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Urgent Background (read this): The World Resource Deficit Increases While its Sensory Ecology Remedy is Ignored on Earth Overshoot Day.
"If the wisdom of the ancient prophets included today’s
advanced science, the Father-God-Eternal might be
Mother Nature and well-being would be King."

- Project NatureConnect

Practical Holistic Aliveness: The Natural Attraction
Dance of Nature's Standard Universe
A new objective science antidote for environmental/social disasters involves the Higgs Field (2012), Gravity Waves (2014), NNIAAL (1997), Self-Evidence (1974), Organism Earth (1965) Einstein's Grand Unification Field (1935) and Natural Attraction Ecology (2005)

FOUND: The organic Rosetta Stone common denominator remedy that we are socialized to reject.

Who is the Boss of you?

Applicable Well Earth/Well Mind-Body-Spirit
Health and Wellness Science News and Activities for Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature

You can instantly put into practice free, evidence based, whole life ways and means because you want to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.  Create moments that let the life of Earth blend with our life what we desperately need to know.

Warranty: Scientifically established sensory connections with the life of Nature's unification powers, balance and peace enable us to transform our destructive
bonding into whole life, organic, personal and global relationships.


Parts of objective Science and thinking are not attractive because they support the demise of our living planet and ourselves. Being warped and unfair, they are outlaws of the aliveness of Science/Earth/Nature/Universe/Humanity (SUNEH). Their shortcoming is that they are not helping us relate in the balanced and pure ways that nature's whole of life works, ways that can teach us how to sustain the perfection of Earth's natural integrity. The art of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) overcomes this shortcoming by providing critical elements that are missing.

"Objectivity" objects to natural attraction sensations being legitimate facts of life that are registered by our 54 natural senses and that must be included as undeniable self-evidence in any reasonable investigation or relationship. For example, the sensation of thirst and material water are equally true facts of life.

Precise science must take into account all the evidence, not just evidence that is material or funded, to produce accurate, whole life relationships based on our 54 senses.

ECHN enables scientific inquiry and critical thinking to give our mind, body and spirit holistic information that is accurate because it includes all sensory and material facts beyond reasonable doubt.

When ECHN is applied it increases efficacy and reduces budgets. It works because whenever conflicts or fractures appear it helps us heal them with "natural attraction glue," Nature's rewarding and contagious sensory adhesive, a common unified field denominator that defuses rather than produces additional conflicts.

See the Abstract as a Video:  Select Here. (Adjust it for High Density HD or Regular Density depending on you loading  speed.)
  • Turn over the stone of Natural Attraction Ecology that has been left unturned; implement the Earth Charter and reduce Earth Overshoot Day.

  • Enjoy the benefits of natural sensory reasoning and whole-life science relationships.

  • Subdue the disastrous power of our Objective Science socialization that disconnects our sensory body, mind and spirit from the moment after moment central unification and balancing life energy of the Universe/Nature/Earth.

  • Enjoy an applied science that includes a wide range of empirical facts in order to produce reasonable decisions and relationships.

  • Moment by moment strengthen Nature's restorative purity, equilibrium and beauty, in and around us.

  • Heal our fractured world and lives by unifying the fractions: activate the scientifically recognized attraction energy, the "common denominator" that everything holds in common.

  • Guaranteed Science: You instantly improve your relationships through this free ECHN activity because you unify with the wise balance and beauty of Nature's aliveness.

SPECIAL NOTE: This article presents a Project NatureConnect subjective, whole-life science amendment that further explains the Albert Einstein Unified Field Equation ECHN: We desperately need to apply ECHN Natural Attraction Ecology, a readily available objective science that validates both water and the sensation of thirst to be two equally important facts of life-in-balance as Planet Earth.

As demonstrated by the present state of the world, the omission of either of these whole life facts fractures our personal, social and environmental well being yet we continue to practice this omission with respect to over 45 additional natural senses/sensations like motion, trust and belonging.

There is a reason to use whole life science to modify our addiction to Objective Science and its money system because the latter destructively defames subjective facts. That defamation disobeys this First Law of Scientific Integrity: as part of all research and investigations, to reasonably promote the sanity of life in balance and purity we must include natural sensations and feelings as self-evident, phenomenological facts of life. To practice whole-life science, researchers shall not make or follow any procedure that omits consideration of objective or sensory facts, attractions or pressures that influence their work or its organically valid outcomes and effects. The intelligent use of the Albert Einstein Unified Field Equation makes this possible.


Reduce disorders, corruption and madness: Who's the Boss of you?

A factory manager, losing money, sought advice from a business expert who suggested: "Improve how you hire people. Ask prospective employees, 'How much is 2 + 2 and hire the person with the best answer." The first woman candidate answered "2 + 2 = 22."  The second said "2 + 2 = 5."  The third said, "The answer could be 4 or 22 depending upon your meaning and your base number. Hire me. I love gathering complete information and considering long term effects to produce the best possible solutions."

The manager hired the woman who said 2 + 2 = 5. His Boss made him do it,
with a bonus and pressure, because that woman was the Boss's paramour

From families to nations, most groups or societies have leadership that guides their members to the outcomes the group desires. The leaders can be individuals, organizations or stories/beliefs that play the role of "Bosses." They powerfully direct or affect the behavior of the group and the habits of its members.

The success, failure or worthwhileness of an individual or group often rests on the honest or corrupt ways of its Boss. Often, we knowingly or subconsciously respond to the powerful influence of our "Boss(es)" upon us long after we have left our relationship with them.  Children are especially vulnerable to this.

OPTIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Throughout this article, to help you determine "Who is the boss of you? (WBY)," first read through the Earth Status background (now is best, or later when its link shows up again.)  Then, wherever the "___ Attraction Strength to the information" indicator appears in the article, think about the statements preceding it and write down somewhere the 10-1 strength of your attraction to their information, 10 being the strongest attraction, 1 being the weakest.

If your attraction is weak think about the reasonableness of any Boss(es) that may be operating in your mind-body-spirit with respect to the
Earth Status background that we seldom learn to see. Is a Boss influencing your "objective science" Standard Universe (science-based universe) attraction?

"Bosses" are usually unreasonable attachments to
nature-estranged individuals, organizations or stories/beliefs.

Individuals with high "attraction strength" scores are eligible to certify as mentors or faculty in the Project NatureConnect Program

Fact or Fiction? 
Who's the Boss of you?

There is good reason to believe that we are in a universe permeated with life.
...Attributed to
- George Wald, 1985 Nobel Prize Laureat (Physiology)

The whole universe in its different spans and wave-lengths, exclusions and developments, is everywhere alive and conscious. There is one fundamental stuff.
...Attributed to
- William James, 1887 Father of American Psychology

The Universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.
  Attributed to
- Plato,  420 BC Father of Philosophical Idealism

The spirits of the material universe and plant world are alive, and also more or less conscious.  The originating principle of nature is a single material substance (particle/energy today, water back then).

...Attributed to
- Thales of Miletus, 580 BC Father of Science

Naked Aliveness: The unifying dance of the Universe is the singular core of our body, mind and sprit, moment after moment. I call it Bio, I spell it SUNNEH and I experience it through its/my 54 attraction senses that resonate with each other.
.. Directly from
- Michael J. Cohen, 1985 Father of Natural Attraction Ecology

“I believe that the universe is one being, all its parts are different expressions of the same unifying energy, and they are all in communication with each other, therefore parts of one organic whole. … The whole is in all its parts is so beautiful, and is felt by me so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine.”

    Attributed to
- Robinson Jeffers, 1935 The Scientist's Visionary

Move ahead to your roots: our future is behind us.

SUNEH: The Organics of How Nature Works

Scientifically speaking, -and similar to arithmetic where first comes the number zero and then the number one- 13.7 billion years ago there was nothing, then there was something. That something was the moment when attraction of some kind became conscious that some of it was attracted to (loved to) give birth and bring its life into existence as matter and energy. It was moment-by-moment attracted to building its own new time and space attraction relationships
as our Universe and it finally do so through its orgasmic Big Bang essence. That all-attraction energy aliveness exists everywhere today and manifests itself as our 54 senses that register it in our sense of consciousness.

The Einstein-predicted, Higgs Boson,
self-organizing, central attraction-unified field of the Big Bang's life was and is attracted to moment-by-moment grow more attractive by diversifying. For this reason, between centralizing and diversifying for survival, all natural things are connected, self-balancing and self-correcting with each other so everything belongs and no garbage is produced.  This "homeostasis" is why all things in the aliveness dance of the eons are part of our Scientific/Universe/Nature/Earth/Humanity (SUNEH) aliveness. To this moment they and we exist as a seamless unified continuum of our attraction birth as the Big Bang along with and as part of the Earth's web-of-life. Each of us is our unique personification of the life of the unified field attraction dance.

It helps to think of the Unified Field to be like a rubber sheet and all things are located in it, like the sheet has different colored spots. When anything in the sheet changes its position it effects the whole sheet and this is also true as the sheet itself enlarges.

The only exception to this is that, uniquely, our ability to tell the stories we tell were not part of the Big Bang and its essence. This is because on Planet Earth only we have the ability to think with and tell abstract stories and we have only been present for the past 100 million years. When they disconnect us from the sheet or excessively destroy it the sheet is less able to maintain its strength and integrity and this effects all parts of the sheet.

The tales and labels of our stories can be independent of and inaccurate about the Big Bang story. In addition their fiction is not scientifically sequential. When they influence us to excessively sub-divide the sheet they stop the interconnected flow of the unified field's attraction love between all things. This interrupts its essence and our problems and suffering appear in and around us.

Stories that do not support the science of SUNEH whole-life aliveness are unreasonable with respect
to us being in balance with and supporting its dance.

In summary, the orgasmic Big Bang Unified Field was attracted to grow the pure and balanced life of its time and space, moment by moment into becoming and holding together everything in our living Universe today moment-by-moment. This includes the  natural life of subatomic, atomic and molecular attraction relationships like a crystal and our living planet. It also includes the
screen you are reading that our stories have been attracted to build. It is time to use it to help heal the tear in the sheet that our nature-disconnected stories have made

The growing seed includes our 54 senses along with 
the body, mind and spirit of folks who, with scientific accuracy, sense and believe they live and dance in SUNEH. The stories, relationships and acts of folks who disregard this science disrupt block it flow and prevent it from correcting itself.

By definition then, 53 sense SUNEH is our "other body" the fountainhead of authority in how its unified attraction/love field produces the life of the Universe that organizes, balances and corrects itself while unable to speak or relate through stories.

The world is troubled. With respect to the life of SUNEH, contemporary society has been led astray by the non-holistic "Objectivity" of its science and technology stories. Not stemming from "Whole-Life science" they consist of static, non-dancing, stability, like mathematics, alphabets and the value of money. When applied, this objectivity severs the whole of life and its integrity into things that are "measurable" or "non-measurable." Objectivity results in the "non-aliveness" the "subjectivity" that you might expect to sense and feel if you cut you pet dog in half. 

Sadly, the destructive results of objectivity speak for themselves.

Not a minute longer can we afford to ignore the readily available, ECHN antidote and preventative for our runaway problems. This remedy consists of obvious, SUNEH self-evident/empirical whole life evidence that makes it exceptionally reliable. For example, it is self-evident that you are attracted to reading these words right now. What fact could be more accurate, honest or trustable?

“Every individual has to retain his way of thinking if he does not want to get lost in the maze of possibilities"
    Attributed to
- Albert Einstein

New scientific findings have further substantiated the life and growth of the Universe/Nature we live in. They affirm that since its beginning, moment-by-moment the life of Universe/Nature is attracted to become the living time and space of the next moment, including us as part of it.

When we validate our self-evident life experiences we know for sure Scientific/Universe/Nature/Earth/Humanity (SUNEH) is alive. We know this because we live in SUNEH as part of it; we are at one with it. We could not be alive or exist without it.  With the exception of our story telling ability, our essence is identical to its essence in every new moment. We are the H in SUNEH.  If we are alive and in oneness of this moment of SUNEH, so is it alive, and vice versa. In fact, each time and space moment of contemporary life is the Big Bang "orgasm" continuing to happen at and in that moment. It is the whole life science core of sensory being as well as everything else.

We are aware that we are alive. The life of our 54 senses register this and let us consciously enjoy it. They are each part of our desire to live, our sense/sensation of survival. Suppression of the life of our senses produces depression and other life-dehabilitating disorders including suicide.

If SUNEH were dead, it would not live into the next moment after this one and this is true for you and I, too, as part of SUNEH. We would be dead because we can't live in a dead SUNEH, the time and space of its life would not exist. 

It is now a new moment and you are in SUNEH. If you find that you are alive and reading these words, then you know, for sure, scientifically, that SUNEH also is alive in this moment. This is true for all other moments including the previous one that produced this one.

SUNEH is and has been alive from the moment of its birth in its Big Bang creation 13.7 billion years ago. So has the essence of your life as part of SUNEH. Your human story way of knowing and relating, however, came into being only in very recent times

SUNEH is evidence based. Our knowing we are alive right now, and of wanting to survive, is proof positive of SUNEH’s life; it’s self-evident and it's attractive. 

Many other explanations of the Universe are also offered but they are not based on the scientifically acceptable facts necessary to be included as part of SUNEH. This means that if you still don't recognize that SUNEH is alive, you may be a visitor from another Universe, not from or in SUNEH and its aliveness. Or you, or parts of you could be sleeping, tranquilized or dead. Do you think that is who you are?

You may take an instant, free,
Ultimate Intelligence Test because you want to update hidden aspects of how you think and relate with regard to the aliveness of SUNEH.

In SUNEH, death does not exist since all is alive. Our human death is simply the cessation of our human ability to create and tell stories. The remainder of what is us simply tranforms into other attractive forms of life.

In a manuscript about my "Is the Earth a Living Organism" symposium, I called SUNEH "Bio" in order to distinguish it from "Gaia."

___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

This article helps you apply "Albert Einstein's Grand Unified Field Glue,"
an organic remedy for the misguided path we have been indoctrinated to follow.  By Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) the glue enables you to objectively blend your mind, body and spirit with the fundamental unifying life energy of the Universe that Albert Einstein predicted, the Higgs Boson Field affirmed, and that our living planet,
Gaia, genetically gave us as part of our biological inheritance eons ago.

Grand unification is the pervasive central attraction force, the "Uni" of the Universe, our best natural resource for peace and balance on Earth, in and around us.
  It is an objective science antidote to our disastrous "more of everything" mentality. Not only is it free, its side effects are beneficial rather than destructive.

ECHN empowers you to think, feel and relate while 54 self-evident senses and sensitivities of your mind, body and spirit are scientifically interlaced with the unifying wisdom of Nature's balanced and restorative aliveness.

The science of Particle Physics
has demonstrated that Einstein's natural attraction unified field is real. It is accessible because when we visit natural areas its life registers as self-evident information in our genetically inherited 54 natural attraction senses. It is the same living attraction energy that brought/motivated you to read this sentence.

In modern molecular biology and genetics, the genome is the entirety of an organism's hereditary information. The genome for life has been calculated to originate, not on Earth 3.5 billion years ago, rather objective evidence for its presence shows up more that 10 billion years ago in the natural attraction aliveness of atoms and the Standard Universe during that early period.
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

If the Universe and Gaia are alive then death is an imaginary story

Is it reasonable for an embryo, while it is in its mother's womb, to destroy its immediate life-source, the living womb itself? If not, then t
he way our socialization has made us think and act with respect to our living Planet Mother is dead wrong for she is the ongoing womb of all life on Earth.

The way we treat dead things in comparison to living things is radically different.  The fact that we treat the womb of our daily life, Planet Earth, as if it was dead or mechanical is killing its/our life as we know it. 

If we treated our pet like we treat our living Mother Earth, we would be in jail for animal cruelty.  The only reason in our Society that we are not being severely punished for what we do is that, via objective science, the Judge and Jury "bosses" are also addicted to doing it and promoting the same illegitimate process.  They have yet to give the life of Nature/Earth any legal rights or standing in a court of Justice
(with a 2012 exception)
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

In this article I blow an alarm whistle
about our omission of an "unbelievable" way of beneficially sensing and connecting ourselves to the life of the Scientific/Universe/Nature/Earth and its missing unification powers in our excessively nature-separated lives. It is the absence of this unifying "living glue of the eons" in our relationships that causes us to produce the corruption and conflicts that we suffer on global, social and inner person levels.

How can we expect to come together in oneness and solve problems when we don't use the eon's unifying and bonding life energy as a "glue" that we are born with to patch things up and reconnect them so they can function in mutually supportive and balanced ways for humanity and nature?

We desperately need a universal adhesive to constructively blend the conflicting emotional forces that produce our personal, social and environmental disorders, from mental illness, to war, to pollution, to excessiveness and non-affordable budgets.

Enough already of leaders and teachers that can expertly identify our problems but don't include the "subjective," whole-life methods and materials that we that we need to solve them.

Sadly, most of us have been injuriously indoctrinated to ignore the natural attraction cohesive life energies that pervade the Universe and hold it together, from its sub-atomic particle levels, to how we think and feel, to its expanding light year borders.  In that regard, my whistle-blowing here will help you increase your happiness, well-being and wealth along with that of your family, community and environment.

Connecting with nature and tapping into its grand unification energy is the sorely missing component in contemporary life, a blind spot that makes us produce the problems we face. The band-aids we presently use are only temporary fixes for the immense nature-deficit disorders that we suffer.
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

To our benefit, my whistleblower signal enables us
add, practice and build relationships based on accurate, but inconvenient, truths that improve our present "Objective Science" way of life.

We discover and learn these truths by creating time and space to make sensory contacts with authentic Nature, backyard or backcountry in order enhance educating, counseling and healing with Nature (ECHN). The effect of doing this is like taking a deep, life-sustaing breath and sensing yourself becoming the joy and wonder of a beautiful,
cathedral-like forest on a bright sunny day while retaining your ability to think, feel and relate using words. 

The result of ECHN is that you build within yourself a resilient, unifying, earth-rooted integrity that, in community, becomes your consistent personal foundation for establishing sane life relationships that benefit all. And it gives sorely needed added value nature

Mastering and teaching ECHN makes a wonderful hobby, livelihood, or way of life. It has unlimited economic potentials. It can save trillions of dollars yearly that are now being spent to deal with the critical absence of the unifying life energy and passion that we need to stop our madness.
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

It is obvious that today's scientific "objectivity" needs fixing when we observe the disastrous unbalanced state of the world that it has expertly socialized us to create, but that it presently can't teach us to correct.
To achieve the latter, the restorative, experiential process of educating, counseling and healing with Nature (ECHN) provides trustable, hands-on, Einstein-unity, whole-life, methods and materials.  They give us the ability to reverse this dilemma, find happiness and peace in nature's balance and beauty, and help others do the same. 

ECHN provides the ways and means to further the nature-supportive parts of all institutions and spiritualities especially Pantheism and Unitarian Universalist. ECHN takes into account that the motivation of most institutions is to make more money from selling "hope" or pharmaceuticals than by encouraging their clients to benefit from using "Einstein's Unification Glue" which is free since it is in our genetic makeup.
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

n this article I Warranty that: 
  • No single thing or event in the aliveness of SUNEH can stand-alone. It is attached to all that has gone before it, and it will remain attached to all that follows it.
  • Planet Earth is my alive other body, Gaia. I know this is true because when I ask myself “Who or what would I be if something took my Earth body away from me?”  I feel pain, loss, anguish and despair, as if I held my breath too long for my own good and I am at risk.

  • A preponderance of scientific self-evidence shows:
    - Natural Attraction is the original orgasmic, Big Bang, life-essence/spirit of SUNEH.
    - Natural Attraction holds together all things with themselves and SUNEH moment-by-moment.
    - Natural Attraction registers in our 54 natural senses
  • .Every part of Nature's Dance on our living planet, including humanity, consists of Natural Attraction dancing the whole-life Dance of the Universe.  Our 54 natural senses are part of the dance and in the singularity of each moment they are attracted to register and blend things that mutually support the balance and beauty of Nature's life, globally, locally and personally.
  • With the exception of humanity and its kind, Planet Earth's web-of-life that we call Nature, is non-literate. It is wordless, it does not articulate.

  • Stories are not an alive part of SUNEH unless they whole-life support SUNEH. Our adherence to inaccurate SUNEH stories deteriorates life and produces misery."

To ignore the value and significance of these truths is a critical mistake that underlies our greatest personal, social and environmental troubles.

Our dilemma is like the urgent situation where, on a camping trip, the canteen of lake water we were about to drink did not smell like it should if Sally had treated it with the purification pills she was given. I asked her "How did you use them?'  Things came to a screeching halt when she replied, "I put them in the lake." 

Now multiply that situation's omission of one bit of important "truth of how it works" information. Several billion people being deprived of that truth could make the whole world sick.  That is occurring
now due to omissions of sensory, whole-life information by Objective Science.
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

We suffer and are at risk because
although our advanced science and technology "objective thinking/feeling/relating" is extraordinarily powerful in our way of life,
with respect to living in balance with our living planet, Nature and each other, it is as inadequate in some ways as were the instructions to Sally. In this respect we are like a lobster directing a hospital emergency room.

Our objectivity is runaway and dangerous because it objects to including in its logic the unifying and purifying powers of the whole of life.  This omission makes scientists conclude that that the Universe is physical and mathematical laws, not an attractive life dance. They label our sensory powers as "subjective" and therefore taboo, simply because their established, fixed laws can't control or measure them, or get funded if they include them.
Until this "sensory, sense, sensation, sensitivity, aliveness" omission is corrected, it places us personally and globally at risk.
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY? 

We we are so traumatized by our advanced sciences that we neither believe nor use the ECHN antidote that helps us correct the major "objectivity" short circuit that science indoctrinates in how we think, feel and relate.  This whole-life article asks "Who is the destructive Boss of you?" and then empowers you to identify, master and apply the ECHN antidote for your "limited-truth Boss" because it makes sense to do this.

Without ECHN we are habitually dealing with a vast problem in a half-vast way.


The Life Dance of  the Universe

Diagram of the Pre-Higgs Boson Unification Field Standard Universe. (Select Here for a
full explanation)

If humanity was included in this cosmic Universe/Nature chart our human species (Homo sapiens) would not appear until the last millisecond of the diagram's time/space line in #7, a line perhaps one millionth the width of the line marked "present day"

However, we consist of, and are sensory/emotionally attached to, all the eons of aliveness and attraction relationships that precede us on the chart because we are a seamless continuum of them. All those earlier phenomena are the essence of our biological life in this moment, along with the life of everything else.

The exception to this is our "dead earth" stories that contain inaccurate or imaginary information yet they often control and mold our relationships. They are like us being addicted to and dependent on a misguided Boss from the desert who says "You can't see the rivers in wet geographical areas because they are covered with water."

If you wish to make an apple pie (or anything else) from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
    Attributed to
- Carl Sagan
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

As part of the SUNEH, our body, mind and spirit are only who and what we are in each singular and immediate "now" moment
of the Universe. In the oneness of "Now" is when our Universe/Nature/Earth aliveness grows its next unique space/time/us, moment by moment. It is the only time we are empowered to find or know the truth, make changes and act upon them. For this reason the Now is a powerful educator, counselor and healer.

As we are alive in the Now, so is everything else, each on its special time schedule.  Dead rocks do all the things that life does, but in their unique ways and at a relatively slow speed. Adding "ness" to anything conveys the spirit or essence of its life (aliveness.)  Rocks are actually rockness.

No single thing or event stands alone. It is attached to all that has gone before it, and it will remain attached to all that follows it
    Attributed to
- Julian P. Johnson

___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

The chart suggests that on our living Planet Earth today, we can say that only two major categories exist in any moment, 1) the Standard Universe integrity of our Planet and 2) our story world.  For this reason, Earth (Earthness), including us, is in trouble when we relate to it and each other through misrepresentations found in our stories. 

"In the beginning was the word and the word was 'distortion' or 'corrupt' because the beginning was not a word. It was a numerical sequence: the love of zero to become one."
    Attributed to
- God

Today, t
he dominant, but false, story of Contemporary Society is a Boss that says that the process of the Universe has no purpose or direction, it is random and dead and that life on Earth only exists in the biosphere.  We daily create and suffer the disastrous effects of this fabrication because out of shame we are in denial of it being inaccurate as well as correctable through ECHN, and us not acting accordingly.

"I am attractive and alive. The beginning of your Universe was parts of my attraction love to Big Bang orgasm into and plant a singular seed of independent, unifying attraction to love to grow the aliveness of the eons. That seed grew you into this moment, your attraction to be alive in the next moment, and your attraction to have read this far."
    Attributed to
- God

"In the beginning the love was so great that it couldn't be contained.  It burst forward with its attraction to create."

- Gerry Eitner

___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

The Importance of Updating the Chart

"When you are facing in the wrong direction, progress means walking backwards."
    Attributed to
- Nigel Goldenfeld

Since 2012 A.D. the most accurate whole-life evidence available refutes a dead and random Standard Universe
.  Facts demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the totality of the Universe includes aliveness. For this reason its existence has a purpose and direction along with unifying and healing powers. The long-missing math and physics evidence for this fact has been found and can be applied. It demonstrates that the Universe is a living dance. The essence of its dance is the unifying natural attraction Big Bang "glue" of its "God Particle" Higgs Boson Field origin that includes include its dark energy attraction to grow. This singularity was predicted by Albert Einstein in his 1935 Grand Unified Field Theory as well as in my experiential process in 1974, the Project NatureConnect Webstring Model.

___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

Natural attraction is the essence/spirit of love and love is alive. It is critical that we acknowledge the unifying life and natural attraction powers of SUNEH and bring them into play in our daily life.  It is their absence in our thinking and relationships that prevents us from uniting our sense of reason with accurate information to replace our destructive attachments or addictions to the fallacious stories that make us produce our runaway personal and global disorders.

The above makes sense to do, but not only have we not known about the availability of the Grand Unification glue to accomplish it, the Objective Science boss has indoctrinated us not to trust or use the glue as we discover it. This is because the glue is inconvenient. It often suggests that we change and it registers in subjective ways that are taboo if one is, or paid to be, objectively scientific.

"If the wisdom of the ancient prophets included today's advanced science, Father-God-Eternal would be Mother Nature and well-being would be King."
              Attributed to
           - Project NatureConnect     

"We might arrive where we started and know our self for the first time."   
              Attributed to

           - T.S. Eliot      
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

The Non-Existent Pre-Universe

“An actually existing fly is more important than a possibly existing angel.”
    Attributed to
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The period before Nature's Big Bang, along with  its creation of space, time, energy and matter that we enjoy in this instant, remains scientifically unknown. This is because it was/is not part of the scientifically defined, evidence-based Standard Universe as depicted on the chart.

We could conjecture that the pre-universe was the spirit or life of natural attraction/love or consciousness before the powerful attraction of some of it to be our Big Bang Universe
manifested itself as our Universe. However, pre-Big Bang is all guesswork. It is not guesswork, however, to recognize the insanity of folks making a guess about what the pre/universe was and then conquering or killing others who make different guesses.

The pre-universe has not registered anywhere since the beginning of time because time and space do not begin until the start of our Standard Universe, SUNEH. For this reason, by definition alone it is impossible for the pre-universe to come into our awareness. It can't be acknowledged by the objective scientific facts that make us cogniz
ant of SUNEH through our 54 natural attraction senses, especially via our natural attraction sense of reason. These senses in congress have scientifically identified only SUNEH.

People whose heads and hearts are in the pre-universe, or some other universe, often attach or addict themselves to non-science, non-living universe, imaginative, literary stories. The stories often consist of the nature-disconnected and unchangeable Boss, of "5-leg" fiction, of tenacious speculation, conjecture, beliefs, fables, miracles, demons, creativity, economics, spiritualities, superstitions, gods, magic, heaven, hell, money and the like about our Universe.  All have value in our personal lives but none are, in reality, part of the SUNEH and its life because they are not scientific evidence based stories, as is SUNEH.

To our cost, while estranged from Nature's self-correcting powers and armed with powerful weapons and technologies, the Boss stories give lip-service to the unifying purity and essence of our living planet while their normal "fiction-based" relationships assault it.  The effects of this tradition speak for themselves. It is like making it legal for mentally disturbed individuals to own powerful weapons and then praying that an angel will appear and stop them from shooting up the shopping mall.

"Other Universe" folks subdivide Earth's integrity into nature-disconnected, scientifically inaccurate cubbyholes of thoughts and relationships that, being out of balance and contact with Nature, stressfully and excessively drive us to grind up
Earth as a resource. These "Other Universe" individuals lose contact with the authentic Einstein Glue unification ways of Earth/Nature/Universe. This usually feels comfortable and normal in their circles, however, its negative effects demonstrate that it is neither wise, healthy or ethical.  Their nature-disconnections produces their, our, and Earth's life-deteriorating conflicts, stress and disorders. These are not found in authentic Nature and they place life as we know it at risk.

In order for "Other Universe" individuals to begin to live in balance, their Boss should make them only use the methods, materials and technologies of the Boss's ancient time period when and where they originated: carts, swords and plows, not airplanes, nuclear missiles and combine harvesters.

SUNEH is rooted in objective non-fiction, in our evidence based scientific process that, to our loss, has yet to become holistic.  It can be made whole and improved by combining it with the art, spirit and sensory science of ECHN Natural Attraction Ecology GreenWave-54.

Our non-science stories, being fictional, become destructive beliefs and acts in our scientifically described living Universe and Planet.

ECHN offers individuals who are addicted to destructive fiction a remedy for their addiction.
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Most of our
nature-disconnected stories lie outside
the logical, fact rooted ways of objective science, the same process that creates our technologies, indoor lives, practical knowledge and ability to survive today.  To the contrary, as a Boss these fables often present formidable impasses as we try to improve the unbalanced ways and detrimental "side effects" of our nature-disconnected "objective science"  thoughts and feelings and lifestyles.

To increase and sustain personal and global well-being it is reasonable to scientifically investigate and address the point source of the processes and relationships that produce our problems.  Again, that source is a shortcoming of Objective Science. Its flaw is that presently our objectivity objects to the feelingful phenomenon of sensation as being acceptable evidence. Sensation is, instead, considered "subjective" because it can't be contained or measured. For this reason, Objective Science needs sensory improvement if we are to survive in the technological world that we depend on.

Most of our mind, body and spirit is sensory and our science "objects" to that reality.

The science of Natural Attraction Ecology ECHN helps us meet our "subjectivity challenge" by reasonably recognizing that sensation is scientific fact. For example, the sensation of thirst is as real and true as is material water along with our many senses that register water (consciousness, motion, touch, taste,  temperature, pain, sight, sound, community, trust, weight, gravity, reason, texture, place and more).  Thirstiness is also not only intelligent enough turn itself off when we have enough water but, in addition, its cooperative and unifying ways help to bring the global water cycle into and through us. In the process, along with other natural attraction senses including excretion, the water cycle helps to remove wastes from us and then compost and recycle them into pure food and water in balance with and support for the rest of web of life, including our future life. This is the perfection of natural attraction unification in action. It is shared and used by every aspect of our living planet except our stories that separate our body mind and spirit from it.

It is a fact that water and thirst are equally important parts of the global water cycle of our living planet and of members of the web-of-life including our body, mind and spirit. We cause and suffer problems because our thinking omits the sense/sensation of thirst and its contributions. It is not one of our commonly believed 5 senses. To our cost, in addition our objective thinking omits 48 similarly important senses that we inherit.

For example, a wonderful, literate, scientific truth tool we rely on to achieve accuracy is the reasonable, self-contained perfection of mathematics. It is no accident that its 0-1 sequence base parallels the "nothing to somthing" fundamental of our Big Bang Universe. Our ability to use math is part of the dance of SUNEH and us.  However, if an unscientific story we hold has us sense that the number 5 is "unlucky" and we then omit or change its value in our mathematical calculations, we not only produce math-rooted problems, but, in addition, we are unable to solve them using our "broken" mathematics. Similarly, transplanting a gorilla's heart into our car to replace a broken gas pump will not fix the car. It's just like my cursor will not erase a spot of dust on my computer screen. Worse still, even though we are completely in charge of it, a temporary tax increase turns out to be fiction.

"Yes, the Sun is blazing hot but we can land a man on it if we do it at night."
    Attributed to
- Mortimer Snerd
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We have a very difficult time solving problems in a balanced way when we are addicted to inaccurate answers
from outside the ways and means of SUNEH's aliveness. To our loss, we can't correct these falsehoods because, due to our socialization, too many of our 54 natural senses have been prejudiced against nature, or attached or addicted to money, power and other artificial rewards obtained from unproven, "dead-earth" information. Our attachments make it difficult to readily disengage from these things even when it makes sense to do so.

We won't or can't modify our unproven story attachments without
simultaneously finding and trusting substitutes for them that are more sensible and rewarding. This explains why accurate, new information alone seldom changes addiction or replaces attached and outdated information. It does not address or change our bonding to our falsehoods.  This is why our leaders can identify our disorders but not give us a tool that helps us remedy them by removing their addictive source. They seldom deal with our often subconscious bonds. ECHN helps us solve this problem in two ways. It enables us to identify their addictive source, within and around us, and it provides us with the missing tools and their rewards that we need to deal with our sensory attachments to false stories. 
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Connecting our body, mind and spirit with Nature's eons helps us solve our addictive attachments
because it frees Nature's Dance, in and around us, from our detrimental bonding. Nature has self-correcting powers and freedom that produces its rewarding wisdom, purity and balance. In addition, Nature is nature-disconnected story-free, it is non-literate. For this reason, during quiet moments that we spend in a natural area, our addiction bonds have nothing real to attach to, only our stories in memory and our powerful, in the moment, sensory experiences with natural attractions in the natural world. The felt-sense beneficial effects from the latter are obvious, especially if we have had a good experience in nature.

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Project NatureConnect sensory activities enable us to solve problems by tapping into nature's healing and purifying ways. In natural areas, backyard or backcountry, the activities empower us to genuinely create moments that let authentic Nature register on our senses and intermingle with our body, mind and spirit. Over time and through repetition this unifying contact experience teaches us what we need to know about Nature's and our plight as well as gives us the ability to change it for the better.

Although we benefit from today's advanced science and technology there is no law that says we must believe that we are part of SUNEH. However, when we choose or are addicted to not believe this, Nature-connected problem solving does not work well. A conflict arises between what we experience in UNHP natural areas and the story we use to make sense of the experience if the story is not scientifically accurate. Its similar to the difference between Sally dangerously placing the pills in the lake instead of in the canteen, but this mistake taking place instead in the scientific, high-technology empowered ways of the Standard Universe. It is like our inaccurate stories change us into Nature terrorists and drive us to explosively crash peaceful airplanes into Nature, in and around us. We have crashed all the ecosystems of North America except maybe Yellowstone.

The "non-scientific" way that we may think and feel at times is a challenge that everybody faces. Some folks feel that it is a matter of personal choice without recognizing that it is also a critical matter of time

"If you have identified an automobile that is broken, it remains broken if you fix the wrong car" 
    Attributed to
- Spiderman
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Overview: The Standard Big Bang Universe Alive.

SUNEH as portrayed in the Big Bang diagram is trustable because the scientific methods and materials that determine it result from, and adhere to, the same standard of excellence as those that produce our mathematics, our alphabet and our advanced technology lifestyles including the computer and screen you are now reading.

Fortunately, the same scientific process helps us identify a disastrous warp in the way we think and relate and this contribution makes it possible to correct the warp.

The purpose of Science and Education is to provide us with the most accurate knowledge available. However, neither of these institutions are fair or objective. Because they take place within the framework of our nature-disconnected society and its conquer-nature bias, their information and funding usually indoctrinate us to ignore nature and demean our inherent love for it. This is like jumping into a deep swimming pool without noticing there is no water in it.

Being puppets of our dominant culture, Science and Education can best be evaluated not by their alleged "truths" but by their long-term effects as we observe them. These effects do not make sense with respect to the aliveness of the SUNEH and survival in balance.

One thing seems certain; the reason SUNEH is 13.7 billion years old is because it took its life that long to find that out.

The obvious and continually deteriorating state of the world make it reasonable, no less crucial, for Science, Religion and Education to correct the dilemmas produced by their fractionalizing warp. However these institutions are continually pressured by money and prestige and otherwise rewarded to maintain the status quo.  This this addictive. Our addiction is the reason we seldom can change our destructive outcomes and directions.

"You had better feed the fox pills that make it nauseous before you let it guard the hen house"
    Attributed to
- Clark Kent
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Project NatureConnect provides a Science and Education process with attitude, with the resolve to give us the practical means to discover the missing truths of the natural world that can help us counteract the falsehoods and madness of our destructive, nature-disconnected ways and the personal and global disorders they produce. To this end, our fifty-year quest has created a working "Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) Webstring ECHN model" that comes with an astonishing lifetime warranty for accuracy and the Albert Einstein Unified Field Equation and process  that includes both of them.

ECHN is a vehicle that enables those who see and seek its value to get in the vehicle and take its ride as we drive it. The vehicle helps them create moments that let direct, conscious, sensory contact with the aliveness of Earth/Nature/Universe in natural areas teach us what we need to know to correct our errors and come into balance.

Experience is the best teacher, especially Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) self-evident experience. This is because it is based on on undeniable facts obtained from genuine sensory contact with Natural Attractions in authentic Nature, the fountainhead of authority in how it works. 

Sensory attraction evidence in any given moment in a natural area is always valid. It is a part of the Universe that we can trust because we experience it. This means the evidence registers directly on many of our 54 natural attraction senses.  The evidence is a legitimate fact of the Universe in that moment, a truth of the alive time and space and us that the Universe is creating.
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The Direction and Aliveness of Survival

Our sensory connections with Nature tell us that SUNEH is not a game of chance. Rather it is a whole, self-organizing dance of the eons that is alive, joyful and, like all life, its spirit wants to live. 

Direct sensory contact with natural areas indicates that the purpose and direction of every part of SUNEH is the attraction of its life dance to survive by growing and sustaining the joy of community, purity and diversity in cooperative balance everywhere. This explains how and why nature does not produce our garbage, pollution and unwarranted abusiveness.

As part of SUNEH, we inherit Nature's natural attraction attributes of self-correcting purity, cooperation and balance. This property is a core dance in our genetic makeup. We dance it during moments that are in tune with the supportive peace of Nature and its web of life dance in natural areas.

We suffer our troubles and disorders whenever the stories that produce our society's excessive disconnection from SUNEH stress or destroy our inherent need for constant and supportive fulfillment from and for Nature, as does the rest of the web-of-life.

"Who cares if we live in the womb of our living Mother Earth and for self-presevation she can abort us if we are destructive. She's the boss."

    Attributed to
- Alfred E. Neuman

Our injurious conflicts and unhappiness occur because although we are part Nature our "objectivity" disowns our inherited "subjective" desire to dance in mutually supportive relationship with the natural world. To our loss, our inaccurate stories have excessively separated us from it. On average we spend over 95 percent of our lifetime indoors and over 99 percent of it thinking and feeling out of tune with how Nature works. This is nothing short of brainwashing so, to avoid being guilty of that taboo, we call it socialization.
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Natural Attraction is Whole Life Experience.

When we live in an environment that is totally around us, we take the consistent parts of it and ourself for granted, like breathing, or the air between yourself and these words right now.  We take for granted much of the reality of our existence including the reality of our being, of our 54 natural senses (hunger for air) , and how their fulfillment is rewarded by good feeling (inhale exhilaration). This is especially true for senses #25-27, along with the ECHN fact that, until proven otherwise, all that we are aware of, except one thing, is held together by attraction or is attraction energy in action rewarded by fulfillment gratification.The one thing is any story that separates us from this ECHN fact.

We must take into account that our "whistleblower" senses #25-27 (fear, pain and distress)  make sense. They are reasonable natural attractions to help promote life by identifying and signaling support-deficient relationships for us. In this light, do you know of anything in the Standard Universe that is not held together by natural attraction or is not attraction energy itself in some form? I have asked this question for decades and a legitimate, non-whistleblower 25-27, example has yet to be found.

The Scientific Process never proves anything, rather it removes the illegitimate until only the truth remains. How this truth is used is subject to the intent of the individuals who use it. If they attach it to fiction, the fiction and its destructive effects shape the future as is the case of us rewarding our nature-disconnected thoughts and relationships.

What I have found is that most people recognize that attraction and its good feeling fulfillment is the essence of love (including the height of sensory fulfillment, orgasm, as "Oh God").  However, they often don't agree on the source of love being in or part of

You be the judge. Try asking the attraction question yourself. The preponderance of evidence beyond reasonable doubt about attraction being part of everything will no-doubt prevail. It means that until proven otherwise, it makes perfect sense for the essence of all things from the Big Bang forward to be recognized as the life of its "natural attraction in action" in the moment.

"There is a ducky example that supports this conclusion.  If a bird's parents are ducks, and it comes out of a duck egg and the bird quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, has feathers and webbed feet and associates with ducks, it is a matter its color, where it is located or what other name you give it. Watch out for the "quacks" who can't see this, especially those who are bird brains.  Give them all the help they need."



There is one exception to natural attraction being an essential part of everything. It is any story that disconnects our senses of consciousness, reason and language from being attracted to engage us in thinking, feeling and relating through accurate stories, for our mind, body and spirit to responsibly be part of, support and personify the life dance of Nature/Universe.

We suffer our lasting problems when our natural attraction senses are sentiently bonded to and supported by their artificial, "immediate  gratification" sources including the detrimental "side" effects of the artificial. If you don't believe this is true, just try to change these destructive relationships.
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The Big Bang
: a seamless continuum of space, time and life is validated by converging evidence.

On July 4, 2012 with the announced discovery of the Higgs Boson "God particle" field as part of the Big Bang, the Universe was further confirmed to be an ever attached and growing life relationship dance across the time and space of it's attraction-based ways as it continues to create them moment by moment.

With this knowledge it became undeniable that the originating, orgasmic moment of the Big Bang Universe contained all the roots of the science-based SUNEH we live in today.

As predicted by Albert Einstein, the Higgs Boson and its attraction field confirmed the Big Bang origin of the attraction-connected Grand Unification Field that Einstein sensed and theorized but could not prove with his physics equations. ECHN has now established it in a practical, sensory way.
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live attraction essence of the Universe, NNIAAL, was present in the universe in some fashion at its very beginning and has become part of everything since.  We can affirm this because we find it is part of the Universe today and our self-contained, science-based Universe matter and energy are neither made nor destroyed, they transform. For this reason, and because objective science omits miracles, until proven otherwise, our Universe/Nature must have always contained core NNIAAL qualities and attributes in some form. This includes NNIAAL being Non-literate, Now-immediate, Intelligent, Attraction, Aliveness, a fundamental Love that we experience today.  It means that these qualities of human life are also qualities found throughout SUNEH since the beginning of time.  They are not unique to us alone; we have been gifted them as part of SUNEH.

Recognizing the above helps us see that the immediate, total dance of SUNEH contains aliveness and it makes available its non-literate, attraction based, intelligence, joy and love of life, moment by moment.

We create and suffer our troubles because we have attached ourselves to inaccurate, story based, out of the moment, "non-sense," to fabricated ways of knowing and relating that omit information from the NNIAAL. This nature-deficient, literate way of thinking of ours is foreign to non-literate Nature. Being non-literate, Nature can neither correct nor defend itself against our story world's misrepresentations of and assaults on it, in and around us.

If , for example, in metaphor the truth and integrity of the number 10 is demonstrably alive, then, without a miracle, how can the numbers 1-9 not be part of its life?  What valid evidence could possibly demonstrate that 1-9 are not alive, especially since the distinction between life and death can't be fully identified?

"We are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust."
...Attributed to
- Neil deGrasse Tyson

We must add to Tyson what he has yet to admit that he knows, that each particle of stardust is held together by natural attraction from and since the NNIAAL/Big Bang became various attractions conscious of wanting to be our Universe.
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The core of our dilemmas
is that we have paid and otherwise rewarded ourselves to create, applaud and addict to nature-disconnected stories. These falsehoods omit or demean NNIAAL while they direct us to habitually attach our 54 senses to fictional, non-evidence based information and acts. This is the tragic heart of our misguided socialization rut, a rut that our nature-disconnected stories have created and that we deepen every time we don't avoid it.

Because our imaginary or fictional stories are not evidence based they do not apply to SUNEH. They may exist in some other Universe whose existence is unknown. For this reason, people who attach to these stories while they also depend upon and use our technologies and economics are living in the benefits of SUNEH while using its powers to deteriorate the life of our planet as they think, feel and act based on false stories and values from somewhere else in time and space. This is similar to Terrorists using airplanes as bombs.

Sadly, the schism, above, is usually inbedded in "credible" nature-estranged education, science, politics, economics and spiritualities. The result is that we can intelligently identify most problems and offer solutions for them, but we can't act-out and apply these solutions because we are attached, bonded or addicted to our inaccurate, nature-disconnected stories and their economics. The stories are "normal," they feel good and seem right, short term, so we can't let them go and lose their immediate gratifications. That is the point source of most of our problems today.  Meanwhile, some now or future other person, place or thing will suffer the destructive results of us embracing and acting out our inaccurate stories.

This explains the Once-ler.  That bugger is in DE-NNIAAL because he is in another Universe.  He desparately thneeds ECHN.
   Attributed to
- The Lorax
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If you have ever had a wondrous experience in Nature, you are already aware of its beneficial effects. Too many of us have learned to label this experience as a vacation from real life in
SUNEH, as "recreation" instead of true to life re-creation. For this reason we lose its benefits soon after we leave the natural area. This results because our mind, body and spirit have no conscious structure or story, no anchor to hang these experiences on our ground them, and we give them none, so soon their unifying value is gone.
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The diagram, below, represents the attractions of everything to something and everything else in
SUNEH, moment by moment as and since the Big Bang, including this instant. It wordlessly portrays NNIAAL, Nature's Einstein-Higgs attraction-unification field, that you can experience by making quiet sensory contact with it in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. 

Note that the diagram on the screen is motionless.  If you can see it move or flow as you look at it for awhile, recognize that, like you, it is part of the Universe in this moment.  Made of a repetitive black box or diamond shape (micro) its shimmering waves are your shared aliveness as part of NNIAAL seeing/experiencing itself.

The Natural Attractions of Everything to Something in the Universe

Note that you can immediately know the diagram's complex whole (macro) by choosing to pay attention to its singular essence in the moment, the color black.

There is no duality in the singular moment of SUNEH, moment after moment. Just like it was with the Big Bang, space and time were not present, then, the next moment they were present. That process of SUNEH continues today.
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Self meet yourself: The Get Real Activity

"The way to add together or unify fractions is to find their least common denominator (natural attraction)."

- Regents Exam Preparation Instructions

If you want to sensibly know NNIAAL
-SUNEH in greater unity, purity and reality, quietly and with respect, visit an attractive natural area for as long as it is attractive to do so.

1. While you are there, keep this in mind: natural attraction aliveness is the essence of anything you are registering in any given moment including your body, mind and spirit. A natural attraction is attracted to be registered by your natural senses and they are attracted to register it.

2. Become your essence, spirit and soul. Think of your attractions in this natural area as your 54 natural attraction senses registering your body-mind-spirit while you are walking through yourself, or visiting yourself, as NNIAAL in this natural area. You can accomplish this by repeating the correct universal, common denominator name, "attractioness" for everything you sense, think about or feel in the natural area individually or collectively. Give your mind time to focus on this new "notice attractions" NNIAAL story.  Alternatively you can repeat other common denominator labels "Nameless" "Unity" or "Love."

The attractions you sense are the
SUNEH in a natural area simultaneously and in community making attractive time and space for itself to be, as it has, moment by moment, through the eons.

3. You be the boss and the jury. Discover for yourself if this experience feels attractive and has value to you. This will be self-evident so you can trust and validate it, a major contribution to sanity.

To become a more supported and supportive citizen of the natural world and enjoy greater wholeness responsibly, simply add the Get Real Activity to your unscientific "other universe" stories and relationships and share your results with supportive acquaintances.

The Get Real activity, via experience, reinforces the scientific aliveness truth of
SUNEH because our sensations and feelings are facts.

The Get Real Activity is a basic unification antidote for our denial and disorders. It helps our body, mind and spirit at any time genuinely connect with authentic nature in, around and as us, as of old, and come into balance with our planet and us. This phenomenon is a fundamental of organic relationships. It enables sensory or feelingful phenomenological evidence to be part of objective science; it reinforces our natural rights to life in balance and enhances environmental and social justice.
Just like the value of police or fireman being trained and available to work with problems, dedicated individuals are now being paid to learn, apply and teach ECHN to stop our madness.

ECHN can be added to any part of a society, from an individual or family to a city or state.  Accomplish this by having the value symbol, or animal or plant that represents the group, also represent ECHN as the guardian of its integrity and universal right to life.  You can add a small PNC Logo to it like a "trademark"

___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

The omission of the ECHN activity's critical connection with NNIAAL (i.e. bypassing nature by making connections or relationships directly with NNIAAL-disconnected, non-scientific or fictitious phenomena and institutions) strengthens, rather than corrects, the disastrous short-circuit dilemmas caused by our attachments to  inaccurate story information. This omission of
SUNEH injuriously disconnects us from our planetary womb that we hold in common with all. Nature's absence makes us feel further abandoned or traumatized so we further need and addict to excessively getting good feeling rewards from destructive, Nature-disconnected sources.

We cannot resolve our sensory-disconnection challenge until we use ECHN to tap into Einstein's Unification NNIAAL glue in natural areas and let it help us produce mutually attractive common ground and motivation to peacefully bind our disconnected stories.  This is the vital conflict-resolution process whose absence turns us into cultural objects and prevents us from solving our problems and living in peace around and within us, locally or globally.

Nonsense! There is no need for ECHN. Just find an attractive picture of a natural area and visit it a couple of times with me.
   Attributed to
- Mary Poppins

___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

An additional 160 ECHN activities are available to this end along with a free course in how to use them. Each has the capacity to fan the balanced-aliveness spark of the Get Real activity according to the interests of an individual as they grow with their support community. This is because the process of creating well-being provides well-being from the start and it increases as we learn, teach and grow with it.
  • Can you identify nature-disconnecting stories you live with that prevent you from knowing yourself as Nature?
  • Can you see that your subconscious mind is a seamless continuum of attractions you find in a natural area?
  • Do your recognize that Nature in and around us is non-literate? 
  • Do you understand that what you sense or feel in a natural area depends entirely upon your senses being healthy and interconnected in order to register Nature's perfections fully? When any of your senses are warped, injured or non-operant, their sensitivities can't come into your life properly. This limits and warps your ability to make sense.  This is the mental illness that 25 percent of the public suffers from while many more of us are excessively stressed by it. It is the underlying source of most conflicts and ill health. The nature-reconnecting activities work because they create moments that let NNIAAL restore your natural senses
  • Can you sense that the remedy for our deteriorated wellness and denial is to bring the wholeness of Natural Attraction into play so it may correct itself within and around us, since it best knows how?
  • Do your recognize that the Boss has made you into an "adverb" of Nature in that "how, when or where" Nature has been injured or adulterated, so has part of you as part of it.
    ___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY? 

To our cost, the most widely read science journals in the world incorrectly report
the natural properties of our universe. Because they are whole-life limited by their "objective thinking" they say that these properties, including things like gravity, the strength in the forces of nature, and the number of observable dimensions of space (length, width, height and the dimension of time), were established by random processes during the birth of the universe. However, their science also says that these properties have exactly the values that sustain life. This paradox is not a coincidence or accident. It has a reasonable source since n
o single thing or event can stand-alone. The "coincidence" occurs because it is a story that is attached to, and and expresssion of all of NNIAAL that has gone before it, and it will remain attached to all that follows it. The coincidence is the resonating unity produced by NNIAAL making itself happen in real time when common denominator attractions unite everything with everything else in balance. This makes contact with NNIAAL via ECHN into a Rosetta Stone for SUNEH

My life has been full of external tragedies -- and if they have left no visible or indelible scar on me, I owe it all to Krishna, the most attractive anything and everything godhead.
  Attributed to
-Mahatma Ghandi

There is a distinct source of the "random process" warp of objective science that misleads us and makes us produce and suffer the imbalances that fuel our runaway disorders. The source is the "objective" warp that objects to the fact that everything we are aware of, including ourselves, is held together by NNIAALness, the spirit of NNIAAL attraction sensations and/or is NNIAAL energy that our 54 natural senses register in any moment.  The Objective Science "story" omits sensation because it sees it as being subjective. Those who are attached to that story do not like the fact that it has a NNIAAL dependence that, like the weather, it can identify but it seldom can control.
___  Attraction Strength to the information, above. WBY?

The discovery of the Big Bang's unification as the Higgs Boson attraction field
supports what we inherently know from experience but that we learn to take for granted and are socialized to deny. For example, the existence of a wooden stick in an immediate moment results from the Big Bang NNIAALness of the Universe building attraction relationships that grew a tree, and, moment by moment, its branch becoming a stick, a "stick/NNIAAL love-in."  When, in a given moment, we roll one end of that stick between our hands, or the wind rolls it on the ground, the other end of the stick simultaneously rolls. This happens because the dance of past and present natural attraction relationships holds the stick together as a single unit. This same attraction unification singularity is true with respect to NNIAAL from its non-literate Big Bang to its continuum in the present moment. No confusing duality there, until such time that it becomes an inaccurate story. Until then, unifying attraction prevails, not war, competition, altruism, greed, excessiveness, pollution, evil, sins or garbage as most of us have been led to believe.

"Love is God. God is Love. Love is the cohesive power of the Universe and the most powerful activity in the Cosmos. It is the Power that holds together every electron in every atom that comprises form"
    Attributed to
- Tellis Papastavro

With the exception of literate humanity, our living planet, solar system and Standard Universe are the aliveness of NNIAAL now. This explains the nature-connecting activitys' benefits from our immediate nature-separated 54 natural attraction senses sentiently, in the moment, reuniting with their wise, non-literate and unadulterated origins in the "thou" and "now" of this instant's natural attractions of places, things and people in a natural area. In those moments one can treasure themselves as an orgasmic part of Big Bang unified field time and space. 
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The above explains why creating reasonable moments that let SUNEH teach us what we need to know is a powerful tool. It lets the art of its NAE process convert all things into their common natural attraction denominator and origins. Then the self-organizing natural attraction dance and wisdom of the eons comes into play including us.   The result is that the inherent intelligence of natural attractions begins to organize them so that nothing is left out and attractive change towards purity and balance occurs because that is what the love of life dictates.

Experiencing NNIAAL today as a seamless continuum of NNIAALness in the Big Bang suggests that the latter was not random. It indicates that it was attracted to become more attractive by manifesting itself as the attractive life dance of SUNEH that we know today, moment by moment. It attractively diversified from nothing into the grand unification, self-organizing and self-correcting balance and beauty that 13.7 billion years after its origin that we experience because we and our 54 natural senses are it, personify it, and can register it in any given moment while connected to it/Nature....including the non-story nature of any individual.  You be the Judge. Did that at all happen when you did the "Walk through Yourself" activity I describe above?
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Each moment of
SUNEH has a direction. It is its and our survival, its desire to live because it is alive. It has a purpose that our objectivity trains us to overlook. Its purpose is to support its life dance because that is an attractive thing to do. Who or where is the reasonable Boss that teaches this to us?  We can choose to let our ECHN contacts in natural areas let NNIAAL be our "boss", moment by moment.

We subconsciously know the direction of Nature/Earth/universe as our 54 natural attraction survival senses, the "instincts," that we learn to deny or bury. They are our inherent sensory wilderness and its values that we injure as we conquer and cage them in the dominating culture of Industrial Society and its "objectivity warp."

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Through the ECHN art of Natural Attraction Ecology Webstring Model science we become whole life conscious of SUNEH. This occurs because the ECHN process is reasonable every moment within the framework of SUNEH. It encourages our natural attraction senses of consciousness, reason and literacy to, at will, make direct sensory contact with non-literate Nature in a natural area, backyard or backcountry, in order to obtain unadulterated truth. It provides 160 varying ECHN reconnection activities that help us therapeutically fulfill and thereby relieve the nonsense, pain and frustration of our caged natural attraction senses excessive separation from their pure origins and stop their addiction to destructive stories.

ECHN results in the reduction of our multitude of stress related disorders that eminate from our moment after moment disconnectedness from our unified oneness with Nature/Earth/Universe.

ECHN Benefits Resulting from SUNEH Being Alive
(see The Magic of Something From Nothing and ECHN for details)

hinking Like Nature's Unifying Powers Work

The truth is that when something is self-evident it means that we don’t have to think about its truth or prove it because it registers directly on our senses.  It has to be true, like 1 + 1 = 2 or like the sensation of thirst conveys that we need water.  ECHN activities helps us activate and incorporate similar special powers of an additional 53 natural attraction senses into our lives. The beneficial results speak for themselves.
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Reducing Unrealistic Fears of Death
If SUNEH is alive then death as we know it does not exist. Instead death is a transformation from one form of life into another, both forms having full support as dancers in Nature's Dance of life. This seems to be validated by callings to something attractive during a person's near death experiences that is accompanied by attractive relief from the stress of our conflicting stories way of life. The death of a human being means they are still alive but they have lost their ability to be literate; they now attractively exist harmoniously in other forms the web of life's NNIAAL dance. This may explain why some folks don't fear death and why the true difference between life and death has never been identified. It is simply because there is none.
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Offering Point Source Solutions

The point source of most problems must be identified and addressed if the problem is to be solved permanently. The point source of most problems is that our senses of Consciousness, Reason and Literacy have been indoctrinated to attach or addict to fallacious stories about how the world works to achieve its beauty purity and balance, qualities that we inherit and cherish as attractions, but incorrectly think are unique to us.  Our problems persist because their incorrect information leads to the omission of NNIAAL in their solution, while genuine sensory ECHN contact with NNIAAL is the solution. 
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Establishing Unified Community, Locally and Globally.

Nature is the community of SUNEH and its alive, unifiying (Einstein), Higgs Field attraction Dance at any given moment since the beginning of time, including this instant. From sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond the beauty of Nature's balanced, purifying and restorative ways is held together by the unification vibrance of it's attractive Dance community. That profound unity is the "Uni" in Universe in words and its absence of garbage in deeds. The heart of community is individuals making conscious sensory contact with Nature and dancing together as part of its unifying dance
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Identifying the Problem

Society today consists of its citizens’ and leaders’ misguided attraction to make money and gain rewards by socializing themselves to conquer and exploit "repulsive and dangerous" SUNEH, in and around us. Since Society pays us to establish and enlarge our mental/physical cage that we have built and become detrimentally dependent on its excessive, nature-estranged ways, how will we stop our addiction to doing this without help from NNIAAL in and around us, from turning to nature for its unifying powers that we have been indoctrinated to disconnect from?
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Improving relationships via NNIAAL commonality

Natural Attraction Ecology is an organic psychology blueprint model of how nature works through natural attraction/love sensitivity. By implementing it I consistently created "Revolutionary utopian expedition education communities" whose members did not want to leave them when vacation periods were scheduled.  Although seldom recognized as such, this discovery is today's Copernican Revolution, the model and frontier for living in balance within and around us.  This can operated by applying The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature As Higher Power
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Reducing Corrupt information and relationships

Corruption results from our invalid stories disconnecting us from NNIAAL. The antidote is to let senses #25-27 make us aware of areas of reduced support and motivate us to seek and produce more attractive moments for ourselves.
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Eliminating Duality

Like all things that make up the Standard Universe, in each new moment its evidence-based integrity is either present or not present in our body mind and spirit relationships. This eliminates duality, either an individual chooses to be part of SUNEH in a given moment, or not, and reaps the results. A nature-connected name for anything helps to reduce duality.
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Reduce Mental Illness and Excessive Stress

ECHN enables us to compost, recycle and transform our addictive NNIAAL disconnected stories and their destructive effects by dancing in and with Nature’s perfection and letting it and its "higher power" do the work, as it does throughout the web of life. The results speak for themselves.
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Additional Benefits

Reducing budgets for military, violence, crime, illness

Increasing jobs, ethics, fairness

Blending Art and Science with recreation and re-creation

Reducing destructive competition

Bringing the world into balance

Reducing addiction

Increasing resilience

Increasing self-confidence

Correcting inappropriate information, education, counseling

Strengthening Complementary Medicine


See the Abstract Video again
for conclusions with images

Objective Science and thinking are not attractive because they are supporting the demise of our living planet and ourselves as part of their process. Being warped and unfair, they are outlaws of the aliveness of
SUNEH. Their shortcoming is that they are not helping us relate in balanced and pure ways like nature's whole of life works while we help sustain the perfection of its natural integrity.

Specifically, "objectivity" objects to
NNIAAL, to natural attraction sensations being legitimate facts of life that are registered by our 54 natural senses and that must be included as undeniable self-evidence in any reasonable investigation or relationship. True science must take into account all the evidence, not just evidence that is material or funded.

The art of ECHN enables scientific inquiry and critical thinking to give our mind, body and spirit holistic information that is accurate because it includes all sensory and material facts beyond reasonable doubt. When ECHN is applied it increases efficacy and reduces budgets. It works because whenever conflicts or fractures appear it helps us heal them with "natural attraction NNIAAL glue" the rewarding and contagious sensory adhesive that does not produce additional conflicts.

This conclusion is the same as the Abstract that started this article because Nature is circular. What may be different is that the Abstract is stronger and makes greater sense here than in the beginning. If so, that's exactly what is needed by all to be in the next moment to the benefit of all.

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You can instantly do a free Applied Ecopsychology activity because it will make contribution to your life, or take our free course in using the Hidden Organic Remedy.

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