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 Project NatureConnect

 Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)
 Creating moments that let Earth teach to support person/planet well-being
 EMAIL:  Phone (360) 378-6313  M.J. Cohen, Director
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Well Mind, Well Earth: Create Moments That Let The Life of Our Planet Teach You Its Sensory Wisdom.

How ECHN training helps your life and livelihood increase personal health and global well-being.


Greetings and Welcome to our ECHN Program. Thank you for your interest in it.

.The most efficient way to discover how Project NatureConnect can help you achieve your goals is to recognize that it empowers you with the whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN). Its use is imperative.

You and I are in distress on many fronts because Industrial Society does not have a dependable problem solving process that addresses the core source of the disorders that it teaches us to produce. Too often when we find one solution it soon creates other problems.

Something to think about: Do I want to know how to address the source of the problems we face so that my solutions for them are lasting?


ECHN helps people stay in balance because it is self-correcting. It genuinely connects our body, mind and spirit with Nature and self-correction is how Nature works. As you master this program you felt-sense know how the life of Nature achieves balance and wellness and how you can do the same as part of it.

Something to think about: Am I interested in having my inherent balancing powers of Nature work for me and others?



ECHN results from an Expedition Community that in 1965 successfully designed and lived out a unique conflict resolution tool. For the decades that followed, it enabled Expedition members to defuse the central disassociating source of the wide range of dysfunctions that they suffered in their “normal” but stress-filled lives.

The tool worked to the benefit of all including the Web of Life, its plants, animals, minerals and energies.


Rather than war against the corruption and agents that produced their personal, social and environmental disorders, the ECHN social technology that the Expedition invented enabled them to transform them by making peaceful connections with the restorative powers of Nature, in and around them in natural areas.

They accomplished this because they discovered that at every level, our society’s excessive separation of our 54 natural senses from the self-correcting ways/dance of the natural world produced what ailed them.

The ECHN tool enabled their senses to rebind that separation.

As a reasonable response to our disastrous estrangement from Nature, the sensory nature-reconnecting process the Expedition established, at will, let them create moments in natural areas that let the life of Earth touch them and make a permanent place in their  mind for its ways and means.  They regained the wisdom they had lost  through 54 natural senses that they had been taught to ignore. They discovered they could best help themselves by helping others also create transformative nature-connection moments.

Something to think about: Is a four hours/week, 54-sense Expedition worth the effort? It will increase the well-being of myself and the lives of others that I touch...and optionally earn me a degree.


Today we are in trouble because we don’t learn about or experience the 54-sense way Nature sustains its purity and perfection moment-by-moment and free of charge.

“It was as if instead of looking at a costly and possibly faulty compass needle for direction, ECHN students became the compass needle itself and learned the right direction from conscious contact with Earth’s magnetic lines of force. This bypassed the bias in Industrial Society that made the needle for profit and may have used cheaper but flawed materials that influenced its accuracy. For example: The direction of the morning sun or location of a landmark could replace the need for the needle.

ECHN enables us to create moments when we learn to direct ourselves from sensory contact with the wisdom of the life of our Planet. That is nature’s ancient intelligence and the balanced thinking of native cultures. For this reason we warranty the accuracy of ECHN."

Since 1990 ECHN has been available to anyone interested in going online and joining the ongoing expedition process there via this website. You accomplish this by entering our subsidized Orientation Program. It helps you directly, hands-on relate to the life of your planet home in and around you as you encourage it to safely reveal its peaceful ways to you, backyard or backcountry.

Something to think about: Do I want to obtain the whole life truth about my issues and relationships so that my involvement in them is successful?


We excessively suffer from the likes of anxiety, depression, stress, assaults and addictions because our excessively nature-disconnected lives are misdirected. We have learned to make the life of our Planet suicidal by treating it as if it is not a living organism, rather it being mechanical and exploitable without consequence. It is as if we think that we can pollute the integrity of a reservoir and not be polluted by its water that we drink.

Our "Mechanical Earth" story is an abnormality that underlies most of the disorders that we suffer while the ECHN living Earth remedy for our warped thinking is disregarded. We socialize ourselves to habitually gain misleading sensory fulfillments from “biased compass” relationships that deteriorate nature around and within us.

To correct this, ECHN empowers us to habitually enjoy organic fulfillments from felt sense contacts made in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. These nature-connected satisfactions are happy, sensible and rewarding because they support and restore the natural world including our inner nature, rather than continue to deteriorate it.

When added to any relationship ECHN reduces the insanity that increasingly produces Earth Misery Day (This insanity was "best seller" identified in 1948 by Fairfield Osborne. It is no secret). ECHN is a key moral and ethical necessity that our nature-estranged mentality conveniently omits from contemporary life.

For example we learn to overlook that:

  • In Nature, when we inhale (inspire) we are gifted with the pure oxygen that plants have produced. It makes our life possible.
  • When we exhale (expire) we gift plants with the pure carbon di-oxide from us that they need for their life.
  • The repetition (respiration) of this mutually supportive and fair exchange attraction is the core of how Nature’s self-correcting life dance organizes itself to work.
  • Project NatureConnect helps us join the dance by using ECHN to conspire (breathe together) and unite and blend our 54 natural senses with their origins in the balance and beauty of unadulterated Nature.

Something to think about: Won't the environment and all of us benefit from me learning and teaching how to "conspire with Nature."


Ecopsychology in Action



The GreenWave Path

This single page that you are now reading is our GreenWave express lane, the most efficient way to explore ECHN. It takes you on a sightseeing and sampling tour that introduces you to special values that ECHN offers that you can benefit from and share. Its links connect you to 10 key contributions that are made via the many other online links of this 1400 page website that was established in 1993.

You can travel off this page’s path and fully explore its links of interest at anytime. You can then return to it later and continue on. Or you can take it to the end and then review its links, especially if you bookmark them along the way. When questions arise you are welcome to call 360-378-6313 for help and/or use our search engine.

This trail ends by enrolling in our Orientation Program or at an Ultimate Intelligence Inventory that lets you put to work what you learn here by “surfing an ECHN GreenWave.”

You can get free academic or professional credit and grants by completing the Inventory as a course. You can explore it anytime. It can help you integrate and strengthen what you learn from this page and its links and vice versa. You can become a paid Ambassador for ECHN as soon as you have a working knowledge of the GreenWave process that you can share as your job.

Something to think about: What is my Ultimate Intelligence? Do I want to increase it?


There are very few people who are qualified to understand this express lane. If you love Nature, we urge you to try it for that love will help you succeed where most others fail.

To your advantage, you may find that your love of nature makes you one of the exceptional folks to whom ECHN makes sense. You know you are on the right track if you sense on some level that Planet Earth is a living organism that, just as we do, has a right to its life of which we are part. When its life is injured, we are also injured.

ECHN speaks on this page like the expertise of a scientifically trained Lorax. However it does not speak for just the life of the trees. In addition it speaks for the life of Earth and the Universe, the eons and pre-eons of our Planet. We sometimes call all of it the "natural world" or "Nature" or "whole life".

ECHN lets Nature/Earth speak for itself to itself in us because it loves that our lives are important parts of its life.

Something to think about: Isn't my love of Nature alive? Doesn't it want me to support its life and Nature?


Most people mistrust or ignore what ECHN offers here. The think of it as being inadequate or fantasy to the point that it does not register in their consciousness as having much value. This of course, is their choice.

The way most folks learn to think, act and relate is increasingly placing life on Earth as we know it at risk. As if it is an addiction, they can’t stop doing this because their senses and sensibilities have been rewarded and bonded to nature-disconnected stories. This makes ECHN to be like an unwanted intervention in their lives, one asking them to benefit from Nature as higher power once they get involved in ECHN. It makes sense once you become aware of the process that these same individuals embrace instead and its dire effects.

Addicts seldom appreciate interventions yet they are often necessary for the addicts' survival and everybody's safety. If you think you don’t understand the extent of our disastrous personal, social and global effects and how they are injuring you, visit our Earth Misery Day page now and return here when it seems reasonable to return.

Something to think about: Do I know of addictions or disorders I want to reduce that unbalance me or others so that our wants produce destructive excessiveness?


As a certified ECHN guide, I am qualified to speak for Nature’s whole of life because the life of Nature/Universe makes its own time and space moment- by-moment. Like you, I am part of Nature doing its thing right now. I am engulfed in this moment of Nature and of our advanced science and technology on this planet, here and now.

To your advantage, ECHN is a social technology tool that in any moment empowers you to felt-sense think and relate like Nature works its perfection.

I know that you are reading these words now, and you know that I know it if you are, yet we may be thousands of miles and hours apart. This is an important root of truth to build on, one that we learn to take for granted.

ECHN works because the Standard or Science-based Universe that we live in produces its own space and time moment by moment. We live in its, and as part of its "now" and vice versa. We share that essence, it makes us "one".

Something to think about: Am I aware that I am reading this sentence in this moment as a part of the Universe that can speak?

The scientific process that identified the space/time Universe is the same process that gives us the technologies we use today, from the automobile to mobile phones and space walks. If you appreciate their excellence, you can trust the Universe’s space/time truth because the same form of research that produced our technologies also produces Planet Earth's material life today.

Long before humanity was present, through its early attractions to do so, the life of Earth was attracted to grow from and into being part of the life of the space/time life of Nature/Universe. It is doing this right now. If you recognize this, please continue. You are exceptional.

Something to think about: Do I want to discover how I became exceptional and put what I find to good use?


As part of the life and history of Earth and its eons, your and my body, mind and spirit are doing the same life-survival thing in this moment. So is the life of Earth. The difference is that Earth knows how to do it in pure and balanced ways that beautifully promote growth, diversity and cooperation.

Are you aware that like all other members of the Web of Life’s animal, mineral, vegetable and energy kingdoms, you are Earth’s life biologically being you and bringing your special life into this and the next moment? In this respect the essence of all things in/on Earth are identical in any given moment. Our essences is its essence. We suffer our destructiveness because our nature-disconnected ego story indoctrinates and pays us to conquer this essence.

Something to think about: How can I mutually benefit from my oneness with the Web of Life?


“Flat outstretched upon a mound
Of earth I lie; I press my ear

Against its surface and I hear

Far off and deep, the measured sound

Of heart that beats within the ground.

And with it pounds in harmony

The swift, familiar heart in me.

They pulse as one, together swell,

Together fall; I cannot tell

My sound from earth's, for I am part

Of rhythmic, universal heart.”

- Elizabeth Odell


To be whole and to stop hurtfully subdividing the life of Earth and us, it makes sense for ECHN to create a way to accurately portray Earth’s life with the singularity provided by an acronym that stops and prevents disconnection. The whole of life needs this integrated unity that includes each moment of the Universe, Nature, Earth and Humanity (UNEH). That acronym is UNEH. And since ECHN is a scientific Lorax and modern science is part of Earth, too, I’m going to add an S to the acronym. This makes the unified singularity of any space/time moment be fully represented as SUNEH.

ECHN works because it roots itself in the "now," the singularity of each SUNEH moment, to be a trustable, time, place and way to know the life of the Universe and Earth that we all are and share.

SUNEH is an anchor whose life process is consistent and accurate, similar to mathematics. If this makes sense to you, ECHN is an exacting tool that will enhance your every interest and relationship. It will add 54 sense support from SUNEH to your efforts rather than having them be in conflict with SUNEH while you are the H in it. That conflict is the source of most problems we face.

Something to think about: How can I be sure ECHN will work for me? Exactly how can SUNEH support me socially and economically?


Do you recognize that in SUNEH as the life of Planet Earth, only humanity communicates with stories consisting of words, images and other abstracts that shortcut portray the real thing that they represent?

Do you recognize that none of our stories are real, that they are like blueprints for how to relate to non-story SUNEH? They are like a dollar bill "You can’t eat it but you can buy food with it, with or without the wisdom of SUNEH."

Our established stories have attached or addicted our 54 senses, including our sense of reason, to relate to Earth as a mechanical resource that is little different from a machine, chemical or a fantasy we invent that helps us survive, be it balanced or not. All three are artificial blueprint outcomes of our media and story-based world. They are stories and abstracts, not living organisms, not like speechless Organism Earth.

For ECHN to be helpful, one must recognize that Earth is and has it own life and aliveness. It is a planet-sized, non-literate SUNEH organism with ancient nature-created homeostasis and life-sensitivities not found in machines or blueprints.

Something to think about: What "Boss" has taught me, or tried to teach me, not to believe Earth is a living organism?


Ecopsychology in Action.


When you omit Earth’s aliveness ECHN becomes the disaster of ECH without N, in and around us.

It is a major question as to if there can be any substitute for SUNEH, the real thing. Can we actually find or make a substitute for the perfections of our Universe and its eons of SUNEH life experience?

Something to think about: There are some human-built things and relationships that don't have adverse effects on the life of Planet Earth. What are they?


ECHN helps us effectively relate to SUNEH by enabling us to create 54-sense space/time moments that safely let conscious contact with SUNEH in a natural area teach us what we need to know to come into balance with SUNEH. This is neither science fiction nor new age fantasy. Some of us consider it to be unadulterated contact with the divine. About 51 of our 54 natural senses make up over 85 percent of our mentality, our “old brain” intelligence that sustains and governs the web-of-life today.

Via ECHN we obtain information from Earth itself, the fountainhead of authority on how it works, not about Earth from folks who live closeted from it.

For example, in any given moment the intelligence of our sense of thirst (#21), one of our 54 natural senses, can inform us that to survive we need to bring the flow and dance of the pristine global water cycle into us. In addition, the intelligence of thirst can turn itself off and disappear to signal us that we have enough water. This noble deed prevents us from exploding from excessive water or suffering from lack of water. It also prevents SUNEH from enduring a water imbalance. Thirst is balanced by SUNEH, it is not runaway, so it supports the integrity of SUNEH rather than dis-integrates it.

To omit SUNEH intelligence from our thinking is to ask for the troubles that we produce and can't solve.

This balancing phenomenon of our sense of thirst is the satisfying natural homeostatic power of SUNEH in action. It is a fact, a fact of life that is its own self-regulating and self-correcting boss. It is unpredictable because SUNEH is an ever-fluctuating dance of and into balance. For this reason we place the sensation of thirst outside the realm of objective material science. We can't measure it, its not a measurable and consistent fact so it doesn't count. Its dance won't stand still because that would be a form of death to its life. For this reason, and to our loss, our sense of thirst becomes a “subjective” phenomenon that we can experience and feel but not scientifically integrate into how we know and relate to the material world.

Something to think about: Can I identify the "Boss" who taught me that what I naturally sense and feel is not a fact of life so it doesn't count?


ECHN helps us remedy our excessiveness and miseries by enabling our awareness to make genuine 54 sense contact with and accurately register SUNEH in any given time/space SUNEH moment in a natural area.

Each or our 54 senses is a trustable singularity in any moment the most accurate form of information. This lets the restorative self-correcting, recycling and healing powers of SUNEH help our body mind and spirit, like a compass needle, register and come into balance with the real aliveness of our Planet in 54 sensory ways that include the sense of reason. Then we can speak from the reality of that experience. This makes ECHN a valuable remedy, a reasonable Rosetta Stone between the objective and subjective for what ails us if we appreciate its unique contribution to well-being.

Sadly, the way we think and relate is taught to omit 85 percent of our natural sense intelligence under the illusion or fable that Earth in not a living organism. This so distorts us that we believe we can be stewards of Organism Earth although the way we presently think has been around less than three percent of Earth's age. The results of this arrogance speak for themselves.

ECHN works because it helps us be ambassadors or avatars of our living planet rather than puppets of imaginary global operants.

It is scientifically accepted that everything on Earth is connected to everything else and that all things somehow commune with each other to coordinate with each other so they can come into balance and not trespass each other. However, other than humanity, things on Earth don’t communicate with words and labels. Only people do that. We become both story tellers and SUNEH as we learn to speak and tell stories that accurately connect our thinking with SUNEH so we may survive in balance.

How sensible is our intelligence to reduce SUNEH accuracy by 85 percent through the "sin" of omitting most of our natural senses and what they register and communicate in every whole life SUNEH moment?

Something to think about: Am I aware of anything else in Nature that communicates in abstract stories, words and labels and thereby can disassociate from SUNEH?




We are beneficially story connected to the whole of life when our stories attach our 54 senses to register and support SUNEH. Conversely, we produce our hurtful dilemmas and their pain when our stories continue to separate us from SUNEH and its wisdom of the ages. These disconnection stories dismantle the integrity of SUNEH’s singularity by isolating us from it, or teaching us to conquer it as if it was an enemy or dead so we believe we can't hurt it.

Since SUNEH does not use words to tell its story, and its story desperately needs to be told, the process of ECHN tells it on these web pages and in the Project NatureConnect (PNC) program. It conveys it as it was discovered and explored outdoors on year long SUNEH expeditions for 16 years.

In addition, PNC’s Whole Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) consists of making safe space and time to let SUNEH speak its truth to ECHN participants in natural areas while they are in 54-sense contact with SUNEH, backyard or backcountry. This makes the way the ECHN program teaches be the same learning process that was in effect when ECHN identified it on expeditions and as it describes it here.

Something to think about: Do I want to be an ambassador or avatar for the self-correcting whole life sanity and integrity of SUNEH? Isn't that livelihood the wave of our future?


You, too, can learn from conscious 54 sense contact with SUNEH. If you desire to have this make more sense to you now, you might want to visit the 54 natural sense page. You may recognize that you have experienced many of these senses in your lifetime; they are self-evident facts that you probably learned to ignore or conquer or attach to artifacts as is the custom, for profit, of many parts of Industrial Society. These parts do not value them as vital guides to whole life well-being or teach you to do this.


While a person is in a natural area ECHN lets SUNEH blend with their 54 senses so they may learn through their senses what they personally may need to know from SUNEH in their own words and in conjunction with their past experiences.

ECHN lets us commune with SUNEH via stories that include what SUNEH teaches us without stories.

Something to think about: What values do I see for myself in learning to use ECHN?


Obtaining knowledge and guidance from SUNEH is very important because when our stories about how SUNEH works are inaccurate or outdated, they disconnect our lives from SUNEH.

  • This makes us lose SUNEH's self-governing attraction power to organize, correct, balance and purify itself and us in the moment.
  • Without this power we produce problems and disorders that we can’t solve as well as body, mind and spirit injuries that we can’t heal.
  • SUNEH suffers from this as we do, for we are the H in SUNEH. Our suffering moves us to excessively use more and more material and energy resources from SUNEH to reduce our disconnection discomforts so the situation continually deteriorates as is demonstrated by Earth Misery Day. When we want there is never enough. That is the unbalancing source of most unhappiness, stress, anxiety and depression. It erodes sustainability, responsibility and peace.

ECHN helps us find balance. It enables us to satisfy our wants organically by reasonably connecting our 54 natural senses to the authentic life of Earth in and around us.


We presently use 50% more resources each year than SUNEH can produce and this has made Earth sick. Its temperature is rising and our toxic ways are killing off its species. As the H in SUNEH, we cause and are subject to this idiocy because against the will and health of SUNEH within us, our disconnection stories teach and reward us to be SUNEH disconnected.

Our SUNEH-disconnected education counseling and healing practices make us absurd and in addition be proud of it as "winners" even when we are aware of the dire effects. This is a form of addiction we seldom acknowledge, one that underlies most other addictions and is pervasive.

We must identify and remedy the critical point source of our lives that disconnects us from SUNEH and produces our loss of well-being. ECHN enables us accomplish this feat.

Something to think about: Does my deeper or ideal self want to use the ECHN sensory re-connection tool to help me produce whole life happiness for myself and others?


The source we seek has been found by ECHN. It is that we are hooked by and attached to inaccurate or outdated stories that deteriorate SUNEH. SUNEH is vulnerable to them. It can’t deal with them because SUNEH does not understand and can’t influence our stories, especially with its stories because the latter don’t exist. In addition, we don't give SUNEH any legal rights to its life so we don't have legal stories that protect it.

On average, over 99 percent of how we think, feel and act is out of tune with the way SUNEH works; over 95% of our time is spent indoors and our stories usually applaud this destructive separation from SUNEH as us having more intelligence than it.

Something to think about: Does this deteriorating conflict describe my life or that of others I know? Has being embedded in the ways of Industrial Society forged my mentality to be disconnected and arrogant? Have I become too isolated?


The story information you get from ECHN books, courses and this website reconnects you with SUNEH in its space, time and ways and how it can help you.

The crucial thing that the information here does not necessarily do is un-hook you from your attachments or addictions to hurtful SUNNEH-disconnected stories. You are bonded to them because your "Bosses" have supported and rewarded your SUNEH-disconnected survival from the moment that you were born into your SUNEH-separated life in contemporary society. This is a destructive form of indoctrination or brainwashing we support as our "socialization."

You need sensory ECHN contact with reasonable people to safely release your painful bonds and instead attach yourself to happiness gained from sensible ECHN organic stories and technologies.

Our nature-contact deficit is the seldom-recognized source of the stress, disorders and mental illness that we suffer. ECHN helps us eliminate the rift in our lives between our SUNEH-estranged story-driven world and SUNEH's inherent balance and beauty

For example, moment by moment, the life of the Universe and its Unified Field (Higgs Boson) natural attraction dance essence enables the life of Earth and all its web of life participants to create and enjoy Earth’s attractive optimums of life, diversity, balance, cooperation, sustainability, recycling and purity. "The fittest" are those that can best engage in this process.

In contrast, the nature-disconnected stories of too many parts of Industrial Society create our garbage, excessiveness, stress, assaults, corruption, mental illness and the many other disorders that we and SUNEH suffer. They are seldom found in nature-centered societies.

Something to think about: Do I want to correct the SUNEH destructive aspects of myself and others? Do I want to "Get my thinking out of the Box"?


Conscious, sensory, non-verbal ECHN experiences with authentic SUNEH in a natural area contain a powerful ability that we have lost. The rewards they provide reasonably detach us from our inaccurate, outdated but ingrained stories and their disconnection pain. These experiences then attach us, instead, to in-the-moment, SUNEH-supportive, organic stories and their beneficial effects including increased happiness. This same unadulterated process is also the basis of whole life scientific thinking and methodology that was established by Thales of Miletus, circa 600 BC.

Every aspect of PNC and ECHN is focused on re-connecting with SUNEH what our inappropriate stories have disconnected from it. We accomplish this by doing activities designed to help us create and experience safe space and time moments in natural areas. In them we invite natural attraction callings in SUNEH to guide and teach our 54 SUNEH-disconnected senses the SUNEH-supportive stories and relationships that we need to strengthen them and increase our personal, social and environmental well-being. This is not foreign or difficult because we are naturally born with our natural senses being SUNEH connected. We simply renew and restore what our disconnected relationships have made us suppress.

For example:

The crux of our predicaments is that in light of Earth Misery Day, in any SUNEH moment we are either thinking or acting from a story that is SUNEH connected (supporting balance) or SUNEH-disconnected (increasing imbalance).

Since we are indoctrinated and rewarded by long established SUNEH-disconnected information and fables, out of habit or story-addiction the way we act usually increases imbalance and pays us to do this. To remedy this our sense of reason can choose to create safe time and space to do ECHN activities. They sensibly reconnect our 54 senses with the unifying powers of SUNEH in a natural area. This contact makes us up-to-date and whole with the balanced whole-life ways of the eons that SUNEH produces moment by moment. We can, at will, create more and more such moments.

ECHN lets reasonable decisions become easy to make and carry out without conflict because, for survival, our ECHN stories and activities support our 54 natural sensibilities and vice versa. The two are no longer in conflict. That is the whole life source of well-being that is presently missing from contemporary life, fueling our disorders and producing Earth Misery Day earlier each year.

Something to think about: Have I ever had any experiences in Nature that enjoyably cleared my mind or know of this happening to others? Do I know and trust the essence of these experiences and how to access it?


The ECHN activities require that our stories always include what our SUNEH-connected senses register during ECHN natural area activities, no matter the time or place we tell them. This gives us an enjoyable, reasonable and safe independence and immunity from doing harm to ourselves or others in most relationships.

Much of this Website consists of the history and rationale that support the ECHN process. Participating in the Orientation Program does much more because in that program, in addition your 54 senses felt-sense experience and register the ECHN process in a natural area. You begin to become it. You embrace that your sensations are as real as anything else, often more real and reasonable. This makes the lasting value of connecting with SUNEH become unforgettable and practical. It increases your intelligence.

Something to think about: Do I want to bring more ECHN value into my life and the lives of others?


In today’s world it is critical to have our story way of knowing be congruent with SUNEH and our in-common attraction to survive. When this does not happen, conflicts arise, they are not permanently resolved and we suffer the consequences.

Our traditional stories about life are thousands of years old and are inappropriate and misleading us as to how to relate to advanced technology SUNEH today. However, we are so attached to them that we don’t easily change. It’s as if we are addicted to steering our modern automobile with the reins and bridle for a horse ....and then are surprised when things go awry.

We suffer from an environmental amnesia, more specifically amnesia of more than 45 of our 54 natural senses. This amnesia is highly contagious in early childhood and a global epidemic throughout contemporary society.

ECHN’s special contribution is that it is organic. It enables us to safely and reasonably release our destructive attachments to things that don’t make sense and then sensibly reattach them to more sensible SUNEH things in the next moment. This immediately produces a posture of momentary sanity accompanied by reasonable happiness. ECHN helps us continue to do this at will in the moments and years that follow.


ECHN gives you a powerful singularity, a dependable anchor that holds fast because it is grounded in 53 additional singularities. This life saver is described in the ECHN Warranty and a Dualism article.

Something to think about: Do I see a value in having ECHN be part of my life, of what I can contribute?


ECHN works for those of us who know in our heart that, like ourselves, Earth is a living organism, one that has rights to its SUNEH life that are equal to ours because it is the same life. To live in balance and equality, we must relate to our living planet accordingly because we are the H in it.

ECHN enables us to get important missing information directly from its source in SUNEH, not from SUNEH-disconnected individuals and institutions that continue to increase SUNEH Miseries even though these individuals are the empowered "majority."

Conversely, any education, counseling or healing program today that is not based on Organism Earth being alive is corrupt and corrupting. It is part of a huge problem, not its lasting solution. For money and power it is cheating its participants and SUNEH of a vital ECHN truth and process that is needed immediately to protect the life of all things from further injury.

We must not do to the life of Earth what we don’t want done to our lives. When we don’t know how to live this logic, we and SUNEH suffer.


To achieve unified SUNEH balance, ECHN enables us to tap into Organism Earth’s sane ways and wisdom. In turn, Organism Earth heals and relates to us because our senses and feelings are valuable facts of its life. It loves them. They count! That is different than our Society’s story that we are consumers, constituents, sinners or other cultural objects whose senses and feelings are subjective, therefore not scientific, not part of the S in SUNEH so they don’t count. This makes us cultural objects that hurt and want due to our excessive severance from SUNEH.

ECHN supports and encourages reasonable passion that benefits folks who recover from their disconnectedness by using Nature as higher power. It's outcomes make personal and ecological sense.

Something to think about: How can I include ECHN in my life or livelihood so what I reasonably sense and feel has more power?


With the above in mind, the best way to use this website is to read it conjunction with taking our online Orientation Program. There you can practice what you learn as you learn it by doing it while supported by students and guides that are helping each other do the same.

Read the opening article of the Orientation Program. If it makes sense to you, either enroll in the Orientation Program or visit and follow the links there until you find yourself “surfing the GreenWave” to strengthen your Ultimate Intelligence.


Your final goal is to choose to educate and know yourself, at will, as a contributing part of the Organism Earth GreenWave. The Orientation Program will support you in choosing more and more to enjoy this reasonable way of relating and its happy results. You can obtain, and help others obtain degrees or certificates that show you have mastered the ECHN process.

Something to think about: Am I comfortable in supporting stories that are deteriorating the life of Earth because they make us treat it as if it was a machine l while an ECHN antidote for this catastrophe is available?

Am I moment by moment honoring the sane essence of my own life and those I love? If not, who is now, or was at one time, the misguided Boss of me that influences how I think and feel today?


"We have repressed far more than our sexuality: our very organic nature is now unconscious to most of us, most of the time, and we have become shrunken into two dimensional social or cultural beings, aware of only five of the hundreds of senses that link us to the rich biological nature that underlies and nourishes these more symbolic and recent aspects of ourselves."

- Norman O. Brown


"I believe that the Universe is one being all its parts are different expressions of the same energy and they are all in communication with each other therefore parts of one organic whole. This whole is in all its parts so beautiful and is felt by me to be so intensely in earnest that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine."

- Robinson Jeffers


"Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling. This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars. Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table."

- D. H. Lawrence


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