muir (1869)

The Natural Attraction Ecology Webstring model was confirmed scientifically by the recent discovery in the Standard Universe of the Higgs boson "God Particle," a vital attraction component of the Big Bang itself.  This has led to identifying human sense #54 in this article. It is the self-evident, unifying sense of natural attraction, the felt sense that we consist of the singular essence/spirt and "hitching" source of all our other natural senses and relationships, with one exception.

Sense #54 registers its organic dance as a whole, in and around us. Being conscious of it and thinking with it is a preventative and remedy for many of our great disorders.

Take this opportunity to confirm for yourself the newly-recognized, but most ancient, sense of natural attraction by doing the self-evidence activity, below, in the most attractive natural area that is convenient to you, backyard or backcountry.

Be aware that self-evidence is the most  true and factual way of knowing because it registers directly on your senses. For example, it is self-evident that you are reading these words right now. Even God
might not be able to talk you out of this fact.

NOTE: the value of the following activity is greatly enhanced by first couching it in our online duality information and webstring model. This combination is a strong way to start a workshop or course in the organics of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN)

The Sense of Natural Attraction (#54) Activity

START: Think about a good experience you have had in nature, why you liked it, how it felt, what it gave you. What about it was attractive that you sensed through your 5-senses of sight, sound, touch, taste or smell. Would you like to repeat it? How would you feel if your ability to experience nature this way was taken away from you? 

This 4-part activity and its questions help you sustain and further benefit from contacts with the balancing dance of nature and its self-purifying aliveness:

Part One

A. For ten minutes, by yourself, find things that are attractive to you in an attractive natural area.  Try to identify what it is about each thing that makes it attractive.  Be sure to note that things you may not sense to be attractive are, never the less still held together by natural attraction energies on sub-atomic, energy and molecular levels. 

B. If you are with other people, get together with them after your ten minute "solo" and share with each other what you found attractive to you while doing the activity, above.

C. After a person shares what they thought and felt during their solo, say to them "And you know it is true for you because you experienced it. It is self-evident." This helps us become aware that we have gained self-evident, empirical knowledge and truth because it is unadulterated, it registered directly on our natural senses, uninterrupted by mediating stories.

Part Two

A. Carefully note that your attraction to use words to share with friends the attractions you sensed is different than directly sensing the attractions that the words describe. For example, reading or saying the word "thirst" is different than actually feeling thirsty, the sensation of thirst. Recognize that you could feel thirst without knowing how to read, write, spell or say it.

The words you share with friends are articulations of the attraction you felt-sensed. The words are a literacy, a "map" or abstract, not the unique attraction sensation itself that you register while you are in contact with an attraction.  This difference is important to recognize because, nature, being non-literate, is "deaf" to written and spoken words.  In addition, often subconsciously, words can bring to mind stories or beliefs that distort, cubbyhole or exploit the unadulterated integrity of a natural attraction sensation. This phenomenon is the opposite of words being an additional "nine-leg" way for humanity to register, strengthen and appreciate the value of a natural attraction, as does the rest of non-literate nature. 

The word-story/literacy world of the human "new-brain" is too often detrimentally separated from the balancing and restorative powers of nature’s "old-brain" organic attraction dance, in and around us.  Not recognizing and dealing with this harmful short circuit that our thinking injects into the natural attraction dance of nature results in troubles that we suffer and that we seldom correct without producing additional troubles. 

Explore if the dance of nature is literate. Go to an attractive natural area for a few minutes and see if you can identify anything there that is communicating through words or paragraphs.  

“Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth.”

- Freidrich Neitzsche

B.  Experience and register the raw truth of nature's non-literate, nameless, organic dance of natural attraction. For ten minutes, sense and observe an attractive natural area while saying and labeling everything there "nameless" or "wordless." Repeat  "nameless" over and over again so no other story enters you mind and influences your naturally inherited, nameless way of registering the dance of nature, in and around you.  As you do this you begin to know the dance of nature's non-literate essence as it knows itself, in and around you.

Results have included: things became brighter, clearer, more colorful, unified;  I felt: energized, relaxed, welcome, more alive, spiritual, pure, a dreamworld, enchantment, love, greater awareness, balanced, I was it, friendship, equilibrium, more open, grounded.

Does doing this activity change or modify how you sense this natural area? Remember again that what you sensed is
"true for you because you experienced it. Its self-evidence registered directly on your senses."

Were there attractive aspects of letting nature's nameless dance touch your senses? 
If so, again, what you sensed was "true for you because you experienced it."  Most individuals feel attracted to and value knowing themselves in wordless attraction with nature.  How would you feel if your ability to experience nature and your wordless inner-nature this way was taken away from you? 

The dance of nature purifies, heals and balances itself, in and around us, continually. This is why nature is organic, why it does not produce or contain any garbage or pollution. PNC guarantees that our nature-disconnected story world does not do this because, when it is not organic, it excessively separates and distorts our ability to think, feel and relate from how nature works. 

Part Three

Return to the attractive natural area for 5 minutes and see if you can identify anything there that is not held together by natural attraction.  Remember that the essence of things like garbage, buildings and technologies consist of natural attraction atomic and energy relationships that have been converted or molded by our story world. 

Your challenge in doing this activity is that, to date, nobody has yet been able to locate non-attractive members of nature’s attraction dance. This is simply because the dance consists of its plant-animal-mineral-energy dancers and their organic attraction to be held together and grow additional attractiveness.  If this was true for you, remember that
it was because you experienced its self-evidence. It registered directly on your senses."

IMPORTANT: Be aware that what we mistakenly call repulsion or negative in nature is actually a natural attraction. It is the most attractive means or motive to seek and build more supportive attraction relationships and fulfillments in the moments that follow.

Since all of nature's dance is attraction-connected, with respect to survival repulsion is nature’s motivating sensation for us to follow more sensible and stronger callings including our attraction to survive. For example, when our senses of fear or pain (#25-27) signal us, we become consciously attracted to run FOR our lives via support from other natural attractions.

Part Four
Questions and their answers based on natural attraction self-evident facts.

Background information:

As part of Nature, people inherit nature's natural attraction way of knowing and relating. It provides us with sensory, non-verbal, knowledge arising from self-evidence, from our senses and feelings registering the world and our relationship to it. For example, intelligently, thirst signals us to drink water when we need it. In addition it "turns off" when we don't need water.

In our conquest of nature we learn to think and communicate in nature disconnected, verbal stories and labels 99.9% of the time. We lose the ability to think with the profound sensory self-evidence that discloses truths about nature and our human nature, nature's dance within and about us.

Below are an additional three simple activities, along with their results, that you can do that will help you experience sensory self-evidence and its value. The results may also help you become aware of an additional way to appreciate yourself, to know who you are. You may benefit from doing these activities alone, however, they are designed to work best by sharing them and their results in a group setting.

Note that Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) is an organic form of psychology that helps people think and build reasonable relationships using self-evidence and Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) methods and materials.

Question: Where does nature end and myself begin?

1) This NAE activity gives each individual in an ECHN study group a few moments to recognize that they are part of nature and then obtain consent from an attractive natural area to visit it.  Then, alone,

2) they spend two minutes finding natural attractions in that area and

3) thanking each attraction for being there and consenting to make its attractive presence available for this activity. 

4) The individual then attempts to discover more about who they personally are as an individual by asking the whole of nature’s dance in the natural area “At what point do you stop and do I start, how are we different or separate?”

5) Upon sharing the responses that come to mind in this setting, the group usually concludes that the point of separate individuality is that a person can think, build and relate with words and the natural area cannot do this.

Can you guarantee, as does the author of this page and ECHN, that

"Planet Earth is my other body based upon what I sense when I ask myself 'Who would I be if something took my Earth body away from me?' I feel loss and anguish. This urges me to help others use ECHN to enjoy Planet Earth as their other body and increase their/its well-being."

Question: If I am part of nature’s dance and nature does not use words, how does my nature know itself and its individuality as a wordless natural dancer, or as me?

This NAE activity helps an individual further explore self-evidence.

Our sense of touch (#14) is a natural attraction to have the world register in us and help us recognize it and relate to it in a mutually beneficial way that strengthens nature’s dance, in and around us. (Touch consists of as many as 22 different inherent senses and sensitivities such as temperature, form, size, motion, texture, etc.)

1. Using your best thinking and attention, have one finger touch a material object and become aware of what natural attraction sensation is consciously registering in you by doing this. For example, touch a desk or a tree and be aware of what you feel with eyes open and then closed.
 (SUGGESTION: Also touch a loose part of the clothing you are wearing so that your body beneath it does not feel you touching it )

2. Repeat doing this but this time touch some natural part of your body. Become aware of what new natural attraction sensations are consciously registering in you by doing this. For example, touch your ankle and be aware of what your finger and your ankle feel with eyes open and then closed. 
( SUGGESTION: Also touch the same, as in 1 above, part of the clothing you are wearing hard enough so that your body beneath it does feel you touching it )

3. Can you recognize that a major difference exists between 1 and 2 above. You might want to repeat them several times.
  • In 1 you felt something in one way, via your finger.
  • In 2 you felt sensed two things, what your finger sensed and also what the part of you that you touched sensed when you touched it. For example, your finger could feel your ankle while your ankle could feel your finger.
4. Can you recognize that even if you could not talk or think in verbal language, you would still be able to register 1 and 2 in some distinct way? That the natural attraction sensations themselves communicated sensible knowledge? That this eliminates the possibility of adulterating information creating misinformation because there is no story involved that could be misleading?

5. Can you recognize that the ability to apply the concept of "1" and "2" to your experience further helps you register it? Numerical or verbal abstracting adds to our our ability to register the environment. It does not, however, accurately replace it. In people, math and words can be part of, but not all of, the whole.

6. Can you conclude from this sensory self-evidence activity that self- evidence produces worthwhile knowledge? That one way to distinguish yourself from your surroundings is that when you touch yourself, as 2 above, you sense two things and when you touch your surroundings, as 1 above, you sense one thing. 

If you breathe directly on your finger under you nose to discover your individuality, your attraction to do this connects with what your finger feels, your nose feels, as well as your natural attraction to breathe for survival (Sense #21)

7. Can you distinguish that there is a sensory difference between experience 1 and 2? Does this bring to mind the value or significance of sensory, non-verbal, self-evidence?

Question: Can my five-leg story world produce balanced, nine-leg (whole life organic), natural attraction thinking, feeling and relating?

This activity directs an individual to first get consent from some attraction in nature to help them do it, for example, a bush, or a leaf on it, or a grain of sand.

After gaining consent the individual, with all their might, pull on the natural thing but don't separate it from where it is and/or injure it.  Instead, with their total strength, they physically and mentally come into balance with it and genuinely sense its organics, its natural attraction to be what and where it has placed itself in balance with them. When they pull on a branch, it pulls back, When they pull on water, its attracted to stick to them. This is an example of balanced, nine legged "being" that we create because we consent to make it our goal. Our ability to make things happen in balance makes things happen, in a good way, meaning, organic, without adverse side effects, in equilibrium to the benefit of all.


Do you believe that you or anybody else will ever be able to dispute that in our Standard Universe, Natural Attraction is and has been the self-evident essence of nature's organic dance, in and around us, since the beginning of time?

The heart of most disorders and excessive, stress, abuse, disease, discontent, unfairness, arguments and injustice is disconnection from the singular unity of the natural attraction dance (NNIAAL). To help yourself and others prevent and counteract them, consider using ECHN to keep consciously connected to the dance and its balancing powers. Why would you not do this if you want to be balanced and grounded?

Does it make sense to center your life and livelihood around peak facts rather than misleading, nature disconnected stories?


The use of mathematics is the strongest scientific means for identifying or validating "truth" in our ingrained, 5-leg way of thinking, especially when it is accompanied with the natural attraction sense of reason (#42).  Applying mathematics to our 4-leg experiences with nature produces a 9-leg think-feel-act mentality that helps us become more cooperative and supportive participants in nature's dance. 

For the above reason, a summary statement of the activity's essence is presented below.  It asks you to make a numerical appraisal for yourself of its value to you.  This number becomes a  9-leg evaluating tool for you with respect to where you are with the contribution the Organic Psychology of the NAE model is making to you and vice versa.

Statements A and B:

A. "If my ability to have attractive experiences in nature was taken away from me I would feel one or more of the following sensations: stressed, unhappy, depressed, anxious, sad, hurt, wounded, outraged, loss, negative, destroyed."

My attraction-to and/or agreement-with the statement above is:

1      2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       10

None                       Moderate                      Very  Strong

B. "Until scientifically proven otherwise, it is reasonable to recognize that conscious, felt-sense registration of nature's dance of the eons, in and around us, provides organic self-evidence that natural attraction (NNIAAL) is the unifying essence of the big bang "seed" and its eons of the Standard Universe."

My attraction-to and/or agreement-with the statement above is:

1      2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       10

None                       Moderate                      Very  Strong

With thanks for participating from those who are interested in increasing personal, social and environmental well-being, please enjoy this gift activity. It will help you gain and share greater rewards from your ongoing dance with nature.

End of the "Sense 54" Natural Attraction Activities


SPECIAL NOTE: You may do the activities on this page on-site with Dr. Cohen and other guides on San Juan Island, Washington,  by appointment (Two hours total, $20).

Fulfilling the core #54 sense of natural attraction directly in nature does not deteriorate nature's dance in and around us
, rather, it strengthens the dance. In conjunction with Peak Facts doing this increases sustainability at most levels of endeavor. NOTE: You can start this process by adding to your thoughts and feelings "Planet Earth is my other body, what natural attraction am I/we sensing and sharing at this moment?"

No matter your walk in life, age or expertise, you are a personification of natural attraction and its dance. You can easily learn how to further use and teach it via a free course in ECHN and NAE self-evidence. The best way to accomplish this is to walk the talk
via our online Orientation CourseHaving completed this page makes you eligible to take the course. Contact Us. Tell us your summary score total, share your comments.

If you have special inclinations or talents that you want to support in an organic, nature-connected, way you are invited to become an Applied Ecopsychology Practioner.

If you are sincerely interested in the above, you deserve and will receive the community and mentoring support, work study and financial assistance that we give to our participants.

Take our
free, accredited, CEU course online.  You may use it for professional licensing requirements or transfer it into your academic program


The Science of Transformation: Think, Feel and Be Happiness.

It is well known that our advanced way of life consists of knowledge derived from the art of scientific investigation.

As has long been predicted in the NAE Webstring Model, scientific "Higgs Boson" and Gravity Wave observations now show that the standard universe we belong to began with a singular, organic, "Big Bang" attraction dance.  We also know that throughout the eons, the intelligence of this dance consciously sustained the life of the dance by building attractive relationships.  

We know the above because, in concert with everything else, we are the dance. We can experience this desire, moment by moment, in the present.

Your attraction to have come to this sentence and go on to the next paragraph is the attraction dance in action.

Nature’s attraction dance is for the enjoyment and welfare of all natural things and it makes the space and time needed to transform itself into greater balanced and diverse relationships. We are a personification of this dance and its Big Bang origins. Our conscious thoughts and feelings ride it like they are surfing a leading wave on the edge of a spreading ocean.

As new attraction partnerships in the wave establish themselves, its dance transforms them into greater variety and strength. For this reason, no two moments in nature’s organic wave are ever the same, impure or unattractive.  This is why nature does not produce garbage.

The attraction dance has neither increased nor destroyed itself over its eons. Its matter and energy are simply different forms of each other that transform. Being the dance, we are both and we often call the energy our “spirit” or “soul.”

Nature consists of each present moment’s transformation attraction  dance for the betterment of all things. In nature our consciousness dances with its NA powers (NNIAAL) found in natural areas and each other.

Our ability to create accurate natural attraction stories helps us be mutually supportive attraction dancers who deteriorate neither nature nor ourselves.

As does humanity, all plant, animal and mineral members of Earth consist of attractions in nature's transformation wave.  This includes our ability to create stories. However, it is only our accurate whole-earth stories that make us attractive and constructive planet community members.

Our challenge for balance and sanity in Industrial Society is to be, act out and share our scientifically truthful stories while eliminating our false stories and their destructive effects. The amazing tool that helps us achieve this goal is the readily available sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology and its art of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature.

Enjoy further information
about Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology:

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