Free: Our love of Earth and Nature's life programs help you recognize that your life and all of life is universal attraction/love in action. It is being violated. As you protect and support it you increase personal, social and environmental well-being for yourself and others.

We are conceived as our unique 54-sense individuality, as part of the living Earth and its wondrous purifying and self-correcting powers.  The materialistic stories of our Society injuriously habituates us to disconnect our felt-sense thinking from these powers and we suffer accordingly.


Our loss of our 54 unifying and restorative natural senses produces our Nature Deficit Disorder's stressful, unbalanced ways and our runaway mental illness as they erode personal and global well being..

Sadly, as we build relationships in our excessively nature-disconnected ways, we learn to violate Earth, each other and ourselves.
When we apply the whole life social technology of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature(ECHN) it enables us to therapeutically bring all of life back into balance as we
reconnect our 54 natural senses to Nature's essence, in and around us.

Project NatureConnect

Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)

Practical art and science of whole life distance learning to increase person/planet well-being

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Free ECHN Courses for those who love the life of Nature and Earth as their own.

A collection on this one page of the total information that is sent to ECHN course and degree inquirers.

The Email letter:

Let Your Love of the Life of Nature and Earth Help their Life Increase your Wellness and Reduce Climate Change.

Today, like myself, many nature lovers grieve as our runaway deterioration of the life of Earth, Nature and ourselves persists. 

Scientific studies continue to report an increase in climate change, species extinction, habitat destruction, resource overload, unfair relationships, poverty, mental disorders and stress overload. 

The life of Planet Earth is under assault because our society suffers from Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD).  This sickness motivates us to excessively disconnect from, exploit and conquer our living planet’s balance and beauty in and around us.

NDD flourishes because it pays us to corrupt the natural world while it sells us addictive quick fixes to relieve our pain from this corruption. It gives us the Whole Life IQ of an Idiot and that helps explain our crazy world.

If you love the life of Nature and Earth, you may obtain, free, the remedy for NDD.  It is a practical tool, a social technology known as the Whole Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN). 

ECHN works because it enables you to create authentic sensory moments in natural areas, backyard or backcountry, that let Earth’s life teach you what you need to know to overcome NDD.  It gives your love of Nature the ability to transform our NDD madness into Earth’s self-correcting purity and peace.  

ECHN reconnects with authentic Nature the injured parts of us that have been excessively disconnected from Nature. This lets Nature recycle and heal its wounded self in and around us as well as strengthen our love of Earth and Earth’s love of us. Through ECHN we can
•    Stop treating our living Planet as a dead resource that has no rights to its life.  
•    Remedy our mind pollution and the disorder miseries that NDD makes us suffer.
•    Let our 54 survival senses help us reverse climate change, species extinction and habitat destruction
•    Get “Organism Earth” protected as an endangered species.

Give yourself the free NDD antidote that your love of Nature deserves. Tap into the intelligence, safety and support that Nature provides. Instantly engage in our free ECHN activities because you want to increase Earth’s and your well-being. 

Project NatureConnect.
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The Invitation to take PNC free courses online

Are you one of the gifted few that treasures your ability to love the life of Nature and our Planet? 
  • Strengthen your gift. Support Earth's and your life by helping others discover and extend it in themselves.

  • Certify your life and self.  Be officially valued by Society as the gifted nature-connected person that you are.

  • Thank your special love of the natural world by constantly letting its planetary life-source refresh it.

  • Expertly eliminate the pain we suffer from our Society's outlandish assault of Nature.

  • Join our free online nature connected livelihood and degree training program. Learn how to create sensory moments in natural areas that let Earth teach.
  • Your felt contacts in nature are pure, powerful and self-evident. Empower them to safely let the life of our Planet give you and yours what you need to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

  • Heighten Nature as higher power when you turn to it.

  • Help your beautiful love of Earth's life enhance your relationships, education and career. Help others do the same.
Benefit from our free courses and activities.
Immediately improve Earth's and your well-being. Tap into the trustable intelligence, safety and support that Nature provides. Thank if from your heart for always being there for you.  Let our whole-life art and science directly connect you to the wisdom of Nature, in and around you.

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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)
Project NatureConnect

Further Information:

Many studies show that we daily suffer the increasing deterioration of our personal, social and environmental relationships. This catastrophe results from our Society's excessive disconnection of our body, mind and love from the life of Planet Earth and it's self-correcting ways in and around us.

Our disconnection from our global life source hurts and stresses us.   We suffer outrageous personal, social and environmental corruption that it produces.  Because we learn to deny its origin and cure, we can't stop it.

Individuals who  love the life of Nature and Earth are invited to immediately participate in Project NatureConnect's subsidized Orientation Program and/or the Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)  free courses, below.   They enable you and yours to identify the "unknown" cause and remedy for our runaway stupidity. 

ECHN helps you create authentic sensory contact with the balancing and restorative life powers of Nature and Earth.  They empower you  to help transform our madness into the love, beauty and peace of the natural world.

Contact Mike Cohen, Ph.D,  for further information.  1-360-378-6313

Call us now: 360-378-6313

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EMAIL: nature@interisland.net

Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)
Project NatureConnect

The Listing of Free Courses
The sensory Education and Career courses described below are significant breakthrough in distance education.  They are sustainable counseling and therapy training that includes your prior learning, equivalent courses and life experience and that offers financial aid grants. The courses help you remedy the excessive  disconnection of our psyche from nature's flow that produces our disorders. Its applied ecopsychology enables you follow nature's path to Earth and humanity in peaceful balance.   


Successful completion of a course may make you eligible to be a financially commissioned ambassador for Project NatureConnect and the well-being of our Living Planet. Inquire.

Strengthen your relationships.
Do a course with friends and share the life-saving attractions you discover in nature and each other.


IMPORTANT: Start by reading the Course Prerequisite page for all the courses that appear, below.


1. The Sensory Life of Nature Path
Organic Inspiration from Respiration
Thinking, Feeling and Relating Through the Self-Correcting Joy of Nature's Perfection
Follow instructions at http://www.ecopsych.com/naturepath.html

2.  Surf the "Now" GreenWave of Nature
Sense and relate via the authentic Unified Field
The Ultimate Intelligence Test Inventory
A. Read http://www.ecopsych.com/saneearth.html and links of interest there

B.Read http://www.ecopsych.com/journalaliveness.html and new links of interest, especially http://www.ecopsych.com/journalgut.html

C. Read and do http://www.ecopsych.com/einsteinstart.html and the Part One eleven pages of its sequence

D. Read and do Part Two at http://www.ecopsych.com/journalintelsteps.html

E. Respond to appropriate parts of the Comprehensive Exam http://www.ecopsych.com/eco800set18exam.html

3. The Hidden Organic Remedy

Benefit from Nature as Higher Power
A. Read http://www.ecopsych.com/nhpbook.html and links of interest there.

B. Obtain the course via http://projectnatureconnect.org/eco_800nhp/

4. Acting Out Your Love for Nature
Respectfully ask Nature to help you gain its wisdom.
A Do the Activities at http://www.ecopsych.com/amental.html
and Part 2:

Contact: Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Telephone 360-378-6313
Read the Ecopsychology Journal interview with Dr. Cohen: http://www.ecopsych.com/ecopsychologyjournal.html

Email: nature@interisland.net.
Website: www.ecopsych.com 
Personal page: http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html

An Overview: Our 54 Sense Life of Earth Intelligence

The whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN)

  • My senses of hunger, thirst and suffocation signal me that I need water, food and air. They attract me to them.

  • My senses of trust, community and thankfulness signal I have support here and now. They attract me to this relationship.

  • My senses of reason and language say that it is self-evident that the six senses (above) help me make sense.  This attracts me to their reasonable story.
   My sense of reason also works off a short-circuited story that I learned to believe habitually. It says, “We only have five senses.” 

   Now my sense of reason says, “That five-sense story must be inaccurate. None of the eight senses, above, including my senses of reason and language, are included in the five I was taught to be the correct number.”   I know from experience that the eight senses are self-evident and undeniable. They are biologically the built in way nature gave our nervous and other systems to register the world. They are an essence of correctness.  I know from experience that I have at least 13 senses.

   My sense of Reason now says that self-evidence shows that it is never reasonable for me or anyone else to believe, feel and act as if we only have five senses. 

   My sense of Reason also says it is reasonable for you and I to be reasonable if we don’t want to increasingly suffer the consequences, a major consequence being Earth Misery Day

Today, the reasonable updated story of the senses is that scientifically, we are naturally born with at least 54 natural sense groups that make us aware and attach us to the life and self-correcting balance and beauty of the natural world, in and around us.

Our 54 senses are designed to help us consciously register the life of our Planet, from womb to tomb.  When we do so we are in tune with, and can live in balance with the life of Earth in and around us, rather than trespass it.  This is because when signals from Earth register on our senses, we react accordingly when they are reasonable, and vice versa.  Each sense motivates because it is its own, special organic love to survive, moment after moment.

We suffer the pain of our disorders and dilemmas because
1. We are born with the natural 54-sense ability to live in balance with the life of our Planet

2. From our birth on, we are socialized to think, feel and relate through 15 percent of our 54 senses.  In addition, for 99 percent of our lives our socialization attaches us to our indoor world’s material science and technology facts and inventions along with indoor rules and imaginary supernatural stories. We seldom learn how the whole life of Planet Earth is operating, in and around us moment-by-moment.  This part of our socialization is a sickness known as Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) or as Natural Attraction Dysfunction. 

3. We habitually operate with an Idiotic Whole Life Intelligence IQ of 15 due to NDD and this explains many dilemmas including Earth Misery Day.  NDD habitually motivates us to excessively disconnect from, exploit and conquer the life of Earth’s balance and beauty in and around us.

We seldom eliminate NDD because it gives us a salary to corrupt the natural world. It also profits the folks who sell us our immediate satisfaction stories and the other artificial things that we depend on to relieve our pain from our corruption. Most challenging of all is that NDD teaches us to deny its known origin and remedy.
The whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) helps us remedy NDD. It enables us to create moments in natural areas that let Earth guide and teach us. These moments provide, at will, a safe space for our natural selves to come into play, our buried, but alive, reasonable 54-sense ability to live in balance with the life of our Planet. 

ECHN works because anybody can make its process and benefits a treasure chest in their mentality that is there consistently as part of their daily life and livelihood.

READ: The Process of ECHN an article about involving yourself with the whole life art and science of creating moments that let Earth teach.


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You may obtain an Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature
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Project NatureConnect

Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology
Practical alternative distance learning to strengthen person/planet well-being

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