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Special Edition: Albert Einstein's Unified Field "Ultimate Intelligence" Test and Inventory

VOLUME 2,  NUMBER 2014-2016                                                      Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

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THE GREENWAVE EQUATION: Why wouldn't you want to think, love and relate with the 54 sense intelligence of the whole life science of
Albert Einstein's Unified Field along with the biodiversity of our Planet's life?  

Your Warrantied Fiduciary:

The United Nations Office of Greenwave Relationships

Project NatureConnect's international family of people who love to share their 54-sense Unified Field experiences and help each other strengthen GreenWave relationships everywhere.

Dear Visitor,

Do you recognize that our world-wide personal, social and environmental abusiveness and the disorders it produces are caused by our undeclared war against Nature? It results in the runaway growth of Earth Misery Day.

A Grand Jury case has been made that the social and environmental injustice from our conquest of our Planet's life not only violates our health but our constitutional and human rights as well. You can be part of the Jury and consider the facts presented there for yourself.

Are you aware of the profound contribution of the wisdom of GreenWave Biophilia intelligence to solving our unsolvable misery dilemmas?  It is the omission of arbitration through GreenWave art, science and love that allows climate change and our discontents to continue.


As we are socialized to becoming citizens of our nature-disconnected society, most of us suffer abusive, misguided or disturbing psycho-emotional experiences along with the traumatic effects of these wounds.

The detrimental results of our psycho-emotional clashes underlie most of today's runaway conflicts and trespasses. An overview article is available that updates you on Project NatureConnect's whole-life Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature remedy for these challenges

We suffer our dilemmas because scientific and other objective information often dismisses or injures 46 of our 54 natural senses. These natural intelligences are either unrecognized or they are rejected as being "subjective.” The wounds from this loss produce psycho-emotional injuries that lead to today's runaway violence and derangement.

There is an organic remedy for our afflicted mindset. The warrantied art and science wisdom of the GreenWave Unified Field consists of information and relationships that embrace our 54 natural senses as self-evident facts of life.  For example, our sensation of Thirst is as real and true as water itself yet this sense is not included as one of our five senses.

Applying the GreenWave Unified Field Equation in a natural area activates all 54 of our natural senses in concert. This promotes a lasting, fiduciary  transformation and global wellness that reverses our psycho-emotional injuries and their destructive effects while supporting balanced relationships at every level.

Sadly, the posture of established education and relationship building is encouraged to omit the value and contribution to well-being of the GreenWave Unified Field.

Because it is reasonable, at Akamai University and Portland State University, Project NatureConnect is working to establish in the United Nations and the United States an office of Greenwave Relationships. This office has the power to determine any individual's or institution's eligibility for operating based on its use and fiduciary support for GreenWave knowledgability and actualization.

Words like “Attraction,” “life,” “love,” “god,” “GreenWave-54,” “consciousness,” “unified field,” “instinct,” “our 54 senses,” “mathematics,” “Nature, "reason" “spirit” and “to be” all refer to the same attraction essence of the Universe and Earth. They are each different labels for it that our senses emotionally attach or addict to so we suffer from label conflicts.  Fortunately, an in-common, proudly worn and shared healthy co-dependency on the GreenWave remedies these addictions.

Rooted in the work of Albert Einstein, by implementing the balancing powers of the GreenWave Unified Field, the Office will increase personal, social and environmental justice as well as reduce spending as it globally produces a fairer and healthier environment and population.

Question: Why wouldn’t you want to implement the GreenWave Unified Field and its value rather than let our catastrophic Earth Misery processes continue?  Let us know your GreenWave percentage so we can support you.

I look forward to you contacting me if you have an interest in this project. We are organizing an online and on-site community of folks who can think and speak "GreenWave" in support of each other, the Wave itself and its Office at the United Nations.

For Peace on Earth through Peace with Earth,

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

"Learning to think and speak while connected to the Dance of the GreenWave Unified Field helps us communicate with the whole of life and its history as part of the attraction/love essence of our personal life in any moment. The Dance attaches us to all past and present problems as well as to leaders, deities, stories, senses, facts, prophecies and relationships in the history and life of Planet Earth. While we lovingly dance as 54-sense equals with these individuals in the present, we update them with our advanced science and technology progress. In congress together this enables our GreenWave dance, moment-by-moment, to unify, transform,  produce and support responsible tomorrows in peaceful balance with the whole of life."

- Michael J. Cohen


Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature 
• Master sensory methods and materials that help us strengthen the dance of nature's peace and sanity, in and around us.
•  Establish a socially and environmentally responsible relationship-building and stress-reduction livelihood or hobby.
• Benefit from grant funded, online, Ph.D., M.S., and B.A. degrees/courses/training.

Project NatureConnect, P. O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250   360-378-6313   <>

This equation's Intelligence test and Inventory scientifically enables you to recognize that your life is lovingly conceived and supported as a unique 54-sense personification of Nature's Unified Field and its self-correcting attraction relationships.

Misleading stories that disconnect your love of life from the Unified Field produce the unbalanced relationships that you and the web-of-life suffer.

You can at any moment be the hero that brings things back into balance, including yourself, by 
GreenWave reconnecting your 54 natural senses to the Unified Field.

NOTE: Do you have a skill or profession that you have mastered and want to be awarded a Ph.D. or other funded degree for, in 18 months, making it uniquely GreenWave organic If so we can help you.  Email or call Project NatureConnect  360-378-6313. An educator, farmer, politician, engineer or bartender with a GreenWave Certification can make a world of difference as their lives improve while they help the life of Earth and others do the same.

Get smart. Obtain a subsidized sensory aliveness Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature degree or certificate in conjunction with:

Applied Ecopsychology
Weight Loss
Holistic Leadership
Organic Psychology
Unitarian Universalist
Mental Health
Climate Change
Earth Day Activities
Retreat Centers
Energy Medicine
Natural Systems
Child Development
Dog Cat Pet Care
Healing Touch

Art Eco-therapy
Massage Therapy
Therapist Training
Wilderness Therapy
Human Services
Social Work
Life Coaching
Integral Therapy
Hospice Caregiving
Home Schooling
Creative Writing
Life Experience
Jesus & Wilderness
Herbal Remedy
Life Science
Violence Prevention
Outdoor Education
Continuing Education
Anger Management
Energy Healing

Hope & Life Relationships
Stress Relief Management
Natural Health and Wellness
Parenting & Child Development
Spirit & Spiritual Development
Administrative Services
Continuing Education
Complimentary Medicine
Native American Indian Ways
War On Terrorism
Multiple Intelligences
Environmental Education
Body Mind Spirit
Tai Chi
Climate Change

Recovery from:
Addiction disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Food Disorders
Nature Deficit Disorders
Abuse, Addiction, Loneliness
Midlife Crisis
Global Warming


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