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18 Month Ph.D. or M.S. Funded
Nature-Connected Education,
Counseling and Healing

The happiness from thinking, feeling and being while embraced by
nature's balanced and unifying ways i
ncreases personal, social and environmental wellness.

Project NatureConnect
Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology
Practical alternative distance learning to strengthen person/planet well-being

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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)

Supportive Degrees, Career Training Courses and Jobs On Line

Project NatureConnect offers nature-centered distant learning that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Improve your economics and satisfaction through independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Applied Ecopsychology.
  • Help people connect their thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Increase personal social and environmental health and wellness.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the natural world to your life and community.
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18 Month Albert Einstein, Ph.D. or M.S., Unified Field, Sensory Ecology Track (SET-18)

Self-Evident, Nature Connected, Education, Counseling and Healing

Applied Ecopsychology Literacy via the process of Organic Ecotherapy

  • Update your thinking, discover how the life of the Standard Universe works and how to beneficially relate to it.
  • Learn, grow and interact while embraced by the unifying essence of Planet Earth and the eons.
  • Empower yourself.  Use SUNEH to improve your salary, status and effectiveness.
  • Apply your competencies, skills and deeper ideals without producing adverse side effects.
  • Accredit your prior training and life experiences to help increase personal social and environmental well-being.
  • Obtain a subsidized online degree or certification in Applied Ecopsychology in conjunction with your livelihood, hobbies and goals. 
  • Learn, hands-on, how to create moments that let Earth teach, backyard or backcountry.
  • Participate in self-sustaining, nature-centered communities, on-site or online.
  • Explore the rationale and overview of this astonishing program

"Scientifically (our Standard way of knowing), the life of the Big Bang was and is the holistic and unified aliveness dance of our Universe loving itself into being from 13.7 billion years ago into this moment and the next. The healing and unifying power dance of its natural attraction field continually strengthens through the attractive diversity of the eons.

It is important to learn how to scientifically validate our 54 self-evident natural attraction senses. They are the part of the Nature/Earth that connect us with, register and make our body, mind and spirit consciously at one with Nature's unifying attraction field. This enables us to better produce the cooperation, peace and balance of our whole life relationships with our planet and each other.

Are you attracted to reading the next sentence? As part of the life of Earth this attraction is your sense of consciousness registering the unified field in action in this moment. Your attraction to do this did not come from nowhere. As Albert Einstein predicted, it is the unifying eternal essence of how the time and space of Nature/Earth/Universe have produced themselves since their beginning.

Natural attraction is the heart of nature's balance and beauty.

Our 18 month ECHN training program helps you make your next moment in life more reasonable. In natural areas, backyard or backcountry, you master how to let your sensory natural attractions wisely compost and recycle the nature-disconnected pollution in our body mind and spirit and help others do this, too."

- Michael J. Cohen

To empower the public to use nature-connected education, counseling and healing to promote peace by increasing unification, sustainability, balance and wellness.

A Major Challenge:
In Industrial Society, on average, over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our thoughts, feelings and relationship are separated from and out of tune with the eons of authentic nature’s ways and their unifying perfection. This excessive disconnection stresses and injures our congress of 54 natural attraction senses that maintain our body, mind and spirit in unified balance. It results in corrupted thinking and relationships.

To our loss, we are all habitually bonded or addicted (attached) to something because part our personhood is excessively disconnected from its origins and purity in Nature's Standard Universe. This stressful, fractionalizing separation hurtfully pollutes our thinking and relationships. We feel the pain and we attach or addict to artificial things that relieve it, things that have destructive personal and environmental side effects.

We suffer our problems because our Earth disconnected selves are are sentiently bonded and supported to immediate gratification sources along with their detrimental side effects. If you don't believe this is true, just try to change these relationships.

We are indoctrinated to omit Nature’s restorative ways in most of our thinking, feeling and relationships with people, materials and technologies. This leaves us unable to reverse our detrimental addictions and their destructiveness. The adverse results speak for themselves, in and around us.

Our formal and informal education has socialized us to produce the excessively stressed, fractionalized and unbalanced way of life we experience today. The time spent in our autobiographical ECHN program involves the student in environmentally and socially responsible counseling and education. It offsets and re-educates the moments of our prior nature-disconnected learning that has us continue to produce and suffer our unsolvable problems

Rationale and Evidence:
As noted in the book Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature, to successfully address the destructive aspects of contemporary socialization, beginning in 1965, for twenty years my one-year long, self-organized, educational outdoor expeditions into natural areas helped their 20-member, close knit communities recognize that they enjoyed a profound kinship with our life of our Planet.  Via conscious sensory contact with authentic Earth/Nature they discovered how to create unifying, restorative moments that let Earth teach them how to live in balance with Nature's eons of self-correcting wisdom.

This 18 month Albert Einstein Sensory Ecology degree and training program provides Organic Psychology methods and materials that help its participants, today, create personal expeditions for themselves at home, work or school in order to achieve community supported, nature-connected, beneficial outcomes.  This is done in conjunction with interested members of their local and social media friends along with online leadership, support and mentoring programs from Project NatureConnect.

As described below, students in this special program examine their experiences, from early childhood to the present, through nature-connected readings and activities that they do in conjunction with the book/course Revolutionary Wisdom and others in PNC courses and website articles. They share the resulting changes and benefits that they discover with supportive folks in their associated community of friends, on-site or online, and mentor these individuals in this work, too. The time and space they make to complete this unifying journey is the key transformation process that is presently missing in contemporary socialization.

From 50 years of research and experience, Project NatureConnect has developed a new social technology, a Standard Universe Natural Attraction Sensory Ecology Model. Applying its self-evident sensory science to our fractional relationships is a unifying art that enables society to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. 

The Model helps you and the world to come back into sustainable natural equilibrium and happiness.  It enables the public to learn how to think, feel and relate to Earth and its recycling powers. It makes it possible for us to more effectively address our destructive attachments and transform them into fair, organic relationships.

ECHN gives an individual or group the ability to make time and space for nature’s unified attraction dance to increase well being, in and around us. We learn to be better dancers by creating moments that let Earth teach us what it knows we need to know to increase well-being. It is doable in a peaceful way.

To understand this track's connection with Albert Einstein and the Unified Field, select here and follow its links. For a more detailed overview of its content and direction select here and here and here.

The Albert Einstein Sensory Ecology 18 Month Degree and Training Track (SET-18)


Minimum Participation Time: 18 months.


Program Core: Learning by and From Doing

In the SET-18 program coursework students master how to use grand unified field natural attraction relationships in the present moment as part of their Applied Ecopsychology activities.  This helps their aquaintances and themselves enjoy a lifetime of sensible and supportive nature-connected community that they design and life. Every attractive relationship they now have or have ever had becomes part of their Sensory Ecology core curriculum.

Students accomplish the above by natural attraction common denominator blending and validating the self-evident experiences and  relationship of their literate body (self) with the non-literate Planet Earth and its web-of-life eons (the student's non-literate "other body").

For 18 months participants write a present tense autobiography that is based on the nature-connecting process that is applied to their work in our Revolutionary Wisdom book and course  It may include validating their observations of others.

The student's autobiography and reactions via reading Revolutionary Wisdom while in natural areas documents
1) critical, learning-by-repetition, nature-connected habit-breaking hours that include
2) updating their transformation experiences and
3) learning by doing and mentoring online while they are participants in the program courses.

The course objectives and procedures  additionally include PNC online internships and developing social media strategies that students implement.


A.    Up to 75 percent of the SET-18 degree track consists of Validating and transferring your prior training and life experiences into your program by adding Organic Psychology (NAE) to them. This is accomplished via participation and co-facilitating/mentoring two online interactive courses (4 months total, ECO 500 and ECO 800UF while individually or with partners reading, engaging in and validating an additional six PNC activity books in the courses listed in Part Two, below, plus selected web pages over a minimum one year period. 

Part of this year is that, via Revolutionary Wisdom, you write a present tense autobiography that integrates your Earth Body Validations with your life experiences and study partners that you choose, as well as mentor other students in this regard.  This procedure is equivalent to taking ECO 508, 501, 502A, 502B and the 700 courses with an online cohort. It makes scheduled, online, interactive group correspondance optional.

The process includes actively partnering with and mentoring other students in these courses online or elsewhere when possible and doing outreach articles and social networking that you make commitments to do via Revolutionary Wisdom

B.    For at least 25 percent or more of the SET-18 degree or certificate, you propose, design and produce a document that explains (M.S. thesis or equivalence) or defends (Ph.D dissertation) a hands-on or media education project of your choice that contributes to your personal goals, the PNC/ECHN process and Society.  The document can be a training program or activity, a book, video, social networking program, brochure, lecture, workshop, website, article, relationship, guidebook etc. that is based on your unique personal experiences and contributions in A, above, and that will support your goals.

Central Theme
The ancient beginning of time, space, the unified field and life can scientifically be first hand experienced as the whole-life NNIAAL of the Universe/Nature loving itself into being then, now and forever. Its seamless continuum sequence through the eons is our sensory and physical personhood today that exists equally, moment by moment, along with the rest of our Planet's web of life plant, animal, mineral and energy kingdoms. This is described in detail online

Watch the 11-minute PNC Video that portrays this process

As sensate beings, we injure ourselves and Earth because we have learned attach ourselves to stories that excessively disconnect and fraction how we feel, think and relate from Nature's unifying holistic natural attraction ways in any moment. Sensory Ecology helps us learn from Nature how to lastingly reconnect with its unifying, corrective energies and they, in turn, help us remedy our destructiveness and promote peace, in and around us. Establishing support from natural areas replaces doing this solely in online groups.

Additional Themes:  Eco-Art Therapy and other interests may be added to this track with permission of the Instructors. (see the End of this page for areas where this has successfully been accomplished).

The SET-18 degree and training program provides you with ways and means to create personal learning expeditions for yourself at home, work or school. In natural areas it supports your efforts to catalyze beneficial moments that let Earth teach in conjunction with your real time and online aquaintances. This is accompanied by supportive mentoring from your Project NatureConnect (PNC) partners and vice versa.

Essence: Each individual continually increases their own personal ECHN Applied Ecopsychology Natural Attraction Ecology literacy with regard to their past and present natural area contacts. This makes possible new sensory connections with Earth as a key, self-evident, scientific contribution to transformation and appropriate learning that is presently missing in our socialization. Through ECHN, PNC empowers you to beneficially fill this critical gap for yourself and help PNC and others do the same.

Use your prior experience and training to produce a holistic livelihood that enables people to make time and space in their lives for genuine contact with Earth, a connectedness that helps them come into balance and increase their happiness while they help others do the same.

Master how to use educating, counseling and healing with Earth to integrate fractional science, spirituality and ecology with art, recovery and health in your special areas of interest.

Learn how to successfully blend, balance and act out the essences of Organics, Parenting, Economics, Literacy, Psychology and Spirituality to recover from our disorders.

Degree Objective:

In twelve months, minimum,

-By applying self-evidence found during your Organic Psychology/NAE courses and studies, validate, blend and accredit your prior education, life experience and skills to meet the SET-18 purpose via a present-tense autobiography as described in A, above and accomplished via Revolutionary Wisdom

- Research, design, test and document a new or past media or training project that contributes new knowledge to PNC/ECHN as in B, above.

In an additional six months: Create a dissertation or description that validates a project you design and carry out to help meet the PNC SET-18 Purpose. 

Once the ECO 500 and ECO 800UF courses are completed (4 months), the remaining course requirements, above, can be intermingled timewise and can extend beyond 18 months.

Degree Materials

Master Revolutionary Wisdom and its links.

Course Books:

ECHN Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature
NHP The Hidden Organic Remedy, Nature as Higher Power
HNW How Nature Works
WLI The Web of Life Imperative
RWN Reconnecting With Nature
WMWE Well Mind Well Earth/Connecting With Nature
CWN Connecting With Nature
EW Einstein's World

ECOART Eco-Art Therapy

Students can receive all the books at the beginning of the program, some in hard copy when necessary, and their cost is included in the program tuition.


As of June 2014, tuition and financial assistance (work/study, no-interest loans, grants and customized payment plans are the same as all other PNC programs and tracks (select here). However, SET-18 starts with $585 for the first four months Part One including all required books. Total tuition credits all past payments to date made by presently enrolled students @ $150/credit. Basically, $6,000 MS $7800 Ph.D. $1350 Certification Level 1. The tuition is low due to the dedicated energies, livelihoods and expertise of volunteer mentors, interns, fund-raisers and coordinators. They remain your life-long support team and vice-versa as you assist or become another one of them.

Most Useful Web Pages:


Degree Procedure:

Months 1-4

This initial training period is spent mastering the core ECHN process, its structure and science online. Its purpose is to help you and others deal with the fact that in any given moment an individual is either in reasonable, whole life stories and sensory connections with Nature or in the conflict/stress of nature-disconnected stories. It is accomplished by
- ECO 500, the Orientation Course
- ECO 800nhp the Hidden Organic Remedy including the process of the Revolutionary Wisdom.
- A program rationale and exploration phone call to Mike Cohen, at 360-378-6313. No appointment necessary, mornings are best, Pacific Time Zone.

Part One makes it possible for you, by month five, use what you have learned online to further validate the course readings and activities for the remainder of your program. It teaches you to build in your mentality, a protected, sterile room into which you only put each authentic fact and feeling that you gained by doing the course activities in conjunction with your autobiography. In that room and its information you can always find trustable things you place there that will enhance your life and livelihood. It is this same information and the ECHN processes that helped you obtain it that entitles you to your degree or certificate.

Program Coordinators are

Stacey Mallory <ecandy900@yahoo.com>,
Mary Hernandez <maryperezhernandez@gmail.com>,
Mike Cohen, <nature@interisland.net>

Begin the program by reading the introductory material and links:

Read the starting material at

Critical thinking individuals are encouraged to enter the program anytime by working on passing at least a small percentage of Nature's Ultimate Intelligence Test at www.ecopsych.com/journalaliveness.html.
Then strengthen your Ultimate Intelligence by doing twelve, "Part 2" gateway activities at www.ecopsych.com/journalintelsteps.html

Complete and submit the program application form. Indicate your interest in this Special 18 month degree program on it and your commitment to support it as it supports you.

1. Take, mentor and validate the Orientation Course interactively.

Concurrently do the NHP course levels by reading The Hidden Organic Remedy book for 3 credits and doing its activities solo, but in conjunction with online partners and mentors that you help with Validating and vice-versa. There is no time limit on Credits 2 and 3.  (One of them is discovering and increasing your percentages in the Einstein Equation.)

Read The Hidden Organic Remedy for ECO 800nhp. Learn how to Validate Earth as your Other Body by using a “Two Direction Searchlight.”  This is an imaginary Organic Psychology double beam light.  One beam brings new things into light from the readings/activities and your past experiences and training in society. Its opposite-direction beam lights up the same things as they registered in your body, mind and spirit. Repeated thinking with this enlightening double beam helps us become conscious of the two beams and gives us the ability to reasonably blend them into our personhood and relationships. The time you spend or have already spent in experiencing and autobiographing this transformative process is the accredited purpose and core of all coursework and internships in this program.  You learn by doing, by using ECHN to repeatedly strengthen or improve what you have already done, in order to break bad habits and improve your relationships.  This process is a sensory, common denominator, attraction unification antidote for the destructive parts of our Socialization that fraction our lives.  It lets Earth's  recycling and composting powers do what they best know how to do with the inaccuracy-polluted story attachments in our mentality.

2 Validation consists of choosing to use your chosen immediate time and space GreenWave moment (created by our Standard Science-based Universe (NNIAAL/Nature/Earth/Universe) to:
  • a. Take a few deep breaths (ecopsych.com/validatebreath.html)
  • b. Say or acknowledge "I know this (attraction, sensation, moment) that I'm registering is true for me because I experience(ed) it.
  • c. Explore, examine, discover attractions, memories or associations that your experience brings to mind.
  • d. Write down what your literate body (5-leg) tells you about a-c as well as what your other/Earth body (4-leg) tells you about a-c.(ecopsych.com/nineleg.html)
  • e. Blend your two bodies in d (9-leg) and express what you felt-sense think or have learned from a-d in this new moment.(GO to GG)
  • f. Share d and e with supportive students, mentors and friends etc., online and/or realtime and record what you learn from them.
  • g. Add f and other thoughts and feelings to your Autobiography as a previously absent organic psychology NAE contribution to your past experience that you are now entering there (in present tense).
  • NOTE You are encouraged to get wider ranging experiences in this process using the Activity Pages throughout The Hidden Organic Remedy NHP book, (page 186).
3. Develop a personal support group of folks and find yourself a mentors, online and/or in real time that you can share your work with f.

4. Start your Autobiography written as though the experiences you describe are happenng now, in the present tense.  In it, as you progress and learn, validate (see below) and blend ECHN into your life-history, prior coursework, training and experience (good and bad). It will be a major chronological biography that you write as you read and do the required courses, books and web pages, above and integrate their information into your body, mind and spirit. For each autobiographical entry you make, include how knowing ECHN at that time would have been helpful to you then. Do the course activities by yourself or with others and validate your responses to each of them as part of your  autobiography.

Autobiography Checklist. Each entry should somehow include or refer to:

1. The Course and Activity(s) in it being completed. Courses are listed below and at www.pncsteps.com
2. Appropriate terminology used in the Natural Attraction Ecology Model as per the list in the Eco 800 Course.
3. A present tense description of the remembered experience
4. In retrospect, by thinking in conjunction with your percentage of the Einstein Equation, and course activity being done, what or how do you see ECHN principles were involved in the memory?
5. How could what you now know from ECHN have been helpful then?
6. Validate your experience doing this Autobiography, as per (6) below.
7. Share what reactions you obtained from your mentor and/or the support group you have put in place.
8. Share what humor you may see in this entry, especially in consideration of dealing with Earth Overshoot

A sample Autobiography entry:
 Eco 501, Activity 7, RWN, my Unity Walk With Nature.
"Its 25 years ago; I am 4 years old and I hear my mother calling me to come inside but I'm so enjoying making mud pies that I say no and don't pay attention to her request. She comes out to get me and is annoyed that I have mud all over me and that I didn't listen to her. I feel sad, ashamed and abandoned, I fear I have lost her love."  Via ECHN I explain to her that my Literate Body is more attracted to the call of my Other/Earth Body to fulfill my senses of play, color, texture, community, trust, motion, form and happiness plus the 5 senses (yes I have eaten a little mud) than missing them while I am in the house. For this reason, I explain to her, my NNIAAL Bio/SUNNEH-54 (NNIAAL Equation) GreenWave moment senses of time, place and reason and consciousness are telling me that I can come in a bit later without any harm and I have unified my two bodies by staying out when she first said to come in.  'Mom, can you be more aware, understanding and supportive of these callings from my other body/Earth?  Can we ride the GreenWave together for a few minutes. Maybe you will feel them too and be less stressed and annoyed which will be better for both of us. Let's do an Earth-connecting ECHN activity together and see if it helps.' "

Validation: As I come into this moment by consciously taking a deep breath to get on the GreenWave, I appreciate the fact that I no longer fear abandonment by others when NNIAAL makes more sense than they do and I can try to help NNIAAL in them understand what I am feeling or have done. I appreciate making this gain and being able to help others do the same.

My mentor has shared she has had the same experience and I feel support from her for that. I'm not a crazy as I thought, or at least I'm not alone.

5. Complete you Program Participation Contract and maintain active interest in the Professional List and Student mailing lists at
pnc-gwsg@yahoogroups.com, natureconnect-professional@yahoogroups.com,

6. Blend your life-history, prior coursework, training and experience into a chronological-type, "NNIAAL-added" first person autobiography that you continue to write and adjust as you read/do the required books, web pages and activities. Familiarize yourself with their activities and Validate your responses to each of them in context with each other as part of your "you are there now" autobiography. You may narrative in third person sensitive areas that you explore but that may be risky to fully disclose to readers.  You might think of it as "The Story of Nature/Earth as Me."  The completeness of your autobiography is the central focus of the 18 month SET program

Validation Checklist: To help you come into balance, your nature-connecting Validation enables you to strengthen your awareness of any experience by further inviting nature to help you improve how you think, feel and relate to the world. A Validation includes the fact that Planet Earth is a living organism and that your life dances in and as part of it on the GreenWave, like an individual cell of Earth’s whole web-of-life dance.

1. Begin your validation through “inspiration” by taking a few deep slow breaths. They bring Earth’s atmosphere into you so you sense and feel the connection of your life with your Other Body’s web of life on the GreenWave. Notice how Earth supports you by bringing your awareness into the moment and calming and energizing you with the joy of nature’s wise and powerful dance of the moment (21).

2. Say to yourself, or aloud, about the self-evident truth you have discovered and are validating “I know it is true for me because I experienced it.”

3. Seek or notice additional senses, thoughts or feelings that come into play during this validation. Do additional affirmations as time and interest permit: match, resonate, appreciate, trust, celebrate (Appendix B NHP)

4. Thank nature/earth for providing the time and space for this life experience. Share it with others.

7. Evaluate your learning and working knowledge of the Natural Attraction Ecology Webstring Model by responding to the statements at the SET 18 Evaluation Exam

8. Restore the Natural World: Continually identify how you will actively support and strengthen some aspect of Nature/Earth as a part of and result of your coursework. Participate in nature-preservation or environmental organizations that strengthen nature's recovery. Become a working element of Earth's self-correcting ways. Without this our detrimental effects will continue rather than decline.

PART TWO Month Five to completion.
As you complete work, update your Progress Report (download)
9. Cofacilitate the Orientation Course and Mentor others in the Hidden Organic Psychology ECO 800 course exam and the Einstein NNIAAL equation.

10. Complete all the courses listed below that you have not already taken.

11. Month 12
Petition and document with your Autobiography to date that ECHN has been blended into your prior coursework, training and life experience in the Sensory Ecology Track. Continue working on completing your autobiography and courses while designing and proposing your project for your degree or certificate.

For the SET M.S. degree:  describe the value/contribution of a media or equivalent project that you design or designed.
For the SET Ph.D degree: develop a proposal for a media or equivalent project that you design and implement and that your Dissertation defends


See course descriptions and requirements at ProjectNatureConnect.org

Object: To assure that a PNC student's work meets the standards of the PNC warranty.

Required Courses:

30 Credits

       PART ONE:

  • ECO 5/600-A   Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship,

    ECO 5/600-B
    WLI  group interactive (2)
       Book: WLI The Web of Life Imperative

  • ECO 800UF part 1 and 2 Greenwave Unified Field Equation
  • ECO 800nhp. Just Read.  Optional: interactive (3)
       Book: NHP The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher

  • ECO 800 Comprehensive Exam

  • Begin to set up your personal support group and mentor and begin your autobiography.


  • ECO 5/608E  Natural Attractions Intelligence Sanity: Einstein's World (1)
       Book: EW Einstein's World
  • ECO 5/601 Introduction to Educating and Counseling with Nature Student Teach 500  RWN (4) (Option: take this course with an organized group online. Contact Leslie Whitcomb
       Book: RWN Reconnecting With Nature
  • ECO 5/602A I    Elements of Educating and Counseling with Nature  WMWE/CWN      (5 credits)
       Book: WMWE Well Mind Well Earth/Connecting With Nature
  • ECO 5/602B II    Elements of Educating and Counseling with Nature 502  WMWE/CWN     (4 credits)
       Book: WMWE Well Mind Well Earth/Connecting With Nature
  • ECO 611: Educating and Counseling with Nature: Student Teaching or Mentoring ECO 501 students (2 credits)
  • ECO 612: Educating and Counseling with Nature: Student Teaching or Mentoring ECO 502 students (3 credits) PhD only

    ECO 700 EXPERIENCE COURSES (select for instructions)

  • ECO 751: required Practicum in Applied Ecopsychology (2 credits)
  • ECO 752: Advanced Field Studies in Applied Ecopsychology (3 credits)
  • ECO 753: Case Studies in Applied Ecopsychology (3 credits)
  • ECO 791: required Special Projects in Applied Ecopsychology (3 credits)
  • ECO 792: Advanced Readings in Applied Ecopsychology (3 credits)
  • ELECTIVES: Eco-Art, Child Development, Eco-Equestrian, Eco-Yoga (Can replace 752,753 or 792 above).
  • ECO 800 Certification in Applied Ecopsychology/Integrated Ecology ECHN (2)

14 credits for MS Project Description in lieu of thesis.
-Work with an SET advisor for completion
ECO 541(RES 890) Participatory Techniques for Applied Ecopsychology
Mentoring procedure (3 credits)
RES 985 Project Proposal (2 credits).
RES 990 Project Research and completion (5 credits) 
RES 995 Oral Review of Project   (2 credits).


20 credits for PhD Dissertation .
ECO 541(RES 890) Participatory Research Techniques for Applied Ecopsychology
Mentoring procedure (3 credits)
RES 985 Dissertation Proposal (4 credits).
RES 990 Dissertation Research and completion (9) 
RES 995 Oral Review of Dissertation   (2 credits).

Students who want to become Certified ECHN Applied Ecopsychology Practioners, can later or concurrently take the ECO 501 and/or 502 courses as co-facilitators or partners.


Become whole life intelligent. Obtain a subsidized sensory aliveness Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature degree or certificate in conjunction with:

Applied Ecopsychology
Weight Loss
Holistic Leadership
Organic Psychology
Unitarian Universalist
Mental Health
Climate Change
Earth Day Activities
Retreat Centers
Energy Medicine
Natural Systems
Child Development
Dog Cat Pet Care
Healing Touch

Art Eco-therapy
Massage Therapy
Therapist Training
Wilderness Therapy
Human Services
Social Work
Life Coaching
Integral Therapy
Hospice Caregiving
Home Schooling
Creative Writing
Life Experience
Jesus & Wilderness
Herbal Remedy
Life Science
Violence Prevention
Outdoor Education
Continuing Education
Anger Management
Energy Healing

Hope & Life Relationships
Stress Relief Management
Natural Health and Wellness
Parenting & Child Development
Spirit & Spiritual Development
Administrative Services
Continuing Education
Complimentary Medicine
Native American Indian Ways
War On Terrorism
Multiple Intelligences
Environmental Education
Body Mind Spirit
Tai Chi
Climate Change

Recovery from:
Addiction disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Food Disorders
Nature Deficit Disorders
Abuse, Addiction, Loneliness
Midlife Crisis
Global Warming


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