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Dear Visitor,

A critical moment is fast approaching.  Now is the time to act powerfully if we care about the welfare of human and global life as we know it.

We and Earth are at risk.

Due to racial prejudice, it has taken 200 years to reduce our irresponsible exploitation of people of color.

Due to sexist prejudice, it has taken 200 years to reduce our irresponsible exploitation of women.

Today, however, we continue to injuriously act out our prejudice against nature,
around us and within us.

The frightening depth of our prejudice against nature and the natural has traumatized our sensibilities. It has reached the point where we are unable to admit, prevent or remedy our runaway conquest of and profiteering our manipulation of the natural world and its healing flow through our mind, body and spirit. Each year our unreasonable bias goads us to use 50 percent more natural "resources" than our living planet can produce or replace.  

Our prejudice against nature is an addiction. We can't stop even though we knowingly suffer from the personal, social and environmental deterioration that it causes including the pollution of our natural senses, thoughts and feelings.

As if we are insane, we identify our excessive exploitation and destruction of nature to be progress, economic growth and civilization, not prejudice.  We have yet to view our conquer-nature attitudes as detrimental discrimination.

Most references to "prejudice against nature" on the search engines link to my 1982 book on the subject, or to my web pages and articles about it.  As of September 11, 2001 there were no global or local searches for it. We are in denial.  It is as if this prejudice does not exist and I have made a terrible mistake. I am actually a childhood fantasy, I'm Henny Penny (Chicken Little,) and the sky is not actually falling down.  

Here's what is really going on:

Ancient humanity biologically and culturally evolved in the tropics, the so-called "garden of eden."  As our species was attracted to survive from additional life-support relationships in new areas, our "tropical" body, mind and psyche had to deal with nature's  fluctuations in these new areas. They were new threats to human survival.

To maintain human life we invented "techniques" that artificially maintained tropic-like conditions for us no matter where we located. For example, the art and science of fire-building provided heat when it was cold; agriculture provided food when its availability waned; strong, stable indoor shelters replaced adverse weather conditions; stored medications replaced unavailable seasonal remedies in the environment.

Humanity became physically and psychologically dependent on its wits, stories and artifacts. The latter became far more important than the vital pulse of nature that, for eons, intelligently sustained the global web-of-life plant, animal and mineral community in balance and purity.

Our socialization increasingly rewarded our psyche with the benefits and monetary profits from artificial survival. This addicted us to human superiority stories and artificiality along with our nature-disconnected leaders, technology inventors and institutions.

Today, our indoctrination continues to addict us to our creative conquest and replacement of nature's balanced and purifying wisdom of the ages. Our thinking is prejudicially indoctrinated to applaud its "indoor stories and creations" as more intelligent than, and far superior to nature's self-correcting balance and purity.

As greater industrialization has produced greater monetary profits for exploiting nature, our natural thoughts, senses and feelings have addicted to prejudicially seeking financial gain from nature, while dismissing nature as the true source of survival in balance.

Nature became, and remains, an addictive monetary profit resource rather than being the essence of life in balance. This addiction is runaway. It has very little to do with obtaining satisfactions from our survival in equilibrium with nature's self-governing, organic perfection. Instead we gain emotional and economic fulfillment from social prestige, power, economics, fashion and excessive standards of living that powerfully overwhelm and pollute nature in and around us. 

Our warped prejudice against nature removes even our most reasonable thoughts, feelings and relationships from the healing and purifying ways of nature's intelligent, self-balancing essence.  This prevents most of us from enjoying a long proven remedy for the "unchangeable" personal, social and environmental disorders that we suffer.

Industrial Society is fully aware of its destructive effects. Subconsciously, we are deeply alarmed and ashamed of our irresponsible prejudice against nature in people and places. It is the same shame we allow ourselves to feel about the holocaust, our gender bias or our discrimination against people of color.

Our shame prevents us from admitting that we continue to practice our unreasonable prejudice against nature and further deteriorate the web-of-life. Instead, we continue to believe that nature is dangerous, dirty or a "resource," that needs to be conquered and exploited.


"Francis Bacon started it in the 16th Century with his scientific method which was based on separating ourselves from nature, believing this was necessary in order to gain objective knowledge. With the scientific method, nature could be "forced out of her natural state and squeezed and molded." Bacon's scientific method was based on power, control, and coercion--"the power to conquer and subdue" nature, whom he referred to as a "common harlot." Bacon introduced the concept of perpetual war against nature. Bacon was the one who secularized the dictum of St. Thomas Aquinas--to be in this world but not of it.

Then comes Rene Descartes with nature as a clockwork mechanism and mind/body dualism. Combined with Sir Isaac Newton, the foundation was laid to transform "worthless" matter into valuable wealth. The goal, according to Descartes, was to "make ourselves masters and possessors of nature." His vision stripped nature of its aliveness.

John Locke said, "Land that is left wholly to nature, is called as indeed it is waste." Locke believed that as long as humans were vulnerable to the forces of nature they could never be secure, and that "the negation of nature is the way to happiness."

This all provided the philosophical justification for our separation from nature, and paved the way for our physical separation in the enclosure movement as people were removed from their ancestral grounds. Some historians call this the revolution of the rich against the poor."

- David Ewoldt

Being in blind denial of our prejudice, we seldom recognize that, since we are part of nature, our prejudice against it deteriorates vital parts of our natural self. Our resulting emotional pain and self-destructive thoughts and feelings underlie most of our personal, social and environmental disorders.

By not recognizing the underlying prejudice against nature cause of our greatest problems, we also can't see that Natural Attraction Intelligence and its practical process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) provides us with a
potent sensory preventative and antidote for our prejudice and disorders.

ECHN gives us a tool and remedy for what ails us. It works because its activities are social technology tools that empower us to genuinely interlace our psyche with authentic nature. They help us learn to think like nature works in cooperative ways to produce the wellness of its renewing balance and beauty.  

ECHN activities enable us to produce an emotionally fulfilling, mutually supportive familiarity with the essence of the natural, a relationship and embrace that erases our prejudice against nature.

Most nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts are compassionate about the plight of nature in and around them. Teamed up with ECHN their consciousness becomes the poweful key to helping Industrial Society remedy the prejudice against nature that undermines and eludes us.


Let your deep respect for nature and its spirit improve your life and all of life.

Learn and teach the balanced sensory science of Educating Counseling an
d Healing with Nature.

Take advantage of subsidized nature-connected degrees, courses and careers online.

Enhance your profession and your personal relationships

Empower your passion to "green" industrial society and stop our pollution and global warming.

If you have ever had a good experience in nature, I invite you to visit    Owls and Howls,

   Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.


The article, below, demonstrates that an unreasonable prejudice against nature in Industrial Society underlies our greatest personal, social and environmental disorders.  

  • It describes an antidote, a funded sensory science that identifies, addresses and transforms our prejudice against nature into the well-being of balanced relationships.
  • It shows that an organic psychology, anti-prejudice tool identifies the causes of our prejudice and stops its discriminatory bias and effects. Its ECHN process helps us improve health, wellness and counseling today by enabling our thinking and feeling to safely tap into the nature's grace, balance and restorative powers, backyard or backcountry.  These powers help us deal with prejudicial facts and stereotype stories in school, teaching and the workplace.

The participants who use the Article's organic psychology process benefit from in-depth socio-environmental education activities, materials, books and essays.  They empower themselves to cope with  many forms and types of prejudice against nature.  The participants strengthen their inborn love of the natural as they master the ECHN science of nature-connected alternative therapist coaching, stress release management and holistic spiritual psychology. 


Prejudice Against Nature:
the source of, and organic solution for, our most challenging disorders


The news is that as citizens of the culture and prejudice of industrial society we suffer our greatest troubles because we are born into the excessively nature-separated socialization process of our contemporary way of life.

Our socialization (read "brainwashing" or "indoctrination") by Industrial Society emotionally attaches our psyche to an arrogant human superiority story. The nature-disconnected bigotry in that story prejudices our thinking against the wholesome energies of nature in people and places. It teaches us that it is "normal" to conquer and exploit the manifestation or expression of nature wherever it appears, including, for example, as our natural senses and feelings, or in landscapes, habitats, Native Americans, people of color, women, children, minorities, sexism, age, plants, animals and minerals.

Our vicious discrimination denies nature's and life's right to life. It thinks it is "progress" to manipulate or demean the flow of natural systems in and around us.  For this distorted reason we applaud and fund our "improvements" that interrupt or alter nature's self-correcting and restorative ways.

Our unabated, but biased, creativity too often undermines nature's self-organizing, natural attraction process that has sustained Earth's purity, balance and well-being through the eons.

Our anti-nature thinking results in in the deteriorating state of the natural world. We have empowered ourselves to enact and impose our nature-disconnected stories, thoughts and feelings upon the helpless, non-literate natural world.

We don't listen to nature's words because nature does not use words, it uses sensory/emotional callings that we suppress.

Our prejudice against nature makes us reject the supportive guidance, healing and natural attraction balance that nature offers to all of life, that clarifies thinking and reduces prejudice.  With its meaning and images missing in our thoughts and feelings, we become unbalanced.

A remedy for the troubles caused by our prejudice against nature is to engage in the nature-connecting organic psychology science offered by Project NatureConnect's Webstring Natural Attraction Model.  Its sensory understanding methods and materials reward us for, backyard or backcountry, thoughtfully reconnecting our nature-prejudiced thinking to the grace, balance and renewing powers of nature. This natural attraction science and its nature-connecting activities help us learn that it is reasonable for our thinking to respect, heed and support nature's ways within and around us as well as teach others how to do this.

The significance of the Webstring Natural Attraction Model is that it is not theoretical.  It gives meaning to, and offers us a readily available, tested tool that helps us increase our well-being by enabling the way we think to make genuine sensory connections with natural systems in and around us.  This process supports the well being of all things.  It's results speak for themselves.


"It's as easy as ABC to live in balance:

A. Remember that before humanity emerged, the natural attraction, self correcting ways of nature/earth
produced their special perfection: their optimums of life, diversity, balance, cooperation and well-being without garbage or pollution and without the excessive abusiveness, greed, isolation and disorders of contemporary society.

B. Remember that as part of nature, each of us is born in, and inherits all these natural attraction sensibilities and that we learn to bury them in our subconscious under the prejudiced against nature stories that indoctrinate us into Industrial Society.

C. Moment by moment find and support natural attraction energies in yourself and others.  Our conscious connection with them lets their wisdom help us sustain personal and global balance."
- Michael J. Cohen

If we are to prevent the increasing environmental and social disasters that now face us, it makes sense to clearly identify and address the elusive core of how and why, against our will and better judgment, we continue to deteriorate personal, social and environmental well being. 

The heart of our major problems is that our thinking is flawed and the flaw prevents us from using a tool that can help us remedy the flaw.

The essence of nature's unadulterated global life community can be seen as a flowing stream of dancing, web-of-life,
attraction relationships.  It is a river that strengthens its well-being by growing into an ever-increasing diversity of attraction currents. Every current is encouraged to live and support its life by supporting the life of the river and vice versa.  The greater the diversity and strength of the currents, the stronger the life of the river, and vice versa.

The ways and means of contemporary humanity, as well as each of us personally, are natural currents in the river whose consciousness has become prejudiced against the river. Our awareness is isolated and technologically overpowering due to the insensitivity of its disconnection overpowering our natural senses.

How we think and feel is our destiny. The
Webstring Natural Attraction Model helps us recognize that we suffer our troubles because industrial society socializes our psyche to believe it is separate from, superior to and has more intelligence and rights to life than the river of life and its natural attraction dance.  This absurd prejudice leads our thinking to, like a cancer, ceaselessly conquer, exploit and deteriorate the river along with our whole selves as part of it.

Nature-centered people(s) seldom cause the problems produced by the ways of Industrial Society. They are, however, subject to them along with the rest of the web-of-life.

In the webstring model, life itself, and all forms of life, express, and, as best they can, enjoy a natural attraction to remain alive.
Each is and naturally has an equal right to life as it expresses itself in them. Under this equality, if all life populations were human life populations, our assault on what are now considered "wildlife populations" would be examples of prejudicial rape, murder, enslavement and torture.  Although this may sound far-fetched, it, rightfully, does not seem so to many Native American, African and Afro-American populations. They suffered such assaults because their culture helped them live "close to nature" or was considered uncivilized, savage or foreign.  

Without stating it, our thoughts and acts are engaged in an undeclared war against nature, in and around us.  In the 1980's a petition was sent to ask Congress to officially declare war on nature so that people would at least become aware of this secret conflict.  It was, of course, ignored.

A good definition of prejudice is that it is an unreasonable pre-judging attitude that is, due to bonding, unusually resistant to rational influence.

Our prejudice against nature excessively separates our reasonable thoughts and feelings from the sensory callings in nature's river of life that sustain its, and our, well being.  We suffer our disorders because our psyche has lost contact with and does not respect the attractive grace, balance and restorative powers of the river.

A sensory tool, the Webstring Natural Attraction Model enables our thinking to genuinely reconnect with the river and incorporate its supportive ways.

An essence of our personal, social and environmental troubles is that our nature bigoted story conditions us spend, on average, over 99 percent of our thinking and 95 percent of our time separated from and out of tune with the river's renewing dance, the dance we call nature.

Our key challenge is to recognize that we don't acknowledge that we are deeply prejudiced against nature and how this reduces the well-being of all things.  Instead, we learn that our excessive exploitation of nature is progress, economic growth or our superior intelligence and God given rights. This is similar to the KKK not addressing the harm that resulted from its prejudicial relationship to people of color. Instead, the KKK justifies that relationship with the false story that America was settled by Christian Whites for Christian Whites.

Uniquely, the Webstring Natural Attraction Model recognizes our prejudice against nature as the anomaly that we must address to improve well-being at all levels.  Every aspect of humanity and all of life is naturally part of and supports nature. The main exception is our thoughts and feelings that are prejudiced against nature.  Our prejudice excessively separates us from Earth's life community. It destructively makes us different than every other member of the plant, animal and mineral kingdom and their spirit.

"From the masses to the masses'
The most Revolutionary consciousness is to be found
Among the most ruthlessly exploited classes:
Animals, trees, water, air, grasses."

         - Gary Snyder  

* * *

Prejudice Against Sightedness: a metaphor for today.

Blind to 48 of our 53 natural senses and at least 19 axiom truths about how nature works, contemporary people today are no different than the blind Governing Council of an island society that consisted entirely of non-sighted people. Citizens on that island were content and adequate in their uniquely adapted ways, even though a rare disease totally numbed each person into blindness by the age of two years old.

One day, Gulliver, a shipwrecked castaway, half-dead, washed up on the island. Compassionately, many community members of the blind society nurtured him to full recovery. Then he became the bane of their existence. He constantly demanded things unknown to them in their blindness: windows, lights, books, television, painted colors and sunglasses.

The Governing Council investigated and discovered Gulliver's trouble. Gulliver had organs that could see. The blind council members, in their great wisdom, solved the problem; they took his sight away. They removed his "troublesome ability to see" from their island community society. They surgically numbed his optical nerves in the same way theirs were numbed by some unknown early childhood disease.

Although he adjusted to his loss, Gulliver emotionally hurt whenever he thought about how this island community society had deadened his sense of sight.

Gulliver discovered that when he visited natural areas many of his remaining 52 natural senses became stronger and they more energetically registered in his awareness. This was similar to the renewal provided by you or I taking a quiet walk in the park or along a beach. This contact with nature invigorated him and helped him clarify his thinking.

Soon, Gulliver invented a reinforcing science for this nature-reconnecting process. As he practiced it, his sensory connections to the self-correcting and restorative healing powers of natural systems within and around him further strengthened. Slowly, nature's flow, in and around him, recycled his psyche. It composted and transformed the numbing agent that was introduced by the surgical procedure that made him blind. His eyesight slowly un-numbed and returned.

Gulliver told his blind island friends about the resilience, energy and sensibility he had found through his new nature-reconnecting tool and about his delight in improving his sight, life and health. Alert members of the island community learned his art, thrilled to similar results and helped others do the same. In time, most of the island community society regained sightedness and increased their well being, happiness and ability to think in whole ways. In the process, with gratitude and thoughtful passion they became protective of nature because they loved it for its gifts to them. This made sense, felt right and further helped them heal. They lived with Gulliver and the environment in greater peace and balance.

* * *

Although humanity is born as part of nature, a seldom recognized disassociative process makes contemporary people as blind as Gulliver's sightless islanders to important attributes and values of the natural systems that flourish within and around us.

We plant the seed of blindness-to-nature in a child by, as noted above, rewarding the youngster for living indoors, separated from nature, over 95% of the time and to then perceive or think that people are different than nature. We nurture this seed by applauding the youngster for spending 24,000 hours of their developmental years being educated indoors, and learning to expertly think, feel and relate through abstract words, belief stories and technologies that are foreign to nature and that often mislead, demean or conquer natural systems in and around us. This is elegantly conveyed by observing the affects of labels and symbols on just one of our 53 natural senses, the sense of taste:

8/6/07: Researchers gave a group of 3-5 year old children two identical servings of many different kinds of food. The only difference between the two servings was that one was wrapped in a McDonald's wrapper, the other in a plain wrapper.

Overwhelmingly, the children said the food placed in the McDonalds wrapper tasted better. Their natural self had been misled. Their senses and sensibilities had been prejudicially brainwashed by the "story" on the wrapper before they were age six.

"Demonstrates that advertising literally brainwashes young children"  

- Dr. David Katz, Yale University School of Medicine

What we produce in Industrial Society is an adult whose mentality, 99.9% of the time, enjoys rewarded emotions, sensitivities and thinking conveyed by prejudicial "McBurger-type" stories that provide rewards. We have been addictively disconnected from nature and are thereby unable to register, relate to, or benefit from the cooperative ways and wisdom of nature's grace and regenerative powers.

In this McBurgered, nature-desensitized, mediated state, we claim ourselves to be king of the global life community, to be an advanced form of intelligence and consciousness. We can fly to the moon, but we can't live in balance with our supportive home planet or each other.

Like a cancer we overrun, pollute and destroy natural systems in people and places while we are fully knowledgeable that nature designs these systems, like our sense of taste, to support our life and sanity.

If somebody shows us how we are acting harmfully to the global life community, our society and ourselves, we deny it, for our senses can not tolerate such insensibility. We are paid and otherwise rewarded to be "normal." In our denial, we offer progress, God's will and economic growth as rationale for our injurious effects.

Is education based on good information the answer?  Does telling an adult that the two foods in different wrapper are identical change how the foods taste to them, or has that individual's taste prejudice become fixated?  

You have been given information here about our society's prejudice against nature. Has it changed your behavior?

Have you/we been McBurgered into being a good citizens
of a society that deteriorates nature within and around us?  

The Role of the Webstring Model

The Webstring Natural Attraction Model works because its method is hands-on as well as logical and reasonable with respect us being good citizens of the global life community.

Since we suffer from our thinking being prejudiced against and therefore disconnected from nature, the Model's process enables our thinking to appreciate genuinely reconnecting with nature and its beneficial grace, balance and restorative powers, backyard or backcountry.

Mutually supportive familiarity is a profound remedy for prejudice. The ways of the Model help us discover, build and strengthen a mutually supportive familiarity with nature and its flow through us.

The Model contributes to well-being by providing us with activities that enable us to create conscious sensory moments in natural areas, moments that let Earth teach. During these moments, our natural attraction senses interlace with and connect our ability to think and feel with its origins in the corrective callings and ways of natural systems. This helps us us un-bond from the unreasonable and, in addition, reconnect any or all of 53 natural senses in our psyche, to nature's balancing sensitivities and its eons of whole-life experience.

During these connective moments, nature and our thinking become a flowing continuum, as of old.  This empowers our thinking to recycle the garbage that has been placed in our psyche by our prejudice, so we may think clearly, like nature's perfection works.  Over time, this process becomes a habit because it rewards us by feeling good and making sense.  

When we practice this natural attraction habit, it helps us feel and act more sensibly. We tend to be disenchanted with the manipulating "McBurger effect" and might try to remove it from our socialization by imagining a skull and crossbones on the McBurger wrapper. 

To bring to mind how Webstring Model connections feel, try to remember, for a few minutes, a good experience you have had in nature, one you would be attracted to repeat again because it was attractive.  

Can you remember and feel colors, sounds, aromas, textures or flavors that might have been part of the experience? 

Can you feel comforting motions or attractive feelings of community, trust or place?  

Do you feel this connection is enchanting, self-enhancing or spiritually pleasing? 

Is it supportive, peaceful or both? 

Does it help you sense that you are part of a greater whole?

The above are some of the results that individuals have reported from remembering their attractive experiences in nature.

Are you aware that contact of your psyche with nature's ways improves well-being, that even just by bringing these memories to mind you have temporarily reduced your blood pressure?

Orientation to the Problem:

Biologically, scientific thinking has recognized humanity and its ability to think and feel as a seamless continuum of natural systems. As the cycles of these systems dance and flow within, about and through us and the life of our psyche, they build and sustain nature's optimums of life, diversity, balance, cooperation and well-being. 

As demonstrated by the pre-Columbian natural world and its people in North America, nature produces these natural optimums without creating garbage or pollution, nothing is left out. In addition, things in nature seldom suffer the excessive abusiveness, greed and disorders that result from the ways of contemporary society.

Prejudice is resistant to rational influence. Its resistance  indicates that we are attached/bonded/conditioned or addicted to a conflicting, less reasonable attitude or relationship.

We have long known that the unreasonable excessiveness produced by the nature-abusive way we learn to think irrationally deteriorates the well being of nature and its life support systems within and about us.  At this late date, with all our warnings, stress and lack of justice for all, including justice for Earth's natural systems, we still don't relate to nature  reasonably enough to come into balance with it.  This demonstrates that we are unaware or don't care that we are prejudiced against nature as well as prejudiced for excessively exploiting it.

We probably suffer from our prejudice against nature because our biology and culture originated in the consistent warmth, food, shelter and medicines of the Tropics. Like a womb, the tropics naturally rewarded and fulfilled our many natural senses.

When our ancestors migrated from the tropics into other climates, nature's seasonal fluctuations replaced the consistent womblike support we enjoyed in the tropics.  This threatening change for us unbalanced our thinking. It became prejudiced against nature and its fluctuations. Instead, it favored its own creation of an artificial, tropic-imitating, temperature-controlled, agriculturally-fed, food-preserving, technology-medicine, indoor world. Our thinking also created self-aggrandizing stories about its ability to create this artificial world.

As our psyche bonded with the immediate security and sensory fulfillment of the artificial indoor ways it produced, it became unreasonably biased against the fluctuations and diversity of nature. We may not have known at that time that nature's fluctuations and diversity were the attraction dance of the river of life that supported long-term, whole-life survival in balance.  We do know that now.  However, due to prejudice, indoctrination or addiction, our deep-seated nature-disconnected attitudes and behavior have not significantly changed.

We became prejudiced against nature because we were naturally born as tropical warm blooded animals without fur, fangs, claws or fleetness for survival. We needed special adaptations when we migrated into more challenging climates.

A heightened ability to thoughtfully map the world in our consciousness and to design tools for survival was one of our adaptations to life in the temperate and arctic zones.  However, unlike nature-centered societies, our map for survival short-circuited itself.  Its prejudice against nature rejected nature-connected relationships as a prime source of information, survival and happiness. Instead, prejudicially, the map's rationale said that we must conquer, exploit and "improve" natural systems to survive, produce our artificial indoor kingdom and thus achieve happiness.  It bonded our thinking to our control-nature stories. Our loss of the balancing and corrective powers of natural systems in our thinking made us destructively excessive as well as unable to stop being excessive.    

We are prejudiced against nature to the point that we portray Satan, the essence of evil, to have claws, scales, fangs, a tail, horns, fur and pointed ears.  Many of our taboo swear words describe natural products or acts.  And although our thinking today knows it is unreasonable for us to destroy our own natural life support systems, our nature-disconnected and nature-desensitizing rewards from excessive profits and power reinforce this tendency and our prejudice against nature.  No doubt, prejudice against my 1982 book Prejudice Against Nature has helped to keep us unaware of this prejudice. In summarizing the book, the Project NatureConnect Website notes our prejudice against nature to be a mass, hallucinatory, anti-nature fantasy in which:

        * the megatons of waste that we dump in our rivers and bays are not poisoning the water, our body or our spirit.

        * the hydrocarbons we pump into the air are not changing the climate of the world, our natural security, or deteriorating our health.

        * over-fishing is not depleting the oceans, over-consumption does not hurt the environment.

         * living estranged from the perfection of nature's grace and self-correcting powers does not reduce our resilience or result in our dysfunctions

        * fossil fuels will never run out and the loss due to our fossilized thinking demeaning nature, in and around us, does not motivate our excessiveness, abusiveness and greed.

         * our natural sensitivities and sense are not part of the way natural systems work and disconnecting them from nature does not make us want so that we feel we never have, or we never are, enough.

        * wars that kill masses of civilians are an appropriate way to keep our hands on what's left and the economy rolling, wars against people do not result from an undeclared war we wage against nature and the natural.

        * we are not desperately overdrawn at the environmental or emotional bank, we are not prejudiced against nature or against the ways of our living planet and its systems.

        * sensory activities that connect our thinking to nature's healing powers don't help us increase our well being,

        * and really, although by the age of seven our kids bond to this mass hallucination, addict to questionable technologies and need to be drugged, they are all right.

                - Barbara Kingsolver (extended)

The purpose of the
Webstring Natural Attraction Model Solution:

Our prejudice against nature has overridden the rationale of us living in thoughtful and balanced, mutually supportive, communicating, attraction relationships with our global web of life community and each other. The discriminatory way we learn to think about and relate to the natural world and to natural people is a juggernaut that has eroded every great ecosystem and natural society in America. 

Our holocaust against natural systems has destroyed 85 percent of the American wilderness and it has injured people. It has knowingly released toxic pollutants that cause health disorders to most forms of life. 

We have been alerted en-masse to this situation since, at least, 1948 through the best-selling books Road to Survival and Our Plundered Planet and Silent Spring.  However, our socialized bonding to our prejudice against nature makes us continue on our destructive path, even while we admit that our nature-exploitive relationships are excessive, irrational and symptoms of insanity.

The alarming deterioration and disappearance of natural areas, people and ecosystems reflects that, by conquering the inherent natural wisdom of our psyche in organic balance with nature, our nature-prejudiced socialization teaches us to fight a technologically overpowering, undeclared war against the whole of nature and against the sanity of its non-polluting, life supportive dance.

Our reasoning is alarmed by the stress, madness and destructive outcomes of contemporary life. We know it is immoral, it frightens us, it doesn't make sense, it places the well-being of global life as we know it at risk. Yet, we don't significantly modify our ways because our ability to think and act rationally about nature has been polluted....prejudicially addicted to artifacts and artificiality, including money.  

Today, our prejudicial thinking not only omits information obtained from contact with nature, it also omits learning the means to obtain this information.  It is as if having contact with nature is an illicit affair.  For example, we feel little concern about spending, as stated above, on average, over 95% of our time and 99% of our thinking disconnected from, and out of tune with, the perfections of nature and the natural. The bizarre word that we use to describe this extraordinarily unbalanced and detrimental relationship is “normal.”

Our contaminated, nature-prejudiced thinking seldom recognizes that our profound loss of nature's support for the life of our psyche collapses the heart of our psyche. This causes us to want "heart replacement satisfactions." When we want there is never enough. For this reason we have become vulnerable to our indoor-oriented society that, for profit, intensifies our frustrations as it intensifies the need for fulfillment of our nature-deprived wants.

We suffer from our loss of nature, from being manipulated to want "more of everything:" more power, money, materials, sensations, tranquilizers, chemically induced euphoria and relationship satisfaction. 

Because, due to our prejudice against nature, we are missing sensible and rewarding co-creative relationships with nature, our unsatisfied wants drive us to inappropriately produce:

- excessive air, water, land and mind pollution, agricultural clearing, mono cultures, livestock grazing, predator extermination and global warming;
- excessive consumerism, stress, tranquilizer use, abusiveness, mental imbalance, medical disorders, unhealthy chemical and interpersonal dependencies and social injustice;
- excessive poaching, hunting, fishing, and trapping;
- excessive logging, mining and energy exploitation;
- excessive ski areas, resorts, golf courses, off-road vehicle use, urban and suburban sprawl;
- excessive agricultural and forestry biocides, non-native species introduction, genetic modification, road building, fire suppression, dam building, irrigation diversions, groundwater depletion, stream and river channelization,
- excessive human population growth, and satisfactions from media, games and sports, 

In, around and through us, natural systems flow as a seamless attraction continuum. Each of us are born as them attractively expressing themselves as you or I, we are each a unique manifestation of life as humanity.  

To sustain its health, the river of life gives every part of life, including us, a diverse, but equal, right to life and well-being This is nature's attractive way to support life in balance. 

Due to our prejudice against nature we suffer because our prejudiced thinking injures natural systems, as described above. Once injured in the environment, the flow of these injured systems can't correctly support our body, mind and spirit, and vice versa.

Our nature-dysfunctional thinking seldom recognizes that, like a disease, we suffer from a nature bigotry that injures and unbalances both our psyche and our planet.  To remedy it, we must learn to expertly address it as such. 

Our prejudiced, nature-disconnected thinking is similar to us riding a train that we know is on a destructive track that we have built. We are socialized/brainwashed, usually by age seven, to stressfully spend our lives unceasingly competing for a more comfortable or luxurious seat on the train, for more approval and rewards or money as train riders. Our need for more of everything keeps our thinking and relationships off-track.  All too few of us recognize that to improve our situation we can, through the Webstring Natural Attraction Model, learn how to ask the train to help us get our thinking off our runaway track to excessiveness and back on to the train's original path of balanced well-being for all.  This is a track that we naturally inherit at birth but are socialized to bury in our subconscious. 

The train's original track consists of a non-polluting, unifying and balancing attraction dance that the train itself designed.  It followed that track for eons before our story world decided that it/we were super intelligent so we could take over and run the railroad.

The Webstring Solution:

The Webstring Natural Attraction Model is an antidote and preventative for our deterioration of well-being in and around us. It enables us to counteract our prejudice against nature by reconnecting our nature-separated thinking and senses with nature's self-correcting balancing and purifying ways, in and around us, so that we may benefit from thinking with them and appreciating them.

Our society has had some experience dealing with prejudice against race, religion, creed and social justice.  We have learned to replace the irrational stories that we have been attached to, with accurate stories, protective laws, and remedial or therapeutic experiences. Our reward for doing this is that we have built mutually supportive relationships that replace the hurt, shame and stress that our prejudice against human populations once produced.  We have provided justice for those whose rights we denied due to our prejudicial feelings about them. 

The methods and materials of the Webstring Model enable us to do exactly the same thing with regard to our prejudice against the natural world. They empower us to reverse our irrational thinking and feeling that pit us against the inherent wellness of the unadulterated global life community.

The Critical Question

“If we don't use and support the Webstring Natural Attraction Model, is it because the Model is not reasonable and it does not work or make sense? Or is it because, as with Gulliver, our sense-numbing prejudice against nature has blinded us to the model's vital contribution?”

Support and training to use and teach the Model is available to those who recognize its value and benefits

Act now. Master Organic Psychology by doing it.
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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


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"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein


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