Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology (OP/NAE)

Project NatureConnect  Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
VOLUME 1,  NUMBER 2011-2013                                                      Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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The Project NatureConnect Warranty


he application of the GreenWave Unified Field Equation strengthens by 85 percent the ability of any individual or organization to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

In natural areas the Equation activates and elevates 54 natural senses that we ordinarily learn to omit from our thoughts and relationships. This enables us to update our inappropriate stories, make more sense, be more honest and reverse the nonsense, corruption and misery that our  stories presently produce.

The facts in this warranty have yet to be denied before of after 2012
as is validated in the article Revolutionary Wisdom, the Art and Science of Organic Socialization

The GreenWave "Impossible Dream." We Invite You To Be Part of It

What percentage of value does this Warranty have for you? 
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Certified Organic: this document describes practical and reliable sensory facts and ecologically sound attraction/love experiences for education, counseling and healing relationships. It validates and guarantees the GreenWave Ultimate intelligence, the love of self-evidence and empirical knowledge and its mission  that is found in the Grange 966 Resolution, UN GreenWave Office, ECHN, NHP,  SaneEarth.com and the PNC Orientation Program. It also serves as a warranty for the work certified students do after they complete the program.

(An OP/NAE publication of the authorized Project NatureConnect document 2013 Michael J. Cohen)

This page consists of a unifying bridge, a stalwart "Rosetta Stone" eco-love that catalyzes the balancing of opposites and makes the impossible come true. It offers a warranty for those of us who are disappointed by the leaders and teachers who identify and describe our great problems but who don't give us the readily available tools that we need to resolve them.

Education, counseling and healing cannot warranty that their long term effects don't erode the well being of Earth's web of life, including humanity. It is established fact that is what we do.  What have we really been taught and paid to do and attach to so that we can't stop?

Below, we warranty staunch self-evidence that identifies the point source of our increasing disorders and helps individuals and groups address our disastrous addiction to this destructive source.

We hold this truth to be self-evident:

The truth is that when something is self-evident it means that we don’t have to think about its truth or prove it.  It has to be true, like 1 + 1 = 2 or like the intelligence of the sensation of thirst connects us to the life of the global water cycle. We experience that Thirst signals to our awareness that we need water. We experience that Thirst is also intelligent enough turn itself off when we have enough water so we don't drink excessively and interrupt the integrity of the self-purifying water cycle and our innate attraction to it. Similarly, when you pinch yourself hard your sense of pain attracts you to stop yet neither pain nor thirst are one of our 5 senses.
FACT: It is self-evident to you that you are reading these words right now.

Better still, it is also self-evident that no matter the date, time and place or that we are probably strangers, we both know the sentence to be true because you and I consciously experience it.

A similar commonality would be that you and I are alive right now. If this was not true we could not read the sentence.

Other types of truths have to be proven; they are not self-evident. For example, FACT: The tree next to my house is green has to be proven true for you since you are not first-hand experiencing it here right now.

The explanation for this special phenomenon is that the "now" is present in the original statement for both parties, it is not part of the information about the tree being green. The "now" is the unifying essence of everything. The now is the entire life of our Universe and Planet moment-by-moment creating its time and space as it has through the eons in both material and non-material ways.

The Now is the only time that the ability of our
54 natural senses to experience and register what the world is connecting them to and they are not material.  This sensory fact of life happens moment by moment. Its power is the unique value and contribution of Self-Evidence.

Truth is what stands the test of experience.

- Albert Einstein

When our 54 natural senses are absent we can't register experience no less test a truth.*
- Project NatureConnect

Our greatest challenge is that our wonderful objective/material science and thinking must omit our sensory truth, self-evident experiences because they are usually "subjective."  They are immediate and in motion; they can't be measured or manipulated long term.

Objective science can be 100 percent correct and it makes amazing contributions to contemporary life in material ways. However, it is not whole. it incorporates only 15 percent of our total 54 sense way of knowing. It is only 15 percent whole life intelligent.

We produce and suffer our runaway troubles because our material objectivity omits 85 percent of our sensory ability to genuinely connect with, know and relate appropriately to the self-correcting and balanced whole of life of our Planet, Nature and Universe moment by moment. By restoring our 54 senses, the Project NatureConnect GreenWave makes us over 95 percent whole-life intelligent.
Self-evidence reveals that rewards provided by sensory attachments to thinking and feeling with imaginative but fictional or outdated stories about how Nature's life works create hurtful conflicts in and around us. This pain results in the destructive personal and global problems we suffer
In short: our lives are addicted to living out a disastrous lie about how to live in balance and beauty with the life of our Planet that is our life. To stop this catastrophe it must be treated as the destructive bonding and addiction that it is.
Self-evidence also shows that we enjoy strong emotional rewards from rational thoughts and feelings that stem from and include accurate, whole life 54 sense information obtained directly from conscious contact with the life our our Planet and Nature. The rewarding happiness from these accurate responses enables us to break addictions, solve problems, resolve conflicts, justify relationships, reduce stress, modify violence and increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

The immense advantage of self-evidence is that it always provides us with trustable, unadulterated facts that in
a court of law are acknowledged as evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

"So I asked him 'What is Gravity?' and he explained it as a physical force that Isaac Newton discovered. He disbelieved when I told him it was a sense, so I requested that he pay no attention to his sense of Gravity (#12) and he soon ended up lying flat on the ground. Try it with yourself or others. We are in trouble because we learn, in addition, to ignore the truths and sensibility of our 45 other senses.

This new sensory frontier of mine is so hidden that it is seldom even recognized as a frontier."

- Michael J. Cohen

The pure truth of self-evidence is necessary as an antidote for the polluted knowledge and bigoted interactions of materialism that, today are runaway  and corrupt and stress the life of our society and planet, including our body, mind and spirit.

Because the
GreenWave whole life art and science of ECHN only works with sensory, non-story self-evidence gained in natural areas its "subjective" facts offer a valuable contribution that is presently missing in our excessively objective-story indoor lives. ECHN helps us transform objective science into becoming whole-life reasonable. It gives us 100 percent intelligent expertise in dealing with the conflicts that arise from our presently unbalanced and distorted relationship with the wholeness of the life of our planet and nature, in, around and as us.

*An Objective Fact that is Subjective:

“As exemplified by the sensation of thirst, on cellular and molecular levels, sensors (senses and their sensations) in an organism, large(Earth) or small(nanobe), are receptors that are attracted to detect stimuli. When the information that they register is out of balance, they become the main homeostatic driving force for change that promotes life in balance. Their detection process is a fundamental source that functions on mechanical, thermal, chemical and quantum levels as it promotes the survival of life.

When they are not adulterated by nature-disconnecting stories our 54 senses can be depended on as self-evident, recovery and balancing tools that are part of every space/time moment of Planet Earth. Whatever our senses find attractive in nature is Nature in and as us doing the finding.”


The fact is that truth can be discovered simply by applying the GreenWave Unified Field Equation to anything. Doing this produces self-evident GreenWave facts that are as indisputable as the fact that you are reading these words right now. These GreenWave facts have whole-life truth in common. They are attracted to blend and help us form mutually supportive facts of life and relationships.
NNIAAL + V2B = The Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54


Below, we warranty that the heart of our
GreenWave Applied Ecopsychology Program at Akamai University is that its Albert Einstein unified field approach only uses and teaches subsidized, GreenWave self-evident sensory methods and materials in its USA accredited, nature-connected courses and international degree programs online.

Our whole life art and science ECHN process enables anybody to create self-evident experience moments that let the life of Earth subjectively blend with the life of our 54 senses to restore them and teach us GreenWave facts of life that our objectivity omits but needs to know.

Any interested person or group can benefit from ECHN by adding its empowering, sensory whole truth form of education to their personal or professional life, anywhere at any time.

We offer the public our 50 years of experience in developing responsible sensory relationship bonds with life of our planet, (Organism Earth or Gaia).  To this end we help our participants learn how to use 170 different sensory nature-reconnecting, self-evidence GreenWave activities to remedy each individual's and the world's increasing disorders. The latter occur because:

The story of scientific methodology and technology has "objectively" identified the Standard "big bang" material Universe while negligently omitting as "subjective" 54 GreenWave sensory facts of life that are part of the Universe.

Non-scientific thinking attaches or addicts us to know the world through outdated information, spirituality, archaic myths and medieval religious or mystical fables.

Non-scientific thinking is like believing that we still use the horse and buggy instead of a car for transportation today. We can't solve our problems because when the science and technology of our modern automobile needs more fuel, our habitual or addicted inappropriate intellect pours oats and water into the gas tank instead of gasoline. This makes our problems get worse and
the disastrous results speak for themselves. 

Reality dictates that we can't drive our car safely if we steer it with a bridal and reins attached to the front wheels or try to stop it by saying "Woah." Our headlights are not oil lamps.

The Project NatureConnect (PNC)
GreenWave includes the "subjective", the sensory self-evidence from Applied Ecopsychology to help us remedy our major error. It enables us to deal with our destructive sensory attachments so that we may think and relate in the same science/technology way that we understand and depend upon for contemporary survival. This is the same way that self-evidence and the Universe works, in and around us.

PNC includes our 54 senses in its logic and reasoning process. This includes activating our self-evident 54 natural love sensitivities that produce and sustain life in balance as well as transform destructive story attachments.
  It makes "objectivity" include the sensory "subjective" as a fact of life that cannot be omitted because good science cannot omit valid evidence and still be reasonable, pure and valid. 
Self-evidence is undeniable fact because it registers in any time/space moment directly on our 54 natural senses that include our senses of reason, literacy and consciousness. Through ECHN we can, at will, reasonably strengthen and support the 54 by genuinely connecting them with the self-correcting ways and balance of Organism Earth in natural areas.

The GreenWave whole-life art and science of ECHN cannot reject the subjective because the subjective is part of Nature's whole of life.
The GreenWave process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) helps us identify and use our inherent ultimate intelligence.  Explore it for yourself

ECHN students master how to create reasonable, self-evident moments in natural areas that free-up our 54 senses and let Earth teach us what we additionally need to know to live in equilibrium with Nature's self-evident, now/immediate dance of the eons, in and around us. This enables us to strengthen, energize and implement what our advanced science and technology already knows that we must do but without ECHN it can't make the changes we know we must make to this end personally, socially and environmentally.

We invite you to ally with or incorporate the Project NatureConnect ECHN advantage in your personal life and/or your professional goals.  Strengthen your intelligence and ability to help yourself and the world enjoy healthier and happier tomorrows.

What we are "normally" doing now and have done forever is ineffective with respect to producing and sustaining life in peaceful balance. Our runaway excessiveness and its misery factors show that our good stories and intentions are omitting a critical
GreenWave factor so they are not enough. "Good" means to the benefit of all.

Learn how to let the integrity of the life of Organism Earth restore the integrity of its life as you, as your personhood, as Earth restores itself and vice versa.

Overuse by 150 percent and counting.

By addictively ignoring Whole Earth self-evidence humanity exhausted nature’s budget for the year 2017 on August 2. In less than eight months, we have excessively used as many natural "resources" as our planet can regenerate this year and this does not include the creative energy lost due to "misery factors" like species extinction, mental illness, addiction, distortion, violence, crime, stress, depression, disorders and the pollution of air, water and land. ECHN gives you certified organic ways and means to meet this challenge.

OBSERVATION: The existence of Nature/Earth is self-evident tangible while "god things" and "unproven ideas" are often as questionable or destructive as is false information.

The detrimental attachment or addiction of our technologically powerful behavior to "questionable stories" deteriorates Nature/us.

If our thinking returns to the origins of what we sense and feel today, the best available objective evidence and reasoning indicates that 13.8 billion years ago the Big Bang was the life of our space/time Universe attractively loving itself into being in that moment, as it continues to do today moment by moment. Note in this description that "love" is subjective yet it is still included. That makes each of us biologically (not culturally) a unique GreenWave loving mind, body and spirit, a special sensory continuum and personification of the original attraction and love for life of the Big Bang natural attraction process.

Today, in this moment, the love of the Universe for its aliveness postures itself to exist in the next moment of time and space that it builds as itself. It survives. You and I being a conscious part of this "Now" process is what makes our survival feelings' self-evidence undeniable and healing. This is because self-evidence is the sense-registered time and space of the accepted Universe being us, as well as being everything else, too, moment-by- moment, including our 54 natural senses. We experience it.

GreenWave self-evidence is accurate because there is no other whole-life choice. It is the 54-sense life of the science-based, "Standard Universe" in action that includes the senses of reason, consciousness and literacy (Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye take note)

At birth and before, some or all of our 54 natural attraction senses begin registering self-evident information about the world. When they register flawed information about Nature accompanied by love and survival rewards that attach us to this inaccuracy, these senses can addict to that short circuit and its harmful consequences for life.

In natural areas, ECHN enables us to beneficially reconnect our misled 54 sense(s), including our sense of reason, with Nature's self-correcting beauty at any point in our lives and transform our old short circuits into reasonable, 54 sensible reality.


The Project NatureConnect Warranty

The facts in this warranty have yet to be denied before of after 2012 as is validated in the article Revolutionary Wisdom, the Art and Science of Organic Socialization


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since inaccurate or incomplete information undermines the best of our thinking, feeling and relationships, Project NatureConnect (PNC) goes several steps beyond our standard accreditations and certifications. It exclusively uses and works with
self-evidence from genuine sensory
GreenWave unification experience and observation. This is because self-evidence is only available in the time and space of each moment and it contains all the natural attraction balancing and purifying components of the Universe and its eons in that moment. That's why self-evidence is the most accurate form of necessary truth, and why experience is the best teacher. They are the whole of Universe expressing itself as we dance with it in the present moment of the "Now". This is not new, it is regrettably buried alive in most parts of Industrial Society.
GreenWave: "You are the Universe in ecstatic motion. Both light and shadow are the dance of love. We rarely hear the inward music, but we’re all dancing to it, nevertheless."
~ Rumi  circa 1250
GreenWave: "There exists only the present instant... a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence."
~ Meister Eckhart circa 1296
GreenWave: "When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter."
~ Albert Einstein circa 1910

GreenWave: "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."
~ Carl Sagan 2010

GreenWave: The Higgs Boson unified field "God particle attraction" came into being about a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. Like a net, it connected all things and produced the mass in this moment. 
~ Science, LA Times 2013, edited.

GreenWave: Every single thing in and of Nature is attached to all that has gone before it, and it will remain attached to all that follows it.
 ~ Julian P. Johnson 1934

PNC holds these "impossible truths" to be self-evident: we inherit the ability to think, feel and build relationships with at least 54 self-evident sensory sensibilities, among them being our sensory attraction love of Reason, Hearing, Trust, Touch, Consciousness, Literacy, Place, Happiness and Community. These sensations only exist in the present moment Now. We hold that is a violation of human, constitutional, environmental and civil rights to knowingly omit the GreenWave from education, counseling and healing as described in the article With Justice For All.

We offer this special Warranty of integrity and balance because many commonly issued assurances place us at risk. To everybody’s loss, most guarantees rewardingly support "objective science" that often consists of the non-organic, polluting, thoughts, feelings and acts that deteriorate the world including our body, mind and spirit. This "objectivity" objects to and omits the "subjective" value of whole life, self-evident thinking and sensory gut feelings that include the naturally pure, self-correcting ways
and recycling GreenWave powers of Nature/Earth's Universe today.

Our leaders seldom teach us that, scientifically, 1) Natural Attraction is the 2) Unified Field essence of our Universe as well as the essence of 3) love, 4) unity 5) spirit and 6) life. The six are synonymous because their time/space essence is a fundamental singularity of our Universe that we can experience.

Nature-connected GreenWave thinking includes, strengthens and celebrates as undeniable facts, 54 self-evident sensations and feelings from our body, mind and spirit rather than discarding them. As explained above, hard science considers these truths to be "subjective" and inadmissible which results in our runaway personal, social and environmental disorders.

With the omission of 85 percent of our 54 natural senses from our body, mind and spirit, how we think and relate is like a goat operating the control tower of O'Hare International Airport.

By omitting subjective facts, our objectivity is only 15 percent intelligent with respect to restoring and building whole life relationships with the life of our planet and each other. This makes our whole-life IQ to be 15, which is that of an Idiot. Fortunately ECHN can help us bring ourselves to the 100 IQ of the rest of the web-of-life that is the life of our planet.

The PNC Warranty reverses the emotionally and chemically addictive "benefits" from exploitive material economics, power and prestige that reinforce many "normal" but distorted customs as well as cripple our personal, social and environmental well-being. This disastrous warp produces our unreasonable thoughts and acts and their addictive adverse effects, the unjustifiable yet continuing deterioration of Earth and its people.

The Warranty is in effect during any personal, local or global time or place.

"Learning to think and speak while connected to the Dance of the GreenWave Unified Field helps us communicate with the whole of life and its history as part of the attraction/love essence of our personal life in any moment. The Dance attaches us to all past and present problems as well as to leaders, deities, stories, senses, facts, prophecies and relationships in the history and life of Planet Earth. While we lovingly dance as 54-sense equals with these individuals in the present, we update them with our advanced science and technology progress. In congress together this enables our GreenWave dance, moment-by-moment, to unify, transform  and produce responsible tomorrows in peaceful balance with the whole of life."

- Michael J. Cohen

GreenWave Organic PNC Assurance of Uncorrupted Science, Psychology
and Ecology Information

For those who love nature or truly care about the well-being of individuals, communities and natural areas, this Warranty affirms that if you use the
GreenWave ECHN hidden organic remedy to most of our dilemmas, your personal and professional life will significantly benefit. The remedy helps you make attractive, self-evident, sensory connections to authentic nature’s beauty, healing and purifying powers, in and around you.

We guarantee that
the remedy and its recovery powers give you far greater wisdom and support than what is offered by the many distortions in our 85 percent whole-life deficient leadership, education, science, psychology, economics and spirituality. Their limited stories have addicted and misguided us for centuries to create the runaway, at-risk personal and global situations we face and suffer today

“From the moment of birth or before, when the stone-age baby first meets its twentieth-century mother, the baby is subjected to our outrageous and long existing disconnections, distortions and violence to natural life including the baby's life. By the time the new human being is fifteen or so, we are left with a being like ourselves, a half-crazed creature, more or less adjusted to a mad world. This is normality in our present age.”

    ~ R. D. Laing (extended)

For all PNC participants in good standing with the Hidden Organic Remedy course and their personal PNC study program I offer this

Certified Organic Natural GreenWave Product

I solemnly state, guarantee, bond, and warrant that the contents A-O in the affidavit, below, are correct and true as is validated in the article Revolutionary Wisdom, the Art and Science of Organic Socialization

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Signed or Attested by
Michael J. Cohen before me on 05 day of June, 2013

Arlene Franco (Alias)

Printed Name
Arlene Franco
Notary Public, State of Washington, County of San Juan
My commission expires April 15, 2017

Confirmation: View PNC Warranty Verifications:  

Project NatureConnect herein guarantees that the self-evident organic sensory art and science of its Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) GreenWave process, courses and degrees consist of credible, trustable, non-corrupt information as follows:

WHEREAS, the author of this document is a personification and part of the evidence-based, historical Standard Universe (Nature) and its aliveness, he sincerely declares and affirms that his statements, A-O, in this document are correct and true with respect to Nature and its material, energy and spiritual components; and

WHEREAS, The Nature of Organism Earth, including humanity, is a singular and attractive attraction/love dance of the eons that has the power to produce optimums of life, diversity, peace and cooperation as well as sanely organize, purify, correct, heal and balance itself and its participant dancers without producing garbage or pollution; and

WHEREAS, because central thinking and feeling in Industrial Society is, on average, over ninety-nine percent disconnected from Nature’s Dance in natural areas and in humanity, the citizens of Industrial Society are unable to solve the personal, social and environmental disorders that result from their excessive separation from, and undeclared war on, Nature and its unifying ways (1); and

WHEREAS, the verified seventy-eight years of Nature-connected living and Organic Psychology research reported by myself and over three-thousand Project NatureConnect students and staff in  "Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature" (ECHN) (2) has never been disputed by valid evidence; and

WHEREAS, far beyond reasonable doubt, the facts and links presented in the Natural Attraction Ecology article "The Magic of Something From Nothing" (MSN) (3) have proven to be real; and

WHEREAS, the sensory and material Natural Attraction Ecology truths (4), also found in ECHN and MSN, are based on empirical self-evidence and accuracy; and

WHEREAS, the benefits from the sensory evidence and experience gained by participating in the GreenWave Natural Systems Thinking Process Web of Life Imperative (5) are rarely denied; and

WHEREAS, the favorable results reported (6) in ECHN and MSN,  PeakFacts.com and the Unified Field Equation, including their links (7) have been documented as genuine and repeatable; and

WHEREAS, attractions that we look for in Nature are what are doing the looking; and

WHEREAS, sensory ECHN moments in time that we create, genuinely align us with Earth's self-correcting ways and teach us unadulterated truths that we need to know (8); and

WHEREAS, the fiduciary ECHN process energizes into our consciousness the socially buried, but inherent, unifying, "subjective" natural love and intelligence that helps us reverse our destructive prejudice against Nature and makes unparalleled contributions to personal, social and environmental well-being (9); and

WHEREAS, life and survival are attractive, and a precise universal division between life and death has never been found, identified or defined; and

WHEREAS, Objective Science won't accept that homeostasis works throughout Nature because in every time/space moment the life dance of the Universe in all things is attracted to be part of the
Unified Field as well as simultaneously attracted to partake in whatever new relationship is attractive in that moment. These two different attractions continually dance between and balance each other to produce the GreenWave equilibrium of homeostasis; and 

WHEREAS, an up-to-date and practically applied self-evidence story about how the life of the Universe, Earth and ourselves works is available. In the Now, it helps us transform our aggravated conflicts into unity by discovering that there was never a controversial creation or beginning of any kind.  The homeostasis of this conflict-resolving, peace-producing story says:
Everything exists. The essence of everything has existed before the Big Bang. Everything has always been conscious on some level that it is, it is attraction that is conscious of what it is attracted to including to exist, it is "being" in action. Its existence is represented by the verb, "to be." It is consciously  attracted "to be" otherwise it would not be.
The act of existing only is known as the words "to be" in humanity since humanity is the only known thing on earth that talks or communicates with literate story word abstracts.

In some parts of humanity, the original God is identified as "Yahweh" meaning "to be."  Creation is an attraction to become.

Organism Earth seamlessly continues and affirms that 13.8 billion years ago there may have existed a "cloud" of attraction in the pre-universe atmosphere of "conscious desire/attraction to be". It could have existed in a Black Hole.

The pre-universe "cloud" was conscious that parts of its life were attracted to become more attractive by manifesting themselves materially as mass and energy. That provided the cloud with more attractive stability and diversity. This attraction-conscious unity transformed itself into the Big Bang birth of our attractive Universe including the fiduciary aliveness of the Higgs Boson Unified Field attraction net that includes Organism Earth and humanity.

It is stories that disconnect parts of our life from the moment-by-moment unifyng attraction dance of Nature that produce our disorders. Our whole life art and science of ECHN reconnects them in some forthcoming moment; and

WHEREAS, a resolution by San Juan Island Grange #966 empowers its members to be Ambassador/Representatives for the life of our Planet and the Unified Field,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., the prime expedition education director, investigator and implementer of the ECHN art and science of Natural Attraction Ecology at Project NatureConnect, guarantee and warranty that the following organic facts are fundamental, indisputable and of critical importance in helping humanity and nature reverse Industrial Society's ongoing deterioration of personal, social and environmental justice and well-being in the Standard Universe (10).  I am qualified to make this warranty because for 80 years I have had the "maverick" genius sensibility to recognize, create and validate the applicable GreenWave Unified Field Equation and its elements in this Warranty.

I further warranty that it is not credible, but rather it is illegal, corrupt, unreasonable and negligent to omit or ignore these self-evident facts and their axioms as is presently common practice for most individuals and institutions in Industrial Society:


A. PNC is open to all qualified applicants, regardless of race, creed, color, situation, circumstance or environment, who recognize on some level that the life of Earth (23) is their other body and who want to learn how to safely relate to it in balanced ways, to the benefit of all.

B. Until proven otherwise,
since its Big Bang inception the GreenWave energy dance life of Natural Attraction is the living attractive “unified binding field” Higgs Boson attraction essence of every atom and its parts.
The dance dances in every part of the GreenWave since its Big Bang inception. This includes the self-evident thoughts, senses, feelings, intelligence and relationships of our body, mind and spirit as part of the Albert Einstein GreenWave Unified Field Equation (21) Universe (11) in the Now.

In the GreenWave, the homeostasis of evolution consists of a fiduciary dance that finds the most attractive new way to survive that supports the central Unified Attraction Field. Every space/time moment of the Universe is evolving in an attractive communication dance because its essence is Unified Field natural attraction.
C. The aliveness of creation's Natural Attraction Dance of the Universe/Nature (the Dance) only exists in the immediate moment Now, as do its Dancers. 

D. The Dancers are all the things in our Now Universe, including the thoughts, senses, feelings and relationships of our body, mind and spirit. The Dancers include sensations, attractions, ideas, individuals and memories of the past, present or future along with our ability to relate to and with them (12). For this reason, when we unreasonably pick a flower, we trouble a star.

E. Until fully proven otherwise, with the exception of humanity and the like, on Planet Earth neither the attraction Dance nor its Dancers can speak or relate through abstract literate stories (1). Being non-literate and immediate, the web of life and its members don’t have the ability to produce misleading information or produce the destructive effects of stories that do not attractively support the Dance (22).

F. Every part of the GreenWave Dance, including humanity, is in communication with the Dance, moment by moment, in order that every individual or thing dances in attractive balance, harmony and support of the whole Dance and its Dancers, and vice versa. The essence of no single thing or event stands alone. It is attached to all that has gone before it, and it will remain attached to all that follows it. Our memories are past attraction relationship moments as they registered and now exist in the present. They are best evaluated by their outcomes with respect to life in balance.

G. The
GreenWave Dance does not produce any toxic waste.  Its process of transformation into more self-correcting attractive relationships enables all Dancers to belong and to be wanted; no Dancer is polluted, omitted or discarded. No garbage is produced (14) because garbage is not attractive.

H. When we are in immediate conscious sensory contact with the authentic Dance in and around us, not just stories about it, whatever an individual personally experiences is empirically true self-evidence for them because, unadulterated, the experience registers directly on, and can blend and unify with, their more than fifty-four inherent natural attraction senses and sensibilities in that universal life moment (15). Whatever any of our 54 natural senses find attractive in nature is Nature as us doing the finding. Without our senses functioning our experiences are the nothingness or depreciation from sensory-deprivation.  Our fifty-four distinct sensations include the bonded together senses of Reason, Consciousness and Literacy (the CRL Triad).

I. When excessive disconnection of our body, mind or spirit from the life of the unadulterated
GreenWave Dance of Nature is a cause of a problem or disorder, the ECHN process of genuinely reconnecting our life with the life of the Dance in a natural area is essential as part of the solution.

GreenWave Dance is the fountainhead of authority in how it works. It is a singular remedy and preventative for duality, nature-deficit addictions and other disorders of the CRL Triad.  Until proven otherwise, the Dance of NNIAAL is a legitimate background to consider when determining the accuracy of a fact. NNIAAL includes the GreenWave aliveness of the Standard Universe since it was attracted to become itself.

J. Individuals (16) who have had a good or beneficial experience while spending quiet time in a natural area, register and are conscious on some level that the Dance, in and around us, is us and that it has attractive renewing, restorative, enchanting, corrective and purifying qualities.

K. As demonstrated by the self-evidence of our senses registering birds, air, clouds, rain and insects in the sky above us, we each live in and as the Dance of Planet Earth, not in the nature-distorted story that we live on it.  We are but one of its web-of-life Dancers each of whom has a justifiable right to the joys and benefits of unadulterated life in balance (17).

L. Planet Earth is my alive, non-verbal, non-literate other body. I know this is true because I feel loss, anguish and despair when I ask myself “Who would I be if somebody, or some thing, took my lifelong Earth body and its committed attraction to be me away from me?” Holding my breath lets the painful self-evidence reality of Earth separation validate itself. Sensing and feeling these reasonable survival sensations attracts me to to choose to breathe, for my aliveness to survive, and help others use ECHN to validate and enjoy Planet Earth as their other body and through
GreenWave ECHN increase its, their and my well-being.
M. The validity of A-L, above, supports the truth of twenty axioms (18) and the Albert Einstein/PNC NNIAAL Equation that underlie the
GreenWave art and science Summary of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology.

N. No qualified individual is denied participation in the standard training, certificate and degree programs of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology at Project NatureConnect based on their budget challenges. Because the purpose and object of PNC
GreenWave expedition-model education is to help people heal and support the wounded Dances in and around themselves and others, financial assistance based on economic need is available via self-designed payment plans, work-study projects, grants, tuition subsidies, volunteerism, contributions and interest-free loans

O. This warranty is null and void if the integrity and benefits of the long established
GreenWave Organic Psychology/ Natural Attraction Ecology Model are adulterated by using only parts of it instead of experiencing its wholeness (2, 3, 5, 16, 25) that is available through free online courses and their activities (24).

All things only exist in the present moment of our Universe, in the
Organic Psychology of the GreenWave that includes our stories, senses and sensations.  Learning to felt-sense think and speak on the GreenWave enables us communicate with the whole of life and its history that lies in each present moment's Unified Field core attraction power of the eons. The "Now" aliveness of the GreenWave feelingly attaches our lives to all past leaders, prophets and deities along with their stories, senses and relationships. In natural areas this gives us the ability to lovingly dance as equals with them and update them with today's scientific knowledge, then unknown. The GreenWave process is creation's glue. Using it empowers us to resolve our destructive differences by unifying their origins. It helps us reduce our disorders and peacefully increase personal, social and environmental well-being.


How much value does this Warranty have for you? 
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I repeat that as an Applied Ecopsychologist and Environmental Educator I solemnly state, guarantee, bond, assure and warrant that the contents A-O of this affidavit are correct and true. During periods when I sense that there is a God, I swear this oath to Him/Her/It.


Confirmation: View PNC GreenWave Warranty Verifications:

The Warranty in Metaphor

A story concerning seven blind leaders from a wide variety of disciplines who touch an Elephant and argue about what it is, conveys the dilemmas of our society’s blindness to life of Planet Earth and our natural senses. In the story, each blind leader describes the Elephant based upon what part of her they are touching as they stand by her. While one calls the Elephant a pipe (the tusk), another says the Elephant is a snake (trunk) or like a rope (tail) etc.  They stop there in confusion. Each goes back to their organization followers where the senses and feelings of "their people" in time attach or addict to the story of their blind leader.

The story becomes the dogma of their leader’s Institution with a passion that leads to stronger unity in general within their community. However, this is accompanied by misunderstandings, stalemates, arguments, fights and wars with the groups and stories of other leaders.  The Elephant is injured in the process.

The same story as above with a happier ending is that each blind leader, follows his or her attraction to learn more about the Elephant. With the Elephant’s non-verbal consent that she conveys by the mysterious beauty of her "dance" attracting them to visit her, the leaders crawl all over her, discover and enjoy many new dance steps, and meet each other as attractions in the process. 

During this exploratory connection dance with the Elephant they happily recognize from the experience that they feel healthier and that while they are there each of them is attracted to sharing with each other what is happening and their commonality in this exploration.
  • This includes attraction to the Elephant and her immense dance as she helps them be there.
  • They thank the Elephant for her consent to let blind people explore and learn about her through their senses.
  • They bond to each other from their attractive meetings.
  • They agree that the major difference they can sense between the Elephant and themselves is that when they speak to each other the Elephant does not understand what they say, that she is non-literate. 
When each leader returns to their followers, their group is attracted to the joy in their leader's improved dancing. They also easily unify with other groups and the Elephant, too, for they all hold the unifying Dance of their mutually shared attraction to her Dance and their own in common.

Attraction is the unifier in this story, because, by definition, unification is what attraction/(love) does in word and deed.

The Elephant, Leaders and Followers are all expressions of Earth’s/Nature’s Standard Universe system whose dance communicates and unifies in purity and balance by attraction. However, the Leaders mostly communicate by Literacy/Language stories that the Elephant does not understand and vice versa.

This is significant because to be part of a system a thing has to be in communication with the system. Otherwise things accidentally trespass each other and all involved deteriorate into toxins/garbage and adversity rather than balance into more unified and self-correcting relationships.
The goal of Project NatureConnect is for our Literacy to learn in a natural area how to experience and articulate our natural attractions so we may more fully communicate with and join the Earth/Nature Attraction Dance to the health and benefit of all.

We learn how to articulate natural attractions by learning how to find them and articulate them in natural areas, one supportive sensory moment after another.  Each natural area moment makes a safe GreenWave space for the Earth/Elephant along with its non-literate web of life, to teach our ability to articulate what it has to know to be a better dancer.  This increases well-being for everything as down to moment by moment true life of Earth true stories replace outdated or inaccurate stories.

Best of all, who or what real thing, other than the Earth/Nature Elephant, has always physically, emotionally and spiritually been with each of us and there for us from the day we were conceived to this moment? Isn't that true love? It is timeless attraction in action.

An Ecologically Sound Remedy for Detrimental Attachments or Addiction

In our excessively nature-disconnected society most everyone is destructively addicted to something that relieves their pain from being excessively disconnected from Nature (Earth/Nature, their Other Body).

The Project NatureConnect remedy for this addiction is a special activity in which a person consciously holds their breath to disconnect from their Other Body to explore and experience the results, including the pain. Soon the pain of the disconnection, an alarm call from our Other Body and its life-in-balance eons, attracts/drives/motivates the individual to take a few deep Earth-reconnecting breaths. It becomes self-evident to them that they are rewarded by the good feelings of their reconnection with their Other Body.  They recognize that this attractive joy can more sensibly and happily replace the rewards they otherwise seek from their addiction because the connection is reasonable (#42), it does not have destructive side effects. In addition, this happiness is strengthened by the social and ecological support (#34) the individual receives for peacefully improving their lives and their Other Body, Earth’s web-of-life including humanity.

The above Webstring activity with natural attraction sense #21(appetite or hunger for air, water, food) can be effectively done anywhere at any time by the powerful, rich and famous to the poor, sick and homeless. Part of it is already included in most healing and meditative rituals. However, to our loss, what is missing in them is the GreenWave Webstring Model Other Body explanation as to what and why the activity works, the whole-life significance of attraction-based intermingling on sub-atomic to global level relationships, along with anti-addiction contributions to personal, social and environmental well being.  Instead the activity is often used to make the individual or group healthier and stronger, to help them increase their resilience and more adequately comply with the destructive dogma parts of industrial society and their ill effects on our Other Body/Earth that we hold in common.

This phenomenon, above, is also true for most beneficial sciences, arts and disciplines that we learn and practice in our excessively nature-disconnected society. It explains why we can successfully identify problems, but due to each individual's and group's addictive separation from nature's healing, unifying and restorative powers, we can't solve these problems.

The PNC Validation Tool

Our great challenge is that in contemporary society our body, mind and spirit
, on average, are socialized to spend over 98 percent of our thinking and feeling time disconnected from and out of tune with nature and its balanced unifying, purifying and healing powers in and around us.  To help you come into balance at will, our program teaches you a nature-connecting Validation process that enables you to strengthen your whole life awareness of any experience and to further invite nature to help you improve how you think, feel and relate to the world and its people.  The validating process includes the Einstein Equation fact that Planet Earth is a wise living organism and that your life dances in and as an attractive part of it, that each of us is a supportive and nourished individual cell of Earth's web-of-life unity dance and that non-literate Earth is our Other Body [(L) above.]

1.    Begin your validation through “inspiration” by taking a few deep slow breaths while it becomes increasingly self-evident to you that Nature's natural attraction dance of materials and attraction energies are bringing Earth’s atmosphere into you.  You will sense and feel the genuine connection of your personal life dance with Nature's authentic whole-Earth Dance.
2.    Note how Nature further supports you by bringing your awareness of natural unity and support into the moment and calming and energizing you with its NNIAAL wisdom and self-correcting powers.

3.    Say to yourself, or aloud, the self-evident truth you have discovered and are validating “I know it is true for me because I am experiencing it.”
4.    Seek or notice additional attractive senses, thoughts or feelings that come into play during this validation. Do additional affirmations that you have learned, as time and interest permit: match, resonate, appreciate, trust, celebrate. Validate them.
5.    Note that you cannot purposefully stop breathing forever; try it and you will pass out. Because Earth/Nature is so attracted to your life it revives you so you may continue to be attracted to contributing your breath of life dance to the dance of its life and all of life.
6.    Thank nature/earth for providing the time and space for this attractive life experience.  Do you think you are attracted to share it with others?

Seldom if ever does the objectivity of educational, social, healing, scientific, spiritual, meditative, environmental, business and technological institutions or leaders validate the vital role of nature and earth found in this common GreenWave breathing activity. To our great loss, this exclusion from 98 percent of our lifetime devalues or demeans the life of nature and our 54 senses.  In addition, this kind of omission is true for most other disciplines, programs and arenas in Industrial Society. The artificial rewards they all provide addict us to their distortions including this lie or sin of omission of Nature. It is not, however, illegal and we are often paid to do it.

The result of our omission is that when parts of society discover reasonable information about our relationships with nature we don't or can't change. We are addicted to think, feel and act with the old, false, outdated information and fable attachments. They are not  self-evidence that includes authentic,
immediate moment, nature registering in our 54 natural senses so we can experience and register first-hand how its unifying perfection works and can be trusted. The GreenWave Hidden Organic Remedy for this insanity is readily available.

Visit: www.ecopsych.com/greenwave.html

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