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             A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

    A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

    A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

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             A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

    A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

    A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

     A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

    A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment

    A Bio/SUNEH aliveness moment






Whole Life Art and Science: the successful and admirable Slime Mold alternative to convoluted brain-based intelligence

"Compared with most organisms, slime molds have been on the planet for a very long time—they first evolved at least 600 million years ago and perhaps as long as one billion years ago. At the time, no organisms had yet evolved brains or even simple nervous systems. Yet slime molds do not blindly ooze from one place to another—they carefully explore their environments, seeking the most efficient routes between resources. They can solve mazes. They do not accept whatever circumstances they find themselves in, but rather choose conditions most amenable to their survival. They remember, anticipate and decide. By doing so much with so little, slime molds represent a successful and admirable alternative to convoluted brain-based intelligence."

Note: The Slime Mold consists of a more than 12 billion year sequence of the preceding life of the Universe manifesting its life sensibly from day one on. In whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN). accomplishing that is doing "a lot with a whole lot"  It is not "so little" as the objective bias of a "convoluted brain science story" reports in Scientific American.

Truth to tell, the Slime Mold's process in the maze is the essence of how pure science works.  "Gather all the evidence/information and eliminate that which does not bring you to your goal." This achieves the pure and balanced whole life results that we desperately need today.

Our dilemmas will increase as long as the biased objectivity of our nature-disconnected stories see the homeostatic, self-correcting, non-story ways of ECHN and Earth as being "so little" or dead. The solution to this prejudice is to be reasonable, to use the ECHN to connect our 54 natural senses with the intelligent restorative powers of the
life of our Planet and learn and grow from those organic experiences.

The Slime Mold is has many of, or more than our 53 sense (no story-telling literacy) consciousness of our and its origins in Nature. As does all reasonable science, the mold identifies its whole situation, including "subjective information." It then follows its many natural sensory attractions to discover and gather as much knowledge as is possible with regard to its singular sensory/attraction/hunger for food, or other necessities such as temperature and moisture.

"Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear."
- Mahatma Gandhi 

Once the Mold finds the food, it bypasses or dries up the false routes it discovered in the process. This indicates that the Mold makes reasonable, self-evident, multisensory, singularity sense from: "food or no-food,"or "something or nothing." That is the same as the workings of a computer or mathematics
"one or zero", or the Big Bang of the Universe "Higgs Boson Attraction Universe or some other Universe."  The process enables the Mold to follow the accurate and reasonably attractive sensory route sequence that leads to the food as well as obtain rewarding attraction and survival fulfillments for doing so.

Unlike the Mold and to our loss, our material-based Objective Science omits most of our 54 natural attraction senses, like hunger, calling them "subjective" or "phenomenological evidence" or some belief system name.  It ignores their callings and instead applauds itself for stories that help it invent dynamite to blow open holes in the Maze walls to obtain life-supportive fulfillment from not only food but salaries, funding, social power and public acclaim, too, for being first class "effective dynamiters."

Without us having additional senses our sense of consciousness could not fulfill its attraction to register the world. It would simply consist of attraction being aware that it was attracted and what it was attracted to.

As exemplified by the sensation of thirst, on cellular and molecular levels, sensors (senses and their sensations) in an organism, large(Earth) or small(nanobe), are receptors that are attracted to detect stimuli. When the information that they register is out of balance, they become the main homeostatic driving force for change that promotes life in balance. Their detection process is a fundamental source that functions on mechanical, thermal and chemical levels as it promotes the survival of life. When they are not adulterated by nature-disconnecting stories the senses can be depended on as self-evident, recovery and balancing tools that are part of every space/time moment. Whatever any of our 54 senses find attractive in nature is what is doing the finding.

Being indoctrinated to self-deprive from over 50 "subjective" natural attraction senses, the desensitized prejudice of scientific objectivity and thinking has yet to acknowledge that the whole Maze is the life of Planet Earth. Our of shame our thinking ignores that our "objectivity" is blasting holes in the maze that violate human, civil and constitutional rights while producing our destructive imbalances. Objective science has yet to acknowledge that Planet Earth is a living organism.

No surprise, discord is increasing as Objective Science has yet to discover what causes the immense problems we face
no less their 54-sense ECHN remedy.

Meanwhile, as part of the warrantied, whole life, 54-sense art and science of ECHN, the Slime Mold and its sensitivities discover and support additional Mazes that provide it with additional food (bacteria) and other necessities. Simultaneously, the Mazes and bacteria help the natural world strengthen and grow, unimpaired by dynamited Maze walls.

(Interesting Note: the money given for Nobel prizes comes from the fortune of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.)

Everything in the web of life, including the Slime Mold relates through the same reasonable, immediate
life of Earth intelligence as do some human societies. The latter know how to consciously 54-sense connect with it and have not produced our problems. See additional examples of this process in fungi and the Web of Life that supports them.

We know that the wisdom of the life of Planet Earth
is in our genetic makeup as well as our body mind and sprit at any instant. This is because the Big Bang Universe, being a reasonable, step by step, sequential, space-time building, homeostatic attraction process, moment after moment from the beginning has a dependable and trustable scientific anchor in Einstein's unified field.

The essence of no single thing or event stands alone. It is attached to all that has gone before it, and it will remain attached to all that follows it.
For this reason the logical beginning and continuing sequence of the non-story Universe and the symbol story sequence of mathematic numerals is identical.  This is why math is the essence of accurate story thinking and information in a Sci-Tech society.

Although much is made of the slime mold's sensory intelligence, it's major contribution is it's size; we can see Unified Field attraction operating as a mold. However, that same intelligence is sustaining the bacteria that it eats, individually and collectively, as well as what the bacteria eat. This same attraction "support wholeness-support  diversity" homeostatic process heartbeat continues all the way down to sub-atomic and GreenWave energy levels.

Homeostasis Pilot Wave Action: "An oil droplet that bounces along the surface of a liquid gently sloshes the liquid with every bounce. At the same time, ripples from past bounces affect its course. The droplet’s interaction with its own ripples, causes it to exhibit behaviors previously thought to be peculiar to elementary particles — including behaviors of these particles that are spread through space like waves"
- Quanta Magazine

Scientists are aware of the complexity in the communication among cells when individual bacteria join together for multi cellularity.  Each individual microbe homeostatically joins together with comrades for many different activities including complex communication and decision-making all attracted to support survival.
Bacteria in the gut plan ahead, activating genes for maltose enzymes before they encounter it. Recently, it was found that microbes produce electrical wires, made of amino acids that conduct electricity, and supply distance relatives with energy. They signal to change behavior in the colony including building complex cities called biofilms and altering attack modes in animals.

Slime molds show intelligent behavior, remembering where it has already traveled. Individual microbes remember how they moved in the past so they can go in a straight line.

Microbes send signals that alter their host’s behavior. In a very complex back and forth homeostatic communication with plants they together gradually build a nitrogen factory.

But, combining to become a homeostatic multi cellular creature is a different level of cooperation. Bacteria have accomplished this multiple times in evolution. On many different occasions the cooperative nature of microbes becomes so central that multi cellular activities become almost a multi cellular organism.

Mathematics reflect Unified Field events that take place in the Universe, which produce signals in the form of waves traveling through space time. When those waves collapse on the human senses they are transferred to the brain, which
homeostatically processes them and modulates them to perceptible sensory formats such as colours, sounds, tastes, etc., If such information is reprocessed to establish relationships between previous outputs from the brain, any established relationships stored in memory become mathematical formulations that reflect some aspect of physical reality from a human perspective. It therefore follows that mathematics is not invented, it is discovered as survival attraction signals that are input and subsequently modulated by the human mind.
Simply stated, as earlier, the logical beginning and continuing sequence of the GreenWave non-story Universe and the symbol story sequence of mathematic numerals is identical.  This explains why math, when not adulterated, is the essence of accurate story thinking and information in our Sci-Tech society.
If in the sequence of 0 - 9 our superstitions omit 5 because it is an unlucky number, the entire sequence and its truth is destructive because the omission warps all the moments of the Universe that follow until additional moments correct it.
- See more at:

See Ant behavior

With their consent sponsor the Unified Field in another person.

This present moment is the only true moment of your life:
benefit from this "Slime Mold Unified Field Connection Checklist."

Instructions: check the statements, below, as they become true for you.

( ) You are in and part of our scientifically determined universe right now. 

( ) The Universe and its science works because it is designed using the same logic and rules of evidence that produce the excellence of todays technological world and its benefits.

( ) Scientifically, since the beginning of its attraction to material life 14 billion years ago, the attraction essence of the life of the Universe, (the life of the Higgs Boson Unified Field, UF aliveness) has sustained itself by building its own new time and space  moment after moment. It has done this continually through the eons as it is doing it now to produce this moment.

( ) The UF aliveness of the Universe and all things in it, including you, only exists in this moment, not in the past, not in the future. The latter are only stories or memories that occur in this UF aliveness moment.

( ) UF aliveness loves to continue to exist (survive) by building its next balanced whole-life moment of time and space as it lives in it and is satisfied by it.

( ) The essence of the Universe and essence of all things in it, including the slime mold, you and I, are identical in any moment. We are all the homeostatic UF aliveness of any moment's time and space building to become the the next moment of time and space.

( ) The non-story UF aliveness of the Universe includes the life of Planet Earth. Our Planet's life includes your life along with your inherent, 54-sense way of thinking, feeling, knowing, articulating and building relationships.

( ) The UF aliveness of everything in Organism Earth's influence only exists in this moment. For this reason, this moment is the only time when any or all of your 54 senses can register, think/feel experience or act from the homeostatic powers of UF aliveness in a natural area. This is also true for a Slime Mold. In this fundamental way we are all kin, alive and equal in any moment.

( ) The UF aliveness homeostatic powers of Organism Earth produce its natural balance and beauty. They purify, self-correct, recycle and transform so that the peace of Earth's cooperation and diversity sustains itself without producing garbage or assaults. For example, they edit the heat and rays from the sun to promote Earth's life and don't let the sea get too salty or not for life.

( ) In the UF aliveness of Planet Earth, only humanity has the gift of being able to articulate, understand and build relationships with our sense of literacy and abstract stories (#39). The rest of the life of our planet is "non-literate." For this reason the life of Earth is vulnerable to our nature-disconnecting stories and the stress and excessiveness they produce as they eviscerate UF aliveness, in and around us

( ) In this UF aliveness moment you are guided by human-built stories from which you to think, feel or act to gain felt-sense satisfactions for your 54 natural senses.

You can gain satisfactions from stories that either:
(  ) 1) connect you with and support the integrity of your homeostatic 54 sense intelligence and UF aliveness powers while in a natural area. Moments you spend there enable Earth's life to help you produce responsible happiness in and around you in those present moments and those that follow.

(2) disconnect you from the integrity of your 54 sense intelligence and unifying powers of Earth in natural areas and, to your loss, dis-integrate responsible happiness in and around you in this moment. This stressful posture continues until this disconnection is corrected by stories that re-connect you with the wise UF aliveness of Earth.



1. A human being is a 54 sense living organism whose unique sense of language (#39) can create fictional or factual stories, speak and understand them and build relationships around them.

2. Planet Earth is a 53 sense living organism that, minus humanity, can neither create nor communicate with stories. Instead it builds-communicates-relates via energies within the natural attraction motivations and relationships of Nature's self-correcting balance, power and beauty.

3. Whenever we are aware that we are alive, all things of Earth are alive and unified by attraction.

4. All things only exist in the GreenWave Unified Field dance of the Now.  While dancing we can transform the nature-disconnected, scientifically unwhole stories from humanity that stress us and produce our disorders.

5. The essence and wholeness of all things is identical and is connected, with the exception of any nature-disconnecting story. The GreenWave genius of continually thinking like Nature's perfection works because any natural attraction we find in nature is nature in us doing the finding.

6. Habitually incorporating the GreenWave in our thinking, relationships and genetics produces the fiduciary benefits of personal, social and environmental well-being.


Contact: Dr. Michael J. Cohen 

Best background article online:

ECHN antidote in action:

* * *


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