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The green, natural course, university syllabus, below, describes a significant breakthrough: distance education sustainable counseling and therapy training that includes your prior learning and equivalence courses, life experience, and that offers financial aid grants.
It helps you remedy the excessive  disconnection of our psyche from nature's flow that produces our disorders. Its applied ecopsychology helps you follow nature's path to Earth and humanity in peaceful balance. 


Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

Degrees, Grants, Career Training Courses and Jobs Online.

Individuals who have enjoyed a refreshing visit in a natural area often report that their sensory contact with nature's balance and beauty increased their well-being in lasting ways. They say that the connection renewed their psyche, cleared their mind and energized their spirit. To this end, the remarkable process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) empowers anyone, anytime, to increase personal, social and environmental well-being, and to help others do the same.

ECHN students learn how to help nature's self-correcting ways interlace with their heart, mind and spirt. This enables them, along with their clients and friends, to increase health and wellness through a grant for thinking, feeling and relating like nature's perfection works.

Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature offers critical nature connected distant education and university distance learning, graduate school scholarships and alternative careers degrees, and jobs. They are designed for independent thinkers who want to add sensory nature-contact methods to therapy, teaching or coaching practices. The environmental need is great for those who have the integrity and dedicated passion to master sustainable, green, health and wellness spirituality skills.  They help individuals who seek a safe alternative to the destructive ways of society that block the restorative flow of nature in through and around us. 

We honor your desire to blend your life experience and training with your respect for nature, by providing special grants and equivalence credit for it.

If you like, you may combine our certified accredited coursework with a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most subjects, personal interests, or jobs. (see bottom of this page)
  • Help people remedy their disturbing thoughts and feelings with the special grace, balance and restorative powers of nature's pulsating flow.
  • Increase income through a Natural Attraction Ecology stress-relief and stress management grant.
  • Strengthen personal social and environmental self-esteem and well being .
  • Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your needs and community.
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ECO 500:





Applied Ecopsychology/Integrated Ecology Department

This short course is offered to students when required or suggested by their department or by the student's personal choice during any period semester of enrollment or application. It is also a student facilitator training internship opportunity once the student has completed the course. Students discover how our excessive separation from nature stresses our sensuous inner nature and initiates our personal and global troubles. Students learn to reverse this destructive process by mastering thoughtful sensory nature reconnecting activities that dissolve stress by satisfying our deepest natural loves, wants, and spirit. This hands-on course teaches lasting leadership, education, counseling, and mental health skills that feelingly tap the "higher power" wisdom of Earth's creation process. The email and telephone contacts of the course empower students to let nature help them nurture warm interpersonal relationships, wellness, and responsibility on personal and global levels. Students relate the course methods and materials to their fields of interest in order to integrate these areas with the global ecosystem. They become familiar with the Natural Systems Thinking Process, improve their Globally Balanced Thinking Score and write a scholarly paper that integrates the course with their lives.

*Natural systems thinking process
*Sensory ecology
*Lifeweb communication
*Thinking like nature works
*Reconnecting with natural senses
*The powers of natural senses
*People and nature as community
*The greening of personal and professional relationships
*Psychology of nature negatives
*The sensory history of personality
*Psychological origins of our separation from nature
*Reconnecting with nature: the process in action
*The twelve elements of the natural systems thinking process
*An ecology of spirit

The outcome of the course is to enable a student to be familiar with and bring into their daily thinking and relationships a process that incorporates the intelligence, beauty and balance of natural systems The process helps the student make a strong contribution to personal and global responsibility through heightened natural sensory awareness.

Note: presentation of this course in sequence, with links to additional information is most effective and highly recommended. SELECT HERE

Laymen and experts alike recognize that the thinking of nature separated human cultures is inflicting damage on people and the life sustaining systems and resources of the planet. Critical stress arising from the nature disconnected way we think, adversely impacts the wellness of people and the environment. It deteriorates human relationships, the air, water, and soil, our climate, and plant and animal species. The process of thought used by industrial society damages earth's ability to provide for life in balance and risks damaging vital personal and global systems beyond repair. Our destructive ways are not logical. They are psychological, subconsciously bonded relationships that seldom change until the bonds are attached to constructive relationship building processes. Our troubles arise from disturbing the natural logic of the psyche which, in turn, emotionally disturbs our thinking into producing our dilemmas. It is irrational to try to solve our problems by using the same thinking process that causes them. We need to recognize and utilize a thinking process that effectively co-creates in balance with nature's ways and wisdom.

This course is available to all graduate and undergraduate students at their request or as required by their programs.



By email, telephone or on site, students form local or global interact groups that include the instructor and with whom they share and react to their reading and nature reconnecting experiences. Through this supportive group interaction they set a mutually beneficial time schedule for the cours and discover how nature organizes itself and creates the harmonious interspecies world community of which we are part. The interact group process takes advantage of the fact that participants are able to learn a great deal from the inner nature of others. Each participant depends upon the other course interact members for information and feedback, and each participant's interaction become part of the coursework itself. The course requires a minimum of 11 interact email communications that can occur within the minimum period of 11 days, or preferably longer with the consent of the interact group.

Students will read required degree related materials and do sensory nature activities that are provided on the internet. They may optionally increase their knowledge and skills through the use of the suggested textbook.


- Electronic hardware and software for email and internet access

-Required Textbook
There is no required textbook for this course, it is optionally recommended that Reconnecting With Nature by Michael J. Cohen be used as directed as a supportive text. The general bibliography below is related to applied ecopsychology. An extensive library and Internet literature search is to be conducted under the guidance of the instructor through which the students will optionally select appropriate reading materials and create quotations in support of applied ecopsychology and their course paper. Results of past searches will be made available.

-Recommended Bibliography
Students may select from the following general bibliographic materials, and the bibliographies they contain, as appropriate. See www.amazon.com for publication details and availability.

*Dancing Wu Li Masters, Gary Zukoff
*The Monkey Wrench Gang, Edward Abby
*Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions, Richard Erdoes
*Voice of the Desert, Joseph Wood Krutch
*The Soul Unearthed, Cass Adams,
*My Name is Chellis, Chellis Glenndinning,
*Ecopsychology, Theodore Roszac
*The Web of Life, John Storer
^Gazelle Boy, Jean Claude Armen
*Dream of the Earth, Thomas Berry
*Earth in Mind, David Orr
*Wilderness and the American Mind, Roderick Nash
*The Quiet Crisis, Stewart Udall
*Wisdom of the Body, Walter B. Cannon
*Ishi in Two Worlds, Theodora Kroeber
*Education of Little Tree, Forest Carter
*Magical Child, Joseph Chilton Pierce
*Ishmael, Daniel Quinn
*Summerhill, A.S. Neill
*The Web of Life, Fritjov Capra
*The Tao of Physics, Fritjov Capra
*The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram
*The Battle in Seattle, Janet Thomas.



From Dr. Cohen obtain a copy of the workbook The Web of Life Imperative and its companion volume,  Reconnecting With Nature,  plus a DVD entitled Naturally Attracted

Course purpose: 
Students learn to recognize that we are part of Planet Earth's web of life and that:
A. It acts like a living organism whose self-correcting natural systems, within and around us, enable it to create, organize, preserve and perpetuate itself.
B. It organically produces the perfection of its optimums of life, diversity, balance, cooperation, peace and beauty,
C. It sustains its perfection without producing the garbage, pollution and excessive abusiveness, disorders, competition, greed, hostility and isolation that mark Industrial Society.
D. Our greatest troubles result from the unreasonable difference between the way we learn to think and how nature works,
E. Our great challenge is that we don't recognize and address that the way we are socialized to think in Industrial Society is prejudiced against nature.
Course outcomes

By the end of this course its participants are able to use and teach ecologically sound nature connecting methods and materials that enable people to make rational contact with nature, backyard or backcountry and:
1. Discover ways of thinking sensibly that reconnect with and heed natural callings within ourselves, others and natural areas.
2. Understand why we naturally deserve to have good feelings and how to obtain them in personally and globally responsible ways.
3. Learn how to reasonably self-regulate by letting natural attraction connections nurture the balanced spirit, wisdom and unity of nature within and about us.
4. Reverse apathy, stress and dysfunction by identifying and energizing our 53 natural senses.
5. Scientifically help our natural connectedness safely regenerate and rejuvenate the hurt and abandoned parts of our inner nature.
6. Enjoy the flow of nature's enchantment within and about us.
7. Explore how to speak to Earth and let it teach us to know nature as nature knows itself.
8. Recognize the culturally induced, unbalanced relationship between our old-brain and new-brain and conscientiously let tangible sensory contact with nature re-balance this relationship.
9. Learn to personally and professionally organize, facilitate and introduce Project NatureConnect's integrated ecology/ecopsychology natural attraction ecology process to society and to network with others with similar goals.

Course credit requirements/evaluation:

Graduate credit:                                                                 
On a graduate level for credit (A-F):
1. (Outcome 1) Making and keep commitments to relate their experiences to the people in their interact support group, which includes the instructor, by postal or E-mail, telephone or personal meetings.
2. (Outcome 6) Determining their Nature-Connecting Confidence and Import Values Scores before and after the course to note changes that may occur during the course.
3. (Outcome 3) Determine a numerical evaluative value for the information provided by each part of the course by completing the Summary Option section at the end of each part of the course.
4. (Outcome 6) Report the effects of doing each activity to their interact team.
5. (Outcome 7)  Write an attractive title and 30 word description for an introductory applied ecopsychology workshop that the student could present.
 Write an attractive 5 word maximum title and 15 word encapsualization of the course that the student could submit as a WWW link to the course and/or themselves on the internet.
Submit their titles and descriptions to their interact group. Appropriately consider and incorporate improvement suggestions from their interact group into their workshop title and description.)
Help other interact group members improve their titles and descriptions so they work well
6. (Outcome 5) (Graduate Only) Help organize the interact group to create a shared set of evaluation and grade criteria that critically measure a student's growth and expertise in this course.
Help group members apply these standards to themselves and present their self-evaluation and grade to the interact group. 
Help interact members consent to modify their grade and evaluation based on input from the group until a consensus for their grade is reached by all.
Help involve them in helping others modify their grade and evaluation by consent.
7. (Outcomes 2, 4, 6) Write a 3 page paper relative to participating in this course in a manner that integrates, validates and contributes concepts and ideas that you value to the profession or general field of global citizenship psychology.

Undergraduate credit:

On and undergraduate level meet the same requirements as for the Graduate Level, above, with the exception of item 6.

The standard time allotted for course completion is two months and it may be completed in two weeks if convenient to the student and faculty.

Read the assignment in the WLI book, do the assigned nature-connecting activity and share your experiences, thoughts and feelings from the material via these Twelve Interact Catalysts:
1) A general description of how you did the activity and what happened, along with quotes you like from the readings and how they added meaning to the experience.
2) The three most important things you learned from the chapter and webstring connections;
3) How would you feel about having the webstring attractions you experienced in the activity taken away from you?
4) Whether or not the activity enhanced your sense of self-worth and your trustfulness of nature;
5) The part of you, if any, the activity identified or re-educated inside or outside of you;
6) Your reactions to what you found attractive in the postings you read from the other group members. Be sure to save the interact postings of yourself and others that are attractive to you so that you can refer to them and quote them in the final paper for this course.
7) What value, if any, was there to doing the Summary Option (If you did it.)
8) Write one or two keywords that convey what important thing you learned from this assignment.
9) Write one or more complete, single, short, power sentence "quotes" that convey a significant contribution that this assignment makes to improving our relationships.
10) Integrating Dream Time:get at least night's sleep before doing the next activity. While your 5-leg mind sleeps, your 4-leg mind rides the inroads to consciousness made by the activity and reading. Note, upon awakening, whether any changes have occurred with respect to your outlook or the way you feel.
11) Conclude by identifying what things you have put into the trustable, uncontaminated, thought and feeling room/space you built into your psyche during Part/Chapter One. The use of these eleven Interact Catalysts will enhance your learning experience and that of the others in the course as well.
12) Remember: You will increase your learning from this activity by 75% if you teach this activity to another person. You may ask your interact group for help if you need it.

TEN WEEK SCHEDULE: based on a section and activity being completed every day (reminder the days may be spread out throughout the semester by interact group consensus). Be sure to call the instructor if questions arise while doing the course.  360-378-6313

Prerequiste Material: Prior to the starting day, read  pages 1-40 and 121-131 in Web of Life Imperative, (WLI) about how and why the course works: course background, synopsis, purpose, instructions, and evaluation procedures.  Save course material that develops to help with evaluation procedures.      Earth's environment and people's isolation, stress and dysfunction stem from a psychological denial of our planetary citizenship.
        By psychologically reconnecting with nature, we reverse our personal and global disorders.
    Post your introductory paragraph and prerequisite statements to the group and respond to those of other course members that attract you.

A. Once you obtain the email addresses of the course participants make a list of all of the interact group members in your e-mail address book, or use whatever batch/group/alias mail system that works for your email program. All course-related e-mail should go to your entire interact group.
B. Write a 1-2 paragraph letter of introduction to your interact group. Include a brief biographical sketch and the reasons you are taking this course. Please verbalize in this statement the social contract that you are making with the remaining course members. Please assure them that they can trust you to supportively participate and complete the course with them. Post your introductory paragraph and prerequisite statements to the group and respond to those of other course members that attract you.

C. Read pages 29-39, the Survey of Participants  and select what you think are the two most important subject areas identified in the questions and statements found in parts two through six. (10 statements total). Write a paragraph that integrates these statements with respect to them being a reflection of your beliefs and values. On the assigned starting date, post the paragraph to your interact group after you have posted your introduction.

Week 1: Consider your good Earth connected experiences in natural areas and their place in the web of life
        Identify the source of peak feelings occurring in natural areas
    Do Chapter 1 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day.

Week 2: Through activities 1-5, cover discover your ability to make sensory connections with Earth in natural areas
        Identify the web strands and sense of self that comes into awareness in nature.
    Do Chapter 2 activities and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed days.,

Week 3: Through activities 6-10, cover discover your ability to make sensory connections with Earth in natural areas
        Identify the web strands and sense of self that comes into awareness in nature.
    Do Chapter 2 activities and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed days.,

Week 4: The importance of obtaining consent to visit other Earth communities in natural areas.
        Nature contact and the subconscious mind.
    Chapter 4 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day.

Week 5: The nature of the psyche and global mentality
        How Earth's natural systems unify intercultural considerations
    Do Chapter 5 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day.

Week 6: A summary of the global citizenship process techniques
        The nature of traumatic psychological shock on Earth citizenship. The experiences of other natural system thinking participants
     Do Chapter 6 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day.

Week 7: Helpful process and evaluation techniques to learn and apply
    Do Chapter 7 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day

Week 8: Become actively involved in psychologically introducing and increasing global citizenship.
    Do Chapter 8 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day

Week 9: Become additionally involved in psychologically introducing and increasing global citizenship.
    Do Chapter 9 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day

Week 10: Become involved in sensory perception activities and readings
    Do Chapter 10 activity and readings and post and respond to emails on the appointed day

Week 11: Complete Evaluation Procedures.


Students may progress through this course at a faster or slower pace, as appropriate for all with permission of the course instructor. The default schedule is recommended.


Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.
Director, Project NatureConnect
P. O. Box 1605
Friday Harbor, WA 98250 USA
Tel: (360) 378-6313
Email: nature@interisland.net
Website: www.ecopsych.com

Communications should take place during daytime working hours in the western time zone or by appointment.

Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to United Nations Economic and Social Council.
P.O. Box 1605 Friday Harbor WA 98250
(360) 378-6313


Contact: Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Telephone 360-378-6313
Read the Ecopsychology Journal interview with Dr. Cohen: http://www.ecopsych.com/ecopsychologyjournal.html

Email: nature@interisland.net.
Website: www.ecopsych.com 
Personal page: http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html


Overview Article<http://www.ecopsych.com/hallucinatearticle.html>
Process Synopsis<http://www.ecopsych.com/transformation.html>
Fundamentals <http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen22.html>


Journal quotes from students who are doing natural attraction activities:

"I found all of those experiences to be rewarding – although I have not had many similar experiences in the real world.  I find the real world of work to be competitive (most of the time)--- and not very supportive…like this.

I love to hear birds sing, and to watch them fly around.  Birds symbolize a type of freedom and happiness to me.  They are not tied to the rigors of this society.  They also know a lot about Mother Earth…and they have been known to warn people when danger is approaching.

 Many times people disagree on topics or problems because each one has a mind-set about it.  We all gain and keep certain values and ideas from our parents, classes, friends, etc.  And then when we meet others who are different…we want to argue about who is right.  Most of the time…the arguments are not even based on facts…but more on one’s opinion and feelings.  Politicians argue about all kinds of issues…and many are just off-based and lacking facts.

 WHEN I WAS A CHILD…. I did not have any animosity toward people of other races.  I played with all kinds of kids…and did not realize there was a race problem until some adults told us.  The problem was created by society, not NATURE…not the children…not skin color…but by social rules.

SCIENCE is a more formal way of expressing the ways of Nature.  Science offers us more facts, statistics, and diagrams…in an attempt to describe nature.  Science classifies birds into various species and types.  But they are all birds in Nature.

The more we can find the HARMONY and UNITY of all in creation, the more we will be relieved of discontent and unhappiness.  I would feel miserable if I could not get out and see the beauty of flowers and trees, to smell the lake water…or just have fun walking in the park with my dog.

MY EXPERIENCES in Nature have helped me to grow…to be inspired…to want to help others…to feel more at peace…to appreciate the entire miracle of life.

I am a person who loves to go out into nature and simply touch, smell and observe the various aspects….water, mountains, flowers, etc. I feel more inspired when I am in the midst of a beautiful natural scene--- “God’s art…” I see the UNITY between Spirit and Nature and our lives.

Our society has become overly materialistic,   technological, plastic, cold, distant, and phoney.  We don't have to trample each other, trespass or do competitive cut-throat acts in order to be successful. Nature teaches cooperation and harmony. Interacting in nature,  being able to see her beauty,  writing poems about it,  going out to sit by water’s edge --- smelling flowers and any such activities increase my trust of NIAL.


"When I first started walking on the beach I was attracted to a family that consisted of two women, one older and one younger and three small children. The younger women had a camera and the birds and the children were gathered around, the older women had a plastic bag in her hand and I could see that she was doling out crumbs to the children and that was attracting the birds. A few days I witnessed a very similar situation with a group of young men, cameras and birds.

I spoke to the young me about feeding the birds processed foods and told them that it is spoiling the ecosystem. Today as I witnessed this group, I again felt the conversation come up inside of me. I started wondering whether this course work, and Dr. Cohen were turning me into the Environ -“mental”- list of Imperial Beach. Part of me didn’t want to say anything, and part of me “had” to say something. Realizing I had to speak up, I began choosing my words.

I asked them if I could encourage them to not feed the birds processed foods, because it affects them adversely and therefore the whole environment. The ‘crumb-carrying grandmother’ welcomed the conversation and contributed the fact that certain breads and processed foods affect us the same way as humans. She got the connection, and so did her daughter. We parted with them thanking me, and me thanking them for not being offended. They replied “not at all, we just didn’t know”

I walked further downthe beach against a fierce northeasterly wind and my attention was taken upwards by the sounds of birds flying south. I have on many occasions marveled at birds and how they move together in formation. I have watched how they work together and become one unit in flight and are able to glide and maneuver through the sky. Today they had a very different unique formation, as they too were moving against the direction of the wind. It seems so haphazard at first, but as I continued to watch closely I was able to see a pattern. The one thing that stood out was the amount of wing flapping that was necessary to make headway, but also the gliding…the appearance of just resting and letting the wind carry them.

I witnessed how they adjusted themselves and worked with the environment to try to get to their destination. What I sensed was a cooperation and organization that was shared by the collective, and that because of it; a common goal would be reached."

For an extensive collection of Journal quotes from students doing natural attraction activities:
Visit http://www.ecopsych.com/survey.html

Achieve a Degree or Certificate to strengthen your professional interests, or your hobbies or pastimes, by connecting them with nature. Implement your strongest hopes as you increase personal and global well being.

Topics, subjects or leisure pursuits can include those listed below or other areas of interest:


Alarm! Alarm!
Well-being at risk
Help turn the tide!



"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


Benefit from learning to enhance the natural psychic pulse within and around us. Add the sensory ecoscience of Organic Psychology to your life and livelihood.





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"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein


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